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Found 143 results

  1. I think that this thread missing for the off topic section... ;)
  2. yo.. there's a party in chernarus

    So i was inspired and messing around with FL stuio .. https://soundcloud.com/frml/chernarus-3
  3. Seeking opinions

    Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some opinions on my latest ambient track, titled "Champion". It's taken 2 days to create it, and I'm happy with it, but want to get some feedback. Any thoughts? I would embed the song here but don't have such ability. Link: https://soundcloud.com/nl1tnd1/champion Thanks for any responses!
  4. The second track in the ""Frequency" DayZ Content Creator series. A progressive ambient track, entirely synth based. Travels from dark to light. A heavy chopper DayZ influence to begin with then euphoric melodies to end with. I will be using these in my videos and encourage you to share and distribute as far and wide as you like. Anyone is free to download and use in their own DayZ videos (or other media) if they like. Created by Ian Anderson, aka Beaver Productions Feel free to use as you wish, all I ask is that you give credit and link people to my YouTube page. Audio only versions can be downloaded at: https://beav.bandcamp.com/track/frequency-gamma http://uptobox.com/hxz54715oo89
  5. This is the first track of some personally produced music for the DayZ community to download and use. I will be using these in my videos and encourage you to share and distribute as far and wide as you like. This is an ominous ambient track to start with. Anyone is free to download and use in their own DayZ videos (or other media) if they like. Created by Ian Anderson, aka Beaver Productions Feel free to use as you wish, all I ask is that you give credit and link people to my YouTube page. Audio only versions can be downloaded at: https://beav.bandcamp.com/track/frequency-omega http://uptobox.com/9m0a6r33qp5k https://soundcloud.com/edoian/frequency-omega
  6. Made a New Song

  7. I ended up playing with these guys for hours. It's always nice to find some friendlies for a change.
  8. Time

  9. This happened a while ago, but I still laugh every time I watch it! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7DgPtZ-Vd9eHWO5Fbpkwsg Also, devs, I would be honored if you would consider featuring me in the weekly status report :)
  10. Fun scenes from 1000 hours DayZ

    Hello Survivor, i am Darcion the Bughunter. I am not only here for bugs, here i have a fun video. The content of this video is only a small part from all my videos. So have fun.
  11. Any Wayne's World / DayZ fans will love this! :) Give us CARS DEV's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsF6BZfuP74
  12. Survival Game Hardcore Band video

    A bit of a niche, I'd say :) Epochlysm
  13. hello there This thread will gather severals links to playlist, original soundtracks and uh lets say music we like while playing DayZ! don't hesitate posting yours, and I'll try to keep my thread up to date! Lemme start with those three. MUD THE ROAD INTO THE WILD
  14. Hey, I'v been watching DayZ videos by FRANKIE if you have heard of him, and I'v noticed when he does a night time gameplay, I hear spooky music. When I play at night I don't hear it. Is there a setting or something to change it or is it just added sound by Frankie to make his night time gameplay more interest. Thanks P.S, Frankie FTW
  15. DayZ "You Are Dead" Theme

    So in my free time I decided to grind out a quick little arrangement of this theme, since no sheet music exists anywhere. If you want a copy I will be glad to post it on dropbox and get a link or something. Are there any other cool orchestral themes I should try? Preferably something that would go well with DayZ, because I may attempt to play it (After I teach myself how to play basic cello, since this current arrangement is for string quartet and I can only do violin & viola ATM). I am also still working on some fine-tuning for the arrangement such as my own dynamics and effects (Although I have a clean copy if you wish to add your own).
  16. Music in DayZ?

    Do you think there will ever be music in DayZ for you to choose to have either on or off? Such as main menu music, or ambience when in the forests? Possibly have a music change when engaging in combat with other people? Not to the extent where people could have their positions revealed because of someone else nearby just heard their music stop / change, but maybe music could be incorporated in such a way where it simply provides an additional amount of atmospheric enjoyment to what the full game is sure to accomplish?
  17. DayZ Song Parody!

    Hey Guys! We made a Song parody of DayZ and we would appreciate it if you checked it out, and shared it!
  18. [STB] Clan Dayz Music Video

    Hey guys, This is our [sTB] Clan Music Video. Music is produced by ourselves;-) Special THX to Actibaleribash / AquilaZ RecordZ feat. Mem Moshville for the great Song "We must Survive" Have Fun!!!
  19. Music?

    So I think guitars or some sort of acoustic instrument should be implemented. Here are some reasons: -Scary encounters: you see a guy walking in the street with a mask stringing three different cords walking towards you. Pretty scary, especially when he starts running -LETS SING A CAMPFIRE SONG!: Lets say you have a little group, you guys could play the guitar, and.. well.. sing! how fun! -Loneliness sustained: You could be in an abandoned hospital playing the guitar and getting emotional because the world has ended and all. #apocalypse -Don't DO THIS TO ME!: A group of laughable bandits could of kidnapped you and started playing you guitar songs for whatever reason whilst swaying back and forth. Sounds pretty fun don't ya think!? This is how you would use it: You would equip your guitar and click F or your "use" button, then select "play guitar". When you are "playing guitar, a curtain row of keys would be used for stringing, and your mouse or something would be used to "put your fingers" on the handle string part for high/low pitch. Or some other way of using it.. Doesn't really matter..
  20. https://soundcloud.com/musicfordayz-game/sets/dayz-unofficial-soundtrack I'll be adding more and more to this playlist. I cannot recommend enough playing the music in the background while you play, I tried very hard to make it as minimal and inorganic (as not to interfere w/ the game sound) and still make it interesting and contribute to the tension of the game. Thanks for listening, see you fuckers in Cherno...
  21. Wu-Tang Clan Fans?

    Me, I'm a die hard Wutang fan. Arguably the most iconic group in hip-hop's history, & they just released their newest album "A Better Tomorrow". The tracks & production have an extremely wide array of sounds ranging from the old, grimy, gangster rap sound, to the uplifting, soulful, passionate sounds that the Wu never fails to deliver. Any Wutang fan can appreciate what they've done with this album. For anyone who particularly doesn't care for rap or hip-hop, I strongly encourage you to give this album a chance with an open mind. Namely tracks such as Preacher's Daughter (track 9), which is actually a rendition of Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" (which is also an incredible song as well), or A Better Tomorrow (track 13) which has a beautiful, soulful, uplifting, oldies sound to it -- A song about changing the world for the better, for all humans, & they do an incredible job in delivering such a powerful message. This, is rap. Real rap. Please don't let these modern day fake MCs such as Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Bobby Shmurda, Riff Raff, & other mainstream artists tarnish the true culture & genuineness of rap & hip-hop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcX4AC8Y6Hc
  22. Hi guys, I just downloaded the new steam client and I really like the new music feature. It allows you to play music while playing games within steam itself, not just by using a different program. however, I don't know how to get my music into steam. I would like to import my songs/playlists from iTunes into the steam player. any help is appreciated, thanks.