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Found 33 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3Q-Ew9oyhA So there was a guy running towards elektro, when He hear my voice. He stopped, turned around.....and axed the gas station till he blew up!
  2. Portable Gas Heaters

    So currently in this unforgiving apocalyptic wasteland we have a few dandy machines (if I do say so myself) that help us out a bit. This machines include: Gas Stove: With this baby you can cook meat and other food items without the crazy bright light of a campfire! But you need a pot and fuel. Gas Lamp: With this sucker you can light up the area when you are running, or when you and your two friends set up camp, you can pop on a few of these babies in the dark, and it'll be a bit more cozy in the abandoned blood-spewn house you and your friends are currently held up in. DRUMROLL PLEASE... Gas Heater: This divine contraption has not yet been added into the game, but it should! This is how I came up with this idea: I was helping my moms boyfriend move out of his house, he has a bunch of boxes in his garage and it was really cold, like.. REALLY cold. So my moms boyfriend pulled out a heater and put a propane tank in it, and it looked identical to the one in dayz. Then it hit me.. There should be heaters added into the game. That are powered by propane (the in-game gas) Most heaters are generally big, but I believe that one could be designed that was small enough to only take up 2x2 or even 1x2 slots in a players inventory. Thoughts?
  3. Fuel Types / Engine Types

    Hi, With the new trucks in DayZ, this idea came into my mind after some hours of driving (and refueling). Why not add two different types of fuel? It could make the search for gasoline (which is pretty easy right now) more challenging. I think two fuel types are enough in order to make the game not too complex. When some day the fuel in gas stations will become limited, this will play a bigger role. Additionally some gas stations could have only one type of fuel (e.g. millitary only diesel). Canisters found in barns should contain gasoline only, which is the fuel for all garden equippment (2-stroke gasoline works also in 4-stroke engines). Canisters in garages could contain both types. Gasoline: The classic gasoline which a majority of the smaller cars drive. - Doesn't drive with diesel at all - Fueling the wrong fuel doesn't damage the engine - In order to drive again after fueling diesel, diesel has to be removed and gasoline has to be fueled Diesel: The diesel is always used by trucks and often by all-terrain vehicles due to it's high torque and lower fuel consumption. - A diesel engine can run on nearly everything that burns (alcohol, gasoline, etc.), but this damages the injection pumps, which will get ruined after a while if you don't refuel diesel. - Needs to be vented after it ran out of fuel (rolling down a hill for a few hundret meters works also fine, but may damage injection pumps) I'm not sure whether the venting and fuel exchanging are to complex for the game, but I just wanted to list up the basics of fueling (the wrong fuel). Note: This is a suggestion for the end stage of the development, in alpha or early beta it would probably make the game just unnecessarily complex.
  4. Like at a random time on each server on one road there will be a guy on a Harley Davidson bike just bolting down the road and off into the distance. You can't kill him it is just a fun thing you can find on every server at a random time. I think if they add a few secrets it would be fun to find them and something like this would actually be pretty good. If you see him drive he will also drop off a few water bottles so if you are lucky enough to see him you will get some loot :)
  5. I know that cars arent yet in the standalone and will probably be in it in not more than 6 months or so but ive got the idea of limited fuel in gas stations and gas tanks. Also i got the idea of half filled jerrycans and maybe stated on liters in the jerrycan and that you can combine jerrycans (fill one and empty the other one). That would be much better as it is in the mod where you can take infinite fuel from a fuel source. Thank you for your time and feel free to share additional thoughts and improvements.
  6. Hey everyone, My names Alex aka OFhooligan, Im recruiting new members for a skilled survival malitia group. We have Multiple High power semi-auto rifles + Shotguns+ Pistols, A good amount of vehicles such as a ATV's, a Bus, and a Van. We also will supply members with food and water. :beans: Anyone is welcome as long as you have a mic and you are trustworthy. If you are interested you can reach me on my steam @ killswat24 or on my skype @ OFhooligan24. :D :beans: :thumbsup: :ph34r: :bandit:
  7. Hi guys, Im a 'lil new around dayz, but since iv me my friend we're getting into it. We planned a route that crossed Mogilevka, where we found a nice car (Old Hatchback) We managed to get away from the town, but a little after the car stopped... the fuel sould out. We had a jerry can, so we refueld it, but the tank stayed empty. First i tought the gas tank is broken so i left my leg-broken tammate, and i headed back to Chernogorsk for morphine and fuel tank parts. When i came back, i tried to repair the car but there was no option for it! We refueled the car with 3 more jerry can but still nothing, the tank is empty! (we finally found a car, we cant leave it in the middle of the road!) !!!PLEASE HELP!!! Sorry for the long post but i had to explain it, Thanks in advance for the helping! AtGod (sorry for posting this in an other section too, does not want to spam)
  8. Hi guys, Im a 'lil new around dayz, but since iv me my friend we're getting into it. We planned a route that crossed Mogilevka, where we found a nice car (Old Hatchback) We managed to get away from the town, but a little after the car stopped... the fuel sould out. We had a jerry can, so we refueld it, but the tank stayed empty. First i tought the gas tank is broken so i left my leg-broken tammate, and i headed back to Chernogorsk for morphine and fuel tank parts. When i came back, i tried to repair the car but there was no option for it! We refueled the car with 3 more jerry can but still nothing, the tank is empty! (we finally found a car, we cant leave it in the middle of the road!) !!!PLEASE HELP!!! Sorry for the long post but i had to explain it, Thanks in advance for the helping! AtGod
  9. Limit the fuel!

    You might want to think about limiting the fuel available. This may have been suggested before but I'm kinda new here! On topic with the fuel, having an unlimited amount is unrealistic. You don't even have unlimited Fuel in Texas much less post infected Cherno! Just a suggestion, but you may want to limit each fuel source to say 100 liters per 24 hour period. And have the 100 liters spawn in over time in different tanks like the choppers do. So we don't know exactly which fuel tanks will have fuel when! would add a new dimension to the game! Make it more realistic, and even the playing field for the players without vehicles! It would also force the chopper hunters to be more judicious with their air time! Thank you! Peace! Sleepy
  10. Rarer food and fuel

    Standalone Suggestion Right now in DayZ, fuel is unlimited and food is literally everywhere. Realistically both these resources would be pretty rare in an apocalypse scenario. Here is the original topic for rarer fuel - http://dayzmod.com/f...ted-fuel-tanks/ As for food, there should be limited amounts found in supermarkets. Most of it should be hidden in crevices and shelving, forcing players to actually take there time looting for food. IMO fuel and food should be rare to the point where it is traded for other valuables, such as weapons and ammunition.
  11. Hello everyone, I was just sitting in one of my classes checking reddit when I thought of a great idea (well great in my opinion, your opinions will vary obviously :P ). Because the zombies contain an infection which is most likely spread through contact from blood, pollution in water etc. you would have to be wary of going near bodies. So getting to what would be interesting to have implemented in the standalone is a feature where dead bodies of players and zombies alike hold the infection and going near them or touching them can give you the possibility of getting the infection yourself (basically you will die slowly like having a cold in the mod). If the bodies are near a water source they could contaminate the water so you can get the infection from drinking the water. A way to solve this problem for the players would be being able to drag the bodies and make a pile where you can douse the pile of bodies in fuel. Then you can set the bodies on fire and attempt to eliminate the threat of infection from the bodies. The fire would burn very bright with black smoke which would attract the attention of other players so you would have to make the decision of lighting the fire or moving on. As an example scenario: My clan and I have just cleared out a little farm and would like to set up our base there but with the dead spread throughout the farm we could all get the infection and die as its incurable. So we have two options, 1) we stay and pile the bodies up away from the house/building we intend to fortify on the farm and burn the bodies which may draw other players near by. 2) we gather what we can from the farm and leave to look for an area less populated with zombies. Because my clan and I are capable soldiers we would choose to stay and burn the bodies but away from the building, then begin to fortify our new home. Just a suggestion that I think would be cool if it were added in the standalone. And good luck to Rocket on his trip to Everest! :D
  12. It would be nice to be able to siphon fuel from vehicles in fuel cans for fuel? I think that it is at least a small but correct thing.
  13. I've noticed that I'm able to fill certain vehicles with much more fuel than they're supposed to carry on two hive servers I play on. Does the owner have the ability to change the amount of fuel a vehicle can hold? For example, the ATV only holds about 1 1/2 jerry cans, but I'm able to fill it with much more than that. I know this seems like a silly question to ask, but I'm curious.
  14. Hello everyone, since I'm getting kicked from every server while trying to either drive a vehicle (Restriction #40) or to fuel it (Restriction #41). Putting on clothing results in #41 too. After some search on google and in the forum I found solutions like downgrading ArmA2, logging in on another server and then upgrading again. This doesn't work for me. I'm still getting kicked. This gets really annoying when dying after login because the char still sits in a vehicle. Is this a client or server problem? Any help appreciated. :)
  15. The goal: Make fuel much more scarce and difficult to obtain while reducing fuel consumption of vehicles to realistic levels. The thought behind these ideas is, that the limiting factor for driving vehicles should not be finding a vehicle but repairing it with parts and then getting enough fuel to run it. The fuel gathering process should be much more difficult - for a solo player extremely difficult (and dangerous) Edit: This should be combined with my other suggestion regarding spare parts and vehicle spawn: http://dayzmod.com/f...nism-workshops/ The changes for jerrycans and fuel stations: - Jerrycan is changed to weapon slot (10 slots in backpack) To use a Jerrycan it has to be equiped of course. - Jerrycans only spawn in EMPTY condition (or at reduced rate also full) and are more difficult to find. - Filling a Jerrycan is done with two options: * Manual with a hand cranked fuel pump: will Fill 1 liter per 10 seconds. * Automatic with a powered fuel station (see below): full 20 liters in 10 seconds. - Possibility to power fuel stations with a portable generator as discussed in many other threads: Powered station can fill Jerrycans faster and has the possibility to refill Vehicle without use of Jerrycans. - Fuel Stations have the possibility to be out of fuel until the next server restart. This should be a chance of 1 in 2 initially. - Fuel Stations can run out of Fuel - Refueling the vehicles seems fine at the moment but if possible: only use Fuel till car is full (rest remains in Jerrycan) Added out of the feedback for clarification: - Jerrycans have a partionned state just like "ammo" (so partly filled jerrycans are possible for example 15 liters - a 3/4 full jerrycan) The Changes for vehicles: - Consumption of fuel reduced to realistic levels. (Best example is the ATV which uses around 2 or 3 liters per single kilometer even on a road...) - Fuel Tank size for vehicles reduced to realistic size.
  16. Namalsk is cold. I've learned that since my Ural ran out of fuel. I don't have a jerry or anything to refuel it with. I'm just sitting here waiting for some kind passer-by to assist me. Its moments like this I enjoy in a game where it allows me to have a memerable experiance.
  17. Helicopter

    Do the heli's still leak fuel?
  18. Electricity in towns

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could light up the cities with the power lines that connect them to the generator? I thought it would be cool if you could do that. This has already been posted on another forum section, but I feel this goes in the suggestions section. How would it work? Find the generator and fix it (Would require ALOT of scrap metal and stuff, more than vehicles in general. Then once complete, you need a form of energy to keep the current afloat, that's where Jerry Cans come in use. Of course, since it would drain the living **** out of the gas, dozens and dozens and dozens would be required to make the electricity go on for a while. Especially at night, like you can see in the video above, that would be particularly useful. Sure, there will always be a few noobs who will go and grief lights, but that would add to the fun, and who knows, maybe you can fix them with wind shield parts? I'm just sayin' this guy's idea is potentially really good for the standalone.
  19. leaky chopper

    So we fully repaired a chopper glass the lot fully fueled left it over night server reset and the chopper now has no fuel and we are unable to fill it just leaks out :( ?
  20. Best place for car parts?

    Accidental double post. Delete, please.
  21. Well.... f***

    So I've been out of DayZ for a few days and I went back in and spawned on my latest location (Skalisty Island, in search of the dreaded chopper) Surprisingly, my PBX (Rubber Boat if your fancy) was still patiently waiting for me at the dock of the island. I go in only to be saddened by it's lack of fuel. After thoroughly inspecting every lootable spots (As well as busting a few zed heads), no jerry cans were to be found. Long story short, I'm stuck on the island. So I ask a small service that would mean the Messiah to me, if anyone has some sort of transportation to bring me back to the coast or a can of fuel, it would make my day (And give you my Heinz).
  22. Friendly Fire..

    An hour has past... We have been trying to rebuild this damn heli for an hour..... 6 guys, 2 protecting the broken heli 4 in 2 vehicals driving like mad men to get bits to fix this bloody heli.. Finally... enough glass in this thing tin can to hold fuel. That sound... The blades swinging round and round past my head. It truely is awesome to see something you have spent so much time fixing fire into life. Lets blow this popsicle stand is the order as we fly away from the area towards a distant fueling tank. I'm happily gripping the M240 on the side occassionaly firing randomly at the nothingness below. "SHIT..." What are the chances to 2 helicopters attempting to fuel at the same place.."BLOW IT UP" is what I hear from the Server Admin, I struggle to see from my side of the heli what they are talking about, The other cannon is raining rounds at something but i can't see what. As i finally see what they are talking about the heli has fled the scene and we NEED fuel so we land. Easy enough 3 of us, 2 on jerry's and one l85 on 'look-out.' Another eternity.. Jesus this heli takes a Butt tonne of fuel... "how much to go i ask?" "almost done" is the reply as our 'look-out' pops in and out of the cab checking fuel levels. I'm standing facing the side of the heli for the what seems like 50th time when, "BANG, CRACK" i hear as my screen goes black. I feel like i spotted as i faded from life the brain matter from my scull spread across the side of the chopper chassis, I remember thinking that shot sounded CLOSE. Jesus i think, someone has bloody shot me close range whilst tramping fuel up the hill. I start hurling abuse over the TS.. To hear, "shit shit shit shit, im down and bleeding.." Hmmm the assumption that friendly fire has killed me is starting to move towards the unlikely column.. there was only 3 of us there and 2 are down now? Screams of "get in the choppah and get out of there" fly over TS. "Im dead" our look out anounce's over TS. So truth be known... We wern't alone. The elation of fixing a heli, engaging another heli in flight and finally having the pinacle of transportation in our hands had blurred our set of rules we had used so many times with all vehicles. 1. Are zombies there, Yes = Someone else is then, move on. Ok so the other heli had spawned them so we wern't to have known if anyone was left behind, but thats exactly it. we didn't know. We should have flown on to another fuel station. Hindsight is 20/20 Live and learn? Well kind of, we were lucky enough that someone else from our group had heard the comotion made a B line for the area, had not been spotted and m104'ed there heli pilot killing the lot of them, but that won't bring me back to life. Now to start to look for another Heli.
  23. Does anyone know how far the small boat can get on a full tank of fuel? And is it poosible to refuel at sea?
  24. Heli idea

    Just5 a quick idea that me and some of my clan had come up with, any 'legit' ideas are welcome :) I think each server should have 3 choppers, 1 each spawn at the airfields. this would make the game much more fun because; Positives 1. You wouldnt have aerial domination (my clan used to have a chopper till a random DC and we were never worried about being shot down) 2. Servers would have more active groups and more firefights! 3. would help against vehicle hoarders (the main reason it helps against hoarders is if you get a chopper in the air searching for peoples base is easy. also my idea of people not hoarding the heli is make them very very very demanding e.g. make parts on them wear, make more parts including fan belts, batteries and make it so the chopper takes aviation fuel or something) Negatives 1. Maybe server side issues of 3 choppers moving at once? 2. a bit to much pvp at airfields. What do you guys think about these ideas? Probably a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes buts it 2am so leave me alone ;)