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Found 23 results

  1. Just wondering how you guys feel about the current concentrations of commonly used gear in the major cities. In order of highest level of "useful gear" for, let's say, a New Spawn... Cherno, Elektro, Solnichniy, Svetlo, Berezino, Zeleno, Stary Sobor, Severeograd, Novodimitrovsk. If weapons are left out of the equation it seems like Novo is the best place to "survive"...but what do you guys think? Thanks!
  2. Flank & Win

  3. Lone Wolf Adventures: Fight or Flight

    Hey guys!!! Had some intense moments on hardcore the other day... the ending sums up dayz for me. Love this game :) Enjoy!!!
  4. Now there is a lot of talk about gameplay but most seem to focus on gameplay elements like weapons, looting, cooperative goals etc. Lets talk about the earliest stages and how much of a challenge they should be. Do people like to live in a dangerous world using cooperation (or betrayal) to overcome challenges or do they want to be able to stand alone without much hazzle? How fast should most people traverse the initial survival phase and finally focus on getting better equipment? Now the dificulty level of this stage depends on group size. Cooperation usually allows for faster progression and more power you can use against your environment while playing alone will most likely be much harder. Now large groups also need organisation otherwise they might not be able to sustain their numbers. The question is basically about the "optimal group size" for surviving the early stages - the number of players to provide a challenging experience with a good success rate. Low numbers usually mean a easier gameplay with cooperation mostly speeding up progression while high numbers indicate a very challenging environment requiring cooperation for bare survival. Here being alone would drastically increase the difficulty level of the game.
  5. Wolfmind - DayZ community

    Wolf-mind (www.wolf-mind.com) I am starting a community based on sharing helpful information and pointing each other in the right direction, whether it be through advice, links, or whatever creative methods prevail. I don't so much think of what I would like to start as a clan, but more of a like-minded group of individuals, who tend to be lone wolves and or small groups, which I will refer to as "packs". The idea is that we don't have to roll together in a tight group or even on the same server, but when help is needed, whether it be medical, resources, or security, we are there to help each other. It should be known that I do not admire nor promote the bandit/murderer game play. A loose code of ethics should be held, where in which we do not kill for the sake of killing. However, There are certainly gray areas where a rule of KoS should absolutely be used, however a cautious approach, while perhaps not netting potential contact, keeps both parties alive and negates unneeded bloodshed. With that said, I would expect help to be offered to those in need as I always try to be social but distant enough in my excursions. I like survivors and hold no ill will towards bambis or newspawns. I have a web site, with forums, calendar and the like, which is setup through enjin.com. I plan on accepting requests for lone wolves, or your own pack via personal message. Lone wolves as well as each pack, will have their own private forum space, pack tags, etc defining whom they are. I also have a teamspeak server, which I will upgrade and create channels for packs, etc.. as needed. I am sorry, but I do not have an application page for the simple reason of keeping this limited and personal (probably between 10 and 20 packs, and no more than 20-30 lone wolves). These are of course, visions of grandeur based on participation. I will keep it running whether we end up with three packs, or if we max it out. It's obviously still something that can be modified, but the basis of what I have explained above will stand. Also of note: I frequently stream on www.twitch.tv/wolfminded (as a dayzintel.com partner) and post my feed on the site. I also am keeping a running journal that will be an amalgamation of story telling and my actual gameplay. My intro to this journal is already up on my site (and at dayzintel.com) for those who care to read it. You can find my site at www.wolf-mind.com. Feel free to have a look, and if your interested in creating a pack or being a lone wolf, register with the site and send me a PM. Thanks for your time. Knifeparty, aka Wolfmind
  6. Check out the loot that can be found in a hidden military base North of Kamenka! Also, watch the importance of situational awareness!!
  7. I play DayZ SA with a friend and we don't always wanna play at the same time and we don't wanna play without eachother, so I though that it would be a good idea to maybe add several character slots wich you can use so you can play play with a group and on your own.
  8. Dayz Epoch Panthera - Lone wolf

    Just released a sort of intro video, an intro to my series on dayz epoch panthera. Basically so you can see what is happening, i know it's short but it's setting up for the rest of the series. Action and base building will be coming in the coming episodes. If you feel like giving me some feedback that would be great too. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3kdNSGKRgM
  9. Here is my new video series, The life of a bandit! The first two episodes are up and get started a little slow, but they give you a little back story and idea why I want to do this. Episode three is coming soon! It's a lot more action packed. I hope everyone enjoys! These are not the greatest quality in the world but I'm new to this and working hard, I always appreciate constructive criticism but please don't be hateful for the sake of it. I'm not in it for the views or subs, I just wanna make DayZ videos and entertain people! Thanks for your time! Ep:1 Ep:2
  10. I have about 1 1/2 years of experience in DayZ, 2 years in ArmAII, and 10 in FPS. I'm 17 years old. I'm looking to have fun, and by fun I mean some serious squad play. I'm all for letting loose, but I greatly enjoy tactical squad play with others. I don't use skype, just post a reply. I prefer groups with teamspeaks, or teamspeak access. I usually play a bandit, but I've played a hero, as well I've played a basic survivor. I fancy myself a mature player, but I do get excited sometimes. Haha. But I know to be quiet when I need to, I also am used to taking orders and giving them. I have experience as a leader of squads of 3 - 6 people, involving players of all types. Skills: I can fly most helicopters, and all planes with the exception of the Biplane. I can snipe, I know how to range with mildots and lead a target, as well I have experience with all the snipers in ArmA. I'm quiet and disciplined. I'm observant, quick to learn, and fast on my feet. Hope to see you around; Watching my back or through my scope. Hooah.
  11. Hi, our community, The BSB Network have recently started our Faction Wars ( http://www.dodaj.rs/...resentation.jpg ) event, an ongoing event that will pitch our communities three main factions against each other, head to head, in weekly events. The factions are hostile (although they can still be "friendlies") and will be actively engaging in all out warefare against each otehr in the persuit of weekly objectives. However, to add a little spice to the mix, we're looking for groups of players or even lone wolves to join our server and make things difficult for them! We're looking for tough bastards who are ready to kill on sight and who aren't intimidated by established organsied groups, people who specialise in killing clans and groups! We are looking for genuine bandits and top class killers, not amatures. You will NOT be punished, kicked or banned for killing our members on our server, quite the opposite (you may gain notoriety!) so please dont worry about being banned or anything like that! If you are interested, feel free hop on our server anytime and start plugging away at people! Also feel free to jump on our Mumble server too. Registering at our website will be abonus and allow us to "reward" your bandit actions with various awards that are being tied into our events! PM me for more information! Servers BSB PvP Server: Mumble: eu2.voice.enjin.com:64278 Website:http://www.bsbnetwork.com
  12. Let's Work Together

    Hi Everyone! I've been playing a lot lately on Dayz Chernarus US 1462 it is one of two DIS Gaming servers. The other being a recently opened Tavania server. I just wanted to send this out as an invite to new players looking for their first stable server experience. If you've been server hopping come by and think about sticking around for a while. There are great admins and hacking is minimal. When the server has been hacked in the past they've done everything they can to make things right. It restarts four times a day at 6am 12pm 6pm and 12am. There are 200 vehicles and plenty of nice random loot sites, but it doesn't feel like admins run amok, in other words the map is pretty much in it's original state except for a few more vehicles and random loot sites. The server resets are spaced in a way that you will be able to find crashed heli sites that haven't been looted. I hope all of that makes sense. It is filled with mostly friendly players and at least one stable clan. I feel like it is mostly lone wolf players right now. I am one myself. But lately, I've found the need to reach out to other friendly players. I have a very well established, well hidden base and could definitely bring at least one,possibly two, other players into my fold. I'm looking to participate in a little team building. So come and play on the server! It's really well maintained and oriented towards grown up players. If you want to join up with me specifically, I'm willing to show you the ropes but I would prefer if you read some tutorials on your own or at least complete some of the ARMA II practice missions to get ready. I would prefer you be over thirty years old and enjoy teamwork. Preferably you'll play at least an hour in the evening and a good bit on the weekends. It would be great if you were patient and not only understood how to farm loot, but enjoyed it as well. I would really like to find another solid player or two to team up with on this server. I have a lot of collateral and could use some help protecting it. Anyway, send me a message or respond if you're interested. Sorry this is really two topics. Basically US 1462 is awesome! And I'm looking to team up with someone.
  13. I think I can speak for most "lone wolf" players when I say that the new feature of limiting blood regain through eating to once an hour (https://github.com/R4Z0R49/DayZMod/blob/3bf0696474f20178affee2d6ce65eca5eef0ddc2/Documentation/Changelog.md) will be the death of many of us. So, I request/suggest, to add regeneration of blood over time. Of course not as fast as most shooters or RPGs, where it's almost dead to full heath in a few seconds/minutes. I'm thinking more of 1-20 blood per minute, depending on hunger/thirst level and wound treatment. And maybe limited to a maximum of 6.000 - 10.000, also dependent on your health state. So blood bags don't become obsolete, but solo players have higher chances of survival. by wound treatment I mean how well you're treating your wounds. (of course, this mostly for the standalone, which'll have a much more sophisticated health/disease system) So, if you've broken your leg and sprint through the woods, your regeneration is slowed. If you've applied a bandage not too long ago, the wounds still there, your regeneration is slowed. If you've got a concussion and run around like maniac. If you're sick with whatever disease you might get. If you're cold/wet ... It also adds authenticity. "time heals all wounds"
  14. Team Building

    So,I posted yesterday about Dayz Chernarus US 1462 server that is run by DIS Gaming. I just wanted to elaborate a bit more on my specific interests on this server. I mentioned that there is one established clan. They have been inviting several lone wolf players into their fold but most of these players aren't interested due to clan hierarchy. My point is, there are a few of us lone wolfs who are looking to team up in a loose way. No one is in charge of anyone else and everyone within the group is allowed to trade freely and maintain possession of their items. It started to work well last night when I teamed up with another player for a while. We managed to get some great loot and definitely felt more secure while traveling together. Like I said, I'm looking for other older gamers to play with. But in retrospect this statement seems a little judgmental as I have had a good time playing with younger players, so I'll amend that statement and say please be mature and schooled in the ways of loot farming and ARMA II. Anyway, send me a message before you plan on popping in, I'll be there all weekend. See my previous post entitled Lets Work Together for a description of the server. I think it holds true to the original map with a few subtle bonuses. Thanks and be safe out there!! Doc
  15. DayZ'd & Confused (New Series)

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd drop a note about my new YouTube page with my DayZ shinnanigans on... http://www.youtube.c...ser/palicopadge I've done a little title sequence and have given myself a few rules to follow to keep things interesting for you to watch and me to play... Hope you enjoy. :)
  16. anyone wants to play ?

    sup, lone wolf without a mic, but idc, just want to play a bit with someone ~~
  17. Getting bored running around by myself. Some friends got me into DayZ a couple months ago but they don't have time to play anymore and I'm tired of just running back and forth accumulating gear that may never get used. I have a decent load out and if things go well I'm willing to share of course. Just looking for some fun casual play, I play cautiously but am not really afraid to die. I find playing by myself I'm generally on the not-so-fun side of those oh sh*t moments. Timezone: GMT-5 (CST) Skill: medium steam: redisforlosers skype: redisforlosers I won't be on till later this evening, 6 or so my time. Hit me up and lets go kill some stuff.
  18. I have not played DayZ for two weeks, but started again two hours ago. Ever since I found out about DayZ two months ago, I have NEVER heard of or experienced something like this, which happened half an hour ago. I logged in at Stary Sobor, it is night and I have NVG's. I started looting deer stands to the NNE and reached the one south of Novy Lug / Gvozdno. I entered the south forest and decided to head up north to the little shed at Novy Lug because I know a Motorcycle spawns there. The server announces a 10 minute heads up for a server restart, and I look at the number of players on the server. About 7-8 total. Some minute later, I reached the small clearing at 089049 and just when I was about to enter it, I see a player running in the middle of it, right at me! It seems he is being chased by zombies and I quickly call out "Hey, don't shoot! I'm friendly!". Suddenly he stops and what seemed like chasing zombies, are now spreading out in a circle and I notice they aren't zombies, but players! (why would zombies chase him through the forest at in the night?) It must be around 6 of them, and I saw at least one with a ghille suit. I hear back a "Don't shoot!" and I start to move to the left, hoping that I am prepared if someone would open fire. A few seconds later I have moved just below 90 degrees to the left of them and they proceed in the direction they were originally traveling. I don't know for sure if they saw me or not, but they probably did because the guy in the front was looking right at me. What are the chances of this happening?! I just bumped into all of the other 6-7 people on the server, grouped, at night, in the forest, heading towards me in like exactly the opposite direction. And NO guns were fired. They must've thought I was a hacker lol, because the chance of this happening is unbelievably small. I would've taken a screenshot but I was just too amazed and hoping they wouldn't fire.
  19. EDIT : I do have a mic, Skype, and TeamSpeak. (Too long for you ? Just read the bold italic lines.) Hi my soon-to-be wasteland love, My heart feels empty as I watch the stars over Berezino thinking about the long steps I have placed on this land, alone. I cannot count the blood I have made flow on the grass without a partner to smile at those deadly scenery. I can barely hear the wind blowing on the trees over the sound of my loneliness. It is time I find ... My true love ! Okay enough with the silliness B) My name is The XXI, I've been playing DayZ since May 14th. DayZ is kind of the very game I've ever dreamed of, I've always been stealthy in my games, I always had a good sense of orientation irl and in-game, always liked the strategy and the anticipation of enemies movements too. DayZ combines all those aspects. Plus the social and ethic part where you need to decide if you kill/help the bastard or not, that is fucking awesome ! I've played a lot and made many mistakes, I know what I have to do to survive, I know what I have to do to get killed. I'm self-sufficient, my water comes from mother earth, my food from mother nature, I know Chernarus as my pocket (or so), I know where to go and how to do so. If it can help to see if I'm your type of guy (damn that sounds gay), IRL I'm a happy guy, big fan of the Valve community humor, I love Memes but can't stand 9gag nor Reddit, love good food, when I say good food I'm talking about pizzas, junk food, and big ass delicious salads with tons of different stuff in it, I listen to every fucking thing, love Japan culture, although I'm not the otaku type and well that's it for now. So if you're a lone wolf type of player too, that you're good, you know your game and yourself, and you start to want a partner for some sessions, reply to this topic with a tiny presentation of yourself as a DayZ player. Bandits, Survivors, Murderers, Helpers, I wait for you ! TO BE CLEAR, I SEARCH FOR AN EXPERIENCED PLAYER LIKE ME, NO NOOB, NO NEW PLAYERS, YOU KNOW CHERNARUS, YOU KNOW YOUR KEYBINDINGS (it goes without saying), AND YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO TO IN ANY SITUATION !
  20. Happenstance

    After an eventful raid on the dreaded stary, involving me limping away with 3k blood and a broken leg. I crawl toward the nearest tree line desperately, hoping just hoping the sniper is not going to shoot that last finishing shot, not wanting to lose my newly acquired dmr from then stary tents. Somehow he does not shoot, whether his gun exploded or he had the eyesight of a 80 year old pensioner I don't know, all I know is I survived somehow. Although that's not the end of the story... Once into cover I morphine up eat all the meat I have, and lie in the forest, recovering from the traumatic experience. Until... suddenly I hear footsteps, a lot of them, I remain prone frozen in my spot, under a bush near the lake prud I think. They walk past not noticing me, a group of 5 survivors each kitted out with various items from ghillie to anti mat rifles and fals. I must say I had to fight the instinct to shit my pants and abort, like some people would in that situation(many people have done it to me when I've had the upper hand :( ). So I stick to the bush praying they don't see me, and they don't, it is the worst mistake they could have made... I wait a few minutes for them to reach a decent distance away, and pick up their trail, eager to try out my new DMR. So I stalk them and wait for the optimum time to strike. I see it, they all have to cross an open field to get to the next tree line. Time to strike! Not before one of them turns around checking the rear of the squad, I hit the deck, again I go unnoticed. I get ready, catching my breath and steadying my aim. Judging by view i'm about 150m out, so I aim for the core chest (DMR being zeroed at 400m it may go a bit more up than that, so i aim a bit more down but not too far as if I'm lucky it could crack a headshot). I start the massacre, two shots to the rear guard, 2 shots to the ghillie suit man, both confirmed dead pop up on the screen. The final 3 are now in dissarray, wondering what tragedy has befallen their teammates. 2 of them drop to prone the other one gets a nice two shots to the chest. As expected one of the last two disconnects the other faces the bullets to the face like a man, the area returns to silence. Four bodies now lie in the field calling to be looted. I crouch run towards the now deceased group, cautiously, aiming at the spot where the one of them disconnected. I reap the reward, a pair of NVGs, more DMR ammo and plenty of other goodies. I start giving each of them a decent burial, hiding their bodies, when suddenly it hits me I've made a crucial mistake, THE RESPAWNER. I turn to where he logged and like clockwork he appears, any earlier I'd be dead. I sloppily spray my DMR at him panicking, ramming the mouse click as fast as possible. He keels over, not before spraying a few rounds into my legs, and breaking my legs again GAH! Now I'm on 3k blood again quickly bandaging and ramming cooked meat from their corpses down my throat, inject more morphine into my legs and run into the now green sunset with my new NVGs :D Possibly the most exiting experience I've had on dayz, this game is amazing for random encounters, your adventure writes itself! I don't feel bad for the squad, banditry is just too damn fun! I mean what group allows itself to be taken down by one lone wolf!? All lone wolf bandits out there, keep going no matter what, surprise is always the greatest advantage!