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Found 67 results

  1. Attempting to host Namalsk

    Okay, I know it's dumb to attempt this as the game doesn't have full-fledged mod support yet but I managed to run my server with Arma 3's version of Namalsk without the server crashing. The issue I have is trying to connect to the server, I can't seem to point the DayZ client to load the Namalsk map without crashing. The "-mod=" and "-world=" parameters don't work with DayZ, it just causes the game to crash. The server log doesn't give me much insight as to what I'm missing. It just acts like I'm disconnecting normally. I gave it a shot and think this is as far as I can get without knowing exactly what's going on with the client. I was wondering if anyone else has tried to go beyond the current limits of running your own server? I think it would be really cool to be able to try a new map (not specifically Namalsk) before mod support arrives.
  2. It would be interesting if in Chernorus there appeared such an abandoned mahina, to which it would be necessary to swim in search of top loot. After all, the expeditionary corps of the US Marine was in Chernorus. What do you think of it?
  3. Check out our little poll. Let us know which is your favorite map :)
  4. Hello After watching some youtube video's (particularly FRANKIEonPCin1080p) I have downloaded DayZ from Steam (the one that cost £23) and i'm getting to grips with it. I have settled in a fairly quiet server whilst I loot an learn the ropes and things seem to be going well. I was wondering if someone could firstly help me with Maps, Which map am I playing on with this version of DayZ? Are other maps available; I get the impression I have to download Arma/Mod (pardon the noobiness of this question), Is this correct? What are Arma, Mod, Overpoch etc? Are they add-ins for the same game are are they completely separate games/Maps/Packs? Also do I need to find a map to be able to view it during the game itself? Thanks you in advance.
  5. Suggestion: Map

    If there is any one aspect of the game I really dislike (aside from a no ‘auto-run’ feature), it’s the lack of a map. I would like everyone to have a map that is not an item. I understand the realism of getting the ‘map’ items, but I feel it would be fair to have an all the time accessible map. On that note, it would be a good concept to force players explore the world (aside from their spawn point) to unlock areas of the map, thus making traveling inland and to other areas more reasonable. Everyone is currently forced to have a web browser running a website version of the map which can be irritating to people not wanting to alt-tab or run in windowed mode. Or simply not wanting to have a browser constantly running. This map has the possibility of resetting (or not) as your character dies. Once again finding more reason to stay alive as you have explored most of the map. Or it can just save to your character and as long as you have played the game long enough, you have fair access to the map. This is something I think we can all agree on right? What does everyone think?
  6. I'm tired of talking about the nit-picky little devices that everyone wants or doesn't want to see right now. Let's discuss the more epic aspects of this zombie apocalypse and how the dev team can continue to add to the depth of this game later in it's life. So we're talking long term here. We can all see how the creation of this mod has both marked, and shaped, a shift in the game market. Just look at the games we see following rapidly in it's wake. WarZ, Nether, 7 Days to Die, The Dead Linger, the Division, the list goes on. The drive for these kinds of environments is obviously the newest frontier in gaming. With this, the demand for persistence and richness of content is growing rapidly... Plus, I think we can all appreciate how the Standalone has to compete against it's own free mod. It has to transcend the level of gameplay we already have. As I listened to NPR today (as I do every morning), I started thinking about the more global implications of an apocalypse scenario, and I think the box of Chernarus is severely limiting the future potential of this game. We've already discussed ideas like map portals and such (the ability to physically travel to the border of one map and join another cell and server). This is going to become absolutely necessary. Allow me to set up a little scenario. - The mega map. Just imagine for a moment that through map-stitching, it were possible to spawn, travel all the way from the coast of Chernarus to the northern border of the map, and keep going through cell after cell of environments. If the devs really wanted to, over time they could stitch together an absolutely massive game world. I'm not actually postulating that we could ever reach the size of say, the earth; but Altis is pretty damn huge. Now imagine that you had traveled from the coast of Chernarus, through possibly three cells of complete terrain, and you're all the way in Germany. Now imagine that death would send you to the previous cell, or even back to your original spawn cell (assuming there's no way to establish a remote spawn of some kind). Wanna talk about perma death, consequences, curing the community of "Why don't I just kill myself instead of deal with this broken leg" syndrome? This is it. Totally, incomprehensibly vast physical distance. It would be nigh impossible to travel to your previous location and retrieve your gear. Your camp, or fortification, or stash, might be 40,000 km away. - A persistent item economy would mean that logistics, production, and trade would become a logical necessity. The movement of goods is one of the world's oldest known professions. The silk road dates to over 5000 years ago, and just look at it's expanse. Because of the death mechanic, these frontier areas would be high risk, high value areas where seasoned survivors would go to explore, search for more supplies (or rare items), and maybe even attempt to establish their own safes areas, camps, or stashes, since they would likely be less frequented by other players as they grow more distant from the original spawn point. So it's safer in the aspect that you could more easily try to hide a camp in these lower population, higher risk zones. -Radio towers. Towers could have access panels which you might interface a radio with, and thus use that radio to broadcast communications with anyone who has a radio in other cells (In the same server group.) This would make it feasible for, heh, stalkers I guess, to communicate with other players and potentially initiate trades from vast distances. Maybe using the tower would have some limitations, like only allowing you talk to one cell at a time. -Production. The crafting system is a step in the right direction, but I think it should be taken a little further. Imagine if you could find a generator, and use it to power machinery inside a factory, and then gather raw materials to produce things like new guns, for example. Or car parts. Or what if power plants could be brought back online and kept online to produce electricity? These are daunting tasks, which would require lots of scavenging and teamwork to accomplish, but they have obvious benefits. Control over a structure gives you the ability to defend yourself from zombies (which should be a serious threat and a major concern a lot of the time), and also it would provide you with warmth and a place to store gear, which brings me to my next point. - Safes with keys. I saw this one on a DayZ doodle rant, and I think it's a pretty good idea; Buildings could randomly, here and there, have an open safe with a corresponding key inside. The safe would allow you to store a limited amount of gear (maybe certain safes could be larger or smaller than others) with relative safety. Keys of course would have to be indestructible and persistent to the server (or server group, rather) that they were generated on. This means that going to another server group would result in the key not appearing in your inventory, and being added back to your inventory when you return to that server group. This might necessitate some kind of special "key ring" inventory slot which would function independently of the space or weight of your normal inventory, so as to avoid glitchyness and confusion. Also, if a key is not retrieved from a corpse, it should be automatically returned to the person who died with it. Perhaps safes could even be sabotaged with explosives (and repaired, so they don't all end up destroyed and useless), so they aren't perfectly "safe" either. Also, players could possibly use certain tools like a file, or a grinder, to produce copies of a key, which they could then give to other players whom they trust. Anyway just some big ideas to get you guys going. I'm tired. Anyone else have pipe dreams like this? I'm talking large scale stuff people, come on, GET IN. We can think of some crazy shit. Discuss. Here are the diagrams made later in the forum discussion. Bringing them here for ease of access. A little diagram of player spread and movement across a 2x2 cell setup - a goal I think is entirely feasible to accomplish by next year.
  7. MUST HAVE map idea/s

    I see lot of new locations, it's sure an improvement to old chernarus map, but it's still quite boring. why not add caves and tunnels? Would be cool if you guys add some hidden caves (mazes where you get lost). Like cover them up with bushes and trees, so its hard finding the access to them and include some good loot in there or something that is worth a while. Like that new area that is all the way north, there are some cliffs and mountains, there could be some awesome caves hidden in those mountains/cliffs. also more places like the ship wreck please. a huge plane wreck would be nice to have, somewhere up in mountains. and some sort of fortress (not a castle). it's not too much to ask now, is it? i could do that in map editor within a day or two. well custom model designing is different, but if you use old textures it can still be done in 2-3 days easy.
  8. Theme based maps

    I thought of some Maps in some specific theme. Like western maps or antarctic style maps with strong snowstorms. If you guys add some new maps in, that would be so cool to play in fallout like maps with bunkers to search and stuff. What do you guys think about my idea? mfg
  9. I seem to have 2 maps?

    I seem to have two different characters, with different equipment, but still on the chernarus map. It's really weird, and it can get annoying with the 5 minute cooldown, because I log-in to DayZ, get that character that I don't want, then I have to wait 5 minutes to go to a normal server, anyone else having this problem?
  10. For any TLDR types, I have summarised this quickly the the bottom of the post *** I've been trying for some time to get some attention to this topic, but first let me make some points really clear 1. I'm not asking for new maps to be hastily brought in, Chernarus is still being developed and we should all get the most out of all that the BIS dev's are putting their heart and soul into updating to what is already an amazing Chernarus+ 2. I'm not asking for anyone to hand feed us detailed tutorials on how to make new terrains or models for DayZ 3. I'm not asking anyone to open the floodgates on potentially game breaking mods for DayZ I want the chance to make the DayZ dev' team aware that there are people out here who are bursting with excitement to make new content for the game, and that as developers who will be creating content that will defiantly prolong the life of DayZ we would like the opportunity to get a head start so we can create well made, polished content. For those of you who don't know the process of making things like terrains and models, I'll try to break it down so you can understand how it works and can then understand why I'm eager to get a little information and help, a leg up if you will. (I'll explain what information we would need in a list after I explain the process) Visitor 3 is the tool used for creating terrains and Oxygen 2 is the tool used for creating models, there should be no problem using these tools to create contant for DayZ, but there are a few snags. because DayZ uses a different shading system, the files that tell DayZ how to shade materials (RVMATs) could potentially be set up a little differently, then there is matter of being able to have something to preview what we are making to see if it works and looks good, which in Arma2 was known as Buldozer. Buldozer is basically the Arma2 executable file that runs in a special mode specifically for previewing models, and in the case of terrains it is used for aiding object placement and previewing. Because of the differences in the Arma and DayZ engines and the file structure, there will be changes that need to be made to any terrain that works in Arma2, to get it working in DayZ. So what am I asking for? I'm asking for a little help for us devs, at the very least for someone to let us know we have been acknowledged and that at some point someone will be giving us the basic support we need to get going and testing things in the DayZ engine. Most of us are resourceful and would be able to begin getting on with things if we only had a DayZ Buldozer, we can trial and error our way through most things in terms of setup and guess the rest from what works in Arma2. I know that the Dev team are super busy, so that is why I am not expecting someone to jump on this issue right away, it's going to take time and, of course, we are owed nothing, we don't have a god given right to any of this help so please understand that I know that, but I feel very strongly that the sooner we have the resources available to begin getting to work, the longer we will have to work on whatever projects we may have in progress, which means the better the content will be when Dean is happy to open up DayZ to run with custom maps and models. What would also be very helpful would be a sub forum just for model/terrain makers (such as the Arma editing forums on the BIS website) where we can share ideas, findings, ask each other questions and not have our topics bumped out of touch by the normal array of daily posts. This takes the pressure off BIS because the editing community can help it's self, these kinds of forums are a wealth of information and help, if you have ever used the BIS editing forums, you will know they are usually your first stop for any info to get you unstuck. You might ask why not just start up our own forum? There are loads of free forum sites out there... the main reason is that the natural place for a forum of this kind is right here, where posts can be moderated properly and can be set up and structured properly, to take it away from this forum would be to take control away from BIS, and I believe that would be a mistake, not to mention disrespectful. I have posted a similar thread in the last days on the BIS forums, but I had my wrists slapped for posting DayZ topics away from the DayZ forums(which was my fault and is fair enough), so this is my shot at trying to get noticed here, please help by posting your support for this cause! *** the TLDR & general summary there are some things community devlopers need to begin making new maps and models for DayZ what we need 1. A DayZ buldozer 2. A terrain and model making forum for us to share our findings, ideas and progress in (such as the Arma editing forums in the BIS website) 3. Hard liquor, bottomless ashtrays & an endless supply of Rothmans (can possibly source this ourselves) what can you do? 1. post a quick comment to show your support and keep the topic alive and front page so it gets noticed! 2. keep playing DayZ and enjoying the hard work of the DayZ dev' team.
  11. so I've been looking at all these maps, and I've been a fan of dayz for a while, though I've only played dayz standalone, so I'm interested, WHATS YOUR FAVORITE DAYZ MAP? I've been looking at Namalsk, and that looks like one of the coolest maps, little "bridges" of land to set up a toll booth in and out, an its an ISLAND that's badass.it also looks sort of like an old industrial island, that eventually went kind of broke, then the apocalypse happened, with all the poor citizens getting sick and such, but I don't know if there's a backstory to it. -SIDE NOTE I'm kind of a writer right now, writing short stories for dayz, I take submissions of any character Bios and if their interesting ill accept them, and create a short story out of your character/experience. so where on these forums should I write these stories because I don't think I see a story section :( ty for the help guys
  12. Share a map with another player

    I was thinking about a way to use the map in DayZ that would rival the use of maps on a seperate computer screen. When a player has a map, he could invite others to look at it with him. Maybe even use a cursor (a moving finger) to trace certain routes or point at certain locations. This way you can plot a course with a couple of people. (I posted this suggestion a while back on the Steam forums, but seeing that it's quite a mess there, I now want to use these forums to help contribute to the game).
  13. Map Spawns

    Any tips for common places to find maps? The wiki says they spawn in Residential and General military but which buildings? Thanks Plasma
  14. I think the addition of cans of spray paint would be beneficial for survival, helpful for solo players and/or groups of friends, and it would totally add to the post apocalypse atmosphere. Not to mention, fun. When my brother and I were exploring a small town, we found the Soviet "Hammer and Sickle" tagged onto one of the buildings. I immediately thought, due to it's crude appearance, a player had left this behind. Even though I know this was impossible. Then I thought, what if you COULD leave tags behind. There are already PLENTY of uses for such an addition: Leaving behind messages, warnings, info, threats for friends and foes alike.Rough maps or directionsProfanity.. this IS the zombie apocalypse..Different colors even, could help mark tree trunks or bushes in a forested exploration.I also imagine the addition of such an item would be fairly simple. Due to the fact this game already has first person shooting mechanics. I assume it would work a lot like either "Gary's Mod's" Paint Gun tool, to spray around blood or oil, or of course, paint. Or "Duke Nukem Forever"'s ability to draw on white boards or sign autographs for people with a first person perspective but instead of a gun, you've got a pencil or marker. (I drew a naked lady in some little kids book.) POINT IS. Spray paint would be a great addition to an ALREADY great game. Keep up the excellent work guys. This game is headed for the top! We're all very impressed. That's honest. Thanks for your time! SINCERELY, Zombusiness
  15. Drawing on maps with pens

    Ok, pretty simple really.. drawing on maps with pens..to mark locations or places not to return to cause it was SCARY. Even if people want to draw dicks on the maps I'm sure it wont really matter, I mean better to have dicks on maps than on walls in game. Anyway.. If we are paranoid about dicks on maps it could just be made to be text, circles and X's can be the only thing marked on maps.. seems pretty logical and legit
  16. Maps

    the mod had markers which I loved but hated as navigating was far too easy. Now that standalone got rid of placing destination markers, I'm relying on road signs, a compass and the sun. I've found many maps so I follow roads till I get to any road signs to figure out where I am. Problem with the in game maps they are in English while the road signs are in Russian or whatever it is. This makes the maps useless and keep having to flick to dayz db maps. Hope the fix them. Oh and the sun... Took me a while to realise that like the mod it doesn't travel the same path anymore; east in the morning, overhead mid day, west by sunset. Seems to be southeast, south, south west. Bit confusing, don't know if that's more realistic.
  17. Buy DayZ Central Pro - Download DayZ Central - Download .APK files Directly - Or, get Pro for free.. Shh! DayZ Central aims to bring together quality information, maps and guides created by the DayZ community, all packaged into a fast, polished and simple to use app. Loot Database - Comprehensive and regularly updated Database containing all Equipment, Vehicles and Weapons within DayZ Mod (incl. Namalsk & Custom Server items)HD Map of Chernarus - High Resolution map with Waypoint Markers (incl. 14 icons), DayZ GPS Coordinates and Town Search & InfoCommunity Maps - Including Celle, Fallujah, Isla Duala, Lingor Island, Namalsk, Origins, Oring, Panthera Island, Podagorsk, Sahrani, Takistan, Taviana, Thirsk, Utes and ZargabadComparison Tables - Compare all items in the database in easy to read tablesVarious Guides - Including Survival, Sniper Correction Tables, and Game Controls (with Origins and Epoch guides to boot)Completely Ad-free - Who needs 'emWith the Pro version you get: Loot, Vehicle and Building Locations - For Chernarus, Lingor Island, Namalsk and Taviana mapsLoot Tables - Tables that help determine chances of Loot SpawnsSide-by-Side Compare - Compare Ammunition, Vehicles and Weapons side-by-side to find out which one is betterServer List - Search all current DayZ servers, save them, and add your ownAwesome thanks to DayZDB, DayZWiki & DayZ Wikia for the content, Rusty for the Loot Placements, and Dan Clarke for the DZC logos! Changelog v2.27Comparison tables for all sections integrated into database lists when viewing in landscape (trust me, this is cool)Categories for items added to side-by-side comparison tool for faster selection (Pro)Removed light theme for now (this needs significant rewrite as it is currently slowing down dev)v2.26 Side-by-side comparison tool added for Ammunition, Vehicles and Weapons (Pro)Map now has option to move zoom controls to bottom left or right of screenMerged Namalsk items into Custom ServersSome tweaks and bug fixesDatabase updated (Menu > Changelogs)v2.25 Added How to Craft guideAdded Epoch guides (online only)Many bug fixes and tweaksDatabase updated (Menu > Changelogs)
  18. Sloviki A New DayZ Map Hello everybody, my name is Jack and im here today to talk about a map I am thinking about creating called Sloviki, based of the Bystrica map for the ArmA 2 Expansion Pack, Army Of The Czech Republic. The map will most likely be much smaller than the Cherno map, I don't really know how much smaller but maybe a little bit bigger than Utes! I plan for this to be an Island map, with a few smaller Islands of the shores of Sloviki, and I also plan for it to be a thick, lushes jungle typed island, full of new exotic trees, cool backdrops and a massive mountain/volcano in the center. Here are a few screenshots of what im talking about, these were taken on the Bystrica map but that's kind of what I'm going of at the moment! So back to the matter at hand, I'm going to need a heck of allot of support if im going to get this all done as I don't have all the time in the world! So if you would actually like to see this get done please leave a comment and what you think of it, also please keep an eye on the official Flickr page for more screen shots and keep looking on my profile for updates! Also if you have any questions be sure to email them to me at xXJackRobertMossXx@gmail.com and don't forget you can always contact me through steam! Thanks for reading, Jack :lol: Flickr Page : http://www.flickr.com/photos/99811975@N03/ Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/JackMossIsProJ/
  19. Incorporate Community Maps

    Hi My idea is that each server host would actually host 3 servers. One Chenarus, 1 Celle, and 1 Taviana (or a different selection jus 2 more maps). the if I say drove right to the end of the dead end road to the north west I would be swapped to the Taviana server. Or if I drove to the end of the coast road in the south west I would be swapped to the Celle server, with all the lobby and server selection hidden by a load screen (or even with a lobby so you could take a break) This could even become a feature.... each month or so feature a new community map. Maybe even let players vote for which one they want. I do realise this would be a mammoth task with how to move vehicles with map swaps, and how to make it auto join the server. It could also result in people camping the transition spots, but its not too different from looting NWA. Think that's about it :)
  20. Bored In DayZ!

    Uhh, that downtime in DayZ career, Im pretty bored and i know i am, im stuck in a loop which ive been in before which consists of this, go to elektro, get loot, stay in elektro, do nothing, complain about the engine and how bad the fps is, get more bored and then leave the server and never play again. Its pretty sad i know. Im really bored and its strange since there is so many things to do in DayZ (This is vanilla DayZ). But, even on origins its the same, get loot get bored, Even on Breaking Point, Get loot get bored. Its a vicious cycle that questions me if im going to enjoy standalone (when its released) Anyone got any ideas that can help me to stop getting so bored? Anything literally. Map? Mod? PlayStyle? Roleplay? Looking for some ideas! (And ive played many mods, still trying to find the right one or map)
  21. Looking for a map Buddy - 15+

    Hey everyone! I am just wondering if anyone would like to play on some maps with me like Taviana (Origins), Nalmask, or Overwatch. I am not asking for some big group but maybe just someone to play with. It would be nice if you would be 15+ and have a mature attitude and can take a joke or two, but I really don't care. Just add me on Skype as HardlyThoughtOf or just post a comment here if you would like to! :)
  22. maps are annoying to find but anyone who has been playing for a long time could spawn look around and know where they are. but people who are not good with directions wont know where they are and even if they find a map they wont know where they are because it doesn't tell you, so they find a sign and find out where they are and look on the map. but what if there is no sign, or cant find one? i was thinking that you could find a pencil or something and a piece of paper and you could draw the area around you. then you look on the map and zoom in and out finding that area. but if you cant find a map you can continue to draw and make a map. and you could use the paper and pencil to draw an area you want to go back to like heli crashes or something (if they don't have the waypoints on the maps or if you just cant remember) so you find some paper and something to draw with and you combined them then you get the option to draw the area around you you click it and yay you can find out where you are and there could be an option to doodle so say you're bored you have paper and stuff and you click the option to doodle and you guy starts doodling it would be a random sketch that the dev's would make and put in (players don't get to draw it because people would draw or write inappropriate stuff) and whens he/she is done you can look at it and smile at whatever it is
  23. Maps high resolution.

    Hi, Maps (chernarus, lingor, takistan, utes, fallujah, zargabad, panthera, namalsk, celle, taviana) to offline or print in high resolution. http://dubas.cz/dayz/mapy/
  24. Hey guys. Do you think that by the time SA comes out you would know the entire map like the back of your hand? Well how about us list some environments or country that you would like to see. Here're some maps that i want but feel free to add to the idea. Russia Now don't think i'm greedy and asking for the whole of Russia. I'm asking more like the state where Moscow is located in The Central Federal District which is perfect mainly because then we can visit the Kremlin which is an iconic and massive building and the Lenin Mausoleum. Now if you think the Central Federal District is small then don't fear. We can do a 2-in-1 combo. We can have the Metro!!!! Now you must be wondering where did i get the idea from. I finished the book metro 2033 and i personally think it would fit the map. They might not be mutants but zombies can roam the underground. The zombies aren't the threat but rather the light of the flashlight of the player's gun shining through the tunnel. The Metro would also make a good base if you were to build one. If a server has a massive clan they could set up checkpoints in the Metro and let people in, in exchange for items. Rail cart built by survivors would be awesome too. It would make travelling around the tunnel faster, safer and possibly attract more attention than you would need. China Many blocks of building! What more could you want? Not just that some areas of China has factories which could be useful for materials. I haven't decided yet which part of China though so you could argue on that. China also has one of the biggest army in the world meaning loot galore. Due to the fact that the population is pretty huge they could possibly be more zombie population and vehicle population.