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Found 1 result

  1. New global update

    Hi, I suggest a global update that it needs? Let's go: 1. Add more buildings where you can go in and find things to take buildings from dayzero, where many buildings did the interior and improve them. This is a great empowerment and diversity in the search. 2. The clothing system as in originsmod, Yes it would be just the perfect variety which will have more functionality. 3. Improve medicine and disease in originsmod, the desired functionality for the theme of survival. 4. Mechanics of repair of originsmod for gathering and transportation, its value will increase significantly. 5. Cars textures to make a more old and rust a little, and a couple of cars to enter would be well under the theme of the course. 6. Increase in cities with paragraph 1. 7. The fog from the braking point of Arma 2, atmospheric piece. 8. Vapor when you breath in cold weather. 9. The limit in weight for the rig. 10. More weapons and better model, unfortunately this model mosinka not very high quality. There is a better model. 11. The opportunity to surrender, with this command, another player can pick up all the things not killed or leaving the faint player, I hope this will give more types of play things for the sake and survival. Need appropriate animations. 12. To return radio messages on green mountain, having the radio at night on the green mountain will be a message that was removed from the game for a very long time, this part of the world of fashion, and the highlight of the intrigue about the beginning of the disaster. 13. If possible with leg injuries to introduce animation to limp. 14. Block for a high range of brightness. Night should be night. 15. The helicopter for it requires special fuel, not regular gasoline. The presence of such airfields, and military bases. 16. Change the mechanics of throwing items and grenades from ACEmod, the native system is awful. 17. Continue to develop the mechanics of modular weapons. I believe such changes are necessary fashion, it will give new life to fashion and will make waiting more pleasant individual games will arouse interest in buying a separate game after game in an updated fashion.