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Found 188 results

  1. Hey fellow survivers, Some(all?) have tried to have a magazine stuck in weapon, this will fix it! And, as promished, on streams, a picture with the excact location to pull magasine. Pull magazine from weapon as usual, but instead of dropping it direct into inventory... pull to areas marked with red on picture in link. https://ibb.co/jMieDK See you in Chernarus
  2. In this video I'm demonstrating one of several ways to unstuck vehicles in DayZ. This works like 90% of the Time!
  3. How do i get unstuck?

    After i logged out of the game and tried to log in the next day i was stuck inside a building, how do i get out?
  4. Stuck in a rock

    Hi The game has been acting up after the last update and often my character will jump back to where ive been on the map. Yesterday it was actually putting me way ahead on the map and its put me inside a large rock from which I cannot escape. Can you release me from the rock ? Dunno what info you need . Cheers
  5. when the game was doing its first time start up stuff, I blew the circuit my internet was connected to and it cut off internet so it wouldn't load, I clicked out of the start up when it was stuck on step 5 and tried to start it again. Now when I try to start the game it is just stuck on the small window that says preparing to launch dayZ. I tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it but it did not work. Please Help Me!!!!
  6. I walked down here with 3 friends off mine we all logged out in same area in the basement of new tisy military base. I logged back in and Im under the basement stuck under the ground . Please help me. SMoss please help. http://plays.tv/s/Kq1kGxatYUuxhttp://plays.tv/s/Kq1kGxatYUux
  7. Twice yesterday, I was completely unable to exit buildings after having been chased inside by zombies. The first time was in a barracks in Pavlovo base, where I waited more than ten minutes for the bodies to go away. Meanwhile, two players showed up and camped outside the building, harassing us and waiting for an opportunity to kill us. We should have been gone longe before the other players showed up. Another time, after shooting another player in a green two-story, a zombie came in after hearing my shots, and after I killed it, I was stuck in the upstairs room for more than twenty minutes, until a server reset. To duplicate, lure a zombie into a small room at the back of a building, kill the zombie, and watch as it does not despawn, and cannot be stepped over.
  8. Hi, I can't do anything except starve. My character is stuck continuously falling. steamID STEAM_0:1:9434085 steamID3 [U:1:18868171] steamID64 76561197979133899 name ☢Concept2w☢ If you can move him out somewhere else. Thanks
  9. Help plz: I fell through a rock and now I am stuck inside it :( Please move me out of it. Location: The "secret" base Steam name: Magmatrix steamID: STEAM_0:1:163261 steamID3: [U:1:326523] steamID64: 76561197960592251 Please move me out of the rock
  10. Hello, i would say that if i drive with a car, sometimes i will stuck at the ground. I can turn on the engines, all components are pristine (Tire, Spark Plug btw.) but i can't drive until a server restart. Regards, Santos.
  11. Between the new Cherno tents and the traintrack there is a litte dark grey dirt pile. I got stuck sprinting over it. My legs looked super glitchy and I couldn't turn at all. Suicide was the only way out :( RIP! The pile is between a wall and a garage ca. 100m north from the two tents.
  12. My character is stuck under the floor. I logged in this way. I guess I have to commit suicide. Also, I can't bring up my inventory, I can only equip in my hands whats in my action bar. I can't lay down either. Pics of being under the floor. Sorry for being so dark.
  13. First off, The Issue with the sound dropping out when first starting Dayz Exp. seems to be an issue with aftermarket audio cards, or people using usb (virtual) audio cards/built in audio on their headsets, and from my personal experience the sound resumes when I enter a game, or tab out (note, tabbing back in doesn't restore my sound, but after playing for any amount of time on a server will restore all 3rd party audio) I will list my specs below. 2nd bug found deals with logging into servers after a restart/crash when in a raised building (the green or red ones that have stairs to get in, but consist of a small kitchen and living area), I have found multiple occasions where logging back in while in one of these buildings places you on ground level "trapped" within the walls/floor, possibly a collision issue or just a respawn issue that places the player at ground level when returning to the game, I have not yet tested it at an apartment building or any other multiple story buildings. I was able to get out of one building by spamming the vault and prone keys, another i was forced to repawn. System Specs: CPU: AMD FX 8350 RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix 2200 OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Audio card: Creative XFi Platinum using front panel audio Video Card: Sapphire R9 280x 3gb PSU: Corsair CX850M
  14. I am playing dayz standalone since a week again. Today, i was searching for a car or at least a bus and even found one at Cap Golova. So i decided to repair the bus and suddenly as i wanted to get in it, i get stucked in a cutted tree in the lake. Now i am bouncing up and down the whole time and cant get out of it. I tried crouching, jumping, running (by the way running and jumping does not even work), restarting and rejoining a server, but nothing solved the problem. Does someone know this bug and could help me to get out of it? Thank you
  15. I am a new player trying to sign up for the feedback tracker. I've tried different browsers and systems and I keep recieving the Error 2800 message. Is the server down? My character is stuck in a house and I'm not keen on loosing my inventory for this, with all the hard survivin' we've been doing.
  16. This is how you free a truck

    Hey! I was driving around and noticed someone had managed to get their truck stuck on a fence. It was repaired and had sparkplugs + battery, so I decided to free it and take it for myself; It's hard to see, but the one I was driving is blue and the one stuck is green; I had to increase gamma to actually see what I was doing. Basically, I turned it around and pushed it off the fence. If you need to do this, go very slow and push from different angles. Eventually, you'll get the truck into some balance on the fence, so you can turn it around and even shove it off the fence from below. This truck is situated on US, East 0-1, south of the village of Shakhovka. It is ready to drive, as I left battery and sparkplugs in. If you claim it, pls post a pic (or message) in the thread, so others don't have to bother going there.
  17. Hey! Yesterday I logged out in a green house and when I logged back in today I was fallen trough the floor, and I can't get out because I cant run trough walls. What can I do? I tried to vault trough any walls, but my character wont even vault. I tried standing next to the wall and relogg, even tried to relogg on another server but im still stuck inside this building? How can I get out? :) - Kim
  18. English: I stuck at the small camp(032/092) at the west of Green Mountain. There is a small bridge and at the north of the bridge is an little pond and in the pond is and large branch. When i wanted do drink something from the pond, i slipped on the branch an now i stuck on it. I can only look with my mouse up and down but not at the side an i can also only jump and don´t move. I have so much loot because i played so long since the update is there and i don´t want to lose it. I hope someone can help me to solve the problem. Yours sincerely, SgtMarv Deutsch: Ich stecke in dem kleinen Camp(032/092) im Westen von Green Mountain fest. Da gibt es eine kleine Brücke und im Norden dieser Brücke ist ein kleiner Teich und in dem Teich liegt ein großer Ast. Als ich etwas von dem Teich drinken wollte, rutschte ich auf diesen Ast und stecke nun auf/in dem ast fest. Ich kann jetzt mit der Maus nur nach oben und untern schauen jedoch nicht zur Seite, ich kann auch nur auf der Stelle hüpfen und mich nicht auf die Seite oder nach Vorne bzw. Hinten bewegen. Ich habe sehr viel loot weil ich seit dem Update sehr viel gespielt habe und möchte diesen nicht verlieren. Ich hoffe das mir hier jemand helfen kann das problem zu lösen. Mfg SgtMarv
  19. Need some help

    I happened to have fallen down and broken my leg, I am stuck on the boat on the east side of the map. My name is Grayson and I would like any help I can get if someone on my same server sees this. :(
  20. I'm stuck on a roof.

    I climbed onto the roof of the tec building in docks at chernogorsk and now I am not able to climb down either the inside or the outside ladder. I was initially on top of the small building and that ladder doesn't work either so i had to jump down breaking my legs and stuff. It seems to work for other players as a guy came up and tried to kill me. I have tried relogging and also restarting the game. I have also tried dropping all my gear but it doesn't work, I simply cannot get the icon to climb ladder to appear. It works fine with other character son other servers. *Resolved* - the server restarted and i could use the ladder. I also found a corpse to steal a new pair of boots from :)
  21. Recently the past 1-2 weeks I've been running into a problem. It only seems to happen after i pull out a melee weapon to kill a Zombie. My mouse left click / Fire / attack button gets stuck.. i keep swinging & cannot stop. If i press other buttons ie: switch to gun.. I will immediately start unloading all of my ammo. Trying to figure out a quick way to stop it.. but it is still difficult to stop. Alt - Tab, Esc, Double/Triple Click Fire. not sure what stops it. This only started happening recently. I don't have this problem in other games that i have also played this past 2 weeks.. (BF4, ArmA 3 [Wasteland/King of the Hill], WoW, DoTa 2). Mouse is Logitech G700 is my weapon of choice if it matters.
  22. My Friend got stuck in a pond south of NWAF, he gets out .... eventually! Just need that little bit of insperation B)
  23. Help me I'm stuck!

    I was at the NW airfield, and I ran south. I got to the outskirts of some town. I had to go, so I logged off in a small green home. The next day I logged on and I am stuck under the house. I have been trying to get unstuck for hours. I cannot go prone or vault. I could suicide, but I really don't want to lose all my gear. Any help/suggestions?
  24. Stuck in a building

    Hi there, I'm stuck in a building and can't get out the usual way by running against the walls and pressing v or proning out. I was trying this for a long long time at every wall and corner. Some other players even tried to shoot me while i was in there. I'll attach some screenshots of my situation. On one of them you can see a TV inside the bulding: I got stuck when i tried to pick up some loot from the top of it. I instantly got teleported behind the wall when i opened my inventory. Maybe this information helps to fix the bug. May some game admin be so kind and reset my character so i can play DayZ again? (This game needs a reset character button) Thanks
  25. I was playing and got disconnected from a server for having too high a ping, (so my character kept running forward for awhile until it D/C'ed.) *FIX THAT DEVS* So I log in 50ft ahead of where I D/C'ed and well SH!T, I'm stuck inside of a very large rock, After 20 minutes of trying to jump around, sprinting, and logging in and out near the edge of the rock to try and escape, I had an idea! Better yet, it even worked first try! So to escape the rock I hit my macro key for W (my auto run) I ran at the rock edge and unplugged my internet cord, Hoping it would make my character run until it D/C'ed. I logged back in and i was out of the rock several feet ahead! I'm sure holding down 'W' while unplugging your net cord will work just the same as my macro. I looked online for ways to escape rocks and didn't see any. So I figured I'd share.