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Found 10 results

  1. Using the Map

    I've found the last two times I played, some parts of the Cherno-map. In the mod, it was possible, to shift-click on a location in order to get a distancemarker on your screen. But in the SA I just can add public markers. I haven't found anything about this neither here nor in the keybiindings. Is this feature available at all? Edit: btw the guides told me to sit down and let my char relax in order of avoiding sickness. I can't find a key for this, too.
  2. Maybe an interesting addition, mainly for the multiplayer future of Dayz, would be a way to write notes and leave them or use a marker or paint spray on walls. I know this could lead to visual chaos, but as long these items will have a reduced chance of spawning as well as a blocked animation for doing this (proportionate with the length of the message), I think people will be cautious to use them. for example, same way you choose your chat, it may be an additional one for mark/write channel, where you can type short phrases, and, if you have the marker or the paint spray in your main inventory or toolbelt and the wall at the proper distance, a writing or spraying animation can begin after you hit enter. Finding personalized weird messages in strange places can be very interesting. server resets can delete them, though. just an idea, waiting for feedback
  3. Hello, the last time I was on a server it allowed me to place a marker on my map via (shift-clicking). Do some servers have this feature turned off? If so can someone please post the name of a semi low population server that has this setting enabled? Thanks.
  4. I was curious if anyone else leaves map markers? I tend to use them a lot if I found something good I can't carry. For example just now, north of novy sobor, I found a downed helicopter site. Upon searching I found a PP-19. FN Fal and an M14 aimpoint + assorted medicine. Now there's no way I could carry all that so I swapped out the AK74 and 6 mags for the M14 + 3 mags on the floor + ( and thank god I'd been carrying around those 4 DMR mags all game). Afterwards I left a map marker stating the loot and obviously the location. I was curious if anyone else did the same?
  5. The rifleman ghost

    So, i found a map and beside my player marker there was another marker, named Rifleman, about 100m away that was moving. I found this strange so I followed the dot and it lead me to a bush with noone around. My crosshair would occasionally display "Rifleman" and his distance, but there was noone around me at all. Anyone else get this?
  6. Editable/Markable Maps

    Didn't find much on this topic or maps in general. Either that or it's just that no one uses tags properly. I've read about Rocket wanting to do a journal type feature. Some of it may be auto logged while it can also be used for you to take notes and such maybe. Suggestion My idea is more for the ability to draw and mark up a map you find of the region. This can be carried with you or kept at your base somewhere. Basically this would be used as a type of intel. What it offers for gameplay While Alive -You can mark up small towns of interest that you ran into. Maybe it was over run with zombies and you want to come back to it later. You can mark that point with a pencil/marker. (You'd need to find that item as well.) -You've run into a place which you believe to be a player base. You may want to mark that as well for various intentions. (raid, ambush, scouting mission to see if they're friendly) -Found a location (town,cabin,military secret base,player base) that is not depicted on the map already. You might want to put in this location. -You've found loot at specific locations, you may want to take note of that on your map just in case you need it in the future or you have no inventory space and have to come back for it later. -You have stashes in various locations to minimize loss. Hiding all stuff in a single location is pretty risky. If a player finds it he can wipe you clean. You can mark these location on maps. -Maybe certain color dots you make on the map correspond to exact coordinates you keep on your journal. Maybe with more information about the location. After Death The other part where this would come into play besides for your own reference while alive, is after death. If another player picks this up off your body, well they can pick of valuable intel on places of interest. Maybe they find out that you have their base marked and have been watching them. etc. etc.
  7. I think the sheer amount of servers that allow for map markers to be placed on a standard map is getting silly now, I have no problem with the markers exitsing when you have a GPS in your inventory, but to be able to know the exact distance and direction something is in without having tech to make it feasible doesn't make sense. This will make the GPS have an actual use since atm it's a case of "oh. GPS, that doesn't do much" Just feel this would be the most realisitc way. edit : To clarify, I am referring to the shift click marker.
  8. Maps. Unique..

    Mine Craft Maps ? ok the idea is real simple, when you pick up a map and have it on your toolbelt, I would like it that when you place a map marker on that map, it gets saved to THAT MAP, players could then have a number of maps, each marking unique things. I may for example create a map of all of my tents and base locations, a map like this would be left in my base or hidden in some tent, something I only take out the tent and look at to get my rough direction to my next base. I could then also have other maps in the tent which I marked enemy base locations on, a map like that I might actually carry around on me. The Key thing being that if a player kills me, they might look at my map to see what I have on it, and if it makrs something they like the look of, they might make my map and use it to go raid my things, or they might just copy my map onto theirs. Bottom line, let use mark our own unique maps, that we can save in a tent or house or etc....
  9. ^See title for question. I was wondering because in some servers I see dicks... and anus... and tits... marked on the map but on others the map is blank. I want to mark out my tent that I store stuff I so dont lose it but I dont want everyone to know where my tent is either. EDIT: How do you remove markers on the map?
  10. I got the map and noticed the blue player icon indicating my position and oritentation. I hit CTRL+M. I hit the Server button and was kicked. Now the marker is gone. I know there are some tricky controls with it, such as double-click to set marker, hover and hit DEL to delete it, and CTRL + LCLICK to set a waypoint. Is there some way to toggle the location HUD that I'm missing?? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Also I notice now that the map auto-loads to the top-left hand corner when I first join a server. Is this some kind of glitch? How can I reset the map orientation? EDIT2: Also this is on the same server. My friend had the same thing happen but his was working for the first 3 hours. This is how I know it's not some permissions problem.