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Found 51 results

  1. Virtual Reality Support

    Can we get an update on Virtual Reality being supported in the modding tools? Thank you
  2. PVE? Disable PVP Damage

    Looking for a script to make a PVE Server, disabling all pvp damage. any ideas? :)
  3. Hey guys. I have recently started a server on DayZCC. Mostly just to screw around, maybe run an event off from for a few people. Is it possible to add Triggers in the 3D map editor and the load them into the mission.sqm? I am very new to all this and have been searching forums for the last 48 hours but I am still without a solution that works. If anyone can point me in the right direction or help me out I would be most grateful.
  4. Hi, I'm a 3D Modeler and I want to supply a knowleadgable coder/scripter with content for a future mod of Dayz. I can create everything 2D and 3D-wise necessary for the mod, but right now I'm overwhelmed by the editors available for ARMAII and I'll be having a hard time learning everything by myself. I just want to supply content at this point and learn from the people I'm working with, in order to make my content perfect for their needs. On the long run, I'll probably be able to do more than supply the models and textures, but I need someone to set me up, in order to continue working in a way that makes sense. I want to create an US-American map, preferably Oregon or Arkansas styled, but I'm willing to put that aside and work on your project for the sake of learning. If anyone out there needs models to be made for their mod and knows the coding part/integration of assets/maps, I'm more than willing to deliver. When the time comes for Modding support in DayZ, we can be ready and perhaps get a bit more into depth with our own project (adding new functionality and such). I'd also be happy about just meeting and chatting with other people interested in modding DayZSA, but the goal is to find someone who can instruct me on the how-to, so I'm not wasting time iterating at this early stage of my Dayz modding career ;) If you're interested and confident about making mods for the standalone, send me a PM and we'll see what can be done at the moment. I need info on integrating assets as well as on lightmapping, collisions, sockets, dynamic objects. I'll start reading into those topics for ARMAII, but I know there are people advanced in these topics, who could help me far more by giving a few hints. Here are a couple of (random) images of stuff I made, so you know I'm not wasting your time: Thanks and looking forward to your replies! I posted in the wrong place again :(? Thank you, Boneboys, for being so good at keeping track of my nonsense :)
  5. Hello, I have started a couple of Dayz Mod servers and looking for some admin and scripting help. We have a few scripts installed already but can use some help on getting more. Currently I have Epoch Napf server also we have a Overpoch Cherno server Also we have TeamSpeak at: voice2.gamingdeluxe.co.uk:10097 Servers are new and are going to be grown into community for more than just one game. This is hope for starting a community where anyone and everyone can come and enjoy the game. Interested in 18+ yrs of age. Also I would be interested in merging with other community to better the game. steam: ilya185 Thank You
  6. Ok i am one fo 3 founders of Eudoxa Gaming, and dayz mod and standalone clan. We have started to gain more members in the clan so decided to buy ourselves a server. I was able to install the basics like trader safe zones and snap building, and a couple of other features. However i have hit a wall and now the server does not work. I am looking for someone to help me out with building the server up and making it what the clan is looking for. Me and the other founders have big ambitions for the server and the clan, we would like a scripter who is able to become our go to man(or girl) for setting up and maintaining our server(s). If you would like a big role in a clan then please contact me, either by email or just hop on our teamspeak and we shall talk. Email: robert.everitt@live.co.uk Teamspeak: eudoxagaming.tserverhq.com Thanks for your time.
  7. Attention all owners of an EPOCH or Overpoch DayZ Server!!! (POPULATED) I am currently looking for a position as an admin for your server! A little about myself: -I am 18, going to school for pharmacology and currently working as a pharmacy tech in a hospital. Other than that on my free time which is surprisingly a lot, I play EPOCH DAYZ!!!! -I have been playing the DAYZ mod for about 2 years, including vanilla, overwatch, panthera, and then epoch the most. -I have also been an admin for an epoch server for about 2 months. During that time I learned a lot and gained a lot of experience with scripts and how the mod works. I also gained the ability to help new and stuck players efficiently! -About 6 months ago I had a friend that had an epoch server for about 2 months, the first month he ran it and played with it himself, and the second month he let me tool around with it! -Therefore, I gained experience using PBOs, mission files, etc. I also edited them as well. -I am still learning and would like to experience more as an admin for another server! My contact information: Skype: shaknown95 email: eatmydirt@q.com LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AN ADMIN. I would be more than happy to join you!!! Thanks! :) :) :) :) :)
  8. Hey! I run a DayZ Epoch server from Dayz.st. I believe its running quite nice right now but there is a script I want to put in but I need to place some coding on the VERY LAST LINE of Init.sqf. But my admin tools also need this. How do I put different code from different scripts onto the same line (If you even can xD) Thanks!
  9. Need help with some scripting? Well I can help out with that, from adding packs, single scripts, helping out with administration, Loading screen creations and much more! When getting into contact with me please state which script(s) your looking to add. I can even offer to show you how to add scripts to your own server. From customizing scripts to make your server personal in your own way! Available pretty much all the time! To get into contact with me, please: Comment below! or Search for Darkside on Skype: ileeum Add darkside on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/-Darkside-/ Thanks!
  10. this is a callout for all who are able to and willing to teach a noob the art of ai animation.. i have been trying and failing to do the animation script for ai i had looked at the forums, youtube ect. i cannot get the animations to work none of the arma3 animation from the animation viewers work for me. scripts formats i have tried are: unitname playmove"animation name"; (this works in arma2) [unitname, "animation name", "asis"] call bis_fnc_ambientanim; i am getting sleepless days trying to work it out.. its so serious its affecting my work...lol i will be using these for cut scenes and video in game to whom can teach me ai animation i will get u a game that u want from steam ect. as agreed before the training regards, :)
  11. Looking for some simple scripts in your server? Don't want to pay too much money? Well you've found the right place! I can provide a fast and fluid service for any of my purchases. I can offer many scripts for Epoch and vanilla Chernarus for DayZ. From self bloodbag to auto refuel, I can handle all of the scripts you require! Below are some pictures of the website store I currently own: Prices you see here my vary. This is also not the complete list of scripts! If you are looking to purchase, please click this link: Thank you in advance if you purchase from me. If there are some scripts that I do not offer, I suggest looking here, he is a vary talented scripter and he is guaranteed to help you:
  12. Hello My Name Is Sergei And Iv Resently Started Up A Server with Dayz.St, At First Things Were Going Well I was Getting The Hange of Things but Then It all Went Wrong I was Getting Errors And All Sorts, So iv Resorted To Getting Some one to Do it For Me, Or Help me, I would Pay them, They Would Need to be able to - Script - Know How to Script for Dayz.st - Know How to Code Custom Scriptes And Finally - Know How To Add Add-ons (e.g Extra Vehicles) If you Are interested please Reply To This Forum Post, With an Email Or Something I Could Contact You Easily With, I Have Lots Of ideas But Not The Knowledge To Code It My Self. Sergei, Owner Of UnDeadHeros UnDeadHeros.Net TS3.UnDeadHeros.Net
  13. Need Help With Scipting

    Well I just Rent A server today And i kinda need help on the scripting part just the basics like ,auto-refill, Debug monitor, Car Keys, Traders, Trader safe-zone etc ive looked everywhere to figure out on how to script i just don't understand I think i would understand if someone show on how to do i would appreciate the help :D P.S Sorry about the title
  14. |Outback Gaming | New Epoch Server | Dedicated Box in Brisbane AUS| Friendly server looking for new players to come and have fun. Multiple server Features such as : Sarge AI Custom Bases Custom Load-outs Custom Spawns +400 Vehicles Increased Zombie Spawns Tow/Lift Heli Fast Rope Full Moon Nights Self Blood-Bag Custom Wholesalers Dedicated Server Box Map Additions: Black Lake Castle Novy Lug Military Camp ( Roaming Sarge AI) Altar Military Communication Outpost NWAF Military Base Bay of Tikhaya City COME JOIN Friendly Admins Teamspeak IP: evydder.no-ip.org Server IP :
  15. Hey! Inimmortui Gaming is recruiting once again due to our recent server expansion! We will be running Five servers and a new Team-speak from our dedicated server which is still in its configuration stage! We have two current servers running (One due to lock-down today and another running with around 20 pop) We are looking for an experienced Admin to join our team and help us transition into our next stage as a growing community! We currently run a 4 man team each with good knowledge in different areas of server management and user satisfaction! (Yes i have noticed that i started each sentence with a 'We') :) What are we looking for? The team is looking for an Admin, comfortable with basic scripting on servers and excellent communication skills, someone who can keep things running smoothly on the servers as we transition over the next month and ultimately help run our servers as well as bring new players and clans to the Inimmortui Gaming community. We currently have around 40-60 members on our forums which we have attained over the past three months since starting out. Ideally you will have good knowledge of most of the Dayz Mods out there today and will have plenty of knowledge to bring to the team. All the best. Flex Teamspeak - TS68.LIGHT-SPEED.COM:6083 Admins: Flexen, Kylebeed, Mcpanda, SupremeHorse Forum: http://inimmortuigaming.enjin.com/forum
  16. Hi everyone, I am currently planning on creating my own DayZ mod. For sometime I have been thinking about this and I wish to make it happen. I have experience in Scripting for a few DayZ servers, but I am sure its nothing alike to creating a mod. I am looking for someone (or more people) with DayZ mod creation of which and help me getting started to create this mod or who can progressively help me throughout. I also have a friend of which we both learnt how to administer a DayZ server and he is also willing to help out where ever he can. So again if anyone has any suggestions to give, give a lending hand or even pointing us in the right direction it will all be well considered and well used. I do have some Ideas of what I want to add within the mod and I am ready to take up this project. If any one can help me out with anything to do with the mod, please message me below, join my teamspeak or come and see me on my website. Teamspeak: ts52.gameservers.com:9314 Website: http://wolfpackdayz.enjin.com
  17. Hello guys, I have seen alot of post asking for help with scripting and have helped a lot of them out. But would like to say if anyone has any issues with any scripting or assistance/help setting up a server I am more than willing to help you achieve what you want to get done! This is free of cost (donations are appreciated if you want to, not a must) but will have to understand, that if I am working on my servers you will have to wait until I am available. But that being said feel free to contact me on my team speak: Team speak info: tscan1.vilayer.com:9991 Also my thread for our community servers: http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/149410-3-epoch-servers-chernarus-panthera-and-taviana-10-military-bases-28-ai-missions-godmod-traders-650-vehicles-daily-events-vilayer-hosting/ Thanks, Falcon KHAOS-Gaming.com
  18. Currently Dream Fall is numbered as one of the top 50 Dayz Servers. We run 3 servers currently. 2 Epoch Chernaraus and 1 Epoch Panthera. We are looking for 1 more Person who knows how to Code for DayZ servers and scripts to help ease the burden of our other scripters. As we (Believe it or not) both have Real lives to deal with and we can't always devote our attention toward our servers. Our servers range from 20-50 Players on average constantly. Contact me Via Message here or on this teamspeak. Best Regards, ~DDmankiller
  19. Scripter Needed!

    Hi Everyone! Im looking for someone to help me out with scripting my servers!! Epoch (Taviana & Chernarus) Overwatch They are hosted by HFB. I am unable to pay you for this but your name will be placed in the server name and any advertising done to promote the servers plus you will be a admin on them. Let me know if you can help by either replying, PM orcome onto the community TS.
  20. Hey, Having some problems with Epoch scripting, Looking for someone that could lend a hand and that is on frequently. Skype me: princess.princess. Thanks
  21. http://opendayz.net/threads/base-building-dayz-1-2-released.8579/page-35#post-53989
  22. hey, i'm josh, me and my friend Arti have recently (yesterday) started a dayz server for cherno, basically we need help with scripting, such as auto refuel, npc's, towing and such like that, we really want help! if anyone could and would help can contact me on skype. joshturner68 thanks
  23. Hey all, So i couldn't find any post about the base building mod, and me and my boyfriend started a new server and have been fixing it up with different things. We really wanna add this base building mod we found However my boyfriend, who does all the adding, can't seem to get it to work. We are hoping someone with knowledge on how to do this can maybe get on mumble with him and help him out. Also thinking about AI stuff but he would need help on that as well. He is kinda just learning as he goes with all of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance :) Okay my boyfriend ask me to ask if anyone can post their mission.pbo and server.pbo files. He said he can add it that way as well. SaraMichelle
  24. Hello, recently I bought my own server and hosted it on Vert Hosting. Everything is going fine, got all set-up, and now I'm floating in scripting rivers. I have done a lot of changes. But here's something I'd like to add to my TAVIANA 2.0 map: - BEC: Import Automatic restart every 3h (with announcements 5min before restart) - BEC: Import Server Messages every 15 minutes - BEC: Kick Lobby Idlers 5min aka 300sec - Disable Charachter Selection screen if possible on Taviana ( when you login screen pops with Male and Female Charachter to select ) - I am encountering something wierd, when I log into my server I get 2 gears.. meaning: Something is over-riding my "instances" table where I select starting loadout.. so new spawns get the gear I setup, and they get extra: Painkillers, 1 bandage, Patrol Pack and Survivor skin. If someone can help me in that.. PLEASE add me to skype: hrvoje.lotar
  25. Sup, We just purchased a an incredibly fast Seattle based server from HFB Servers and we're looking for a new admin with some setup/scripting experience to come hang with us. Our server is chill - some people just want to play the game. If you're cool as a cucumber and want to admin you're own chill server (no douche policy) reply below. Most of us live in Vancouver so if you do too, bonus! - TheGoverner