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Found 137 results

  1. Adrenaline sate for .63!

    I played stress test last night for about 4 hours and I got this idea that would be pretty cool imo. So when you're in PvP your character could enter an adrenaline state where you can sprint for longer distances. But the downfall will be that you hurt yourself but yet again don't feel it due to adrenaline, wear your character down, dehydrate and starve. Then when the adrenaline state wears off you have to spend exceptional amount of time to repair your character. But as a soft skill the longer your character is alive the more immune you come to this and adapt to the PvP environment.
  2. Hello everyone, i think it would be nice to have an second "Test" server with latest content similiar to what PUBG devs does with their "Codename: Savage" where we could try the latest features even if its terribly glitchy and full of bugs in this case for example it would be the .63 as it was in the Dev Stream. To get access to this exclusive server we probs would have to complete an application of some sort basically proving that we 100% understand that its for testing purposes and we cant judge the game at that point or even upload gameplays of it somewhere otherwise we will get banned or something. E.g. We fill an application somewhere and if we're accepted Staff member unlocks an private section of forum where staff member posts temporary password for the pre-experimental build that has like 1-3 servers live and also where we report issues of that exclusive build in case devs missed some bugs. Also it doesn't need to be up for all time, it could run for example only in weekends. There's alot of people including me who cannot wait for .63, but even .63 gets into experimental i bet there will be second great features that we will need to wait for and we will want to test it ASAP e.g. helicopter or RPG before its on public experimental and it will continue like that till the game is fully developed.
  3. Part #1 / Part #2 / Part #3 / Part #4 (With Pictures) Hi ladys and gents! It’s been a while since I want to make a post like this. I have read a lot of amazing ideas on this section of the forum (I really follow the suggestion threat) and I personally feed from some of them to expose and “develop” my own. I really hope you can give me some feedback about them to Polish or adapt them. First some clarifications: English is not my native language, so I truly apology for the grammatical errors that may exist. Post format: IDEA + ILUSTRATION + SHORT SUMMARY (I can amplify more in coments) Each idea tries to be as achievable and reasonable as possible according to the Dayz spirit (Survivalism - post apocalyptic atmosphere) and actual game possibilities. Let’s start ! #1 SURVIVOR'S DIARY AND MAP ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: The idea is quite simple. With your initial fresh spawn gear/ki9t you should have a diary. (NOTE: It could be an item like a book or just a function in game by pressing some key like in many other games). There (in the diary) you can write notes, your personal story, people that you meet traveling in chernarus and want to remember their names – or steam names -, feedback o thoughts about this people, notes about the loot, etc. Also, you can add a map by combine the already Chernarus map item with the diary and you craft an editable map where you can draw stuff, marks of bases, loot spawns, enemy base, and so). PROS: I would add a lot to the roleplay servers and to normal pvp servers too because you can get more immersion, you can now know who do you kill or meet. It’s a good way to have a map in game with tags and marks. You can also add a system where the map (in your diary) it’s completes and update by visiting parts of the map. #2 FIREARMS SIMPLE MELEE ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: Just add the possibility to do some basic melee attack with the firearms. This attacks don´t mean to make a lot of damage (same as fists if you wish), but just make zeds step back like when you first shoot them. It would be really useful if we think to face big hordes of zeds in future updates of the game and when you went out of ammo. #3 BIGGER AND DARKER BUILDINGS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: The map of Chernarus is one of the best maps I have ever play in because of the realistic scale and complexity. But the buildings of the mayor cities don´t look the same (probably they are a fiddley copy of reality but for the purpose of the games I think it just doesn’t work quite well). Of course they need some “apocalyptic touch” with some creepers and destruction (it’s in develop as I know). But I talking about dimensions and lightning here. I think we should take the existence buildings and add some more but with a huge and realistic scale. Example: a hotel where you can go room by room with zeds spawning inside, or a huge hospital or laboratory. I want to travel inside buildings and get lost… not just go up a stair, check a room that looks exactly like the other and get out. Or enter a house that the main door leads straightaway to the bedroom (realistic?). ¿Have you seen the double green and double red? ¿What kind of houses are they? Games like Miscreated or Scape from Tarkov have great examples of this time of buildings I’m talking about. LIGHTING: The second part of this idea is about the lighting. Players have abuse the gamma option for too long at night time and only some players (I include myself here) know the great atmosphere that a flashlight in a dark place provides. So, if we can add some of this building ideas that I just talk about and make them very dark (even at daytime you can´t see inside because the windows are blocked), players should turn gamma high and low all the time when they go inside, making this very disturbing. I don’t say they won’t do it, I say it´s more likely some % don’t and just turn the flashlight on when they go inside or just pass by the building. #4 SECRET LORE WITH TIPS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: Of course Dayz already have a Lore (background history of the game) but there are some really big questions that haven`t been answered. I read is some interviews of devs about this and they all agree the lore should remain to the free interpretation of the players. I also agree but putting some tips and false tips in the way could make dayz experience more Enjoyable and give players more objectives in game. The experience of the game “The Forest” or “Metro 2033” (sorry I compare dayz with other games all the time, but is the way I best known to illustrate it) show ass how good this could be to the game, even if you only add small details to game. #5 ZEDS ALREADY CRAWLING ILUSTRATION SUMARY: I know that zeds crawling or walking like 4 feet animals have been in the game before and I love it. Nowadays, when you enter a city and fight with some 3 o 4 zombies, its looks like you are fighting clones: They move the same, they attack the same way and they are all too clumsy. A good way to mitigate that in short term (because I’m sure devs are already thinking in give zeds some random movements in future) is make some zeds spawn directly crawling, as their legs have already been broken. It’s would give more diversity and I think they are scarier to because most of the times you can´t see them in bushes. I limit this idea here because I know they are working on player’s animations, but my other thought about zeds it’s that they can climb tall buildings to access through the windows to the second, third or fourth floor. Just imagine hordes of zeds try to climb the last floor of the Dubky buildings to reach the top where players are camping. #6 REAL POST APOCALYPTIC CLOTHING ILUSTRATION SUMARY: Dayz is a post-apocalyptic world, but besides the absence of people and zombies it doesn’t look like that. Clothing is too “clean”, military outfits are complete and new and there are no “random and mosaic” clothes you can put on your character. I mean, you can put a rider jacket, some gloves and a BDU pants, but we need to feel that our character struggle to survive, and his clothes must be a sign of that. NOTE: We must avoid “futuristic apocalypse clothing”. So… i think dayz should add more random clothes to make each character more personal and recognizable if you really want that immersion of a survival game where you value your life because is unique. Things like ponchos, improvised gloves, tons of new raincoats, a lot of differences gas masks (nato gasmasks, rusian gasmasks, improvised gasmasks), hats, winter clothing, heavy bags, backpacks that don’t look close (just open, with some items at sight), weapon crossing your back like a survival should carry them and not like a perfect soldier, wind glasses like in mad max, etc. All that with the possibility of dye or paint with aerosol some particular clothes. #8 CONTAINERS =/= SIZE AND RIGHT CLICK TO INSPECT CONTENT ILUSTRATION SUMARY: I think the 3 main containers in the game should have a little change. If you think them like a “organization container”, they should have more slots of capacity that they have in size. Otherwise, the only function of them is to protect the item (same protection that a cooking pot or a frying pan can provide, and they are not the same kind of containers). So I prefer a new size / capacity distribution like I show in the image above. CHECK INSIDE: The other idea about this type of containers if that you can check inside them (but NOT use any of the items) by right clicking inspect. Before some updates you were able to do this and its helps a lot. Here is some screen to illustrate my thought: #9 USE DUCT TAPE TO SILENCE A HOSTAGE ILUSTRATION SUMARY: Simple idea. You can use the duct tape to silence a hostage (VOIP and Direct Chat). It should work the same way as the burlap sack (hood). The player can remove it from himself if he is not tied up. In add, if you use the duct tape on a player’s mouth, you can hide your identity in the direct chat like: / Unknown player: “Don`t move man”. #10 THE BOW SHOULD BE A MELEE WEAPON ILUSTRATION SUMARY: I think the bow (for inventory purposes) should be consider a melee weapon. ¿Why? Because I think this would bring more use to this weapon and much players are going to start using it to clean the cities of zeds. Also it can provide fresh spawns a good opportunity to have a load weapon (bow) and carry an unload one until they find the ammo and not be so helpless. Ok guys, that´s all for this post. As I said before, I have a few more ideas that I want to share but I need your feedback fist. Sorry one more time for my terrible English, tips or corrections will be highly valued !! :::::::: INDEX ::::::::
  4. Hello All, I'm not sure if this has been posted yet or not. Chances are it has but please bear with me. Anyway a random idea popped into my head. What if some doors in Chernarus were locked and the only way in would be via lockpicking. Lockpicks could be found and either put into the tool belt or perhaps as a limited use item. on top of this, it would be neat to add locked containers or safes that could hold rare/uncommon items, these too would need to be opened with lockpicks. Another thought is if you could find pad locks and lock doors or containers yourself this way you could stash your items in certain locations and lock it up. (With this in mind it would have to be limited to certain types of buildings or doors as i could se some people locking every door on the map, another problem is having someone lock you in a building. Hilarious, but not fun for the person being locked up) Anyways. These are just some simple thoughts and ideas. Cheers
  5. Open Fields "OVERHAUL"

    Hi, i was thinking about visual update 0.62, and it seems to me that the open zone should receive some updates too. Can we expect something new in these places? Some time ago I made examples of such places with animals likely to have a respawn place there. (pigs/boars) What do you think about that? I know that is not currently the most important but in visual phase these things when will be implemented could make the world more realistic and makes unique atmosphere in DayZ.
  6. gentlemen's suit

    I've been wondering about clothing in the game recently... we have all kinds of clothing... including a pair of nice leather shoes but then my next question: WHY not three piece suits or a dinner jacket ?? I mean inbetween ALL of the military, ghillie suit wearing M4 sporting sharp shooting John J rambo's in this game surely there has to be 1-2 people on a 40-60 pop server that are the sly and cunning salesman selling you morphine, antibiotics, ammunition or even a can of 'special' spicy beans? I know I would be down with that.. makes the aspect of the 'story' a bit more 'human' if I might say so, an aspect of people that are actual PEOPLE instead of stone cold badass killers ALL the time. because NO matter HOW tough you are... there are always people around that simply want to do some business get payed and move on. so the general idea is this: some form of a suit consisting of: - a top hat or bowler hat - a nice jacket and shirt - nice pair of trousers - nice (leather) shoes (those are already in the game) just to give the 'status' or prestige to players who wish too portray their character like that. in the middle of all this death/murder/shooting and general chaos. so what do you guys think of that idea.. @Hicks_206 (DayZ) @SMoss
  7. Controller Layouts

    I've been working on this for the past 2 days now, and I'm still working on it, and I'd like this community to help me make a fool proof controller layout that could perhaps make it into the final game, now the chance of this is near impossible if i know the current status of the game but still, for the love of all those poor souls that love sitting on a couch casually playing DayZ SA, please help me do this :D, I've modified Existential Egg's controller layout, that IMO was pretty good but doesn't fit any current controller layouts, and put the link Here, Its a pastebin link and is virus free for all you curious folks, I've also Photo-shopped a Layout together that is as I've mentioned still a Work In Progress, but I think is on it's way, the link is Here, yes its a twitter link and yes I did make it. anyway thank you for reading and please consider this and helping me out, Bye for now :D
  8. Hi, I have thought a lot on how spawning could be improved after suffering of, to name a few: massive loss of time to regroup with friends, persons coming back non-stop and insanely fast on their dead bodies or bambis suiciding everywhere on the coast (immersion-breaker). All of this issues are not intuitive and I believe make the game suffers more than we think at first glance. So I came with something which could in my opinion resolve all of this (it's just a concept done in Paint) : [CLICK ON IT TO MAKE IT BIGGER] So let's say you enter a server as a freshspawn character, the first thing you see is a page like this where you can choose where to spawn and how your character looks.Everytime you die, the closer spawn to the place where you died becomes inacessible for 15 minutes (could be more or less).To make it truly work, thoses timers must be persistant between public servers and the distance between spawn-locations enough to prevent players coming back too fast on their corpse. Benefits:Nearly complete disappearance of players suiciding for respawn purpose (immersion-breaker).Less bambis rushing mindlessly on geared players (because the spawn location is not always available).Easier and enjoyable way to regroup with your friends.More immersion in the landscape as you see group of bambis trying to survive together on the go (group of friends).No more insanely fast comeback of players to re-take what they have lost on Coast (for pvp players).More polished/professional and look-alike classic game menu style for Dayz in a good way. Drawbacks: Need to be persistant to avoid issues of players choosing their spawn location in another server and then proceed to comeback on the one they want to play.Need to find the good balance for the timer on the spawn-availability so players don't get stuck/impossibility to play for too long. Should be not that hard to find and not a big issue (dying 8 times in 10-15 minutes is very rare and players will be comprehensive if it happens).Need to make minimum distance between spawn locations in order to prevent very fast comeback of players on their corpse or whatever. What do you think of it ? I am interested in your opinion, ideas on how improving this concept etc. Thank you.
  9. Should a Ex-soviet nuclear silo/bunker in the middle of Black forest be added with military loot spawns but the base be hidden from the in game map and be very hard to find it with only one entrance and it is pitch black inside would be cool also how about adding a Nuclear Missile in that silo :) Of course it can't blow up or be launched just there for realism.
  10. New Zombie idea...

    so i got to thinking. what if the dayz art department created say three or four new zombie faces. then, every time a zombie spawns, the server randomly selects one of each type of new spawn cloths. E.G. zombie face model 2 green tshirt black jeans black runners. the cloths should be at least badly damaged in appearance, and no items in the jeans, but they could be looted if the player needed it. not saying get rid of the old zombies, just add this for some variety. i am not a computer person though, so please idk if this would work, but it is an idea to add variety to the zombies you kill.
  11. Hang that cooking pot

    What if you could strapp the cooking pot on to your backpack. Like if you combine for example rope and cooking pot you get like a cooking pot with a rope attached to it. That would then allowe you to strapp the cooking pot on tje outside of your backpack. Then the cooking pot wouldn't take up any space in your backpack. Thoe it would shine in the sun. You get more space in your backpack. But you sacrifice a bit of camoflage. This would be a cool feature that would make your character look more survivary to. Hope you undertod what I wrote. Thoughts?
  12. DayZ group scenarios server

    I want to post a little suggestion to listen opinion of community. Today we played in dayz with my friend and came to conclusion that game in that stage has big potential to do many interesting things, but in real games - this potential is not used and players forced to every day do the same things: 1. Go NWAF, Veresnik, Zeleno, Balota (or some other variations of this way) for loot 2. Go Berezino, NWAF, other cities to fight (or lie in ambush somewhere) 3. Die in chaotic battle after some number of kills 4. Go to step 1 It's really not bad, and a want to say great 'thank you' to developers for what we can do it, but after exploring all in-game content and all in-game situations it's get a little boring. But... we really like DayZ and we want to play dayz more, with different experience and new interest. Based of writed above we had an idea: We want to rent server and organize games with group scenarios (40 players, 2 teams) like 'NWAF assault' or 'VIP escort' etc. with full top equipment giveaway for winners and maybe some sort of tournament tables with prizes. In plan: 1-2 games per week on weekends. If that possible, we want to charge small fee to participants only for filtering troll-players and gamebrakers and to create the prize fund. In future, if an idea will be liked, funds will go to create web-site of that project and its development. If we do that, are you want to play this scenarios and watch streams from that?
  13. duct tape (mute)

    hey, so so far there are not uses for duct tape in the game and well, i dont know if this has been posted before, but you can use a burlap sack to blind a player, handcuffs to restrain them, but no way to mute them. now duct tape as of right now has no use, so i think it would be cool to be able to put it over another players mouth but only after restraining them with handcuffs to prevent them from using public chat either by verbal or text. again i do not know if this has been suggested but hey, i think it is a cool idea and if anyone else has suggested it then sweet,i am not the only one thinking this would be pretty neat, also i have not found a way to start a poll but if there is one if anyone could tell me how to sweet thanks, if not add that to the forums :p
  14. Empty Soda Cans---

    So, I was running around the map early and my character became very thirsty. I had in my inventory the following: 1-Soda 2-Water Purification Tabs 3-Other non-related items. I was more or less in the middle of nowhere and thought well, I'll drink the soda at least. BUT, then I saw a pond! It was then that I had the idea that we should be able to use EMPTY soda cans to gather water and use the water purification tabs to clean the water and drink. I didn't have any other container on me and in a real life situation I would have simply used the empty can to clean the water. :) TL;DR?- We should be able to gather and purify water in empty soda cans.
  15. Tired searching for a topic to add this to an existing topic instead of starting a new one, but I for some reason didn't see any when I made a search for "3rd person" Anyways, Exploiting 3rd person has been discussed to death here and many ideas have been suggested. None of which is an outright "fix" for the issue. 3rd person has been in games for many years and is a great way to play games. But DayZ being an open world PVP game, cover and hiding from players is a HUGE part of the game and being able to be safe and out of sight while you have full view of everything is kinda cheap IMO. Now Im not saying that this is THE idea, but wanted to share it and see what ya'll think of it. So what if when your character gets a certain distance from a wall, tree or anything that gives you cover you automatically go into 1st person? Or instead of a jarring switch that you cant control, I think a better solution may be, the closer you get to a wall the closer the camera gets over your shoulder until its right next to your head. That way its a gradual change instead of automatically switching which I could see people not liking. This way you get the best of both worlds IMO. You can see your character and for people that get motion sickness can have 3rd person and still keep things fair by not allowing to look over or around cover. I feel like this could actually work well. Please let me know why this may be a bad idea or just wont work. The only negative I can think of is the camera changing when running or walking past trees or objects, so maybe it could only apply to walls and buildings. People could still look around trees but honestly walls are the biggest problem IMO. What do you guys think? This is just a suggestion, no need to get defensive if you dont like it, if so tell me why and explain your reasons for hating it, please dont comment "no" unless you back it up with your reasons. Thanks.
  16. Just what the title says. Since so far we don't have tents, safes, or other ways to store loot how about being able to use those yellow boxes and ammo boxes to store things and the shovel to dig holes and bury loot? That'd be a great way add a bit of realism lol bc tbh never know when u might need that ammo for the gun u don't have or those extra cans of food....plus you forget where you buried your loot well....get to digging :)
  17. Walking While Eating

    Good morning. I'm sure the idea of being able to walk while eating/drinking has been brought up before, but I was wondering if there has been any new responses to it yet? I think walking while eating (small things like fruits and veggies) and drinking from a water bottle or soda should eventually make its way into the game. There are times I feel rather vulnerable when I have to stop to take a swig from my bottle or stop to eat a apple or pepper. Thoughts?
  18. Suicide Animation + Idea

    Hello there! I have an idea for the upcoming suicide feature, when you put the gun to your head, like this: you can choose when to kill yourself (instead of it being automatic), i just thought it would be cool. i also want to share the animations for suicide with you just in case you haven´t seen them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG1QI1FJxzE :beans: :beans: :beans:
  19. Digestive System?

    DayZ Digestive System DayZ is a game that strives for realism and player freedom, at least, as much as one can strive for in a game set in the zombie apocalypse. I suggest, and this may not be a popular suggestion, that the player must have a digestive system. Instead of eating beans then somehow digesting them without passing them, the play must find a small, secluded spot to drop the kids off. After drinking a full bottle of water, after time the player must urinate. These additions, plus whatever else happens in the digestive system, would help create realism. Alas, I would most probably use it to shit in the middle of Cherno on a high population server.
  20. Ideas for the game

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9mr4k9X6c8#t=42 Just saw this gameplay of game called " The Forest" and would love some of this stuff implemented into our favorite :)
  21. MUST HAVE map idea/s

    I see lot of new locations, it's sure an improvement to old chernarus map, but it's still quite boring. why not add caves and tunnels? Would be cool if you guys add some hidden caves (mazes where you get lost). Like cover them up with bushes and trees, so its hard finding the access to them and include some good loot in there or something that is worth a while. Like that new area that is all the way north, there are some cliffs and mountains, there could be some awesome caves hidden in those mountains/cliffs. also more places like the ship wreck please. a huge plane wreck would be nice to have, somewhere up in mountains. and some sort of fortress (not a castle). it's not too much to ask now, is it? i could do that in map editor within a day or two. well custom model designing is different, but if you use old textures it can still be done in 2-3 days easy.
  22. russian roulette?

    so i have an idea that might be fun, russian roulette, i searched the forums and found no idea like this. so here is what you could do, if you have someone hold up, and you want to have some fun, take a revolver and load 1 bullet, spin, shot. this idea might be a bit stupid, but i would want this in the game, maybe not now but later in development. thoughts?
  23. Non-Lethal Weapons

    One thing this game could definately benefit from is Non-Lethal Weapon Additions, things like tazers, stun guns, pepper spray, CS-Gas Grenades, things that ultimately help players become easier to restraint without simply walking up to them and using a boasting broad voice to make an appeal that the player should put up his hands and be put into submission. Basically adding a Sub-Dual Mechanic to the way Blood is calculated but more like Resistance scale. Things like Pepper Spray, Tear Gas (CS Gas), and tazers would allow for short range disarmement of a situation without killing the other player outright, or defusing a situation, or simply creating a way to get around players without resorting to simplying shooting them dead, or mamming them senseless. Pepper Spray would effectively reduce visuals with minimal or moderate use, and temporarily blind characters with excessive and extreme use. CS Gas, the same way but effects an area, player using gas masks would be uneffected by this. Things like Tranquilizer darts, Tranquilizer Bottles, Sedatives, and Paralytics as well as poisons would also need to be added, with the addition of probably making needle mounted arrows, same with the hunting system arrow creation or modification, allowing a player to arm a arrow with a needle tip from a Hydrodermic needle, or dart to be used for a range non-lethal or take down effect. Also a Blowgun might be a good implementation too, I am sure there are a lot of people out there, that would want something like that in this game, a silent, and effective short - mid range dart projecting weapon. Other forms of non-lethal that can be taken advantage of early, rubber bullet rounds, flashbangs, etc are also good and had been meantioned by other players. Effectiveness of Non-Lethal Arsanels are to Restrain without killing a player, or make capturing easier without putting the player at greater danger after a failed diplomatic measure. aka "Hands Up!"
  24. Random Military Standoff Points

    What if there were random military outpost or last stand off points where the military hunkered down and fought off the zeds? Something like Green Mountain but smaller and more secluded. It may be something like this, but even smaller maybe tucked away in the woods somewhere. Not necessarily these exact structures or layout at all. Just something small that looks like a last stand that contains loot. Placing random loot spots would encourage exploring and roaming past people normal routes and comfort zones. Maybe one or two of these per server restart? Don't want to many. Maybe they don't even spawn sometimes, and there a rare occurrence? Randomly spawned crashed helicopters would do the same thing. Just a thought, not saying this is necessary right now. Just a possible idea for down the road. What do you think?
  25. Just an idea. In no way am i saying the bag should look like this at all! But it would be cool to have a one strap bag. That is not as fast but has more protection and possibly even more space than the improvised backpack. Almost like a middle backpack. Between the medium taloon backpack and improvised sack/backpack. Downloadable models/textures - If you want them well.. here i guess n_n the model is bad it's SUPER ruff. Just some mockups that's all. [[CLICK TOP LEFT>File>Download]] OR [[Press CTRL+S]] To download it. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_fLZOI3JgcZR21UcnBxdTNyOUk/edit