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Found 26 results

  1. So Barrels disappear after 8 days in .60 as of now if they are not reset. How long do Military Tents take to disappear as of now if they are not used? Any information would be appreciated.
  2. This happened to me twice in the span of an hour. When I tried to open a can of food when I had no extra inventory slots available, the item got deleted. I looked on the ground all around the area and there was nothing there. It just seems to have vanished both times.
  3. Whenever I drop items, they will disappear/vanish after a minute or two. For example, I dropped my shotgun next to a well to take a drink and to reorganize my inventory, and when I was done the shotgun was not there anymore. I tested this again, dropping my backpack for a better one. After a minute or two, it disappeared in front of my eyes. This also happened with another shotgun of mine. I have not tested this with other items, and I do not have video proof because I can't get onto a server at the moment. NOTE: The first time I saw this happen was inside of a city, and the other time with the backpack was in a field outside of Gorka. Maybe your position has something to do with loot disappearing? Also, perhaps this isn't a big and is just a feature that was temporarily removed for some reason. Reproduction: 1. Have any item in your inventory (I have only tested with a mountain backpack and two MP-133 shotguns) 2. Drop the item on the ground 3. Wait around for about 1 to 5 minutes, and the item will disappear.
  4. This may be correlate with the known bug 'Items: Items disappear after swapping (from ground to inventory for example)' My Inventory was full and I hold a pistol in my hands. I accidentally selected to eat something and because there was no space in my inventory, my pistol disappeared and was nowhere to find. Around 10 minutes later and with some space in my inventory the server restarted. After joining another server my pistol was back in my inventory.
  5. Objects in line of sight disappears when seen behind other objects. .60 Experimental Video showing phenomenon here:
  6. Hello, last time i played i found some white pants with a coke in it and i carried it in my hand but lost the connection. I reconected and the coke was gone. -kajot
  7. All Tents Wiped?

    Long time lurker, first new topic (I think). Here's my feedback tracker explaining the issue: http://feedback.dayzgame.com/view.php?id=15893 "My group was finally able to find a tent and place it in what we believed to be a secure spot. The tent was there for 3 full days. We checked it multiple times per day to ensure that we hadn't been raided. 1) We noticed that Backpack Inception is now possible again (I opened a separate tracker for this). However, we put about 5 backpacks inception-style into the tent. When we returned after the first server reset, it had duplicated each layer individually inside of the inception-backpack (e.g. If the top layer is 5 with 4 backpacks inside, it would spawn a layer 5 backpack with 4 backpacks inside. Then, it spawned a layer 4 backpack with 3 backpacks inside, etc.) 2) The tent is now completely missing. I noticed the duplication and removed all items from the backpacks. I then threw a ton (50+) empty backpacks into a field in hopes that they would disappear. While I was doing this, my bandwidth was over 6000 and I was consistently receiving "damdifino is losing connection" and "No message received for xx seconds" but never truly lost connection. Once I fixed all the spare / inception-created backpacks, this resolved itself. We logged on today to find the tent completely missing." So I follow the Dev tracker quite a bit and saw that this Dev posted on reddit about Official Servers Unable to Restart. After posting my feedback tracker, I searched the user on reddit and found this: [–]eugenhartonBuild & Environment Engineer [score hidden] 6 minutes agoOkay so to clear some of the confusion, an issue cropped up making servers unable to start. This issue is caused by how the server state was saved. We fixed it today on internal build. One of the reasons to why we rolled only on some of the servers rather than the whole pool. We already are planning a backup system for all shards, again another reason for the delay of deployment across all servers. That is including private shards in the future. Anyways, the data was gathered, analyzed and we found a solution. This exact issue should not happen again. I`m sorry if this hit your saved gear. But this is exactly why we only rolled on some of the servers. Since the game is a whole different beast even after being tested on experimental. permalink So here are my questions: 1) If you just wiped everyone's tents, wouldn't that warrant a real post? I know it's alpha (inb4 all the flame), but I feel that some communication using the official communication channels (i.e. not reddit) is in order. We understand it is alpha and we expect to lose our stuff - which is the #1 rule in DayZ anyway - but don't make me dig for the answer when the Devs did it. 2) Why wasn't this post on the Dev Tracker on the forums? (I'm not sure how it is done. Is it manually updated?) Hopefully this will serve as some good information for someone out there.
  8. Hello DayZ fans! I had the opportunity to make a mid-week video this week and decided to explain how items become deleted when logging in/out.
  9. First-Aid Kits disappearing

    This particular bug has happened to me multiple times with my current character. When I carry a first-aid kit in my backpack it sometimes disappears after logging in. No idea why. This has only happened on my current character, and I'm talking at least 3 times now. Anyone else have had this happen to them and is there perhaps a known way to prevent it?
  10. Has anyone else noticed that player corpses have disappeared immediately after death? I tried searching the forums for something about this but didn't find anything (Maybe I'm just bad at searching..) Anyhow a buddy and I we're playing for a bit yesterday and every time we killed another player his body would disappear immediately, several times we waited because we didn't know if the person died or not from our shots. Is this a known issue that is being looked into or am I just getting combat logged consistently? Several of the 'murders' we could see the kill, player fall and then player disappear. Which brings me to the next point, are kill messages expected in the near future? Maybe not so explicit that they state whom or what killed you but more so as a server notice that "MrMerc has died." etc.?
  11. SKS + LRS glitch?

    So, i found a worn long range scope, and was just thinking maybe i could use it on the SKS i had (with a PU scope on it). I dragged the scope to the rifle spot, above the PU and it showed light blue, like it could be used. Dropped it, then Poof, the LRS vanished while the PU went into my inventory where the LRS was... And no, it didnt drop around me.. ANyone else experience this?
  12. Bodies of Schrödinger

    Bodies somehow exist and somehow does not exist. It's imposible to test DayZ's Alpha right now. Players's bodies keep disappearing, and we got nothing to deal with it. The patch numbered 113925 is already working, but it's not in the game yet. It was implemented to the experimental servers, which we've been playing on. But they're off now. This freaking bug is ALREADY FIXED, but we cann't get that patch. Call me a mad man, but this is ridiculous.
  13. People Disappearing?!!?

    I know its alpha Just reporting that EVERY person I kill disappears and I have killed a lot... I dont think its them alt + f4ing I honestly think its a bug with the server because it happens every time. Within the first 5 seconds of them dropping there body disappears. Only started after latest patch. Anyone else experiencing this?
  14. Please post if you have had this happen to you recently. I have been playing DayZ for quite a while, and I had three tents stashed with some of the best weapons and gear in the game, including Ghillies, NVG's (multiple), M104, Bizon SD, and so on. With the update, every tent on the server has disappeared with each server restart. This problem is recurring as I have seen it happen today as well as yesterday. I know this hasn't affected my tent only, because I've gone to several other locations that I know have had tents and there was nothing. Is it the server that I play on, or is the new update simply fucking me in the asshole with every server restart, because this problem never happened before the update. Please respond for either or. Regards, Assassin8813 BTW: my server is US 312 Phoenix, IP if this makes a difference.
  15. Whenever I try to scroll the mouse wheel to use the action menu it doesn't pop up at all, never had this problem and tried searching for the answer but nobody seems to have one :( I was wondering if anybody has had this problem before and found a solution, if not I really hope it sorts itself out! It makes the game unplayable as the action menu is so versatile with the amount of commands you can use it for, I am currently attempting to get into my tent before all of the items disappear, but I also searched in the controls and the alternate keys for the scroll wheel are [ & ] but even they don't work, I have not had any problems with the scroll wheel before and the problem only occurs in game and is not the server since I have joined many others somebody please HELP! I wouldn't like to stop playing after months of great moments just because of a small bug like this :(
  16. Hello fellow players I would like to bring up a conversation around the tents in dayz and the bugs that come along with it. To day all my items disappeared from one of my tents, luckily it was the medic tent. Do you guys know any way to prevent this from happening? and yes i did save the tent before logging out. Will i get my items back on the next restart? Is it possible for anyone to confirm this? Anyway give me your opinion on the tents and if players on dayz will ever be able to use them properly. + hopefully someone can answer my questions above. Ty Happy DAyzzzz! Sincerly dragon slayah!
  17. Hello beanhunters, i have problems with saving the tents. They allways appear empty after a restart ! That suck balls, i lost alot of rare and cool stuff on this "bug" , but i think i don`t save properly , because it`s odd to lost the equipment on 4 servers. I 1st thought it`s a server issue, but i tried it on 4 servers and i asked a person on DE 88 and he said that tents are working perfectly. That`s how i save : I save allways if something is changed in the tent . Like if i found a M4a1, i go to my tent and put it in and save , after 1 hour i put a akm in the tent and save it again , so if something change i save the tent , is this wrong ? Tried tents on these servers: DE 246 = fail DE 241 = fail DE 88 = fail DE 281 = fail
  18. So I was biking around Chernarus for several hours on good server (no unexpected crashes/restarts, no hackers/cheaters/scripters encountered) on an Old Bike that had red text (it always had red text, when it was damaged, and when it was in mint condition), when all of a sudden, it just disappears right in front of my eyes! It was really strange, here is a picture of the red text on the bike: I found the bike up on a mountain beside another bike, neither of which were in their natural spawn points. I was riding it around for a day or so, logged on and off several times and each time I logged back on I found it exactly where I left it. About 10 minutes ago, after riding it around a bit, I get off and it literally vanishes into thin air *POOF*. What I am wondering is: A ) Have you ever seen a vehicle with red text instead of green, and B )What do you think could have caused it to despawn right in front of me?
  19. Question about vehicle saving

    The first and only time I ever had a vehicle (about two weeks ago) happened to disappear the next day... Now, there was a bus that also disappeared which was flipped onto its side BUT both were saved before leaving. (I have the to prove it....not the saving though, just the bus flipping)So my question is..... HOW does vehicle saving work? Does the vehicle last until the server restarts or does it leave at a certain time... I would like to know before I waste my time searching for one and reapiring it. Helpful posts may just get beans...
  20. So I got a tip from a friendly survivor where I could find a Bus spawn on a German server. I went there, and sure enough, there it was. So I spent the day gathering parts and picking up my teammates. Then I hid the bus and went to sleep. The next day, the server was missing. At first I thought it was a restart or something. But it persisted throughout the day. I went on another German server and found a V3S at the Solnochniy Quarry. I repaired that vehicle, and picked up my friends. Then I hid the V3S and went to bed. Then the next day, that server was missing too! And so was the server with the bus. Is this a normal thing to happen to German servers?
  21. I've found two fully repaired helicopters recently on two different occasions, both on low population servers. I'm starting with the second one first because that one confuses me the most. The second I found was sitting in the open near Lopatino. (its a trap!) I take it west and over a hill - the only way to see it is to climb up another barren hill. I wait about half an hour before my friend gets on. My friend and I leave to find parts to repair an ATV I found earlier. There is about 6 people online. In about an hour the ATV is fixed and we head back to find our helicopter gone - keep in mind we scavanged towns all around where we left the helicopter. (Lopatino, Pustoshka, Vybor, NWA) If anyone flew it, we'd hear it. The first one we found on top of a large building in cherno as night began to fall. A friend and I drove it around for a bit during the night and eventually landed it northwest west - far from anything near the border of the map, but in bounds. Eight hours of night time and it was already gone, our tent hidden between trees emptied. Note: The first one we landed hard on one occasion and damaged it, saving it restored it completely so we're inclined to believe it was hacked. TL:DR - Do helicopters mistakenly despawn more often than other vehicles? Do hacked helicopters bug out (disappear/not save)? Does anyone else have there helicopters stolen quickly?
  22. Hi all, I'm not sure of the section, sorry if it is wrong. Today I found a wheel. I put it in the inventory, not in the bag. When I returned to the server (I'm sure is the same, because it had already happened to a my friend), the wheel was missing from the inventory. I hope it's a bug :3 but if not, at least on the same server should remain in the inventory, is not it? Sorry for my english and thanks for all! Gimiki
  23. Vanishing Car?

    So i was camping near the Stary tents, which has a red car in the tents parking lot (it needed wheels) Then i saw a wookie approaching the car, i shot him as he was about the get in the car, dunno if i hit him, then i shot at the drivers seat, then the car just disappeared, i pressed P and saw that player is gone (facepalm at the DCers) so is this a glitch or hack or is it just problems with my monitor or my eyes?
  24. Just before in the game I found an ALICE backpack, I changed it with my old shitty coyote one. But after I put it on, my old backpack disappeared with all the stuffs in it. I finally found a tent... And now it's lost because it was in the coyote one. And because of this stupid bug. This is a very serioius issue, and still no fix for so long. - -beta patch 95054 -on a good updated server (happened on a 2nd floor)
  25. I logged out today 17:00 and relogged in the same server at 19:00. After relog my CZ550 (in bag) disappeared! All seven CZ550 mags are here but my weapon is gone D: I had no unnormal activity during the login.