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Found 8 results

  1. OBS and 0.62 Patch

    So I am getting back into streaming. Every game I wanna stream works great... but then 0.62 hit. Wow, nice patch, wanna stream this... oh wait OBS don't work with DayZ anymore. All I am getting is a black screen (I wanna use OBS only cause everything's setup on there for me). Everything else like overlays or any other game for that matter, they all work. But can't get DayZ to work. What I've done: 0. YES I checked "Compatibility mode/anti cheat thingy) 1. Updated all video drivers and updated OBS. 2. Verified DayZ Cache. 3. Deleted old scenes in OBS and made new ones. 4. Re-installed OBS. 5. Tried window capture (It's all wonky on screen and won't fit it right). 6. Tried monitor capture but only where there is text on the menu is lit up, the rest is all black. KEEP in mind, I cannot run this game in window mode as I get half the frames I would get fullscreen (Max 30 in the wilderness and that's with no trees around me). So I won't do Window capture and monitor capture is just as bad for me with the addition that not everything lights up. Did anyone get DayZ working on OBS correctly and if so, how'd you do it? Thanks for the help guys :) Win7 - GeForce 1050 ti 4GB - 12 GB Mem - Athlon 750k 3.4Ghz
  2. Recording using OBS

    Ok so I'm new-ish to day z and also to recording content. For some reason OBS is only picking up the audio and not the visuals. After looking through reddit forums it looks like the game is picking up OBS as a "cheating" software so it's being disabled. Does anyone know how to work around this for 0.62? I can only find fixes for old versions of OBS or for 0.60.
  3. OBS Classic (Open Broadcaster Software) "Game capture" function doesn't work with 0.60. Drivers, updates and other info is irrelevant – if one reverts back to 0.59, everything works again. A lot of evidences from different streamers across Twitch, Twitter etc. For example, from here: Please, fix it, because Game capture method is recommended for streaming and it was the more convenient way to stream DayZ. P.S. I know about windowed mode (window capture) and monitor capture. Game capture is still better. UPDATE: There is a workaround for this problem: disable Anti-aliasing in the game to get game capture feature working again. Big thanks and respect to Le_yakitoid, who told us about it. :)
  4. On the stable I can choose to go 1920x1080 (16:9) and it would do it on my 1920x1080 (16:10) monitor but now it wont even give me the option to choose that ratio. Now I have black bars on the sides of my stream and if I go to full screen it puts my second monitor black so I can not see any of my other windows. I don't know if this is a bug or if they are only letting you choose the ratio of that monitor, I should be able to choose whatever ratio I want.
  5. Hello, I hear a lot of people are paying for software to stream or record with. FRAPS, DXStory and other alternatives. I feel like I need to share with you that this isn't really needed. You can get all this functionality for free using Open Broadcaster Software. I can make a very advanced guide but you can better use youtube videos for that. So I will just tell you what you need to get started. Initial setup and testing: (I translated this so it could be a little different) 1. Download OBS from http://obsproject.com/ 2. Intall obs where you like. 3. Open OBS 4. Right click in the white area of Scenes. 5. click 'add scenes'. 6. When you did this right click the white area under sources. 7. Click add source. 8. Click on 'game capture'. 9. type a descriptive name of what you want to do. 10. Select the game you want to play and press 'OK' 11. Click on 'Stream Preview' to see if it works at all. (It doesn't work if you have a fullscreen game until you tab back to that game) Now to the settings: 12. Click at the topbar at 'settings' and then again at 'settings'. 13. Click at broadcastsettings. 14. Select the modus that you want. Livestream or recording. Recording: 14.record.1 Select a path with enough space. (I recommend a separate drive than where your windows is running on for better performance) 14.record.2 (optional) select the quick keys to start or end a recording. Stream(I use twitch for this example): 14.stream.1 select the specific streaming service. (twitch) 14.stream.2 Select the server closest to you. 14.stream.3 enter the public key you can find on this page: http://www.twitch.tv/broadcast/dashboard/streamkey (when you are logged in of course) 14.stream.4 (optional for streamrecording) check save to file and select the file output. (I recommend a separate drive than where your windows is running on for better performance) 15. Click at 'Encoding'. 16. Select the bitrate. rule here is: the higher the bitrate the higher the quality. For my recordings I use 20000 kb/s. But the quality is still acceptable at 10000 kb/s and probably even lower. For stream it can't be higher than your uploadspeed. So if you have an upload speed of 5000 kb/s I wouldn't recommend going higher than 3500-4000. 17. Click on the 'video' tab. 18. select the manual resolution and the correct video adapter. Leave your fps on 30 for recording (to youtube) and for streaming you can go up to 60 if your computer and connection good enough. 19. click on 'advanced'. 20. Put x264 cpu preset on 'very fast'. (if you experience lag or something, put it on superfast or even ultra fast for better performance, of course this is versus quality.) 21. Last but not least. Click on 'Audio'. 22. (Optional) Leave everything on the default settings to record microphone and speakersound. 23. (Optional) I have configured 2 push to talk keys. One for my mumble, teamspeak or whatever conversations (mousebutton 4) and voice chat in dayz (caps lock). This is very useful because it reduces background noise by other homemates! (remember the guy streaming who got screamed on by his mom, haha!) You should be ready to go now. Please take your time to get to know the software. It is very precise work and it generally needs a lot of tweaking to get the optimal settings. Ask any questions if you want. :) Edit: So it became 23 steps, sorry! Edit2: I made a few optimizations to my settings since I posted this. - Turn CBR off (it will stop using a constant bitstream if it needs less) - For NVIDIA, turn on NVENC. It will give you better quality, and better performance (higher fps) - For intel CPU's there is a nice way too to improve performance. De4dCert made a video about it. He claims that this works better when using a really big bitrate than the NVENC codec but I tested it and I don't see this difference at a bitrate of 20000. It isn't worse either, my experience was that it was the same. The only disadvantage I found was that I had an invisible monitor extra to accidently put windows on when I want to snap em to the side of the screen.
  6. OBS Multiplatform support

    I've tried to run DayZ through OBS Multiplatform and it results in a file block by BattleEye. I brought this up on the OBS forums and it looks like DayZ may simply not yet support the program. Is there any sort of work-around or ETA for when OBS MP will be supported? Thanks.
  7. DayZ streaming issues; black screen

    I use OBS to stream, I've streamed DayZ many times. I don't know why but recently I went to stream DayZ and it's a black screen. I have no idea why, I've tried replacing the game capture multiple times to try and just hope it fixes itself within OBS, but it won't. Has anyone ever run into this issue?
  8. Streaming DayZ SA

    Hello, i stream alot of my games (not that populair) but i just like to record it if anything funny happens. same with League. Well, i tried streaming Dayz SA (i normaly use screen capture) but since there isnt the option "borderless" yet i need to use game capture wich works ofc but the quality is bad while in league i can easy 1080p etc. (love borderless). while that isnt really the main issue my problem is more whenever i stream i get great lagg ingame wich makes unable to see my friends who i play with. I never get lagg in league while i stream that 720p so to the question: is there any streamer here who uses OBS and if so do you have any problems? And if not could anyone help me? kind regards, FlyX