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Found 18 results

  1. Rate my highlights

    If anybody wants to use this topic as his advertise for YT channel or web, help yourself! Hi guys, Im fiveteen years old guy from the Czech Republic. Im very appreciated, if you can rate my highlights from DayZ on this channel and tell me, what can be better on my work. Excuse my bad English:)
  2. Mess up ya stuff!

    You should be able to put grass on all of your clothing, and spray paint all of your clothing! I don't know, think of something from this rushed, poor old suggestion.

    i learned how to render properly. More soon
  4. Hey guys, this is my first forum post on any forum so you'll have to bare with me. About 1 month a go I was playing Dayz epoch on this server, I was doing quite well. But I went away on holiday so I couldn't play on it for a while. I'm back now and whenever I try to go on that server, I get the message in the dropbox image below; but it is not a message where you click ok it's a message in the chat. I have researched online how to fix it and NOTHING has worked. Copying files from Arma 2 to Arma 2 : OA has not worked, checking the local files has not worked and deleting Arma 2: OA has not worked. The weird thing is that my friend (lives close to me) has the same issue. But the server is always up with people on it. I made a separate topic for this because the 'missing files' are slightly different to other peoples I think. Image of screen when failed to join. This screen only shows for a fraction of a second before sending me to the in-game menu. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ej4k0fh3knk3l47/problem.bmp ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. How to change your name in DayZ SA

    Quick video about how to change your characters name in DayZ Standalone Remember to leave a comment and subscribe for more!
  6. Dayz stalked by a clown

    I made an attempt at making a creepy clip in Dayz standalone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtX7HAp25jI
  7. Needing help with customizing my DayZ server. I've been playing on a server that has slow zombies, self bloodbags, suicide, and always daylight. I want to do a similar thing with my server. I have found many posts on other websites about where to edit and none actually are working. If someone could show me step by step exactly how to accomplish this, that would be great. And also how to add god mode to trader cities and no backpack theft. Already finally customized the starting loadout.
  8. Hey mates, I played DayZ SA for a bit and there is one thing that is going on my nervs: lags and bad fps. So I have here a quick guide for you how to boost your FPS and reduce lag ingame. (you should run DayZ afterwords with 15/20 FPS more). Go to your local documents and look for the folder "DayZ Other Profiles", open it. Then go to your profile fodler and edit the file SteamID.DayZProfile. Edit/change following lines: sceneComplexity=250000; shadowZDistance=100; viewDistance=1800; preferredObjectViewDistance=1600; terrainGrid=32.5; Please tell me if it worked for you, if it did, please spread the word so others can apply it as well. Disclaimer: I'm not sure if it is ok to change lines locally, so if you try it, you do it at own your risk. Btw. happy new year!
  9. Missing config files

    Hi I have seen a video on mouse acceleration and Fps ( Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sxtCFr_bWc) on the video it tells you to edit certain files. For some reason I don't have those files but I have the folders they belong in. This was also an issue I have for arma2. Because of this issue my settings don't save. Could anyone help me?
  10. Hello all :) I recently edited my server in order to make more helicrash sites spawn. However, I have had multiple problems. At first, almost every heli crash had an SVD Camo and M240. This also included other random guns like M4A1 I tried to fix it, but it does not seem to have made a diference...I edited the variance [x*x] code Now, nothing much seems to be spawning at crashes, as not a single .50 cal has been seen. Anyone know how to edit the LOOT TABLES on these? Please help!
  11. Video

    Hey everyone. I wanted to write a long thread about video making and DayZ on YouTube. But I reconsidered, and here is the deal (real short): I need to practice video editing, if you want to start making DayZ videos, I can edit them for free. A bit of background: Next year I am going to a school that has a focus on movie-making. But their main focus is scene and camera etc. not programs and editing etc. So I need some practice editing videos, and I don't have time to get my own footage and build up a YouTube carrier. I hope you will consider this, and spread the word. - Kayvoo
  12. Just a fun little video I put together the other weekend. If your sick of C0d kiddies you might find this funny :)
  13. I was wondering if there is a way to put the files from dayz into my missions files in which it would actually work. I have tried a bunch of stuff but it always just says that I'm using deleted content when I try to load it up in the mission editor. Basically i want to play Dayz in single player and want to add US solders and forts into the map. If anyone knows about files like this that work please give me a link.
  14. This is a teaser for Ep4 Outbreak Diaries, Also i talk about your work, your cinematic machinima's, fan made content. If your interested in becoming apart of H4BITAT STUDIOS im going to be starting a community section for this type of work/content. With 100% credit given to the maker and there channel. name in title / description / a annotation link ect. more info to come.
  15. Just wondering if the DayZ Standalone game is going to have a level editor so we can make movies and such.
  16. I was wondering if someone could link me to a nice solid snake skin i can use for my guy on DayZ. I have only found one out there and it's not really what I wanted. Or if anyone could make me one. Thanks.
  17. whats up guys, this is a episodic movie that im starting, this is the intro like the title says, any feedback would be awsome!, its short but im still new and i dident want the intro/trailer to be to long. if you liked and want to see more make sure you check me out
  18. weird error

    so, always when i try to connect to a server, i get a message. i says: cannot play/edit this mision dependent on some files though i just installed dayz properly. (as far as i know). anyone got an idea of how to fix this? plz reply.