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Found 1 result

  1. CPU issue / PC unstable

    Hey guys Quite a few questions buried in this one, sorry. Been having problems: Recently started getting semi-frequent infinite loops with sound and screen freeze during more gfx intensive games like dayz / eagle dynamics sims. The PC would lock up and be unresponsive to recovery like ALT/CTRL/DEL or alt/tab etc. Hard restart was required. Got a BSOD once or twice, my display even failed while browsing at one point, screen said 'no display' then went to black (green light to orange) and then wouldn't recover. Sound was heard but screen wouldn't display. I originally suspected GFX / mobo / CPU but also wasn't sure about my peripheral Saitek x52pro. Unlplugged from USB and works fine. Did a memory check, no issues. Ran benchmark 3d test, no issues (with reasonably good FPS and no stutter / sound tearing). Ran Core Temp 1.0 and i'm hitting ~45C idle, and ~85C on a relatively high load. Is this normal kind of temps? Anyone with a similar / newer intel card got any feedback? I've checked intel's specifications but they're all around 45-65C passive/active temp. Other posts i've seen outside this site suggest that 75C isn't non-normal. It was originally up at around 105 before I took out the CPU fan, gave it a good blow (it was clogged AF) and then air canistered the mobo and GPU fans/heat sinks. That seemed to have shaved 20 off. I know 105 is up at operating limit, so that was a bad sign. Also, when taking the CPU fan off (because i felt blowing dust all over the mobo / socket would be counterproductive too) do you need to reset the thermal paste, or is this more for applying after-market fans and things? How many times can you take the CPU fan off without needing to reapply thermal paste? PC is around 2 years old, as per signature: GPU GTX 670 2GB CPU intel core4 i3770k @ 3.5GHz RAM 16GB DDR3 Ram corsair dual-channel (2x8GB) Mobo AS Rock Z77 extreme 6 PSU 850W corsair something or other. can post hd/ssd issues too, but i have no issue reading or writing. Like i kinda said, after giving it a blow its gotten better and haven't had a crash yet. Going to check bios settings and see if i can up my fan speeds on the case etc... but yeah, standard kind of stuff? And i don't OC.