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  1. First of all, i have to say that it's great to have an game like DayZ on Xbox. Huge Thank you to you Devs for that decision. My first impression of the game is pretty good overall. I am impressed how good the game looks and how smooth it runs, thinking of how big the map is. (playing on Xbox One X) I had some great Encounters with other Players on my first 6 hours playthrough, running from Svetlojarsk in the North-East along the Coast all the way down to Kamenka in the South-West and then heading Northbound to Vybor. Really do love the atmosphere that you guys have created with this map! now some Things/Bugs that i've noticed: - items disappearing when leaving a server (known issue) - 7,62 bullets that can be found loose on ground or in a "white" box, can't be loaded into a magazine (icon of the item is not shown in the inventory) - Zombies or other Players not killable for what ever reason (maybe that's the issue wich is described in the ''Known Issues'' Thread as: ''Gun loads a single bullet, magazines stuck inside weapon. Shots may not register after this''?) /shots do not register even after joining a new server, restarting the game, or hard-reseting the console! (not fixed) - sometimes not able to reload/empty a Magazine (bullets won't go into the Magazine even the animation is showed - same with unloading) - when opening a Food can, it can happen that it won't be registerd. Food Can is open but not consumable any more. same with Drinks. - Containers/Bags can't be filled to max (also already mentioned in the ''Know Issues Thread'' i think) please fix this as soon as possible! (FIXED) - Food/Water Needs are a bit too high / Starving and Dehydration comes to fast in my opinion. - some loot is glitched into the ground or objects that they spawn onto, so that you can't pick them up. same thing happens with weapons or other inventory items when dropping them on the ground when standing next to a door/wall - some items seem to disapear from the inventory after leaving a Server and rejoining a new Server. only weapons are disapearing (not fixed) -AK and M4 Magazines duplicate when reloading the weapon after joining a new game (not usable after this, not able to drop them) (not fixed) - the HUD/UI Elements should be adjustable, especially the description of the items in the inventory should be much more bigger!! - sometimes not able to pick up items from the vicinity tab. (for example food in clothing) need take the item into your hands to drop them into the inventory - ''B''-Button does not show up when trying to combine items with each other (for example ''long wood stick and apple'' or ''ammunition and magazines'') that's all i've found so far. when i do find some more Bugs i'll keep this Thread updated. really looking Forward for all that cool stuff that might come with future updates to the game. Keep up the good work guys!
  2. General Discussion

    Here is a place for your feedback, guys! :)
  3. Is this even a game at this point?

    Dayz Standalone 0.63 is pathetic. Let attempt to explain why. Wool coats and track suites everywhere. Why? Who in their right mind would pick a wool coat or track suite over their starting equipment? It's super frustrating to find those items in 5 out of 10 houses (then 4 out of 10 are empty). The loot economy is terrible, it is frustrating to walk from house to house and not find useful items. Even more frustrating to walk from house to house and find spawn points taken up by people switching their gear with what they've found. Most important item you can desire is water bottle and a backpack to store water bottle. Forget about making your own backpack out of burlap sack, finding rope is nearly impossible! Chances are, you will find a school or waterproof backpack before you find rope. Hunger & thirst is super annoying. The moment you wake up, your thirst is already in yellow, run a little around and it will quickly get into red, at which point you begin losing health. The icon design and functionality is *insert bad language* terrible. It provides you no useful status update aside from "YOUR THIRST IS GOING DOWN RAPIDLY". Oh really? I *insert bad language* know it because I am *insert bad language* sprinting! I'd rather know how much I have left before I begin losing health then "thirst is dropping less rapidly". I cant believe I miss the old style text in the left corner status updates. Stamina system is probably the worst offender. I understand why we need stamina system, but the way its done, just *insert bad language* kill me. You need stuff to survive, the more stuff you have, the better are your chances of survival. If you are planing a trip to the north, you better stack up on those water bottles boy. Or pop up a map in your web browser and plan a route that takes you through water sources. Looting is very punishing, I happened across a ballistic west and was like "yay", finally a useful item. Put it on and now I can't sprint anymore because it weights 14 *insert bad language* kilos, even more then my full backpack! Let me round this off by asking a simple question, where is the game play loop in Dayz? What is it even supposed to look like? Do you think that going from house to house is fun, that listening to your character wheeze as he/she is trying to catch breath is fun? Do you perhaps think wool coats and track suites are fashionable again? Do you think that occasional joust with zombies is fun while they flail wildly with their limbs? Do you perhaps like being alone for prolonged period of time because none of the players will attempt to interact with you unless it involves punching, stabbing or shooting? Do you really think that we need DayZ standalone anymore?
  4. I've been thinking about this for a while, and finally decided to make a post... consider this as feedback/suggestion. Suggestion itself is quite simple: completely block or hard-limit moving direction change when sprinting and/or disable sprinting with raised gun. Unrealistic zig-zag runs are just irritating, making sniping and single-shot guns nearly useless (it depends on your luck rather than skill). The only effective counteraction for this is "spray and pray" with 90% chance to ruin everything on your target. I know that stamina in upcoming 0.63 update should particularly fix this on long distances, but still every noob with IZH43 who choses to bum-rush into building will have relatively good chances (should have ~0%) against even well-equipped player in protective position. However I'm very uncertain about stamina implementation, as I understood it will slow down average speed of players on the map... combined with unusable cars (and it doesn't look like smth will improve in near future) this may turn game-play very slow and boring as you will spend much more time running between cities. I really miss pragmatic long range combat and realistic CQB in SA and thats why mostly I still choose Mod over SA... actually why to invent something AGAIN if you can just port ArmA2 moving mechanics into SA? Your thoughts? P.S. A little reminder: players still need single/auto switch (tired of using custom mouse commands), and fast reload option for single-shot weapons (IZH18/Bow/LongHorn)
  5. Peter (I think it was him) said during the talk with BarelyInfected that the zoom-in feature might be removed forever. He said that he didn't want it removed but loading assets and sight alignment/animation issues make it really problematic. While I understand technical limitations and the push to make the binoculars more useful I feel like I should defend this feature because it's one of the few features that really separates cautious players from those who just run from town to town by the road. I don't mean to insult any kind of players here, just highlight that there are differences. Currently the zoom-in feature allows players to replicate what their eyes do in real life automatically. Spotting things in the distance is much easier in real life than it is in game. Our eyes automatically focus on what we are looking at, there is no problem with lower quality of assets viewed from a distance, there is no resolution limitations. Option to zoom in while standing, traveling, overwatching allows players to bypass the limitations of the game and look freely as well as they could in real life. Example from my experience: When I travel in game I rarely follow any popular routes, I travel through safe areas while constantly watching all the areas where other players could show up. I can do that because I can zoom in while running/jogging and look around while focusing on those risky angles from which players could come. It allows me to spot others before they spot me, it allows my careful decisions to pay off. I will never have the reflexes that I had when I was 15 years old, but I can use my (limited) wits to outsmart others this way. I have tried playing without the zoom in during a few days when my right mouse button was broken. The lack of zoom limited me much more than the fact that I had to use a button on my keyboard to look through the sights of my gun. Last section is going to be solutions. Communities and people without proffesional experience in game development are well known to make bad suggestions so keep that in mind while reading my suggestions. Possible solutions: Allowing the zoom to work only when a character is standing or jogging without a raised weapon. It would be kind of realistic because it's much harder to focus on things in the distance while running. It would solve the issue of sight alignment/animations because you would not be able to do it while aiming down sights. Another solution: Not loading higher quality assets while changing field of view through zooming. It wouldn't give that much advantage to players using zoom and it would eliminate the technical problems with loading a big amount of assets. The disadvantage is quite clear, the game might just look very bad when zoomed in with low quality assets. While the decisions about this removal are not final and there is still time I would really love the devs to reconsider their approach to this feature. It does not really matter if it's iconic ArmA feature. What matters is the tactical planned decisions that it favours and all the good it brings to the gameplay. While it may not be easy to keep this feature in doing so is vital to the dayz experience and it's one of the features that are clearly in line with the direction where the game has been heading all the time. It would be really nice to get some dev response, especially from Peter.
  6. Feedback in game

    Hey ! I had the idea to put a feedback in game, it would be simpler to post bugs. The goal is to report a bug / malicious server in a few keys, you could open the feedback in the game with a key. This idea comes from Subnautica, and I think it's really good because people do not take the time to report the bug. A screenshot coming from Subnautica, and their feedback system.
  7. So after having played DayZ now this last week I have to say DayZ SA has gotten better. But that isn't really saying much, since before it was pretty much unplayable for me. Anyway I had some good time in it, I survived for quite some time but in the end i died, ofc in typical DayZ BS manner. Tried to swap backpack in a Military barrack, didn't work, then i put my backpack on the ground, ofc it dissapears, shortly after a player attacks me in the barrack, but I kill him. Ofc my Magnum bullets destroy EVERYTHING he is carrying in backpack, west, jacket and pants. Not only that his corpse blocks me from leaving the place(why do corpes have collision like that?), can't vault because of the low roof and can't crawl pass him. Can't hide his body either.... So my only choice is to logut, but ofc im dead when I log back in. Im not that salty over that death itself, but i think it kinda sum up DayZ...stuff is still a buggy mess. Yes I know its Alpha, but seriously it seems to take forever to get past that stage. So it feels like i might aswell wait some time before I try this again. Its a shame, I really like the atmosphere, all the gear searching and the new places to explore. But besides that it has alot of problems. -The game has pretty much no Zombies, They would add alot to the game. making it more tense to explore areas and guns would be needed for other stuff then PVP. I hope it will be possible sometime soon now when the preformance is alot better. -THe concistancy in some functions is kinda badly designed, I can't drink water unless i got both hands free but i can for some reason climb ladders. Sometimes I can switch weapon, other times I can't. Sometimes i can vault over a fence other times not. you get the idea. -The Melee combat is a mess, people running around zigzagging like angry bees. And its overall just very random when you get good hits in. Its also really messy to use guns in close combat, It feels alot better in Arma 3 for example. -Some features seems too complicated for their own good. Like the bloodbag system, I just find it unlikly that the majority of people will ever use it. It is time that could have been spent on something more important. Seems like the devs experiment with alot of stuff that just end up getting removed or sees little or no use in the game. I remember you where ment to have dogs at one point, what happend to that? Or all those diseases? -The Inventory was so damn confusing at first. And It has some really annoying stuff, like if you try to chamber a round and pick the wrong round by misstake. Then you end up putting away your gun and putting the rounds in your hand...Why? There has to be a better way to prevent stuff like that. I also don't understand why weapons don't show what ammo they are using, If its realism they are going for then why does it give other info like: "this is a ww-2 era bullet blabla" Why not have useful info instead, otherwise people will just google it. -My character was Hypertermic almost the whole time even after swimming and being compleatly soaked. No big deal, but just one out of many many bugs. -The loot balance seems to be a bit odd. A tad too many standard weapons while too few magazines. Doesn't really make sense that there are so few magazines. Overall it feels like there is something lacking, once you managed to survive the first hour you usually won't have any problem getting food/water. It becomes a search for guns, but at a certain point because the world feels so empty you start searching for the PvP rush just because thats the most fun part of the game. I hope there will be mores stuff to do in the game, just having more zombies would make the exploring more fun. Even if the game has improved it still makes me a bit sad that DayZ is still far from what I thought it would be by now. Think i will give it 6 months or year before i give it a go again.
  8. In this video I discuss a possible reason for the extreme lack of military guns and ammo at the major military zones.
  9. Hello! I'm a player of DayZ who I guess would be considered a fairly veteran player. I have played since late 2011 with the Arma 2 mod and have probably played over 1000 hours of both the standalone combined with the original mod. After probably a year of Standalone development I left the game as I disagreed with the pace and direction of development. I recently started playing the game again as I heard FPS is about to be improved significantly. To start things off positively, here are what I think has been done well in the game development so far. I believe the focus on loot spawning rates has been a good decision, and I feel with a few minor alterations the loot is fine as it is right now. I also approve of the zombie alteration, as we can all remember how bad zombies handled back in early standalone development, and believe that with a bit of work I find the current balance of quantity/quality to be brilliant in the current patch. Here are my complaints. Firstly, and foremostly (I can't stress this enough!) I think private hives and modded servers should have been added much and much earlier. Many players are trying to pull DayZ in certain generally undesirable directions (more RPG mechanics, trading systems, excess loot and/or vehicles, which I feel the developers aren't going for) which I believe would have been completely negated if they were allowed modded servers to play their preferred version of DayZ on. Not only this, but the developers at Bohemia could have easily benefitted from the modding scene as the original DayZ mod development did, as new ideas could have been easily playtested and suggested after being tried by various mod developers. I also disagree with the focus on basebuilding and self sustinance. Leaving the point alone that 80% of the crafting system is completely useless to most players (hunted/farmed food is harder to get than looted food, crafted weapons are trash, crafted clothes are inferior), the time spent developing these features could have been spent actually improving the game for the players who don't participate in, honestly, fringe activities, by increasing the global weapon arsenal, expanding and finally making the medical system into more than just bloodbags and bandages, or even finishing the map development and making every building both enterable and lootable. For the majority of players, getting endgame gear (military grade clothing, fireaxe, rifle of some kind, pistol with ammo, full medical supply) is a matter of as little as a couple of hours. This has barely been improved since the game launch. Finally, I think the decision to use a heavily modified Arma 2 / Take On Helicopters was a bad choice. Again, precious development time has been wasted fixing the game due to a simply underdeveloped engine. If more time was granted to developing a fully fledged engine that cooperated with the game the developers had in mind, many months and years could have been saved by having a solid base to start from. Overall, development has been frankly disappointing and I haven't noticed any major changes after the leave of Dean Hall. While DayZ is a great and unique game I continue to support and like to this day, the development for this game will be remembered as a thououghly lacklustre and slow one, with many flaws. I pray that the final state of the game is as great as we all hope. Also, I hope this topic is posted in the right section. I haven't used the forums since they updated the site so I'm not entirely familiar with where things go. If not, could a mod please move the thread? Thanks!
  10. Who is going to feedback ?

    Ok its hard to join servers, not for streamers though, well ok thats fair enough, these guys can stream for thousands or hundreds and its a free advertisement for you, ok for that, part of the advert and trading,fine. I managed to join a server first guy I met opposite Skalisty trying to punch me, got nothing on me, more people in Kamy melee'ing to kill,screaming and swearing, another spawn, another guy chasing me for 3km with a fire extinguisher. Exp servers are for testing and feedbacking right ? more "wise" players playing and testing it, more feedbacks, I have 1600 hours in DayZ I would like to take this oppurtunity to test it but players like the above are not helping the situation. To be honest anyone lower than 1000h or 1500h shouldnt not able to join exp servers, Dont know how the Devs can eliminate this but this is my thought. More wise players, more feedback and more bugfixes will take us all to stable branch faster I think.
  11. First let me say that I am talking about private full pop server since going low pop server hoping is basically circumventing the system. Second I think the goal of the system was to Make super rare weapons Give a reason to round around the map Make random exploring rewarding Create dynamic battlefields and I think it fails in nearly all of them and let me explain why. "Make super rare weapons" Now I gotta admit it this system does make some weapons very rare but I think it overdid and does it in the worst way. It takes me on average about 10 hours to find a single heli crash site weapon. That’s far to long for what they offer and is not worth it if you just want good gear for pvp, an akm ak and mosin or winchester is not that much worse than a what the helis have to offer. Then there is the problem of the randomness, just let me list how much you have to gamble if you want a certain weapon: Find one of the few Heli sites Be the first one there Get the right heli type Get the right weapon 4 steps that dont have good odds and you have to fulfill all of them. If you are unlucky you might never find a certain weapon even if you put hundreds of hours into it. I dont see how the game profits from such a randomness. "Give a reason to round around the map" Would have worked if not a majority of the crash sites would have been located around military areas. There are only a few desolate crash sites that are in areas you would never visit if not for heli loot. I am of course aware that if they were spread further the loot would have become even more harder to get but this could have been compensated "Make random exploring rewarding" Just wandering off and luckily finding a heli is possible but very very slim or to be more precise finding a heli who has still loot is very slim. Loot doesent re-spawn so you have to be first. This means that people will constantly search them so you probably will only be the first if you are lucky enough to have a heli spawn right in front of you. "Create dynamic battlefields" I have found countless looted helis and also a fair amount of not looted ones yet I never had a fight at these sites (note I'm playing on full pop server). There are 2 simple reasons for this. First the helis despawn pretty quick and second nobody stays and waits because they dont respawn loot. As a bonus the heli farm route (excluding the airfield) is pretty safe. Much wood and cover and there are multiple ways. I also have never encountered another heli runner - its safe and pretty boring. To sum it up In my experience the heli crash sites do nothing but hide more and more weapons from the players. If you have only a little of time available you can completely forget going for them and if you want the maximum action you also should forget them. The only reason is if you are a completionist and have a lots of spare time and dont want to fight. My biggest problem is though how more and more weapons become added to this system which just turns it it into a big gamble and if you want to try a weapon or have a favourite you are just screwed and nobody really gains anything from this system Overall I dont like it. Whats your thoughts?
  12. With .59 I noticed a huge change in the availability and location of ammunition\magazine. I wanted to share my findings with you and see if my experience is the same as yours to see if I might be doing something wrong. All of my data comes from playing at the WOBO EU community private server Locations ordered by times searched Small Cities Medium Cities Heli crash sites Big military bases (NWAF,Myshinko) Big cities Small military bases Small and Medium Cities proofed to be very safe and easy to loot which is why I searched them the most. Heli crash sites where often safe but always looted. Big military bases provided the most loot which makes them worth the risk. Big cities and small military bases were often as risky as the big military bases while providing far less loot. Locations ordered by ammo yielded Big military bases (Very High) Police Stations (Medium) Small military bases (Medium) Cars (Low) Civilian buildings (very very low) Heli crashsites (nearly always looted) Ammo has become far more concentrated in the big military bases. Even though police stations now spawn a good amount of smg mags they are still not even close to the big military places (Hence the jump “medium” to “very high”). However the biggest change I noticed is how little ammo is now spawning in civilian buildings. I have had situations where I searched a small, medium and big city in succession without finding a single type of ammo or mag in civilian buildings (excluding police stations). Ammunition ordered by quantity found: 7.62x39mm ( used by, for example, AKM) 5.45mm (AK) 9x39mm SP-6 (VSS) 9mm (MP 5) .380 (Scorpion) .45ACP ( UMP) .367 (Magnum) 12 gauge buckshot (Shotguns) .22 (Sporter) 7.62x54 (Mosin) 5.56mm (AUG) .308 Winchester There are a few things I find extremely odd about this: First the probably weakest type of Ammo (.22 and 12 gauge) have become extremely rare. Even before the patch the weapon using these types of ammo were extremely unpopular (from my experience) and where ditched at the first sign of another usable weapon. Sniper Ammo has become pretty scare I have found more 5.56mm rounds than I have Winchester Ammo. However this doesn’t fit in with the abundance of the 9x39mm rounds. Most of the 9mm rounds where found in military bases in the ammo strips for the Red9 (~90%) I have found about as much 9mm as I have of ammos in from places 5-12 combined I have probably found 10-20 times more 7.62x39mm than 9mm rounds. Which shows there is a massive gap between military rounds and civilian. Magazines orderd by amount found: AKM AK 74 RED 9 SKS VSS Scorpion MP5 RAK UMP SVD CR75 1991 P1 Makarov FNX, Sporter ,Amphibia, CR527,Mosin Rest The biggest winner, in comparison with the latest patch, are sub machine guns. They seem to spawn in greater numbers and spawn in police stations as well as military locations which gives them a very good spawn chance. Of course the leader is still the military gear mainly AKs and AKMs but smgs got a nice boost and availability. Pistols on the other hand lost hard. Civilian buildings hardly spawn a mag anymore and in police stations they have to fight with the smgs. A result of this is that most fresh spawn fights are now done with smgs. Since the start of 59 I have only been shot at by a pistol about 1 or 2 times. Besides fresh spawn fights, which are done with smgs, later gunfights seems to be done mainly with AKMs /Ak74 or sks most of the time. I have also watched a couple of streams which pretty much showed the same pattern. Results/Thoughts: I feel like .58 spawned too much ammo and the current patch tried to fix this by spawning more guns and less ammo but didn’t really consider military gear/police gear. Which leads to a dominance of these weapons. Ammo doesn’t really feel more scarce if you look for the right weapons/right places. This leads to a situation where weapon viability has gone down pretty hard and most people use only a few weapons
  13. Introduction Being part of an Early Access community as thriving and vibrant as that of DayZ Standalone is a privilege. Few online societies based around a game can compare in terms of sheer voraciousness and passion. Fans of the game may be a bit intense at times, but with a little guidance that intensity can be channeled into useful feedback that can be utilized by the development team for the benefit of everyone. Follow along, and I'll explain how you can earn the sweet feeling of satisfaction knowing you've helped your fellow players by taking the time to organize and properly share your thoughts about the game. Taking Notes First, let's talk about how to capture your thoughts, ideas, and observations so that you can reference them later and use them to submit feedback in some form or another. Personally, I'm a huge fan of keeping a pen and a notepad next to the keyboard when I'm playing, that way I can take notes about a bug I've encountered or write down ideas without having to Alt+Tab out of the game and without risking the possibility of forgetting it all later. Some may see this as old school, but it's important to have a quick and ready method of recording these things. Alternatively you could use a note-taking app on your phone or tablet, have a second monitor or computer available, etc. Now that you've got some way of getting your thoughts down on paper so to speak, you can begin training yourself to take notes as you play. By all means go crazy with your comments, draw doodles, whatever, just remember to be coherent and thorough so that you're not asking yourself, "What did I mean by that?" later on when you go to share the information. Also remember that bad or incomplete information can be worse than nothing at all because it can be misleading or confusing, so be as detailed as possible if you're recording information to report a bug. Feedback can be submitted in many forms, but the most helpful commentary is filing a ticket on the Feedback Tracker. Before you go and create a ticket however, let's discuss what kind of information to gather in addition to what else you may want to include with your submission. The goal of a feedback ticket (or really any constructive feedback) is to provide information that will hopefully result in a problem being fixed. In order to fix anything, the developers need to know how to reproduce that bug so that they can observe it for themselves and determine the cause. If you do not provide them with adequate information to reproduce the bug, then your feedback isn't nearly as useful because it's essentially just a statistic. If you want to be helpful, be detailed in your note-taking so that you can then be thorough in your explanation. When documenting an issue, try and be as scientific as possible. Eliminate variables as much as you can while still reproducing the bug, because the fewer outside factors there are, the easier it will be to determine the cause of the problem. If possible, recreate the bug a few times to be sure that it is both repeatable and consistent. Information you should record and include for submission:1. Where does the bug occur? If it is specific to a location, like the roof of City Hall in Chernogorsk, say so and include map coordinates if at all possible. When it is not bound to a particular location but instead only when walking on a hill, or only when climbing a ladder, etc. then that is what you should be indicating.2. When does the bug occur? Some bugs are triggered by being in a specific spot or by completing a certain action. Is it only at night, only when holding a weapon, only when riding in a V3S, etc.? If you are unable to reproduce it, you would want to indicate that instead.3. How frequently does the bug occur? This is important because not only does it help gauge how severe the bug is, but also tells the person trying to reproduce it how many attempts might be necessary to encounter it.4. Give a short, simple explanation of the bug -- a summary, basically.5. Basic information about your computer such as what operating system it is running and what version of the game you were playing when you encountered the bug (i.e. 0.58.129488). Compiling information for feedback doesn't have to be exclusively text either -- sometimes a picture or video is just as helpful if not better. If you are so inclined, I recommend checking out the the various methods of in-game video capture such as Fraps, Bandicam, Dxtory, ShadowPlay, etc. Many of these same programs will allow you to snap screenshots as well, but if you just want to create one quickly and don't want to install video software, the Steam in-game overlay is more than sufficient for providing evidence to include with your report. That overlay can be enable under your "In-Game" options on Steam. Submitting a Feedback Ticket When in doubt, submit a ticket. Don't assume that the development team is already aware of an issue that you've encountered. Others before you may have encountered the same issue and made the same assumption -- "they probably already know." You can't be sure until you check out the Feedback Tracker. If you've taken good notes and you're satisfied with the information and materials you would like to submit, then it's time to visit the Tracker. Before you go creating a new ticket however, do a search: find out if there is an existing ticket for the same issue. If a ticket has already been started for that issue, contribute additional relevant information or pictures/video as a comment to that original ticket rather than creating your own. This reduces clutter within the Tracker and aids the bug fixing process by making it as easy as possible to reproduce the issue thanks to all of the data being available to reference in one place. You can also vote an existing ticket up or down to help determine its importance relative to other issues. After you have searched and are certain a prior ticket for the same issue does not exist, you can create a new one by clicking the "Report Issue" link at the top. The form you are given will ask you for all of the information I outlined in the previous section. Provide everything that you are asked for and anything else you feel may be helpful in identifying and fixing the bug, including pictures and video which can be uploaded as part of the ticket. You aren't asked for too many things, but it's better to provide too much information than not enough, so detail as much as you know about the issue because you never know what may help track it down. Before hitting submit, ask yourself one last time if what you're submitting is helpful and informative; if not, consider going back and elaborating further or compiling more evidence. Be sure to keep the View Status of your ticket "public" to make sure it's able to be seen. Submitting a report for a bug that crashes the game requires a few extra steps in order to sufficiently inform the development team. In the future, the hope is that it will be possible to send the necessary data automatically, but for now it is a manual process. You will need to do the following things: 1. Add the -dologs command to your Steam launch parameters. Right click the game's name, select Properties, and under the General tab select "Set Launch Options..." In the text box that pops up, add the text "-dologs" (without the quotes). This will allow the game to generate a report about the crash when it happens.2. Gather those crash dump reports. They can be found here on your computer: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\DayZ\. You will need to copy all of the files from this folder and create a RAR archive from them. Include several for the same crash if at all possible.3. Get your DirectX Diagnostic (DxDiag) report. This program will generate a text file about your PC's hardware for you to include with your submission. Information about it can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DxDiag Both of these reports can then be uploaded as part of your ticket. If you exceed the 5000kb file limit, please upload the file(s) elsewhere and provide a link to them. The Feedback Tracker can be found here: http://feedback.dayzgame.com/ Submitting General Feedback The Feedback Tracker is where you want to file bug reports, but what if you want to speak your mind about an issue or share an idea that you have? Practical conversation can be informative for anyone involved, and may help lead to a solution for the problem at hand. There is only one sanctioned place for such dialogue and that is the official game forums, but it would be silly to ignore other outlets for discussion such as the r/DayZ subreddit and Twitter. Each site has its own format you'll have to work with, and as such you may choose one place over another based on what kind of conversation you want to have. Before offering up your two cents about anything related to the game, make sure to do your homework. Start with a simple Google search about the topic and see where it leads you. You may also want to browse recent posts by the development team, including but not limited to: Status Reports, Trello posts, official forum threads in the Developer Discussion area, and Twitter posts (many of which are rounded up by the DevTracker on the official forums). With any kind of general feedback, you'll still want to follow the same ethos as submitting a ticket in that you'll want to give some thought to what you're saying first and make sure that not only is it worth saying, but that you've been clear in the point you're trying to convey. It very much helps to remain positive when engaging in talks about a bug or something you disagree with; don't view it as a problem that needs solving, see it as an opportunity to make the game better and do your part to ensure that it happens.
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  20. If you come here to find help with a crash that is occuring in your game, please do not post new topics. Although people on here are very helpful with most other issues, crashes are something they cannot assist you with. Crashes are particularly nasty issues and require an analysis by the development team. The easiest way to get help is going to the Feedback Tracker and providing all relevant information. If you haven't already, create an account on the Feedback Tracker. http://feedback.dayzgame.com/ Do not try finding a similar crash report. Most crashes are unique and need to be addressed individually. Unlike normal bug reports, you don't have to worry about creating duplicates of crashes. In case we find out that your crash actually is the same as some other, we will take care of that ourselves and will let you know. Create a new issue and clearly label it as a crash in the subject. "Game Crash - Dropping a protector case crashes the game" Next, provide insight into how you got your game to crash. Include as much information about what you were doing around the time the game crashed. Every little detail can help us fix the problem. Remember to mention whether this happens on the stable or experimental branch of the game. GOOD "The game crashed when I dropped a protector case on the ground while playing on an experimental server. I had the protector case in my backpack and drag and dropped it into the vicinity window. The case contained a canteen and a pack of rice. I have tried this several times and it happens every time" BAD "Game crashed when I dropped a protector case" Include steps to reproduce if you think that they are necessary and aren't obvious enough from the description. Always describe reproduction step by step. 1. Open inventory 2. Place the protector case in your backpack 3. Drag and drop it into the vicinity tab 4. Game Crashes Don't forget to include the game's version (can be found in the main menu). Now for the most important part of all. We need you to upload a few files from your computer. Specifically, the crash dumps that are generated with every crash and the dxdiag report from your computer. Getting your DxDiag file 1. Open the Start menu 2. Write "dxdiag" 3. Press enter 4. A window will open 5. Click "Save all information" 6. You will get a text file - that's what we need Getting your crash dumps Go to this file location: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local" There you should see a DayZ folder. Create a .zip or .rar file of that folder. Then take the .zip/.rar and the DxDiag file and upload them to the Feedback Tracker issue. The upload limit is 5000KB, which should be enough. In case it is not, please upload the files to a file sharing website and post a link to the files in the comments. In most cases, we will answer crash reports within a day or two, provided you filled out the report correctly and uploaded the necessary files. The issue will then be sent to a responsible team member, who will implement a fix. You will be notified once a fix is introduced so that you could verify that the crash does not occur any longer. Thank you for reading this! - Accolyte
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