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Found 41 results

  1. Dear all, I play on an Asus ROG G750JM, and it has two video cards, an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M. Connected in HDMI there is a secondary monitor, a BENQ which works well (can stand 1080p with any other game). Intel Driver version is, Geforce one is the latest one. the issue is, when running Dayz 0.60 exp, if I run it on my laptop screen, all is fine (normal 1080p). If I run it on my bigger screen, (I bought that for dayz mostly anyway), the screen turns into 1080i, flickering and aching my eyes. The monitor itself can sustain 1080p very well, but with only dayz this happens. Can you help/fix?
  2. Note - Before you answer. Please keep this in mind. I don't plan on building a desktop as of right now, being as I'm not wanting to and don't have that amount of time on my hands. (Plus, I have never personally built one myself). :D My budget is, roughly around $1200 - $1800. Although I am willing to bend it a little and go up to about the 2k range. So let's say, $1200 - $2200. I've been a fan of DayZ for awhile, my friend having nagged me to play it, the mod at the time. But, never having really been in the kind of family where money grows on trees, well - yeah you get my point. But, I've had the good fortune to have saved! I've been looking about, and honestly need more then just a few people's opinions on this. (The desktop, needs to be able to run not just DayZ, but a variety. Battlefield 4, Bioshock: Infinite, etc). I've had a look at these two: http://www.xoticpc.com/executioner-stage-p-6639.html http://www.xoticpc.com/tytan-stage-p-6628.html (Another thing, on this site you are able to customize. So, opinions on customization would be nice too! And I've heard that DayZ is a rather CPU intensive). Please! It would be grateful for your answers, I'm still not set on a desktop as of yet so I am also open to others. I don't really care for how it looks, as long as it works as it's meant to - gaming! :P
  3. I use my laptop for gaming and i can run css and l4d2 just fine but dayz is like completeley laggy, its so laggy that it causes me to run slower in the game litteraly, my sprinting is like non lag crouching speed, anyways, i was wondering if i can get help optimising my laptop for the game, my friend can play the game on her laptop and she doesnt lag at all. Specs Manufacturer: Toshiba Model: satellite c675d Processor: two Amd e-300 apu processors with radeo hd grpahics 1.30ghz <- i think is the problem Ram: 4gb (3.61gb usuable) System: windows 7, 64bit Plz help me i just wanna play and be able to keep up with my friends and not lag behind.
  4. Helo evryone ! So this is the first time i write something on the forum B) So as you can see in the title it's about Fps... I've had fps issues before, But this time it's something i've never seen before :o I have just started to use my laptop again so i can take it over to friends and play. Installed new hdd since the old one died and fresh windows 7 64bit and all original drivers are installed from manufacturer. It's a HP DV6 6c81e0. Specs: 1.9 GHz (2.6GHz Turbo) AMD Quad-Core A8-3530MX APU with Radeon HD 6620G + 7670M Dual Graphics, 8gb ram, 500gb hdd. It might be long but i wan't to give as much details as possible so people don't write something i've already tried. So installed steam and downloaded Arma 2 and OA and the other expansions. Downloaded dayz commander and updated dayz mods and OA beta from there. As always after a fresh start i had to fire up OA to edit my settings and controls. And i thought i would check how this laptop behaves when i'm in the middle of Chernolag, sorry chernogorsk :P Anyways as i expected... Massively low fps. Look at the water and i get a really smooth fps, look at the forest, really smooth fps, look at buildings really Lot fps. I then started running in the town just to be sure, and i noticed that every 5 second i had maybe 1 second or only half a second where the game runs as smooth as when i look at the water or forest. So that felt a bit strange. Opened my catalyst and enabled vsync (since there's crossfire i thought it would help) and set all settings to get the highest performance. Opened the game again and still the same result. Looked at my task manager to see the CPU graph wich was looking ok i guess, didn't max out the 4 cores in cherno. Then i had to help a friend on his pc and asked him if he could open the editor in OA and spawn at the cherno coast. He did and i looked at the screen and saw the usual lag. He has never played the game before so he walked around and shot with the gun a couple of times. And he then said "hey do you know that this gun doesn't hit where you aim" (m16a4 cco) i said no i have never noticed that. He stood up next to the wall and took a couple of shots and yes i could see that the bullet hitted lower than the red dot. And i said try to shoot at something further away, he turned and shot at the firestation ~60 meteres away. And it hitted where he aimed. But at that moment i was like :huh: Wait... What!? "Turn around" i told him and he did... Well the game was running so smooth that i nearly got a good feeling in my pants. And i couldn't believe what i saw, i haven't even seen the game so smooth on my desktop pc. So i asked what he did exactly, where he told me. "well i spawned, walked over to the red house , took a couple of shots, tried to run with shift but it didn't work and it gave me that Windows thing when you press shift 6 times. And then i just opened the game that was miinmized and then i told you about the scope" So what i did, was just to do the same thing as he did. Well that didn't work... Even let the character stand still for 10 minuts and tried moving but still laggy. So i got angry and turned of the laptop. Turned it on today and tried again. As normal startup and also the shift thing and open game again but still the same Lag and then 1 second smooth, lagg 1 second smooth and so on. Didn't make any changes to the laptop after he got it to work. So that's my problem <_< I've thought about heat issue but that wouldn't make any sense since the laptop was started 2 hours before my friend came and i tried to get the game to run for at least half an hour so the laptop was at a normal usage temp. New thermal paste and no dust inside btw. The hdd is new. Could it be ram? If yes, Well then how can it "not work" and then suddenly work and then "not work" again? I've set everything that i could to high performance, Even Switchable graphics option in CCC. Enabled and disabled Hp cool Sense. Bios is updated to the latest i could find on hp's website. There's no option in bios to turn of cool'n'quiet or anything else related to performance or power usage. Tried using VGA and Hdmi. (the laptop has no screen, backlight stopped working so i removed it to make a "Portable Desktop") I've noticed in Cpu-z that my multiplier goes from 19 to 26 every few seconds and bus speed stays at 100 which makes the cpu jump from 1.9 to 2.6ghz But in Amd overdrive the cpu stays at 2.6ghz I have no startup parameters but i've tried them all and when the game worked i had no startup params. And just fyi, to those of you who are going to say "well it's a laptop and they can't run this game, buy a desktop!" Well it ran fine once so that would not be true. Anyways plzzzz help me i get annoyed by all other games and i'm a Fps game fan and especially Dayz (yes i only play in 1st person) so this is the only thing i wan't to play. And i hate playing mineweeper, and i've watched all the videos that exist on youtube! I need dayz :wub: Hope someone can help me :) Screenshot: http://goo.gl/PyKZuf Video: http://youtu.be/oumHTw_k1dc (hard to see but if you pay good attention you can see it on the character that it lags and runs smooth and lags agin and so on)
  5. Razer or Alienware?

    I am purchasing a new gaming laptop. Should I buy the New Razer Blade Pro 512 GB Gaming Laptop for $2800, or the $3000 Alienware m18. Price doesn't matter between the two. I want to know which one will do best performance. Imagine this... on my current computer, I have to played Garry's Mod on low settings with 10 FPS. Its hell in a digital verse. On my laptop I will play games such as: -DayZ -Garry's Mod -Realm of the Mad God -Rust -The Forest -Etc I want to play on high to maxed settings with good FPS. The quicker the respond time is to this the better. Also, I am looking for a mouse or mouse pad that contains DayZ art.
  6. Hey guys I've been wondering wether or not I should give ARMA III a go or not. I've played a couple of battlesims as the old America's Army and Operation Flashpoint, and I really enjoy it. I haventh played any of the ARMA series yet, and only play the Day Z SA as of now. Will I even be able to run it on my laptop? ARMA III Recommended: OS: Windows 7/ 8 (64bit) Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or AMD Phenom II X4 940 or better Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7750 with 1 GB VRAM or better DirectX®: 11 Hard Drive: 25 GB free space (SSD/Hybrid HDD/SSHD storage) Sound: DirectX®-compatible My laptop is an ASUS with a 750M graphics card. It's having a pretty hard time with Day Z, In my opinion. The other parts surpass the recommended requirements except for SSD. Should I go for ARMA II instead or is it "too outdated"? In advance, thanks for your advice and opinion. /Søren
  7. Dayz Stats HELP PLEASE!

    Hey Guys I've just got Dayz but after looking at system i saw that i had the right stats to run it. but when i've downloaded it and start to try playinging it it was so laggy and the ground was flikkering a lot. can anybody help with why i'm having this problem? Here is my Laptop stats: Intel i5-2450M quad core 2.50GHz 6 GB RAM Windows 7 home premium 64 bit Radeon HD 7670M 245 GB free space. Regards Fozz
  8. Hi all, I am new to the Forums and registered for the sake of this post. Seems like a great community here. I'll Start with my specs: (Computer is brand new, purchased last October.) Toshiba Satellite S50D Notebook OS: Windows 8.1 Processor: AMD A10 Elite Quad Core- 5745M APU @ 2.10 Ghz Video Card: AMD Radeon 8610G + 8500M HD Dual Graphics (2GB Video Memory) RAM: 8 Gigs All Drivers up to date. So after resolving issues with installing the patch, and getting around the Battleye: Client Not Responding issue - I can now get into servers most of time. Once in a while I get booted with the message "ARMA 2 OA has stopped working", but only mainly on one particular server. I have a lot of trouble getting into that server, as I will get to the final loading screen and the timer in the bottom right corner will run all the way up to 120 seconds and finally just boot me. My main issue though, and reason for posting, is my FPS while in-game. With the exception of a few nights ago when I played for about 3 hours before getting booted while running about 25-30 FPS steadily - I now get a steady 10-15 FPS with about 9 FPS in towns. This is with my graphics set to Low-Normal.. I feel like with my set up I should easily get 40-50 FPS with graphics set to High. My brother plays on a 6 year old desktop with outdated hardware and is able to play on Very High settings with a steady 30-40 FPS. I have no issues with any other games. I will add that DayZ commander seems to be a pretty massive drain on my CPU when it is open. Shooting it up to about 50-60%. I have it set so that DayZ commander closes upon entering a server however, so I don't think this is an issue... Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end and don't know what else to do :(
  9. I am using a laptop for gaming, i didn't have problems before but ever since the new patches i have been having problems with arma3 and dayz both. DayZ runs at around 24 fps around the forest and drops to 6-7 fps in cities. My system specs are; CPU;Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.40GHz GPU;2xGeForce GTX 670MX Ram:16gb I am running the game on an ssd, the settings are lowest possible, i tried the game with sli turned off, didnt help at all. It uses around %50 of one of the graphic cards and doesent touch the other, the cpu usage is around %30. Can anyone give me any advice please? Edit:The laptop doesent overheat and stays around 70 degrees celcius, which is 30 degrees below fail temperature.
  10. I've looked around a bit,and have tryed changing the controls around to help,but it seems I still can't open this door. First time player,and I've made sure to read through the guides,and wiki. (Yes, this newguy actually read before playing, so please do be civilized.) INB4 "hur unopenable place"; It has the line and two arrows that are for openable doors,and the windows are see through. So community, what control do I need to change,or be told of to open my first g*d d*mn door?
  11. Specs: Core i7-4702MQ 2.2GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz Nvidia GeForce GTX 760M 8 GB DDR3 Memory 1000 GB HDD 7200RPM only getting 20-30fps~ no matter what settings are done (low-cpu based,high-gpu based on video settings i think?) im getting really bad performance, and I just bought the game. I made sure my Nvidia is being used on control panel, i did the .cfg fix and no luck.. any help would be appreciated!
  12. I need your help

    Hi guys, I am wanting to buy my other half a laptop for college, she is going back to learn Midwifery. I have asked her what she wants and she mentioned she would like a laptop for study. Due to the crap load on offer I am unsure as what to buy her. It must have MS Office and a Cd drive, budget of £400. Could you suggest any? If there is anyone who could, they are on here. Thanks for any help!
  13. Well, my dads old laptop broke and I got the opportunity to rip it to shreds. I found the CPU rather odd, instead of it sitting on top of the pins, the pins go into little holes. And the RAM made me laugh, so tiny!
  14. Hello everyone, i'm new to this site so i don't really know if this is the right place, but let me get straight to the point. I've got this LG laptop and im having battery/charger problem. It worked perfectly fine 2 weeks ago, but since last week its going really low on battery. Like 5 minutes a go i fully charged even the side button at the bottom said 2 hours (or 1 hour 50 minutes) 99% but suddenly after 5 minutes, it dropped on to 50 minutes. After another 5 minutes, it hibernated (ran out of charging) Like what ! I'm also attaching a file which shows low battery sign with 54 minutes... I don't really think its a charger problem and im really looking forward for a quick solution since i'll be travelling soon. And yes, my laptop charging reaches 99% really quickly, but looses extremely fast. PLEASE help :blush: >:( :( Edit : Sorry i posted this twice :( i don't know how to delete one SORRY !
  15. How to increase fps?!

    Hello. My name is Max and i'm having problems with my FPS in DayZ. So, firstly my specs are: Acer Aspire 5750G (laptop) Windows 7 i5-2,5GHZ Nvidia GeForce GT 630M 6GB DDR3 Memory 750GB HDD In order to fix FPS I tryed: 1. Changing options in game for lowest/off 2. Changing some numbers in my .cfg files 3. Putting this: -cpuCount=2 -maxMem=2047 -world=empty -skipIntro -nosplash -noPause into additional launch parametars 4. Creating a virtual disk using RAMdisc prog. and cuting @dayz folder to my virtual disk (F) and changing DayZ directory to this F:\@dayz (not sure if I did everything correct) 5. Giving more priority to DayZ using ctrl+alt+de > processes. 6. Changing options from nvidia controll panel. 7. I changed windows 7 interface from controll panel to windows xp interface, so i have more performance. 8. I was also going to try out Nvidia GeForce Experience, but it says that the game (arma 2: OA) can't be optimized. 9. I was about to try razor gamebooster, but I didn't get how to. By doing all this I went from 5-10 fps to 5-30. But I want it to be at least 30fps! I'm playing DayZ for about 6 days and I'm trying to find how to improove FPS for 5 days! In this 5 days i found out only that Arma 2 or DayZ or Arma 2: OA are badly optimized.. I'm sure it suppose to be 30FPS+, becouse im running Battlefield with 30-40fps, arma 2 singleplayer with 30-60fps! My friend has got crappy pc as well, but he gets 30+ fps, sometimes it drops to 15 for 3 seconds or so. some people are saying that it will not lag if you choose higher settings. Well, I don't think so, my laptop is not good enough for it i gues. Thank you for your time, and maybe help.
  16. gaming laptop ! help

    hey guys! i did some research but didnt found what im looking for. i need a gaming laptop becuase im in a boarding school and can only play dayz at the weekends because my other laptops performance is too bad to play. (modern warfare works fine but thats it) money: i guess between 1000 and 1600 $ so 760 and 1.220 euro. country: Germany and Austria would be great but ship would also be possible time: no time. i can wait ;D Thx anyway, sry for my english. just put the links in the comments and if theres a question feel free to ask :))
  17. Operating system - Windows 8 64 Processor - AMD Quad -Core Processor A4-5000 (1.5GHz, 2MB L2 Cache) + AMD Radeon HD 8330G Graphics Screen size - 15.6-inch diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366x768) Memory - 4GB DDR3 System Memory (1 Dimm) Hard drive - 500GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  18. Hey there, I'm a big DayZ player that stopped playing about two months ago due to low frame rates on my current laptop. I'm looking into buying a "gaming laptop" (no hate pls). I'm looking into Asus laptops, specifically the Asus g75vw-ds71, and I'm wondering if this or a similiar laptop can run Arma and just DayZ in general on high settings. I have a 1500$ budget if you can recommend anything around this price. Thank you in advance.
  19. Hello guys! Since August till yesterday, I've been playing the DayZ mod on my Lenovo G570 laptop on the lowest settings with under 10 FPS in the woods, around 15 FPS in the cities, and up to 20 FPS in general. My specs: Lenovo G570 Laptop; Lenovo 20079 Motherboard CPU: Intel Core i3-2330M, 2200 MHz (22 x 100) (QUAD-CORE) GPU: Mobile Intel� HD Graphics 3000; AMD Radeon HD 6370M [DUAL-GPU @ 2GB] RAM: 4,00GB DDR3 HDD: Western Digital 500GB SATA-II SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x86 6.1.7601.17460 MONITOR: AU Optronics B156XW02 V2��[15.6" LCD] All I did was THIS: http://pastebin.com/F7Q8Ne2i Sounds CRAZY! But setting the "post-processing" from "off" to "low" and adding FXAA from the config file gave me a serious FPS boost, now I'm not having less than 20 FPS in the woods, and playing on 40 FPS and more in general! I strongly recommend this for you guys, have fun! EDIT: Also here's a video I made recently that proves my laptop is running Crysis 3 BETA (yes, Crysis 3!) on these specs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap_2EbkxXfc
  20. Just thought I would post this here, I decided to test out arma2/DayZ on my laptop just to see what happened and I was shocked to discover it ran pretty well. I benchmarked it at around 20fps which isn't bad although it drops a slight bit while in built up areas urban on chernarus but I get fps drop on my desktop too. Here is the laptop. I bought it brand new for just under four hundred pounds. CPU AMD Quad-Core A10-4600M Accelerated Processor Speed (GHz) 2.30 GHz CPU Cache 4MB Design Color Titan Silver Display LCD Size 15.6" Type LED HD Resolution 1366 x 768 Brightness 220 nits System Memory System Memory 6GB Memory Type DDR3 (1600 MHz) Max. System Memory 8GB Storage HDD 750GB HDD RPM 5400 SATA SATA2 Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon™ HD 7660G + HD 7670M Dual Graphics External or Integrated External Maximum Graphics Memory 1GB Anyway i'm sure you are all thrilled to know this. I hope this helps someone along the lines Oh and you obviously have to have the powerplay battery settings st to max performance in the AMD vision control centre (CCC)
  21. i have a g580 that im most likely going to upgrade to an i5. i can run planetside 2 fine on low/very low settings
  22. I need some assistance,

    Good evening guys, I have been commissioned to get a particular Asus laptop to work again. What I thought was a simple task is quickly turning in to a daunting task of frustration. It stopped booting. Alright basic simple it's getting to where it should be POSTing and then booting, or the blinking line on the upper left hand corner. I have created a system repair boot disk, and moved it over to a flash drive. I have configured it to boot from the flash drive and its still at the blinking line. I am not sure what else to try? ~Mossy
  23. So I can't decide between the build I have picked out (have a case, Monitor keyboard&Mouse already): Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5-3350P 3.1 GHz Motherboard: ASRock H77M Graphics/Video Card: Galaxy GeForce GTX 660 Memory (RAM, DIMM): Kingston HyperX 4GB Power Supply Unit (PSU): XFX Core Edition PRO550W Hard Drive: WD Caviar 160GB 7200RPM PCI Wifi Card: Rosewill RNX-G300LX Wireless Card And these laptops: HP Pavillion G7-2238NR Acer Aspire V3-571G-6407 What has me held up is Should I get the parts to build the desktop and be able to play the game well (I think this build can... Not Positive on that) Or should I get one of the laptops were I might still be able to play the game but I also have the convince of a laptop, going anywhere with it. I do go places often with my current laptop (which can barely play San Andreas) So Basically I am just wondering which would be better. Should I screw it and get the better experiences with the desktop or should I settle for less with the laptop(s)?
  24. Excuse the tags, I didn't know what to put :P Anyway, I've been playing DayZ for just under a month now and I've but up with bad fps for almost all of that time and I play more than often I would say. So, I was introduced to Radeonpro and told it could help my fps, the only problem is... I don't have a clue how to use it. I am also using DayZ commander to fire up DayZ as running it from the usual Arma2OA launcher just doesn't seem to work. I bought the game through steam which has kind of thrown me a little as to setting the radeonpro up. Everything opens and starts okay but when it comes to the FPS, it's horrible, At times I'm getting 12, when im not near lets say a town and i'm in the middle of no where, i'm in the 24+ zone but then I come to places with buildings or lots of trees etc. and straight back down to about 18 (about my average). My graphics card isn't the best, I know, but I know it can be better than what it is at the moment. I've tried all different settings in game to try get something better but it's never much difference from being on the normal settings. If anybody is familiar with Radeonpro and knows how to sort it out with Dayzcommander then that would be awesome, please get in touch.
  25. Ho there, I am in need of some help! I was thinking about getting DayZ, so I downloaded ARMA 2 Free to see if my PC could handle it. ... What the hell? 800x600 window resolution, game resolution is HALF of that, everything on VERY LOW, Video Memory on VERY HIGH, FoV is on the lowest without editing the .ini so what am I doing wrong? In the editor, like, if I make a scenario just me against a bunch of soldiers in a town, I get probably 20 - 30 fps. If I join a server, like a war server, or an RP server, 10 fps. If there are vehicles, 8 fps. If there are buildings, 5 fps. If there are players, 3 fps. WHAT THE HELL!!! I have a fairly decent PC! Specs: Processor: AMD E2-1800 w/ Radeon HD Graphics 1.70 GHz RAM: 6 GB Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7340 Graphics OS: Windows 8 I know there are mods out there that remove grass, don't animate shrubs and stuff, but I have ARMA FREE! NO MODS ALLOWED! HELP ME!