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  1. We're entering the last two business weeks of 2017, and before we let the holiday spirit take over our offices on 23rd, it's time for one more update from our teams - today, Eugen is recapping some of the recently made bullet-point style progress across departments, Peter takes a look at ladders, climbing and the melee combat of 0.63, Adam teases the NWAF changes along with tourist trails, and Viktor has two sexy GIFs, one of which teases a feature that will change DayZ combat in a totally unexpected way. After a pause, we also have Baty back, with loads of your amazing community content <3. Let's read, it's good for you! Contents This Week Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Viktor Dev Update/Adam Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear players. First, I would like to thank you for all the critical feedback on the last status report, it was a hard one. Expectation were high, and we chose a road littered with risks going for the new engine, for the larger benefit in the long run. The team knew this wasn't going to be easy, but almost all major uncertainties are resolved and we are looking at brighter future for both you the players, and the team here. We also understand and agree the call for a more visual representation of this years' progress and there is an end of the year video in the works right now. Many of you were asking about the console version of DayZ and the team working on it. Our goal has always been to release a PC version of DayZ first before we turn to players on PS4 or Xbox. That hasn't changed. There is only one person working on each of these ports at the moment, keeping things intact so we have an easier time adapting the experience when the team is done with the PC version. We will be happy to share more details once we are in a better state of things with the PC version. There is more to enjoy visually in the rest of the Status Report, and there is no reason to repeat myself more, so let's take a quick look at some of the work that has been done over the past month / is in progress - and then we are just going to get back to work, and get more shit done :). Programmers Team Network optimisations - bit stream implementation, network traffic optimisations for AI and players Weapon & inventory bugfixing Movement tweaking of character controller for better gameplay experience Character's prone state New offline database Hive refactorization for 0.63 Login system bugfixing Damage system - new texture switching of damaged entities Bugfixing and optimizations of central loot economy AI - Animals: Threat state behaviour and actions Animals freeze in random intervals fixed Various crash fixes External launcher - adding local mods Design Team Items for Christmas event configuration and setup for Central Economy for 0.62 version Melee combat refactor of targeting and implementation of it's second check at hit event Connected item quantities to Central Economy Optimalization of UI client/server middle layer Notifiers code clean up Localization support Options screens refactor Stamina system refactor Firearms unjamming refactor Implementing state machines for AKM and SVD Implemented new network synchronization for electricity, traps, fireplace, cooking, placing, life span, user actions Implemented sounds for bear trap, landmine, defibrillator Parts of HUD can be toggled on/off by pressing or holding [~] Implemented prototype particle for AKM, UMP and CZ61 Animated perimeter for a land mine Identification of blood type in inspect menu after blood test Animation Team AKM, SVD reload animations implemented Polishing for prone 360 aimspace poses Player turns improvements Animations for Hatchback reworked due to vehicle scale changes Animals herding behavior: the most of the progress has been done on new herding behavior for domesting animals. Although it doesn't require massive support from animation side we found usefull to change some poses and especially lookat mechanic to bring as natural feeling on close distance as possible. Most of the work has been done in new AI tools on animal configuration side. Anyway we already have functional prototype of a herd that can be shepherd through the map. Animals animations: Sheep animation pack is progressing. Goat animation pack has been finished Art Team NWAF assets Radar tower rework 2-floor barracks Fuel tanks Reworked Pile of tyres Reworked Blast covers Weapons rework Abandoned Chernarus – harvester header Reworked male heads Decayed textures Christmas items Animal damage zones Bugfixing doors firegeometry geometry visual issues foliage issues Map Design Team Chernarus tourist trails We have finished 200km network along with tweaks to the satellite and surface mask and final checks and polish Tourist trails are now ready for survivors in 0.63, the only thing that is left to solve is the map stand that is located at several key trail crossings, but that on itself does not block / prevent people from using the trails as there are 93 detailed directional signs to help them where they want to go NWAF overhaul Improved satellite and surface mask within the whole NWAF area Object layout improvements and fixes Coal power plant prototype done (last missing object) Tentapocalypse We have prepared varied interiors for two of the mostly used military tents to make such important object more interesting for players and more suitable for central economy to spawn items All instances of military tents on Chernarus were replaced with these new variants - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Peter As the new character also have to traverse vertical differences in structures, we've started with new implementation of ladders. You don't need much to observe that the behaviour of old character on ladders in 0.62 (and older) is quite unpleasant visually and partially lacking also from the functional point of view. Transition animations for getting on off a ladder will be added for several situations, even from/to water, as well as to sides when there isn’t any free space available behind the ladder. As we unified dimensions of ladders thorough all structures, the positioning of character hands and feet will match that of ladder steps. It’s still valid that getting on a ladder is done through interact action (same as manipulating with doors) and getting off will be automatic at the end of the ladder. We would also like to add proper continuous ladders going through more floors, on which character can optionally get off the ladder, and where it won’t be necessary to ‘pixel hunt’ for proper interact action to get on the ladder and continue in desired direction. However, this has a lower priority as we need to solve simple ladders first. As climbing the ladder is exposing you in situations that can be relatively dangerous, we are adding the possibility to quickly scale up the ladder, or to fast slide down the ladder. I would like to also see jumping off the ladder as it could be useful in some critical situations - in trade off for a higher risk of injury after landing. But again, this is lower on priority list for the ladders implementation. When I mentioned jumping, let me make it clear: we will be adding jumping, alongside with climbing over obstacles later, after ladders are done, as smooth traversing through environment is very crucial for DayZ gameplay. Ongoing work is being done on a melee combat system to make it skill based with clear rules. Blocking and evades are implemented and functional, awaiting a polishing run. We are trying different control schemes for melee combat iteratively to achieve intuitive controls. Same goes for timing animations and their cancellation, as we want to have combat flow as seamless and fluid as possible to avoid clunkiness. Knockdowns to the ground and finishing attacks on laying character are still on the TO DO list. These are directly related to melee combat in prone, which was just a step away, as we had a request for absolute freedom of aiming firearm in prone in 360 degrees, which is done thru smooth and continuous turn of character from belly to back and vice versa. After knockdown during melee combat to the ground on back position (or in case of turning character to back from belly) you can use push kick to push opponent back, may it be survivor or infected, to avoid being hit with his finishing attacks which can be potentially devastating. Similarly, I would also like to see push kicks from stand with raised hands as well (applicable for firearms too), which will add really nice flavour and together with attacks, blocking and evades adds depth and open possibilities for tactics in melee combat (and additionally allows us things like kicking doors and others). Anyway, I would like to thank you for your support during the tough year 2017. DayZ has the best community and it’s amazing to have you around. Thank you all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... see you in Chernarus folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Viktor Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to provide you with a short update on what is happening in the animation team. Our priorities are pretty clear - main focus is still on the player character animations. That includes finishing turning animations, improving locomotion and adjusting the player graph. At the same time, we have been working on some exciting stuff recently. Our player character now has a much wider range of motion while in prone. You can now fluently turn on your back, aim and shoot. This gives better control over the character and I am sure it will lead to many interesting situations in game. We have a basic prototype working and now we are starting to polish the animations, poses and camera behaviour. This will also require small motion capture session where we will record necessary transition animations. In addition to that, we have also recently re-done enter/exit animations for some vehicles, so that player can enter and exit vehicles much faster. Recently implemented weapons in 0.63 include SVD, AKM and there is an ongoing work on the Mosin. - Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator Dev Update/Adam It has been quite a long time since my last contribution to Status Report, but do not worry, it is just that we have been working very hard pushing towards our 0.63 goals. But before we talk about that - given the fact that is a last status report of 2017 - let me first dive a bit into the things that happened in 2017. In 2017, Chernarus has gone through what probably is the biggest change since its inception in Arma 2. We have introduced a complete overhaul of forests aimed at bringing much needed variety to the landscape of Chernarus. This overhaul essentially doubled the object count (1.4 million to 2.8 mil., but with .63 changes, we are nearing 3 mil.), an increase that was only possible with the introduction of the Enfusion renderer (update 0.60). In addition to this overhaul, update 0.62 also introduced phase 1 of a big western border rework (the last area that remained basically untouched since Arma 2 days). We have also overhauled the entire railway network and made global changes to the satellite texture. Vegetation model swap and the re-generated forests areas introduced quite a lot of issues with object placement (objects misplaced or clipping) and we will work hard to eliminate as much of these issues as possible prior to the stable 0.63 release to make sure the first BETA build is a step towards a more polished experience from your travels on Chernarus. Now you may ask, what else can you expect from the map in 0.63? Completely re-done North West Airfield (NWAF) along with surrounding landscape 200 kilometres of tourist trails New locations on the western border of Chernarus New points of interest across the map New models for bushes and rocks New textures for roads and road damage decals We will cover these points in better detail in future Status Reports. For now, we would like to thank you for joining us on our journey towards one of the most immersive game environments ever created. Very excited to show you what we have in store for 0.63 and beyond! Merry xmas and happy new year! - Adam Franců / Senior map designer Community Spotlight It's nice to be back with another Status Report - it's been 4 weeks already and I have a lot of community content that I need to show you. So sit down comfortably, this will be long. Life doesn’t always bring only good things, and that is what I want to talk about today. The first sad thing that happened is Wobo's leave. One of our big and longtime supporters is leaving the content creators’ scene, because he needs to take care of his mother who has cancer. He did his last stream to raise funds to help his mother and the DayZ community surprised him a lot. He had 4000+ people on the stream and raised over 35 000 dollars to help him with taking care of his mother. You can see here how amazing the DayZ community is! Wobo's mum underwent a 9-hour surgery and she will stay in the hospital for the next two weeks. Everyone from DayZ Dev team wishes Wobo's mum good luck! Stay strong Wobo! The second sad message arrived to our team from Tim, Max, Nils, Dominik, Vincent and Jonas. These guys are a group of DayZ players who lost their friend Phil in a tragic accident this year. They are reminiscing about their first meeting: "We met him at the very beginning of the DayZ standalone near the Rify in that old helicopter crash site (one of these that did not spawn randomly). It was a pretty hilarious situation as me and him did’nt see each other until the moment we both went inside the helicopter. We both panic so hard :D Even thought most of the players shot on sight at this time, we did not and 2 minutes later we both laught so hard together in his teamspeak, it was the beginning of the best friendship in my whole life. There are so much more great memories we shared together because of DayZ. Me and my whole squad really want to thank you for this memories!" They sent us this message because it was Phil's birthday and they asked us to commemorate him in the game on the spot where they first met. So we decided to place a memorial at this place in a form of a small cross. This cross will be in game since 0.63 and if you come across it, just remember it belongs to Phil, one of the players. When we are talking about a group of players, Ferosso shared with us this amazing ugly-Christmas-sweater DayZ party photo and it looks so cool, I want to jump into it and join them! And look at the Chernarus map on the wall! Just wow. I want to show you some nice edit by Spuddy0108, who turns a DayZ screenshot into The Long Dark's style. I really like it! One more screenshot for you - Adam sent us a really creative picture of tents with chemlights inside and it looks awesome! And how about an event this week? A lot is happening this Saturday 16th! You can choose from plenty of events: Noobs server is organizing The Hostage event where you need to take out the captors and successfully retrieve the hostage. More information here: DayZ UK Alliance invites you to The Genocide Run IV - a battle royale style event in teams of two. Or you can join Christmas RP event in the Green Dragon tavern on The DayZ Village Let’s check out some videos now. I don't like long videos. But this movie by gekofish is awesome and I can't stop watching! You should check it out. If you like stories, you should watch this video by PolishedGuy, whose channel is full of interesting videos with good editing. Another movie by Tickle - Ghost is telling us the story of a retired nurse, Ashley Gradham, discovering the complexities of the zombie apocalypse through a budding friendship with Richard Maxwell, a daring and quiet man with a difficult childhood. What about a cinematic? This is by Aschmad and he is challenging viewers to dive deep into the video and tell him what the character lost. The last video is just a preview of a movie randmanq is working on. I am looking forward to the full movie! Let's talk about Christmas. You will have your Christmas in Chernarus, we didn't forget, don't worry! There will be Christmas trees, and maybe a little smomething more, but that's still a secret. Watch our Twitter feed for more information! We are almost at the end, but there is one more thing - the riddle! These guys answered correctly last time, good job: Skunkey‏ Uncuepa‏ JammieD96 KalleKBerlin Waffels Alejandro Miranda‏ Vetovote And this is the riddle for this Status Report. Between which towns can you find this house? It is not that hard, so I expect a lot of correct answers on our official Twitter account. That is all from me, have a nice holiday and see you in 2018! Header image by Kwaakt - Baty / Community Manager
  2. Hey there, I am Farley and I just started streaming this week and I've got almost 3K hours of Dayz Standalone. I want to report a player that killed me aproximatelly 3:47PM (GMT time). He killed everyone at NWAF including me and my friend. Evidence: https://clips.twitch.tv/AmorphousTenaciousBobaPupper Player Tracking: https://www.dayzspy.com/player/259f124f6a0716bd54feb677980fdec0 Server: DayZ DE 2-9 (Public/Veteran) 129488 - Hosted by GameServers.com Server Time: Day
  3. Good Tuesday Survivors, While all the players' attention is now turned to E3 in Los Angeles, we are at the office working hard on further updates. Brian will outline our decisions about the distribution of servers for the future, Mirek will show you how close-range combat and camera collision look in 0.63, and Victor is talking about gun animations. Let's have a look! Contents This Week Dev Update/Hicks Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Mirek Dev Update/Viktor Dev Update/Adam Community Spotlight Dev Update/Hicks Greetings Survivors, I thought this Status Report would be a perfect time to clarify some things with the hive, and the server browser for those that may have missed me speaking about it in 2016. I'm sure some of you may have noticed that the production team recently made the move to separate the Official DayZ servers into their own section of the hive, independent from the community hosted public servers. (Albeit with some difficulty on the game server provider side of properly configuring those community rented publics). One of the things Peter and I sat down and talked about when we looked at how we wanted the server browser to look moving into Beta and beyond, was making it crystal clear for new and existing users what servers were official, and what were user run (as well as modded, of course). Tied into this was a need to divide progression made on user hosted servers from progression on the official DayZ experience. Allowing folks to rent servers introduced a good deal of potential methods to exploit how localized server storage operates, which in turn can flood the public hive with ill-gotten gear. Trying to tackle this by limiting what can be done on the hosting side in the end just limits more and more what those server operators can do, and puts an unneeded responsibility on the limited support resources that are available. For me (and I think I can safely say for Peter as well) we needed to be certain what the initial experience a new user to DayZ would be experiencing. From a design perspective, it is very hard to be certain exactly what new users are encountering if we aren't clearly presenting them with a straight path to an official experience the first time they play the game. Sure, naming conventions for official servers worked okay for a bit - but at a certain point it just turns into tribal knowledge. The users who have been around for a while, or those who came from the mod understand, but new users can find it daunting. This is why when putting together the first mockups of the new server browser we made sure to earmark a few things: Separating Official, Community, and Modded servers into their own tabs Splitting the Official Servers off from the rest of the public hive to be certain the experience in them comes from them alone Maintaining the public hive on rented servers to continue that tradition of a shared character across many DayZ servers When the new server browser finally gets to the point in which these tabs are in and functional, the whole layout will make much more sense to existing and new users. The first thing they (new users) should experience is DayZ exactly as the developers had intended it. Obviously, if said new user has friends on a community or modded server he/she can navigate there easily. I know it seems like a small thing in the grand scheme of the whole project, and probably fairly trivial given the massive undertaking that beta is with the animation system, new user actions, and so on - but the devil is in the details and as far as I'm concerned, we as a development team needed to take steps to make it easier to understand, and get into the official Bohemia Interactive run experience. Allow folks to easily know what servers they can be certain persistence isn't reset on, and so forth. The rest of the team will have more interesting and exciting things to talk about this week I'm sure - but I wanted to make sure I took time to address these in progress changes to the organization of the hive, and its intent. - Brian Hicks / Creative Director Dev Update/Eugen Hey Guys, 0.62 has hit stable and we tried to livestream after a longer period of time to start practicing for what lies ahead. Hope you liked it! The strike team for this patch will join rest of our efforts here and march on with BETA tasks forward. That said, for 0.62 you can expect a bit more fixes to the most crucial issues that we can reasonably look into, rolling them to experimental and stable over time. Some of the changes I`ve seen today to coloring of the map and vegetation are amazing. I`m very happy with the visuals that guys have been able to produce. Were also looking into server crashes from storage (persistance) corruption, vehicle tweaks and server browser separation as mentioned by Brian. But there are limits to what we can offer in reasonable time for the old client. The track for BETA has moved forward and keeps its focus on weapons and gunplay. So discussions on handling particles, state machines and weapon manipulation are always happening around the office with all people handling their parts of the game in all the features that are on their way for BETA. Since there is not that much to report in terms of scope or change of focus. I'll share some interesting stories or problems we have been dealing with in the past two weeks. One of the bigger issues that is bothering us right now is tied to animation of weapons. As the technology changes you have details that can only be built when rest of the modules are in place and testable. Looking at the internal build of the game there are some funny bugs all around the new stuff that one might get a good laugh from but there is no way they can make it live. While player is animating properly and even uses inverse kinematics in the new modules, configs are getting set up, player turns are tweaked. There are elements on weapons that need to be animated as well. It's one of the older parts of the engine originally and if any of the modders remember. Animating proxies on weapons have been done through configuration files and in text. We're moving away from that, but because how tied it is to some of the not refactored parts we are encountering some interesting things from parts of weapons flying around to being invisible at times. There apparently is still something left that has not been identified properly and we need to solve it as soon as possible. Refactoring something as large as RV engine certainly has its challenges and these things are hard to predict with codebase that old. Even from a knowhow standpoint it's not about the skills of the programmer himself, but rather the lack of documentation or knowledge how the previous system has been setup, and why. And as such the debugging of these issues takes time and going forward we want to eliminate as much of the smaller details that are still set up the old way. Its hours of research and digging from unknown code. And some of you might have a experience doing that. On the other hand were also battling the stability of the application itself. As all of you have been plagued by memory crashes, which are very hard to diagnose properly and fix. I have stories of similar issues even taking a year to debug from different projects I had pleasure working with. However were very much focusing on it with internal build as even the development environment gets very frustrating when you can`t iterate without crash sneaking up on you at random times. Funny thing is when you look at callstacks from these crashes, they usually just end up in memory sensitive parts of the engine, but the actual issue might have happened minutes before. And tracking it down is an enormous undertaking. We're not taking these issues lightly as for BETA none of these hard stoppers should be present. To give a glance at the currently open development items in our teams: Programmers • UI Inputs bugfixes • Communication systems optimization • Weapon handling and aiming • Vehicle physics refactor • Vehicle controller refactor • 3rd person camera collision changes • FNX basic state machine and script class tweaking • IZH18 basic state machine and script class tweaking • Animation events for player • Physics collision system refactor and optimization • Melee damage types • Different damage levels in selections • Attachments refactor • Animals spawning • AI hierarchy refactor • Tons of crash fixing • Tons of bug fixes Animators • Throwing animations • Two handed hit reactions • Player turns for pistols • Rifle hit reactions • IZH18 animation tweaks • Combat player graph Designers • Fireplace new particle system implementation • Traps with grenades • Drag and drop for final inventory design • Player action targeting and floating cursor • Communication systems • Quantity refactor • Advanced placing system tweaks • Construction watchtower • Animation events for player • New zombie models • New player models • Animation events for player • Server browser separation • Area damage • Crafting framework • Vehicle tweaks Audio • Positional environment audio tweaks • Infected audio recording preparation • Player and weapon animation events setup QA • Playtesting the 0.62 update • 0.62 feature testing • Internal client stabilization Art • Old assets rework • Buildings optimization • Doors unification • Weapon tweaks for new gunplay • Car wrecks • New rock formations • Color tweaks for Chernarus - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Peter As we want to accent official DayZ experience vs community one in long run, we separated shards for official and community servers with release of the 0.62 version. Now with upcoming update for 0.62 you will see this change reflected in server browser too. Instead of one 'Internet' tab there are now two tabs to make it clear. First 'Official' tab with all servers operated directly by Bohemia Interactive, while second 'Community' tab pools all servers rented by users. Further work is being made on crafting system. Now, with item in hands, it's possible to initiate crafting and choose between recipes directly looking at another item in the world, or from the quick bar by holding a slot where said item is assigned. Such possibilities for crafting will help to minimize inventory use. On the other side of core features spectrum, we are working hard in close cooperation with animators and programmers on ranged and melee combat. Focus is currently mostly on the aiming model for firearms (weapon handling part is being worked on in parallel of course), which is combination of hands IK, character turns, it ensures that weapon is always pointing what you are looking at, that model also handles sights misalignment, sway which could be modified by character state from modifiers to stamina and hold breath, and recoil modified by weapon's attachments. Light and heavy hit impacts are now connected to hit events and are played character being hit from both types of combat. We would like to add one more hit impact to the mix which is a knockdown to the ground at the end of combo. You can read more about upcoming new melee combat in one of past Status Reports. I will get back to firearms in more detail in some upcoming Status Reports. Do you remember that injured animation shown in our official DayZ Early Access launch trailer from the end of 2013? We finally plugged in the injured set of animations to the new character and it directly reflects your health state. Additionally, we also added exhausted idle animation which is connected to the stamina system. With these changes, we are getting closer to our ideal state where it should be easy to observe other character to see what they are actually doing and to judge their overall condition. Believe what you see... see you in Chernarus folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Mirek First of all, I would like to write about the 0.62 branch state. We have received some important data about client and server crashes, which should help us to stabilize the build present on the stable branch, so hopefully there will be stability improvements soon. We have also merged the fix candidate for floating vehicles and very important physics optimization. Currently, physics is consuming most of the CPU resources (at least on servers), so we hope this optimization will significantly improve server performance. These merges will be available on experimental branch today or tomorrow and we will be very happy if there will be enough players, so we will be able to confirm that this optimization is working well. On 0.63 - we're cooperating closely with designers and animators. The most of work goes into weapon manipulation now. This basically means we're creating new finite states machines for handling the weapon logic and connecting all weapon manipulation animations into these state machines. If everything goes right, we will show you how firing, reloading, chambering, unjamming and other mechanics look in the next status report. Another big part of the game - close range fight - is in progress. You saw some animations before, today I would like to show you how first hit animations are looking. 3rd person camera collisions have received some tweaks last two weeks. We are trying to add some dynamics, when camera is obstructed - so here you can see some work in progress stuff. Please keep in mind we're showing work in progress state, things can change during development and it's very likely that all these features will be tweaked also in the beta stage of development. - Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Progammer Dev Update/Viktor Today I would like to share with you an update from the animations department. In past weeks, we have been focused mainly on player character and weapons. The latest additions to the player are improved turns when standing still. For animations, this means improving and redoing turn animations for all items. We are iterating this now in cooperation with our animation programmer to find the best result that looks and feels good. Weapons have received some love as well. We have finished all unjamming animations, and we are focusing on implementation. First guns are now animated in the game. We are adding the missing animations like recoil and dry fire for each weapon. At the same time the logic for these firearms is being made so each weapon knows what the character can do with it. Basically, we need to cover all the states the weapon can have and provide animations for it. We have started implementing hit reactions for the player character. There will be light and heavy animation for each direction, each item and each stance. That is some decent amount of animation data, but we already have a working prototype in the game. Last but not least, there was small mocap session last week. We have captured some new gestures. Some of them are already implemented and some will be in the upcoming weeks. The gestures menu will now include new signals like Come, Watch, Down, Move, some new taunts and others that were requested by the community. - Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator Dev Update/Adam As I have mentioned on the live-stream last week, we plan to include additional tweaks to the color of clutter (grass and other miscellaneous objects in forests) for the version 0.62 in the nearest stable update window. I'm glad to announce our environment designer Mark has prepared the first iteration of these changes and it is available on the experimental branch for you to check out. For the full list of changes made please visit the appropriate experimental thread on the official forums HERE. - Adam Franců / Senior map designer Community Spotlight Hello Survivors, So many things happened last week and we are glad everything turned out as planned, because we really made a lot of work on it. First, we organized an event for content creators and their friends on the new castle the West. It was a PVP event in which one side defended the castle and the other attacked it with the equipment they brought with them. 51 people joined the server, unfortunately not everyone managed to get to the castle, because some of them were killed by wolves or by infected, which are simply the risks of the game. We had 14 members of the dev team there, including the lead designer Peter Nespesny and Sumrak, who is taking care of the Chernarus map and created the castle in which the event took place. The battle was really bloody and the defenders used all their strength to keep the attackers in front of the gates, but eventually succumbed and the attackers took the castle for themselves. I would like to congratulate the winners who earned their victory. How the event looked through the eyes of the attackers can be seen in a video by Jakon72: Some of the participants in a group photo before start of the battle. Photo of the winners who conquered the castle by Redseven. Thanks so much to all who attended and we are looking forward to seeing you again on another event. We were running live stream in our office at the same time as the event. We announced the switch of 0.62 update from the Experimental branch to the Stable branch. Lead producer Eugen Harton, lead designer Peter Nespesny, senior map designer Adam Francu and brand manager Martin Čulák jointly discussed what you can expect from the update 0.62 and other interesting topics. In case you missed it, you can find the video on our YouTube channel. We also released a video that shows the main features of the new update. If you have not seen it, you should definitely watch it because it is very good and it does not take you more than two minutes. I would also like to address my colleagues' request from the Feedback Tracker. We need to get as much information as possible about the crashes that happen to you on the Stable and Experimental branches. Therefore, I am asking you to contact our Feedback Tracker in case of crash and upload files from the C:\Users\YourPCName\AppData\Local\DayZ folder to help to solve the crash problems. We would like to thank for the reports about leather not getting tanned in barrels. Over the weekend you came up with an incredible number of tickets for this issue and we are just looking into it now. And of course, if you encounter any other bugs, we will be happy if you report it to our Feedback Tracker. Channel Pitstop Head made a two-part talk about DayZ with our creative director Brian Hicks, which is really interesting and can give you answers to some of the questions bothering you. And the last piece of community content I'd like to share with you is an amazing artwork by Dominik Figlhuber, who has been able to turn an ordinary DayZ screenshot into amazing art. Simply beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us! Original screenshot. Waiting at daytime. Alternative edit. Final edit. And one last thing, I would like to show you a photo I secretly photographed in the office when the designers were discussing weapons for the update 0.63. It's not of a good quality, but I thought you might be interested. And shhh, don't tell them, they do not like taking pictures. Thank you for your content survivors and see you in two weeks! Header image by Harold Palmer. - Baty / Community Manager
  4. This week, we're looking back at the release of 0.62 on Exerimental, outlining some of the issues that we'd like to see resolved before going to Stable (both visual and audio oriented). Peter and Eugen are sharing some of the work being currently done for BETA, and Baty is sharing her top picks of all the amazing content you created since 0.62 releleased last week. Contents This Week Dev Update/Hicks Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Adam Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Andrej Community Spotlight Dev Update/Hicks Greetings Survivors, This Status Report, I don't have a whole ton for you. Obviously, 95% of the team is focused on 0.63 and getting it to a point in which we can begin testing on Experimental branch for that build. As some of you may not be aware, 0.62 recently hit Experimental, and the team has pulled a lot of good and actionable bug data from that build, as well as some strong feedback in regards to the first iteration of the new ambient audio. You'll all be pleased to know that every bit of feedback regarding said new ambient audio is being investigated, and the audio team will be able to iterate upon some of that feedback. Any up to date progress we make will always be posted by Baty in the Experimental Patch Discussion section of the forums. The team is currently tracking feedback in regards to the following on 0.62 Experimental: Misc feedback in regards to audio volume, general audio system behavior Behavior of some trees in the wind There are also some attempted fixes included in today's Experimental update regardin: Collisions with some tree models Ironsights sometimes backing off after a few seconds Issues binding some mouse keys I'm sure Eugen will have some more meat on the bone when it comes to the progress on 0.63 itself. I for one am really, really anticipating being able to share the functionality of 0.63. Stay safe out there! - Brian Hicks / Creative Director Dev Update/Eugen Hey guys! So 0.62 Experimental happened and I can't thank you enough for the amazing content that you created with the new visuals for forests. There are many improvements that will still be coming to visuals over time - like reworking old low-quality assets and adding new features to the map as mentioned in Adam's Q&A video. It is a good showcase of the quality we aim for in both the visuals and gameplay for the 0.63/BETA release. I mentioned a couple of things here previously that have now come in motion, full force. We have progressed and started working on smaller feature sets that will define gameplay of the BETA. One of the largest topics of discussion in the offices have been weapons and their handling for the new player. To understand what that means I have to sadly hit you with a large wall of text. When you look at the live game, and what is happening on stable/experimental, you still see (for the most part) a content that is running on old technology. Since for BETA release, we have expanded the gunplay beyond what was possible previously, it means many things will be changing, and many have been mentioned here. However, to give you a sense of scale. The work on the new animation system and all of its features took almost a year and a half of work. Animations for all of your weapons, with variations from continuous reloading, chambering, magazine manipulation, jamming, and more, took probably over a year in itself. All that culminating with implementation of aiming model that will support better implementation of recoil, sway, player turns, and even heavily improved manipulation of weapons in different stances. A whole lot of our content is starting to get implemented - as I said before, we're finally making a game, instead of fully focusing on the technology. In the list below, I mention FNX and IZH18 - two weapons that are the first to be handled using these new systems. And I can't wait to have a shootout here with the guys once these are fully working internally. For all these things: User actions that enable player to interact with items and objects, weapons included Synchronization setup that is largely inspired by what Overwatch did for their networking Animation system that will make your avatar a living breathing human Damage system that is easily tweakable and supports all sorts of hitzones, impact animations New particle effects and sounds New character representation with all the things actually creating a survival experience It's not that we don't expect bugs from their first iterations, but the reality for us is, that we have been working for 4 years now on things that you couldn't get your hands on in-game as of yet. And as the list of features above shows, all these systems can't really work without each other. Even the new network synchronization is optimized for the new player and new physics. It makes me sad that it couldn't happen sooner, but I believe we will have a great game for you with 0.63/BETA. To give a glance at the currently open development items in our teams: Programmers • UI Inputs • Communication systems (megaphone, static radio, public address system) • Weapon handling and aiming • Vehicle physics refactor • Vehicle controller refactor • 3rd person camera collision changes • FNX basic state machine and script class • IZH18 basic state machine and script class • Animation events for player • Performance optimizations for item spawning • Physics collision system refactor and optimization • Tons of crash fixing • Tons of bug fixes Animators • Weapon mechanics animations polishing (unjamming, reloads) • Inverse Kinematics poses • Hit reactions on player • Ranged combat prototype • Player turns tweaking Designers • User actions in multiplayer • Player representation • New player and item spawn definition • Player action targeting and floating cursor • Communication systems • Tree collisions fixes • Advanced placing system • Construction watchtower • Diseases refactor for new player representation • Animation events for player • New zombie models • New player models • Animation events for player Audio • Positional environment audio tweaks • Infected audio recording preparation • Player and weapon animation events setup QA • Playtesting the 0.62 update • 0.62 feature testing • Internal client stabilization • User actions for 0.63 testing Art • Old assets rework • Buildings optimization • Doors unification These are thousands of hours spent on our side to bring a dream that is yet to be fully realized. Curiosity, Creativity, Community. Three pillars of Bohemia Interactive that we want to uphold. - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Peter Among plenty of other issues we face, picking items from the world is another one which is far from ideal in its current state. Aiming precisely with cursor on items could be fine, unless you run into some annoyances. Some items are rendered too small on the screen because of their close-to-real-life dimensions, and they are often being obstructed with other objects in world like dense grass, and tend to mimic underlying surface textures. You know the drill, many times it's difficult to find a pistol, or even a rifle in some cases, and pick it up (I don't even want to mention special cases like ammo piles). At the end, such frustration leads to the use of the vicinity part of inventory screen as the path of the least resistance. Each open of the inventory screen disrupts the immersion of being right there for you as a player, and if I count in movement during opening the inventory (leading to jogging in chaotic patterns to find that damn ammo pile), it's breaking immersion also for all observers who had to look at your misery. Along with restriction of character movement while in inventory, we added dynamic selection of target, which evaluates conditions such as distance from player, screen center and angle. Selected target is then visually marked by snapping interaction icon to it in screen space. We went beyond items and similarly, we applied this system also to interaction with vehicles and static objects in world like doors or ladders. I like fluid interconnection of a gven item and the action which it brings to the table. It feels natural and adds to the physicality of the world - it even feels closer to hand to use your eyes for coordination, instead of rigorous movement with whole head around. You can see it in action on examples below. Maybe you are wondering now, why we just simply didn't apply highlighting to items and objects? Apart from highlights being quite artificial and also immersion breaking, they are not solving one of the problems mentioned above - frequent necessity to pixel hunt with your center of the screen. But never say never, maybe there will be some very decent version of highlighting in future to make it more seamless and to pop up items a bit, even when I'm not kinda fan of it. Dynamic target selection is still in progress and there are some small issues we need to solve, for example shaking of icon caused currently by insufficient frequency of UI updates on client side. However, from first tests of its current iteration, it feels really good, and what matters the most - it's very helpful! They will not hide anymore... see you in Chernarus folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Adam Almost a week since 0.62 update release on Experimental branch - I hope that you are having a good time exploring the new Chernarus! First, I would like to give you a small insight into what is happening in our department, mainly what are our plans towards the Stable release of update 0.62. Additional improvements and fixes to the surface mask - to resolve issues such as forest clutter appearance in the middle of industrial area in Solnichniy Satellite texture and ground clutter changes - decreasing overall brightness along with other tweaks (aimed at improving visuals of short and tall grass) Lighting config tweaks Map improvements and fixes Now I would like to talk a bit about client performance on the new Chernarus. So far, we have observed quite positive reception from the experimental branch testing - everyone is welcomed there, please report if you encounter any issues on feedback tracker. As I already mentioned in previous Status Reports, the introduction of Enfusion renderer back in update 0.60 gave us quite a big room for possible landscape improvements in many parts of Chernarus. Goal of update .62 was to use this room (where possible) to improve visual fidelity of Chernarus. Many of the existing locations on Chernarus increased in detail drastically and while the new vegetation assets are much better optimized than the old ones, it will still most likely end up with the same or slightly decreased performance. Now I would like to say that nothing is settled at this point. From the data point of view, we are still using some legacy vegetation assets (such as bushes and few selected solitary trees). This is however just a temporary arrangement, as replacements will be coming in future updates and will of course result in performance increase in almost all areas (old bushes are used around the whole map even in update 0.62). There are more optimizations on data side planned (mainly related to buildings and the use of textures). For update 0.63, we have changed completely the whole structure for environment assets, which mainly makes loading faster, but it also makes data more readable, and this will ultimately make the lives of future community modders simpler. On the programming side, there are optimizations on their way (starting with update 0.63), from which both PC and console versions will benefit greatly. Unfortunately, given the current differences between internal and public branches, it is not feasible to merge any complicated code in short time, and while we are already observing a better performance on internal branch, none of those improvements can be merged back into 0.62 branch. - Adam Franců / Senior Map Designer Dev Update/Andrej We're happy to say our new ambient audio is finally out on experimental. We have rebuilt all ambient sounds and added positional sound effects on the vegetation. We are now testing the mix, repetition cycles and we're listening to feedback from you and the QA department, so expect a lot of tweaks before the stable release. We are also preparing positional SFX for the buildings but that will have to wait till 0.63 because of some subtle changes to building models. Apart form ambient sounds, we're actively working on BETA preparation where we have thousands of new sounds for the new player and user actions. There is an audio recording session planned for next month where we're gonna record new sounds for players, as well as infected. We're also working closely with animation department, so you can expect many new SFX for every new animation that will come with the 0.63 update. - Andrej Sinkević / Sound Designer Community Spotlight Hello guys! We released the update 0.62 to Experimental branch in the night hours last week and we were holding our breath waiting for your first reactions. When we checked first streams to see your impressions, we were very happy and relieved. You were excited by this new update! New trees, ambient sound, wind - you loved it and you were sharing your experience with us on social networks, which we really appreciate. When you work on something like this for a long time, you are happy when people like your hard work. We really appreciated your feedback. It is helping us to move closer to the release of the 0.62 to Stable branch. We are still looking for issues, if you find any bugs or if your game crashes, please report it to our Feedback Tracker, our QA guys will take care of you. If you never tried an Experimental branch and you want to play on unstable servers, we have instructions for you on our official forums: If you never heard about new 0.62 update and If you want to know what is new, here is the list of the most important things: New tree models Denser forests New clutter (grass, small plants) New surface textures - plains and such Improved wind behavior New shader for the wind, affecting trees and grass Tweaked and changed lighting for the world Small improvements to satellite textures Rain affected by wind and refinement of its behavior in general Many reworked locations on Chernarus Reworked ghillie (to be consistent with new tech) Small bugfixes to some issues from 0.61 New ambient sounds We are talking about the new update in depth on our forums, join us and tell us your feedback, positive or negative, it's up to you: With the arrival of 0.62, a lot of videos started appearing on YouTube, introducing the new update. I admit that so many of them were so good, I was having a hard time choosing the ones to show you today. Finally, I picked a great story by Rene a.k.a. Barely Infected, which contains exploration of new locations in the west, telling of scary stories at dark night as well as creating new friendships. It is a bit longer, but believe me that it is worth it. Another video I wanted to show you is a snapshot movie from a smaller, but very skilled YouTuber called uncuepagamer, that shows the beauty of the small village Nizhnoye and its surroundings. Those few shots are enough to capture the great looks of the new update. If you like events, do note that there will be one taking place on the 7th June 2017 on French server Team ONU. You can find more info about it here. At the end, I would like to remind you about the video from last week which some of you may have missed due to the hustle around the new update release. It is the first part of Q&A video with our senior map designer Adam Franců. Make sure to check it out, you will learn a lot of interesting information and you will find the promised scenes from "real Chernarus" I mentioned in the last Status Report. That is all from me for today, if you are preparing an event on your server, or if you have any interesting content for the next Status Report, send me a Tweet on our official Twitter and you may find it here the next time. Header image provided by Gordon Freeman. - Baty / Community Manager
  5. Report, bug

    'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/Chernarus.description'- help please....
  6. Every time I start DayZ Launcher it tries to load the servers then I get an error, followed by a pop-up window asking me if I would like to submit an error report. I click "yes", and then it tells me in another pop-up window that it could not send the report. What should I do to fix this problem? Here are some pictures below:
  7. How would one go about submitting pictures / screenshots in the hopes of one of them being potentially used on a month's status report?
  8. How would one go about submitting pictures / screenshots in the hopes of one of them being potentially used on a month's status report?
  9. Status report lateness

    is it just me or it seems like these status reports are always late. There suppose to be every week (i think) but its been 7 days AGAIN. I WANT TO KNOW DAYZ STUFF NOWW!!!! but seriously, all it does is make the community lose respect in the team. If you dont want to post a status report, than dont say you will,or AT LEASE SAY THAT YOUR WORKING ON IT AND IT WILL BE LATE OR SOMETHING.
  10. Over the past few days I've been working to create a server list for the standalone game. I finished it and it's up at DayZServer.com. I'd really appreciate any feedback or ideas that you guys may have to help make the site better. Current Website Features Claim a Server: If you own a server, after a simple verification you can claim the server on the site and add clan information and a description for the server. This also adds the server to the "Your Servers" page for easy management and community building.Server Banner: Each server has a server banner image that has all the server's information and code for sharing on forums and websites.Example from the #1 server: Basic Search: Sort the servers based on: Rank, Name, IP:Port, Player Count, Map, Views, Comments, Likes, and DislikesAdvanced Search: Filter servers with your desired country and map, and also make sure the server is not full or empty.Private Messaging: Send private messages to other users on the site. Perfect for contacting admins of claimed serversMy Favorites: Adding a server to your favorites will store it in your favorites for easy access.Community Voice: Have your opinion heard on a server by liking/disliking it and commenting on it.Server Reporting: Found a server that breaks the rules? Simply click the report button on the server's page, let our script find the hosting provider automatically, tell us of the violations, and we'll inform providers.Planned Website Features All completed for now. Suggest new ones!Suggested Website Features None so far, but please send them our way by posting here!
  11. If you come here to find help with a crash that is occuring in your game, please do not post new topics. Although people on here are very helpful with most other issues, crashes are something they cannot assist you with. Crashes are particularly nasty issues and require an analysis by the development team. The easiest way to get help is going to the Feedback Tracker and providing all relevant information. If you haven't already, create an account on the Feedback Tracker. http://feedback.dayzgame.com/ Do not try finding a similar crash report. Most crashes are unique and need to be addressed individually. Unlike normal bug reports, you don't have to worry about creating duplicates of crashes. In case we find out that your crash actually is the same as some other, we will take care of that ourselves and will let you know. Create a new issue and clearly label it as a crash in the subject. "Game Crash - Dropping a protector case crashes the game" Next, provide insight into how you got your game to crash. Include as much information about what you were doing around the time the game crashed. Every little detail can help us fix the problem. Remember to mention whether this happens on the stable or experimental branch of the game. GOOD "The game crashed when I dropped a protector case on the ground while playing on an experimental server. I had the protector case in my backpack and drag and dropped it into the vicinity window. The case contained a canteen and a pack of rice. I have tried this several times and it happens every time" BAD "Game crashed when I dropped a protector case" Include steps to reproduce if you think that they are necessary and aren't obvious enough from the description. Always describe reproduction step by step. 1. Open inventory 2. Place the protector case in your backpack 3. Drag and drop it into the vicinity tab 4. Game Crashes Don't forget to include the game's version (can be found in the main menu). Now for the most important part of all. We need you to upload a few files from your computer. Specifically, the crash dumps that are generated with every crash and the dxdiag report from your computer. Getting your DxDiag file 1. Open the Start menu 2. Write "dxdiag" 3. Press enter 4. A window will open 5. Click "Save all information" 6. You will get a text file - that's what we need Getting your crash dumps Go to this file location: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local" There you should see a DayZ folder. Create a .zip or .rar file of that folder. Then take the .zip/.rar and the DxDiag file and upload them to the Feedback Tracker issue. The upload limit is 5000KB, which should be enough. In case it is not, please upload the files to a file sharing website and post a link to the files in the comments. In most cases, we will answer crash reports within a day or two, provided you filled out the report correctly and uploaded the necessary files. The issue will then be sent to a responsible team member, who will implement a fix. You will be notified once a fix is introduced so that you could verify that the crash does not occur any longer. Thank you for reading this! - Accolyte
  12. DayZ SA - Admin Abuse (WTF?)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YnuI_UrzWM Help to file a complaint on this server. All the information on the server and admin are located below. I believe that the administrator is not entitled to do so. Sorry for my English. ========================== Server name: German Server, Military LOOT!! No kill on sight!! Address: Nickname: 1) Zerbiin (Admin) - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76... 2) Anti|Sascha (Friend's admin) - http://steamcommunity.com/id/zero1831
  13. Short and simple as tittle says; if we had an option like "turn on/off screen recorder" in options menu that gives us ability to record the game we play each time log in a server. As game rules all player nametags are disabled and some of us are lazy to report those script kiddies that ruins our entire game. Or we are lazy to install a 3rd party softwere that records the game. Also if you bind server IP and Time (UTC or whatever) info to this recorder.. mmmm it will be so yummy. This way our evidence will be ready to report. Quick and easy. And I assure you, it will work better than BattlEye. Also this will make everyone want to post their gameplay videos to YouTube. So think about bunch of videos.. soo many DayZ videos.
  14. Here is a suggestion to prevent player base gets toxic as it does right now: We need to be able to report hackers! It makes no sense to message to the forum admins or the devs if we have to provide them the player name and the Steam-ID of a hacker. There is no way to find out such things once you are dead. Hackers right now are one of the most game breaking parts of DayZ. I know there are threads about people calling other people hacker and these threads are going to the graveyard. Fair enough. But we still need some kind of security in here while this new anti-hack engine is still under development - and I am pretty sure it's not getting released within the next year. Also I am not talking about exploiting glitches like unlimited-ammo-glitch or stuff like that! Please reconsider the priorities and give us something to hold on to!
  15. DayZ: How to Submit a Bug Report for Dummies aka How to make Rossums not hate you I've spent numerous hours over the last few days closing duplicate reports, closing useless reports and having to basically beg for more informations from users so the developers can actually try to fix the bug. This guide goes step-by-step on reporting a bug the proper way which will ensure it will be handled in the best way possible. Step one: Identify the issue In this case you have identified some floating loot, that’s certainly not right! You want the problem to be fixed so you decide to log it on the bug-tracker so the developers can fix the issue! Step two: Gather information Now that you know that it’s a bug (Bags REALLY shouldn’t be floating in mid-air) you will have to gather some extra information so the developers can address the issue. This information is VERY important, the developers can’t fix a bug if they don’t know where it is occurring! Important Information: What were you doing before you encountered the bug?In this report it’s not really important since it’s regarding loot and nothing to do with your character but for other problems it’s extremely helpful for the developers to know. Where exactly were you when you encountered the bug?For this issue it’s very important to know exactly where the issue is found, along with most other problems. You might think you are describing it very well but as the saying goes ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Step three: Searching the feedback tracker This is one of the most important yet most overlooked step. There is no point in you creating a bug report if one already exists, before you submit a report you should always check there isn’t one already - it’s pretty simple. You can find the DayZ Feedback Tracker system at: http://feedback.dayzgame.com/ You’ll need to create an account before you submit your bug so complete the sign-up process then you are ready to go. Select ‘View Issues’ at the top of the page to be taken to the Feedback Tracker, you should be met with a large table at the top with filter options and below that all the current reports that have been submitted. Your table should arrange by ‘Priority’ by default, if for some reason it hasn’t click the heading highlighted in yellow so it’s in the correct order. There are multiple ways for you to search for an issue, if it’s an obvious issue there is a VERY large chance that someone will have reported it before you. If you look over the first page or two, these are the most important issues, most obvious and widespread bugs are normally found at the top. If you find a report that already tackles your issue, great, you should vote it up using the section highlighted in the image and add any additional information you have as a note. If you don’t find one near the top you can use the Filter Search as seen above to try and find a matching report - you can find the Filter Search text box just below the other filter areas and just above the main issue table. For this report there are two obvious keywords to use: ‘floating’ and ‘loot’. Try using them individually and together to try and find any other topics that seem to describe the issue you are having. If you’re having no luck finding another matching report it’s time to create your own report to help the advancement of DayZ! Step Four: Creating your Bug Report After, and only after, you have finished Step Three and properly given the existing issues a search you can move on to creating your own bug report. To create your own bug report hit the ‘Report Issue’ link at the top of the page, it can be seen in the image highlighted in yellow. You will need to fill out all of this information as best as you can. Here is an example of a good bug report. Along with the bug report I have included the two images that we took earlier, the image of the floating loot and the image of the map with the exact location of the loot marked - these will allow the developers to see exactly what the issue is for themselves. For the ‘Game Version’ field you can find it on the Main Menu in the top-right corner of the screen. Once you hit the button to submit, your report will then be in the hands of the developers and moderators of the bug tracker where it will be dealt with so the developers can make the best use of the reports.
  16. Project 35: Clean the Server List

    Okay guys, here we go: Since i play DayZ i always think aboutwhat every player thinks when he died. How do i gear up fast? Let's go to the server list and sort the servers with the lowest people on... and what do you read? "Clan Members only" "Join= Kick" "Test Server, reset character" "privat server" and so on. You know it. I mean: yes. If you have a server, i can understand you name it this way, you pay for it. But it is not only frustrating people who think "oh wow there is a nearly empty server lets loot up!" and get kicked right after joining, it is even against the official rules. Let's think about you finally geared up and want now some action? You come on a server, you finally see someone on the airfield, you may show him your weapon clearly and before you can perform any action, you got allready kicked. oh yes, there was something in the title: "pve only" "no kill on sight" "be friendly, no human kill" "only kill zombies" and stuff. what the fuck? Since when a server owner decide how you play? This is not allowed to do so and after several weeks of playing i started to hate these people, but what to do? Well we are on a pretty accurate thing now, we actually do scan at least one day a week for all public servers hosting dayz standalone, in the future this will be automatic and optimized. We decide keywords, always looking for new ones, containing things like "pve", "kos", "only" and stuff. Of curse, when the scan is completed, we manually check every single server, if the name is against the official rules. After that, we have a nice list of about 60 servers that got directly in a mail to all 5 serverhosters. Here we will testing how to detect the server hoster with the ip to do less stress for the support. But it works, no joke. All Servers scanned are in our database with name, previous name and ip and we add some values like "confirmed" "good/bad" "reported" "changed" and stuff. And of the first 120 servers we reported in 2 days, almost the half of them changed their name allready in some acceptfull things. We keep on going and will now look for some other problems: the admins on servers, who kick you without warning and stuff, how to properly report this abuse. If you have feedback or some ideas for us, just go ahead and tell us :)
  17. http://www.dayzoverlay.com/report/ It's a work in progress; refinements are on the way. Reports are submitted to the selected GSP, who will receive an email like this: Those already using DayZ Overlay will see a link to this appear on the /standalone page soon, alongside the DayZ bug report link. Feedback welcomed!
  18. Server Report!

    A server called "~R.O.T~ 1 ~ DTX:TS: LOOT RESET) My Crew and I killed one of their members in the jail at North East airfield, they said "Your going to pay for that!" and kicked EVERYONE besides their clan members and then killed me while I was being kicked and took my gear I earned over two days. Please remove this server, also can I have my stuff back? I don't want to sound like a bitch. But it pissed me off and my crew.
  19. Authentication Timeout

    Yes, I realize this is probably happening to others, and yes I realize it's probably already been posted. But I've tried 5 times now to stay in a game for longer than 60 seconds and fail every time. I get into the game just fine, but then in under a minute I'm instantly kicked and it says Authentication Timeout. This has started happening since I downloaded the new patch, obviously. Anyone else? Any fix for this?
  20. Snice none have actually helped me fix this small very annoying (for me) texture bug i would like to post it on these forums for some extra help to get it fixed. even thought some might not notice it. It would mean alot to me if you could check this bug report i have done and maybe tweet it to some of the devs. Also for some reason "Hicks" aka brian hicks" blocked me on twitter for typing some questions and he even replyed to me. Bug report: http://feedback.dayzgame.com/view.php?id=8157 *Note* This texture wasn't this bad before snice a few updates ago they recently got it in the game. Apologies for the bad picture.
  21. things are looking good

    things are starting to look exciting cant wait for these , http://dayzdev.tumblr.com/post/79960438354/weekly-report-a-step-into-survival
  22. Hi, some suggestions for the feedbacktracker: Search: There should be a much bigger searchbox and it should be always available in the header! The tracker gets stuffed with duplicated tickets...Reporting bugs: Make the gamversion a dropdown with current stable version as default. This will enforce users to use a valid gameversion and will start to bring some use to the filter.View filter: Maybe you could hide the most of the options in an advanced section (but still available) because they are not in use or make only sense to few. For instance "Target version" or "Fixed in Version"...Vote options: Maybe you should think about a "Not a bug" and a "More information needed" vote. With this you could make the community separate the wheat from the chaff without interfering in the ticket status which is (and should be) reserved for the mods.In my opinion these changes would be a good help. Greetings Tom
  23. Weekly Report: A step into survival

    The weekly report of upcoming implementations.Copy-pasted from: http://dayzdev.tumblr.com/post/79960438354/weekly-report-a-step-into-survival This post is intended for the people that missed the new info. Weekly Report: A step into survivalAnother week for the team pushing towards a stable release. We considered releasing a version to stable branch mid week during maintenance, however there were still two serious issues to fix. The first was related to the testing architecture not being suitable for the large number of servers we were supporting on experimental, and the second related to the invisible zombies and players. Invisible players and zombies Fixing the invisible players and zombies was a product of moving to the client/server architecture but retaining some legacy aspects of the architecture. To solve this we have been hard at work continuing to revise the way the game works. A workaround we have implemented is that when desynchronization occurs between client and server, now the server will enforce the players new location by ignoring the clients reported position and teleporting the player to it’s position. What occurred was that sometimes the straight path to a location was blocked due to desync on the server, i.e. the path on the server was different from the path on the client. This could result in players getting stuck in walls on the client (or server) and issues occurring. Fireplaces and Emissive Improvements One key area for our survival focus has been cooking and the ability to make fireplaces. In order to do this we have created a new system for dealing with “emissive” textures that allows us to implement a mask for emissive, as seen in the picture above the result can be very stunning. This has been combined with heat haze to produce some excellent results. Players will be able to make normal fireplaces, as well as upgrade them to makeshift ovens such as below: Our designers are now working with our art team to implement all these changes so that players are going to be able to hunt and cook in order to survive in the DayZ landscape. New towns in Chernarus Our map team has been very busy, here are some sneak previews of some new areas that are coming in the next update: New Weapon Content Our art team have been extremely busy while we work on fixing the bugs associated with our current build. Focus is currently on supporting the designers with their survival features, such as the craftable PVC bow, fireplaces, and cooking. However we have also continued the excellent work done with weapons models, here are a selection of pictures below showing progress. We’re nearing completion of the AKM and the model was a true labor of love by @artguyharry. We’re working on staging the model now so its compatible with the attachment system and we really hope to bring variety to the possible configurations. By default the AKM will have wood furniture but we also noticed a great deal of customization in the AK civilian market and wanted to bring some of that more modern flare as well. A side-mounted PSO scope is being developed in tandem which players will be able to mount AK-pattern weapons. Mouse acceleration and player control We have been changing the way the player controls their character to improve playability. There was an issue with mouse control that affected many users of high DPI mice which we have now fixed. Changes to character turning should now also be consistent with how freelook works, which was taken from ArmA3. So we hope that this will improve the situation for players although we have more work planned on this. Physics and Arrows Continued work on our physics engine means that not only is throwing now nearly complete (it is now functional at a basic level), but it also means that ragdoll is very close to being a reality in experimental branch. This will open up many areas of development. Work with the bow and arrow has come along very well. Bolts and arrows can now stick into their target, whether player or the ground, or an object. Additionally, animation changes means that we can now make the drawing and firing of a bow look better than ever before improving the versatility of our “gestures” based animation system. Animals, collisions and zombie pathfinding We now have an entire team, based in Bratislava, that are working on animals, collisions, and zombie pathfinding. This is a longer term task as it will require new thinking and new ways to fix the problem. We’re excited to see what the team can bring in the coming months. Persistent Loot and objects This was close to being implemented fully when we discovered some issues with the central server architecture that would becoming more serious for performance if we went live with it. These are being solved now and we expect to be trying some of those performance optimizations on the central server this Wednesday. Where is the new build? We are committed to not releasing builds onto stable to introduce new game breaking bugs. Now that we’ve fixed those bugs, we’re internally verifying and fixing any new bugs that have been introduced. We will do an unscheduled update the moment we are confident we have a suitable build to release What is next for the future? Once the current build is stabilized we want to finish up on our “survival” push for the month. This means hunting and cooking finished and process on our “survival combat” which involves the bow and arrow, crossbow, improvised weapons, and thrown items. In the more distant future we’re already planning for vehicles and barricading systems. We look forward to finishing our work on the current build and having it out on stable!
  24. Lost survivors diary

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a trace of our players journey like how much time he survived, how many zombies he killed how many times he successfully cured himself etc.....? to check what kind of improvement we did with our survivors I would like this a lot ;) Of course we would be able to only keep the ones we enjoyed playing. What do you think?