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Found 219 results

  1. Private server DayZ 0.63 Experimental version 0.63.148743: IP: dayz-public.strikearena.ru:2312 Name server: Zone of Survival | ZoS | DayZ 0.63/Experimental/Survival/PVP Working 24/7 Restarts every 4 hours form 01:00 GMT+3 Pages this server: In dayzspy: https://www.dayzspy.com/server/ In gamemonitoring: https://gamemonitoring.net/ru/server102197 In GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Site page server and forum: https://zos.strikearena.ru/ Welcome everyone! We wait your friends in our server =)
  2. How long do we still need to wait before the 0.63 Update is released on the Experimental Branch? That's a question we get asked every day. While it's still hard to estimate exact release dates at this stage of development (we've learned our lesson about estimating dates), we at least wanted to provide an overview of the work that remains to be done before the release is a go. Before you start scrolling through the list, we strongly recommend that you take a peek at the detailed Status Report we posted on November 2018 last year - back then, we provided a list of 0.63 goals that served as a basis for this particular checklist. In general, that Status Report contains a pretty decent breakdown of our development plans all the way to the 1.0. release - go ahead and read it if you haven't done that yet! We'll do our best to go through this list twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays - even if it would mean that the state badges for each feature/system stay the same. With each update that has some new things marked as "Ready for Experimental", we'll also share that information on our social media channels! We hope this will make our development progress a bit more transparent, and hopefully, you'll also get at least some sort of estimate for the Experimental release. https://dayz.com/blog/0-63-experimental-release-checklist#/
  3. Hi, me and my friend have problems with connect into all servers. Every time return error message "Character locked in database" for last hour minimal. Can somebody help us? My steamID 76561197999142803. Steam ID of my friend i dont have, cos he is stupid little c**t..
  4. We have decided to make a big portion of this discord white-listed. Hopefully it will influence a more team oriented approach among regulars you have played with before. It is not required, but to unlock private text and voice channels you must submit an application via google docs. You can find the form on the #get-whitelisted channel on the discord. Please take time with your submissions as we are looking for active participating members. Submissions will be reviewed within a few days and you will be notified on discord if your application was accepted. If you want to speed up the process a bit, send a PM to staff once you have submitted this application. Discord Invite:https://discord.gg/z66zdPD
  5. Dear Survivors, today, we are releasing the DayZ 0.63 Update to the Experimental branch! With this update, you’ll be able to experience some of the key engine changes brought to DayZ. Developing this new technology backbone for the game took the better part of the past 4 years in Early Access, and we’re very happy that we can finally let everyone play what we call “the new DayZ”. For more information, check out this article.
  6. The Experimental branch is by its own definition "Unstable". In the simplest terms, the purpose of the Experimental branch is for the development team to experiment with builds in a larger user base than our internal QA. Sometimes that results in us finding issues we cannot catch internally, sometimes that means we can verify fixes on issues with very low reproduction rates. Sometimes the builds are very unstable. This branch exists for load/volume/stress testing. Those who go through the process of manually opting into this branch (its not super visible - by design) and dealing with whatever issues the current build on it may have, get to sometimes see content and systems not quite ready for prime time. However, that does not mean that is the branches purpose. As the nature of the Experimental branch is for the above mentioned testing methods, neither uptime, character data, nor stability is guaranteed. Persistence/Character wipes are to be expected! If you encounter issues with the current Experimental build - and you probably will - please report all problems, bugs and crashes to our feedback tracker. If you don't know how, please use this guide. How to join the Experimental Branch: In order to join the Experimental branch you probably need to download a new version of the game. Meaning, you will not be able to play on the Stable servers while having the Experimental version installed and vice versa. Right click DayZ in your Steam Library Click Properties Click the Betas tab In the drop down menu choose "experimental - Unstable testing version" How to revert back to Stable Branch: Right click DayZ in your Steam Library Click Properties Click the Betas tab In the drop down menu choose "NONE = opt out of all beta programs" Your game needs to be closed when changing this setting.
  7. I came back to DayZ after a year away from the game to check the fabled 0.63 and after 2 full circles of the map and being fully geared up twice, a couple of deaths I think I can give a personal opinion of the state of the game and here are my thoughts. 1: the engine looks good, graphically solid, the atmosphere is perfect, the ambient and the environmental conditions are really well done. It is also pretty stable. I had only one weird death in the middle of the forest without any reason to die and no crashes during the play. What I don't like is the visible distance, the mist or fog is hiding too much of the distance. I climbed on top of the Altar antenna and you can barely see 300 m away. I hope that is going to change because it was one of the strong points of the game. 2: Gameplay... well this is hard to evaluate since it is so bare bones as it is right now. The infected are good... they should probably see you a bit easier but that i guess will be dealt later. One infected at a time is easy to deal with... a group can be deadly - I LIKE that! They react to shooting and they all get drawn to the shooter. With a bit of stealth action and taking them quietly with a machete or a good knife they are easy to get rid at least until the players bleeding becomes a bigger problem (at the moment you don't even need to bandage or anything - in a few minutes your health is back to normal without any action being required). As usual as soon as you leave the coast and the spawning areas you can easily find basic gear and if you reach the northern areas and the military bases you can easily get fully geared up. Infected still manage to go through walls sometimes... sometimes they are stuck in the floor (I saw them in the small police station and in the small medical centers) but generally they are much much better than before. 3: Future ahead: that is the big question... At the moment the game is really very very basic... there is not much to do apart from getting food and getting a gun and a backpack. Lots of stuff needs still to be implemented and added to the game so I don't expect to see a Beta anytime soon... I hope the development behind doors is at more advanced state than we know, but all considered I don't expect beta before September (I would not be surprised if it ends coming in early 2019) Just my few opinions.
  8. Experimental switch for private servers

    Hello admins, we are releasing 0.63 on the Experimental branch for the public today. I know some of you can't wait to switch your servers to 0.63 Experimental too, because we promised you the opportunity to branch switch. We wanted to give you a chance to switch in the first Experimental release but we encountered some issues with memory leaks on the server maschines which need to be fixed as soon as possible. When it is fixed and everything is tested, we will inform you and the switch can happen. I hope you understand why we can't let you change the branch right now.
  9. DayZ 0.63 EXP Krasnostav PvP

    https://youtu.be/cbKePdJuDho As I was heading east, I stopped by the town of Krasnostav to check if there was any survivor needing help or some food. As I was going to refresh me by the water pump, I stumbled upon three canned drinks, which made me think that something was fishy. That's when I started to scout the area.
  10. So i have started playing dayZ after half a year, i started on Experimental and i love the game so far! except.. Food, water. As soon as i spawned after 5 minutes i was dying of thirst, seriously guys? Please fix this, some of these are really annoying, i persuaded my friend to play this game again after a long time and he said after this he is not coming back. Please just increase the time in which player has to eat. Thank you.
  11. Hello guys, don't panic, it isn't time for 0.63 yet! But we need to do some tests so we moved these official Stable servers to Experimental branch: DayZ SG 4-292 DayZ AU 4-279 DayZ DE 4-215 DayZ DE 4-263 DayZ SE 4-047 DayZ SE 4-053 DayZ SE 4-049 DayZ BR 4-004 DayZ ATL 4-298 DayZ ATL 4-234 DayZ DAL 4-099 DayZ DAL 4-095 I just wanted to let you know. Have a nice day(z)!
  12. Hello Survivors, We are sending out a hotfix for containers nesting, which could have affected server performance. Have a nice day!
  13. Hey guys, It is time to remove Halloween pumpkins. I hope you had fun with them. :) And we fixed a server crash. Have a nice day(Z)!
  14. Hello guys, I know I am late with this change log but I wasn't here on Friday, sorry for it. We had some troubles with another server crash caused by players. It should be fixed now and we will move it to stable asap. Over and out!
  15. Hello guys, Ghillie changes again! We fixed ghillie wrap color when it is in shade. Check it if you like it :). Have a nice Monday!
  16. Hey everybody, nobody knows when .63 is exactly going to drop, but it will be soon. This is what to do if you don't want to miss .63 the second it drops! Right click DayZ, go to properties, go to BETAS, and select "experimental - Unstable testing version". That way when the new experimental update drops for .63 your DayZ will download it instead of having to check if it is up. You can still join all of the other 0.62.141072 servers. Don't worry experimental shouldn't be receiving extra updates until .63 releases though (I'm not too sure about that though). If you are like me and you have plenty of games on your Steam library, turn DayZ to High Priority so it updates first Head to Steam, DayZ, properties, UPDATES, and Automatic updates should be on "High Priority - Always auto-update this game before others". When .63 does drop, in the server browser select the filter of (Proper version match) and you should find the experimental servers. This doesn't currently show only experimental because .62.141072 is experimental and stable. Here is a nice screenshot I got while trying to revive Reshade on DayZ Have fun surviving in Chernarus, see you in .63!
  17. Hello guys, we have two small changes today: map color pallette changes ghillie color/shaders changes Have a nice day!
  18. Hello guys, Nice to see you back after bank holidays last week in Czech Republic. And we have some fixes today: fixed ghillie visual (We made some changes to colours of Chernarus couple of updates ago, and the ghillie suit was in need of some colour tweaks as well.) fixed some client side crashing Have a nice Monday guys :).
  19. Hello guys. Just short information - trackIR sluggish response should now be improved in this update. Have a nice weekend and see you in Chernarus!
  20. Hello! I hope you are well. :) We have here a fix for client crash upon disconnect. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!
  21. Hello guys, We have some small fixes today. tweaked vehicle behavior on dirt roads fixed an incorrect sedan spawning location Don't forget - is Status Report Tuesday! :) Have a nice day! :)
  22. Happy Monday to all! Experimental servers are back and we have some fixes for you :). fixed another very common client memory crash + related optimizations fixes for proper trackIR functionality, please try it if you're using it and let us know if it works for you fixed official/community servers to display in proper tab in server browser (you can't see it now, but it will be visible on the Stable branch later) Have a nice start of the week and see you at Chernarus!
  23. Hello Experimental players, We have some good changes today! We know it is hard to destroy vehicles and this preventing others cars from spawning, so we have a hotfix for despawn - matchbox can be used to destroy a vehicle via an action (it sounds like fun, hm?). Pelts can be colored in a barrel. Additional server-side logs for connection issues diagnosis. Can you test it please? And as always - report EVERY crash, please. We are still testing fix for memory crash from yesterday. :) Thank you for your help guys!
  24. Hello guys, We fixed an important memory management issue, should help with memory related client/server crashes. We were investigating this issue for long time and we hope it is finally gone. If you are going to play on Experimental servers, please, report any crash you had - we would appreciate if you could send your crash dump files from the folder C:\Users\YourPCName\AppData\Local\DayZ to our Feedback Tracker. And we tweaked some more bushes and trees regarding wind effect on them. Thank you and have a nice Monday!