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  1. Hello Survivors, we are back with our Stress Tests, hitting number 50 today, running version #0.63.149116! Server are going online now (2 PM CEST). Today's test will probably be very brief -approximately an hour- and reintroduce the Lada Niva to the game, which will be the focus of this test. We prepared a mission with airfield spawn (a lot of cars to be found here) and automatic weapons, so don't necessarily expect things to go down friendly. There is a lot of work-in-progress in this build, so you might encounter some new items or actions, which are not working as intended yet. Just a small glimpse: Lada Niva Leaning Weapon collision with geometry visual bleeding effect heat comfort and disease effects tents/barrels new sounds infected tweaks and more... Keep your hands on the wheel, and see you in Chernarus!
  2. Hello Survivors, today we are releasing the Content Update for 0.63 Experimental. You can find more details on what's in the update in this article. And we have not forgotten about our promise to bring a community server switch, so you can bring your servers to the 0.63 version. We will announce more on this feature in today's Status Report. See you in Chernarus!
  3. We have a small update today, it is focused on fixes for the general stability of the game. The update for the server files is available as well.
  4. Hello guys, We have a small update for Experimental servers. What is new today: stability improvements security update We will also wipe experimental and stress test characters. Stress Test servers are down too. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the summer!
  5. Survivors, has it been two weeks already? We had the first internal multiplayer play-test of vehicles, Eugen is going to tell you more about it. He also talks about the hit registration issue, which is one of our priorities right now. Adam wants to introduce some changes related to gamma abuse, and Boris shows you how to prolong the burning time of torches. Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Adam Dev Update/Boris Dev Update/Eugen Dear survivors. Let’s start with something that definitely needs addressing. While I’m happy we've released the PC server files, in regards to the both the PC and Xbox versions, there are some serious flaws that we need to look into. Priority Issues For one, hit registration has been quite a problem recently, and I want to talk about what we know so far. While for most you, it seems like your bullets are not registering when hitting players around you, there might be (and probably are) multiple causes to this behavior. From magazines spawning and having ghost bullets (server and client think there is a different amount), through network messages not being sent, to maybe the armor system working incorrectly on specific items and configurations. We’re looking into different angles. So far, with the use of bots, we are able to reproduce the issue when there are multiple corpses around. It seems like a network issue, so we’re starting with this to eliminate the possible low level cause first. It is also the first course of action because if we can confirm some network messages are not being sent in certain cases, it probably causes much more than incorrect hit registration. We’re still in the process of debugging when exactly it happens and how. But having a sure way to see it in game helps us a lot. So if by any chance you know how you get your character/weapon/magazine/bullets in desynchronized state, please do report that through the Feedback Tracker. The second thing I want to mention today is the inventory implementation on Xbox. We know it needs to get our love and attention. We will soon be reaching out to you and we'll be interested in your feedback. Other than that, we are preparing a patch for the PC Experimental branch, ideally containing the fixes to the hit registration issue, as well as other smaller changes based on your feedback. From log upgrades to the ability to set a Steam query port for ease of DDOS setup when hosting a server, and some more. Progress towards Experimental BETA We've recently had our first multiplayer playtest of vehicles on the new implementation and the first results are promising. Once we have more to share about the patch, we will do so, both here and other channels. But the current state leaves us with two major, risky features in terms of overall update stability: vehicles and base building. The rest are going through rounds of intense QA testing to make sure we’re not missing something game-breaking. So let’s get back to work and see you in game once we're ready for further Stress Test. - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Adam Nighttime in DayZ should be dark and terrifying. It should force you into using any light source you have available. Having an ability to light up your surroundings should be just as vital as having enough water and food. Shutting off your light should only be required in case of an emergency. Also, when night vision goggles make their way into the game (which is something we still want to do in the future, but not in BETA), they should be a rare, powerful thing that can turn their owners into potential predators, not a laughing stock for people avoiding night-time by turning the night into a day by cranking up a gamma slider (be it through drivers or display settings). The removal of the in-game gamma slider was but a first step towards making the very frequent gamma abuse more complicated to do. In today's status report, I'm going to present another step towards making the night-time a en equal playing field for everyone (at least as much as we're actually able to do that). A survivor scouting Myshkino military camp using flashlight mounted on his AKM, unaware of a danger hidden in a shadow. Please keep in mind that this is still very much experimental feature and we will be tweaking it based on your feedback (once it hits public branches). We have also taken a look on the global light config again (adjusting some dusk and dawn values), boosted up brightness of all available light sources and we will be taking a closer look at the CE setup to make sure there is always enough light sources within the game world. - Adam Franců / Map Designer Dev Update/Boris Greetings survivors! Lately, there has been some effort invested into improving night gameplay across multiple departments (Adam will share more on that as well). So I'd like to report on one of the contributions I did in this regards, which is a refactor of the craftable torch. Firstly, the torch now contains an attachment slot for rags, which allows players to prolong its burning time by adding more than one rag on it. You can also refill its stock while it's burning, which means you don't have to craft a new torch after running out of fuel for the current one. The latest Experimental branch on Steam already contains this change so you can try this out for yourself. Additionally, in BETA, refueling will be possible to do through a crafting user action without the need to open inventory. As usual, this will be done through a quick bar or an interaction with a relevant item on the ground. Refueling of a torch 1 Secondly, you'll be able to even further prolong the burning time by coating the torch with animal lard. Such upgrade is mainly useful for base builders, as it allows them to craft a long-lasting source of light that can be placed anywhere without the need of frequent refueling. Using gasoline as fuel is being considered, but currently, it's not implemented yet. Refueling of a torch 2 Lastly, the amount of fuel on the torch will be represented by its quantity bar, so you will always know how much time you have left before it goes cold. With these changes, this basic item is more interesting to use while giving it some connections to other activities like hunting, base building and collecting clothes or rags. - Boris Vacula / Scripter Header image by Sp1kerZ.
  6. It's a crazy time for us here at the office, with the release of the Xbox version and the PC server files behind us we're now moving for the PC BETA! Of course, this is not going to happen over night, Eugen will give you an introduction on this. We also have our Leads from the Gameplay Programming, Animation and Sound departments with us to bring you some more detailed information on what's going on behind the scenes of our road to BETA. Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Mirek Dev Update/Viktor Dev Update/Filip Dev Update/Baty Dev Update/Mirek Dear Survivors, the server files release is now behind us, and I would like to thank all the community members who have patiently waited all the way to this point. We are very happy to see old players coming back to try the new servers popping up. We are aware of the issues currently plaguing the administrators running community servers and your feedback is very much welcomed. We have already deployed a patch with fixes, and there's more coming. We are looking specifically into issues with zombie spawns, logs, configuration and security. Once ready, you will see updates coming directly to the Experimental branch of the game. Now that our Experimental content patch is out in the open, I wanted to talk about the next thing. Some of it has been said previously mentioned in interviews from Gamescom, and I wholeheartedly recommend watching these, as the questions asked by both M1ndr and BarelyInfected have been straight to the point. While there have been some serious delays with the delivery of the first content patch, the work on the internal version of the game has not stopped. This basically means one thing: the next patch arriving to the Stress Test branch will be considered an Experimental BETA and will contain new content and features, including vehicles and base building. We will offer a detailed list of the BETA package later on. The list for both features and content is not exactly short, so we'll need to make make sure everything works. The process for the publishing of this patch will start with Stress Tests focusing on the new content. Currently, we are quite happy about the stability of the internal client and server, and most of the team is focusing on bugfixing. More information on the release will be shared through our official channels, I cant wait for you guys to drive around Chernarus with your friends. Once this patch hits the Experimental branch of the game, it will again be made available with both server and client, and pushed to Xbox as fast as possible. That brings me to our players on Xbox. While we may not seem that active now, we are listening to your feedback and concerns, and we're working on necessary changes and bugfixes plaguing the game. There was a smaller game update pushed earlier today, and whenever possible, we'd love to keep updating at least once a week. The current patch focuses on UI fixes (no major inventory changes yet), server messages and VOIP. This also includes any fixes done to the game on PC. More changes are coming alongside the mentioned BETA patch and features. See you in Chernarus! - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Eugen I have a very brief overview of the features and bugs we are currently working on. Let's take a look: LODs for the animation system Currently, when playing any animations, the whole skeleton is evaluated (every single bone), no matter how far away from the camera the other entities are. Our new system will improve the client & server performance significantly - especially server-side. Instead of evaluating almost 200 bones, we now need only about 20 or even less to be evaluated on server-side. The evaluation of the entire skeleton currently takes about 75 percent the of AI's simulation time, so we believe this optimization will help to increase AI numbers significantly. Vehicles - physics The gearbox (clutch) simulation and tire friction still need some tweaking, because vehicles still have some issues with riding to hills. Vehicles - animations / camera We improved the 3rd person camera and added more character animations. This includes handling the clutch, brake & thrust pedals. Vehicles - networking We have reworked the networking logic for 4 wheeled vehicle synchronization (and the same logic will work for future vehicles), the next step is network traffic optimizations. Input system We had to rework the input system a bit, due to requirements to simply add new actions (something the modders among you will appreciate!). Currently, the new system is in testing, adding the key binding options will be the next step. AI spawns on servers with offline DB This is probably one of the last bugs we want to solve on the current Experimental branch. The rest will be fixed within the Experimental BETA update. A lot of other bug fixes (bugs which we have already fixed on the internal branch) will also be included in the Experimental BETA. This includes fixes for the iron-sights/optics inaccuracy, damage system issues, attachments rendering in inventory and many, many more. - Miroslav Maněna/ Lead Programmer Dev Update/Viktor Last week, we've had a small motion capture session. This was mainly dedicated to a capture of various missing animations for player character or minor fixes to existing animations. Meanwhile, we were also focusing on bugfixing and polishing of the player actions, vehicle related animations, and item poses. The vehicles now have many advanced animations like switching the lights off and on, using pedals, shifting gears and of course steering. There are many new things and improvements done on the player animation graph side. One example to speak for all, just recently we have reworked aiming with the flashlight, torch and other items. This was always not very convenient to use because the light was not going in the right direction. From now on though, it works just great! The light beam now aims where you are looking, no matter if the character is standing or moving, so flashlight should be your best friend from now on in dark areas. We have also added a small detail in the form of an animation for switching the flashlight off/on. - Viktor Kostík / Lead Animator Dev Update/Filip Hello everyone. The entire audio team is continuing the work on the overall audio appeal of DayZ, and we've created a range of new and updated game sounds. Let's have a look: new rain sounds for tarmac, tile and wooden roof surfaces updated the rain sounds for trees and bushes updated the leave rustling sounds for bushes new sounds for the "empty vessel" and "pour liquid" action (pouring water onto the ground or into another vessel) sounds for jump and landing animations new sounds for various items for pick into hands action new sounds for carrying weapons on your shoulder infected play different footsteps (bare feet, sneakers, boots) according to what they are wearing new sounds for eating fruit, cereals and taking pills - Filip Čenžák / Sound Designer Dev Update/Baty Hey guys, we separated the Community Spotlight and released it yesterday and I hope you liked it. If you have anything you want to share with the community, tweet it to me and I am going to check it! You can find the latest Community Spotlight here: - Baty Alquawen / Community Manager Header image by A1ANNUAKII.
  7. Hello everyone, I am really happy that we've made the decision to separate the Community Spotlight into its own day - now we have more space for you creativity, and also more information from me! We were shooting a Dev Log video last Thursday in our motion capture studio in Mníšek pod Brdy. It was a really long day but we are satisfied with the result. I can't promise you when this video will be out, but I have some behind the scenes pictures and a bunch of short Instagram stories on our Instagram account. I've added the stories to our archive, so you can watch them without any limits. I hope all of you know our best screenshot-er DrDeSync. This screenshot looks really creepy, and I am afraid to ask if these guys are friendly. Because I don't think they are. Another nice screenshot is made by pizzausfree. Thank you for sharing! rumski called this screenshot "Dropping Gear and Stuffing Faces Because...Running…". It is not needed to collect everything you find, man! Meet Michael and the trailer he's living in. It looks like a cozy place! Intruzo posted his experience from a role-play server on Reddit. He said Michael was really friendly and he invited him to his trailer for dinner. I like players like Michael, they make the DayZ experience more interesting for other players. This screenshot comes from the Xbox community. Wilson80121 and his squad are ready to go to Tisy. This is a nice edit from kakshiOG called "Fallout Storm". Good job! ZomboCZ really cares about DayZ. He likes to share every detail he can find in the game. Last week, he posted a bunch of new assets from the Experimental branch on Reddit, which he thinks could be interesting for the community. I am going to share it here with you. A train station is now enter-able, you can see all details of the building HERE. He also focused on the new R-105 Soviet military radio. If you don't know how it works - you can use it the same way as a regular walkie-talkie, but the voice transmission, so it's very useful for role-players and friendly survivors. You maybe don't know it, but we have new fruits on the Experimental branch. You can find plums and pears now. Here are detailed shots from ZomboCZ. If you still have a problem to find a new fruit, I think this can help you a little. You can find pears under these trees: And plums here: The first video is by Rene aka BarelyInfected and he gave us a story about hunger. When you are dying of hunger in DayZ, are you going to kill and eat your buddy? It is all about choices. This is not a friendly encounter. It is pure PVP action, fast and deadly: When you join some server with increased infected spawn, you should expect some trouble. But never give up, man! Check out this great DayZ cinematic by mov3ax! This video is probably some part of role-play, I really did not get what happened there, but The Syndicate group isn't friendly at all. A lot of players died in this video. Uncuepa is a great buddy from the community and if you know him, you can ask him some questions, because Boydy will record an interview with him. Ask your questions HERE. People are fighting over water, food, ammo. But sometimes, the reason to kill is simply just a jacket. Damn, it had to be a really nice jacket though! This is also a funny video. Xbox player O_Ambulo_O got trolled by his friend. It is hilarious! Click on the picture for watching: Let's talk about modding or game changes you made! Xxkabalxx is probably working on winter in Chernarus, because he shared a first sound test and I can feel the cold from it. ThePyrotechnic developed a BEC plugin to display the number of players on your server. You could be interested. More info HERE. Someone could want more spawn points on his/her server. If you don't know how to do it, here are instructions. I know, I know. Everyone already heard about the DayZ Battle Royale mode. We are working on our own Battle Royale mode called the Survivor GameZ, but untill that's ready, you can try this community mode. And mov3ax is already working on airdrops. What do you think, guys? ZiltoidTheHorror doesn't care if we have an auto-run button in-game. Real PC players use coins, matches or papers. Console players are using hair rubber bands. Yolikus is living in the real Chernarus aka Ústí nad Labem. And this is the view from his flat compared to the game. Awesome, thank you for sharing! And the last part of the Community Spotlight is the location riddle. The small building is located near Gorka: And the winners are: souffiane mechri Lunar Cyril‏ Felix‏ Molly Magoo Tweedy Jonny K Astro Good work guys, thank you! And the next location is: Send your answer to our Twitter account with the #DayZriddleTime hashtag. That is all from me, thank you for your amazing content and see you in two weeks! Header image by Memorix Gamer. - Baty Alquawen/Community Manager
  8. Hello Survivors, we are using the weekly maintenance to bring some fixes to the Experimental servers. This is what's included: fixed AI respawn on community servers Server messages disable should work now For more information on the next major update, have a look at yesterday's Status Report. See you in Chernarus!
  9. Hello guys, we are going to release a new Experimental update in a few minutes. fixes for spawning of loot around dynamic events fixes for proper admin log functionality fixes of database loading errors server stability fixes private shard servers are listed as private now changes to prevent speed hacks basic armor system implemented (e.g. vests and helmets take part of the damage of the damaged body part until they are ruined) changes to the chat UI fixes aimed at preventing a character getting a permanent DB lockout fix for the hit detection issues fixes for magazine getting stuck in weapon and not allowing for manipulation fixes for proper display of official/private servers in browser fixes for proper logging of server .rpt files We will update official experimental servers first and GSP will afterward update community servers (which shouldn't take longer than 1 hour). No wipe. Have a nice day, Survivors!
  10. We are back online with Stress Test #45. The focus is again on fixing server kicks and crash diagnosis. The full patch notes can be found here: Please keep reporting all cases of mass kicks. Thank you for your help and see you in Chernarus!
  11. What about FPP Server?

    Hi, im playing only in first person so it were cool we have some server for this. I think it is the best experience on dayz.
  12. Update for controls/key bindings

    Wondering if anyone on the forum or a member of the dev team could give me any info in when keys such as Hold breathe and FPP look over shoulder will be added? The hold breathe functionality is greatly needed as scope sway is very pronounced in DayZ , no problem with the sway but counteracting it in real time with a thumbstick isn't viable. Also having to turn left and right and breaking sprint to look over shoulder isn't ideal so the free look button would be amazing also. I fully understand that bug fixes take priority but any clarification on this issue would be greatly appreciated
  13. We have another Stress Test build live. Build number: 148707 Changelog: ------------------ fixes for magazine getting stuck in weapon and not allowing for manipulation fixes for proper display of official/private servers in browser fixes for proper logging of server .rpt files Thank you all for helping us with the Stress Tests!
  14. Stable Server!? Longer restart time?

    I been only be kicked after the server restart, so is it possible to make the restart time longer. I know rain and the day and night cycle are in the game but not active. In the closed preview im walking with a torch through the woods in the night and it was awesome. sry, the bad english
  15. Hello Survivors, we now continue our Stress Tests with number #32, our first big content patch for 0.63. We are running version number 0.63.147957. Please report all issues you encounter to our Feedback Tracker at feedback.dayz.com. Known issues: proxies of attachments are not aligned, resulting in slightly misdirected shots with scopes player limbs are not taking damage from bullets, only the bleeding state is triggered (as broken limbs are not implemented yet) eating animations/actions may not be finished visually in the UI (action circle remains on the screen while player holds LMB) Mosin jumps in hands when reloading weapons can go through wall animal/AI animations may be laggy player stance can become desynchronized between prone and standing jumping on certain surfaces/objects can launch character unrealistically far character has incorrect animations when injured and prone on their back hands slot can become inaccessible for a short period of time AIs may become stuck on objects/inclines char can jump from prone/crouch collision issues on ATC staircase M4 can visually appear to have a magazine inside when it does not attachments on weapons are visible and misplaced when swimming/on a ladder drinking water from a filled canteen/bottle might not adjust hydration level properly
  16. Today's Status Report will start off with a small surprise for most of you guys, so definitely check out Eugen's opening announcements. Our Lead Gameplay Programmer Mirek is answering community questions on the recent server issues and our animator Adam demonstrates the return of the surrender and restraint systems. Let's dive into it! Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Mirek Dev Update/Oresten Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear Survivors, we have some good news to share. The Content Update has hit the Experimental Branch today, and that means we're also making it available to community server owners currently hosting with one of our Game Server Providers (GSPs). Please expect slight delays as GSPs will cope with the number of switch requests, but I'm happy to see things finally move along to the Experimental phase after most of the critical issues were fixed in our Stress Tests. We have implemented a large number of optimizations in our network code while trying to identify an issue that in the end was caused by specific server hardware problems. Now I have something that many of you probably don’t expect yet, but we want to see things move along at a faster pace there so we can get feedback: We've decided to release the DayZ 0.63 Server Files before BETA, and currently, we'd like to make them available to all DayZ players within the next week. Everyone will be able to download the Server Files for free on Steam under the tools section, and from that moment, everyone will be able to host a DayZ server on their own. I think that with the release of Server Files, we will see a much broader variety of server setups and community made game modes and while the full modding tool-set won’t be available before BETA, I think you guys have already figured a lot of the stuff out. Last but not least, our goal with the next Content Update (that we might already call an Experimental BETA patch since we will be stabilizing the internal version of the game on the Stress Test machines) is to have a release in as soon as the next couple of weeks. This update will, again,introduce a variety of new things, with vehicles getting in a bit later after the initial release of this next Content Update. We will announce the new features and content as soon as we release the first Stress Test build. Just to pick one example, the new restraining system that Adam talks about is definitely one of my favourite ones. The Xbox version of the game will see major game updates getting in soon after they hit the PC Experimental branch. While we won't be Stress Testing as of now on the Xbox platform, we will keep churning out updates with bug fixes and stability fixes to this version as they manifest themselves. Even today, we have pushed a game update with lots of fixes for bugs that we have seen in the PC version, and most importantly, we're fixing some of the specific inventory issues and controller related bugs that will make DayZ a better, more enjoyable experience on Xbox. - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Mirek Hello survivors. For the last couple of weeks we were releasing new Stress Test builds almost every day with the goal to improve server performance and to finally solve the BattlEye mass kicking. And we solved it! I'd like to describe here what we were doing and why Stress Tests are so important for us. Probably the best way how to explain what we were doing in our last Stress Tests is to answer some questions directly from the community. Let's go through the questions that TheMagicTorch asked on Reddit, as they will nicely demonstrate our thought process. Q: Are you working with BattlEye developers to try and resolve the issues? A: We do have a direct communication open with BattlEye developers, and the first thing we've made was that we asked them for some input on what could be wrong. In any case, the kicking issue was there even when we disabled BattlEye, so logically, we started looking for an issue on our end. Q: What do you think is causing the kicking? In technical terms. So we knew that the issue is on our side, we were sure it must be somewhere in the low level part of our networking - we were thinking that the issue must have something to do with packet ordering or re-sending of lost packets, or even with serial numbers of packets. Now we know it was caused by packet fragmentation - in some rare cases, some packets were dropped and it broke down the entire server. Q: Why are you finding it particularly difficult to resolve kicks and lag? Are the kicks and lag a result of lots of bugs that you're slowly working through, or are you still trying to identify where problems are? The source of the kicks was just one mistake in the code, but it was hard to find it, since we weren't able to reproduce it internally. The 0.63 branch was created almost 2 years ago and a lot of changes have been made during this time period. Two weeks ago, we started to revert these changes, because it was probably the fastest way (but not the easiest one) how to find the source of the issue. We have reverted one or two improvements every day, made a build and released it on the Stress Test servers, so basically we went back in time every day (the curiosity here is that this bug has been in the build since May 2016). When we've identified the source of the issue, we started putting the reverted and working stuff back into the branch, and released it in Stress Test #46. Lags are closely connected to the server performance, so different parts of the code may cause them. We were profiling the servers every day to find out the source of performance drops, or what exactly takes most of the CPU time. Every day, we've made some improvements, which were merged into the Stress Test branch for play-testing. It's important to test these optimizations because optimizations can often break things that were previously working fine. One optimization helped us to find out that there is an issue with the firearm damage sanity check, which caused bad hit registration. This bug was there the whole time, but after the optimization, it happened more often. Q: Why does performance seem to vary between region? The deployment team along with Eugen has tracked this issue down to be a problem with a hardware configuration of the servers, and we're now seeing consistently decent server performance across regions. - Miroslav Maněna/ Lead Programmer Dev Update/Oresten Hey everyone, it's been a while since I wrote something, but boy, have I got goodies today or what? For the last two weeks, I have been working on looking through optics, surrender and restrained states. Optics The current implementation of looking through a detached optic in the latest public build had a lot of problems with it... The accuracy of mouse-to-screen is sub-par at best, and you can't accurately follow a target without moving your mouse a couple of meters. We discussed various ways to implement a solution, but I was mainly worried about the character not accurately displaying where someone is looking. If we were to ignore the player animation accuracy and just set the camera to be 1:1 with the mouse, other players could think that they haven't been discovered all while the player who's looking through his binoculars could be tracking them. I solved this by not allowing you to move while looking through binoculars or scopes, and by doing this, I eliminated any external factors that could mess with the accuracy of the animation; because really, what kind of crazy person would be moving while looking through a pair of binoculars? One wrong step and you could lose your target entirely! Here's the animation I cooked up: As you can see, it's quite damn responsive. Here's how it looks while looking through it: It's in a really good state so far and accurately displays in and out of the optics exactly where that person would be looking. Surrender and restrained Surrender is a highly sought after feature that we have been working on to deliver in the highest possible quality. At first glance, it would look like it's just another gesture; but under the hood it holds a bunch of complexities. You can't access your inventory when you're in surrendering - not something common for gestures. You also have new stance rules where you can only walk while standing and only turn in standing and crouched - also not something gestures can control. Lastly, but not least, it also has a bunch of surrender-specific stance changing animations - also something that gestures cannot control. With these things in mind, we had to approach the surrender mechanic with a bit more caution, as a half-assed approach would probably come back to bite us later down the line. We have solved it by essentially handling it like a gesture state on the script side, but on the animation side, it would be considered an "item" of sorts. The reason behind this solution is that when a player puts an item in his hands, his character will switch to the corresponding animation set (picking up a rifle will start playing the rifle animations, pistols for pistols, and so on) with all of their specific animations for turning, changing stances, etc. By putting this "ghost item" into the character's hands, the surrender animation set is enabled, and the specific movement rules that that animation set has attached to it. In addition, we have opened up avenues for ourselves where we can have a bunch of surrender-specific animations; such as deaths, gestures, actions, etc, etc. Gestures-in-gestures? Oh boy. All of those same rules also apply to the restrained state, but this also means we can accurately show what item is currently restraining you; such as in this case with some locked handcuffs: Maybe down the line, you'd be able to drink face-first from ponds even while restrained to keep yourself hydrated while running from your captors. Who knows! Until next time. - Adam Oresten / Technical Animator Community Spotlight Hello guys, has it really been two weeks already? It passed quickly with all the community feedback from all of you Xbox and Stress Test players! I want to thank you again for the feedback, it is really important, and it helps the dev team quite a bit. Let's start with a new merchandise on the Bohemia Store. A lot of you already have our t-shirt but you asked for hoodies too. And here we are: With this hoodie, you are never going to be hypothermic again! A question time! You can ask our technical animator Adam Oresten any relevant question and he is going to answer them on the Bohemia Developer's blog. Just tweet your question with #MeetTheBohemians and #AskAdam. Do you have a problem with orientation in Chernarus? We don't have any in-game map now, but if you need to find where you are or where to go, iZurvive is a solution. It features a 0.63 map and there's also hiking trails, wells, animal locations, and more. You can use the web map at izurvive.com, or the mobile version for iOS and Android. I want to introduce you to some nice streamers. The first one is Claire aka ArrianaGaming. She is streaming almost every day and she is a passionate DayZ Survivor. Check out her Twitch channel, Instagram and Twitter and give her a follow The second one is RageBruhTV. He is also a very passionate DayZ player and an entertaining streamer. Last but not least is BenFruit, a partnered streamer with a cool voice. He is a friendly player who loves interactions. Check him out! I choose four videos from the community today. This interview is from Gamescom made by M1NDR. He is talking with our Lead Designer Peter Nespešný about the future of DayZ. Another interview from Gamescom by Luzi, this time with our Lead Producer Eugen Harton. This video could be handy for Xbox players. Virtual Flood is introducing a looting guide for beginners. Finding loot is so easy! Are you stressed? Do you need to relax? I have a nice, calm video for you. Just sit down, put your headphones on and enjoy the sound of DayZ's nature. The answer to the latest riddle is a house near Gvozdno. And who guessed the right answer this time? KainMisterr ‏ Leo_A_Santos _Canis_Dirus_ DayzedEmu FiveSevenClown TheChewyMint LottaLottieT And where can you find this location? Send an answer to our Twitter account with the #DayZriddleTime hashtag. Thank you for your nice content and see you in two weeks! - Baty / Community Manager Header image by DrDeSync.
  17. Hello guys, we had an internal testing yesterday, how it looks?
  18. Hello survivors! We are starting Stress Test #48, running version 0.63.148671. This is what's new: server stability fixes private shard servers are listed as private now changes to prevent speed hacks basic armor system implemented (e.g. vests and helmets take part of the damage of the damaged body part until they are ruined) changes to the chat UI fixes aimed at preventing a character getting a permanent DB lockout Don't forget your helmet when going to the airfield, see you in Chernarus!
  19. The Stress Test servers are coming back online with test #47, running version 0.63.148605. Focus for this update is a fix for the hit detection issues. So yeah, if you were searching for an excuse for KoS for this test, here it is. See you in Chernarus!
  20. Stress Test vol.44

    Hello guys, another Stress Test is coming out. Any feedback is more than welcome. further changes to eliminate player kicking further logging to diagnose crashes Have a nice day!
  21. Stress Test #43 is now online, we have another bunch of fixes for the server performance and player kicking issues. Remember you might have to restart your Steam client to get the update. Thank you guys a lot for your support, and see you in Chernarus!
  22. We are now deploying Stress Test #42, running version 0.63.148492. You can find the complete changelog here:
  23. General Discussion

    Here is a place for your feedback, guys! :)