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Found 104 results

  1. so i get the server running but as soon as it spawns random loot for the police vehicles it crashes
  2. Random vehicle spawns would be good idea imo, it would be more dynamic so noboy would know where they are and would have to explore the map bit more to find one, some people would find it easier and some not, currently the spawns are fixed and thats the reason all cars getting picked so fast and also destroyed due to glitches and noob drivers. For the despawn it should get gone asap after all parts are ruined and spawn somewhere else, its because nobody probably will use or have the matchbox to destroy the vehicles also players should drive more carefully knowing that it could be ruined forever after an impact.
  3. No mag guns spawning without ammo

    > JUST A VIDEO TO RESUME THIS SIMPLE IDEA PROS: There is no reason why weapons with mags have random bullets inside and weapons without mags don´t Players would loot more often this kind of weapons looking for ammo It´s a simple add to enrich game experience No more useless weapons that nobody moves over and over avoiding the loot to respawn More chance to survive in the spawn locations and middle of the map and have something to fight when you want to hit the middle military bases. Simple add to enrich something to do in the coast and prevent server hopping players that walk the hole map on an empty public server and then jump to a full near the northern military bases. CONS: I don´t know the impact that could have in the CLE (Central Loot Economy) or in game performance Some of you said this could lead to a more KOS situations on the coast.
  4. Completely random spawns

    Hello survivor's and bandito's, Wanted to make a thread to see where people are in relation to this, but I really feel that one of the best possible changes that could be made to DayZ, is to spawn players absolutely anywhere on the map, and in different clothing/health/starting equipment. I feel the biggest area for improvement in the game is the flow of players, and use of the full map, and I think something as simple as this would really go a long way to utilize the the whole of Chernarus. Every time I play DayZ, I want to explore, but no matter where I go, I never see anyone else. It inevitably plays out one of two ways, 1) Stay in a spawn town as a freshie, and try to punch someone for gear, or 2) Run to NWAF or do a chopper run, get sooper geared, and run back to a spawn town and hunt bandits. Maybe get lucky and see someone at NWAF. Surviving, travelling and diverse player encounters all come a very far second place over the spawn town TDM that goes on, and I just though, even for one patch, could we try out a random spawn system and just see what everyone thinks after a few weeks? Provided it wasn't a monumental task to ask of the devs. So I just wanted to see what you guys think, do you think it would be worth a shot, just to try it out?
  5. Random Moments (and a Possum!)

    Hey guys! was diggin around my computer the other day and found a lot of random stuff on there. So i thought id share it with ya! Enjoy! :)
  6. I have been playing DayZ for about a week now and I keep getting killed by both zombies, and players. Whenever I get a good started weapon like a military grade shotgun or a nice weapon I either get shot to death by a bandit, or I get killed by zombies because I have no partner to give me a blood transfusion. I have a mic, but I am 13 (However more mature than other 13 year old players) I am looking for someone that: -has a mic - lives on the west coast of the US -is Mature regardless of age If you want to be my partner and meet the requirements contact me on steam My old steam name is : Aji2010 My new steam name is: Ari2010
  7. The Shadow Chronicles: Witch

    Hi! Really hope you like this! Was a completely random (mini) event which turned out to be a pretty cool experience. Enjoy!
  8. Dayz funtage ep 1

    enjoy :3, i feel that dayz needs some funny videos too.
  9. So we opened our server yesterday, So far everything is going fine, but we can't seem to be able to randomise the weather on server restarts. It's either one or the other. Is randomising time of day and weather on a Private Server possible even? Is the weather bound to the time of day? How do these work? Any information welcome. Thanks!
  10. Strangulation?

    hey guys I was running around svet looking for burlap sacks on an almost empty server on stable trying to finish my gillie and the most random thing occurred that scared the crap out of me. nobody was even near me and while i was standing still for a second a message popped up in the bottom corner saying "has started strangulation on you" or something to that effect. I can't remember exactly because I had spent alot of time looking for netting and burlap so I panicked, ran away and logged out. To my knowledge and a quick google search it doesn't seem like the ability to strangle people is in the game and I know the message said someone or something was strangling me. Plus nobody was even near me. If anyone could enlighten me on this that would be great.
  11. Ok i uninstall the game becasue this bug is becoming unbearable.Problem is that when you walk/run on the stairs or being on some floors there is a chance that you will die or broke your legs and ruin your stuff in pants without falling(i died alot becasue of this).I think this bug is here for a long time and devs didn t fix it although people are complaining about it.I can get over all other bugs but this one is pissing me off and a thing that is pissing me more is that devs arent doing anything about it for a couple of months.
  12. So, A twat shot me in elektro. I decided to get some sweet revenge. The video includes some other footage of me walking up to a group of armed guys (even when im armed).
  13. Hey guys, so this took off on reddit, gaining a whole lot of upvotes, and I would like to share it with you, without spoiling anything! Hope you guys enjoy it!
  14. First off; let me get some things out of the way. It seems like people end up blaming it on reasons I state in a long paragraph. I am joining an official serverI am joining the same serverI am properly logging off when I play, there is no combat logging or alt+f4'ing going onI am not hackingI know this is an alphaI did not change any settingsI'm not on a Private hiveDon't say anything about getting attached to your gearMy ping was 28, so nothing about ping lag/errorsServer did not have the red chainI did not die ._. I was playing DAYZ:SA but I seem to have character wipes regardless of which server I join, time I play, or what ever. I can never advance and actually explore the game if my character just resets it's self. Everyday. Every Single Day. And it peeves me a lot. As an Early Access player, I understand that this game is not final, but it is hard for me to give feedback, explore bugs, ect. in order to make the game better if I can not over come this simple bug. I recently placed a topic referring to this same problem, but the attention was very minimal. And another user on this forum did as well. I'd like to address the problem formally and see if any other user is having this same problem, and if it is on the developers "to-fix" list. My Story: Just recently, I was playing DayZ:SA, and in fact I was doing very well. Probably the furthest I got. I had a pistol, the Mosin scoped, a gasmask I found in a house... quite well at night. And when my friends called, they asked if I'd like to meet them in Kamenka. I journeyed there, and met up with them. We then headed up to Zelengorsk, which on a side note, is the farthest north I've been in the Standalone, and looted the super market. After finding some fuel for our gas lantern, we decided to go up a mountain that over looked Zelengorsk. We tested out some light physics (which I personally love so far) by placing the lantern on the ground then walking away. I then decided to go to the bathroom and get my self a snack afterwards because we were just relaxing. So, I disconnect the server (as I always do because I don't want to see that some player found us) and do what I did. So when I return, I press the Play button, not the change server. It placed me back in the server, and while everything was loading, the sounds came in, and all I could hear was the sound of the ocean. And when the game loaded sight, I noticed I had nothing on me except the nine volt battery, the flash light, and the basic starting clothing. So, I called up my friends, and told them what happened. They came down to Kamenka, and picked me up. Later, we go close to Stary, and one of my friends has to walk his dog. So we stay in the tree line, and when he reconnects, he reconnects exactly where he was when he left. No character wipe no nothing. This is very strange for me, since I cannot do anything about it. Assuming it was a bug, today, I reconnect to play with my friends, they all log in, say they're ready to raid Stary once more, but guess what... I spawned in Elektro, with the battery, flashlight, and pants. Yup, another character wipe. So I take the time to explore why this happened. I disconnected the server, and reconnected, but only to see that I was in the same spot, in the same position (Prone), and holding the flashlight in my hand. So, I go kill my self, and respawn. I try the exact same thing, still same result, it was working normally. Then, I join another server. And Same place, same position, same item in my hand. So, I join many other servers. By the time I finished testing and trying to figure out, I had to go (IRL) and do some things with some friends. I later return at about 9:20 pm, and join a different server (so I could see if it was my regular server or not). Sure enough, spawned in Cherno, with my battery, and you know what else. So, my question is if this is documented as a bug or not? Could it be some sort of server hopping prevention mechanic? Even though I was on the same server at first. I just can't understand what's causing only me out of a group of my friends to have it. I'd expect more people to have it, if not everyone, as everyone has the same game. Could there have been an update today? I have updates set to manual, so I know when they come out, and there was only one yesterday.... Not today. Please, if you could possibly post your story, and if it so happened. If you have any idea why, also tell me. Lastly, if any developers or team members bring this to attention, that would be amazing. And if you have any questions, feel free to post hem. Because, all in all, this whole problem makes it so players cannot "test" and explore the game. I put test in quotations because, believe it or not, some people are actually testing the game while they play it, like me and my group. -Alaskafish PS - Don't delete this thread... Ty.
  15. More than 1 berry/apple/feather/stick at a time

    From 0 to 5 of an item for each search attempt?
  16. Global events

    Hi guys, I searched and there were only 1 or 2 threads mentioning this and they were out of date, so I thought I would bring it up again. What are the thoughts on global events? This would be events that happen across all servers, that everyone can participate in. Could have events like this on holidays, season changes, or even just random times. Could be sort of GTAish or runescapeish, with random events occurring that give some sort of reward to those who contribute. Or even have like on Christmas it be all snowy and cold out, and have some items like santa hats or something that can only be collected on those days. I know we have heli crashs and police cars and such, but I feel this could be expanded to a much bigger scale. and it would be awesome. Would give other things to do beside KOS or mountain-man it. What are you guys thoughts? keep responses relevant please, thanks.
  17. Spawn Areas

    As there is an ongoing discussion about spawning at the coast versus spawing randomly all over the map I will start a poll to see how most people think about it rather than only the most vocal ones.
  18. Real fear with game

    So I just wanted to share a little experience with you fellows, perhaps someone has experienced the same. Oh don't get the wrong idea i love this game, sure there are little things wrong with it but those will get fixed. So I got back in game after a week of no playing, had too much work not enough free time. So I new spawn since last time I was killed after a bit of scavenging i find a mosin and a few rounds. So I'm walking through olsha and suddenly I spot two other players, (mind you there are only 7 including me in server) one fully geared and the other new spawn, now here's what happaned. I felt fear, and i mean real fear (thats why i love this game) I hit enter and followed to ask them "hey how's it going buddies?" of course im behind a fence and they cant see me. I see them post up and since they aren't responding I decided to hike tail and run instead of getting killed for my gear. so I head to north east airstrip. Now I come from the north side of the airstrip and proceed to camp in a tree watching the control tower. That's what all my experience has thought me. so after two minutes I see the same pair run up to the tower from the east. A bit alarming but I assumed as much. but right behind them 2 more guys showed up. They seemed a little group. So I stayed watching them deciding weather or not to fire a few rounds, as im watching server resets. Oh well right. sorry for the long post but the first encounter with these guys made me feel real fear, It actually left my hand shaking. See people are hard to trust in game. They pose as friendly while they wait to put a bullet on your back. Maybe thats why my heart races and beats faster when ever i spot anyone. I believe I'm afraid of dying. Anyways anyone feel the same?
  19. MMO7 Mouse issue

    I run an MMO7 and G13 gameboard setup through the same hub. Whenever im playing DayZ and only DayZ It seems to reset my mouse. I'll be running along and hear the dooDOOP noise of windows ejecting and reconnecting the USB and my profile sets to default (photoshop bindings) :/ Doesn't do this with the G13 connected to the same hub and after hours of testing on other games none of these seem to do it :) Oddest bug I've encountered thus far. I can't even duplicate it reliably, it just happens at completely random times. At first i thought it was hardware related, possibly a loose connection so i stripped it down (a nightmare of a job, there are several boards to strip out to get down to the baseboard with the USB interface) Checked everything with my multimeter, checked the USB wire through a range of kinks and bends, nothing out of the ordinary. The upside is i got the opportunity to clean the internals cause its a few years old now and was needing done anyway. I've even tried running on a different USB port, with and without being externally hubbed, tried unplugging all other non essential devices (ext hard drives, thumbdrives, the G13 etc) and it still randomly happens. Tried different driver versions, still the same. Some sessions i can play for hours without it happening, sometimes it will happen several times, and there's no discernible pattern. Sometimes i'll be pressing a button, sometimes i wont even be moving or touching anything, theres no consistency between events either, like zooming in or using a firearm. its simply random! Anyone else using one of these and experiencing similar? I dont feel its prudent to submit a bug on the tracker at this point, its not really all that big of a deal, just wondering if anyones experiencing the same kind of thing?
  20. Simple thread for I think a simple thing to implement (in fact I don't know but it look simple) and that can give a big effect. When server start (or restart) it choosing randomly for every doors in the game to be closed or opened. It would not take any ressources as long as the server is doing that during it restart routine like it spawning randomly loots or zombie positions. The big effect would be the following : right now when I'm arriving in a village and all the doors are closed, it seems that it haven't been looted yet (can be a trick from a camper indeed but you all know what I mean). At the contrary, if all the doors are opened, it seems I should better move to the next village cause it seems someone already pillage the place. If some doors are opened and other are closed, it is harder to know and so I think it is interesting. It is quite simple to explain and credible from a lore point of view... Occupants left the door opened while fleeing their home (maybe the vacuum cleaner too)... Or some survivors already came in there and left the door opened (like we all do). In the future, they can even add more type of doors for the server to choose : opened, closed, locked (they will implement it for sure), broken down (you cannot closed them anymore), etc...
  21. I'll start off. I was geared up with everything, from clothing to weapons and all. And then I got killed while I was in a sniper house, ironic eh? But anyways, I was really furious when I got killed. I respawned and took a long run on the road. I soon then encounter a man just standing in the middle of the road. I just decided to punch the crap out of him because I was still mad from earlier xD. A couple seconds later, he was on the ground and kid started talking to me. He said, "Aww man, YOU'RE A POO. You are such a poo man, what an anus. You are such an anus!". I pursue with the punching and he continued calling me a poo. I never laughed so hard in my life lol. I replied back with "I hate you but I don't know why!". Anyways, what are some of your stories? XD
  22. Random Screen Shots! :D

    ^ First time hunting! :D Frankenstein - Last page number is 666 Four cows, one field. So many BK! :D (There is one without tags on) Back when I played DayZ Origins, Designated pilot. :3 These are just my person screenshots, no real reason to post them on the forums.. but yeah. :3 I'll be adding more I'm sure.
  23. Happening - 0400 hours CET. Place - Balota Server - UK 0-09 - Gameservers. Regular. Who ever you are, mister GI-JOE, I am sorry for yelling profane words at you after putting three acp rounds in your skull! The dance around the barracks were fun and a neat change from the nothingess of an empty server ! ( It was full before the restart a few hours ago. ) Regards, a tired pistoleer. Screenshot below.
  24. food

    Hey so today i joined a server, and my guy was hungry. I ate some food, still hungry. I ate the whole can, still hungry. I ate another full can, still hungry. My guy is either a fat ass, or its a glitch..... what should i do if i starve to death from eating food?