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Found 1110 results

  1. DayZ 420s Clan recruiting..

    Hi I’m currently recruiting for 420s, it is a small clan, with only a few selected members at the moment. We are a DayZ based clan dedicated to helping out our own whenever and wherever possible! We are currently set up around solinichiniy, to make it easier for our members to get to home base and get looted. We have plenty of weapons, ammo and food to keep you supplied. We do some PvP most nights and loot gathering during the day, sometimes only sticking to one depending on how people are feeling..(murderous or passive) if your looking for someone to watch your back while you hit the bong, light the blunt..then 420s is the place for you! Rules- • No team killing. • No absuive or foul language within the DayZ posts. • No one under the age of 18. ( maturity can be a factor in this decision.) • Help out your fellow clan members wherever possible. • BE ACTIVE. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, if your still interested in joining 420s then DM me on the GT - ReDeMs420. I will try to reply as soon as possible. UK and US welcomed.
  2. Hello, If you want to join us to PVP on the airfield is the moment !! Dedicated servers are now available in experimental and official !! DISCORD : https://discord.gg/U5Df2eU Server name : DM PVP Airfield-Prison - LeaderBoard | Black-Raven.fr Rules : No Rules - Kill Streak - Leaderbord : https://black-raven.fr/dayz - Fun Gear EU-1 EU-2 You spawn with full stuff in airfield and go fight ! Have a good day ?
  3. The Killin Zedz community, which was formed in early 2013, has returned to run a DayZ SA Experimental 0.63 server! Over the years, we've had servers for DayZ mod as well as it's offspring (Epoch mod for example). We expanded into Arma 3 mods as well, but the community was shut down earlier this year due to a lack of anything new to play and boredom. Now that the 0.63 experimental files are out, we've got our own server up and running again. Features include: Custom coastal spawns Starting loadout - A wider variety of clothing options with a chance of some small items 3PP view with weapon cursor Accelerated time (24 hours passes during a 4 hours server cycle) Four hour server restarts Located in New York City (East coast USA) There's no application process. Just join our Discord server at http://Discord.me/BigHead and join us on the game server. You can even join the Discord server through your browser, without downloading and installing the Discord software! Here's our server info:
  4. NWAF death zone.

    So after a visit up north to the Northwest airfield I lost two friends with two SVDs but managed to rack up 6 Kills against players logging in inside the ATC And industrial tower in irdee to snipe at other players or server hop for loot. i don't usually KOS but if a couple of guys are in full camo sporting SVDs and ARs with scopes ontop of a vantage point I'm gonna fulfill there wishes of combat. Thankyou random four and two man squad for the gift of two fresh SVDs for my friends when I next meet them on the coast, the fights were fun and I nearly died a few times but sitting up on vantage points and server hopping all day apparently isn't that good for target practise.
  5. Hello there! I'm getting more and more used to the PSO-1 scope and the recoil on the AKM. Proving me that it can do so much even while trying to snipe.
  6. Hello there! As I was heading south to Guglovo to meet up with a friend, which was located in Staroye, I stopped by the town of Novo, but as I was leaving, he died from somewhere outside the military camp. He had a Mosin, and he died from an M4. Right as I was running towards Guglovo, I heard voices in the forest. Funny enough, two guys had an M4 and a Mosin. That's when I started hunting. Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  7. Come play on the Cemetery Wind Dayz Standalone server! We are a small gaming community and we host a number of servers and events. Feel free to join us on discord too. =CW66= Winchester Inn | 5xLoot | NO STAMINA | Starting Gear | DayZ 0.63 Standalone Server: - ONLINE Discord: https://discord.gg/SsfE3sP Arma 3 STARSHIP TROOPERS SERVER: - ONLINE ON RP DAYS(Sat & Sun) ARMA 3 REALISM UNIT SERVER: - ONLINE (Tues & Thurs) Insurgency Server: =CW66= | CHICAGO | NO LAG | PVP - ONLINE =CW66= | CHICAGO | NO LAG | PVP # 2- OFFLINE

    hello, Need your help for coding kill streak ! thanks
  9. Hello there! After scavenging around the North West airfield, we stopped by a bridge to get some water. Right after, we spotted two players, which ended up to be more than that!
  10. Hello there! I was heading my way to meet up with a friend, while he met a nice guy on the way here. Unfortunately, the meeting didn't happen. I did my best, but I've undervalued the enemy. And that's something you should never do! Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  11. Hello Guys, i will present you my PVP Servers, scripted by my own and not with any public files. My first modded server i had with version 0.60 to 0.61. You will have different kits, different spawnpoints like Electro, Kamyshovo etc.. You will have constant updates on the server [script optimization, new scripts, stuff etc.] ServerName: [EU] #DM# "MAPNAME" | FULL GEARED | No Stamina Kamyshovo IP: or search for Kamyshovo, you'll find it. Electro IP: or search for Electro, you'll find it. StarySobor IP: or search for Stary, you'll find it. Server Location: EU-Germany Done: -No Stamina -No Food/Drink -Electro spawns[60Slot], Stary spawns[30Slot], Berezino spawns[60Slot] -9 self made Different Military classes with new stuff like Balaclavas, Ghillies, and some old/new weapons like the shotgun, SVD, Mosin, AK.. you know these weapons so.... To-do: -KIll messages [when i have time] -Despawning bodies [when i have time] -More Classes [maybe] -New spawns like Kamyshovo, Airfield, Some other Military bases [when i have time] -much other stuff that i can't list here Thanks for testing and have fun!
  12. PvPrison

    Just opened a PvP server, heavily modded : Spawn on prison island Spawn fully geared, randomly Ilimited stamina Disabled thirst/hunger 1st person only, no crosshair Hosted in France If you want to join, here are the infos :
  13. Hello there! Showing you an encounter between what I believe to be 2 different parties, the first one with 3 players, the second one two players on the hill, sniping each other.
  14. DayZ Servers ONLINE!

    DAYZ STANDALONE SERVERS - ONLINE In English: Dear DayZ Community, our DayZ Servers for PvP and PvPvE are now online! We feature "BATTLE OF THE AIRSTRIP"(PvP) and "BATTLE OF THE APOCALYPSE"(PvPvE - Roleplay) as our new and customized DayZ Community Servers. All you need to have to join our Server is the DayZ Experimental Build (currently 0.63). You can find them in the "community" list with the tag: "danielgaming". Join anytime: PvPvE Server - BATTLE FOR THE APOCALYPSE PvP Server - BATTLE FOR THE AIRFIELD Have fun surviving ;-) Best regards, Daniel Gaming -- In German: Liebe DayZ Community, Unsere DayZ-Standalone Server mit hohen Spawnraten und gutem Startequipment sind jetzt online! Es gibt einen PvPvE (Rollenspiel) und einen PvP Server! Ihr findet ihn im Spiel im Tab "Community", wenn ihr in der Suche "daniel" oder "danielgaming" eingebt! WICHTIG: Ihr braucht das "EXPERIMENTAL" Build, also Version .0.63 Ihr findet unsere Server in der Community Liste unter "danielgaming". PvPvE Server - BATTLE FOR THE APOCALYPSE PvP Server - BATTLE FOR THE AIRFIELD Viel Spaß und frohes Überleben ;-) Euer, Daniel Gaming
  15. Hello, if you want you can join my PVP Server with 8 Classes at the moment. I have multiple servers with different PVP Areas. What you get: Unlimited Stamina, No Food/Drink, 8 Classes with Stuff like Balaclava, Ghillie Bushrag and much more! At the moment the Electro PVP Server is online for Stress testing. IP: Port: 2502 for the electro server. Thanks!
  16. Hello there! Coming back from a Tisy scavenge, to meet up with one of our group, one of us spotted two players getting in from the West side of the town. As we always do, we try to over watch the area before interacting or starting a gun fire between us and the spotted party. But sometimes, we don't success at our 100%. But still, it's really enjoyable to have these kinds of encounters in the far West side of the map! Nice to see that people still tend to get more in land! Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  17. Private server DayZ 0.63 Experimental version 0.63.148743: IP: dayz-public.strikearena.ru:2312 Name server: Zone of Survival | ZoS | DayZ 0.63/Experimental/Survival/PVP Working 24/7 Restarts every 4 hours form 01:00 GMT+3 Pages this server: In dayzspy: https://www.dayzspy.com/server/ In gamemonitoring: https://gamemonitoring.net/ru/server102197 In GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Site page server and forum: https://zos.strikearena.ru/ Welcome everyone! We wait your friends in our server =)
  18. Hello there! These days have been offering me so many encounters lately, trying to get as many contents as I can while enjoying every bit of them! Gunfights are smooth and hardly see any desync anymore. Really good work progressing with the game.
  19. An Unofficial DayZ Discord Community.

    I'm considering making a discord server for all to join; You will be able enter it as a lone survivor, clan, group or community of any sort and it is solely for the purpose of having active servers of players in 'GAME CHAT' who arent primarily aiming to run around & KOS but to have some sort of longer term goals or for those who wish to play as groups/clans/RP groups but would be interested in having other groups or players doing their own thing; though, they can interact and play alongside them to further better the experience. This isn't to eradicate KOS or even because KOS exists as people will still be able to KOS who use this this discord, it WON'T get you kicked. I've been thinking of this since release really, As some others have no doubt considered and some groups/clans/communities will already have one set up. You can still have your own personal way of communicating throughout your own group that is of your own preference but you WILL need 1 or 2 members minimum to be active in the discord server. As game chat doesnt work when in party chat at the point of joining a server then I'm hoping this can add more players to the levels that are in game chat; whether its 40 players in one server its better than what its currently at so its worth a go. Without private servers etc obviously things are trickier to do and randoms can join ANY server we chose to play on BUT for the time being; that doesnt really matter, in the grand scheme of things. It's ideally for groups to connect and provide some platform for an extra level of immersion into the game and also will provide players opportunities to meet other players and/or join groups. As and when more content drops, Whether in game items, persistence, vehicles or private/custom servers this will only make it better and have more reasons to be in a discord/get into servers with other players in game chat; who arent aiming to run around like its PUBG/COD for every minute of the game BUT as I said until we can have designated servers for anyone who may want the rule NO KOS etc etc etc we will just have to do and make be with whats available. Won't be everyone's cup of tea and for myself, I'd just like to eventually be able to play on a server that has active groups and players on the map that I can play alongside, whether with or against, over a long period of time. If this shouldn't of been posted, delete it or if it needs to be moved, Do so, But PLEASE don't move to recruitment as people wont necessarily check there for a post like this..Thanks!
  20. Hello there! Really good feeling about the new EXP version update, the possibility to have 0.63 EXP on community servers is attracting more and more people, including me! These are new PvP encounters I got in a single day, and it feels so damn good! PvP is much smoother from the stable patch (0.62). Hope to get more and more content to upload in the next days, I'm really enjoying this new patch!
  21. The =UN= Community Server will be kicking off .63 Experimental with a HUGE WAR EVENT! (PVE & PVP) Prepare for War! All =UN= Clan members are being called into service as we launch an attack to reclaim Chernarus from the Zombie hords and outlaws that have ravaged the land since the War of the Apocalypse began 10 years ago. We begin immediately when .63 launches experimental! Goal One: Reclaim Electro and Cherno from all threats by storming each city with the complete force of the =UN= Clan. We will hold each city until they remain clear for 24 hours. Goal Two: Reclaim every military base and AF in Chernarus. We will work from Balota AF to Pavolovo Military. Then work towards Zeleno military, Green Mountain military, Myshkino Tents, and then on towards Vybor Military. After capturing those lesser military bases, the BATTLE FOR THE NWAF and TISY MILITARY. Battle Company Commander Ghost will determine when each target has been captured before we move on to any other locations. Goal 3: To unite the =UN= Clan and begin working together in adverse situations during various forms of combat, both offensive and defensive, while learning the meaning of the =UN= Clan mantra: ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT! * detailed mission report to follow! ALL =UN= Clan members are urged to get in touch with Irish regarding which Company you would like placement in. We are preparing for war! * All Non =UN= members are invited to take advantage of the WAR EVENT and either meet us and help us clear the cities, or attack us so that we have an awesome PVP / PVE event to kick off .63 Discord: https://discord.gg/NWRFe8w
  22. I was just discussing melee with some people on Reddit and someone suggested I share this idea, so here I am! Currently, killing zombies with melee is too easy, there's little incentive to shoot zombies, and I find the heavy attack to be a little too bland (it stuns the enemy and does slightly more damage for a small amount of stamina). Here's a possible solution to these issues (as well as making the map feel smaller by making players shoot guns to give away position and making melee more interesting in general) - Standard melee attack can only temporarily knock zombies down after several hits. To kill them, you must use a heavy attack multiple times to the head or a single shot to the head from a firearm. The heavy attack should cause more damage and use a larger amount of stamina, maybe 1/2 (or adjusted along with damage for each melee weapon). This would strongly encourage players to use the more reliable bullet to kill the zombies rather than risk being caught without stamina to coup de grâce them via melee. This would require additional balancing of melee for pvp. In pvp, light attack should do a short stun (which can be broken with sidestep). Blocking a light attack should take a little stamina and give the defender a small amount of shock damage, adjusted for each weapon. Blocking a heavy attack should take a significant amount of stamina and more shock damage (adjusted for each weapon, some weapons should be better at blocking than others) - dodging an attack should be far more rewarding than blocking, especially against a heavy weapon. This would make strong attacks more useful in pvp and would give them a higher risk to reward ratio and would raise the skill ceiling in pvp melee. Also, (i'm sure this is being worked on but figured i'd mention it here anyways) we need distinct blocking sounds in melee. Currently when you block an attack it is kind of confusing as to whether the attack was blocked or not. Thanks for reading!
  23. Hello there! I started recording right after my teammate spotted two guys, as I was joining in and taking a position, he got shot by one of them with a shotgun. It was hard taking a relative distance between them and me, and I decided to start from the North East forest. Honestly, the shotgun guy was the one i was more afraid of. He was flanking me, being paranoid was a good thing in that encounter!
  24. Hello there! Two different PvP scenarios in Severograd and Kamensk base! Really enjoyed both, but the most satisfying i'd say would be the second one, we were counting bullets and had a pretty lucky find on the way there, me with an AKM with a drum mag, and my team player had an SKS. The first encounter, was a bit different, but i really enjoyed it!