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Found 48 results

  1. Game modes

    Hi, The game currently has 2 game modes named Regular and Hard Core. Since Dayz is to be a difficult and challenging game, (much) more difficult then regular 'arcade' games, would it be helpful for the game to have an easy arcade mode? Arcade mode. For such arcade mode I expect text hints, Survival guidebook, 1st and 3rd person view, more damage tolerance, more blood, higher tolerance of dehydration/ hunger, disease. What other things would be helpful? more available loot?, slower zombies? I think such a mode would be good to get new players into the game, and familiar with the basics. Normal mode. 'Hard core' mode is a name I hate, because I think it should be the unforgiving, disorientating, contrasting play style as Dean originally envisioned his game, hence I favour NORMAL mode. Normal mode would have all the game mechanics layers, regular fragile health system, challenging zombies, and only 1st person view. Skirmish / test / tutorial mode. If you want to play alone a practice game. Perhaps with 'competing' NPC characters, good for learning the ropes or gear testing in a safe environment. Maybe allow a number of friends to join over LAN/TCP ? In the setup one can setup the game, loot, map size, zombie density, time of day, season, vehicle spawns, etc. What do you think, why? Are there any other modes you like to see? Please be constructive and civil in your replies.
  2. How To Find Out A Server's Specs

    Ok so there is a server that I like to play on "" PINEBACK MOUNTAIN "" But I am thinking of setting up a camp (I know it will be found eventually) but I don't know if the server has persistence on, which will allow my fire and tent to stay even after I leave and the server resets. Is there a link or something that I will be able to use to find out if a server has persistence, items drop when you swim, etc. If there is some sort of website or program or wiki I could use to find out DayZ server specs (persistence) then could you please let me know? ~~~Cheers Mates!
  3. Seeking: Australian based Clan

    Hey, 29 yo normal guy with a normal job and a normal life, playing DayZ SA most weeknights and weekends. Very active in game, looking for a decent crew of fellow DayZ SA players to run with. I hate Bandits, I won't join a bandit crew. Actively seeking and hunting down bandits for the benefit of fellow Dayz'ers! Hit me up if you have a clan or are a bunch of mates who play together and can fit one more... See you in Chernaurus... Your friend, The Friendly Bandit.
  4. On the new experimental patch wich just came out, the game modes ("Regular" & "Hardcore") have been renamed to "First person" & "Third person". I honestly think that this is a step in the wrong direction. The dev team has the chance to differentiate these 2 game modes further than just by first person and third person camera view. In my opinion there are be lots of more differentiation options for the dev team to efficiently target the 2 main player groups until private hives are implemented, the "Hardcore" player who aims for realism authencity and roleplay and then the "Regular" player who often plays casually and likes the PVP aspect of the game more than the survival aspect. To target these main player groups, the devs should reserve themselves the option to differentiate the game modes by keeping the names "Regular" and "Hardcore" instead of renaming them to "Third person" and "First person" indicating that this would be the only difference between the 2 game modes. And if there are no differences than the camera view at the moment then the devs should at least keep the option of naming the game modes "Regular" and "Hardcore" in the back of their head if further differences between the game modes are implemented.
  5. Hey all im looking for a couple of people to help start up a clan kind of like a committee to run the clan. there will be things like mini games, pvp, harcore pvp. the clan will be based both hardcore and regular. If youre interested please message me on steam at somberremains. i do have a ts
  6. First I want to say this is not meant to be a dig at any player base. I feel since the start of the SA though that the "Authenticity" the dev team is heading for is cutting away at the part of the community looking for immersion & realism. So I am here to propose that we start seeing some design differences between Hardcore & Regular, I think the Hardcore players appreciate immersion a lot so I think a tune up in realism would go appreciated by most hardcore players. While I feel regular players are less bothered by all this and maybe likes the way the game works with third person, ammo and pace (please feel free to correct me). So my first problem with the game as a guy looking for realism is the guns, all the pistols are extremely inaccurate (except the longhorn), the ammo is generalised slightly, you can instantly load guns in your inventory and magazines also (which doesn't penalise those unprepared very much at all). I have put a poll up to get the general consensus here. Please feel free to comment I will be back in about 12hrs to respond (I may have been a bit Bias in poll wordings, you'll be able to pick up on my preference anyway) If you feel I've missed a big part of the community in the poll please discuss, and I will be back to maybe copy & paste a new option in there. Edit: oh I forgot to put my example of generalised rounds, e.g guns like the mosin do not have their proper rounds in the game, they fire 7.62x51 NATO instead of 7.62x54R I personally feel like specific rounds for a weapons should be hard to come by and generalising rounds in my opinion makes the game more simple than what I have come to expect from DayZ. This is after all the anti game, and I think it should reflect that in terms of difficulty and complication.
  7. North Central Zombie Nation

    Hello Just got our 30 player 2 hour restart server going! North Central Zombie Nation - NCZN - 2 hr restarts. Also announcing restarts by global chat/voice. Stop in. We're friendly! Unless you try and shoot at us. also tweet @nocezona for other information. Facebook at North Central Zombie Nation server page for upcoming events and contests! We are attempting to try filming some episodes for the community through Youtube. We also have a Ventrilo that the public is welcome to use and maybe coordinate with our admins in-game to avoid confrontations. Ventrilo info: chi.ventriloservers.biz port: 3798
  8. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but at the moment, the only difference between Hardcore & Regular is the camera perspective, right? I've been thinking about this to myself lately & wanted to address the community about it & hear some opinions. Speaking in regard to the game's finished state, what will seperate Hardcore from Regular other than the camera perspective? I personally would like to see Hardcore give the true, dedicated, DayZ fans the experience that they really thrive for. Because I myself, only play Hardcore. My reason for doing so is obviously the "3PP: Off". To me, it's more immersive, requires more tactic, more planning, forces you to be more aware of your surroundings, & the obvious one: the realism that it offers. But what more will Hardcore have to offer in the future to make it legitimately "Hardcore"? Ultimately, I would just like hardcore to be as difficult as possible in all aspects. Rarer loot (especially food & ammo)Increased bullet damageExtremely difficult zombiesDecreased staminaDecreased healthMore prone to diseaseLack of animals to huntetc.I could make a list that would go on forever but again, my point really is that I want to be challenged. I want to be worried that I may not find food on certain days. I want to be paranoid when it starts raining. I want to struggle to build a fire when it's cold out. I want to act in desperation. I want to be punished for my mistakes & for being unprepared. I want to survive, not live. Because as of right now, I'm living pretty luxuriously given that there's quite an abundance of canned foods throughout Chernaraus, & water sources that pose no threat of contamination. I very much understand that this is alpha, & we're smack dab in the middle of development. So again, I'm speaking in regard to the game's finished state. Every feature that I've listed will obviously be found in Regular, but in Hardcore, I would like to see the difficulty level skyrocket. All my life I've been a gamer, & any game that I've played, I've set to the highest difficulty setting possible. There should ultimately NEVER be that feeling of "end-game" accomplishment. Less than 1% of the survivors should be living like kings. Those who deserve it by overcoming such difficult tasks. Regular mode should obviously pose challenges as well, but to the more casual player. Where loot spawns a little more frequently. You're more resiliant to damage. Maybe you don't need to eat as much, as frequently. Animals are a little bit easier to come across. Ammo isn't as scarce. Things like that. This concept could essentially provide 4 modes: Regular: 3PP: OnRegular: 3PP: OffHardcore: 3PP: OnHardcore: 3PP: OffThis would cater to those who like the 3PP: On, but can still have the benefits of playing a more challenging game. Let's make "Hardcore" really really hardcore. Thoughts?
  9. Hi there can anyone let me know what the difference is between a regular server and a hardcore server plz.? Maybe what you think are pros and cons for both?
  10. Strange DayZ Adventures Part 4

    Changing it up a bit, I go on this adventure with TWD as we run the coast from Berezino to Solnichny and back again. This is currently a multi-part adventure where we go from Berezino to Solnichny with a focus on interacting with players. The next few parts will continue this adventure and lead us back to Berezino via several gun fights.
  11. I'm quite conflicted about regular vs hardcore. I play hardcore because I hate how combat pans out on regular but I have to admit that I really like walking around chernarus in third person; However weird it sounds it just feels more 'survivory' when I can see my char walking around in his gear. So it would be great to have the best of third person without the rampant exploiting. So here's an idea to reduce exploiting and make it more of a headache. It has the strength that it would be really easy to implement. The idea is simple and inspired by the similar system in Metal Gear Solid 3: If you are standing up and do not have a ranged weapon in your hands then you can be in third person. If you do not satisfy both of these conditions then you are locked into 1st person. That's it, very easy to code! So if you are lying down or crouching then you will be in 1st person. This would stop people who cant see much in 1st person from being able to see clearly in 3rd person . For instance it would prevent people from seeing clearly when lying in grass and more importantly it would stop people who are lying down on the hospital roof from having a clear view around them. Being locked to first person whenever you have a gun in your hands would make exploiting during a firefight very risky and a complete pain because whenever you are doing it your completely defenceless. For instance I see many videos of players laying siege to others in the barracks and the whole thing becomes a farce as its just a case of whoever 3rd person exploits better wins, now if people couldn't defend themselves in third person its much likelier that they would stay in 1st person for the duration of the fight and it would be a much better experience for both sides. Thoughts?
  12. CQ247.co.uk | DayZ SA

    Hello fellow Dayzianites! We've been a multi-national gaming community (hosting based in the UK and it's surrounding countries) for the past 2 years+, with over 600 registered members (and growing) we have covered dozens of games over that period including DayZ, Battlefield, Insurgency, the upcoming blockbuster Star Citizen ,and much more. We're close friends with MGT who were once a part of our community! We provide an active 40 player regular SA server under the name CQ247.co.uk We are looking for players of all backgrounds. We believe in giving everyone a fighting chance and with the use of TeamSpeak 3 and Direct Communication, we keep unnecessary deaths to a minimum. Even though we focus on helping fresh spawns / new players alike, we work as a team to eliminate bandits and will do anything to keep our turf safe (I'm Irish, I know how to keep the turf safe haha). If you would like to learn more about us, feel free to PM me or hop over to the http://cq247.co.uk. (under the name ClubFoot) You can find our server by searching "CQ247.co.uk", enjoy your stay! Regards, ClubFoot (In-game: Michonne)
  13. Hardcore or Regular?

    So here is the question, Do you prefer Hardcore (play like you're in real life) or Regular (when you can swap between 1st person and 3rd person)? P.P: Please vote on the Poll!
  14. Attn. all DeadHeads - We are looking for individuals who like pvp and are interested in helping us grow and be vocal on where the server needs to go (mods and such). We are rigid with the rules but fair in the application of them. Common sense prevails here. Details: Chernarus map. No Zeds. Daytime Only. Custom buildings. Custom antihax. Active Owner. Auto Refuel Sarge AI Heli Crash Sites Self BB Heli Lift and Tow NEAF/NWAF Overhaul Balota Loads of map additions. Custom loot spawns​ Custom player bases offered as well as custom loadout packages and much much more!!!! Come Check us out!!! Server address: OR SEARCH DeadHeads in DayZ Commander​ Forums: Dayzdeadheads.tk​
  15. Black Powder's Hunting Rifles

    I have idea to add blackpowder weapons, like rifles and carbines from XIX century, like Volunteer, Sharps, Hawken, Gallager, Gibs or Kentucky Rifle. At the time of the apocalypse would rather use perrcusion Hawken than M4, because after half a year since the collapse of civilization ammunition and weapons will be very rare, but making lead bullets and acquiring, creating black powder would be easily obtained, lead bullets xan be crafting from weel wights, and many other thing. Weapons would be shared on a flintlock and percussion caps of which about caps ( caps ) would be difficult however to offer greater efficiency. flint already are , simply add the processing of flint with a hammer and now. then people would be seriously debated whether or not to consume ammo on people whether it is better to leave hardly captured powder and safe for self defense. Other new guns and ammo should be more rare and hard to find. This would be a dilemma between a BP rifle with full of ammo easy to make and find (but easy to spot after shot, laud and slow loading), or Colt M4 with a max 4/5 bullets... Sorry i use a google-translate, because i don't know how to write this, im better know old weapons than writing in en. Edit: How should it works, and how to craft ammo? ----> Weights + kettle + cooker = molten lead in the pot The molten lead in the pot + form = bullet depending on the version of the form and type of weapons (pistol / revolver or rifle) A large firecracker + knife / screwdriver / machete = Gunpowder Black Flint + hammer / pliers = Rocks Little Firecracker + Coke cans = caps The next step is a combination of ammunition or blanks in the example: bullet + powder = set to fire (using like magazine) And depending on the model gun as mandatory equipment (like scope,bipod) have used would be either rocks or percussion caps. If somebody thing this weapon is piece of c**p then should see video when sharpshooters use BP Voluntieer .451cal rifles at very long range (more than 1 mile).
  16. Well, tehnically as the title says. I was wondering if switching from 3rd pov regular server to a hardcore(1st pov) one deletes my current character? I know they are on different hives and I found couple of comments people mentioning something about this, but nothing certain about this build. If there is a sticky about this, could someone link it to me?
  17. Name: Benny Yeung (In game name: |3eNnY / Lightspeed / Lightspeedz) steam ID: bennyeung_8 Age: 25 Experience: CS, Battlefield, League of Legends, Lineage (Clan Leader), etc Skill level (1-10): 7-8 (Still got room for improvement) Skype: bennyeung_8 Role (Sniper, Assault, Scout, Pilot/Driver.): Sniper/Assault - Experience Sniper and Excellent Driver (when vehicle comes along) What do you bring to the group?: Active Player, Love playing as a group, Share items/experience with members, Leadership. From: Canada (Toronto) Time Zone: Eastern Time (-5) Contact: Email: bennyeung_8@hotmail.com Looking for lay back clan with a good number of active members preferably in NA who's willing to play together and dominate! Currently playing Regular and Hardcore.. send me an email if you have a spot in your clan! Cheers, Benny.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWH1lyHIA60&hd=1 Video says it all!
  19. Suggestion for the server filter

    Hi i really like the constant patches and all the new items it keeps the game interesting, but one thing i feel im missing is the ability to select weather i want regular or hardcore in my filter. when i'm looking for a server i judge the one i join on a number of things (Players, time of day, ping) and sometimes you find a server that looks perfect hit join and when you finally get in you realise it's not the mode you wished to play. Another thing, it would be nice if the server history showed the servers in the order in which you joined, it's rather useless trying to find your previous server if you dont know the name of it kind regards hiphopboy797
  20. Hi, I am looking for people to play with in DayZ. I also play CS:GO, L4D2, TF2, TS3, etc. I am very friendly; I accept everyone. You don't even have to have a mic, though that would be easier. However, I am a girl so if you're sexist and believe only guys can play video games I'm not interested. You MUST speak english or know it somewhat. I live in USA on the east coast so you may want to correspond with my timezone. I don't care about your age, gender, or how good you are. I'm even here if you need a friend and want to get personal. My steam is newnew and kik is whatsuppp4, I will get back to you about Skype. :) Thanks. Happy Gaming. :D :thumbsup:
  21. 2 character question....

    I had a regular server character and then a hardcore server character. Both were separate. Then I died on a regular server and when I flipped back on to regular later that evening, my hardcore character appeared. To make this more confusing, I joined a hardcore server as a bambi (while my original hc character was still alive), geared up and when I flip to hardcore, I either load in with the original hd character and sometimes with the newly created hc character. So my question is how do I know what servers support each character? Are there any tags that show that Im unaware of? Weird to have 2 different hc characters. I imagine its a hive thing, but any way of knowing?
  22. This is something unusual that I found. On some hardcore servers, you can spawn in as your regular character. I've had this with Vilayer hardcore servers. Could it be the IP, or something to do with the central database? Also, this too happened pre-patch.
  23. So...I joined a regular server to play with a friend and I realize my character is a fresh spawn...so we tried another server and then we realize there are 2 character on your DayZ copy...one for Hardcore and one for Regular servers where the only difference is the permission to use 3rd person view (which I've never used in the game). I think is stupid...I gotta start all over again just for a regular server? player should be persistent across ALL servers, private or public, regular or hardcore
  24. Played a bit last night, and after figuring out the difference between hardcore and regular, i decided to keep playing on regular servers so my progress would save..... and maybe this weekend when i have time to kill ill do a hardcore marathon for a few hours (seeing as u reset everytime u log off and log into hardcore servers) Either way, it seems that my "Regular" character is being reset everytime i leave a regular server (for example.. played for an hour... decided it was shower time.... logged out in a nice little spot... took shower... came back.. logged in to a "Regular" server... and my character was a fresh spawn again....... Has anyone else been experiencing this? And yes i even thought to myself.. maybe i was on a hardcore server.. maybe i joined one after the shower (although i made sure it wasnt hardcore) ... so i logged out.. made SURE i was logging into a regular server... logged in.. ran around with the fresh spawn for a little.. put him inside a house in Solnich (about 20 yards from the spawn point) .. and logged off... once again made SURE i was going to join a regular server.... logged in to it.. and the character was now a fresh spawn near kamishovo..... rince repeat... happened 4 times so anyone else?
  25. Hi, I know this migth sound stupid, but I've noticed: Public / Veteran Public Regular Public / 3PP:ON Public Regular Public / Hardcore Public Hardcore Private / Veteran Private Regular Private / 3PP:ON Private Regular Private / Hardcore Private Hardcore So...I wanted to know what was the difference, does the private servers spawn different characters than public servers? veterans spawn differents servers than 3PP:ON servers? are there any difference beetween both regular servers? Because...I've been playing in a lot of servers and I get a fresh spawn almost every time.