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Found 316 results

  1. 1 FPS in the menu

    I have 1 fps in the game menu. This started after patch 0.62. Before that, I had a stable 70 frames per second in the menu and the game (almost at the minimum settings)ю Characteristics of my PC 2 gb RAM Video card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series(2 gb) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (3.00GHz | 3.00GHz) OS: Windows 7 DirectX 11 Last drivers AMD Tried to delete the folder DayZ in the "Documents" did not help
  2. Hey! It always happens when getting in firefight in 0.63 experimental; i get massive FPS drops when someone starts to shoot at me and i die because my whole screen freezes. Yes I got pretty bad pc with bad specs but this game ran well in 0.62. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specs: GTX 960 Driver Version: 397.31 (I will install new version soon) Intel Core i5-6400 @ CPU 2.70Hz 7,94 GB RAM 1920 x 1080, 1440 Hz - AOC Monitor ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Normally I have like 70-100 FPS when running on the fields but i get fps drops there too. But yes is there any solution for fixing this gunfight lag? Not wishing to die in Tisy where i just got myself yesterday. Also I play with low settings and got some settings disabled. Help would be needed, thanks. edit: I died yesterday at NWAF to a player who i certainly would have killed first without the stupid fps drop..
  3. South American Servers

    Hello guys (and Devs, I hope)!!! The reason why I’m doing this suggestion is because the huge amount of request we - The South American Dayz Fans - have done in order to finally have a (and with this I mean just one) stable south american public server. I’m going to briefly explain the reasons why we are requesting at least one public server and we hope someone can please finally hear us. SOME BACKGROUND FIRST Since the alpha was release, fortunately the amount of official Dayz public and private servers has been grown exponentially. You can find the great majority of them in North America (as it is reasonable), Russia, China and Europe. Some other continents and countries didn`t have the same luck, even when the Dayz player population are quite significant (Like Brazil and Argentina). This of course if because the game is still in development and they must prioritize the population centers to have more people testing the game. I understand and support this idea. Regardless of that, is very frequent to see huge amounts of servers in the mentions locations (EEUU, China, Rusia, Europe) that are empty 24/7 and its only function seems to be the “Server Hopping”. Check our ping by the way. So I always wonder: ¿Why keep 150 empty servers and don’t open just one for all the South American players? (I`m going to talk later of the problem with Brazilian public servers). As a fan and supporter of the Dayz project I participate in the DayZ Feedback Tracker reporting bugs and in Dayz official and unofficial forums by adding suggestions and discussing how the game can improve with other Dayz fans around the world. But even when you try to support, the server’s limitations are still there. All the experimental servers have an average of 270 ping making the testing non-viable. This is just a “footnote”, I don’t think experimental servers have to be in other place that the mayor population centers like EEUU and UK, I’m just giving some background. THE SOUTH AMERICAN PLAYERS AND OUR PROBLEM WITH BRAZILIAN SERVERS Lately, about 7 or 8 months ago, Bohemia add 4 public servers hosted in Brazil (BR 4-001 / 4-002 / 4-003 / 4-004 hosted by Fragnet). Just one of them have some population (BR 4-001) only at some hours of the day and some Dayz of the weeks (weekends), but they are never “full” or with more than 15 players average. ¿Why won’t all the people in south America just play in BR servers if they have a 80 average ping (the third part of ping of we are used to play with? The reason is simple: the vast majority of countries in South America (And in Central America) are Spanish speakers (with English education as our second language most of the cases), and Brazil is a Portuguese speaker country. Having said this, you should find more south american players try to do interactions with other players in EEUU public / private servers (because English is our second language and the ping - 280 averange -) than south american people try to play in Brazilian servers where you can barely interact because the only ones in the region that speaks Portuguese are the Brazilians. So, this causes that all the south american dayz players “migrates” to EEUU or Europe (Spain) servers, suffering: Desync, +290 ping, constant ping kicks, unrealistic game mechanics experience because of the lag (bullets that’s travels at very low speed), etc. WHAT I (WE) HOPE TO SEE SOME DAY We just need just one (only 1) server hosted in a Spanish speaker South American Country (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, any of them) to have a decent ping and enjoy what Dayz experience is about: player interaction, amazing a realistic pvp situations and survival cooperation. We are not asking for 10 servers and this is not a specific request related only of a lenguage issue, we ask for just one server to be able to play the game as it should. Thanks a lot and hope you consider it!!
  4. Performance - FPS

    Hello survivors. I'd like to know anyone has any information on DayZ Performance Improvement (FPS). After the implementation of the new render (0.60), there was no further talk. Despite the improvement, Dayz's performance is still very tight. I have a PC with the settings higher than those recommended, but in cities, even with the setting in normal, it is always below 40 fps, if I improve the graphic then it drops to 30. Entering vehicle in the city due to speed, the fps drops to 20, sometimes 15 ... unplayable. Does anyone know if there are still new rendering steps to be implemented that will improve fps and finally raise Dayz's fps to acceptable levels (over 60 fps)?
  5. Lag switch or Alpha?

    A little clip of a weird event. I still always give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to any multiplayer alpha, maybe I'm too optimistic about people? You decide? Thanks for watching !
  6. Absurd BUG

    So I've just came back to DayZ and I'm amazed with the improvements as I can finally take advantage of my Hardware. I can run on MAX settings with a great framerate (60+), even in cities! The thing is me and my friend found a car today and when I'm driving or my friend is driving the car I get insane fps drops (3-15fps). I don't even have to be inside the car. If my friend drives it even with me outside the car (and the car is in my field of view) my game gets completely "REKT" and becomes unplayable. Literally it looks like I'm just scrolling through screenshots on windows photo gallery! My friend has a much worse PC and can drive or be passenger just fine. Before you ask, yes I've tried putting the graphics on minimum, the problem persists. Anyone else experiences this? Is there a fix? PC: CPU: Intel i5 4430 3.00GHz (Turbo 3.20GHz) GPU: Asus Nvidia GTX 960 Turbo 2Gb RAM: HyperX Fury 12Gb 1600MHz MoBo: Some AsRock made by Intel PSU: NOX Urano 1060W 2 HDD 1 SSD
  7. Lag.

    My friend and i having a lot of lag spikes, fps drop too. Most in big towns like Cherno/Elektro etc... Can we fix this? - Sads

    My friend gets higher fps and graphics when our pcs are very similar please help & read to bottom Here is my PC: GFX: R9 270x 4GB OC CPU: AMD FX 6300 OC 4.1 GHZ RAM: 4GB Crucial Ballistics Sport His PC: GFX: MSI GTX 950 CPU: AMD FX 6300 OC 4.1 GHZ RAM: GSkill Ripjaws X 16 GB He is able to run much higher settings and still get better fps. I have had my PC for a few months and he has had his PC for about 3 days. Please help me fix my issue. IF YOU CANT FIGURE OUT WHAT IS WRONG PLEASE RECCOMEND WHAT I SHOULD UPGRADE NEXT!!!!
  9. I had a similar lag before but that was when i was near another car. Here i dont see any cars near here. In this video i couldn't find one.
  10. When i click in server browser the FPS go to 1 and freeze everything, just stop when All server load, but have more than 1000 server...it's the same problem that happen with the NewUi on 0.59 fix Pls, it's difficult search for a server..
  11. Could be because the servers are getting hammered but I think it should be mentioned. Opening a door takes roughly 2-4seconds and I have to press middle mouse button multiple times until it opens. Picking up items works fine. I also had a few issues with teleportation, I walked for 5 minutes and then got teleported back to the place where I spawned. Another thing I encountered were disappearing items once I drop them on the floor. Happened with a full backpack when I put a new one on. So far I have only had this problem in buildings but to be fair I haven't dropped many items so that could just be a fluke. Maybe the items drop below the building or something. Although performance is excellent (thanks!) I had some issues with textures. They look very blurry until I get close (~10meters). All settings aside from AA are on highest.
  12. 0.59 micro-stuttering

    Hello, since the latest update hit stable I've been experiencing some very unpleasant performance issues ingame. My FPS is surprisingly quite good and isn't related to my problems. In the wilderness my FPS is 50-70, which is fine and in bigger towns around 30-40, so still playable. The issue I'm having is subtle, but always present micro-stuttering. The game lags for a split second roughly every 3 seconds. I have tried reinstalling the game, moving it to my SSD, changing up all possible settings, killing all processes imaginable.. Nothing had any influence on it whatsoever. It happens on every server and thus is also most likely not related to connection problems. I've found a similar post on DayZ subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/3wa4av/059_microstutter/ and a topic here on forums, that is not limited to the 0.59 update: https://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/229640-is-this-lag/?hl=stutter I should say I haven't played the game for a while now so my issues could go few weeks back as well. You can see what I mean in the begining of this video posted in the topic linked above: It makes the game quite unplayable and nothing I've tried makes in any better. My GPU: NVIDIA GTX970, CPU: i5 2500k 4.5Ghz, 16GB RAM If anybody has any tips on how to make the stutter disappear, I'll definitely appreciate if you share them with me and anybody who is experiencing the same. Thank you and have a nice day. EDIT: It seems turning off antialiasing and adding the launch command -winxp fixed the issue.
  13. Hi there lucky survivors of the zombie apocalypse ... I bought this game around a week ago now, and have been playing with the highest settings completely fine with no FPS drops or other lag issues, However I went on today to play and the game is barely responding to me, the main menu takes minutes to realise ive even hovered over an option it has become that slow .. Every single element of the game is freezing and I havent even been able to get into a server to see if it applies to gameplay too! here is what I have tried in an attempt to fix the issue ... - All settings to lowest possible options (No Change) - Resolution and incrementally lower op[tions (No Change) - Verifying Steam Files (No Change) - Testing internet speeds (No Change, despite a solid 17MBPS) So at a loss with it all, and love the alpha so really dont want this to be a game breaking scenario! Open to all suggestions! Thank you, Indisus.
  14. Hey guys, after reinstalling Dayz SA after more than a year via Steam, this game has become literally unplayable. Each time I try to connect to a server i get the ''no message recieved for xx sec'' information after a few minutes of playing. The warning appears more and more frequent the longer i stay at that specific server and the time outs last longer starting at 10 to 15 sec and after three or four repetitions summing up to 50+ sec until I get finally disconnected. The thing is, this occurs on each and every stable server and sometimes Dayz even crashs to the desktop after such longer timeouts with Battleeye starting again and trying to update before launching DayZ again. ○ My overall latency shouldn't be the problem (43,5 ms) and I also checked my ping for specific DayZ servers (normal). ○ Tried 20+ different servers - no improvements ○ Tried to reset router - no improvements ○ Tried to delete the DNS cache vis ipconfig /flushdns - no improvements ○ Tried to delete my VARS profile and restart DayZ - no improvements ○ Tried to delete the net.log data and restart DayZ - no improvements ○ Tried to delete Battleeye client and Battleeye folder and let steam use it's ''verify integrity of game cache'' check - no improvements ○ Tried to delete BEService.exe client and BEClient.dll and manually downloaded the latest version from battleeye.com - no improvements ○ Reinstalled DayZ completly - no improvements Thats what appears each time DayZ crashes to desktop after the ''no message received for xx sec'' message and restarts following this crash. (Probably searched 30+ threads and there are plenty of people experiencing this problem, but there is no overall solution and most just seem to have stopped playing) Please help me, EA-Alpha or not, that really isn't and shouldn't be possible. Thanks in advance, Cosmo
  15. Hey guys, I know there is a real struggle in DayZ with getting enough FPS to enjoy the game properly, so I went on a hunt to find a solution, and I have found one and created this short video tutorial to help all of you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTMgi6e2FEE&feature=youtu.be I went from getting around 11 fps in Cherno to about 36. So it helps quite a bit. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Razer ID - ST20winD - winD
  16. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had experienced any lag since the hot fix? And does a persistence wipe fix it? Are you doing regular persistence wipes? Or not doing them at all? Thanks Mad
  17. We at The Civ decided to lock down one of our 3 servers, to test the camp lag people are experiencing. As we suspected, trucks or truck storage are the apparent culprit. We drove NO trucks on that server after locking it down and ran in a bunch of tents to NWAF, filled them with loot. Did we lag out? Here's the test on video: We worked hard as a community, at our own expense, to test this theory. It appears we may have found the culprit!
  18. .58 Player DeSync

    Now its not too bad at all on low pop to medium pop servers but on full 50 person servers it is unbelievably bad for me, even though it says I am getting 30-60 ping. People are skidding all around the place, warping out of buildings, I've gotten in fist fights with people and knocked them out when they were just standing in one place only to have their unconscious body go sliding 50 feet away, hell I got killed by an axe guy today when on my screen I was chasing him and he was a good 15 ahead of me. This patch probably should not have left exp, it really needed a few more weeks work with a competent dev team or a few months with Bohemia.
  19. Internet connection problem.

    Hi all ;) Lately i had problem with dayz. Game is laggy. I can not play the game because of this. Here is the speedtest i made. http://e-speedtest.com/test/784456 Ping is around 40, in game ping is more than 150 !!!! Anyone can tell me why it is like that? maybe ist my connection fault? I dont know. Please help ;)
  20. r9 and fx lag? why

    HELLO i have a problem 2 days ago i bought new pc Fx 8320E( 3.2 ghz) with R9 285 , 8gb ram and i dont know why but when i play dayz i set defoult video settings and the game set all hight and very hight but when i go in big city ( because normaly have 50 - 60 fps) i have 20 fps . . . how its possible with r9 and fx i have 20 fps or 18???? pls help me i cant believe, i spent 800 € for this pc and i lag? rly? maybe i have to overclock the cpu? but for me its better no its new pc :(
  21. So one dayz I open dayz see and come to see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkOP3IIK8JQ. In the begging it wasn't this bad, but it got worse and uglier throughout the week. Everything in my game is going crazy!!! Specs- GTX 765m, i7 4970, windows 8.1, 8gb ram, 850gb storage. If anyone has a fix to this it would be really helpful. Here is how my old gameplay looked like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MKqYESZIVQ (Watch in 1080p)
  22. DayZ Lag

    Whenever i play DayZ standalone i get a lot of lag spikes. Will all of this lag go away? I can also run arma II fine. My PC Specs: Processor Intel® Pentium® CPU 2117U @ 1.80GHz Manufacturer Intel Speed 1.8 GHz Number of Cores 2 Video Card Intel® HD Graphics Manufacturer Intel Chipset Intel® HD Graphics Dedicated Memory 32 MB Total Memory 1.8 GB Memory 6.1 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 8 (build 9200), 64-bit
  23. Little help?

    After the patch was playing fine, found some Heli crash loot in some barns (M65 field jackets) as well as some HCV no m4's :P went to bed, came back today and now first Battle eye is blocking Razor game booster, but the game itself is choppy, laggy. Dayz EXE randomly starts using half the ram it used to, it takes a while to join a server when it does, you can look around but when using wasd it takes 5-6 seconds to see a response in your character, in attention it is done with like 2-6 fps (dropping from 45-60). Ive found similar bugs on the bug reporter but i was interested if the community might have already found some solutions? Edit: now i can only look around when i log in (super smooth other than for one toon in a bush) , moving just freeze the client :( not going to be much awesome loot left haha
  24. Let's talk performance.

    Let's assume I buy a new computer tomorrow. It'll probably be around $1.700. Now let's talk about DayZ at launch. That's in a few years. By that time my PC won't be the newest thing out there, but in my opinion it'll be reasonable. Will DayZ ever run at 60+ FPS anywhere, even in cities? With no desync either.
  25. Lag in DayZ or what?

    so yesterday on saturday this started happening so usually when im playing DayZ i have like 5 techs on the same WIFI including my PC and i ran it at 30 ping no lag of character except once that lasted a few seconds but now i have my character going up hills into the ocean and when im able to run he just goes back and looks way up cant move the camera and he justs shakes the camera like hell and just gliding across the whole freaking map HELP!!! this is so stupid guys. BTW i got Comcast Xfinity 20mbs modem if that matters.