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Found 40 results

  1. TOUGH - DayZ Standalone

  2. SAVAGE - DayZ Standalone

  3. Optical short range for AK's that has the Dayz mod of Arma II, Kobra RDS, which should serve to AK74, AKS74U, AKM and AK-101, as well as serving in the AK family of the Arma 2, because the game has several short range optics to M4A1, FAL and other weapons that use the Picatinny rail while purchases, AK's has the Kashtan that be more to a crosshair medium distance, something more like a "Russian ACOG" and the PSO that is long distance. Others Options: 1P63/PK1 Obzor Optic: PKA-S:
  4. Short Day/Night cycle?

    Hi, I failed to find a proper, recent thread that talks about this specific subject. A shorter day/night cycle, about 4 to 6 hours, without server restart... is it something that can be in the game? I do think this is something most people would like to have. Being able to play a few hours and have the chance to play both day, night without restarts. Preparing for the night during the day, then surviving the dangers of the night. Making a fire. Currently, if you can only play at the same time of the day every day, you will always play Day or Night but never both. And if it happens you are lucky and can play both, you get server restart. That is the most annoying thing ever. I mean, server restart completely put you out of the game. If you felt like you were in this world, trying to survive and then, what? You are disconnected and have to re-connect to the server to continue? I know it is Alpha or whatever I do understand that. I just want to know if this feature will be in the final game. If it is okay to wait for a proper short day/night cycle without restart, or is it just a dream that will never come true? I play every survival games out there and none of them has to restart to be able to have a proper day/night cycle. I would like to understand why DayZ is like that? I would like to know what you guys think about it, and if it is possible to have it in the game?
  5. Rate my highlights

    If anybody wants to use this topic as his advertise for YT channel or web, help yourself! Hi guys, Im fiveteen years old guy from the Czech Republic. Im very appreciated, if you can rate my highlights from DayZ on this channel and tell me, what can be better on my work. Excuse my bad English:)
  6. Hey everyone, A nice thing happened to me in DayZ the other day. Going about, doing my usual stuff when I meet another player... Without one word I could understand he dropped some rice for me, nodded, then left. I never saw him again... ( still a better love story than twilight ). Thought it was rather nice of him so I decided to make it into a DayZ short video and share it with you all. Enjoy :)
  7. Watch it on youtube here and tell us what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGPbnQOP-xc
  8. Hello. As a lot of people have been having issues with the new 1.63 update of Arma 2 I've been getting my fair share of problem after problem after problem. I've abandoned DayZ Commander as it probably will be discontinued and got the new launcher via steam. I installed the mods I use as well as the update for Arma 2. After this, I tried to join the usual server and I get a request to delete a load of files and my server key was not accepted by this server error. Quick check on google suggests that the game is running vanilla and just needed to enable it in the expansions menu on the home screen in which I did. My game then crashed giving me the error... Data file too short 'C:\Program Files (86x)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@DayZ_Epoch1051\addons\mbg_generic_african_buildings.pbo'. Epected 63480966 B, got 62986881 BI've seen this issue in the past and resolved it by heading over to steam and validating integrity of game cache... Which I done this for arma 2, OA, DayZ Mod and none of these worked at all. I even uninstalled all of them (Arma 2, Arma 2 OA and DayZ Mod) and reinstalled them back but I'm getting the same error. This isn't really a good thing when I spent 2 hours reinstalling looking for the problem.. PLEASE HELP!!!
  9. Fist of Jesus [14:44]

    A very enjoyable short movie. The team is fundraising for a bigger project on their homepage
  10. Survival Hairstyles

    I got lost once, on a forest near my town. I was 11 years old and I was stuck in that forest for 2 days. I had long dreadlocks and had to move a lot, because I was scared and trying to find a way out. There were some rabid dogs around...one of them ate half of a couple of dreadlocks, so after getting away I decided to tied them up due to be more practical that way. I'm a stylist, so I've seen quite a lot of different hairstyles. There's this dude who always cut his hair with me and he ask it short in case of a zombie outbreak lol What I wanna say is that in some extreme situation as zombies trying to feast on your flesh trhoughout the countryside, some people will tend to cut their hair in order to prevent a rabid creature get a grab on it, but there's also people like me that would just get it thightly tied up. So when ALL THE IMPORTANT THINGS ARE DONE it would be nice to see some variants on character's hair. Here are some ideas Female Cornrows Female Dreadlocks - The second image is the BEST in my opinion Female short Female side Jill's hair Male short tail Male Cornrows Male short Male simple - In cause you're wondering, no...you don't need any kind of special product for this one, you just brush your hair with your hand and you're done I MUST add that they have to be kinda short/practical hairstyles, this would not work (in my opinion) specially because of the modeling...maybe this one would, looks like he's benn in the wild lol
  11. Render Distance Issues

    I recently realized how annoyingly short my the distance i can see things is in game. I was wondering if anyone else had found a fix for this. Ex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLkeuKqlCZs&feature=youtu.be (I searched for other threads related to my topic but only found ones related to players specifically.) I would like to be able to have things render at least as far as they seem to when I zoom in but all the time. Zooming in should only well... Zoom me in. It really breaks immersion for me as well when everything immediately renders all of a sudden. I can't even see to the back of the air hangers when I scavenge at the air fields. I can't tell you how many times i've gone to the very backs of those things and found nothing of use.
  12. Hi guys I was hoping to make a little short story to brighten up any person who may be a little pissed at glitches or wants a short story in DayZ. Anyone else can wright in this Topic so please enjoy the short story I made you guys. Hopefully it will spark some creative process to make your own. Adventurer Part One There has been a saying that I have adopted about adventure. "Adventure is a wonderful thing; it can be great, it can be horrible, and sad, but also rewarding. Never limit yourself to how much adventure you can have but only limit yourself to the universe. Many things, big or small, can come out of these adventures just make it worth your while and never quit on yourself. But the most important thing is to live your life to the fullest that you can make it." - Spencer Fulford. Now there is a zombie apocalypse at the doorstep days before the horrible times ahead of us and I think to myself how can I make this better. Then it happened. The government couldn't take the thought of an outbreak spreading. They sent in jets with fire bombs and dropped them straight in Cherno. I went in the back of my friends coffee shop and pulled everything out of his big refrigerator and got in and sealed myself in there. I heard the bombs go off and after the shock wave I couldn't hear a thing. Then everything went black. I woke up and looked at my watch which was luckily still working with its glowing handles and saw it was around one o'clock PM. I put my ear to the door and I didn't hear any flames going off so I opened the door. The town was ruined all the cars of the people trying to escape were covered in ash or burned to a crisp. My first thought on my mind was how was I going to survive this; then I hear this loud whine that sounded like a plane so I headed west and looked up in the sky and saw a big plane heading this way. "Man am I a lucky one huh?" I said to myself. Then I see it getting bigger and I think they are going to land so I head over to the airport at Balota. I see them getting ready to go ahead and land at the runway. I run through Novoselky and Chapaevsk and make my way to the northern part of the airfield. I am up in the treeline and I see the plane with the door open and it looked like it was still flyable. I see the pilot running out of the airplane inside of it, then I hear a loud queasy roar. THE PLANE WAS FILLED WITH ZOMBIES AND HE LANDED THE DAMN THING. First I looked at the pilot he was american not from here. So he starts shooting the zombhies as they come out of the plane with his revolver. Eventually they overrun him and he gets eaten by the hoard. I had to make a plan so I sat there and waited until it was night. Night came so I made my way to the plane. As i snuck past the hangers one of the zombies heard me. It was the pilot. I went up to him and kick his ass on the ground and put a boot to his face. Night night zombie. So I sprint my way into the plane and luckily there was only one zombie left inside the plane and he was buckled in tight and I also picked up a little something from the pilot. His keys and the revolver, the bad part was he only had one shot left. So I put the revolver and tucked it into my pants. I was first looking at the controls and thought how the hell am i going to pilot the thing. I looked for a manual and to my luck didn't find one. I closed the hatch and ran back into the pilots seat and put the keys into the ignition and turned it on. I heard the engines blast to life and tried to do what saw in the movies to turn it around. Then I hear banging on the door and was looking to see what it was. Zombies lots and lots of zombies mindlessly banging on the door. Then they got on the front of the plane. I was able to turn the plane around and put it into gear and took off. Zombies were still at the window but i didn't think much of it since I didn't think they could break in. I was just about to fly over Cherno and he fell off, but he fell off right into the right engine."OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!" I screamed as I tried to control the plane. My plane was taking a dive and I wasn't able to control it so i looked for a parachute, last one left. I grabbed it and put it on. As i went to the door and tried to open it I heard something behind me, it was the zombie that was in the plane. Me and him fight it out he was able to scratch me a couple of times and almost bit me then I kicked him released the hatch and jumped out. End of Part One I will try to put out part two next weekend guys.
  13. EPISODE 2 is here!@! Enjoy, noobs.
  14. Our first video in a soon to be series. Check it out, we will be uploading daily. The series is called DayZ Banditry because... well.. we kill everyone on sight. Hopefully in the future we will be doing a hero version of this series. Please like, comment, and subscribe. http://www.youtube.com/user/BattlefieldEdge
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQDkYUWvGgs&feature=youtu.be http://www.mediafire.com/download/ecj7tk69khkys7t/Firearms1.zip Download has short versions of the sound effects in the video, as well as video quality. (short versions marked with "S," no longer than 2 seconds.
  16. Hello survivors and spectators of the forums, I have been pondering this idea for awhile now as my two favorite ideas for future careers are an author and game design/software engineer. I would like to write either an ongoing journal of a survivor during the apocalypse of his experiences and times since the event started. Or I would start a story from a narrative point of view on a group of survivors and their encounters. Just wanted some input on if anyone would be interested in such things and if so which would you rather read?
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vv4aLQu0W4&feature=youtu.be Because I was inspired to make this by a song I do not own any rights for, I do not intend to make any profit. Thus, you can download it for free on Mediafire. If you reupload, I will stab your potatoes. http://www.mediafire.com/?trdb7tigt36...
  18. Before you read, please read the last paragraphs of http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/131805-2-years-to-dayz/ to get a better understanding on who/what the First Socialist Party is, a central theme to my stories. (This won't make any sense without some kind of background knowledge on the FSP) Jackson Pride was just the American name for a global cancer. ANyone that didn't know his name was lucky, and there were few individuals so blessed. Officially, he was the design head for the KAC, but he owned companies in Havana and Kieve producing everything from pipe bombs to artillery shells. The worst part was that no one cared. WHen Vladimir wrote "Unification through Stratification," more commonly known as the "Handbook to fucking up the world," the proud Jackson Pride was scrambling to throw money at east Europe. I don't think he could have cleaned his wallet faster. Again, no one cared. Then the unificationists named themselves the "First Socialist Party-" of their respective country, like the "Russian Socialist Party" or the "First Socialist Party of Yugoslavia." What followed was an IRA-style bloodbath, and still no one cared. <Surely, Europe had some attention?> Everyone was too busy, covering up domestic outbreaks and stopping the FSP from running in their own parts of the world. In fact, I don't think anyone cared until it was too late. But at least they tried to help. <Explain> After Yugoslavia fell to the FSP anarchists, and Moscow had its first outbreak, AMerican soldiers were suddenly on every street corner, in every alley, searching every car. <Did this make your job difficult?> No. All they cared about was disease they didn't mind a van full of guns crossing the border. Especially not after bribing the right people. <Tell me about Moscow. Were you there?> I was. And I'd never been so batshit scared before then in my life. I was in line at a checkpoint, waiting to get out of the city. A few cars ahead of me, a black van was stopped. There was some yelling, then the driver accelerated, right through the barricades. The soldiers opened fire. The van swerved and hit a tree. And can you believe this?: A SMAW rocket hit the van! Like BOOM! Loud and bright. What the hell was so scary about an "Asian Bird Flu" that the damn US military needed a rocket launcher to stop it? <Why was that so scary?> It wasn't. I didn't care about it. I just wanted to go. What scared me is what happened after. <Which was?> So there's the van, flipped over and on fire, rabin crushed by a tree, right? Someone gets out, coated in oil and missing an arm. He must have been shredded with shrapnel, absolutely puckered. The MPs panicked and fired. He still didn't go down. More people crawled out of the van, following him, horribly disfigured. A HMVV pulls around and bathes them in fifty BMG until there is nothing left. The checkpoint continued without anymore hiccups. <Was that your first encounter?> No. Well, I guess. But I'd heard about how the "Asian Flu" wasn't before. <How?> My contacts in Asia told me about something they called "Siafu." <Like the ant?> That was the nickname, and nothing killed it. Not a Norinco, not a Kalashnikov, not a Berreta. I told them they were crazy, too much Yakuza opium. They told me I was naive. And... I don't know. I had like, this itch, at the back of my head. LIke my SPidey Sense or something. And I knew what they said was true. <Tell me more about Jackson Pride> Crazy megalomaniac and charmer. Imagine Adolf, but rich times a thousand. When America realized what he was doing, he terminated citizenship and delegated shares between some lackeys, so he could still make money. <What was he doing?> What wasn't he doing? Making, selling, and smuggling guns to the FSP, globally. Why do you think there were so many M4s in Russia? <Left overs from American soldiers?> America didn't send half as many guns or ammo as the FSP had. No matter how many soldiers they threw at the FSP, ex-soviets and Asians swelled the FSP ranks. <But the Americans didn't stop?> They did, but it wasn't European FSPs that stopped them. <Explain, please> Kim Jong whatever wasn't too happy when the FSP set up in the big NK. SO he had to scare his people back into worshipping him. <Do you think that lead to the Asian conflict?> aBSOLUTELY. KJ sent a N-U-K-E out of the NK to show the FSP who hand the longest D-I-C-K. <Yes, and how did this affect business?> What, the nuke? No more Yakuza, our second largest customer. The FSP kept buying, so I didn't mind. THe US of A took a step out of RUssia. China went crazy. Iran primed its nukes. Europe had to swallow another shovel of shit. <How did this affect the outbreak?> I started noticing more sick people. Less checkpoints. A week after Iran's stations all went critical, Yugoslavia was really lost to the FSP. Supreme DickFace Jackson Pride set up a puppet government and went on a Czech Republic massacre. <No one helped?> It was WOrld War II all over again, except the Czechs were the Pollocks and there was no one to stop the FSP. <What about the Ukraine?> THe Topple of Seaboards and Sevastopol. <Excuse me?> The FSP started riots in Seattle, Boston, New York, LA, Sevastopol, London, and Toulon on the same day. This triggered some revolt in Kiev. I don't know if it was connected or not. Kiev saw its biggest, and last, outbreak. <Last?> Kiev burned. And then it was eaten. Same thing in Sevastopol, France, and America. <How did the FSP affect America?> Not as well as I had predicted, in the long run. America was caught with its pants down; the military was so busy fighting in the middle east west Europe, and Asia, there was no one home when every drug dealer, smuggler, and con artist suddenly had guns, or when the Crypts and the BLoods stopped killing each other. Every criminal out of jail, armed with military ordinance, suddenly took to the streets. mass anarchy. Overwhelmed police. Looted stores. Burning houses. <And you sold them these guns?> And you're an American reporter. You're calling me evil? Thank you for reading. Sorry this story didn't have too many zombies.
  19. WARNING! This story is a little... odd, compared to my others. If you're easily disgusted and/or sickened by read content, do not proceed; moderate language and graphic scenes are in the story. Jackson walked along the Golden Gate quietly, his hands in his pockets. He had expected more cars to choke the bridge, and zombies shuffling between. He was unfortunate and extremely lucky on both counts; the few cars that got past the military roadblocks had mostly driven off into the water. One had a survival knife and some beef jerky. He rested in the rear cabin, ignoring the dead couple in the front. The key had rusted into the ignition of every car, leaving them undriveable. Not like they had any fuel anyway, he thought pessimistically. It was around the halfway point that Jackson noticed some boxes piled up, blocking half the bridge. A concrete roadblock protected the legs of a man with a hunting rifle, who was trained on Jackon's chest. "You've gotta be kidding me," he mumbled as he raised his hands. The man shouted at Jackson to drop any weapons he had and approach the stand. Obediently and begrudgingly, he did so. "Hello. It's your lucky day," Mr. Rifle said bluntly. "How so?" "I'm not going to shoot you. The last man we tried to hold up left us two men short. Now it's just Vazquez and Robin and I. We need another hand. Are you good with a rifle?" "Yeah, I guess." "Then put your hands down and come around." Jackson walked around the barricades. There was an opening in the back. He'd heard rumors of bandits patrolling major intersections and interstates, preying on the unsuspecting. With Jackson's luck, however, he'd managed to find himself sitting in a lawn chair with a Ruger across his lap. Two hours after he arrived, another man was spotted on the bridge. Mr. Rifle, who turned out to be one Sir Reginald Matthew, raised his rifle and fired, much less polite than he had been with Jackson. The man in the street turned and ran, getting out of range before Matthew could cycle his bolt. "You idiot," Jackson said, standing up. "That's not how you rob someone!" Having been a career criminal before the apocalypse, Jackson felt entitled to his opinion. "You got to lure them in, act friendly. Then shoot them. Next time, let me try it." The next day, after a small breakfast, Jackson sat behind the barricade. Someone was spotted. "Hey man! You friendly? Yeah, you! Don't worry, I'm not gonna shoot! You want some Mountain Dew? I've got Mountain Dew!" The man, quite thirsty from his travels, came quickly. Matthew shot him dead. "Vazquez, Robin! Search his body. Vazquez? Robin?" Matthew, bewildered, looked around for his friend. They were missing. "Mr. Jackson...?" Jackson laughed and wiped his knife on his sleeve. "Did you know that Vazquez liked Mountain Dew? Did you know Robin liked Mountain Dew?" He asked, sardonically. "Do you know how much I like Mountain Dew? I like it a lot. Do you like Mountain Dew, Matthew? You know Matthew sounds like Mountain Dew." With a quick thrust, Jackson drove his knife into Matthew's stomach, then shoved him with a great heave to the edge of the bridge. "I killed them last night, then hang their bodies just after breakfast." Matthew, in horror, looked over the railing of the bridge. His murderous friends swung in small circles, Robin by her ankle and Vazquez by his neck. He felt a rope tighten around his neck. Jason kicked him in the back and threw him over the rail, holding him by the feet. "Do you think there's Mountain Dew in hell, Matthew?" Matthew lived long enough to feel his neck stretch three inches, and feel the tear of his shoulders. He blacked out. Jackson wiped his knife off again, and walked away, whistling. "Dew the Dew, motherfucking bandits." === Thank you for reading. If you liked this, try my other stories: http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/131805-2-years-to-dayz/ http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/132014-another-dayz-short-story-the-bambi-rescue-crew-part-2-socialism-and-wild-animals/ http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/131927-another-dayz-short-story-the-bambi-rescue-crew-part-1-the-intro/ http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/131699-another-dayz-short-story-the-foreigners-part-1/ http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/131904-another-dayz-short-story-the-foreigners-part-2/
  20. DayZ videos! No lag!

    Hey guys, I've got three new dayz videos up on my channel! No lag in the videos and are pretty funny towards the end so you'll need to watch it all, please like the video, subscribe and please share! Thanks! Link to youtube channel - http://www.youtube.c...es?feature=mhee