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Found 9 results

  1. NWAF death zone.

    So after a visit up north to the Northwest airfield I lost two friends with two SVDs but managed to rack up 6 Kills against players logging in inside the ATC And industrial tower in irdee to snipe at other players or server hop for loot. i don't usually KOS but if a couple of guys are in full camo sporting SVDs and ARs with scopes ontop of a vantage point I'm gonna fulfill there wishes of combat. Thankyou random four and two man squad for the gift of two fresh SVDs for my friends when I next meet them on the coast, the fights were fun and I nearly died a few times but sitting up on vantage points and server hopping all day apparently isn't that good for target practise.
  2. https://youtu.be/XV2sxXx9b5s Me and 1Lt. n0rth were looting up in the North West airfield, as we started to see signs of people there. We started to move quickly to try to reach the guys that we were looking for. Safe to say, I still need to get used to the new controls as you can see!
  3. Me and my buddys have recently started pvp'ing on the North West Airfield again. We were having a good fight that ended in a verry stupid way. (dont want to spoil the vid)the next day we went there again and got killed from the ''glitch'' in the atc. Safe to say we are not going to pvp on NWA untill that gets fixed. Hope u guys enjoy the video!
  4. The Ghost of NWAF

    Some other videos
  5. Wrong Choice [5:05] Hardcore, 60 fps

    New video online with an encounter on the airfield. 60 fps and I included a map animation. Hope you like it!
  6. For the past week I have died once, by a hacker(Surprise, Surprise!). In all these hours spent in game, I have not spotted a single other player, and I play on 40 player servers. I lurk around Stary Sobor, and occasionally check out the NW airfield for any action; I have yet to find that action. Berezino is now Barren-zino. Stary Sobor has turned into Snore-y Sobor. I've definitely been around to all the "Hot spots" multiple times, and explored some smaller places nearer to the coast as well; never to spot a player besides my teammate. So, does anyone have an idea? Where are you guys playing at, did the Artifacts scare everyone off? :P Please indulge me with your sweet knowledge! TL,DR: Where the hell is everyone? I wanna snipzorz some people.
  7. Worst Luck Ever

    What could go wrong? GOD DAMN IT
  8. During my recent time on the wonderful world of DAYZ, i came across a legit rocket launcher in a bunker at the Northwest airfield. Here is a video of what happens, enjoy, lot's of love, Meoni of AGTV. Be sure to sub for more epic vids weekly from our directors. AND SUBBING ENTERS YOU INTO A COMP TO WIN A RAZER NAGA!!