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Found 235 results

  1. Well... this game is subject for a lot of aggression related frustrations and yes... there is a lot of bugs - ranging from annoying to down right stupid, but remember we have not reached the integer version of game, yet – which some see as another problem (2013, say no more). BUT, to start with the last… it’s also stupid that players primarily base there negative review on how many hours developers put into the project. Because, the develop-timeline has nothing to do with the quality of game, you are just frustrated and can’t distinguish ‘stercore’ from chocolate... result is CAPS and angry emojis. Furthermore, from a background(20+ years) within development, both as project-manager, concept-developer and code-monkey, I can tell you that while 5 years development is a long time, it’s not uncommon – the difference is that, most times, company’s will first go public at a later stage in development. When it come to bugs and glitches. As long as debugging is ongoing and developer seriously include players and there feedback… we can’t complain or base our review on what’s not working, at this early stage. In my opinion, it seems messy and some out of control, so I believe that the DayZ team needs a solid project-model and, if they even got it, a better system/team for quality-assurance. Without these, I’m afraid that we have wasted our money on a product that never gets above version 0.999999. In the end. The key-sentence is “Early access” - cut to the bone, you are not there to play, you are there to fulfill as task so you one day can play a flawless game. To get comments in advance, the payment… when you buy a game in any pre-public or early access, it’s an investment in a product you believe in, return comes at release, in the form of a “free” game.
  2. It would be interesting if in Chernorus there appeared such an abandoned mahina, to which it would be necessary to swim in search of top loot. After all, the expeditionary corps of the US Marine was in Chernorus. What do you think of it?
  3. Hardcore in DayZ

    Hello everyone! We (I'm with my friends and,i think,with community) want to ask you about hardcore in DayZ,in particular in .63,beta no matter how. Yes,not in future,concretly in .63 patch will be more hardcore,or will be how it now: you can find m4 and many,many ammo and magazines for every weapon for a hour. This is not realistic,this is are make people not safe them life,because if they die - they can easy find this equipment again. Zombie apocalypse must be hardcore,but no in no way too easy. Make people safe and appreciate them life. This will be really great. I know, i just the one player with opinion,and this is not mean anything...but...though about it. In DayZ people must survive,but not are only play PVP. And at last: Gamma in .63 will be off,or will be not changed? This is really big disbalance. I had play 1500 hours in DayZ and don't want to stop. This game is my favourite.But i don't give a sense of danger more. And this is not because i'm played 1500 hours and know this game. No...this is not it. Do defecite of ammo,magazines,eat - MAKE people survive! Please..add hardcore,not a little bit in 0.63. I just boring of this gameplay,when you just play PVP game,and game no way can't make you to survive...I want to survive in this game,but not JUST play DayZ.
  4. DayZ RP Stories

    This is my first ever DayZ video, it was also my very first interaction on this server, not very action packed but this is the best way to play DayZ imo
  5. Hello DayZ players. My name is Cha0s I am from Lithuania and I am looking to form a DayZ Standalone squad for enjoying the game and playing together. Everyone is welcome as long as they meet these little, tiny requirements: ¤ Must have a mic for communication, ¤ Must be communicative, be friendly, help others. ¤ Must know the basics of the game ¤ Are willing to take the game as just a game, have fun, not to be salty or be an asshole to others. ¤ Must speak and understand english ¤ Understand that not all of the players are pros at this and that some of them want to learn. ¤ Must be online often or very often If you are interested in joining please leave a comment with a link to your steam profile or add me on steam and message or add me here: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013733055/ Or join the steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MC0CC Good luck and have fun, Cha0s
  6. Day Z: The 25th Hour

    Day Z: The 25th Hour Mr. Verbatim's Day Z saga takes a dramatic turn this time around when he's all alone, and doing some self reflecting. Enjoy the short! I Strongly Suggest HEADPHONES for this video. I put a little extra into the sound this time around and they seriously provide you the best quality for this experience. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Sfx Credit (In no particular order): Paul368 - silenced pistol genoneo0 - four voices scolex - flashback tristan lohengrin - screw silencer load All from freesound.org Musical credit: Scott Holmes " Still Missing" score. freemusicarchive.org
  7. Synthesis: Similar system to that on Dark Souls, where you have weapons that can be used in one hand or in two. Each hand would be treated as a single space to hold an object. The main point of this mechanism would be to make the interaction with the items in your hands more dynamic and varied. Allow the player to shoot the enemies while dragging the body of his friend. Ability to combine items to dynamize gameplay (Ex: Carry a pistol in one hand and a flashlight in another hand allows you to use both simultaneously). Central Logic: Two small items in hands = able to shoot / attack / use both at once, or one after the other. Small reduction in movement speed during sprint One large and one small item in hands = only the small one can be used (shoot / attack). Medium reduction in movement speed during sprint Two large items in hands = unable to attack, defend and/or zoom. Great reduction in movement speed during sprint Medium-sized items, if included, should be treated as small items, but with greater disadvantage in relation to them 1 - Be able to carry a pistol in only one hand and be able to perform activities like aim and shoot (still using only one hand). 2 - There must be a disadvantage when using a weapon in one hand, even if they are small guns. Ex: Pistols have most unstable aim and greatest recoil when being used in only one hand. 3 - Be able to carry a small weapon in each hand and still be able to shoot both at the same time. But unable to recharge without storing or putting one of the weapons on the ground. You also can not use the zoom option. 4 - The character is unable to block attacks when he has two items in hands, be they small or large (since that the game receives improvements in the combat system). 5 - Carry one item per hand (weapons, backpacks, tools, etc ...). The weight, size, or limitations of the game's balance must control which items can be used to attack when being used only in one hand. If the weapon is too heavy to be used with only one hand, the character must hold it with both hands automatically when the attack button is pressed. 6 - The character won't be able to carry certain items with only one hand, due to limitations such as weight and size. Ex: Tires, tents, vehicle parts, etc ... 7 - By default, all combat items and tools will use the two available spaces in the hands (Just as it is currently). The player must choose when to open another hand's slot to another item, either by using an option in the inventory or by pressing a key for a period of time, such as the raise key for example. 8 - If the character is carrying a pistol in one hand and a flashlight in another, he should be able to use the flashlight and the pistol AT THE SAME TIME. The same should / may apply to other items such as knives. 9 - Items such as morphine and epinephrine injector can be used while the character holds a small weapon / tool. Ex: Look with a pistol for an entrance or exit while using epinephrine. 10 - Sawed guns and guns without butt stock can be used with only one hand, but presenting problems such as high recoil and low accuracy. Ex: Sawed off Izh 18 Rifle Sawed-off Mosin 9130 CZ61 Skorpion (only if the butt stock be retracted ) MP5-K (Only without butt stock) Sawed-off IZH-43 WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? I'm a brazilian player and I used Google Translate to do almost 90% of the translation. Sorry for any grammar mistake.
  8. Stamina

    Do you have idea of when have stamina in DayZ ? Because run behind guys in 200 kilometer , is very long time :D --'
  9. Warning some nsfw language but a lot of laughs to be had. 4mins
  10. Advanced use of walkie talkies.

    Who really uses the walkie talkies? Not many, however if these changes were implemented it could change the way they are used significantly. So first if a battery is in the walkie talkie and it is on when a player is killed the line will open up and can be heard by everyone in a short radius, but only when the player is dead or unconscious, this would allow for some interesting talks with other people if your friend is dead/taken hostage. If the walkie talkie is dropped on the ground it will stop transmitting unless the user actually scrolls over it and opens it up unless they apply duck tape making static, static would also be present from the dead player. This could be used as a distraction if thrown or something like that. Another idea would be to allow other users to hear walkie talkies on other players if they are super close to them, like if they have taken the person hostage and want to hear what their friend is telling them. All in all I think it could make some pretty interesting situations, like if you wanted to hold up a helicopter crash site but didnt want to kill people you could duct-tape the walkie-talkies speaker and sit it on the ground, when they get close enough you tell them to put their hands up or you will shoot. It would be pretty cool and would create some interesting new communication between players.
  11. Suicide | I can not die ! ! !

    The player who cannot die in DayZ ! I hate this stupid bugs. I don't know if I'm the only one on this case but during the time I played this game, I found a bunch of bugs. If anybody is on the same situation, leave a message here, it could be useful for others peoples.
  12. Hey Peeps! it's Soul. I present to you another "The DayZ Adventures" episode! I hope you guys enjoy this video, takes a lot to edit them. Thanks for watching and dont forget to "Like, Comment, Subscribe?" Cya! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnlF43SUrFw
  13. Hi All, I’ve worked out a concept for a “new” intuitive and updated inventory & hud system. Please take a good look at this concept artwork and give feedback. Some big changes have been made, that would change the way of item storage and gameplay. • Where the current system uses slots to fill a backpack or other container, this system uses percentage. Why use percentage instead of slots. With the slot system you can only have a specific amount of items, depending on the slots. Percentage could drastically upgrade the amount of items. - For example: A pen would take one slot in a backpack which is just as much as a can of Tactical Bacon, in real life you can probably fit 40 pens inside a can. Almost nobody is carrying a pen because its a waste of space. if a pen would be 0.5% space in a backpack. much more people wil carry a pen and have the ability to leave notes. this is one out of 10.000 examples why it should not be slots. • An open design which maintains focus on the environment, bandits & Zeds. When in real-life you stick your hand in your pocket, you don't stick your face in it. Also when you take something out of a backpack you can stil look around. • Don't show the player as a miniature it just takes up space. If you want to see yourself you can use alt to view yourself. in first person only you should find a mirror. In real life you cant see yourself either. • A scroll action menu which is much more clear. Obvious reasons. • The hud is minimalistic and does not distract. You should see this as the voice in your head. If your hungry you’ll know it, the state of which your in is given a color, Red means its bad, etc. Stamina is also something you feel in real-life therefor it should be mentioned, so you don’t run yourself to death. I would appreciate feedback on how you think this should or should not work. Stiello.
  14. Naked, desperate, broken and alone. A survivor of what must have been a gruesome ordeal stumbles upon a group of armed people. He is looking for help but what comes next, nobody could have expected.
  15. SurvivaL Please ...

    Hello guys I would like to say that DayZ seems more and more PVP ("easy") anymore... Unfortunatly I regret THAT. I want to survive into the wild... So everyone see this post and agree with that point of view pliz "UP" :thumbsup: ... edit : yeah that it, DayZ, can have all features (dayZ is as real world) , so Pvp, Kos, fwepwe pwe, PvE, survival, farmring ... etc . But play Dayz have to be exigent . Like many other we love in DayZ the fuù*^k emotional feeling ^^ Why : I was a player from OFP years later ARMA ->1.2.3, then DayZ mod and DayZ. I love Bohemia Interactive because they promote a original way to play, I mean SIMULATION... Yes it was for restraing people, DayZ came out (and ARMA up to 600% more sale) so fashion :) and then encourage ARMA 3 !!! NOw Bohemia is BIG and popular. But player, do they want COD, BF causual FPS ? , I think not they want to an alternative, a choice :beans: . Curently There are many player on PVP server on DayZ, people seem like this kind of gameplay, Appear, Stuff and Fight then Die... ANd then 0 stuff around map they cry (early 0.55) . But 0.55 I loved IT ! (I fight to stay in life) (with the short list of mecanics plantation, apple treas, hunting). I see now with 0.57 stable too many loot, completely "stuffed" in 10 min (central loot economy"??) ^^ ; and expé player who play 0.57 liked it because of this survival gameplay and do not reconized stable realse :/ To sum up, We know other "survival" arcade game like H1Z1, ARC, WARZ etc ... (very long list) But just one can provide Survival SIMULATION it's DayZ from Bohemia INt. .. I know dev team and lead team work very hard to give us The game, and every kind of gameplay are allowed to speak (privart shard, servers, customizationserv....) But please be concerned about a part of your fan , give us in native 1.0 a real experience of survival (playable at one or in group) where we have to fight the wild to survive... ( I'm afraid like many others of E3 announcement Xbox and PS4, and the way which take DayZ now (when we see survival game Z ->> PVP only, no survival at all (up survival/PVP together in that kind of competition), I know it 's a long way to 1.0. but if you can clarify once the survival orientation that 'll be GREAT ! ) Thx for tour attention (and sorry for my english... I'm french :| ) Edit : Yeah 0.57 add some incredible contents/ stuff and mecanics :P I love that. I'm talking about Balance , (balance between survival and arcade game :/ I prefer a Hard Dayz not a Bamby DayZ too easy) For me survive days after days in DayZ need to be Hard (not only because of others players...) Manybe when, like in the mod, we can have others "objectif" (aims .? ) to do .... and Up if you ok :) :P and then, a sugestion for the inventory : more realistic for me ^^ (design not good i know) (in french) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL6z-IRrMMM pictures : http://imgur.com/a/hQWaO
  16. Rescued, but for what? [11:40]

    I found some really old footage. +1 year old and I decided to edit it into this video. I hope you like it.
  17. I’m sure the DayZ forums see a million of these a day, so I’m going to get to the point. This is more than just a DayZ backstory. This is building the world of Chernarus. It will be easy to implement and it will improve the player experience. The Plan Add more books and papers. Most of these pieces will be interesting but irrelevant. However, every so often the player will pick up a piece and be surprised to find information that’s actually relevant to the world around him. The Why There’s a critical problem in the foundation of DayZ’s gameplay: there’s no long term goal. Once you have food and a gun, there’s nothing else to care about. You’ve won. It’s over. This leads players to hunting other players not due to survival, but due to lack of goals. It breaks the spirit of DayZ. My plan would add another element of things to find in the world. I imagine players trading information they’ve learned about what’s happened. They try to piece together the information and misinformation, just like they would in real life. A player starving and looking for a can of beans will skip right over these written pieces. However, for a player who is fed and armed, who has been roaming Chernarus for hours without seeing a soul, these written pieces will give a human connection as he listens to the words of the author. The What Attached to this post are samples of what a player could pick up and learn about the outbreak in Chernarus. There will be many more pieces, both relevant and irrelevant to the world of Chernarus. There have to be enough irrelevant pieces so it feels special when the player finds a piece that sheds light on the world around him. Also, I’m sure you’ll notice that I’m far from being professional with photoshop. I just taught myself a bit so you could have something pretty to look at while reading. I leave the origins of the zombie problem vague. Confusion drives the fear in a zombie apocalypse, so I do not want a concrete backstory. Players will read one piece, think they understand what’s happening, then pick up another piece which contradicts the first. For example, Peter Young will have a theory, but then players will also find many other pamphlets from Peter Young and realize he’s insane. Esther has a theory, but it contradicts Peter Young’s and the Editor of the local newspaper. This is building an immersive world, not telling a backstory. Finally, the pieces I’ve attached are all pre-infection or as the infection is breaking. There could be an entire other category of pieces that come from post-infection. For example, Kurt Paine, a pop-rock star famous for charity who travels to Chernarus looking to help. He’s not Bono, but I could see why you might make the connection. Anyhow, things don’t end well for him. This may be pushing it, but it could even be possible to add a unique, single-spawn item of Paine’s signature guitar into the world. Players would fight over it and share stories of how they once managed to carry it for a full two hours. The End This is low risk and high reward for the DayZ team. It’s low risk because this will be easy to introduce into the game, it will not change DayZ’s gameplay, and it will not hinder DayZ’s development roadmap. It’s high reward because it adds an entirely new element of items to find for the player who is past the desperate hunt for food. And most importantly, it’s high reward because it pushes the player’s experience that much closer to feeling real.
  18. How is it that as the updates come out, the game runs progressively worse and worse each time? Back in the earlier versions where I predominantly played (around versions .32 up to about .47), I could be in a city and maintain up to 30 fps; it was acceptable considering how early on in development this game was. It would only make sense for the game to run better after getting updates, but as I look at the recent patch notes and such, I am seeing that they just keep adding things, rather than fixing glaring optimization problems. Here is a statement that I can almost guarantee no amd user can say: "I can maintain over 30 fps in this game on any configuration of settings." I wonder if Bohemia realizes that they are cutting off an entire branch of players by continuing on the path they are going on; this game is now unplayable on my fx-8320, and I can only imagine it doesn't run much better on the fx-8350 or more powerful amd processors. I hope they go towards fixing this game rather than adding things in every patch, because at this rate, by the time of the beta's release, I will not be able to play this game at all.
  19. How to gear up! (2:04)

    Apologies on the back ground music, stream did not stop it playing :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LMWzCLWTaY
  20. Bandit Adventures

    Hello Gentlemen, I wanted to share you my adventures as a bandit. I am open for recommendations for future hostages.
  21. Omnipresent, ubiquitous, pervasive zombies make the game looks like Counter Strike. If player doesn't have a way to sneak away from zombies, doesn't have an opportunity to hide behind closed door (like in H1Z1), then he is forced to look for gun to get rid of PERVASIVE zombies. Make zombies very aggressive and strong from one side (and a player will think twice before shooting other players), and from the other side make a couple of ways for players to move (play) stealthy and stay unnoticed by zombies. Isn't it a real Zombie Apocalypse atmosphere when you are inside building with closed doors and hear outside the roar of walking dead? MAKE ZOMBIES VERY STRONG AND AGGRESSIVE TO FORCE PLAYER BE AFRAID TO SHOOT AND PLAY CS BUT GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO PLAY SILENTLY AND SHUT A DOOR AGAINST ZOMBIES. PLAYER MUST BE AFRAID TO ATTRACT ZOMBIES BY LOUD SOUND.