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Found 1 result

  1. Need something to do Saturday Night?

    HIHB Misfits will be hosting another barrel run event. If you haven't been to one of or barrel run's, you are missing out. Basically get geared this week and then come Saturday Night @ 9:00 PM CST and try to take our barrel from us. More details below! WHEN: SATURDAY NIGHT @ 9 PM CST WHAT: HIHBGAMING.NET [USA] - PvP - FRESH LOOTZ DAILY SERVER ((IN THE COMMUNITY TAB)) HIHB MISFITS Presents.... The Chernarus Railroad Barrel Event. HIHB MISFITS will be hauling a barrel. The Misfits will start from a location near the western side of the map, pick up a barrel and begin moving along the tracks to the east. Your job will be to intercept them and grab the barrel from them and take it to a designated place to be determined upon taking the barrel. You must defend the barrel in that location until midnight. If the Misfits get the barrel, they will continue their mission. Ultimately, The Misfits plan to deliver and guard the barrel at a location near Svetlojarsk. If you get the barrel at it's guarded location and can take it away and hold it for 10 minutes or before midnight, you and/or your team win. Locations and current status will be given in server messages.