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Found 16 results

  1. Part #1 / Part #2 / Part #3 / Part #4 (With Pictures) Hi again ladys and gents! This is the second part of some ideas / suggestions about Dayz SA that i have compile from my own thought and from some other user’s ideas (with some twists) If you didn`t see the first part, I highly recommend you do it I'll be very grateful: Dayz Suggestions Part #1 [With pictures] I also recommend to check this guy’s wishlist that’s give me a lot of good ideas to imagine and discussed: Reddit Wishlist Of curse i always recommend check the Reddit Suggestion threat: Click Here! First some clarifications: English is not my native language, so I truly apology for the grammatical errors that may exist. Post format: IDEA + ILUSTRATION + SHORT SUMMARY (I can amplify more in coments) Each idea tries to be as achievable and reasonable as possible according to the Dayz spirit (Survivalism - post apocalyptic atmosphere) and actual game possibilities. Let’s start (again)! #11 BLUR ON SCOPES AND VARIATIONS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: This is a 3-part idea. 1) BLURRY WITH SNIPER SCOPE: I love the sniper view of Dayz because is quite realistic. You don’t see the edges of the scope like other games or a blur background (I’m talking strictly of snipers rifles – scopes). The Dayz sniper view give you immersion needed and at the same time the dangers of “sniper`s eye” (when you just focus in the target and forgot the surroundings). The only thing I would like to add is a simple blurry effect at the edges of the scope (inside part) to give the perfect realistic effect. Just a details, simply to implement (I think) but amazing to the sniper view. To give you some reference: Example picture of real sniper (Im sorry for the nature of the picture, but it was the best picture to refer the idea). 2) BLURRY WITH OTHER SCOPES: Next we have other scopes that don’t have the black background. Instead, you can (unrealistic) see the background quite well (Same sharpness and distance) while you are using the scope. I’m talking about Kashtan, ACOG, PU scope, RVS, etc. For this cases I would add a blurry effect but only in the background. Some illustration: You can also use a motion blur effect that looks similar to this picture here and looks great: Example 3) BLURRY WITHOUT SCOPE: Finally, we have the no scoped guns (pistols, shotguns or just weapons without the scope attachment). When you aim any of this guns, there is no deep of field effect at all. You can see your target with the same sharpness of your gun, regardless of the distance. I propose (in the same line that the scope blurry) give some realistic and really cool effect like this: when you aim your gun without scope, your gun and arms suffer a little blurry effect (very light and minimalistic to the view). Here is some illustration with the before and after effect: #12 HOLD BREATH WHILE HIDDING ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: The other day I was a freshie and I try to kill a guy with a stick. He went unconscious but his buddies start chasing me. I run dodging bullets for about 6 minutes and I hide in a forest. Thy pass me by but couldn’t see me, but then one of them hear my breath at the same moment he was surrounding my tree. He found me and you can figure out the rest of the story. I don’t want to limit the breathing sounds at all. I think is a great piece of the game and provides realistic situations. But I was thinking if in the same way you can hold your breath to stabilize your pulse, it would be cool if you can also do it without a weapon to hide your breath just for 5 o 6 seconds when the enemy pass near you or when you want to hear your be able to hear your surroundings. Of course, when you release the air, the sound should be even more noisy than normal… but you already survive the danger or identify where the shoots came from. #13 TRADING SYSTEM BETWEEN PLAYERS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: I think this is needed a long time ago, I’m going to explain my idea that is not to fancy but I really think it could work. When you exchange a weapon or item with a friend, this is probably not needed. You just drop the item to the floor and done, he picks it up from vicinity. But, most of the time, when we meet another player that we don`t know and you want to be friendly with him... one of the first thinks that comes to any player’s mind is: “Do you want to trade some stuff”? This is a great way to interact with other players and help each other to survive. Adding a trading system that works fast and simple could bring a lot of more friendly encounters and interaction between players. HOW IT WORKS: Follow the image above while reading this: First, when there are no players around you, the layer “TRADE” is hidden. When one player is near you (I mean, really close to you) it`s shows. If there 2 o 3 more players right next to you, multiple layers could appear. Then you have to drag the item to the TRADE section just like you do to drop the item to the floor. It would shout the item in place but you still have the item in your inventory (Implementation must require methods to avoid duping). The other player should do the same and his item will appear in the same trade section. Neither you nor the other player can pick up others stuff at this point. After this, you need to right click and trade to confirm you are agreeing with the exchange to each of your items and the other player do the same. After this, you can pick up others items and he can pick up yours. Many games use this kind of transaction system and works fine. Dayz should have something similar. Maybe with some more elaboration that I can provide, but I try to do it as simple and achievable as possible. #14 BIG HANDBAGS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: If you usually play alone, you probably won’t understand the need of this. But if you have a clan, group or play on a RP server you know there are some people that are called: Looters. They go to military base to get gear from the team and full the tents. They are quite value these days since the multiple duping fixes. So, without further introductions, the idea is simple: just add some big Handbags that have the capacity of a barrel (3 guns). It replaces your backpack (check the circle image) and reduces a bit your movement of speed. Same as the containers, you can only access the interior by putting the handbag in your hands. Big handbags can be used to transport weapons from one base to another, of course for looting and (when they fix the apple glitch) your squad could have a “carrier” that uses this bag to stock food, medicine and supplies. I think even small handbags are needed for some post-apocalyptic atmosphere. #15 BLOOD SPLATTER OR BLOODIED HEAD ONLY WITH HEADSHOT ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: First of all, this is not a new idea, it has been already discussed in some forums. I think it could be amazing if this would be implemented and I do some research about it founding this pictures. Nevertheless, I want to post it because I think is achievable at some point if you just only limit the blood splash to a “blooded head” when you kill a player by headshot. I mean: I don’t want the blood sticks to a wall or into the floor like this images, but it would be cool if the head of the character you kill gests covered in blood or just change the dead skin by one that have the face with some kind of “destruction” (no gore). It would be a nice touch. #16 PASSENGER TRAINS IN DAYZ ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: No, I’m not asking for a functional train that could transport us through Chernarus. Im just wander if Chernarus never had passenger trains. With the announced new railways, we can expect that they can add some passenger trains like the one of the right. The kind of wagons that you can get inside, walk between the sits and camp through the windows. Where you can find food inside and have some more complexity of the actual cargo wagons that have nothing inside. I think If we now have the new caravan structures, we can have some passenger wagons too. #17 SCOPES REFLECTIONS / GLARE ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: I know is clearly no time for this kind of idea and to make it even possible we need first correct all dynamic lights systems and some other priorities. But, it would be great if somehow Dayz have a good reflection system where, when you have the sun above you and only when you are aiming, your scope makes a glare in the opposite direction. (Check this example) This idea should work simultaneously with a good “sun protective items” (don´t know how to call it). In few words: we need the sunglass, the biker’s helmets and some other items avoid the glare for player’s eyes at the same time they make glare or reflection to others (under some extract circumstances). #18 SAFETY ON STANCE (BUILDING TRUST AND DOUBLE CARRYING) ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: With the new animation system this could be definitely possible. The idea is simple: just add a “safety on stance” similar to the pictures to the right where your gun can´t be pull out as fast as the normal stance can and you need to put the safety off to be able to shoot. This could be a simple animation (by pressing F5 for example) or, if you wish, you can add a “safety on / off” key to the guns (maybe by pressing the T key or double T). With the safety on, the rest position should be the one of the right (or tons of others like: gun aiming the floor, crossed arms on the gun, etc.) with the “quick aim limitations” I mention before (adding of course you have to put the safety off to be able to shoot). When the safety is off, you have the normal rest stance and fast aim as always. What’s the propose besides the good looking? Dayz encounters and no KOS situations are basically generated from building some initial trust. When you meet another player (both of you with loaded weapons) the only way to create that trust is by putting your gun in your back or inventory (when you can). But what about you are double carrying? Some of you have to drop the weapon to the floor or put the mag out. This could be a better and more realistic solution. Ok guys, that´s all for this post. As I said before, I have a few more ideas that I want to share but I need your feedback fist. Sorry one more time for my terrible English, tips or corrections will be highly valued :::::::: INDEX ::::::::
  2. Ghillie suit discussion.

    Hello. Was hoping to get some stories and experiences from people regarding the Ghillie suit, be it their own or someone else's. I ask this because, I own one myself, and want to learn the proper way of utilising it. Also the Ghillie suit is intriguing by nature and I'm sure a few good stories of adventure out there in Cherno would be satisfying for anyone skimming the forums. Have they fixed the full Ghillie suit paint glitch yet? I'd love to be able to make the full suit and not worry about looking like a hay bale.
  3. One of the things that always bothered me in Dayz mod was that you couldn't make a big camp because players in helicopters abused the render distance of the tree branches (by flying high so branches don't render) to easily find camps of other players. In the mod this resulted in most players having small stashes of gear across the map with some gear to avoid being raided by players with helicopters, after seeing the concept art about base building in standalone it seems like you're not only going to be able to build camps but also (small) bases. With helicopters and tree rendering working like in the mod this would ruin basebuilding. waht do you guys think?
  4. Stealth [GUIDE] - DayZ Standalone

    Stealth Guide for DayZ Standalone Hello DayZ Community, My name is Acebane and I make a variety of different types of DayZ videos on youtube. My youtube channel is Acebane21, feel free to check out my other videos! Today, I present to you my Stealth Guide. I want to make it clear that this guide focuses on maximum stealth which isn't always optimal for every situation. I encourage all players, despite your playstyle and experience level to watch this video because you might learn something you didn't know! Feel free to post questions, feedback and general comments in this thread. If you did learn something, please give me some support by sharing this video, hitting the like button or subscribing! TIMESTAMPS: 0:40 - Introduction 1:18 - Visual 7:04 - Spotting 8:20 - Audio 13:54 - Zombies 16:25 - Weapons 20:06 - Regular vs Hardcore Servers 21:55 - Environment 25:55 - Closing
  5. The Effects of Starvation, Cannibalism and injuries on the players body and using the natural enviroment to your advantage. Players have only one physical body condition which is that the players physique is at its peak with well defined muscles and minimal body fat. Yes your character can become unhealthy from lack of food/drink, blood loss and eating rotten food but it doesn't really show any effect to other players, merely that you get a grey tinted screen and sometimes a cough. I feel that the choices a player makes in-game to survive the zombie apocalypse should be reflected on their character. An idea being that when your character is starving, they will begin to lose weight and muscle; making them more thin, weak and overall a more vulnerable player to the harsh enviroment of DayZ (e.g their bones could break quicker/easier, take less damage to die and they become tired more easily). The same with cannibals being just slightly thinner and slightly weaker than non-cannibals who stick to animals and canned goods for food sources, perhaps even implementing the disease Kuru into the game for those who eat human meat (for those who may not know, Kuru is a disease that is known to affect cannibals. It causes shakiness in its sufferers due to the consumption of human meat meaning that aiming down sights and stuff would be a bit more difficult. Even though the disease was found in the Fore tribes of Eastern Highlands and lowlands Provinces of Papua New Guinea in the 1950's, it's still an idea as to having a strong negative effect for those who turn to cannibalism) also for cannibals, they could look very similar to regular survivors that eat animals and canned goods but will look more hollow and evil looking, even with a bit of blood on their face or something. With getting injured from melee weapons, gunshot wounds and zombies, I think scars should become a thing in the game as to show players as a more roughed up/survivory looking and that they've been through some bad situations. Camoflage and Baiting. Another thought is that you could use mud and moss/grass to create a thin type of camoflage that doesn't hide you nearly as well as camoflage clothing would but would just make you a fractionally less visible to zombies so that you could run into towns with a little bit less risk. Also you could use bloodbags as bait to draw zombies to certain locations. I think that this would make DayZ a hell of a lot more entertaining as I can imagine that if there were a real zombie apocalypse, Cannibals, starvation and injuries would be a much greater threat to surviving in this new, hostile world as resources such as canned foods and animals depleted, resulting in having to make the hard choice as to choose between keeping your morals and starving until you possibly find another animal/canned food or to choose to go cannibal to keep your strength up but at the cost of your morality/humanity + the high risk of getting the disease 'Kuru'. Please let me know what you think as I'm keen to get some feedback. Thanks for reading.
  6. Tree House

    I think tree houses would be an awesome base building mechanism. It would spread people out into the woods instead of in cities. It will keep us away from airfields and it also adds long term survival to the game. I almost forgot to mention that tree houses are very camoflaugey. What do you think?
  7. Better hidden loot

    Lately I've noticed that I can just kinda run through places pretty quick and look at the usual out in the open items that are spawned and you can glace pretty quickly and see whether something is there or not. I'd like to see items that are hidden better. Maybe later on items can be in dressers or cupboards or something like that, but I'd also like to see objects hidden under things and behind things. Requiring you to crouch or crawl and to stop and look around and really investigate your surroundings. Sometimes I can just run full speed through a house and check everywhere in a couple seconds so I think it would be alot cooler if players had to spend more time searching around structures.
  8. This post is going to be a long one, for these ideas and thoughts literally popped into my head all at once about 5 minutes ago. Check that, upon finishing the post, it was about 4 hours ago. Just quickly scroll down the post to make sure you don't just want a tl;dr. Anyway, this post is going to cover 4 things; - The Hidden Horde >> A compromise that will satisfy the players who don't like large amounts of zombies, and those that do. - Tips for Housing implementation >> What I feel should and shouldn't be to create the best compromise for players on the fence. - More immersive loot system >> To spread out loot more and stop what I like to call "The Triangle Apexes effect". - Chernarus Lives On >> An island encampment off the coast that houses the remaining surviving citizens, government and military of Chernarus (for metagame PvE). THE HIDDEN HORDE Sounds kinda spooky doesn't it? Well it is, so you better be scared. I'm atm on the fence about zombies. While the game isn't fully optimised yet and still in Alpha, it's hard to tell what the final product for the pathing/AI of zambies will be like. Right now, they can be troublesome due to them still walking through walls and floors, but they become absolutely useless when you're out in the open or in the middle of the street. However, the idea I have for when these issues are fixed is thus. I've always seen that there aren't many zombies walking around right now, and my gamer side tells me, "Mate, when the fuck are these pricks going to make this game interesting?" But then my Role-playing side kicks in and says, "What if all the zombies are actually just in hiding? Lurking in the shadows, hunched in massive groups inside those inaccessible buildings?" That's when the movie I am Legend popped into my mind (fuck me that was an alright/okay movie), and I think about those zombies and how sensitive they were to sound but how big of lurkers they were. It occurred to me that some of the zombies may have a horde mentality, while some don't, and the ones in plain sight are just being used by their counterparts. It lead me to think of the original DayZ where if you attracted zombie attention and held it, you would literally have an unlimited spawning zombie horde that would stop once you managed to drop the aggro. So, when you attract the aggro of a zombie it starts a percentage chance counter for the Hidden Horde. This works the same way to original DayZ zombie aggro spawns, except it's on a timer. When you gain the aggro of a single zombie, the HH spawn chance goes up to 4%. This then increases by multiples of 4, depending on how many other zombies you manage to aggro.The occurrence calculation should run within 3 seconds of an aggro'd zombie being killed.If an aggro'd zombie is killed through silent means, that percentage multiple is cut by 75%.Killing a zombie with a non-silent weapon while they are not aggro'd to you, but while within a range that would have otherwise aggro'd them if they were not killed, the multiple is cut by 50%.If an aggro'd zombie is left to chase the player for more than 15 seconds, it will add an extra percentage multiple, then another multiple every 15 second interval after until killed. After every minute of not having aggro, the percentage lowers a multiple. An example situation will play out below.>> you run into a town, aggro 1 zombie >> HH increase to 4%. >> You kill that zombie (with gun) >> HH still at 4% >> Aggro two more zombies, kill them with gun >> HH increases to 8%, then to 12% >> Don't aggro a zombie for a minute >> HH decreases to 8% >> Aggro 2 zombies, Kill one zombie with axe, leave another to chase you for over 15 seconds >> HH increase to 9%, then to 13% >> Aggro 3 zombies >> HH to 17%, then 21%, then 25% >> Shoot all 3 zombies >> Calculation cycles and Hidden Horde is alerted. Get the fuck outta town or hunker down and fight it out. A group of ghoul-like wails will resonate around the city to alert the player that the Horde is on its way. The Horde will spawn zombies for 1 whole minute. Approximately 75 zombies should be spawned throughout the period the HH is active, more or less is up for player base decision. You can try to out run the Horde, but Aggro for them does not decrease in that 1 minute spawn time. You will have to run out of the city limits and keep out of their reach for that whole minute before their taste for your flesh begins to diminish. The amount of zombies alive at a given time during the hidden horde should be up to Developer discretion. However, one thing to note should be the amount of zombies in towns needing to be increased slightly. Otherwise people will just be able to axe all the zombies and never have to deal with alerting the horde. Aggro from zombies should work like threat does in an MMO. Noise generated from weapons is relative to the DPS output of an MMO player in generating threat. The more noise generated by a player, the more aggro that is placed on him. The threat on him then dissipates within a radius of about 30 metres or so. Say for example you have 3 players, one with an LMG about 20 metres away from the another with an AR, and a sniper up on the hill about 400-500 metres away. While the LMG and Sniper both produce a similar sound signature that's louder than the AR, since the Sniper is further away, of course, he doesn't generate any aggro. If both the LMG and AR are firing at the same time, the aggro percentages will be balanced in favor of the man with the larger calibre weapon. However, if the Sniper replaces the man with the LMG and is only firing a shot every 5 or so seconds, while the AR guy is firing almost continuously, the AR will therefore generate more aggro. This will also put a new spin on firefight engagements in cities and towns, as the player who makes noise first, draws HH aggro first. HOUSING TIPS (and related) While I and others are unsure of how the devs will actually tackle player housing, I feel there needs to be a few things noted to get it right and to make it enjoyable. It's been said that rocket wants to do underground housing. This is okay as long as the housing isn't instanced. I don't want to have my head blown off during a loading screen from some guy finding my house's entrance and camping it. For if housing isn't underground, there's this; Playing DayZ Origins was probably the greatest time I ever had playing DayZ. PvP and the Raiding of Sector B in that mod were the greatest aspects of the game, and one of the other key elements was the setup of housing and the subsequent implementation of the fortress. While many people do prefer Epoch due to its trading and modular house system, my clan mates and I could never seem to get into it. Every day after having been asleep overnight, foreigners would come into our server and break into our houses, simply by ramming them with vehicles or shooting at them a bunch of times. It takes a lot of work to make many of the modular house pieces, and to wake up overnight and see half of the walls missing from having some dickheads be sneaky fuckers just breaks immersion to another degree. I was happy with the maintenance side of house parts, and would be happy to have them be destroyed due to lack of care as that would've been a lapse of care on my part. But allowing them to be destroyed by other people is a highly frustrating mechanic. I've also heard stories about people fixing/buying/stealing helicopters just to kamikaze into people's bases, and completely destroying them. This is a no no. It may seem like a waste of a good chopper, but you'd be surprised at what DayZ players do sometimes. Origins housing, while slightly bugged, was safe, solid and still hard to build by oneself. It looked cool, stored your gear and gave you a place to rest and restore health. You could horde enough gear to fix up a chopper, gear yourself up with military loot, then fly yourself over to Sector B for some higher end goodies. That's if you survived the onslaught of deadly precise AI. I want this in game again, but I'll propose this idea later in this post. People didn't like the fact that houses couldn't be broken into or destroyed, but people assaulted you enough while you were around your house that it made you not want them to be destructible. Plus, it would just make the randoms who log on after hours actually have an advantage. I like the idea of modular housing and that should definitely be a thing. I've thought of an idea that can allow both indestructible buildings and modular housing. Players can craft two types of building modules; Home - anything to make your home / that can be attached to your home. A foundation marker must first be placed before any home modules can be placed. This marker will not allow a house to extend beyond a 20mx20mx20m (or other designated 3 dimensional area) boundary. Foundation/floor modules must be lain before any walls / furniture / objects can be erected on the floor. Any house modules within this marked boundary are indestructible. Any player houses cannot be built within 50 metres of the edge of the boundary without placing a Community plot (to be discussed). While home modules are indestructible and do not take damage, they will degrade, and will need to be maintained in order to stop them from failing, and in the case of walls / roofs, exposing the inside of the house and allowing enemy players to gain entry without having to catch you unawares with your door unlocked.Compound - Easier to build, easier to erect and easier to maintain than Home modules. These parts can only be built within a certain distance (to be decided) from the boundary of one's foundation marker. These usually consist of corrugated iron fences, sandbag walls, concrete slab walls, large wooden log / plank walls and scaffolding that can have raised platforms attached. This allows a player to have a little extra protection when they either build, or finish building their Home. It's an extra bit of gathering on top of constructing Home modules, however they can be destroyed by other players and zombies. Their resistance to attacks depends on the material they are constructed of, and as they degrade from damage, they have a higher chance of being penetrated by enemy gunfire, until they completely break and collapse. Housing markers should not be able to be placed in towns. A minimum of 150 metres from a town. Players being able to block off entire buildings / loot spawns to other players, while realistic, is incredibly unfair. Another aspect of player housing I wanted to add is Community plots. These are flags / banners that have a large boundary area known as a Commune that extends depending on how many players are registered to that plot. When and if BE decides to add xml's to DayZ, if at all, a commune's xml icon will be displayed on the banner. It's a system to allow groups to recognise each other, build large seamless complexes with each other, and have their gated community grow as it gains members. The banner must be crafted, and then placed. Once placed, the placer of the banner (whom I'd like to call Warlord because it's very kind of Guerrilla rebel terminology) scroll wheels on the banner and selects add player to commune from the drop down. He then goes to the player wanting to be added to the community, scroll wheels on them and selects Add to commune. This then allows that player to begin building inside the plot boundary, and allows them to access community chests. A community chest is a storage container that a Warlord categorises as such (i.e. sort of like a guild bank). A community chest is the only chest unable to be cracked. Warlords also have the ability to assign other players with minor Warlord powers, like being able to add people to the commune. Any player that stumbles upon a Commune, if they are able to approach the Community banner, can see a list of the players registered to that commune. While it seems this caters more to a group based environment, it can also be used by Heros to create medical outposts, bambi shelters and bandit prisons, and can be used as a secondary storage area. Many people also felt that Origins catered way too much to PvP/group-oriented gameplay, as it promoted clans and clan warfare. As with my previously stated idea, I do not see this as a problem, for during our time playing Origins we hardly ever went after lone players unless they went out of their way to attack us first. Most of the time we were too busy gathering gear or being ganked by / ganking the other groups. There are those that still may see clans as the bane of lone players so I propose a server listing filter. Server owners, depending on what form of gameplay they want in their server can list their server as either Group-based, or regular. Clans or groups, if they don't have their own server, usually have to go through the whole process of trying out servers and their atmospheres before actually finding one with other consistent grouped players. Having a simple server filter will ease this, and allow lone players who don't particularly like being hunted by large groups find an appropriate server. I don't expect everyone to obey this though, it's just there for people who want a preference for their play style / atmosphere. LOOT SWITCH UP This seems like a very minor point to many but it kind of does get one wondering. Why is all the loot in places you expect it to be? Yes, not all of the loot from houses has actually been taken. But most of it has. Someone brought this up in a recent suggestion post that was about making Chernarus more authentic for a bit of immersion. I feel that randomly chucking an assault rifle on some dead bodies around a burnt out military vehicle is fine. Seriously, think about it for a second. Did every Chernarussian just magically turn into zombies simultaneously at the beginning of the outbreak? Is that the reason why all the loot is still so precisely placed in the world? Wouldn't the Chernarussian military have been sent in to try and contain the outbreak? Where are all their dead bodies? Why aren't all the armaments and gear off fallen soldiers in circulation? We should be seeing a lot more military blockades, military vehicle wreckages and mass deaths. Sure you can argue its still Alpha, it's just something to consider to give it that extra authenticism. An another thing, can we expect to see actual Chernarussian weaponry. We all know locales in Chernarus are based off of real locations in Czechoslovakia, so what about the Czech military issued weaponry? Are we going to see the Sa-58 variants or the Cz 550 again? I know devs have mentioned some things about not wanting to make the game too militarised but at least put in some actual Czech issue weaponry. With the whole keeping Chernarus interesting point, there's also this problem I'd like to dicuss; THE TRIANGLE APEXES EFFECT While this is a picture of ARMA 2 chernarus, it still provides the same example. Each circle represents the areas of highest player activity. Why? For those who are a bit slow, let me explain. The south bubble represents the two loveable cities of Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk. Major spawn points, with a military loot spawn in each of them. Elektro has two firestations, Cherno has one but just down the road is the Balota airstrip, which is also a miltary spawn. To the Northeast is Berezino. While normal loot heavy, its military spawn has been taken away, yet just Northwest about 2 km over the hill is Kraznostav aipstrip, which has military loot. Then, the famous Northwest Airstrip where everyone goes to die, now has 2 sets of military spawns. What's in between those three hotpoints? Nothing. Zip. Zero. Shit all. There's hardly any interest to anywhere else on the map, and it's the reason why I don't like Chernarus. There's only one reason to go anywhere in DayZ and it's military loot, but since it's been monopolised to three corners of the map, it's the only place anybody goes. You have all this beautiful unused space smack bam in the middle of the map and you've lured everyone into using the coast or the Western border. I commend you for putting in the Pavlovo, Zelenogorsk and Kabanino military spawns for a bit of variety but all it's done is make people go from Cherno, down the west coast and up through Zelenogorsk to get to the NW airfield.The only time people ever venture into towns is on a B-line to a military spawn or the coastline All the players complaining about KoS are being killed in these high traffic areas. You can help reduce bambi on bambi slaughter by reducing that traffic and dispersing it through the centre of the map. I'm sick and tired of having almost nowhere to go except one of these three places. I want options man! Freedom of Choice and all that shit!! Make more military bases - I'd say put one in black forest NE of Guglovo, it could be hidden inside the forest and under tree cover and it could be like a secret military base that civvies aren't supposed to know about or some shit. Put another one at Grozovoy Pass, like it's there as a security checkpoint for Border crossers. Make more skyscraper cities! Put one along the Northern border where you've stuck that massive highway that spans the whole entire length of the map. Nobody has any need to go farther north than the airfields because there's nothing there! (Also that massive highway that's actually a 2 lane road, plz turn it into a proper 4 lane highway with a large median strip and everything, it'll be awesome to drag race on once vehicles get here). Another POI to venture into, that I would deem pretty cool is an Observatory on one of the mountains at the Northern Border. Like it's sitting there, clinging to the edge of the mountainside, and as you leave the treeline the spans that highway road, you look to the North and think, "Woah, awwwwwwesooooome!" Also, when vehicles and housing become a thing, I would suggest some more quarries. The one in Solnichny, probably going to become a deathmatch zone. CHERNARUSSIANS WILL LIVE ON!! I stated before that one of my favourite aspects of DayZ origins was the military AI and Raiding Sector B (The stronghold that housed all the rich peeps who could afford a private military army). Many people are against adding similar NPC's. I'm all for adding them. It provides an extra bit of metagame, it's great immersion and provides an extra bit of intense suspense and thrill. Here's how and why, with RP background!; So far there's no given backstory as to why the outbreak happened, or what happened to all the Chernarussian citizens once the apocalypse began. Now, there's a crashed cargo ship off the coast at Rify, north of Berezino lumber mill right? My Theory: The governing body of Chernarus decides that their military efforts against the zombie plague are futile, and decide to abandon the country. However, even though it is the same situation in neighbouring coutries, government officials are skeptic, and believe that their-not-so-friendly-nor-diplomatic neighbours would rather take advantage of the country, than assist each other. The government is divided, and with members crossing the floor on the issue of not abandoning the homeland, the country seems sure to fall into chaos, anarchy, then be wiped off the face of the Earth. However, it came to light of an old oil refinery off the mid-east coast of Chernarus. It was a large complex, high-walled and secured in a compund situated on a natural island. It was used to process and refine the oil shipped in from the oil rigs offshore, before being transported to Chernogorsk or Berezino docks. Acquiring 3 large cargo ships, the military stages an exfiltration of all possible civilians. A single trip with each ship was all that was needed to ferry the citizens from the lumber mill docks to the island. The military also successfully uses them to ferry supplies, materials and the remainder of their armaments across. Once finally finished evacuating the country, one ship is drained of its fuel and left to drift out to sea, while the other two are used for salvage and housing. Miraculously, the sea currents and a heavy storm bring the abandoned freighter back to land, breaking it upon the rocky shore of Rify. That's the reasoning for the shipwreck. Now for the raids and AI flyovers. Just over 6 months later, a navy patrol radios that a small fishing boat full of Chernarussian citizens has been taken into custody. The navy is given orders to escort them to the refinery. Investigations proved them all to be true Chernarussians, some of them even holding onto passports and other forms of identification. Over the next few months, the navy encounters pirate attacks while on patrol, that start off as irregular and slowly become more constant and aggressive. Turns out, the Chernarussians that had provided identification during the prior investigations were all bandits, using a home made radio system to broadcast to their colleagues when navy patrols left the refinery, to try and steal military gear and equipment. The rats were found and executed. However, government officials believed it was their bordering European neighbours using pirate and guerilla tactics as cover to attempt to disrupt their security measures or cause enough damage that would reduce their defensive capabilities. As such, the military was ordered to perform flyovers of Chernarus and gun down any non-infected human being, in order to deter and disrupt the enemy's military advances. So this gives reason for bandits and heroes alike to fly over, raid the settlement for gear (bandits reasoning) and to deter the military gun runs (hero reasoning). What about navy patrols? They are almost always out on patrols so they won't be able to shooty your chopper down for flying over there. What about AA defenses? There are minimal, but they are avoidable by flying low as they are situated inside the high compound wall. I got pretty tired writing all this down so my writing probably starts off neat and thoughtful, but by the end it's like blergh. Anyway, just comment. It's only ideas and thoughts. I got pretty heated while writing the stuff under the Chernarus picture because I seriously think this map needs a HUUUUUGE overhaul.
  9. I'll probably get complained for making this thread. Maybe this is already a fact, maybe it isn't. But it seems to me that having masks in the game would cancel out the bandit mask. Unless Dev team decides the bandit mask would cover over the mask the survivor's wearing.
  10. Hi Guys, Was playing some Dayz and come up with this concept idea. Lemme know what you think. I always find when i've spent several hours on a server, found 1 vehicle and a tent and need to find a nice place to hide them so pesky players can't steal my hours of work, that leaving a vehicle out in the open is the worst thing.. ever. You get so paranoid that your hard work will be gone the next time you log onto the server and that your bright red car will give away your base. So why not put in an item to help disguise the vehicle every time you log out? Item: Vehicle Drape/Camouflage, 2 item slots, found in industrial loot spawns, requires a toolbox to use, options to "cover vehicle" and "uncover vehicle". Still in the early thought process, but add any ideas you have about this item. I think it's one that will hold benefits for the game and the community. I've attached an image from a search engine to give you an idea of what I had in mind. Zee PSYCHONAUTS.NL
  11. The shack next to post... it's his hide out... being a bandit in Survivor HQ!
  12. We just met this random AI which was called "Militiaman" .. Kinda creepy ehh.. Video: Its 100% real, go and search for it. You are not able to see the island nowhere but the ingame map, but its in the left down corner. We named him a Lonely Guardian :)
  13. Editable/Markable Maps

    Didn't find much on this topic or maps in general. Either that or it's just that no one uses tags properly. I've read about Rocket wanting to do a journal type feature. Some of it may be auto logged while it can also be used for you to take notes and such maybe. Suggestion My idea is more for the ability to draw and mark up a map you find of the region. This can be carried with you or kept at your base somewhere. Basically this would be used as a type of intel. What it offers for gameplay While Alive -You can mark up small towns of interest that you ran into. Maybe it was over run with zombies and you want to come back to it later. You can mark that point with a pencil/marker. (You'd need to find that item as well.) -You've run into a place which you believe to be a player base. You may want to mark that as well for various intentions. (raid, ambush, scouting mission to see if they're friendly) -Found a location (town,cabin,military secret base,player base) that is not depicted on the map already. You might want to put in this location. -You've found loot at specific locations, you may want to take note of that on your map just in case you need it in the future or you have no inventory space and have to come back for it later. -You have stashes in various locations to minimize loss. Hiding all stuff in a single location is pretty risky. If a player finds it he can wipe you clean. You can mark these location on maps. -Maybe certain color dots you make on the map correspond to exact coordinates you keep on your journal. Maybe with more information about the location. After Death The other part where this would come into play besides for your own reference while alive, is after death. If another player picks this up off your body, well they can pick of valuable intel on places of interest. Maybe they find out that you have their base marked and have been watching them. etc. etc.
  14. So backstory, there's a clan on the server we play on who killed my bro Snacky when he found a ghillie in an appartment. We cooked up an elaborate plan to seek our revenge and ended up with this. Fix Rolf Hatchback - hide Snacky in trunk with mk 48 - give brand new car to {HIV+} clan members as gift - wait for them to drive to their base or until Snacky is hungry - sweet revenge. After an hour or so of driving around with Snacky hiding in the back he got hungry, luckily they seemed to have a ton of gear in the other vehicle. Here's the video :D http://youtu.be/QLdIPmwWUGY
  15. This suggestion mainly erupted from issues I have from gameplay with my squad and solo gameplay. Situation: I find a lovely offroad pick-up truck, of which is WHITE. I want to hide it and keep it for myself. I begin to drive, collecting weapons and items and then come upon the perfect spot to hide it. My only problem is...it's white. Now...green surroundings (foliage et cetera) and this truck is white. And survivor who isn't a fool would notice it. Solution: Create a camouflage tarpaulin that will cover the car/truck (Ural for example), and even if you feel adventurous...a UH-1H. However, for a bus, I believe that would be highly improbable that someone would apply this tarpaulin to it, although, I could be wrong. Features: The tarpaulin would be visible held down by pegs and rope, similar, maybe exactly like, the tents at locations such a Balota and, or Berezino. Also, the wheels, or at least half the wheel would be visible due to the tarpaulin not exactly covering it like a silk sheet, for an example. Usage: These tarpaulins are able to be taken down and put back up, using the same item. This allows the aspect of realism even more in the game as theoretically, the tarpaulin wouldn't just disappear once taken down. Please discuss. I wouldn't take my time to suggest this if I didn't think it was a good idea.
  16. Hiding tents

    Basically, why is it that so many people hide tents in locations that they think will be super secret and no-one will ever go? Yeah, because no-one has EVER thought of hiding a tent on the edge of the map before. I must have found at least 20 tents on my regular server in a few days and have noted them all down so I can raid them often xD. My point is, hide your tents better people! You might want to stop 'hiding' them around the edge of the map as they are quite easy to find and it's so predictable.