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Found 30 results

  1. Headshot

    Besides the fact that it should be a lot more zombies, one thing bothers me the most. Zombies should be harder to kill. Way harder. And they should hit a bit harder aswell, or have some kind of "wrestle" ability, grabbing hold of the players and pull them down/cripple them. I would LOVE to see that zombies die from a high calibre headshot, and takes 10+ shots to the chest. But using a weaker gun like .22 calibre would take at least 5 shots to the head. This would also improve stability since you wouldn't have to nuke the servers with the undead in order to increase difficulty, just a fair amount of hard-hitting, really tough bastards roaming the cities. I'm sure this has been suggested before, and a lot of other gamers would love to see this aswell.
  2. The beginning of a cannibalistic habit..

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forums. I create videos, and i have owned DayZ for over a year and haven't put many hours in until recently, and I decided to make a short video. Check it out and sub for more!
  3. Here is a Highlight from my last stream, Sit back and enjoy :beans: :beans: :beans: www.twitch.tv/frustyplay
  4. The Perfect Estimation

    My friend and I were engaged by a group at NWAF Tents. We backed off and set up positions. As they went to flank us I spotted one running up the west treeline. I estimated it to be 600 meters.
  5. So my buddy MongoShrdr and I were looking for trouble in Elektro. Well it was almost a very short night for me. Enjoy!
  6. Zombie Hordes

    This thread is a general suggestion on how zombies should work, with a few off topic ideas added in: 1. Zombie Speed and Strength In my opinion Zombies should be very weak on their own but have strength in numbers. Fuck special zombies, no spitters, no bloodsuckers. At the most there should be the VERY occasional encounter of something very special, very strong, and hard to kill in the wilderness. This also means there should be very many zombies around the map, not so much in the wilderness though. -Zombies should move at a brisk walking pace, fast enough for players to easily get away, but a real danger if you get surrounded. note: I am now aware that the developer has already rejected slow zombies, but I am sure that most servers will change this when Dayz becomes open to plugins. I am worried that it will be overdone by modders. Look at the Arma 2 slow zombies plugin, it makes zombies nothing more than a bog down on the server. -Body shots should knock down zombies or slow them down temporarily depending on the caliber of the gun and the type of zombie. -Only the largest rifles should be able to kill a zombie with a body shot. -Soldier zombies should be more resistant to body shot damage because of their ballistic vest. -Leg shots should slow down zombies considerably or knock off legs at larger calibers causing them to be immobilized. -Headshots should be an instant kill regardless of the gun, if you make a headshot you deserve a reward. 2. Zombie Senses Going off of the World War Z idea that the zombie virus seeks a healthy host depending on if you are sick or low on blood you should be gradually harder and harder to be detected by zombies. This will add a level of forgiveness to game-play so at a certain point you do not have to worry so much about zombies and can focus on regaining blood. At the lowest levels of blood you should be able to roam among zombie hordes, but if you fire a gun or attack a zombie you will immediately will be detected as normal. -At night zombies gain better hearing and vision, they are also more aggressive. -Certain clothing should make it harder for zombies to detect you, such as extremely worn clothing or camouflage. -Zombie hordes should roam in the direction with the most sound. 3. Zombie Horde System Zombies should generally form groups with a few strays. They travel around in the direction of sound and lights. Zombie hordes should deter lingering in large caliber firefights and instill a sense of anxiousness and fear after firing a gun. Also this will make silencers and small guns much more valuable. Every gun should have advantages and disadvantages. (I am aware hordes have been confirmed) -The largest zombie hordes leave a trail of death, dust, and trampled grass behind them. -Hordes should be easy to track and predict with things such as tracking bolts and the idea stated above. -Players should be able to scavenge for dead survivors behind the trail of death. -The temporary blight that hordes leave on the land should be risky to get near, or down wind from as players can contract diseases. -Zombie hordes should be VERY loud, and a looming danger at all times. -Hordes should be persistent even if a player in not loading the area. -Most of the time hordes should be a small distance away (2 miles or so) and more of a danger if you linger in an area after making noise. Zombie hordes should be a slow danger unlike the current state where a small group of zombies around the corner hears you and bites your balls off immediately. From here down is off topic suggestions. -Improve the blood texture, it has looked like red stars flying out of my asshole since Arma 2. -Bleeding players and game should leave a trail of blood behind them making them easy to track. -Please make it harder to cheat with Gamma, and make playing at night time fun. -Upon a player combat logging all players that have shot near them in the past 10 minutes or so should see a large flag above the players logout position through any walls and brush with a chest of all of their things. This will make it unnecessary to learn player names and wait for the combat log message to pop up. -Base raiding should be very difficult and loud attracting zombie hordes. -Nights should be 30 minutes and days 50, this ensures that in one session you are bound to have some day and some night. -Please only have private hives, i don't wanted to be tempted to switch servers when it becomes night. -Larger guns should temporarily disable your hearing depending on the caliber and the kind of headgear you have on. This increases the value of silencers and smaller firearms. -You should be able to decapitate dead players and put their heads on a spike outside of your base, they should gradually rot and turn into skulls over the course of an ingame month. This serves the purpose of scaring away people from raiding your base. No one wants to raid a base with 20 skulls at the gate. -This one is important: Please for the love of satan make it possible to clear an area of zombies, none of that bullshit where they keep spawning in on top of you. -Please add in spray paint to edit the map. i am aware it will result in a lot of vulgarities as rocket said, but who cares. Dayz is a wild west and very much unfriendly already. This game isn't meant to be moderated or especially friendly to young players. -There should be some sort of trophy system when you kill players that can be carried, such as ears. Note: This should probably be a bandit only feature.
  7. Peek-A-Boo

  8. My first DayZ video!

    Hey guys Cowinbush here! I made my first DayZ YouTube video and i was wondering if you guys could maybe watch it and give some feedback. Thanks :beans: Here is the Link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukRpl17f_HQ
  9. Living free in Cherno ain't EZ - [11:37]

    Hey, gang. I'm Gunstar Pocket and this is my first post on the DayZ forums. I plan on being active here from now on. And I mean VERY ACTIVE. I spent a lot of time on this video. I think it captures the essence of DayZ, and also the essence of my butt. I make friends, lose them, get betrayed, get revenge, team up with a stranger against a triple yellow squeeker sniper. It's all here, and I did it all for you guys. I love you guys. http://youtu.be/PW660D9FH8c
  10. I added english subs for the german parts ( less than 35 % of the video)
  11. Our team was holding down Cherno, and nothing was going on... Itchy on the trigger finger, I saw an awesome opportunity to test out my feel for range. Enjoy! (: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL7EYz-LoVs Server: US 434 Public Vailla
  12. After last episode, I travel to NWAF lonewolf style, and have one of the best days sniping I've had in Standalone! As always, comment, likes, and subs are appreciated! Constructive criticism and feedback is welcome. I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I enjoy making them. :)
  13. DayZ NEAF 1V1 Battle

    So i played some DayZ, i was looting the northwest airfield and i saw someone in the ATC building, i go in there and here is how it goes: watch in 1080p!
  14. Damn Hackers!

    Hey guys, I'm really kinda pissed at DayZ right now. Me and my buddies decided to go to Balota's PD building on a 20 player server, right? We expected to watch the door and hold people up. We heard someone logging in upstairs, and we told them to come down so we can "Help them and give them food". We really were going to help them, and just take their gun and ammo... While we were talking to them, we heard another voice coming from the upstairs it seemed. He said "You guys are gonna die so fast now". A few seconds later, we saw a gun stick out of the "Glitch wall" at the PD, and all of a sudden I see my buddie Pac fall a few feet in front of me, me and our other clan member are hoping we don't get shot, but realizing it's kind've hopeless. I just log-out, but I do get killed. All-in-all I just want to wrap this up and say I absolutely HATE hackers/exploiters soooo much.
  15. Hello guys, here's another dayz vid for you guys. Me and Ved approaching Rify. We spot 2 gentleman, and this happened... Hope you like it.
  16. I administrate a dayz server running a custom crafting script. I am looking for another person to help me create the crafting recipe list that would most draw players to the system itself. I want to have something accessible. Something that can alleviate a lot of the "grind" of trying to find a decent weapon or those moments where you just can't find a bandage that you desperately need. It needs to be in depth. my email address is philipcnelson.dayz@gmail.com -Philip
  17. Hello :) i came across the idea of making Zombies harder, by restricting the way to kill them, that means "Zombies would only die to Headshots" futher its kind of realistic that Body hits don´t hurt Zombies at all: (just thoughts, not proofed since no reallife Zombies ^-^) - They dont feel pain - Bodyparts can miss and the zombie can still survive - They seem not to bleed (in dayzmod) - The Brain is the main part that controls the Zombie - so its the only damageable/weak part (Virus/Mutatet thinking and control) What does it mean for the game: - Killing Zombies is harder - Zombies are getting more dangerous - Players get in trouble fighting bigger groups since spraying isn´t really an option and so on... What do you think about it? Edit topic thoughts: - Legs should be still able to break by gunshots forcing the zombie to prone - Small stun on Bullet inpact
  18. 500m m16 headshot

    I originally wanted to get a 1000m headshot with the m16 acog, because of all the people bitching about needing a weapon that's a 1 hit kill at long range since they've decided to remove the super snipers.This is the best one I could get footage of, my best (that I have no evidence to back up) is 847m. But I thought I would share since even though its not an amazingly long range shot it does help make my point.
  19. Zombie Changes

    I don't know about you guys, but I get the feeling that zombies are starting to become like the ninja rabbits: fast, annoying, and fun to shoot. The recent updates claimed to have brought back this survival horror aspect, but the only survival horror items I've seen is the horror at the absolute nothingness zombies can do and the question at whether I will be able to survive until zombies get higher that maggots on the food chain. So first things first: the concept of a zombie.To understand this thread better, I suggest that you go and grab the Project Zombiod demo and play it out, and read their argument over whether zombies should run or not. I want to bring this running vs. walking argument to DayZ. Right now, zombies are runners. No, this does not make them difficult. this makes them annoying as I have to take them down by first switching to my pistol. Something needs to change here. Firstly, the should be given massive amounts of health. Amounts of health that are so high, that only the AS50, M107, vehicles, and (maybe) LMGs can take them down without headshots. Also, their damage should be decreased, and chance to cause bleeding and broken bones decreased. The real radical part comes in now: zombies should be walkers. I mean, not much a difference in speed between meandering about and chasing you. At this point, you guys are probably thinking this is a horrible idea. May I remind you, that Project Zombiod has only walkers, but they consistently manage to kill you before your first ten days. I say there should be swarms. Chernarus has a stated population of 1.8 million. If you run around Cherno (the largest population), you will attract maybe 100-200 zombies. Tops. Do you know how much 100-200 zombies is? That is maybe 1-3 floors of one of the skyscrapers. I think zombie numbers should be drastically increased, and have a style of attack more similar to that seen in World War Z (This is a book that has nothing to do with the War Z). Nothing short of silenced/melee weapons will draw the attention of at least one zombie. And when he notices you, he immediately calls out to every zombie within 50 meters. Those zombies in turn will attract the attention of then next zombies in a 50 meter (diameter) circle. I want the danger of zombies to be not that the occasional zombie will break your bone and leave you at the mercy of the bandits, but that so many zombies appear that there is literally no way out, and you are forced to watch them painfully beat you to death before ripping you apart. Maybe these ideas don't fit in. I thank the community in advance for raging over these ideas in the most destructive way possible and destroying my future self esteem. Note: with any luck, I will be releasing a rather long list of suggestions for DayZ (currently 11 pages and growing) sometime in the near future, if you are interested in my ideas.
  20. Small story I thought I would share: Today, I went sniping for the first time. I've never been much of a bandit, however I do enjoy the thrill of killing someone, and my friend needed some over watch while looting NWAF. I had set up with my DMR and NVGs (it was night time) in a tree, and we quickly found the server had a pitiful player count for PvP. So we went to a 40 man server, While my friend ran into the barracks I spotted someone with a m16 running towards the barracks, I hit him in the back, and then he logged out. Then, when my friend was escaping some zombies, I spotted someone with a PDW come up right behind him, I quickly saved my friend from a bullet to the head by firing a shot into the attacker's chest, he then ran off. When my friend went to loot the barracks(pushing his luck), someone with a m16 managed to get a single shot at him, unfortunately for him, I had a bullet flying at his head half a second after his first shot went off. Later, when my friend was looting the ATC, I saw someone spawn outside the building, he took steps towards the entrance, and I hit him clean in the neck. Then we got banned. Turns out the guy entering the ATC was an admin. We then switched to another server. Where my friend was shot by surprise by another bandit with an AS50. My friend told me to escape, but I persisted and went in the direction of the gunshot. I found there were two bandits, both with ghillies, m107 and AS50. Sadly they saw me take a peek, and shot me while I was following them later. Over all I found sniping to be quite fun, I'll be doing it again.