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Found 440 results

  1. The Spotlight on Arkensor

    Hi all, I am doing The Spotlight on Arkensor (click link to see his video if you dont know who he is) this weekend, if you have any questions, please submit them via the details in the video. Questions submitted here may be missed, so best to use the comments on reddit or youtube where possible. Cheers
  2. Tokarev TT-33 Added

    Hey guys, finally it's permitted and we can mod this game, yaaay! And this is the first creation I have done. I implemented Tokarev TT-33, a Russian pistol developed in 1930 by Fjodor Tokarev. Need to fix the inventory and inspect view Need to fix the movable parts of the gun To fix both I need public documentation, otherwise the gun works! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!
  3. Hello to all. So, the old company from {grof communty} is back,this time away from that clan.We are operating by ourselves and we have opened a new dayz mod epoch server! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/kirterpos And we want you to join us and have fun! It runs 24/7 Server IP: Name: Kir Terpos Playground Epoch|DAY/NIGHT|Startkit|Custom events Map: Chernarus Slots: 30 Location: Germany -------- In order to join the server, you need to download through DZlauncher these files: dayz Epoch and of course ARMA 2OA beta patch (obsolete) through STEAM. and arma2oa beta version from steam options! --------------- Server will restart every 6hours (no notification yet). Server will backup database every 8hours. Server has custom random events. Server has day/night circle (UTC+6) You start with custom gear,ready for PVP with a shiny m9SD and some surprises as well. @Sandbird is an extra feature to this server --- Discord for you: https://discord.gg/684KQH Welcome all,and we hope you like it. kir terpos aka kir menios aka xtrmsnpr
  4. Now that we finally have a modding section for DayZ SA, I'd like to suggest something that I've been thinking about for a long time now that could be helpful to us all. All of us that are interested in modding DayZ have vastly different levels of experience and areas of expertise. Some of us here are very familiar with modding ArmA in the past, some are completely new to it and eager to learn, and the rest are somewhere in between. As we get closer to the new modding tools to be released, I think it would be a good idea to create a dedicated sub-section of the modding section, focused on two things: A place for anyone interested in modding to introduce themselves, and include some basic info about their skills and any past experience with scripting, modeling, mission design, etc. in ArmA and other games, or for those completely new to DayZ modding, what particular aspects they are interested in learning. This could be very useful to help the community overall, by having a place where we can get to know each other's skills. For example, someone who feels comfortable with writing scripts, but has no modeling experience can find those who are good at making asset models and may be interested offering up their skills. The easier it is for us to know who's out there and what they can do, the greater the benefits to us all. An "Asset Exchange" thread or section, and the idea of a "Community Asset Pack". People can post a request for a certain item or item to be made, and if there's a modeler that wants to make it, they can submit their design for consideration. Ideally, those submitted assets could be made available to all modders, so that we can reduce the chances of us having 10 slightly different versions of some basic item (ex. a opened tin can, a handful of wires ripped from a wrecked car or home appliance, a liquor bottle, a brick, etc). Of course, there will be some very work-intensive stuff that some modders would like to keep to their own mods (vehicles, firearms, entirely new buildings, etc), but I'm talking more about about the (relatively) basic stuff here that would be useful in many different mods. Additionally, we could have links to BI's wiki pages that list existing ArmA assets, so that people don't waste time making something from scratch that could be just ported over. The goal here is to avoid wasting modeler's valuable time by letting them focus on different things, rather than duplicating things whenever possible. As time goes on, it would be possible for assets submitted to that part of the forum section could, with the permission of those modelers, be compiled into a "Community Asset Pack" mod through the Steam workshop either as a single mod or broken into 2-3 separate categories (environmental, structural, or miscellaneous items), and updated every month or two. As for who would be the one responsible for curating/compiling that and the general logistics of handling that, I'm open to suggestions. Figuring out the process at first will be tricky, but I think the potential benefits of it is worth seriously considering. (In many ways it's similar to the CUP mods in ArmA as the end result, but what I'm focusing on is how we can create a submission/compilation process that has the best chance to draw in new talent as well as have the support of those with a great deal of previous experience in ArmA) Just to explain a bit about where I'm coming from with this and why I'm making this suggestion: I've got my own plans for a DayZ mod that I've been thinking about for a coupe years now. I've dabbled here and there with mission designs and taking apart PBO files over the last 6+ years in Dayz and ArmA to understand how they work, and observing in particular how DayZ's new code has been evolving over time. I feel reasonably confident that I can make the core concept of my mod work, but when it comes to making a small number of fairly baisic asset models for the various little additional things I'd like to have in the mod, I'm going to need to find someone that would be willing to help with that. I have no doubt there are many other people in the same situation, so why not propose something that might make it easier for everybody?
  5. DAYZ MOD (Vanilla dayz doesnt work)

    Hey, I can play every gamemode and map in the dayzmod, but not dayz vanilla. I dont know what I can do to fix this. I have googled and read alot of "fixes" without them working for me. I get the "session lost"-message. I have just uninstalled dayzlauncher, dayz mod, arma 2 and arma 2 oa from steam. When I downloaded them again, I couldnt even start arma 2 oa. Can someone please give me some tips on how to fix this ...
  6. DayZero was the best mod of Dayz, period. It ran like a charm, looked really nice and wasn't overloaded with bullshit weapon/vehicle spawns like most, if not all, other mods. The development on it has ceased since last year, and since we already have the new enterable buildings from it, is there any chance for the other features to be implemented? None of them "contradict" the experience that vanilla Dayz provides. Most of them (like the new skins, lanterns or ambient and gun sounds) just make you feel much more immersed in the world of Chernarus. It's probably one of my favourite games, and it would be such a shame if there would be no way to experience DayZero once the servers go down for the last time.
  7. Hello everyone. I'd like to present something I've been working on for months.I am slowly developing a mod, initially intended for ArmA 3 but with the main focus on DayZ SA integration. This mod is supposed to be my first and last release on the Bohemia Interactive platform. Although it is the work of a few months, it is based on my experiences during my good ol' ArmA days. This mod is inspired by many ideas and atmospheres that have floated around the ArmA (and DayZ mod) community for a long time. It is currently under development with the knowledge that Enfusion will change alot of how modding is done, and respective decisions are made to make sure it will be compatible once SA mod support is integrated. Before I present anything, I wish to go on with the credits first (not that much so far!). I'd first like to thank Sumrak (Adam Francu) for allowing me to use some audio and models from his legendary Namalsk Crisis mod. Also, ArmanIII for his permission to use models from his Chernobyl Zone. Except them, I'd also like to thank Dean Hall, Bushlurker and Martin Bauer for creating some amazing missions and terrains that have forever shaped modding and terrain making to this day in the community. With that, also big shoutout to GSC games that created the STALKER series - who have placed a big footprint on many of the Eastern European terrains made in the RV engine. Last but not least, me! I have been working and dedicating a lot of free time for years experimenting with ArmA terrain tools. Though never released anything, I created a lot of projects that never seen the light of day (Unnamed desert map, Implementation of Novigrad in South Zagoria region, Kholodia which this mod hosts a terrain that is atmospherically based on). This mod is unleashed from projects that were started and never finished. Left behind is a mod that focuses on player interaction, PVP and the progression of the players' character throughout gameplay. It is intended to forcefully place a player in a situation and continue his character's story from that point and on. The background for this mod is set on an Eastern European Island in the Baltic sea that isn't technologically advanced, with the main business activity being related to agriculture. During the 20th century it was mainly occupied by a Soviet government until the desolation of the USSR so alot of its architecture fits the style of that era. The island had experienced a terrifying event of Radioactive leak from its main power source - a nuclear power plant. An evacuation from the Island was ordered shortly after the leak was discovered, but it was far too late for a few hundreds who hadn't made it to the extraction zones in time. Those who stayed, left behind by the government, had to survive with what was left for them. Cities abandoned, military bases scavenged and most importantly, radioactive material in the air - the civilians left behind must survive under harsh conditions. The mod will place your character a short time after the evacuation attempt, where you are left alone in a post-apocalyptic environment. Mutated enemies are not planned to make an appearance. This leaves most of the focus on player interaction and PVP. The mod is going to manipulate how players will react upon encounters with other players. Shifting the simple kill-on-sight approach to a much more complicated observation. Killing has consequences, the mod will ensure you do not just blindly eliminate other players. That being said, this mod will not be anti-PVP. The map design uses 'psychological choke points', mainly large cities, to endorse the use of force in intimidating locations (think them as 'Dark Zones'). Some aspects of the character are going to be determined for the players by the system. The players will be identified by a name given to their character upon first spawn, a basic background is also determined (a job for example, farmer will have farmer clothing and spawned near farms - etc..). These aspects are out of the players' control - and the players will have to adapt to them, the will escort their characters until they die. That being said, the players' character is also to be developed throughout gameplay - in addition to shaving (and maybe soft skills?) that are coming to DayZ vanilla - a humanity system of some sorts will also be implemented. The effects of humanity on the character are still undetermined at this point. Also, a player-driven barter system (not system-driven!!!) and hopefully soft-AI is also planned. Base-building is subject to change (waiting on DayZ's take on it). The high value loot is not going to be found in military bases, but rather at the heart of larger cities - specifically makeshift evacuation camps made for evacuation and then abandoned. This changes how the combat will differ from the Vanilla survival experience. The map design focuses on simplicity in terms of terrain features, with the main sightings being settlements, meadows, forests and mountains. Most of the open areas are fields of different colors, emphasizing the agricultural background of the Island. As final words, I would like to say that this mod doesn't have an official completion day - it will not be released farther than half a year from today. I am going to enlist to the army in Q1 of 2018 - therefore this mod will be released completed or not by then (hopefully SA will integrate modding until then!).
  8. While modding SA is still a long way off, an BI has not released any official info, specs, or tools for modding SA, I think there is value in having a forum category to start talking about the subject. The three main reasons I think it's worth creating now are: To have a place for people interested in any of the different aspects of modding SA (be it concepts, coding, animation, or modelling) to share ideas and info, and to bring together people with different skills to combine their efforts. Modeling discussion. Making quality models takes time. A lot of time. Why not use this time while we wait to consider what kinds of assets can be created and tested in ArmA 3 that should hopefully require little to no conversion? If one avoids weapons, vehicles, and certain types of clothing, as they are probably (AFIK) the assets with the most amount of differences in SA from A3, which would lead to a great deal of conversion/porting issues until we know more, that still leaves us with a ton of possible things to create. Discuss the topic of how the player base and BI can work out the best procedure for submitting, collecting, and distributing mods and asset collections. While the end results would end up in the Steam Workshop, figuring out the most efficient ways to get to that point is worth talking about. Take modeling, for example. If there is a way to have a few 'community asset' packs available of player-submitted models that all mods can use, such as 'industrial items,' household items,' and 'farm items,' we can hopefully avoid ending up with 10 different models of the exact same item. Not only would that make detecting and debugging problems easier, but it would also help modelers make a wider selection of items. While it's perfectly fine to have 3 different kinds of coffee pots, for example, having 16 different models for 'loose wires ripped from an old TV' is overkill. Community asset packs also may help address some of the issues/headaches that involve rights/usage/attribution.

    Hey guys, I decided to edit my last experience on DayZ and make it as entertaining as possible for you as it was for me at the moment. Take a look a let me know what you think :)
  10. The beginning of the beta is drawing nigh, and I've been thinking a lot about the potential diversity of what the modding community will be able to offer in terms of content and game-play. Because the Enfusion engine is a simulator already endowed (or about to be endowed) with many different varieties of internal simulated systems or "features", which are designed to be as modular as possible (think lego blocks; they are designed to be easily modified and manipulated), the numbers of ways that they can be recombined and re-purposed to me seems really far-reaching. Just to give an example of what I mean, a modder could very easily make a full blown "hunting simulator" game by removing zombies, adding some animals and refining their behavior a bit, and creating a mission generating G.U.I (graphical user interface) that would facilitate positions of player spawning, selecting various hunting challenges, load-outs, trophies, etc... A totally different approach could be to make a round based FPS, or even an offline story based FPS (like half-life or wolfenstein). Once vehicles are tweaked modders could even pretty easily make a full blown racing game; add a few vehicles, make a track, erect world barriers, set-up race-related triggers, and an effective GUI. A clever and comprehensive mod can take a given game and turn it into something entirely different. When it comes to the future of mods for DayZ, things like team-death-match are a given, as are new maps, and additional content added into what DayZ already is, but what I'm curious about are what kinds of mods would be reasonable to create with the Enfusion engine that would drastically and fundamentally change the type of game that end-users play?. To help with brainstorming, here is a rough list of the individual modular systems that are already implemented or confirmed for the beta: Environment: Accurate time, day/night, and solar/lunar cycles (I think the star map is accurate too) Temperature and weather Sound simulation Light simulation Interact-able world objects (doors, storage, traps, apple trees, anything you can blow up, etc...) Interact-able objects (clothing, tools, weapons) Ballistics simulation Vehicle physics simulation (land, air and water) Structural construction and deconstruction (tents, barricades, walls, doors, barbed wire, etc...) Radio simulation (broadcasting towers, receivers, hand-helds, simulated frequencies, etc...) Electricity simulation (generation, distribution, application: lighting, tools, electrification, etc...) AI governed NPC's (wildlife, zombies, etc...) Agriculture (all-be-it accelerated) Item spawning-distribution-economy control simulation What did I forget??? Explosions? Player: Food/cooking and nourishment simulation Illness and cure simulation Melee combat simulation Weapons combat, usage and maintenance simulation Physical injury and medical treatment simulation Elemental exposure simulation (Too hot, too cold, too wet, "My feet hurt", etc...) Stamina consumption/weight/movement/speed simulation (get hurt and limp appropriately, carry too much and run slower/get tired faster, etc...) Clothing/storage simulation Direct voice, text, and radio based communication simulation Vehicle operation and maintenance simulation Incapacitation and restraining of players (cuffs, tranquilizers,, etc...) Physical player manipulation (dragging unconscious bodies, forcing handcuffed persons around, loading them into vehicles, etc...) What did I forget this time??? Death? Considering the above features in addition to new features that could theoretically very feasibly be added in by modders, What sorts of possible mods can you come up with that would be a drastic departure from the way DayZ itself is played?
  11. So, firstly I'm 18 and live in England. I used to play dayz all the time and enjoyed it so much but due to the quality of my old PC i was getting frustrated with lag and all that. I've recently invested in a new computer so I'm ready to get back into it and start playing again. I have skype, teampseak and discord so just let me know if you're interested below and we'll see what happens :)
  12. Every time I start DayZ Launcher it tries to load the servers then I get an error, followed by a pop-up window asking me if I would like to submit an error report. I click "yes", and then it tells me in another pop-up window that it could not send the report. What should I do to fix this problem? Here are some pictures below:
  13. I present to you server Dayz frequent online admin, mods much, come will not regret
  14. What in your opinion do you think are the pros and cons of the dayz mod. In my opinion one of the pros are the fact you have to find you own gear and that you can die at any point and lose the gear that you have spent so long to get. A con in my opinion would be that sometimes you can go for hours without seeing anyone when running around. What are yours?
  15. I have been BAN

    Hello im not sure if im in the right post. but, im bit lost in here. Hi my ingame name is Skyfall, i have been playin the Arma 2 dayz mod US 434 vanilla, and im also a streamer, @ twitch.tv/daemienhellgamer. I got ban from the server because my char is been hack, not only in this server but also in a few other. I would like to be unban plz if possible here my Highlights of my sad event. ty link: https://www.twitch.tv/daemienhellgamer/v/67873965 tyvm for your help! DHG
  16. Hi! I've been juggling with the idea of working on a Dayz mod for quite some time now. Since I am an Environment Modeler, I decided to start picking some locations and looking for models to get started with. There is still a long way to go, before modding support becomes availablefor DayzSA, but I want to prepare the models as best I can, so by the time it comes available a capable coder and more support can come in and work with the assets and create more. We'll also need some people to dress the map. Technically, I was thrilled by the announcement that future files will be *.fbx format, which will make it easy for me to work on buildings and secures the option to have double Uv-sets, e.g. for exterior and interior of buildings. Technically, there should be no problem, and I will post updates in the thread as I get them ready. As soon as the option becomes available, I will also show them in-editor/modelviewer, as opposed to in my modeling program, Maya. Enough of the introduction, here is the area I am thinking about: Arkansas! Before you shout: "but why not New York?", I want to say that I'll create most buildings as enterable and even though New York might look nicer, it will be impossible (for me) to create that many different skyscrapers and shops which are at least partly lootable; the engine would not like that either ;) I want to start comparably small and I can only model so much by myself. It is entirely possible there will be other versions and other areas later. Arkansas is visually also not too big a departure from Dayz, but I believe it is different enough to feel fresh. First will be a testmap of a rural area anyway, later on a small city will be introduced. If you are from the area or know certain points of interest in Arkansas, please feel free to add links or pictures to the thread. If you are visiting or living in Arkansas, it would be awesome, if you could research/fotograph some buildings from all angles and in detail, so I can model with higher fidelity. Feel free to get in touch with me here, if you are travelling/resident, and I will share my Skype. Input from the community is cherished and important in order to build a nice atmospheric representation of the area. Important to remember is that it will be a fictional depiction of Arkansas. I don't plan to faithfully recreate urban or rural areas, but I want to get overall composition and silhouettes right. Buildings will repeat throughout the map, but there will be some unique buildings. At first I will only create buildings and props, later perhaps some shrubbery. I expect most of the shrubbery/vegetation to come from DayzSA. There will probably be texture changes to autum style leaves. Features: a) *farms b ) *river c) airbase (military) d) 1 city e) villages f) open road, countryside a) Rural Arkansas: b ) River Landscape c) Military Airbase d) The City e) Village f) pics on roads and countryside aren't helping my modeling, so they are excluded for now. I know these are just a lot of pictures for now, but that's how research works. It's gonna be a while, before I gathered enough info and made my own concepts to start modeling. Especially if you want fitting interiors, I will depend on your pictures and suggestions. What I need * A Coder's interest (not necessarily right now, but keep watching this thread, please), preferably knowledgable about modding Arma/Dayz * I would require some info on materials in DayzSA. How is a material created, what maps are used and what format and resolution is required? Any additional info or tips on modding at this time would also be highly appreciated. For now I will just create Diffuse, Normal and Specular maps and save them as *.tga * Info on Dayz's terrain system and generation would be appreciated. I plan to use a heightmap of Arkansas, tweak it and create terrain with World Machine. Can Dayz's engine use layered materials? Is there a terrain painting tool and can terrain be edited on the fly (with brushes)? * How do I add sockets to buildings, so I can use interactive objects like doors? * Pictures from Arkansas. Everything is needed. Streetlights, trashcans, busstops, billboards. Pick the examples you feel would fit the map. I cannot create everything and the game engine requires instanced objects to work fluently, so only the few best looking assets can and will be repeated across the map. I promise to work on it whenever I have time, but don't expect regular updates here. Check back for new inspiration though, our discussions and your input here are highly necessary. Thanks and see you next time! P.S.: (You may want to bookmark this thread, it will get burried until my next update, soon).
  17. I've always wondered why the journal would show the total number of zombies on the server. That seems really irrelevant. At best, it's a slight indication for whether other players are in towns (high zed count per player) or not (low zed count per player), which is something the player really shouldn't know. Instead, I'd love to see the age of my character in the journal. The current info ("Survived: 20 Day(s)") is just fine, but it doesn't tell you how long you actually survived for, because you might have just taken a break from playing. My suggestion is thus to replace the zed count by the character age in hours and minutes (hh:mm). That would give people another incentive to survive for as long as possible, e.g., to break their personal record.
  18. As said in the title, I think it would be interesting being able to view the journals of dead players. Seeing info like how long theyve been alive, how many zombies theyve killed etc would add a more human-like feel to them as you would be able to see their story. They wouldnt just be some character you shot and have no idea about. I guess this could replace the current "study body" feature thats in at the moment, which 9/10 times just says they died from blood loss. Thanks for reading!
  19. Guardian Gaming, a new gaming community, is trying to recruit new members. Our Executive Director, ChickenWings, strives to make this community great, and together, We believe it is possible to grow. A link will be provided to help you further engage in =|gG|=. Guardian Gaming consists of the following games Counter Strike: Global Offensive DayZ Minecraft http://guardiangaming.org/index.php?/forms/ Please feel free to ask any questions, as I will do my best to answer them. You may put my name (Kat3) under Recommended By
  20. Come and join our out dayz server where everone is friendly! we need more people to start playing the server and if u could join and tell friends it would be great! We also need admins for the server so if you want to be and admin just let me know! The server ip is : or 2303 for the port thanks! :)
  21. When is 1.8.7 Release?

    I was looking over the posts to try and find any info on when 1.8.7 will be released and I thought it was meant to be last month, has anyone got any info on the release day?
  22. I am trying to play some DayZ Mod but when I go to look at servers only a handful shows up (the ones in the screenshot below) no matter what I search these are the only ones that show up. I tried to remote connect to one and it kicks me out saying the session is lost. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wgwlprgr9vyxn3e/2016-02-18_00001.jpg?dl=0 Sorry it wont let me insert the screenshot here. Thank you, Zak
  23. I mean, I wish we could write in our Journal. For example, our history during our life in the game, some coordinates of our bases for not forgetting them... you know, anything you want to write. Then, if you get killed, or you kill another player, you are able to check it's journal, and see what he has written in it. - There should exist the option to find a sheet of paper and a pen, then you can "craft" a note for leaving it somewhere for the future players that found it. They could take it or edit it, but for it they should need the pen. Sorry for the bad english guys!
  24. Hello everyone! My name is Limpan and I am a gamemaster for a community known as DayzCrisis. Our community focuses on roleplay much as the other communities. We are looking for mature players that are looking for roleplay. At the moment we are not a big community but we're hoping to grow bigger. But we can only do so with the help from more players. If you feel this might be something for you please go to our website. http://www.dayzcrisis.co.uk/portal.php There we have everything you need to know to get started and to whitelist. Hope to see some people interested in this! //Limpan