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Found 24 results

  1. new premium headset

    Hi, I'm looking for a really good gaming headset, primarily for dayz + movies/series. Wireless is a must. So far I'm looking at : - SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless, DTS H:X 2.0 surroundsound - Astro A50 Dolby Digital, 7.1 surroundsound Both headsets are about ~2,5 times my 'mental budget' for a gaming headset, I can properly talk them down to 2 times, but for that price it should really be worth it. 1) But I'm unsure if dayz support dts and/or 7.1? 2 ) I really like the idea of headsets, where I can adjust game/teamspeak sound volume to my liking, and I guess an 'ordinary' headset doesn't have this feature, it has to be a gaming headset? 3) I haven't tried either digital surround or true surround, so I dont know which is better? 4) Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially if you happen to own one of the above mentioned headsets or has a really good 3rd. choice? And yes i have done a search for headsets, most are within some budget, so not really the same as these questions :) I did get some good info from this thread: "Beyerdynamic DT 990 premium" "Beyer/akg/lehmann" "Also, try to use Virtual Dolby Surround. I use a soundcard that enables 7.1 virtual surround emulation and i can adjust the virtual speakers. When i plug in just normal stereo headphones the virtual dolby effect is way way way better than true 7.1 headphones that try to ram 7 speakers into a 10cm piece." Brgds M_M
  2. Hey guys, my name is Saronite. I've been playing Dayz since it was a mod in arma 2. I've since gotten back into the standalone and i'm looking for new people to play with. I'm an experienced player for the most part. Can play alot on weekends Eastern Standard time. You can add me on steam just search for Saronite, or talk to me in discord https://discord.gg/MTxNbtQ
  3. Hi While using Bluetooth Headset i can hear Birds in menu but i have absolutly no sounds during gameplay ( Microphone from the same device work excellent in the same time ) When i switch to speakers i have all sounds back. it happens only in DAYZ in other games BT work fine.
  4. Headset Suggestions Wanted!

    PLEASE I need help with finding a new headset, it has to be cheap - infact under £20! All I need is a microphone - i prefer to use speakers for actual outputted audio. Please any suggestions will help!! -Basic
  5. I have a bluetooth headset, and Dayz and Teamspeak don't want to work together. First of all, I had to run TS as admin, in order to hear my friends when I start up Dayz. Otherwise they would just be muted. Then I had to use push to talk, because both other options muted my friends again. Now when I push-to-talk my friends are getting muted, so I sometimes don't hear them in a heated situation/fight. Which is a problem. I have a logitech USB/Bluetooth headset. Does anyone have similar sound problems and maybe found a way to fix this? Is there maybe something else that would work better (Mumble or whatnot)? I usually work out the kinks with Teamspeak and other games, but I think I give up on Dayz. Push to talk in Dayz is a pain in the ass too, because virtually every button on the keyboard is assigned to do something in Dayz ^^ I'd really like to be able to chat with my friends, but I don't really wanna go on Skype for it. What's the best solution, you can think of? Bluetooth is a problem.
  6. Hey guys. I recently bought a new headset for my PC, but its causing me trouble just like most technology does. I bought the Turtle Beach Z11. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron. I want to use the headset for a mic/headphones obviously, but it is being stupid with me. I have messed with all of the settings I can find, restored them all back to default when none of the changes worked, and it still does not work. I can hear music and game sound, but the mic portion does not work. The headset only has a standard 3.5mm plug-in. My computer also has one 3.5mm plug-in, which I assume is a combo headphone/microphone jack. The headset came with a Y-adapter for computers with separate headphone and mic ports, but in my scenario it is unneeded. I know the headset works, I tested it on my other computer (Dell XPS 410) and it worked fine. If someone could just walk me through the steps to set up this mic, that would be great. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  7. Hey guys. My mic on my laptop is not working, and my xbox mic is old so I want to get a new one. Would like to get one that works on both my PC and on my xbox. Also would be nice to work on my phone too if they make ones that work for all of those devices, but definently want one that works with PC and xbox. Im not talking like a whole headset, preferably just one of those little ones that you put on your ear. Would also like to keep it under $50. Any reccomendations or links or anything for me? Thanks
  8. My button is the default caps, and when I press it the gun cuts out all audio, and there is no way to turn back on with exiting and rejoining the game. I have tested with other games and it works perfectly, dayz is the exception.
  9. Mic will not work on Direct Chat

    Hey! I'm using a Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 headset with integrated microphone (USB). (This headset has given me grief since I bought it!!!) It works with TS3, Skype, Steam Chat etc... pretty much any VOIP I've used it works. My voice also comes through fine when recorded on Fraps and in Adobe Soundbooth. I have checked it is set as the default device under Playback Devices. I have checked it is set as the input device on Steam. I have also tested the mic through Steam Chat and it works fine. Yes I am pressing Capslock to speak and the other players are within range. When I try to use Direct Chat in any server on DayZ SA no one can hear me =/ I have checked the input volumes too to be sure they're loud enough. Yep I have searched the forum prior to making this post and the only found solutions were the two written above.
  10. Sometimes when I play I don't care to use my mic. I usually do, but sometimes I just don't feel like it and would rather just chat through text. Most people don't want to play with you if you don't. So i'm just looking for peeps to play with that don't use a mic, or wouldn't mind playing with me. I really don't need to get any shit from the elitist day z masters telling me how to play the game either btw. Leave me alone :) If you wouldn't mind playing with me please add me: Kid Cloud Also I usually play on experimental servers.
  11. Ok so my budget is 40-50$ for a gaming headset, I don't know too much about sound or anything so yeah, find away?!
  12. Headsets?

    Ive had the turtle beach x12's I honestly think they are crap. My buddies can hear my game volume on skype, I have a white noise in my back round as well, im not here to complain but does anyone know of a great headset thats fairly cheap, $0-$170. Thanks :)
  13. Hello There. This may only appeal to a few people. If there is any logitech g930 headset users here. You will probably be the best people to help. I got a logitech g930 a few months ago. And here are a few issues with it. Some so much so that i'm tempted to get a new headset. The headset has bass distortion. Peaking audio. Popping audio. DayZ flickering sound. Sound level changes. In dayz in 7.1 the audio flickers like i hear the ocean pop on and off constantly. When listening back in Adobe premiere in 5.1 that sound is not there. In 7.1 it is. When on DayZ i'm forced to put all my mates on teamspeak 3 to come out in center speakers because other wise its horrible popping audio. In Tomb Raider the game. The bass is so intense that every bass noise is just like getting bass at super high volume... Just sounds ugly. Forced to record in 7.1 otherwise the sound is quieter in the recording. All these bound together makes me wanna swap headset. Anyone else experience the above? Last question. If you could rate the logitech g930 from 1 being terrible headset to 5 being amazing headset. What would you rate it? And if you rate it 1 tell me what headset you would recommend. EDIT- This was written on a phone. Sorry for all spelling mistakes. The headset is really nice to wear. And any one got any general headsets to recommend? P.S Exomonkeyman
  14. My price range is between $100-$150. I don't want one that'll make me sound like a 9 year old who bought his from Kmart for $15. I'm running into too many situations where I need to hold people up, and to trick people into thinking I'm Frankie. I was looking at some $90 Turtle Beaches at JB-HIFI. Are they good quality? Thanks!
  15. Hello There. I have to sort of simple questions, (1.Cheapest & BEST ways to recording PS3 gameplay & How dose it work. 2.Cheapest & Most Expensive Headset for PS3.) n_n bundle of questions yea? Well i ain't recorded Console in years! 1.What's the cheapest and Most Expensive way to recording PS3 gameplay. 1a.Elgato Game Capture HD at £130 seems the most versatile easy way to record. BUUUT i'm looking for a method for 1080p quality but WAY under that price. I mean i know my way around a PC just not PS3, there must be a way to record gameplay at 1080p. What dose a game capture actually do? Any tips on a cheap game captures? Any tips on how to record gameplay in a cheap method? 2.Last question to pound on you Haha, headsets for PS3 Cheap and most Expensive headsets. I already have a logitech g930 for my PC. some people have been able to get that to work on ps3 with a few extension cables. Not looking to spend over £100-£120 here. unless i really have to. Any one a PS3 nerd in these forums? Well i hope so. Or your just really clever. P.S Exomonkeyman
  16. Solid Headset for under 90?

    Yola! So... I'm wondering what every-bodies headsets of choice is. Currently in the market for a new pair, and can't decide what to buy (not a sound guru). ATM I have a pair of Logitech H530s, which suck on comfort but have moderate sound and mic quality. Looking at a pair of Razer Carcharias (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826153043). After reading review after review I figured it would be the best. Looked at Corsair V1500 (too many bad reviews, sound switching when alt+tab), Logitech G230 (solid, but only 50$, I wanna indulge :D), and a few others like the Logitech G930(too expensive, wireless), TB X12, Sharkoon X-STATIC... What do you all use and enjoy? I do a shit ton of TS (helping people with problems on my server and playing), skype, and of course, gaming.
  17. Hey all, I'm planning on getting some form of comfortable 5.1 surround gaming headset so I can actually tell where in the hell those bullets come flying from. Countless times I have lost the location of a shooter in DayZ and the reason being, I can never tell which direction it is coming from. So... Which gaming headset do you guys use and why? Sound clarity? Direction? How comfortable they are? Looks?
  18. Headset

    Hello, Im searching for a Headset. I want to skype with a friend while playing DayZ. I dont want to spend more than 40€ (50$). Do you have any suggestions?
  19. Looking into getting a better headset due to mine being crap. Looking for some suggestions on what to get/Wanna hear the experience users have with certain headsets!
  20. Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on a gaming headset? I don't want to spend a ton of money on one. Just something that has two headphones and a mic. Thanks!
  21. Best gaming headset

    Well like the title suggests I'm looking for a good gaming headset. My 4 year old trtle beaches finally died last night. So i'm looking for a primarily pc gaming headset. I would prefer it to be wireless but am willing to look at other options... What do you guys think?
  22. Hi, having a odd problem with my sound and I thought i'd ask around as I can't seem to find any other topics on it. Headset: Logitech G35 Stereo/Surround MB: Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 Windows: 7 Known problems with the G35 Headset: Windows not registering when Switching from Stereo to Surround or vice versa, have to switch manually in Windows or it will bug. My problem in DayZ/Arma2: When going into First Person the sound from the played character (footsteps, gunfire & eating etc.) can only be heard from the right headphone other ambient/zombie/player sounds can be heard from both sides of the headset. Note: This is only in First person, Third person works fine, I will troubleshoot a bit more today and update/reinstall all audio drivers. Will also try with my speakers on in First person to see if that works to narrow the problem down a bit Q: Does DayZ/Arma2 have a setting in any CFG for Stereo/Surround? It is not hindering me in anyway but it is very annoying :P Thanks for reading let me know if you have experienced anything similar to this lots of love, Ralpi
  23. So I need a somewhat decent gaming headset. I'm not looking for a $700 pair of turtle beaches that will let me hear a fly crap while I'm playing. Just something good enough to give me acceptable audio and have a mic attached. Preferably USB but dual 3.5mm is acceptable. I'd LOVE for it to have surround sound but that's rare in a headset and pretty expensive when you find it. What do you guys recommend? I've been looking at these: -http://www.bestbuy.com/site/SYBA+Multimedia+-+CL-AUD63010+Headset/5345795.p?id=1218634890270&skuId=5345795 -http://www.bestbuy.com/site/TekNmotion+-+Yapster+Stereo+Headset+for+Windows+-+White/5032437.p?id=1218601983090&skuId=5032437 -http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-PC-Computer-USB-16-0M-Webcan-Camera-Headset-Microphone-Mic-/120834976969?pt=PCA_Video_Conferencing_Webcams&hash=item1c22536cc9 Small note: I have a $40 gift card to Best Buy so if it is at Best Buy, it's definitely a plus! ^_^
  24. Atm my pc headset which has 2 jack cables (I think their called that) that go into my 2 front ports on my pc, and my speakers which go in the back. When my headset is plugged in it plays all the audio in them, and nothing out the speakers, I've done a few basic things and googled a lot and have not really got anywhere. I've gone into sound devices and changed defaults around and all that and nothing. If anyone knows any clear steps that could help me out that would be awesome. ty