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Found 2 results

  1. Dear all, I play on an Asus ROG G750JM, and it has two video cards, an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M. Connected in HDMI there is a secondary monitor, a BENQ which works well (can stand 1080p with any other game). Intel Driver version is, Geforce one is the latest one. the issue is, when running Dayz 0.60 exp, if I run it on my laptop screen, all is fine (normal 1080p). If I run it on my bigger screen, (I bought that for dayz mostly anyway), the screen turns into 1080i, flickering and aching my eyes. The monitor itself can sustain 1080p very well, but with only dayz this happens. Can you help/fix?
  2. Elander's Feedback Ok so I wanted to do my share in the dayz experimental world. First of all i would like to thank each and everyone in the developing team for a very well done first itteration of the new renderer and all the news with Dayz 0.60. DirectX 11 does a great deal with our Dayz, the game feels more stable, pricise and fluent. The improvements in the network code are truely visible/feelable. Your actions in the Dayz world have a lot less delay and feels almost spot on. (jumping fences etc) The FPS has rised to fully playable and enjoyable levels, increadable work! The new UI feels very good, looks- and works very well. A few qustions/thoughts on my mind though. The fog makes the game come to life, i miss it in land though. The drawdistance have been decreased alot, but this does not affect the game, only the irl vs game feeling. Fog/Renderer As written above the fog makes the game come alive (and into 2016). However, take a look at this screenshot, the woods to our right looks alittle weird, almost not rendererd correctly. (i know the fog covers the woods but anyways) Also the light seems to be flickering in the woods First image looks good: Second one where i have only moved my mouse the light flickers and gets more intense all of a sudden: New UI & Dx11 & Renderer The new UI looks and works very well! I have a few suggestions though: When finding i.e a new shirt and you want to replace your current one, you have to drag it onto your Equipment section and your current shirt and choose swap. My suggestion would be to drag the new shirt onto your characters body and release, faster and easier. The screen for inspection object has been changed with 0.60. Now you can see the fantastic textures for the models the devs have created, crisp and high res. However while viewing the inspection window i cant help notice how the grey area goes fullscreen, not as beautiful as before, why not have a windowed frame like before? free upload pictures Renderer/Drawdistance As said above (and by many) the fps has gone way up high with 0.60, yay! Well done. I guess the introduction of lods and cols have done a great deal. Look at the red brick house to the left. (see pic below) Low resolution on the house (lod) and high resolution (col) Also have a look in the far top of the screenshot above this text, (above the trees) you can see that no trees has been rendered this far away, this makes the game feel like a game with its limitations. IRL the drawdistance can be miles but as said above this makes no difference to the gameplay. I guess this has improved the FPS. One more Picture, while using hunting scope the edge on the top of the screen and to the left lets me see color and not black as the rest of the edges of the cross hair: Network Code The servers feels really stable (exept for crashes) , no rubberbanding, actions work, jumping etc, and I just have that feeling that its alot smoother, cant explain. Voice over works good, and other players seems to be correctly placed server wise as client wise. Other things i have noted Military tents spawn in barracks, the first time i tried to pitch it, it Went back inte the position i found it in. But next time the tent pitched. Helicopters spawn and spawn military loot. (Good, just wanted to wright down what ive noticed) Loot seems to spawn more accurate on shelfs and more in order. However boubblejackets spawn twisted, upside down and on the side.. Hangars seems to spawn no loot, as does prisons (my experience) Night is night in dayz now (dark, very dark, good) Melee weapons work on survivors, and weapons works too, (been shot to death twice and been playing 3 times for aprox 30 mins each time) It is very hard to join servers to test DayZ 0.60, seems to be to few servers for said goal. (I've read Brian Hicks comments on 0.60 etc so do not flame me, further more I guess my thead might be a perfect example how to not do a feedback thread.) (I just wanted to do my part, since ive been warned not to log in to this website till 2016-05-12 because of bad behavior and for wanting to play the game and not test it and give feedback. Here I show you that i can do both) My original id on thease forums were elander91 My specs Intel i5 4670k 3,4ghz Msi GTX 770 8gig 1600 ram Running at 1920x1080 Max settings exept for the edge smoothing. Average Fps ~50 Thanks again and see you in chernogorsk.! PS. Since testing dayz in experimental seems to be very limited, why not make experimental the same build that the developers use and make the experimental crowd a limited VIP Group? This is what it sounds like Hicks want in his discription and comments from other devs/forum members. Alot of Dayz early access owners will be pissed by doing so, including me, But better do that then saying one thing (experiental is not for all) but doing another thing (give experimental to all). Peace