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  1. We are restarting the Stress Test servers with version 0.63.148152. Focus of this update is on improving the server performance, you can find the changelog here: Don't waste your ammo on Bambies, and see you in Chernarus!
  2. Stress Test vol.35

    Hello guys, The new Stress Test is will be online in 15 minutes. We did some changes that should help with a server performance, we tweaked a limb damage and a long wooden stick can now be obtained with a knife, hurayy! 0.63.148115 is a number of the version. So let's test it!
  3. Hello guys, We have a small update for Experimental servers. What is new today: stability improvements security update We will also wipe experimental and stress test characters. Stress Test servers are down too. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the summer!
  4. Hello Survivors, we are back with Stress Test #34, version number 0.63.148065. It includes several fixes for gameplay and performance issues, you can read the complete changelog here: Please report all issues you encounter to our Feedback Tracker at feedback.dayz.com. :) Known issues: door states can be visually incorrect audio might not work (try reconnecting audio jack)
  5. Announcements

    Please read the information on this page fully and with extra care. Don't skip parts, everything here is important! → Play DayZ Survivors, the DayZ Dev Team needs your help! In order to proceed to a 0.63 Experimental release, our programmers need to stress-test the game = evaluate and debug the server performance of our current 0.63 builds. This can only be done in an environment where we have lots of players connecting to 0.63 servers. That's why we've decided to open these Stress Tests to the public and let everyone play 0.63 even BEFORE we can call it an Experimental build. It's going to be a "stress test" for the Dev Team as well, as the game is not yet fully ready to be played normally. However, stress-testing is an important step to ensure stability of DayZ when we reach Experimental. We will usually have about 50 servers running a 0.63 build utilizing a new Stress Test Branch on Steam. However, the number of available servers can be intentionally decreased if we decide to test some specific features (e.g. login queue behavior under heavy load). Servers will only be online when the Dev Team needs to run a specific test scenario. That means you will only be able to play for shorter periods of time (usually about 2 hours) and on an irregular schedule. Since we need to evaluate the tests live, they will usually run during the business hours of Central European Time. What version of DayZ is running on Stress Tests? It is a completely new branch of DayZ on Steam, where we will be running one of our internal 0.63 builds. This is not an Experimental release, and certainly NOT a DayZ BETA release! Why is this not considered an Experimental release? this build does not represent a typical DayZ gameplay experience, and is in general less polished and stable compared to our goals for the 0.63 Experimental some features and content can be switched on / off in Stress Tests, based on the specific part of the game we need to test at the moment we may spawn players with some items already in their inventory to speed up the Stress Tests. The same is true for spawn points, as those can be different for each Stress Test, and do not represent a typical DayZ experience that we aim for Is this the DayZ BETA? NO! What are you, the Dev Team, expecting from these Stress Tests? We mainly want to test server performance and see the number of players our servers can handle. Unfortunately, we are not able to do such large scale tests internally. We will be auto-collecting logs and server crashes for further analysis, as well as profiling the server performance. How can we, the players, help the Dev Team? We would love to kindly ask you to report all issues (except those listed below) that you encounter and provide us with data from potential client crashes. How to report it? We need you to send everything to our Feedback Tracker so that our lovely Dev Team can figure out what's going on. If you don't know how to make a Feedback Tracker ticket, this thread can help you. In case your game crashes, we will require more information from you - please make a Feedback Tracker ticket and add files from the folder C:\Users\PCName\AppData\Local\DayZ to your ticket. Your feedback is important to us, and you can help us release 0.63 Experimental faster! What is the schedule for running the Stress Tests? There is not a fixed day or a specific time of the day when we will run the Stress Tests, but it will usually happen during, or after CET business hours. Stress Tests will run only when they are needed for specific development purposes. We will do our best to provide at least a 2 hour notice before the next Stress Test begins. Please follow our Twitter Channel and make sure to participate on our forums as well to stay up to date. I am a content creator. Am I allowed to stream the Stress Tests and record the gameplay? Is there a server for content creators? We do not prevent anyone from streaming/recording the game, but we advise all content creators to wait for a more stable version of the game. It's also not ideal to stream the Stress Tests because of their ad-hoc nature, and unpredictable behavior. Please get in touch with our Community Manager BatyAlquawen in case you're interested in having a Content Creators Server - currently, there is no Content Creators Server for the Stress Test Branch. Known issues (= please DO NOT REPORT these issues on the Feedback Tracker): vaulting over fences happens automatically, and with a weird animation (this is a placeholder implementation before jumping/vaulting works as intended) using RMB (right mouse button) in some gestures can freeze the character (your character will be fixed after you reconnect to a server) setting key binds does not work properly at the moment the character can become desynced when moving at prone/crouch speed in the opposite stance the character can become desynced animation-wise = plays different animation than it should players are misplaced when more of them attempt to climb one ladder at the same time in rare cases, it might not be possible to exit a ladder when in a close proximity of some the environment objects, your character may be unable to raise hands players may glitch when attempting to prone on top of each other the camera may clip through the ground when in prone other players do not see your chat messages when you have a megaphone switched on ladder climbing animation can be glitched (wrong hand placement) clothing cannot be swapped in some circumstances weapons/magazines can occasionally become stuck in the inventory there are various visual animation glitches the visual representation of sky is incorrect there are various lighting/shadow glitches you may experience brief client-side freezes combining of magazines with ammo piles (as well as firearms with magazines/ammo piles) are working one way only after the spawn, character's camera can be stuck in free-look using free-look camera with a raised firearm (and eventually firing it) can lead to a mismatch of raised hands direction against camera direction while aiming down iron sights, a firearm may become shifted, and can be slightly rotated randomly around its vertical axis, which leads to some accuracy issues after fall impact, the player character is stunned for a while before he can move again the client can freeze briefly shortly after connecting to a server characters can become locked in database, preventing connection (try another server) possible connection issues due to large number of simultaneous connects character animations for hit impacts after being hit with projectiles are missing post process for hit impact is not played properly sometimes gear on players might not be synchronized between them properly What IS NOT to be expected of Stress Tests: authentic DayZ survival experience, this is mostly a PvP stress test to gather server performance data the infected - they are intentionally switched off in Stress Tests intended/final balance across game features, mechanics, systems and central economy intended/final design of GUI of menus, inventory, and HUD features not ready for Experimental features planned for the future releases (Experimental, BETA, 1.0) intended/final item's names, descriptions, sizes, capacities and inventory icons intended/final sound and visual effects like post processes, particles, rain, fog and lighting setup What IS to be expected during Stress tests a new Steam branch - you need to download 12 GB of files 52 stress test servers for 3120 players spawn points in Zelenogorsk work-in-progress iteration of the brand new player controller and some other features bugs and game crashes - servers may crash seconds after their start, be ready for that just in case Please help us manage the expectations of our community and do not share the following Stress Test Branch opt-in details directly with your friends. We would like to kindly ask you to only share a direct link to this DayZ.com page. That way, you will help us in our effort to create a well informed community, and you will contribute significantly to the overall efficiency of Stress Tests. Thank you! right click DayZ in your Steam Library click Properties click the Betas tab the "Stress Test Branch" is unlocked now - select that branch in a drop down menu and let the client files download How to revert back to Stable Branch? → right click DayZ in your Steam Library → click Properties → click the Betas tab → in the drop down menu choose NONE = opt out of all beta programs and close the properties → play DayZ How to find Stress test servers? → click the Change Server tab on the welcome page → write "Stress test" into the Search prompt on the right side of the screen → select a server of your choice
  6. Stress Test vol.33

    0.63.148026 Hello guys, we have another Stress Test here and if everything will be good, we let it run through the whole weekend (fingers crossed)! We fixed some stability issues and did some tweaks to unconsciousness. So have fun and don't forget to report all issues you encounter to our Feedback Tracker at feedback.dayz.com. It is not needed to report these issues, because they are known: proxies of attachments are not aligned, resulting in slightly misdirected shots with scopes player limbs are not taking damage from bullets, only the bleeding state is triggered (as broken limbs are not implemented yet) eating animations/actions may not be finished visually in the UI (action circle remains on the screen while player holds LMB) Mosin jumps in hands when reloading weapons can go through the wall animal/AI animations may be laggy player stance can become desynchronized between prone and standing jumping on certain surfaces/objects can launch character unrealistically far a character has incorrect animations when injured and prone on their back hands slot can become inaccessible for a short period of time AIs may become stuck on objects/inclines char can jump from prone/crouch collision issues on ATC staircase M4 can visually appear to have a magazine inside when it does not attachments on weapons are visible and misplaced when swimming/on a ladder drinking water from a filled canteen/bottle might not adjust hydration level properly Have an amazing weekend! <3
  7. Today we have a quite exciting Status Report for you guys as we have several topics to cover. To start things off, Eugen is talking about the long-awaited content update for 0.63. Next, our Brand Manager Martin Culak will finally reveal some information on how we intend to deliver on our promise to bring DayZ to our fans on Xbox this year. Peter is talking about the introduction of scopes, the continuing debate of "Aimgate" and shotguns. Plus, there's a first glance at the return of vehicles. So, buckle up, and let's dive into it. Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Martin Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Viktor Dev Update/Filip Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear Survivors, let's talk about the hot topics first. The content patch -while delayed- is shaping up nicely. During the extra weeks spent on the stabilization of its features, we have solved quite a large number of issues, while the main three that were blocking the release are confirmed to be fixed as well. Three main reasons that the patch has not been released sooner are : 1. Client Freezes (Happening in random intervals causing 10+ seconds of no response whatsoever) The issue manifested itself in specific situations and actions of multiple players in a single bubble. We have found the cause and were able to confirm last week that it's no longer happening. 2. Stability issues (Crashes, VME and asserts on the branch) While important, these are definitely considered less damaging on the whole gameplay experience. However, we should be good to go! 3. Scopes During the implementation we have come across a large number of issues from animations, clipping, shaking and more that needed to be solved. Now that we have talked about these, I wanted to confirm that the content patch is getting released on the Stress Test branch tomorrow and that it will be focused on Player vs Player interaction. During this period we might try to raise the player numbers per shard and see where the additional optimizations can take us. After the Stress Test period is over, we will port the patch over to Experimental and enable the switch to do the same for server owners. I'm looking forward to the vanilla experience as there is so much more to explore with these new features. While all this was happening the team was working on the BETA features. We're running several work groups focused on important parts of DayZ, specifically weapons, infected, vehicles and actions. As of now, the general production is running two weeks behind and we are ready to get back on track. - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Martin Survivors! I've got a couple of great news to share with you all! There's something with DayZ on Xbox that caused some surprises and confusions, so let me start with that! DayZ on Xbox - The road to Xbox Game Preview begins! The rumors are right! Our guys in Bratislava and Prague have managed to get the first series of builds through the Xbox certification process, and have already made them available for preliminary testing to a closed group of players enlisted in the Xbox Insider Program (basically a community of super hardcore Xbox One players and fans, as well as Xbox employees). While this is truly a smaller-scale test with only a handful of servers running, it's hard to hide our own excitement, as this is the first time we've let anyone outside of the office play the "full" DayZ experience on a console! For obvious reasons, this also translated into a lot of excitement (and outrage) in the DayZ community, so it's time to share some update on where we are with DayZ on Xbox. Current State of DayZ on Xbox The first important thing to say is that the build that some of the Xbox Insiders are playing is pretty much on par with our current 0.63 build for PC, and shares the same features and content. The way our development pipelines are set allows for most of the progress with PC development to beimmediately used in the Xbox build, and since we've recently done quite a lot on that front, the Xbox version is already well playable. This will only get better as soon as the 0.63 content patch goes out on the Stress Test Branch. Of course, if it was all sunshine and roses, we'd probably just release the thing already, so unsurprisingly, there's a catch. A few of them, actually: we're still applying some minor changes to the controls scheme we're getting our server infrastructure ready we're awaiting fixes for some Xbox specific issues (UI, some user actions missing etc.) Despite these issues, the progress with PC builds, and some platform specific optimisations already bring a good enough gameplay to Xbox, along with a generally very good client and server performance, so as soon as we get ahead of the listed issues (and as long as there aren't new ones appearing), we will proceed to the next step! Closed Preview If you've been following our friends from the Vigor team (they have released Vigor into Game Preview just yesterday, go check that out!), you'll get a decent idea about what that next step is going to be for DayZ - a Closed Preview. Ultimately, that's where we'll get together a bunch of the most excited Xbox Survivors among you, and give you a chance to secure access to pre-release builds of DayZ. In return, we'll ask you to provide us with feedback on your experience, and we'll also use the traffic created on our servers to further evaluate the performance there. Even in the Closed Preview phase, we're probably not going to be ready for any large scale testing, so we'll pick our first bunch of Survivors very carefully, and try to involve some content creators at Mixer and Twitch to spread the excitement for others waiting to get their hands on DayZ. We should get to that part rather quickly though, so be prepared! For Xbox fans around you, also one more clarification: we're currently not planning on expanding the Xbox Insider build to further rings, so the Closed Preview will be your only chance to get some early hands-on time with DayZ! Game Preview We're probably a bit further away from the last step - releasing DayZ for everyone in the "Xbox Early Access program", the Xbox Game Preview. As we've been saying at press events over the past months, we'd like to bring DayZ to Xbox Game Preview at the end of this summer, and currently, it looks like we should be able to deliver. For the final confirmation though, we still need things to settle down a bit more, so your best bet is to wait for Gamescom (starting August 21, more on that below!) - by then, things should be more clear, and it's also a good opportunity for any release date announcements, so please cross your fingers that everything works out just fine! As with any Game Preview title on Xbox, there will be a trial version available that'll help you decide whether DayZ is already a fun game to you in its current state. We're considering the trial to be limited to one hour of gameplay. I'd like to clarify one important thing - the general timing of the Xbox One release. Up until now, we've been counting on releasing the Xbox Game Preview shortly after DayZ hits BETA on PC. Since we're able to come up with Xbox version of our PC content rather quickly, and we're also enjoying tremendous support from Microsoft, we'll probably take a turn on that position. If things keep going well, we may see an Xbox Game Preview release happening before the PC BETA. And as a last bit: I know some of you are worried about this entire console thing slowing down the PC development. We've already said that on a couple of occasions, but let me repeat this again - our primary development, where most of the work is happening on daily basis, is the PC version, and that's where any progress with Xbox builds always comes from. While we have certainly grown beyond just having 2 programmers working on things related to Xbox releases, our primary focus is, and will remain on developing the PC builds. I may let Peter expand on that, but also the overall game design vision of DayZ has never been changed or strongly influenced by the fact that DayZ will eventually be released on consoles. Even in Game Preview, and later on on PS4, DayZ will remain a hardcore, authentic survival game. We're going to Gamescom (and maybe, just maybe to PAX West and Australia) Brief update on upcoming events: we'll be at Gamescom again, yay! Gamescom is taking place between August 21 - 25, and we're bringing a much bigger team this year, with all the usual suspects (Baty, Eugen, Peter, Dan), and a very welcome addition of our Senior Map Designer Adam! Altogether, there will be 11 DayZ developers at the event (including our new Community Managers - Tim and Bestius), ready to meet you all and show you the game on all three platforms - PC, Xbox One AND PlayStation 4 (yes, that would be a premiere!). We're also doing our best to answer the many invitations (yes, that's you too, Boydy! ) and arrange at least a brief visit of PAX West in Seattle, and PAX Australia in Melbourne. We'll keep you updated! That's all for today - see you at Gamescom, Survivors! - Martin Čulák / Brand Manager Dev Update/Peter As mentioned in our last Status Report, when it comes to firearms we are focused mainly on the scopes right now. In the following GIF you can see the new PSO 1 scope in action together with the new post processes. Aiming down the sights uses depth of field to blur the firearm while keeping the front sight focused. The scoped-in view is using a circular mask to blur the surroundings and creates spherical distortion to make the magnification effect more prominent. The next GIF shows how the combination of ADS and scope is operated in a case where such possibility of firearm and scope allows it. The last mode used for precise aiming (sights or scope) is remembered and the next time the aiming action is called it switches right into it. Regarding point shooting (not precise aiming, in other words hipfire from raise), there was sway applied from the very first implementation. However, it used the same strength as in ADS which isn’t enough for such a situation. It lead to the belief that the projectiles are always landing in the exact center of the screen. Now, we have a multiplier for sway implemented, to make it harder to hit targets further away. On the screenshot below, the left target was fired at with point shooting, the right target was fired at with ADS, both using a pistol at 25 meters. You see the results displayed by the trajectory lines and their bullet impacts. By the way, due to the controversy revolving around "Aimgate", it’s also a common belief now, that the projectile direction when fired while point shooting is drastically bend, which isn’t the case. The angle is getting smaller with larger distances. You can see two lines on the following screenshot, the white line is the direction from the camera, the orange line shows the actual direction at which the projectile was fired. Using the 3PP camera, which has the largest offset from the axis of the weapon barrel and with the target in a distance of 10 meters, the angle between the direction of the gun barrel and the fired projectile is around 2 degrees. And to display even this minimal change in projectile direction to the players, we plan to have the weapon visually realigned towards the center of the screen. Last but not least, alongside with the implementation of the pump-action shotgun in the new weapon system, we found what was wrong with buckshots all the time. After a rewrite, buckshots are now spawning the set amount of independent projectiles which are getting dispersed with distance and can penetrate materials. I’m excited this change will make shotguns finally valuable and deadly - exactly how you would expect. Come get some... see you in Chernarus folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Viktor In the past two weeks our animators have been working on: vehicles: steering wheel poses so the character can steer the wheel nicely. This includes animations like starting the vehicle, adjustments of enter/exit animations and idles. Please be aware that everything you see here is still WIP and subject to change: Getting into V3S Starting V3S Turning Jumping out of the vehicle / Getting back in surrender/restrained: implementation and missing animations hit reactions for crouch and prone for when player character gets hit bugfixing related to firearms - Viktor Kostík / Lead Animator Dev Update/Filip Čenžák Just a very brief update from the audio team: new reload sounds for the MP133 new sounds for falling trees and bushes (after hack tree and bush action) shooting controller for ambient sounds. Birds and insects go quiet for a while after shooting Coast ambience is positional now. You hear the ambience from the direction where the coast is. Sound Occlusion for gun shots. Gun shots are attenuated if there is any obstacle (like wall or structure) between the shooter and listener - Filip Čenžák / Sound Designer Community Spotlight Hi guys, I would like to dedicate my first post to server admins. As development towards BETA is progressing, and more players are interested in permanently playing on 0.63 Experimental, we want to extend our communication when it comes to server owners and communities. We know how much time, passion and resources go into the proper management of a DayZ server, and with the upcoming changes we want to keep you in a better loop on what's coming next. This information starts with the upcoming optional switch for community servers from 0.62 Stable to 0.63 Experimental and will continue covering further changes that will affect server management. Please be aware that we are not talking about access to "exclusive information" or a "direct line" to the development team. This newsletter will be designed to keep interested server owners informed about all changes and events coming to the very backbone of our community. If you are a server owner, you can register HERE for the newsletter. Sometimes I am very surprised how the community can help each other. For example XAMpew, who wants to help all poor lost survivors with an interactive online map of 0.63 that is currently on the Experimental branch. It is still not ready, but he has done a good job so far. Thank you XAMpew! You can find the map HERE. We have already received several packages from you. Blue and Quennie sent us a teddy bear, Boydy a big bunch of Australian goodies, but one day there were seven boxes full of scotch beer in our office and we were pretty surprised! We would like to thank you Spaggie again because you made us come together in the evening and just talk about other things than just work after a long time. After all, we are not only colleagues but also friends. I would like to introduce you to these two players who love to make wallpapers and screenshots. One of them is Harold Palmer, who has been supplying us with his great screenshots for years and he has his own web page. Check out his work HERE. The second player is called Squad Crow and Chernarus is so beautiful through his eyes. You can find his work HERE. Let me introduce you MrOG, the streamer who is known (besides for his fear of wolves) as an excellent sniper. And if I didn't add his clips to this Status Report he is going to snipe me too. IS DAYZ TRASH? This question has been asked by Polish streamer TopeREC in this video. Okey, it is just a click bait header but the video is hilarious. Check it out! SepticFalcon started a new series called "How To Survive DayZ 0.63 & Beyond!" and it is really handy for new players of 0.63. So if you are a 0.63 newbie, check it out, it is worth it. I want to show you a picture of a bug we found during our internal testing. I am not an expert but I am sure this is not the way how to aim correctly with a weapon. And it is time for another riddle! I found only three correct answers this time: Matt MisterrKain Andi Carpenter Here is the location: And here is a new one. Where is it located? Send an answer to our Twitter account with the #DayZriddleTime hashtag. And this is all from me, see you in two weeks, Survivors! I am looking forward to see your content! - Baty / Community Manager Header image by apd23.
  8. Stress Test Reports

    27/04/2018 Hello Survivors, Thanks for a quick stress test. So far it seems that one of the changes to character locks and/or BE kicks had issues with the Database backend that only shows up during high stress. We will look over the logs to make sure it can scale properly. I`m sorry it was so short this time, but this is also the reason we do these. The changes are done by stress test branch however still available when playing offline. Looking forward to your feedback!.
  9. Hello Survivors, we now continue our Stress Tests with number #32, our first big content patch for 0.63. We are running version number 0.63.147957. Please report all issues you encounter to our Feedback Tracker at feedback.dayz.com. Known issues: proxies of attachments are not aligned, resulting in slightly misdirected shots with scopes player limbs are not taking damage from bullets, only the bleeding state is triggered (as broken limbs are not implemented yet) eating animations/actions may not be finished visually in the UI (action circle remains on the screen while player holds LMB) Mosin jumps in hands when reloading weapons can go through wall animal/AI animations may be laggy player stance can become desynchronized between prone and standing jumping on certain surfaces/objects can launch character unrealistically far character has incorrect animations when injured and prone on their back hands slot can become inaccessible for a short period of time AIs may become stuck on objects/inclines char can jump from prone/crouch collision issues on ATC staircase M4 can visually appear to have a magazine inside when it does not attachments on weapons are visible and misplaced when swimming/on a ladder drinking water from a filled canteen/bottle might not adjust hydration level properly
  10. The Stress Test #31 has started. We are aiming to resolve some issues regarding security, inventory swap and the queue. Please report issues you encounter to our Feedback Tracker. You can find a guide on how to make a ticket here: Thank you for testing.

    I am NOT a new player. However, the game keeps crashing on my PC after just a minute of me spawning in. I have had several game developers try to help me with this issue, but they are at a loss. My PC specs are far more than adequate. This is some BS. this game has been in alpha for 5+ years. This should not be happening. Anyone wanna help?
  12. Hello guys, we had an internal testing yesterday, how it looks?
  13. Newsletter Registration for Server Owners

    Hello Survivors, as development towards Beta is progressing, and more players are interested in permanently playing on 0.63 Experimental, we want to extend our communication when it comes to server owners and communities. We know how much time, passion and resources go into the proper management of a DayZ server, and with the upcoming changes we want to keep you in a better loop on what's coming next. This information starts with the upcoming optional switch for community servers from 0.62 Stable to 0.63 Experimental and will continue covering further changes that will affect server management. Please be aware that we are not talking about access to "exclusive information" or a "direct line" to the development team. This newsletter will be designed to keep interested server owners informed about all changes and events coming to the very backbone of our community. You can register HERE for the newsletter. Stay informed, and thank you for your continued support. See you in Chernarus!
  14. This week, we are moving to push our first content update to the public Stress Test branch. To start today's report off, Eugen is going to talk us through the remaining issue of the week as well as last weeks challenges for the team. Our leads from animation, sound and map design share a few insights on their past work. We close everything with our beloved Community Spotlight. Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Viktor Dev Update/Adam Dev Update/Filip Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear Survivors, it's been quite busy around the office in the last two weeks, and there is a lot to talk about in general. I wanted to cover a couple of topics: the first content update for 0.63, and issues you have been experiencing in the past few days. Database issues with 0.62 The problem with the legacy 0.62 Stable branch had manifested in two different ways: a) an infinite spawn timer b) by loading a wrong character During the last maintenance, we switched to a temporary database to figure out a solution, making sure the issue does not repeat in the future. Since then we have identified the culprit, fixed it and will be moving back to the Stable hive during our next regular maintenance tomorrow morning. Most of you will be getting your old characters back as the data itself has not been tampered with. Blue Screen of Death crash issues This issue was quite rampant - luckily, we managed to get it identified and fixed in a patch released last week. The problem was caused by an interaction of multiple external factors that we have since looked into and found a workaround that will keep us stable going forward. New content and features for 0.63 I'm happy to say that we no longer track any major gameplay issues with the upcoming 0.63 update there were assigned a priority of blocker/critical. There is a number of issues being tracked, and on schedule to get fixed, but most (if not almost all) of them can be described as visual glitches. As of now, the patch is scheduled for a large internal playtest tomorrow and if we don't run into any more issues, we will release the update on the Stress Test branch. One thing we're quite excited about is not only the features that we're bringing back but also the huge number of bugs that have been fixed. All this together should bring a more stable and interesting DayZ experience. As we're seeing the comeback of the unconscious state, as well as everyone's favourites - the M4A1 and Mosin, alongside numerous scopes - we will consider using a specialized mission for testing these, probably switching back and forth from the regular survival gameplay to a more action packed combat scenario. I'm extremely excited to see those unconscious clutch situations getting back to DayZ, as saving people and playing a hero has always been my thing a lot more than being a bandit :) I don't want to spoil everything, but I do believe it's going to be tons of fun! See you in Chernarus! ;) - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Peter The implementation of the firearms scopes back into 0.63 version is ongoing for some time now. Long range combat has always been a staple of DayZ and you can count on the fact, that it will be in the future as well. The focus is to bring back scopes for firearms currently in the game and those which are coming. Switching between iron sights/scopes The new implementation introduced the ability to use iron sights along with scope view. Of course, that’s possible only when a given firearm and scope combination allows it. If you are curious, we are not planning to do slanted sights for now. Zeroing and accuracy With upcoming scopes, allowing encounters over long distances, it’s time to utilize zeroing to compensate projectile ballistic trajectory. Similarly, you should be aware of the accuracy of different firearms to choose the best tool for the job. As a side note, barrel dispersion is already back in Experimental 0.63 version for quite some time, however it seems it’s not that noticeable without magnified view of scopes. While aiming down the scope, projectiles should be fired directly from a barrel of a gun, same as it’s while in iron sights. This will prevent the possibility of some additional angle to be added to the trajectory. Unfortunately, we found out that there is a divergence between actual projectile trajectory and directional vector of the barrel, which is definitely an issue on longer ranges. We are currently going through all aspects of range combat as we are trying to isolate and fix the underlying problem. Revision of scopes Reimplementation of scopes is also a good opportunity for us to revisit individual scope models, as well as their configuration. Especially their camera positions, reticles, magnification levels and zeroing ranges. For some of them, it’s needed anyways, for example the PSO 1 can be used along iron sights, and it’s being turned into a 3D scope now, instead of just a 2D texture. This change alone requires a removal of the eyepiece to avoid the first person camera clipping, and will allow for a in-scope view as large as possible. We don’t have a picture in picture rendering, so we're looking into adding some post-processes such as depth of field, sphere distortion and colour tints to make scopes more visually pleasing. I believe that scopes will now be be easier and more fun to use. Zoom in... see you in Chernarus folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Viktor The animation team has been quite busy over the past two weeks, creating some completely new animation and improving existing ones. Let me go over a few of those. New usage animations for items like a shovel, pickaxe, or hoe These should provide more variety in animations and a better representation of each item in general. Improved holding of items emitting light We have added a new animation instance and a new set of animations (walking, running, holding) for flashlight, torch, and a flare. Players are now able to have the light in better positions. Animations related to vehicles We are testing and finding the best way of adding animations for changing gears, starting the engine, and other related actions. Improvements to existing animations and systems We created new animations for when the player gets hit and added more unconscious variations for different items and stances. Additionally, we polished attacking animations and fixed bugs related to firearms animations. We've also made a bunch of new holding poses for various items, so your character can now hold items in a visually more pleasing way. - Viktor Kostík / Lead Animator Dev Update/Adam Franců This time around I won't be sharing anything brand new, as I have spent most of past few weeks squashing bugs all over the Chernarus terrain. While the 0.62 update has definitely brought Chernarus up to whole a new level, the vegetation swap also introduced a lot of issues with the object placement. This trend continued with the update 0.63, which introduced a revamp for rocks, stones and bushes as well as a number of model updates to the environment assets (be it a complete replacement or just smaller changes to the doors and ladders). It has been a long time since a proper bug fixing passed and as the updating of 0.63 is progressing, Chernarus should definitely receive some bug fixing love from us. Over the past weeks, I have squashed literally thousands of issues (major issues like getting stuck somewhere, problems with swimming, ladders, but also minor ones such as frequent object clipping). I am certainly not done yet and plan to continue this bug bash in the upcoming weeks before returning to the general map updates (for example we have got buildings like the city police station to add to the major towns). There is one more thing that I would like to mention, as it is kind of tied with the topic bug fixing. Everyone knows (and loves ) the all-Cyrillic directional and settlements signs (did anyone say KAMYWOBO?). For a very long time, a number of settlements, railway stations and road intersections in the new (non-Arma 2) parts of Chernarus were completely missing these features. As a part of this bug fixing pass, we have re-added them along with fixing many issues with the existing signs. These changes along with the already mentioned bug fixing pass (or at least a part of it) will be available in the Content Patch #1. I hope that you all have a great time exploring Chernarus, see you there! - Adam Franců / Map Designer Dev Update/Filip Čenžák The last couple of weeks brought a number of updates from the audio department - we don't have any samples for you, but most of the things should make their way into the game soon enough. Let's go over a couple of examples: female character voice support has been added some new character sounds have been added hacking down trees cutting bark off of a tree digging mining for stones cooking (boiling, baking, drying) thunderstorm sounds were improved to capture the atmosphere of DayZ just right For the upcoming new features and content for the Experimental branch, we've mostly contributed in terms of weapon sounds: a sonic crack of bullets has been improved impact sounds of bullets have been improved Mosin and M4 sounds have seen some updates we have a brand new set of reloading sounds for each weapon we've managed to fix a bug with weapon reload sounds while on the move - Filip Čenžák / Sound Designer Community Spotlight Hello guys, At first, I have a news for you. Our name on social channels has been changed. We were known as DayZDevTeam on our Twitter and Facebook for a long time, but now we are just DayZ. So no more weird tweets like "I am playing @DayZDevTeam right now, come and join me!", I am so proud of Martin, who managed to change it, it is not that easy. Don't forget to tag @dayz next time! Let's check the community content. Do you have a Samsung Gear S3 watch? Flip-Gaming.de has an inspiration for you. He made the most perfect Watch face ever and of course it is in DayZ style. Some of you went to real Chernarus and sent us nice pictures from your trip. Like NiloxCSHO from Reddit, who didn't need a map to travel around this area. He knows Chernarus very well. Check out the gallery here. I want to show you a talented player, who can make really nice screenshots. His nickname is Sp1kerZ and you can follow his work on Twitter. Keep it up, man. Streamer Reece McDowall shared a screenshot with us. It is about resolving struggle between players. The king is dead, long live the king! Love is everywhere, even in Chernarus. WineDaddy captured a picture of two lovers who don't care about the apocalypse. I have no idea how you made it, WineDaddy, but you did it right. And the last thing from your content is a story made by M1NDR. He infiltrated a group of cannibals and tried to destroy them from the inside… And we want to congratulate M1NDR because he hit 100 000 subscribers on his YouTube channel today! You are amazing, man and we <3 you. You've sent me so many answers to the last riddle, I was really surprised! But only a few were correct. Here is a wall of fame! Puddin_TheKrow D. E. Parry Rustycaddy CanisDirus Go Up Setup Jacob_Mango And here is a next one. Can you guess where is this location? It is not so hard this time! Tweet your answer to our official Twitter channel with a #DayZriddleTime hashtag. Don't forget, our Twitter is changed to @DayZ now. Thank you for reading today's Status Report till here and see you in two weeks. - Baty / Community Manager Header image by CMDR_sunny.
  15. What better way to build your game than to show and work with the people that still to this day defend and stand by this game. Maybe post some screenshots of the team making and developing some items and such or other little things to twitter or somewhere else. We all like to be updated on something especially on an Early Access game that's been out for awhile and have high hopes for.
  16. Hello Survivors, I have a message from Eugen Harton to you:
  17. Maintenance changes

    Hello guys, we have some changes for Stable and Experimental branches today. Stable Branch 0.62 Servers and clients will be updated - fix for character save/load/stuck in connection screen. Servers will be switched back to the Stable database (0.62 version of the database), they were switched because of the issue with an infinite spawn timer. Eugen is talking about the issue in the latest Status Report . Characters will be reverted to the Stable ones to the state they were in last Wednesday (experimental characters will be wiped). Storage folders won't be wiped (items, tents, vehicles,. etc). Experimental Branch 0.63 Servers are turned off during maintenance (without update). Servers will be switched to the Stable database (0.63 version of the database). Characters won't be wiped. Storage folders won't be wiped (items, tents, vehicles, etc.). You shouldn't notice any changes. We are aiming for normal maintenance time (8:00 to 11:00 CEST), but it may take longer if we are unlucky and some issues will pop up. Have a nice day, Survivors!
  18. Leaning

    When is it that we can expect leaning in .63? It's an important feature, especially when it comes to combat. Is there any way I can get the status of its progress other than a blog post made on April 24th? https://dayz.com/blog/0-63-experimental-release-checklist#/newPlayerCharacter
  19. We are starting Stress Test #30 now, running version 0.63.147489. This patch brings additonal stability improvements and a security update. Please join the Stress Test branch if possible and keep reporting those crashes and kicks to our feedback tracker at feedback.dayz.com. If you are new to reporting, please read this guide:
  20. Hello everyone, we are sending the latest Stress test update to the Experimental branch right now and we hope we fixed a lot of annoying crashes and kicks. Let us know! further crash fixes fixes for issues with incorrect save and load of character fixes for memory leaks fixes for DB lockouts fixes for stability and kicking issues We are ready for all your crashes and kicks here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/ . Unfortunately, a character wipe is necessary. RIP. Have a nice Wednesday!
  21. Following the 0.63 Experimental release last week we are back with our Status Report. Today, Eugen gives us an update on the state of development, while Viktor and Adam from the animation team show us what they've been up to for the past couple of weeks. Our Map Designer Adam demonstrates changes to the weather system and we get some insights into the audio progress by our Sound Designer Filip. And of course we close with our community highlights, let's dive into it! Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Viktor Dev Update/Adam Oresten Dev Update/Adam Franců Dev Update/Filip Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear Survivors, the Experimental release is behind us, but the work does not stop here. So I would like to look at the issues present, troubling the community playing this version and also talk about the internal development that has happened and features you'll be seeing very soon on the Stress Test and Experimental branch. We kept both of the branches active to make sure we don't break Experimental too often and have features coming into it with more polish. While 0.63 is heavy on new technology, we know it's quite light on content. But you will be able to enjoy a lot of the new stuff in the upcoming weeks. The issues that take longest to iron out are related to the stability of client and server, and problems that would end up interrupting your play sessions for various reasons. From locked characters, to server kicks or just unexpected crashes to desktop. Things are getting better, but there is more to be done in this regard and we continue to monitor the situation and apply fixes to make sure we eliminate this as soon as possible. We know its not there yet and its our top priority. We should also talk about our plan to make the Experimental servers available to server owners currently running their communities. Sadly this had to be slightly postponed due to changes necessary for GDPR and memory leaks wreaking havoc on stability and performance. These seem to be fixed as of today, so very soon you will be able to switch over and enjoy the updated version with your fellow community members on your own terms. In terms of development, we are currently moving along quite nicely with only small delays in features planned out internally. The benefits of the new technology are already showing themselves in the pace of implementation. We are also looking into possible solutions to issues that currently cause these delays and make sure we deliver. Let's go over the current state of development and features themselves. We can consider finished for Experimental phase: Hidden stash CPR Gestures Repairing UI Main Menu Soft Skills Environmental Exposure Goat - Animal Last week we have moved/continue to the review/bug fixing of: Character Unconsciousness Chambering Loop Fireplace Jump UI Server Browser Cooking Weapon/Item Swap Action/Animation Compass Gathering Ambient Loot Gathering Actions Vehicles - Open/Close doors Vehicles - Attach/Detach vehicle parts Injured Animations This week is dedicated to the internal implementation of: Climbing Weapon dispersion Weapon zeroing Weapons - Double Barrel Diseases Scopes Enfusion Hierarchy New Input System Action Animations Collisions during melee So you might be asking yourself when these things hit Stress Test and Experimental branches. We plan to switch over a bunch of these very soon, and you can expect to have these available in batches over the coming weeks. However, we want to aim for at least unconscious state to be finished in different edge cases. As of now, there are still small issues with ladder/water unconscious state interactions that are not ready for the Stress Test, but this week we should see them fixed and as such moved to the Stress Test branch alongside many other new features and content. - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Viktor Hello everyone, today I would like to share with you in this short update what the animation team has been working on for the past weeks and what is going on at the moment. Obviously, the player character is important to us, so we continue improving its behaviour and what it can do. At the moment, we are revisiting some of the animations and improving them, or replacing them with better ones. This includes melee combat and its attacks. There have been some animation changes to better represent which item is the player attacking with, like a new sprint-attack with the baseball bat. Also, a lot of work has been put into finger poses so that the character is holding various items the best way it can. Some of the recent animation additions include the new IZH43 animation set, and some gestures like nodding head, shrug, and "OK". One of the more significant improvements to player locomotion is the ability to jump over obstacles. The feature is still work-in-progress, as well as the animations, but the character is now able to overcome small objects that are in his way by jumping over them. We are now in the process of adding all the animation variations for different directions and items in hands. At the same time, our programmer is working on the climbing for players and soon, we will start implementing animations for it. As we also started tidying up some animations and features, there is an ongoing work on player actions. This includes polishing of existing animations, some graph tweaks, but also some new animations to better visualize what the character is doing. Our Technical Animator Adam will share more details on what was happening over the past weeks regarding various animation improvements related to these actions. Make sure to check out the gifs for the baseball bat attack and cutting down bushes. Cheers! - Viktor Kostík / Lead Animator Dev Update/Adam Oresten For the past couple of weeks, I have been hard at work revamping, tweaking, and creating animations for many various actions. User actions are the backbone of the game, and as such, they require thought out implementation; what items can they be done with? What stances are they realistic in? Should the character be able to move during the action? All of these play a huge role in their realization, concept, and execution. I’ve implemented animations for on back actions (mainly important ones; drinking, eating, etc), tweaked some action animations to be faster or slower and cutting out unnecessary parts, depending on which type of action. I’ve also created and implemented animations for placing heavy items (barrels, generators, etc) and smaller items (bear traps, mines, etc), and I’ve also revamped the horticulture action animations, such as cutting down a tree with a two-handed axe, or one-handed hatchet, cutting down bushes, and getting bark from trees with knives or machetes. As a part of these actions, I also implemented some smaller QoL (quality of life) representative action animations for viewing compass and viewing the map to properly convey what the player is currently doing. We’re in “full steam ahead” mode with the actions and their corresponding animations, and every week we’re working on new actions and polishing the animations for the ones we already have! - Adam Oresten / Technical Animator Dev Update/Adam Franců In our Status Report from 22 November 2016, we shared our plans to upgrade SimulWeather/TrueSky - a 3rd party library used to render volumetric clouds in DayZ. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we had to ultimately cancel this plan and rather focus our attention on the current implementation that is present in DayZ since the beginning of Early Access. This has not only allowed us to make necessary performance adjustments but also to take a closer look at the visuals of clouds and what could be improved within the limits of the current implementation. Here is a short summary of what has been changed: Regarding performance improvements we have reached a point, where we have decided to remove the ability to disable volumetric clouds on the client side - this change will take an effect once revamp of graphical options is finalized. There have been major changes in the cloud configuration, which are mainly aimed to make the clouds more visible and distinct from the skybox background. We improved the interaction of fog (in distance and height) and volumetric clouds, so that clouds should blend better with the horizon when it is foggy. The silver lining effect of clouds has been greatly boosted during the early to late sunrises and sunsets. The movement speed of clouds during windy conditions has been reduced and we've brought additional improvements to the skybox background textures (overcast-dependent) along with some minor tweaks to the global lighting config to support the changes in the skybox and volumetric clouds. In addition to the changes of clouds, we have also taken a look again at the visuals of rain. These new changes include: Closeup raindrops are much more visible now. Re-added effect that tries to visualize light refraction on raindrops. Fogginess parameter has been tweaked so the rain blends better with the background. Closeup rain drops are more visible during the night-time around light sources. Rain speed has been increased. Both clouds and rain changes should be available to test once the next major Stress Test branch update happens. We are looking forward to your feedback on these improvements! - Adam Franců / Map Designer Dev Update/Filip Čenžák Hi all, The latest sound feature we started to work on are voice sounds for the character. So far we've implemented breathing when the character runs out of stamina, the sounds for holding breath while aiming in iron sight mode. and hit reactions when the character takes damage. We plan to add more sounds to create a more immersive character representation. Some of the sounds will be connected to animations, like grunts while jumping, or picking up heavy items, or sounds to emphasize melee combat. Others should be connected to character states, like the feeling of hunger or representation of disease. So far, all sounds are placeholders and in some cases, only male sounds are played. - Filip Čenžák / Sound Designer Community Spotlight Hello everyone, the last two weeks were both really exciting and busy for us. The release of Experimental was a big milestone all of us have been looking forward to for a long time. Even though we are aware of some issues on Experimental, we are happy, that you finally can play 0.63 almost whenever you want. If you haven't done it already, check our Highlight page featuring all the good stuff from this update! Another big event was our Community Live Stream. We knew that just a day after the release of 0.63 Experimental, there were going to be a lot of questions. Unfortunately, after announcing the stream, our beloved Eugen got sick and it was clear, that he wouldn’t be able to attend the stream. We still wanted to hold on to our promise and decided to take it as an opportunity to do our first Community Live Stream. We introduced new members of our Community team, opened Boydy's package (thanks again!) and tried to answer as many questions as possible even without the devs. As I said before, we had a Community Live Stream. I just want to explain what it means. In future, we want to stream in two formats – a developer and a community stream. On developer streams, you can expect information directly from devs and detailed answers for your questions. The second format is more community-related. Our community team wants to talk with the community about events, content from creators and all the stuff from you because you are really important to us. We tried the first community stream and we had a lot of technical difficulties (as always, it is not fun without it, is it?). Here is the VOD from the stream: You asked who made the music on the stream. It is a member of our community from the Netherlands called L_K_P1 who makes DayZ inspired music and we love it in the dev team! The song from the stream is named DayZ meme and here it is if you are interested: Do you need a new wallpaper? I have a cool one for you made by ChernoMerlo from the DrDesync’s screenshot. And here is another one. I have it on my desktop already! Shane O’Sullivan sent me a really interesting piece of a newspaper. It is named Bohemian Post and he made it by himself. There you can find news about the infection spreading across Chernarus. Now I want to show you a special project by DayZUnderground called #TwitterPlay. It is an interactive DayZ story within Twitter and it is updated daily. People are making a story through their votes in polls and they can decide what happened with a survivor, about whom the story is. It is a really nice idea and we love it! Join the story and make your own part! You can find the latest part HERE. Cage, who we met personally at Pax East, sent us his custom advertisement inspired by our Nota Cola and Pipsi drinks and they are pretty creative. And the last two pieces of content are videos. The first one is a cinematic trailer about surviving in Chernarus and it is sick. Everyone from the dev team loves it, this is amazing work by HookOak Productions! The last short clip is made by our loyal member NeuroticEUROtic and he is sharing his feelings when Experimental was near. Time for a riddle. The riddle from the latest Status Report wasn't so hard, the rock is situated on the North-West of Svetlojarsk above the train yard. Who guessed it right? Megamente Polski Tytan Beehive1982 Kerbo This time we prepared this picture with Adam: If you know where is it, tweet it to our official Twitter account with #DayZriddleTime and you can be on the wall of fame next time. Thank you guys for your content and I hope you will share your creation with us next time! - Baty / Community Manager Header image by WaffelsBR.
  22. The Experimental branch is by its own definition "Unstable". In the simplest terms, the purpose of the Experimental branch is for the development team to experiment with builds in a larger user base than our internal QA. Sometimes that results in us finding issues we cannot catch internally, sometimes that means we can verify fixes on issues with very low reproduction rates. Sometimes the builds are very unstable. This branch exists for load/volume/stress testing. Those who go through the process of manually opting into this branch (its not super visible - by design) and dealing with whatever issues the current build on it may have, get to sometimes see content and systems not quite ready for prime time. However, that does not mean that is the branches purpose. As the nature of the Experimental branch is for the above mentioned testing methods, neither uptime, character data, nor stability is guaranteed. Persistence/Character wipes are to be expected! If you encounter issues with the current Experimental build - and you probably will - please report all problems, bugs and crashes to our feedback tracker. If you don't know how, please use this guide. How to join the Experimental Branch: In order to join the Experimental branch you probably need to download a new version of the game. Meaning, you will not be able to play on the Stable servers while having the Experimental version installed and vice versa. Right click DayZ in your Steam Library Click Properties Click the Betas tab In the drop down menu choose "experimental - Unstable testing version" How to revert back to Stable Branch: Right click DayZ in your Steam Library Click Properties Click the Betas tab In the drop down menu choose "NONE = opt out of all beta programs" Your game needs to be closed when changing this setting.