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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, Original Chernarus from arma, that was featured in the dayz mod, was imo very well balanced for 40/50 players. New chernarus isn't. All the content that was added was all very good quality on it's own. Some stuff is just beautiful. But IMO it's too much. The intention to spread out players over the map has succeeded. I hardly see anyone in new Chernarus. There are too many "key" locations and too many cities. Original chernarus with all buildings enterable would improve gameplay on 40/50 player servers. Like in the dayzmod, players could chose to go into action or live the hermit style. Basicly in original chernarus you had 3/4 key locations. NWAF, NEAF, Stary Sobor, and perhaps Devils Castle. Less key locations, thus more player contact. I suspect that performance would increase as well with less loot spots. Plus we tree lovers would have our pristine Northern Forrest back. Probably Original Chernarus with enterable buildings should be made first. But all the content is already ready. The suggestion: What if server owners would have the option to start a dayz server with either NEW or OLD (with all enterable buildings) Chernarus? We would soon find out which servers are more populair.
  2. I'm still puzzled, why someone would leave a project like Dayz, which is really quite a unique development and one that few other studios besides Bohemia would have tackled. Especially when you had to fight to make it happen and to stay on top of it all. No matter the success of a prototype, it is always risky to produce sandbox games. I think Bohemia are a bit more open than most studios to taking risks and they rely on their luck to some extent. And they seem to encourage really unique side projects like the Take on Helicopters, Mars Mission thing or even Dog training simulations; not all of it comes true, but Bohemia ist quite a diverse studio. I think it is highly unusual that Rocket - who had a lot to say about the game at the start - simply vanishes from this development and has not been actively engaged for almost two years now. I wouldn't be too surprised, if he was working on something else, but last I heard is he wanted to found his own studio. What didn't work out, or why haven't we heard from him, since? His unique contribution was to mod zombies into the game, which changed the Chernarus landscape into something you just saw as a strategic map for military simulation to a living country, or rather a country of the undead. Coincidentially it fell in with the huge success of "The Walking Dead", which to me has a similar vibe of travelling, looting and making lifesaving decisions. I think the game kind of "self-propelled" and fueled its own hype to the point, where people started to think it was going to be much more than a game. It must have been tough hanging on through the development, because a lot of heat has and is still guided toward the game; but you have to be prepared for that kind of feedback too when a game development doesn't go as smoothly as people had hoped for. Tim Schaeffer once said that it took him ten years to develop Grim Fandango, which is still one of the best adventure games made to date and even holds up visually pretty well. Dayz is going to become a classic in its own rights. It takes time to develop these kind of games that are more than a franchise with annual reboots. Maybe he became too impatient about the time it takes, maybe the scope of the development was overwhelming or too many things went wrong at the start and he felt like they would never see the light. 5-10 years should be the development time for most games, instead we bow to the "customer" and try to rush things in 1-2 years at most. Compromise is the only way to go. In the end a game still is a product, some with more some with less artistic pedigree. I can imagine his name being affiliated with Dayz in the future, but I think he deconstructed his own legend by leaving like that. It's a bit disappointing to me. I see games somewhat like a marriage. You don't bail out or sleep in other beds, because you made a commitment and you will see it through, come hell or high water. It's the only way to go on and you have to keep believing in success; divorce is not an option. Especially as long as there is hope and backing for a successful release. All of which is still present in Dayz. So why would anyone leave a game they invented in the first place? If he had a new + better idea I'd partically understand the decision, but since we haven't heard from him in a while, I really wonder what happened and why the project went on as it is. Without its creator. I also feel this is kind of a touchy or taboo subject, but I still hope we'll see or hear from him in the future and I'm wishing him best of luck!
  3. I composed a bunch of creepy musical compositions a while back and people seemed to like them. With some encouragement, I submitted them to be a part of a community update for the mod, but never heard back from them. Since then, people have approached me and asked if they can download and use the music in their DayZ videos and I said "Sure". Here they are if anyone else would like to use them. All I'm asking is that you give me proper credit and link to my soundcloud/youtube music page. Soundcloud sets (with download enabled) Set 1 Set 2 Youtube videos roughly demonstrating their use: Cheers! Also, if enough people wanted to hear more, I'd be happy to create them. Composing creepy assed music is a lot of fun! ;)
  4. Hey guys, my friends and I recently started up a private hive to bring back that original DayZ we all know and love. It is called Moonman's Vanilla DayZ Private Hive. Recently we have noticed a lot of servers lately have just been flooded with vehicles, weapon stashes, and weird game modes. We just want to get back to the roots of DayZ, with a few minor tweaks (Vanilla with Sprinkles) Tweaks * A few extra vehicles, not a ton. * Can fill up vehicles at gas stations using scroll wheel * Full moons and street lights at night (we enjoy the nighttime aspect of the game, and feel it is strongly overlooked. This makes it fun and easier to see at night without NVGs) We basically just added a few minor tweaks that we feel will give the game a more positive experience all around. Server Info * IP: * Port: 3017 * Can also find the server by searching "Moonman" in the filter. The server has been up for only a couple days now, and has regular restarts every 6 hours with multiple warnings beforehand. We are currently trying to build a stable population, so we appreciate your playing there. We hope to see you on the server in the future, and make sure to invite your friends. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  5. The Server name was changed after I kept receiving emails from players on other Bambi servers complaining about Hackers in those servers.... Wish I could of helped them but I offered them to come play Here. 50 Slot server - Time GMT-11 Chernarus More Vehicles & Custom Vehicles, not so much that they are everywhere. New players are welcome. Admins are friendly and will help any way possible. Server will have continued support, updates, and possibly other addon mods.
  6. Exile-Gaming Us here at Exile Gaming are dedicated to making an original, hardcore survival feeling to DayZ, we just hate how everything these days in DayZ is "600 Vehicles!" or "Apaches!" Its just not how DayZ is meant to be played, so we came in. Here is a quick look at our unique features! Quick Info: 3P- On NP- Off Death Messages- Off CH- Off (We may turn off 3P, there will be a community vote) -Many Server Events -Lowered Food Spawns -Lowered Vehicle Count (Mostly trash vehicles) -Dedicated and respectful Admins -Amazing Server Connection around US -Scheduled Restarts to keep loot flowing -Good Cheat Protection (Battleye, TSW, Gcam) -Custom Clan Bases upon Request from leader -Custom Buildings, only to balance places, no huge military camps. -Custom Script that allows you to remove vehicle parts with a toolbox! Does this sound like something you want to try? We are always looking for new members! So come give it a shot! Start off by visiting our website ( http://www.exile-gaming.us) have a look around and then just simply connect by using this ip: or filter this: Exile
  7. Hey guys. i am currently using a RoW(Rest of world) Arma 2 version. And im playing in the servers which are called : FR 34 / FR 130 What im looking for is an updated servers which if i log out from one and join to the other i will still have my gear and stuff,any servers like this?
  8. Hi folks, for those of you who still want to play DayZ without thousands of scipts and a load of unnecessary stuff and most of all without cheaters, you should try this server: DayZ - DE GiZ (v1.7.6.1/Beta 103419)[VETERAN][GMT-2]- REGISTER [WHITELIST]@giz-clan.de or TS3 : Server IP: TS3: I'm playing with a friend on this server and since the day it started there where no cheater incidents. They have very active and friendly admins and a nice community that does not just kill on sight. So if you're tired of cheaters and want to play the original dayz try this server ;) (klick here for whitelist registration)
  9. Welcome to Simpo's Server! I.P. Port: 3051 We play DayZ like it was supposed to be played, no 24/7 Daylight, No impossible to kill players and no admin interference! We offer you the best experience you can possibly have and enjoy the original gameplay. What we have to offer: Admin help - all questions will be answered the best we can possibly answer them, as long as it has to do with the server. Loadout gear - Normal servers give you a AS50 and that would be it. I mean come on, where is the fun in doing that? Our start up gear is: Backpack - ACU Assault Pack Primary Weapon - None Secondary Weapon - None Gear - Antibiotics, Water Bottle Tools - Hatchet 100+ Vehicles incl. 5 Heli's, 3 Planes, and PBX's. We only offer 100 - 125 vehicles because the rarity of finding a vehicle on servers are stupidly low now, vehicles are becoming common, guns are getting to easy to find and bandits are forever increasing. Lets bring the old past back into the future! No admin abuse - The admin will be playing the game just as a normal player, no spawned in weapons, no teleporting players, just a normal player joining the ranks with you guys! Gun Shop Day - Every week, usually Wednesdays at 6:30 European time, the admin will gather all of the weapons he has found(usually between 25-50) and open up a gun shop. Here people can exchange weapons, purchase food, ammunition and sometimes vehicles! Fight for base - Every week, usually Saturdays at 6:30 European time, the admin will mark a base on the map where all the players searching for a base will fight over until there is one player left. WARNING: any weapons or loot lost in the firefight will not be replaced. RULES( Breaking these rules will result into a kick, further aggression will then result into a ban): 1.) No spamming voice/side chat. Doing so will result into a kick, further aggression will then result into a ban. 2.) No giving abuse over side chat. 3.) No cheating or spawning customized weapons or vehicles. 4.) Permitted to only 8 vehicles per person. 5.) Don't ask for free perks, please check out the perks section below. Admin Rules( If the admin breaks any of these rules, he shall purposely sacrifice himself and mark the location of his base on the map): 1.) Not permitted to ban player for killing yourself or clan members. 2.) Not permitted to shutdown your server when your killed. 3.) Not permitted to shutdown your server when you lose a vehicle. 4.) Not permitted to kick or ban for rubbish talk. 5.) Not permitted to ban for suspicions of hacking, solid evidence is needed. Added Features: More buildings added, not permitted to give away location of them Upgraded Elektro and Cherno e.g. added buildings, increased loot. 15 More vehicles added after update on 31/03/2013 Latency(lag) has been decreased by 20% Please check out our server, we will be very thankful and much more things to come!
  10. Hello there, Sami here, and by the title you might think this is just some useless rant, but im not here to start fights, and not to complain about everything possible, im just curious to hear everyones opinions on this, What the hell happend to DayZ? Well Heres mine; So, ive been a commited DayZ player since the very day it came out, those days were great, i had no clue where i was going, and i used no map to my benefit (Ex, DayZDB when it came out) because i knew that would be no fun, yes it would be a great to get loot, but heck, DayZ is a "fight for your life". So, then started loot cycling due to this, people would constantly do this, but hey, no biggy. Soon after, when the population rapidly grew, their was the huge issue over banditry. My god, every single day there would be hundreds of posts about bandits and how its stupid and should be banned. Pathetic people, thats all i have to say. Not soon after, came the huge issue of hackers, which is still persistant to this day, but no where as bad. This nearly killed DayZ, because there were only Offical Servers at this time and their was little protection, so guess what, the birth of private hives.....This is where it all begins. Private hives, where players can play hacker free! But of course, we have those people who must have the most players out there, and the big servers began competing. Soon i started noticing new things, such as "Custom Vehicles!" or "Custom Guns!" Everbody loved this. Well, most. Things just got worse, and now a days all you see are "Debug Monitor!" , "Auto Refuel", does it really hurt to take 5 seconds and fill up a damn jerry can? "600 Vehicles!" <---Complete bullshit c: or even worse "APACHES!" Apaches, in DayZ? Are you serious? No, just no so i will end here. Thanks for reading, and i would love to get some comments!
  11. A struggle suggestion, gentlemen. Not a fight suggestion. POLL REMOVED, TO MANY METHODS LISTED. GREEN TEXT ADDED ROUGHLY 14-16DEC12 ORANGE TEXT ADDED 21DEC12 Since they stated that the standalone will have a melee system I think another smaller system within that could do wonders.. So for all you guys that skim read posts and then troll it - you need to pay attention, I'm not saying this struggle suggestion needs to be or is the main combat system. It could be built into it and perhaps a smaller option of the over all theme. I'll try to spoon feed it. Concept (Overall) If two players are within a foot of one another - each player has the ability to initiate a "struggle" - I'm not talking street fighter brawl - I'm talking a realistic struggle that you'd find yourself in if you bump'd into another person while rounding a corner during times like these in game... The two players will be given a few options once one of them was picked struggle within range. 1) Give up (a static option) (Pressing your assigned key gives up.) 2) Attempt to reason (This key will just make your character voice a audio sound - indicating if the other person presses this key - the struggle will stop under mutual agreement (Pressing your assigned key issues the sound.) At any time, number 1 or number 2 option can be picked by pressing the static assigned key. 3) Struggle - now for this section I have several ideas... First 4 Methods below are based on a standard QTE Method 1 of struggle - A series of random keys thats dictated by the server must be pressed. (for example both players will see a W key on their screen) whoever presses the W key fastest - wins that key step. The first person to get 5 keys (adjustable) wins the struggle. Method 2 of struggle - Turn the struggle into a button mashing keyboard breaking frenzy and make the player feel the pressure of the struggle. Again a unkown total number of key strokes could be placed to decide the winner - this key will be a static struggle key, such as S. So whoever pushed the S key fastest to reach, say... 85 - wins the struggle. Method 3 of the struggle - Players both have to enter a series of keys in a fast manner, whoever completes the random series of keys first that the server dictated, wins the struggle. Method 4 of the struggle (14DEC12) - Your character starts to go into a "tunnel vision" mode (just a visual deal), at which the player needs to use his mouse to look into the more visual area of his screen to keep focus in the struggle (from a FPV, as if you are in Alt-double tap's mode.). This would require the coding of a mini hidden game in the background so to speak - the person with the highest score at the end of 8 seconds wins, and the struggle is completed by the 10th second. This would eliminate any type of discrimination against a player that has a crap connection as compared to something with a better ping. Second batch of methods inspired by WiFiN (21DEC12) with his permission I'd like to merge the two ideas and get the best input from the players that we can... Method 1 of batch 2 - Players have a series of options to pick, as follows - one option is selected (server automated, server picks the winner based of decided percentages) 1) Attempt to break free - player being attacked has a higher percent chance to knock down his attacker if picked, and is given time to flee 2) Attempt cheap shot - a low-blow animation is taken, equal chance of players landing 3) Attempt choke - player attacking has a higher percentage chance to attempt to choke out the person which leads to a minor knockout 4) Attempt to stun - both players can pick the 4th option at any time - for example maybe the attacker realized hes attacking a guy that has a buddy, and needs to stun this fella to move out - has a lower success rate but a higher yield for a swift end result. A stun will have minor effect on the performer when failed Method 2 of batch 2 - Players take active control with options in the struggle. Options cannot be spam'ed and players must wait for the animation to complete before another attempt. 1) Push away - percentage chance performed, players break free and both stumble away 2) Trip - percentage chance performed, winning player has upper hand over downed player. 3) Punch - percentage chance of the out come of the punch (minor life reduction, knocked out, knocked down - possible broken bones from being knocked down) 4) Knee - percentage chance of the out come of the knee (minor life reduction, major life reduction, knocked down - possible broken bones from being knocked down) Conditions to enter a struggle (15DEC12) - Condition method 1 (16DEC12)-The conditions to enter a struggle would be limited to 1) being extremely close to a person 2) 1 party being stationary. That being said - a person could run up to a shooter if they are not careful, and start a struggle if said shooter remains stationary. This however would not allow players that are currently in any type of axe-circling match be tricked into a struggle - if the players are under constant movement to prevent any abuse / trolling of a struggle.. Condition method 2 (16DEC12) - The player will have the option to attempt a struggle if they are at the back of a opponent, if the opponent has been stationary for a small period of time, a higher percentage chance of a struggle taking place is present. If the person is active - the chances of a struggle are lower. This will keep players from trying to move behind one another only when fighting to discourage abuse and over use. Why would we need this? I think this would add to the over all excitement of that random close encounter you come across once in a blue moon. The person that looses the struggle suffers random outcomes - such as being knocked completely out, being knocked back, or even breaking a bone from a fall from the spar. It could also be used on zombies that you've approached unaware, to take down silently. The chance of infection should be higher when this close of contact is made to a zombie of course. (21DEC12)The over all reason to keep this as a quick time event (THAT IS SHORT, NO MORE THEN 10 SECONDS) - as based on other players systems that sub-posted threads of my idea, is because if there is a attack/counter attack move - players will often just play defensively towards one another and this could generate a rather prolonged and annoying locked in fighting situation. With that being said I also added a small fighting method under the updated section - one that might work but would surely extend the whole fighting script... "Well wouldn't players just try to get into a struggle when its 1 vs 2 - just to keep the guy from firing?" If the animations where done correctly, and both parties in the struggle shifted about, making it hard to get a shot without hitting your buddy close range this would be a minor cure to the problem. Players have to be extremely close to engage in a struggle, and chances are if its 2 vs 1 at such a close range, might not turn to well for you in the first place. The struggle shouldn't in my opinion last any longer then 10 seconds, and the camera angle should be cinematic to the effects of a fight (perhaps a forced first person view while in the struggle, and it will return to which ever state you had it in afterwards 3rd or FPV) I think its a small addition, that down the road would add to the depth of DayZ. I'm not saying I want to see it in the DayZ standalone tomorrow, there is way more important things on the plate... would it would be pretty funny to be a fresh spawn, sneak up behind a bandit, and just start beating his ass - or if you are the bandit that gets crept up on, and you end up kicking him down and gunning his little bambi chest out. I'm sure I could enter more details - this is just a rough idea... be gentle community, be gentle... Some users get what I'm going for here - others don't.
  12. Hi everyone, Wanted to share this video of a song I wrote which was inspired by DayZ. For more on the song, DayZ and other games, check out my blog. http://vortex-1.blog...ed-by-dayz.html Thanks!
  13. The DayZ Anthem - Frank and BeanZ