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Found 348 results

  1. Hey all. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. I played DayZ on arma years ago and it was the most fun I’ve ever had playing a video game. I’m wondering though, since I already see that cars and helicopters aren’t in the game yet, are there tents? Or do I have to just keep whatever I want to save on my character when I log off either way, I’m so pumped to play this. Can’t wait to get home and buy it
  2. I go holly shit1

    It all began when... I found my self in a new body, it was dark and horrible voices was in the wind! as i try to figure out what part of hell im in and who or what was making that noise... i start running!... soon I see a house! and is that maybe a lake in the distant...? anyways it looks like shelter! and maybe food! weapons??? But first things first, find something to defend off what ever was making those sounds! I run as fast as possible and i can hear my chest pounding! smash open the door and slam it shut, thinking the thing was right behind! find nothing inside! only a duct tape that I try to snatch, but im unable to! its just there, not matter how much i want it!... and then i realised im not this person, im Ayatoma, sitting in front of my PC playing dayz stress test... so i quite the server and try to reconnect.... . . . Character locked in database... i go holly shit! whats this!?! i try everything my poor brain can do but no joy for hours! The real Ayatoma is downgrading now and writing this... what to do??? id: STEAM_0:0:6183452 No sure what server i was on im sorry to inform.. but Swe 0-1 sounds right
  3. looking for other casual ppl

    I've been sticking to the low pop servers while I've been learning the basics of how to survive and without the fear of running into bandits or people that kill on sight. So far 28 hours of game time and it would be nice to have a person or two there to watch my back. I'm in the US and go by EST, I mostly play after 7pm sometimes earlier and I don't mind PVP but I lean more towards PVE. I have a headset and a strong Internet connection.
  4. Okay So I've been playing Dayz since the mod. I've never bothered with experimental branches but might like to give this one a go. I know it's experimental and going to have many bugs but I'm also a software tester so I can submit some bug reports. My question is....how do I go about downloading the experimental branch? I have searched but typing in experimental right now makes my computer explode! Cheers in advance.
  5. DayZ Bandits Vs Everyone

    Hello everyone! This server idea is more than likely not even remotely unique, but I'm gonna give it a shot anyway!. Our server features an organized bandit faction vs. everyone else. Instead of creating hero faction ourselves wouldn't allow for enough freedom as far as roleplay goes. So our twist on it is to let YOU start the hero faction. It is your job to unite the bambis under one flag to take down the tribal warlords that now rule Chernarus. Message me if you are interested!
  6. We are the Beer Belly Master Mindz [BBMM] clan created for all the brothers that are oversees and play on the EU servers, a Europe based clan! Fighting Friends! We are a laid back clan, we don't stress and don't want any drama just to have fun with friends and enjoy comradery, joke and game. Typically we play in the evenings and use Team-Speak to communicate, download free at Teamspeak.com. The ip address to our voice server is request the password in your application. If you are interested in having fun and hanging out with a great crowd post and let us know about it. Check our website out at www.clans.de/bbmm We are a multigaming clan. To include DayZ (standalone) we play everything from Battlefield 4 and have our own server to something as fun as World of Tanks. Shoot us a message, we try our best to process everything within 24hrs as soon as we see the note we'll get back with you. The Clan's Primary Language is English however we have members from the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, U.K and even a few Americans living in Germany as well. ⚔ DayZ / Rust ⚔ Battlefield 4 ⚔ TheHunter ⚔ World of Tanks ⚔ World of Warplanes ⚔ Eve Online ⚔ Heroes and Generals ⚔ Insurgency ⚔ Arma 3 We look forward to surviving with you!
  7. Hello again too all of you Survivors of Chernarus out there! We are looking to build a dedicated community for our Whitelisted Role-play Server dubbed TheLastofChernarus, we are looking for people to join our growing community we currently have 160+ players whitelisted we thank you for joining us and making our whitelisted numbers almost triple and hope too see this increase and we hope you all will continue too diversify our version of chernarus thank you all. Everyone has a story and I cant wait to see you out in our wasteland to hear yours! Here are some of the highlights of what we have be created for our community!! -Zoned Game Modes! Regularly we will be doing Random game modes in set-up zones around chernarus as they come available you may vote on any game modes you or you're group would rather have. -Current Events- --Bring your Friends! Group/Clan Owned Settlements and WAR!-- You're group/clan may claim ANY settlement ANYWHERE in chernarus and can set-up your own rules for that town/city or none at all! its completely up to you the normal rules do not apply to you if you say they don't but only in you're area! - we have 6 groups of 3-8 players currently set up and active, bring your friends! -Your group is not restricted to that Settlement your group has possessed: you may challenge other group owned territories and go to war with them further details and rules are here http://lastofchernar...c.php?f=10&t=17 -You must give up the town if there is an event taking place there for the duration of the event (a few hours at most) we will warn you a few days before the event. -Check out our exploits from our Twitch Streamer Brach18! -PEACE TALKS GONE WRONG~~ - -SWAGNUM SNIPING~~ - -ROADBLOCK HOLD-UP~~ - -How Do You Become Whitelisted??? Step 1: Click on this link! http://lastofchernar...ewforum.php?f=2 Step 2: Create an account. Step 3: Fill out the your application, there is a subsection dedicated to whitelist applications, follow the template and you will be contacted shortly after. -Join Our TeamSpeak! Type into your TeamSpeak connections tab ----> loc.clants.net ~Add Me on Steam! ---->[EAT]TheLynch -We also have a Steam Group located here----> http://steamcommunit...lastofchernarus
  8. Ok lets get down too the chase I am looking for a group/friend who can help me out in the game teach me how to play well at least the basic I know a little about the game I can survive but I get killed when I go and talk to people ;p prefer if you were 13-15 Gmt time zone or around it A friendly guy not a bandit leave you steam or Skype name in the comment please

    So I've been playing days standalone, got about 25 hours in game. I have a general idea of how things work such as finding food, drink, and staying healthy. But it seems like everytime I get a good start I end up getting sniped from some coward I can't even see. Even on servers with minimal players. I'm not that great at navigating, I only know where two spawn points are on the map. I guess I'm just having a hard time getting around to the good stuff before I get killed. I try to stay in the tree line or away from windows in the buildings. It would be great if someone could kinda tour guide me through to some more discreet firearm locations. Any help is greatly appreciated. I love the feel of this game but I just can't get off to a good start.
  10. So, Arma 2 and 3 are on sale on steam. I have been watching DayZ videos obsessively, and I have decided to get it. But first, I have a few questions. 1. Can an Arma 2 client play on an Arma 3 server in DayZ? So, say I didn't want to pay for Arma 3, but I had Arma 2, could I play on the same servers as the Arma 3 people? 2. Servers aside, are the performance optimizations really worth it in Arma 3? For the extra $30 on top of Arma 2 OA, it is really that good? 3. I have done some research, and I hear that you need Arma 2 to play DayZ on Arma 3, (they use the same assets of something?). Is this true? I am talking about the official mod. (Side note, is this true of other mods such as epoch, origins, etc)? 4. Here are my specs CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, 2.8 GHz. GPU: AMD Radeon 6870, 1gb vram SSD: Yes, Samsung 840 evo. RAM: 8gb ddr2 800Mhz PSU: 600W OS: Windows 7 What kind of performance will I get with this? 5. Standalone vs. Mod. Does the mod still have players? I honestly would like to play something based on Arma rather than something in development. Is there still a community for the mod? Thanks, If I can get some help that would be great, I am a complete noob here.
  11. looking for experienced or new players to get into the game with. I have Skype and teamspeak. my steam id is marahwana. hit me up.
  12. Chronic Gaming Community Our mission we to strive to promote great gaming and fun environment for player to enjoy. Features of our servers: No admin abuse 24/7 Daytime 50 Player slots Active TeamSpeak Servers located in Atlanta Follow us on Twitter @gamingkartel Twitter us for Medic help or just simply need help. Streamers Welcome!! [CGc] Strong Hold N.W AirField Bring it!!!!!!! Teamspeak: ta01.gameservers.com:9281 https://www.facebook.com/Welcome2Jamrockdayz
  13. Hello, everyone! I recently started playing with DayZ and when I want to play I get this message: ---------------------------DayZ: DayZ.exe - Alkalmazáshiba---------------------------A 0x00d34ee8 címen található utasítás a 0x00000000 memóriacímre hivatkozott. A memóriaterületen nem végezhető el a következő művelet: read. A program befejezéséhez kattintson az OK gombra.---------------------------OK ---------------------------Sorry, the text is in Hungarian, because I play it in Hungarian. It says that it can't read a file or something, I don't really understand this problem. Thank you for your help in advance!
  14. need a group

    hey i need a group of pepole to play with NOT A BANDIT GROUP just reply here and also i dont want any 70+ community to play with i just want a small group to game with ps im a medic
  15. Hey everyone I just started playing and I have a crappy laptop that I'm trying to get to run this at the best of it's ability. The information I have at hand is this: Windows 7 Home Premium Alienware M11XR2 Intel Core i3 CPU U 330 @ 1.20GHz 4 GB RAM 64-bit Operating System It's an old computer that's pretty crappy but it plays and I just wanna get the best settings out of it. Unfortunately I know nothing about computers so I figured I would ask. If you have any advice/tips for beefing this setup to as good as it can be I would be very happy. Thanks! Edit 1: And what options to set for in game too!
  16. Hi, I am new!

    Hi All! I am Genesis and I just got this game today, I am 15 years of age and I am known as a "bambi" as people call noobs on DayZ. I just got used to the controls in the last hour, I am still a bambi even though I have only played for an hour and a half, and was wondering if anyone might be willing to accept me to be friends, if they'd accept a noob on their team or as a friend, I mostly just want to know how to play the game at first. I don't want to be on a clan, but I want to be on a team of other players or survivors, again if anyone accepts me. Regards, Gene + I hopefully wish I put this in the right section :P
  17. Man i did such a noob thing and its made me so mad arrrrrrhhhhh, i have been putting in a session today made my way down the coast gathering good loot and made it to the prison island for 1st time surprisingly it was a ghost prison :) bot a soul about the place and unlooted in full 50 server which i found surprising, so i swam over and headed to kamarovo where 2 guys opened fire with mosins, after 20 minutes of intense gameplay i killed them and started to loot the bodies, just to notice a guy running in the distance, i decided to give chase, got within 20 yards of him and plop i forgot i had my gun unequiped....FOOK A DUCK, he spotted me, i managed to get my sks out and shoot him but he put me down! I have many hours in dayz sa and no not to grow attached to gear but doing such a nooby thing really pissed me off...arrhhhhhh Only myself to blame, i dont see myself as a bandit as the first 2 guys shot first, the guy who did kill was suspiciously close to the first guy i killed, but anyway i gave chase and died because of the noob inside me :( R.I.P DungShoveler
  18. Due to the pricetag on this game and it being a pre-alpha i haven't convinced anyone of my friends to play this with me, and this is a game best played with other people. I was just wondering if anyone would wan't to partner up with me, preferably with skype and mature aswell. And the more the better so if your interested just post a comment with your steam name and i'll add you :)
  19. I have been playing Day Z for a couple of weeks now and really having fun. Ok so what if I am on my 7th character due to silly decisions, approching zombies thinking they are Player characters and trying to plea to the better nature of bandits. Bandits are a pain, there is no doubt about it but in the real world (real appocalypse) wouldnt we be trying to kill each other for just a can of beans, lose our mind and just kill at random citing its better to be dead then Z'ed or maybe just shooting your friend for his fancy sniper rifle. There are friendly servers out there and the roleplaying ones look fun but i think the real day z is where you are hiding, constantly looking over your shoulder and where the bullet has no name on it.
  20. Food and Loot?

    So im pretty new to the game and i cant really get anywhere so i was thinking i needed some help. The very first time i played the game i played for about 3 hours and got some semi good loot and weapons. Ever since i got KOS'd on that character it has just been me spawning and dying of starvation because i cant find any food anywhere. Ive gone through about 4 different characters this way and ive tried being on low population servers, going inland off spawn etc. I just cant seem to find any food at all besides the fact that i havent found a backpack or anything other than a crowbar since i died with my first character. Any tips at all?
  21. Hi guys, So I'm brand new to DayZ SA and I personally don't have many friends that play this game. I was wondering if any awesome people out there would care to give me a hand in the game, as I don't know much. I've never played the Arma 2 dayz mod or anything. Basically the complete newbie. All I know, is if I don't have a bud to play with, the game won't be as enjoyable. :P My steam account name is: kazalicious My steam name is: unkn0wn cheers, just looking to have some fun!
  22. Absolute newbie looking for a leader

    Ok, so... I just started playing yesterday, and got this game as a christmas gift. But, it's very hard to get the hang of and i keep dying before i can learn anything. So, if there's anyone who wants to step up and help a girl out... well, let me know ^_^
  23. I am somewhat new to the game, about 48 hours or so playing time, and I have had many encounters with people, more with people than zombies, and have yet to find one single person that doesn't end up killing me. (Excluding the people that have freshly spawned). I will see people and I can EASILY EASILY kill them if I wanted. I'll catch people looting a car with their back turned. Opening a door, eating food and looking the other way. I have had SO SO SO many chances to kill people, but I have yet to kill ANYONE without being damaged myself. Like just today I went to airstrip and saw a guy running from zombies, I saved him and he was weaponless. Well, me being nice I let him get a gun out of the building, because quite frankly I was way better equipped and the weapon was rather useless to me. I made sure to keep my gun lowered and let him have his space and what not. Well, Next thing I know he is laying on the floor in a room i go in and he shoots be breaking my leg and then runs out of ammo and I end up having to kill him. Or another time a guy with just a garden hoe attacks me and I said multiple times I will not shoot, my gun lowered and everything, I even offered to help him get started and he just charges me and i end up having to kill him too. I mean, I rarely die from the people that try killing me, but it's the concept of me saving them or obviously having all the chance in the world to just kill em there and choose not to and it seems EVERYONE still tries to kill me -_- Am I the only one that just seems to have this bad of luck with meeting people or should I just quit being nice, because quite frankly I am about to just start killing on sight(Excluding fresh spawns and weaponless of course) because it seems anyone with anything to hit you with, even if it's a measly shovel will try to kill you -_-.
  24. Hi im Mezye and i am looking for a freindly group of pepole to hang with Add me on skype or steam Skype:carsnick11 Steam:Mezy (idk if thats right)