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Found 22 results

  1. DayZ Memorable Moments #23 by TopeREC TV

  2. Memorable Moments #22 by TopeREC TV

  3. One day as I was afk in the back of a cargo truck, when i got back into the screen I was out of the truck in the middle of nowhere. Here's what happened. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TwwK5UxlMU Please Like and Comment on what you think happened. -Sosgreen
  4. Weird kung fu pipsi shot and more! :))

    Pipsi shot... wtf xD
  5. Compilation of memorable monets from DayZ #5

  6. Compilation of memorable moments from DayZ! #4

  7. So I took a look around and couldn't seem to find a post like this, so I figure why not make one? Dayz has certainly been the most unique game that I've played to say the least and as a relatively new player already have plenty of stories to tell. So if you're interested, sound off with some of your memorable dayz moments. My moment is pretty much the first time I logged in. I spawned near Cherno I believe in complete darkness , and moved across the train tracks near some buildings. I spawned with some flares and maybe a bandage I think. I saw some zombies near this building, so I tossed a flare to the side, and they started to migrate towards it. I crept up to the building and found some cans of food. As I picked em up, I heard a vehicle in the distance. I tried to hide but it was too late. A jeep roared up on me honking and as I was blinded by his headlights, he jumped out and shot me in the leg. My leg now broken and me bleeding out, more shots fired towards the zombies. Was I just caught in the crossfire? I was so confused as to what was going on at this point. As I try and crawl away I hear footsteps, would I be saved? One more final shot rang out.....and I was dead. From this moment on I was hooked. Although I didn't live long, it was a pure adrenaline rush. There has been tons more moments after that, but that one always stuck in my head.