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Found 31 results

  1. Live Streams

    I saw a post on here not long ago asking for everyones favourite streamers. I thought I would carry on from that and ask what are your streams and offer a follow for follow on certain platforms. I stream with a friend and we will soon be setting up a "Play with Followers" Session on XBOX, so feel free to post your channels and if you do decide to follow then let me know here what your channel is for me to return the favour. Thanks for your time and see you on the other side. I use twitch and my channel is: Http://www.twitch.tv/THYER5
  2. Consistent DayZ Streams

    Stress Test Streams if you're bored at work or somethin. come by: https://www.twitch.tv/ag47
  3. Recording using OBS

    Ok so I'm new-ish to day z and also to recording content. For some reason OBS is only picking up the audio and not the visuals. After looking through reddit forums it looks like the game is picking up OBS as a "cheating" software so it's being disabled. Does anyone know how to work around this for 0.62? I can only find fixes for old versions of OBS or for 0.60.
  4. OBS Classic (Open Broadcaster Software) "Game capture" function doesn't work with 0.60. Drivers, updates and other info is irrelevant – if one reverts back to 0.59, everything works again. A lot of evidences from different streamers across Twitch, Twitter etc. For example, from here: Please, fix it, because Game capture method is recommended for streaming and it was the more convenient way to stream DayZ. P.S. I know about windowed mode (window capture) and monitor capture. Game capture is still better. UPDATE: There is a workaround for this problem: disable Anti-aliasing in the game to get game capture feature working again. Big thanks and respect to Le_yakitoid, who told us about it. :)
  5. Stream Hightlights

  6. DayZ Highlights - Youtube/Twitch

    Hey all, I've recently been getting back into DayZ, Streaming and recording content for Youtube, Recently have done a series of DayZ moments, Let me know what you think
  7. DayZ streaming issues; black screen

    I use OBS to stream, I've streamed DayZ many times. I don't know why but recently I went to stream DayZ and it's a black screen. I have no idea why, I've tried replacing the game capture multiple times to try and just hope it fixes itself within OBS, but it won't. Has anyone ever run into this issue?
  8. I do streaming

    Hey guys I am posting this here because I would like to see more interesting and numerous people come watch me on twitch. I usually stream at least 3 times a week and I recently just started but I believe I have a good setup and would like to get all of your inputs on what I do and how I do it. If anyone has any questions just post it here. twitch.tv/rabdomer
  9. To all the video editors out there

    So if you have been recording and editing game play would you mind telling what is some good editing software is? I have just starting using open broadcast to record and need to edit the FLV file. So if you guys would point me in the right direction that would be great. Oh and the cheaper the software the better.
  10. YouTube!

    Hi there people! So recently I've been recording some gameplay due to the fact I like to capture some of the moments I have with my friends or myself whilst on DayZ as well as Arma in general and I've now setup a YouTube channel for me to upload my content to. Id appreciate it a lot if you guys could just take a minute to look at my YouTube page and comment on the layout/thumbnails or just my content in general and give me some feedback or constructive criticism! My YouTube channel is: [snipped] Thanks again guys!
  11. DEEP BONE GAMING GRAND OPENING! Features: -Great admins -Awesome anti-hack (Gotcha and BE antihack) -24/7 Day Time -Teamspeak -Website -Brand New Server -Restarts every 4 hours!! -20+ Helicopters!! -Upped vehicle spawn!! -Debug Monitor -Veteran Difficulty Teamspeak: Chernarus Server: Website: http://deepbonegaming.com/
  12. Streaming DayZ SA

    Hello, i stream alot of my games (not that populair) but i just like to record it if anything funny happens. same with League. Well, i tried streaming Dayz SA (i normaly use screen capture) but since there isnt the option "borderless" yet i need to use game capture wich works ofc but the quality is bad while in league i can easy 1080p etc. (love borderless). while that isnt really the main issue my problem is more whenever i stream i get great lagg ingame wich makes unable to see my friends who i play with. I never get lagg in league while i stream that 720p so to the question: is there any streamer here who uses OBS and if so do you have any problems? And if not could anyone help me? kind regards, FlyX
  13. Looking for Group!

    Im looking for a group of experienced dayz players to play with and possibly stream with. If your interested message and add me on skype: djwarhog123 Just make sure you leave a message with the contact request saying your in for the group. :D
  14. DayZ Twitch PVP stream, Lets go!

    Come hang out watch some pvp action with friends, come and chat with me have some fun. Love interacting with my viewers :) www.twitch.tv/qweets
  15. Hey! I would like to know is it legal to record some DayZ gameplay and upload it to Youtube or stream it to the twitch? I just wanted to ask because I'm really new to this video making thing and streaming. If it is legal, I would like to get nice piece of text on the website or somewhere else where Rocket or any other developer of this game would say that recording and uploading / streaming is legal, like some games like have on their websites. Thank you so much!
  16. Looking for a few players 2-4 players to play overwatch with me and i will be streaming and posting allot of my game play on youtube as well. im looking for players over the age of 21 and are layed back and not rage all the time. So if your interested add me on skype : thedaddysilva@hotmail.com
  17. A decent firefight that you all should watch :) I will upload more gameplay in the future with better quality too!
  18. About streaming dayz

    Just wanted to know where I'd go to post a topic about streaming dayz so I dont get bashed at. thx
  19. Hey everyone so i just got the exciting news that i'm in the qualifier and was the first to be selected!!! so now its practice time and i need some helpful tips from the pros on this forum! So im asking the community to either stop by my stream and drop some helpful advice and maybe even a follow! or Message me on my twitch with some good advice that would help me win this thing! im really determined so anything will help Thanks! - [PMG]Aleoz Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/aieoz#
  20. Guy's im livestreaming for 48 hours on twitch http://www.twitch.tv/jackyhunter for Charity , come check it out and donate if you can here http://www.justgiving.com/JackyLIVE
  21. Hi Guys Come join me in my live stream of the new map Takistan! http://www.youtube.com/user/S1ipperyJim
  22. Hi all, I'm a British gamer streaming everyday between 6PM-Midnight BST; currently playing DayZ with friends and viewers quite often! We've got a giveaway planned tonight at 750 followers (currently on 690ish) so please; visit the stream, get involved in the chat (we have awesome people that watch!) and have some fun! :) http://www.twitch.tv/jonnyenglishgaming See you there! JonnyEnglish
  23. Introduction/situation I bought xsplit personal to be able to stream DayZ gameplay using their game source function (full screen) in combination with screen region (eyefinity setup, no need to stream the outer screens), what i see: :click here: what streamers (used to) see: :click here: This has allways worked fine up untill and including the 95417 build. (as visible in my videos on twitch) Problem/Issue However since the latest update (95883) it records a black screen instead (example http://nl.twitch.tv/...8592074?t=1m20s ), and xsplits support forums then advise to run the game in fullscreen window mode. and revert to using the screen region without the game source.. How i found out its the update causing this if i replace Arma2OA.exe with the older one (95417) it works again, and gives proper video in the stream.. I understand this might be more appropriate on the Bohemia forums (ill try to make an account there asswell), but i'm asking it here because DayZ has alot of streamers using Xplit so there must be more players with this issue? or maybe i'm the only one using this configuration due to running dayz in eyefinity while streaming (just capture the middle screen) Possible sollutions i've tried I've tried completely removing the game from my pc, including xsplit and any other software that might interfear. Also tried copying the exe from expansion/beta/ to the main gamefolder But even on a clean manual install (no launchers used, just the torrent from dayzmod.com), streaming stops working as soon as i launch the game with the 95883 executable. version 95417 and lower do work just fine.. since it worked before, and works fine again on downgrading the game executable, i'd rather like to know the changes in 3d/opengl hooks between 95417 and 95883 so either Me, Bohemia or Xsplit might be able to patch/fix/repair this problem. I hope there are any other idea's about this because atm imho dayz is no longer compatible with the latest stable build of xsplit :( Or if theres a way to connect to 95888 servers using the 95417 executable.. And i know there are some streamers for who it still works, but I doubt if youre using the screenregion in combination with gamesource.. I hope anyone can shine a light on this? I know Vipeax uses eyefinity too, maybe he's got an idea?
  24. http://www.twitch.tv/OMGihavetomakeanACC Clan sObY streaming live. Highly organized, mature team. We are looking for like-minded players who aren't baddies. We aren't militaristic nuts, and we like to have a good time. We are skilled and know how to play the game. If you think you want what we have, join us on our live stream and take a look for yourself. Afterwards, contact us, and we'll try you out. Clan: sO oWnEd BuT WHy (sObY) Skype: danahles23 (primary) or michaelmccarty23 Ventrilo: plurlife.vent.nfoservers.com 13610 Please stay and enjoy the HD stream, like butter.
  25. So I know I have seen this on here before. There was a guy playing predator and chopper sounds and whatnot screwing with people at Balota. And I thought he posted an explanation of how to stream things over your in game microphone. I have found one example of how to do it which involves adding games to the "Sound" folder, but they have to be limited to under 50kb but many servers won't allow custom audio files, so it's more of a pain than anything fun. I'm really looking forward to playing music / sounds in game. Like "Ride of the Valkyries" while in a chopper, or the Ahhhhnold clip "Get to the choppa!" Because when used sparingly it's pretty damn funny. Could anyone explain or link a good explanation of how to stream audio into the game over your direct chat?