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Found 335 results

  1. DayZ Metro

    After noticing that the server population is likely to more than double I was a little concerned that overcrowding may cause us to lose some of that desolate apocalypse feeling, and was trying to work out how to make the map more spacious. I recently read the book (and played the game ) METRO 2033 (post-nuclear apocalypse dystopia where humanity lives in the Moscow underground metro) and thought this might fit in really well with DayZ. If we had a web of underground metro stations that connecting major towns like Cherno, Elektro, Berezino, Zeleno etc., it might stop overcrowding. Apart from the stations the metro could be pitch black, always very cold and foggy, filled with zombies/huge rats, toxic gas in some sections etc. Confusing side passages and tunnels could provide more options for people to hide barrels/ tents or set up small survival outposts. Not a place for fresh spawns, but provide a more direct route for more geared players who are not adverse to higher risk to travel around a bit faster. I realize there is 1000 more things to do before looking at anything like this, but considering the dayZ map is one of the best/ most beautiful maps i have ever seen in any game (boonie hats off to the Map Team) I would love to see the team try something like this. More of a dream than a suggestion I guess, but thought it would be cool.
  2. I recently watched the interview with Brian Hicks that a youtuber (who's name I forget) posted online. Its reinvigorated my love for this game, and I've spent the past several days just exploring the map, and "feeling the game." I can't help but make assumptions about the lore of the game - especially considering my many, many, many playthroughs of Arma II's campaign. One thing I noticed is that all over the map we see destroyed T72s, BDRM-2s, and BMP2s. Perhaps its just me, but I tend to create stories in my head about what's happened in a specific spot. One thing I noticed in particular is a destroyed combined arms company in column formation near Kamenka. Three T72s, two BMPs, and some trucks. May not seem like much, but then I remembered Arma II's campaign. What if, during/directly prior to the outbreak, Chernarus was at war with Russia? This would explain the inability of the CDF to contain the outbreak (and perhaps explain the origins of the outbreak itself?), and the buildup of military hardware (such as a full combined arms platoon!) in locations with no real strategic importance; e.g. Kamenka. I'm not entirely certain if the northern border is to Russia, or just that of South Zagoria, but either way, it'd be really cool to see a sort of "procedural destruction" of the map - in the sense that the closer to the coast you are, the farther you are from the "battlefield" where you had the CDF fighting the Russians. Anyways...I'm sure the creative development team at Bohemia and on the DayZ project has all this worked out already - now that I think about it, it seems stupid that the game's lore wouldn't have been decided already. :P Either way, as an "explorer" and not necessarily a PVPer/Hero/Bandit, I'd really like to see the lore take a more prominent role in the game. Perhaps notes, or newspapers, that you can find as loot that sort of tell the game's backstory. Anyways, I'm open to any feedback/suggestion/plain shitposting that follows
  3. Map download?

    Does anyone know of a decent map download for android so I have something to reference my location with?
  4. Hello Survivors, We are preparing a new Q&A video, this time with our Map Designer Adam Franců. Some really entertaining stuff coming soon in this video! But we need something from you - QUESTIONS for Adam. Adam is going to introduce himself and his work under my post.
  5. Right, this may sound like a broken record. But let me give you my view on the chernarus plus map from a different angle. ( I already mentioned once that I would prefer original chernarus with all buildings opened up) The current situation is that there is, even on full servers, hardly any player interaction. imo, this is due to the high number of key lootspots in the new Chernarus plus maps. In the mod it worked like this: Player got an infection by a zombie. Needed antibiotics, or otherwise he would die. Player had limited choices. Chernogorsk, electro, berezino hospitals, or on the limited medical tents. Highly needed loot forced players to certain spots, thus player interaction. The above situation will give the players a quest, where he is force to think about his approach. On the Chernarus plus map: You can almost get all stuff everywhere. Thus, little chance to meet players. My simplistic conclusion is, if the devs don't force players to visit a certain limited amount of loot spots, there will hardly be any player interaction. This game is now 3.5 years into development. Still we have no chance on infection by zombies. Also, with the current direction it is hard to predict if Dayz Standalone will ever be viable for any playstyle. Map is not balanced for current playercount. But 100 player servers?? how many small clans will be able to afford that? it's expensive. Pvp is a desync lotery. Survival is not viable either. Food everywhere. There is no risk nor need for anything. No infections, no challenges. nothing. Yeah ALPHA. I know. But please show some direction. Show something viable. Show some direction. Even if the engine is optimized, and desync is less, there is hardly any playstyle that will enjoy this game. Makes me sad.
  6. Framed Chernarus Map

    I've always wanted the official ARMA2 Chernarus map and recently I received the map and an Anyone in Cherno? t-shirt for a gift. Now I have a DayZ logo t-shirt and the iconic anyone in Cherno shirt plus the map (which came with ARMA postcards and other maps). They even threw in an ARMA3 sticker (which I put on my bike helmet) and a Ylands postcard too. Check it out! ^Here you can see the map proudly displayed next to my original copy of Super Smash Bros Melee signed by Shigeru Miyamoto. I'm going to want to set up a small spot lamp on the map for lights out playing but I'm psyched to use this as much as possible (I know it's not the same as Cher+).
  7. Map expansion ?

    Hi y'all, I was wondering if after version 1.0, when the game is nearly done, if it was possible that the map would get bigger. Doubling the size of the map from 220 sq/km to maybe like 440 sq/km.
  8. End of the Map (Quarantine)

    What about a big wall? we´re talking about a wall like 20 meters tall or a fence with the word "quarantine", also i was thinking about this "Nothing" after the end of the map, maybe put woods? is just an idea, so thats all i have in my mind. I hope this will useful, thanks for reading
  9. In game map

    Hey everyone. How do you use the in game map? I've put it on my hotbar, tried equipping it and even pressed the old map button "m". Cheers.
  10. map

    If you could add this it would help the whole tab in and out of the game to look at a map that we dont have full control over , So say if a player could find a gps module or the walkie combined with a battery then and only then it will show thier location on the map if not they would have to look closer and mark it with pen or chared piece of wood, if they can find a good pen or pencil they can mark on the map where they are and the path they have taken . i do realize the map system is very broken by sharing with the server but i have faith that you guy's could make the maps more of a per player setup this way the player could find the map , mark his/her position and it would be his/her till death then whoever found or killed them would be able to back track and raid or whatever i think it would add quite abit to the feel of the game .....personaly i could live with out the GPS part but not all players are alike ..
  11. Dear developers - please - upload somewhere jpg or png with huge resolution for print map of Chernarus+ on A1 paper scale. I understand - now it's not final version of map, but... Or add this in BIS store like a classic papermap. Wanna print and pin under my monitor =) Thx.
  12. Hello, Original Chernarus from arma, that was featured in the dayz mod, was imo very well balanced for 40/50 players. New chernarus isn't. All the content that was added was all very good quality on it's own. Some stuff is just beautiful. But IMO it's too much. The intention to spread out players over the map has succeeded. I hardly see anyone in new Chernarus. There are too many "key" locations and too many cities. Original chernarus with all buildings enterable would improve gameplay on 40/50 player servers. Like in the dayzmod, players could chose to go into action or live the hermit style. Basicly in original chernarus you had 3/4 key locations. NWAF, NEAF, Stary Sobor, and perhaps Devils Castle. Less key locations, thus more player contact. I suspect that performance would increase as well with less loot spots. Plus we tree lovers would have our pristine Northern Forrest back. Probably Original Chernarus with enterable buildings should be made first. But all the content is already ready. The suggestion: What if server owners would have the option to start a dayz server with either NEW or OLD (with all enterable buildings) Chernarus? We would soon find out which servers are more populair.
  13. Flooded Town/Village/City

    Considering we have swamps already in the south of Chernarus with a few houses situated on platforms perhaps implementing a flooded village or city would be an interesting area for several reasons. It would encourage boat use on a surface of water that isn't the ocean. Those rowboats that are currently beached on the coast could be put to use obviously either modeling a whole new rowboat or reusing the static model that we have currently and coding it as a vehicle when boats are implemented could be the way to go. One survivor rows the boat while one other or multiple others protect it with their firearms at the ready (shooting from vehicle feature) while rowing into the town covered in mist. It would also be a great way to show off the physics system (DayZ doesn't seem to handle the physics that great at the moment but perhaps that will improve over time? The Source engine although now quite dated has an excellent water physics system where objects bob up and down and float randomly on the surface of water which looks fantastic. So items that should float would float randomly inside and outside of buildings items that should not float would remain at ground level where free diving would be required to retrieve them. The town or City wouldn't have to be entirely flooded just certain parts of it where the terrain is lower for example lower Berezino would be flooded whereas the section which is at a higher altitude wouldn't be (Using Berezino as an example not suggesting to flood that specific city). There would obviously have to be a credible reason why the town or city was flooded. A leaking or completely ruined dam in the near vicinity could be one reason. The flooding level could be anywhere to roof high, waist high or knee high which would vary depending on terrain since no town is completely flat well... actually some are on the coast. There is a map from ArmA 2 not sure whether it is a community created map or part of the Czech DLC which is a perfect example - An underground flooded area could also suffice like a subway, sewer, parking lot, basement etc. VBS2 has the technology for true underground structures so it is technically possible although whether the DayZ Development team want to get stuck into true underground structures this late into development is questionable -
  14. I think it's safe to say that nearly all of us at one point or another have fallen victim to another player that is glitched inside a building. While certainly not a game-breaking issue, it is an irritant that happens frequently enough that players have to adjust their behavior when near these buildings to minimize the risk. We all know that the problems with those buildings will be addressed in the future, and to do a full review and overhaul of those models takes time - time that right now, should be spent on higher priority issues. However, waiting for the fixed models is not the only option, and if a significantly less time-consuming alternative is possible as a temporary measure for at least some of these buildings, the overall benefits to the everyday player experience could arguably make it worth the time of the dev team. Rather than rattle off list off a bunch of buildings, I'd like to just focus on what seems to be the most problematic and well-known building - the "camo building/military jail" (IIRC, it's called Prison or Command Center in the assets - pic here). The loot spawns were removed from this building some time ago, which did help the situation by reducing player traffic inside the building, but it still meant it could be used and exploited against players outside the building. My suggestion is this: why not simply replace the current building model with the ruined destroyed model? There would be no new models to make, as there are two models to choose from - the original ruined model from A2, and the 'enhanced' ruined model in SA, which can be seen just north of the ATC tower and Fire Station at the NWAF, or in Turovo. No loot spawn points would need to be removed or disabled, as that has already been done ages ago in .56. I've been around ArmA & DayZ long enough to know that "an easy fix" is as rare as hen's teeth, and something that seems as simple as a changing a model from 'normal' to 'ruined' sometimes can open up a surprisingly huge can of worms. Only when compared to the time required to overhaul a building model would one feel fairly safe suggesting that it's at least 'significantly easier.' As I understand it, once you change the model, a certain amount of internal QA would need to be done to ensure there's no surprise problems (players getting stuck, or perhaps even glitching through the ground and dying, for example). So to reduce the total amount of time spent on this for the maximum benefit, it seems logical to focus only on the locations where they are the most problematic. Out of the 9 places that there are intact Prisons/Command Centers, changing only 3 of them would give the most benefit to the players (listed here in descending order of importance). - NWAF, by the northernmost hangar - Zelenogorsk, by the barracks - Bashnya, north of the NWAF tents The remaining Prisons/Command Centers can wait, as their location, terrain, surrounding structures, and frequency of player traffic around them make them less attractive to those that would seek to exploit them. The ones at Balota and the SW corner of the NWAF I would be nice to see, but nowhere near as important as those three. If this or something like it were to be implemented in one of the patches in the (hopefully near) future, I have little doubt that the player base would consider it time well spent (aside from the glitchers, of course) I would welcome any input/corrections/explanations from the devs and those more knowledgeable than I about the process, problems, and feasibility of this proposal.
  15. Here: https://burnsprog5040.s3.amazonaws.com/DayZMap/index.html I'd noticed there used to be a 3D map online but all the links are dead so I made a new one with some cool features. Hopefully this will help people with finding their way around. Details available here: http://undercroftstudios.blogspot.com/2016/08/dayz-3d-map-updated.html Source project is available there so you can tweak or add to it. Let me know if you do, or if you have comments, questions, ect!
  16. Apologies if this has been asked, I have searched yet been unable to find a suitable response. Is there a pond item which, when placed just inches above another surface, does not cause units to bounce? Or perhaps it's possible to have the pond item as a visual item without the in-water effect (player swimming, bouncing)?
  17. Map Issue

    Hello, I seem to be having an issue with my map. Every time I open it, the screen kinda flickers but no map comes up and it does the same thing when I close the map. I have tried getting a different map, changing the key bind, putting the map in my hot bar and using using the corresponding key with no result. It appears that the map WANTS to load but just flickers and no map appears. I have been dealing with this issue for awhile now and cant seem to find the solution. Hopefully someone here can help!! Thanks!
  18. I want to elaborate on a topic again that was discussed here: https://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/226510-increase-map-size/ Background: Last night we were scouting for a good camp site on a private hive and while doing so we encountered several camps from other players. Some hidden well, some not so much. Some with high end gear, some not so much. All(!) of them with a collection of Blackskull masks. Seeing those camps got me thinking: why do we keep on stumbling across other camps, while ours stays untouched for weeks on end. Easy to find. All other camps were near some road, remote but still easy to find (to benefit the owner i suppose)Easy to spot. Not a single one of them bothered to look for a "dark forest"Too big and unorganized. There were camps that looked like a pure show off. 12+ civilian tents with NOTHING in them (zero items), accompanied by one or two overstuffed military tents that contained all kinds of crap.To make a good camp it comes down to determination and time spent scouting and actually traveling to and from a remote and well-hidden location. DayZ is supposed to be a hard, unforgiving, skill-based game. Reflexes and awareness can give you an edge in shootout-situations. Navigational skills and determination should give you an edge in securing your improvised base. This is not possible right now: The current map size bothers me to an extent, that actually might severely impact the enjoyment of the game for me if it's not changed by 1.0 (It was something to brag about three years ago... not so much anymore) there is not enough room to build camps. Imho a good and easy to implement solution would be to extend the map along the northern and western borders with a vast forest area. It does not have to be infinite, but it should expand in one direction at least as far as the map is at the moment, quadrupling the current size. This forest should have water sources, not too many, preferably in the form of long rivers. The edge of the map should not be recognizable from far away - in my opinion an invisible wall, padded by more forest to the end of sight, would be preferable to a "stone wall" or something similar, just to keep a sense of disorientation. I could imagine something like an uncrossable chasm or river - just something that can only be seen when you almost step into it. If that sound's too crazy I'd still prefer an invisible wall. Navigating with the help of landmarks ("I know this tree, this stone etc.") will be hard. A slip of the compass for just a few degrees could result in being tens of kilometers from where you wanted to end up. Crossing this by foot would be very challenging and impossible without proper preparation. Random chasms, steep hills and dense woods would make it very hard to navigate through here by car, though the dirt bikes would be the shining stars. Wildlife should be spawning there to a greater extent than in the main area, making life there dangerous and trips to the "civilization" for medical supplies a must. In my opinion, this would enhance the "survival" aspect of this "survival" game to an enormous extent and open up totally new playstyles. And to almost negligible development-cost, I must add. Painting a big, random-y forest with a few rivers cannot be that challenging for the talented art-team. I cannot stress enough how mush i think this is essential to the feel of DayZ as I have come to know and love it. If we build bases on a map as small as this, with a population of 100 players and above per server, this will be Rust all over again. And imo, it really shouldn't be. TL;DR: after finalizing the intended design, the map should be expanded with a huge, foresty area for players to build camps, get lost in and die of starvation. Only the clever survivors will prevail there.
  19. Super map

    Imagine all the maps chernarus, celle, tavi, uetes, Fallujah, Takistan, Nalmask, Thirsk, panthera, oring and podogorsk.all combined into one big map. Chernarus and celle would make up the main land. Tavi and uetes would be up past berzino off the coast. Fallujah would be set at the other end of the coast behind some mountains. takistan would be behind Fallujah Nalmask and Thirsk would be off coast opposite cherno oring and panthera would be behind tavi and uetes podogorsk would be thrown in some where. A massive map where people could travel for days before seeing anyone. vehicles would be rare and so would army grade weapons. It would take a lot of work but it would easy be the best map in the world. As I haven't being able to find out all the sizes of the maps to see how big they would all be but it would be absolutely massive making just cause 3's map look minuscule. super map
  20. Since I started playing DayZ, I wanted learn the terrain, the best spots to snipe and camp. Now we have dozens of online maps to choose and thei have contour lines but it's difficult to read directly from it, you have to follow the lines to see if the terrain is at the same height. So my challenge is to create an online map with an height map of Chernarus with a color pallete representing the terrain height. Anyone could open the map and in 5 seconds look for the terrain changes. So far I've got this map and it's obviously not perfect http://imgur.com/6sZAd Then I wanted to create an API for retrieving terrain height giving a point (x, y). I would use an existing online map such as http://dayzdb.com/map and edit it to include the z coordinate in the lower bar (the bar with x y coordinates) I've extracted Chernarus terrain data from pbo files and now I have a file with x y z coordinates for the entire Chernarus. You can download it here http://www.mirrorupl...ernarus_xyz.rar XYZ File contents (http://www.mirrorupload.net/file/1KNFEC3R/chernarus_xyz.rar): Each line contains height information for the terrain at a given X and Y coordinate. 2048x2048 points across 15360m X and Y. First point starts at X=0 Y=0 Z=-51.600, second one is X=7,5 Y=0 Z=-51.660 and so on (the Z coordinate is the variable, X and Y always increment by 1, obviously). The distance between each point in a vertical or horizontal line is 7,5 meters (10,60m diagonally), so 2048 points x 7,5m = 15360m = 15,36km for the X and Y coordinate. X=0 Y=0 represents the bottom left corner, x=2048 Y=2048 represents the top right How I did it: If you want to continue my work, keep going and post updates, otherwise please tell me the best way to store all these points online to build a simple API to retrieve the Z coordinate giving the X and Y one. Height map w/ cities and roads & shadow (2048x2048px) Plain height map w/ shadow (4076x3926px) Plain height map (gray scale shadow) (2048x2048px) Plain Height map 1 (830x830px) Plain Height map 2 (4092x3944px) Roads & Cities (7236x5965px) Contour Lines (7205x5975px) Overall 3D terrain
  21. So, I am a one-time modder and returning player to Overpoch. I'm using DayZ Launcher to search for servers. But I can't seem to find any that show your avatar's location on the map right from the get-go. I was wondering if the script had a special name that I'm not including in the search. For example, I JUST found out that SlowZ is the keyword for finding slow zombie servers. Ultimately I'm hoping to find an Overpoch server with SlowZ and the rookie positioning system together. I'd appreciate any help!
  22. Map fixes

    Hello I am a new player to the game DayZ, I actually bought the game back in 2014 but couldn't play it as the laptop i had would barely run it even on low settings, but now i have a brand new laptop and it runs dayz. One of the suggestions I've really been wanting to see happen is a map fix, I want to at least be able to see where my character is on the map instead of needing to alt tab every time i want to check the online map and have only approximate guesses as to where I currently reside in the game. I realize that DayZ is famous for its realistic views on its approach but wouldn't it be nice to have a map where you could see where you are even possibly add friends in game and see where they are? Have it as an option for your friends to even set if they want to be shown on their friends maps or not, just in case we have those betrayals, bandits are so infamous for. Another idea is to actually label the cities on the map or at very least the major cities so new players will have an idea of what some may be talking about or have a place in mind to set out to. The last thought I had regarding the map system would be to have a simple distance measure and how long it would take to traverse over the terrain to said target, somewhat like a gps but without the tedious voice telling you to turn left every 5 minutes.
  23. Popular Maps

    What do yall think is the best map for an Overpoch or epoch server?