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  1. Hello Survivors! Each Status Report, I've been collecting some of the community created content that you sent me or that I came across on the internet. From now on, with BETA/1.0 releases and modding support coming up later this year, we'd like to get back to the idea of having Community Spotlight articles published separately (believe it or not, that's how it's been way back!), trying to really put your content into the spotlight and not have it buried at the end of a Status Report (don't worry, we'll still link this article in the Status Report!). For the first edition of this renewed Community Spotlight, I'll most likely stick to the classic format, but try to evolve it over time, making it more interesting to follow! Let's start and see the awesome things you've made over the past couple of weeks! I hope you have noticed we have released the DayZ server files. What does it mean? You can now run your own server on your own hardware and you can configure it how you like it the most. And, of course, you can try some modding! As we said in the forum post, we are not officially supporting modding yet because we don't have all the tools ready, but it doesn't mean you are not allowed to start modding. Actually, exactly the opposite is true! We are looking forward to seeing your work! In fact, there are already some very nice modding projects! Let's open up with trains. Players are crazy about them for years and Arkensor is working on a modification which should bring them to life. He recently shared his first teaser with the community. And it will be HUGE! All aboard the HYPE TRAIN! CHOO CHOO! Another creation from the community on the way is a new map called Barrandien. It is a map based on the real location in Czech Republic and it is 420 km2 large. Barradien is made by small group of loyal members of the DayZ community from the Czech Republic with a little help from our map designer Sumrak. We are proud of you guys! If you are going to check the server list, you can already find some changes. One of the new things are the 100+ slot servers. And some of them are full almost every day and run pretty nice as far as I know. Another change are spawns with gear on specific locations. These servers are for PvP players mostly, because it is something like King of the Hill and it is not easy to survive on these servers. It is really nice to see how the community is playing DayZ in the way every individual player likes it the most. What are you doing on Saturday, 29th of September, at 9PM AST (1AM UTC)? If you are free, Boydy prepared an event with the PIPSI.net server called Manhunt with nice prizes. You can find more information in the video below: I want to show you some nice edits by Reddit user EskimoArctic. What do you think guys, aren't they nice? Another talented editor is called Greenfist. Look at these awesome screenshots he made. Really cool. And one more screenshot! Nilwick shared his screenshot that looks like a renaissance painting. And yes, it looks really like one. You should share it to r/accidentalrenaissance reddit! Someone is really hyped for New York Comic Con! WhiteDeathDayZ‏ sent me a picture of the cosplay he wants to wear to the event and I like it! I am glad we are going to have a true Survivor there! Don't forget to share more pictures from the convention with us! Did you know there is a community DayZ podcast? It is called Compass and it is made by Uncuepa and his guests. If you are a podcast fan this is something you would like to hear! SepticFalcon, our loyal supporter made a video how the Public Address System works. If you didn't know about it just check out his video. It is really fun with a PA system, you should try it! And the last thing before the riddle. Bthntn composed a song for DayZ. It is dark and atmospheric, you can listen to it here: Let's end with our riddle. Only one person guessed the latest location correctly. It was a player named Bakro. Applause! The place is near Kozlovka at the road to Novoselky. Not Msta, guys. Let''s try again with another riddle prepared by Sumrak. Where is this place located? Send your answer to our Twitter account with the #DayZriddleTime hashtag. Have a nice two weeks and see you in Chernarus! - Baty Alquawen/Community Manager
  2. Stress Test Changelog

    27/04/2018 ADS (aiming down sights) controls now set on left Shift by default fixes for errors occurring in crafting, weapon and inventory manipulation that could cause follow-up issues in client/server communication additional logging to help us debug the build dry fire fixes fixes for improvised objects crafting fixes for the unintentionally greyed out menu when injured/after disconnecting from the server with a dead character tweaks to the login queue time system some fixes for the issue with characters getting locked out of the server some new animations added
  3. Hello guys, We tested a new content update yesterday and I have a statement from Eugen Harton for you:
  4. Forum sub-sections for Console

    Just a quick one... We as xbox users have a right to fair treatment alongside PC users; Same goes for the forums. We should have designated sub sections to post in relevance to our topic; whether bug reports, General discussion or LFG, We should have these subsections so that we can positively report/give feedback in the appropriate manner/place instead of all these random topics posted together. It will only improve the experience for console users as we can actively help you devs to improve and make fixes to the game. Thank you.
  5. Closed Preview codes

    Hello Survivors, We have some DayZ Closed Preview codes for you. First come, first served. Follow this guide to redeem the key on your Xbox. Make sure you're logged in with the correct account before you try to redeem the key! After you redeem the key, you may need to download the Xbox Insider app on your Xbox in order to install DayZ. When you install the app, DayZ will appear in the hub of the Xbox Insider app. 9D46H-2QYDQ-JHPYR-3PJGR-Q6VDZ C3Q42-HFCCF-YV4K2-6MJVW-3CHWZ DKPQQ-PTVH7-9K97F-RYWVH-F9THZ R2T9F-HHTGJ-6YXRM-9HFYC-P6TVZ 6X2PP-K6JGW-734TP-7VX3P-FP4FZ 6TP2H-KFKD7-GGHCF-6DPG2-F469Z P46RF-64D9G-XJ63G-G6RKK-7393Z 7QDW3-W4P2M-JJ2CD-V7RMM-V76MZ JDFGP-D96Y9-76XTW-QRR2W-JHHGZ W33F4-TMRMG-WJMVQ-PVGH2-H4H2Z 9W6MH-2M4DD-G6TDQ-GQHVH-Y3TYZ 36DKX-X33G3-GGRH3-RTHGK-7VXVZ 99VYM-PCDT2-J2QHP-6WPGH-R9K6Z MHVH3-6X2D2-9T6P2-WDTJH-4G3JZ
  6. question for developers?

    will you be able to pick apples from trees? will there be in the future a building craft system to build a small base?
  7. Gamescom is upon us, but before we head out we have another Status Report prepared for you guys. To start things off, our Lead Producer Eugen provides an update on the current state of the first content update, as well as our plans moving forward. Our leads from gameplay programming, animation and sound give a quick recap of their past two weeks of work. We close the Status Report with our Community Spotlight. Let's get into it! Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Mirek Dev Update/Viktor Dev Update/Filip Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear Survivors, although the struggle with the server performance is ongoing, we're seeing some good results overall in our goals. We have implemented multiple optimizations during our Stress Test period and there are more coming. Right now, we are seeing some unintended behavior in the multi-core server environment, and that's our current focus. Running servers on a single core, we're experiencing a large upswing in the server FPS that should, in theory, be even more noticeable in a multi-core configuration, but unfortunately, that is not the case now. Some of these issues are quite complex, so we will be tweaking the server code base even more. The first content patch is in an okay state, but we're still not happy with the overall performance. As far as content goes, that seems to be received well, and I'm happy to see people enjoying the returning features and flavor that was added to them. Once we're happy with the performance itself, we will move the build over to the Experimental branch of the game and make the build available to the servers owners in our community. We know it has been a long time and the community has suffered because of it, but if we work together, we can make this dream game of ours a reality. Besides the development of the first content patch, there is a lot of ongoing work put into other BETA features. On Friday last week, we have concluded the primary feature development and the Internal build seems to be in a good place feature-wise. The focus has shifted to bug fixing. There are more than 2000 fixes to get through and we want to make sure we get them done! We will share more details about the next patch after Gamescom. I know some of you are worried about missing features or content. Over the last few years, there have been many features designed, and an insane amount of content created both externally and internally. Some of these things make DayZ better as a game and simulation. Some of them can be considered more or less an added flavor, or even clutter in the overall vision of what the game should be. DayZ needs to be fun first and foremost. It needs to meet your expectations in behavior, stability, and balance. It also needs features that support the player interaction and empower players who want to invest time into learning the details and intricacies of the simulation itself. We read everything you guys say. This is a game made by gamers and for gamers. We want to enjoy the game with you and even though the struggle is sometimes real, all of us want the game to succeed the same way you do. When we have any details to share beyond what has already been stated in the goals for the Beta release, we will do so on all of our channels. Some of you might have noticed an increased commotion around the Xbox version of the game. What we are testing now is the same version that you're seeing on PC Stress Tests. We're making sure it runs well and provides a gameplay experience that feels good on a controller, and shows good performance. The benefits of the performance work we have done are already enjoyed by a smaller group of players that already have access to the Closed Preview, but there are so many players out there that have been with DayZ for a long time and even more who haven't had a chance to try this unique experience. One of the benefits of utilizing modules of the Enfusion engine is being able to have a game like DayZ running on a console. We always want to grow the DayZ community, and it's important not to forget about other platforms. I'll be at Gamescom this year talking about what we will be seeing in the near future and what our goals are before we reach 1.0. I can't wait to share more with you as there are exciting times ahead of us. - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Peter What would DayZ be without the possibility to restrain others and put them into captivity! Now you can also restrain yourself if you would like to plot some twist - of course you will be able to struggle free if something goes wrong. While the character has his hands restrained, his inventory is blocked as well as his quick-slots. However, his inventory is accessible by other players through the vicinity part of inventory screen. We are also working on the implementation of continuous interactions with objects in the environment. It will allow us to broaden possible interactions, like taking items directly into hands (or swapping them), slowly opening doors, seamless drinking from wells or switching channels on the radio transmitter laying on the ground. Speaking of items on the ground, there is a comeback of dropping items from hands to the ground directly in the world (of course the 'take' animation displayed instead of the 'drop' animation in the GIF is a placeholder). The next step will be a shortcut for putting an item from your hands to the inventory cargo even without it being assigned to a quick-slot, as we would like to minimize any unnecessary access of the inventory. The work on firearms is still ongoing as well. The support for the new weapon (and items) swapping animation is being implemented, after which there will be a possibility to add independent shoulders. Recently, the long awaited leaning has been reintroduced in it’s basic form (as it was in 0.62 version). However, we would like to make it more prominent and useful for gameplay later. Weapon inertia was missing as well until now and its new implementation is portrayed as sight misalignment. Its degree depends on rotation speed, a nice side effect to it is a parallax shift in the new 3D scopes. You can see them presented in Mirek’s portion of Status Report below. As the latest addition to the pack, welcome the first implementation of lifting weapons in front of obstacles. This mechanic will prevent firearms from clipping through objects geometry, may it be walls, infected or other characters. Don't worry about self defense, as in these cases you will be still able to use a melee attack with your firearm. The lifting at obstacles takes various firearms lengths and their muzzle attachments too into account . Also, progress on firearms malfunction was recently resumed and unjamming support is being added to all the firearms which will be available in 0.63 version of DayZ. Type of malfunction used is 'failure to eject' which causing mechanism to jam where next round fails to feed. Chance of malfunction is directly proportional to condition of the firearm. In case the firearm is fed from detachable magazines, chance of its malfunction is combined with condition of used magazine. Firearms and magazines condition can be repaired, making weapon cleaning kit a valuable and important item. With firearm malfunction in, I’m looking forward to see all that interesting situation which will emerge during the heat of firefights. Better stock up on weapon cleaning kits... see you in Chernarus folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Mirek For the last couple of weeks and for the next weeks, the major tasks for our gameplay programmers are server-side optimizations, bugfixing for features and content and the implementation of core systems to support new gameplay features, which can then be tweaked by designers. Optimisations We have found a bug, which has been in the game for more than two years but was finally visible after the introduction of ambient loot. This bug was tied to the game entity deletion and caused massive performance drops. We are also preparing optimisations for the Central Economy process, which should be done in a few days time. Gameplay features Vehicles - probably the biggest and most complex feature we're now working on is vehicles. Almost everything had to be rewritten (including character parts), in order to be able to add additional vehicle-related features more easily in the future. Viktor already showcases some progress two weeks ago and I'm sure we will show you more in a couple weeks. Leaning - We've reintroduced a very basic implementation of leaning. The first iteration is in the game and now we have to polish things like animations, camera, and probably more. Check out this first teaser here: Weapon changing - We have implemented a basic system for the changing of weapons. For now, we are supporting only firearms, but the rest is on the way. Sights misalignment - Which means weapon inertia in iron sights and scope. Now, only a few parameters have to be tweaked in order to achieve the best gameplay experience with this feature. - Miroslav Maněna/ Lead Programmer Dev Update/Viktor Over the last weeks, we've been creating and implementing new attack animations for the infected. That's light, heavy and running attacks with individual arms to get some variation into the PvE encounters. For the player character, we've started the implementation of basic facial expressions during combat-actions. We've also implemented multiple improvements for the idle character animations, like blinking, exhaustion and new idle movements in general. Apart from that, the team has been working on placing and deployment animations that will be used while handling cars, during base building, or when placing traps. All of this comes with numerous fixes to our player animations and the animation graph. - Viktor Kostík / Lead Animator Dev Update/Filip Čenžák Our audio team went on a trip across our offices and beyond to record some footage for the reintroduction of vehicles. The results are new engine sounds, as well as tire sounds for different surfaces. When it comes to shooting, we will bring back an Arma feature of the shooting controller, which silences insects and birds for a while after a gun is fired. To add to the infected, we've implemented and improved several of their animation sounds with steps and rustling clothing during three different states: idle, running and climbing. Here you are some pictures from our tires and engine recording: - Filip Čenžák / Sound Designer Community Spotlight Hello guys, It's here, finally! Gamescom time! Bohemia Interactive is going to have a large booth with at Gamescom - with DayZ on PC and on consoles too (both Xbox and PlayStation!), so you can play on whatever platform you prefer, meet the devs and get some merch of course. We prepared a photobooth where you can take some cool DayZ-styled photos. You can try and wear a Gorka uniform, Ushanka, Zmijovka, guns, baseball bat, the Taloon backpack, High capacity vest, Ghillie and more gear from DayZ. So if you're at Gamescom next week, don't forget to stop by in our booth D042 in the Hall 10.1, we are going to be there from Tuesday to Saturday - you have a lot of time to visit us! That is all from me and now is your time! Someone is really excited about the upcoming DayZ Preview release on Xbox! AlexRUiLs made this 3D print of a DayZ logo. Looks so good! But he isn't the only one who has a 3D printer at home. Kerbo has it too and he printed DayZ logo as a gift for our amazing streamer TheLoyalPatriot. The logo was made b a fan of DayZ called Meyk. What about some videos? This is an emotional story about what happened to Chernarus when the infection started by DudeiRage Syl is an awesome guy. He opened a shop in Electro to interact with people. And he had a few nice customers! Check out his shop here: NeuroticEUROtic shared a cool picture with us. He called it "Friendly Planet Cherno", but here is a question: Are video game planets flat? Who knows! Let's check out our riddle. Where was this mystery location from the latest Status Report? Who guessed the riddle correct this time? MisterrKain Tempest Sojourner ‏Emu Threat bullet head Manatee HumbleAtomicBohemian Jonny K ‏Herbert J. Leder DrDeSync Good job guys! And the next riddle is: I am looking forward to seeing you at Gamescom, and for people who can't be there, I am going to share everything with you on our social networks. - Baty / Community Manager Header image by Uncuepa.
  8. Hello Survivors, as this week we have some national holidays coming up in the Czech Republic and a big part of the team took this chance to take a few days of vacation, this Status Report will be shorter than usual. However, we are diving into exciting content regardless, as we will be talking about the upcoming first big update for 0.63. And we are happy to showcase another huge collection of your awesome community content - Let's get to it! Dev Update/Eugen Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear Survivors, it's about time to talk about the content update that's coming to Stress Test branch very soon and will get rolled over to the Experimental servers after making sure everything works as intended. We will try and batch the content updates in this way so we can stabilize and make sure the content works properly. AI Sensors/Audibility/Visibility With this change you will see your stealth options getting expanded by quite a bit: Besides stances, the colours and weight of items will affect your ability to avoid zombies and confuse their perception. Hidden Stash With this feature, you'll be able to hide your loot underground and put containers to use. The shovel will be spawning alongside the new containers ready to use. Same goes for corpses. Character - Unconsciousness Shock stat and weapon hits that increase it can cause the character to fall unconscious to be possibly saved by friends in your group. With the unconsciousness state, you'll be seeing more options to disable players and interact with them in combat. CPR The ability to CPR people with high shock values. Gestures The new radial menu alongside the newly added gestures will now be available for even more interactions and videos you may create. Repairing Items like the Sewing kit, Weapon Cleaning kit, Duct tape and more are seeing a comeback as durability matters again. Weapons don't jam yet but that's something you'll definitely see in a future content update. New weapons Yes, there are new weapons coming to the game and it's two classics that everybody loves. M4A1 and Mosin. Yay! Scopes There is no definite list of scopes coming yet in the first content update, but, based on the weapons currently in the game, we will deliver a meaningful selection. Soft skills The Soft skills are getting in, so you'll see the basic specializations working and your crafts bringing better results faster. Environmental Exposure The temperature system will start working without any repercussions first to gather more information on how harsh we want to get. Jumping We have started working on a huge animation set for jumps and climbing this year. So with the upcoming update, the first part of this package is gonna get in and give you the ability to cross some basic obstacles improving your manoeuvrability throughout Chernarus. Diseases Diseases and associated effects (coughing, sneezing and more) are returning as well as items that resolve possible negatives, such as purification tablets. This includes the possibility of diseases transfer from player to player and items. Compass The first part of the navigation system in DayZ besides the new map is the compass. Hopefully, it will help you to learn more about Chernarus and its intricacies. Ambient Loot One of the core features that we want to use to solve a possible lack of loot is a set of items that spawn not centrally but based on the player position and interactions. This might need a lot more tweaks, so expect its values to change even during testing. Voice Communication The whole Voice Communication system along with radios, public radios, megaphone etc. is coming to the game to give you objectives on the map as well as new options to communicate and meet with other survivors in the game. So, how soon this is going to happen? The features listed here are undergoing testing as of now and the content has been branched away from the internal development version with many more fixes and improvements to stability, security and server performance. On a side note, since in the internal version of this patch, we resolved the GDPR issues blocking the ability to switch to the experimental version, with its introduction we will enable this option for server owners. I'm personally looking forward to all this content coming back alongside things that changed and have been improved upon heavily. See you in Chernarus! - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Community Spotlight Hello Survivors, This weekend, Nine Inch Nails (a band that many of us in the dev team like) had a gig at the Aerodrome festival near Prague, and guess what - Alessandro Cortini, who's been a member of NIN for quite some time now, is a fellow DayZ survivor! We could not pass on the opportunity to meet with Alessandro, and so we did bother him for a bit before he went up on stage! It's been so awesome to chat and listen to some of his stories! Just a brief look at his DayZ t-shirt reassured us that he's serious about being a fan - the condition of the t-shirt has been way, way past pristine, and so we set him up with a new one :) Check out Alessandro on iTunes or SoundCloud, and look for him on Chernarus. Remember - talk to people! You never know who's on the other side, it could be someone from your favorite band! Let's check out some new video content: An emotional story of the life of Ricky Jameson by CamCANTRUN recorded in DayZ and the Arma 3 Eden Editor: Ant made a DayZ fan trailer and it is really nice! Rustycaddy made a video in honor of our beautiful Chernarus: This is a story about the great opening of Uncuepa's bar. It starts really nice, there were a plenty delicious food, drinks and music, but what happened in the end wasn't nice… And what about some of your pictures and drawings? Check it out: The first one is a nice edit of a screenshot by the famous DrDesync. Another edit is made by Reddit user TheWhishImBallHorson named "They Found Me". Good job! Zarrov sent us a sketch of his idea of barricading. It looks impressive! It is an end of a school year and Barrett5Bumpas is getting bored at his classes. So he made this DayZ inspired picture. It is really nice, but don't forget - education is more important than video games! Do you know you can change the skin of your Steam? I didn't know until today. Mdswish shared his DayZ themed customized skin with the community, you can download it here. Do you remember the photo series Humans of Chernarus? It continues and it is still really cool. If you don't know it, it is a portrait of some DayZ characters living on the DayZ Underground server, the project is inspired by Humans of New York. And the last community content for today are Joito's Twitch alerts made by the talented Cobalt_Smobalt. They are so awesome! Let's check the riddle. Who guessed the riddle from the last Status Report? Emu Threat basedBara_RL CanisDirus The correct answer was a Little Hill near Mogilevka. And the riddle for this Status Report is: If you know where is it, tweet it to our official Twitter account with #DayZriddleTime and you can be on the Wall of Fame next time. Thank you for every content you've sent me and see you next time! - Baty / Community Manager Header image by A1ANNUAKII.
  9. Hey guys, Just a bit info about a little change today. You can't choose 64bit or 32bit versions of your clients anymore. It is now automatic and it depends on your system. Clients with 64bit operation system will now automatically start 64bit DayZ client executable and clients with 32bit operation system will automatically start 32bit DayZ client executable.
  10. Dear Survivors, today, we are releasing the DayZ 0.63 Update to the Experimental branch! With this update, you’ll be able to experience some of the key engine changes brought to DayZ. Developing this new technology backbone for the game took the better part of the past 4 years in Early Access, and we’re very happy that we can finally let everyone play what we call “the new DayZ”. For more information, check out this article.
  11. Hello everyone! We have a new Experimental update here. Servers will be down for 30-60 minutes. What is new: further crash fixes fixes for issues with incorrect save and load of character fixes for memory leaks fixes for DB lockouts further fixes for stability and kicking issues No character wipe this time. Thank you for playing on Experimental servers!
  12. Experimental switch for private servers

    Hello admins, we are releasing 0.63 on the Experimental branch for the public today. I know some of you can't wait to switch your servers to 0.63 Experimental too, because we promised you the opportunity to branch switch. We wanted to give you a chance to switch in the first Experimental release but we encountered some issues with memory leaks on the server maschines which need to be fixed as soon as possible. When it is fixed and everything is tested, we will inform you and the switch can happen. I hope you understand why we can't let you change the branch right now.
  13. Following the 0.63 Stress Test, weekend we are back with a new issue of our biweekly Status Report. Today, Eugen looks back at the first results from the weekend, Peter talks about missing visual indicators in the current Stress Test builds and Viktor gives a glimpse into the progress of the animation team. The Community Spotlight is defined by your first reactions to 0.63. Let's dive into it! Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Viktor Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear Survivors, at first, I would like to thank you for the amazing participation during the weekend Stress Test. It has helped us to identify a number of new issues that we are investigating as I write this. Let's take a closer look at some of those issues. Crashes and general game stability issues There have been about 200 crashes altogether over the period of two days with a couple of different causes. Some of them are new, but most are known. Hopefully, the amount of data generated will identify the pattern to replicating these issues internally and getting them fixed. Character locked in database Besides the stability issues, we are still tracking situations where a player character gets locked in a database. Although happening less often than previously, this is still a major problem that is most likely tied to a server/client crash/freeze not closing the connection gracefully, and not unlocking the character as intended. We have a possible fix for these outlier issues and crashes in our internal main Development Branch of the game and should roll these out in next few Stress Tests. Basic Central Economy balance There is an investigation ongoing into Central Economy loot distribution. Specifically, we're looking at cases where the intended gameplay loop is not properly supported by items presented/spawned to players exploring even the most remote corners of Chernarus. DayZ Central Economy The Central Economy is a complex system that controls the distribution of loot across Chernarus. It's supposed to sustain a barrage of ongoing player interaction on a given server (player picking up and dropping loot, taking it across different servers...), with the goal to keep the core gameplay loop during a gameplay session challenging, encouraging players to learn, and eventually master the survival in DayZ. At the same time though, it needs to be a fun gameplay mechanic. It's important to note that the Stress Tests are our first real opportunity to really see how the Central Economy behaves in 0.63, as we're just not able to internally reproduce the behavior of large amount of players in the game. That ultimately puts us at the very beginning of all the balancing. During Stress Tests, we are extracting economy states over periods of time to understand the players movement and their interactions. This in turn helps us understand where our priorities should be within the spawning system. The second part of our loot/basic survival mechanic problem is the character representation itself - meaning how healthy/hungry/thirsty your character is. That sets the pace to this core gameplay loop of keeping your character fed and alive. Any potential tweaking of character representation values depends on the findings of our loot distribution tests. We will have to cover a lot of possible border cases that happen to players. Additionally, we will (as previously suggested) also play around with the overall player numbers per server, and we will need to see how to scale the Central Economy with the player numbers going up, possibly all the way to a 100 players per server. How do we prepare the Stress Test release packages Since I've mentioned our internal Development Branch earlier, I also wanted to explain the process behind the scenes that goes into releasing a Stress Test itself. Internally, we have created a new branch of DayZ for data and changes that we specifically need to run public Stress Tests. Software Branching Branching, in revision control and software configuration management, is the duplication of an object under revision control (such as a source code file or a directory tree) so that modifications can happen in parallel along both branches. More in a related Wikipedia article. We've been merging various fixes and surgical tweaks to the game on that branch, while the regular development has been ongoing on our main Development Branch. With Stress Tests, we are trying to gather data on specific problems that require a high-stress environment with tons of players coming in and out of the server, pushing all gameplay systems to their limits. That is specifically the case with loot distribution and all player interactions tied to it. Stabilizing these interactions and making them somewhat consistent with a decent amount of variety is our primary goal. We want you to experience that feeling of discovery when you find what you need at a certain moment. Especially if it's a rare item. Looting is a big part of the DayZ gameplay, we know how much this can affect the enjoyment from fighting for your life in Chernarus, so with each Stress Test, we set a goal and a particular combination of data that we want to gather within a specific gameplay element or system. Then, we add extra logging to these interactions, helping us to decide on the next action we should be taking. It's only a small part of the development though. The Development Branch has seen a lot of additional optimizations already, even including fixes to several different issues that you have been experiencing, so our goal now is to leave the Stress Test branch to keep the development pace going forward. Our Development Branch is where the progress towards experimental goals happens, so it's about time we make sure this branch is viable for live playtests. To ensure we really are ready to do that switch, we will release a short Stress Test based on the code/data of that branch before we go on for another longer Stress Test. Once again, I want to say a BIG thank you for the feedback coming in, it's what makes this community special. All of us want a great game, no doubts about it! - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Peter In the last Status Report I was commenting on the community feedback regarding firearms in our DayZ Stress Tests. Today I will continue with different elements which are related to them. Weapon switching animations As is pretty obvious, the animations for swapping items from the inventory to the hand slot are missing. Especially with weapons, this creates a gameplay problem, as a lack of visual communication turns a harmless disarmed character into a threat in a split second. Currently we are implementing these item switch animations and, along with them, we are changing one important thing - shoulder slots will be no longer be dedicated. That means you will be able to carry two long firearms or two melee weapons as needed. As we progress with 0.63, a slot for a belt will also be added, opening possibilities for an additional pistol holster, knife sheet, or quiver. A slot for the bow is considered as well, but there needs to be a bow implemented first to see how it will work with non-dedicated shoulders. Hit feedback Another part missing is animation feedback of a target being hit with a projectile, as we turned that specific feature off for the Stress Test. We ran into a problem where even additive impact affected the aim of a firearm. Such an authentic affair quickly becomes a very unpleasant mechanic, preventing a reaction by putting you in a disadvantage after being hit - the only chance was that the shooter will miss or have to reload so your aim can recover in the meantime. We will have to address this issue as we would like to have animated feedback following a projectile hit. Bleeding On a different issue, bleeding and its treatment are basic DayZ mechanics. Unfortunately, without the new parent-child hierarchy, which is being implemented as we speak, we cannot pin particle emitters to the character properly and animate them with it. We've decided to postpone the visual representation of bleeding particles as well. Admittedly, this is a bad timing, as in 0.63 you have to treat every bleeding source individually. With slightly unresponsive progress arrows of the blood stat icon (more about indicators later) and no way to tell if there are some bleeding wounds left, it’s hard to say how many times you should bandage. Overall balance Apart from that, please be aware that many elements you see in the game right now have not been not through a basic balance pass just yet. From digestion, regeneration speeds and stamina, through damages of melee and projectiles to the weight of items, their sizes, and cargo spaces... it’s safe to say that basically everything will be adjusted more or less and it is connected to some degree with the lack of features, mechanics, and content, which will be added down the road during the 0.63 Experimental phase. Oh, and it will be a ride... see you in Chernarus folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Viktor The animation team is now focused on several parts of the player character. We are now in the phase of improving and finalizing the prone system. Animations for crawling in prone on the back, which have been missing until now, are being added. The cameras and some poses are not final yet as well. And of course, after the animations are finished, we will have to do a couple of rounds of bugfixing for prone on the back before we tick it off as done. Another important part that is in progress, is overcoming obstacles. We now have a working prototype for jumping, but we are still in the process of adding missing animations. Meanwhile, there has been some work done on climbing over higher obstacles. These are divided into multiple levels, and different animations will be played depending on the height of the obstacle. Close combat will see some changes as well. As we want to have more variation to the combat, we are adding new animations for the baseball bat. These should better reflect the item. In the future, we want to continue with this and add more item specific attack animations. Last but not least, there is ongoing work on firearms, vehicles, user actions, infected and also tons of general bugfixing. All of these areas are a longer term task, but you should see constant improvements in the game with everything related during Experimental. But for now, let's check out some gifs! Cheers! - Viktor Kostík / Lead Animator Community Spotlight Hey Survivors, I hope you had a weekend at least as amazing as I did! Why was it so amazing? Because of you! You were simply being a fantastic help during the Stress Test! 30 482 of you have already tried the first version of update 0.63. Wow, thank you! We've had so much feedback, that I wasn't able to read it all in just one day! We were watching streamers the entire weekend and we are really happy to see your love for DayZ. You had a lot of fun, we saw all the emotions, it was so awesome. For a while, DayZ was the second most watched game on Twitch this weekend, it reached more than 76 000 viewers and it has been played by some of the biggest streamers such as Summit1g, Anthony Kongphan or shroud and they were having a good time too. You did a great job with videos this week. I found this cinematic made by DaGuyd and it is pretty impressive. Check it out, it is only under 2 minutes long: Another cinematic short named Loot Lost is made by our favorite Status Report reader Septic Falcon. And we like it a lot. And here is a creepy story about a cannibal doctor who loves the flesh of his patients by MarcusGalic. Eating people is bad, isn't it? Who knows… Look at this true hero! His name is Reginald and he is a humanitarian in Chernarus. His mission is help to people and he is very good at it: The last video is from the well known double trouble creators - Vertiigo and MrMoon. It is a really funny story of friends lost in the wilderness - they are best friends until the hunger comes… I almost died laughing watching this video. I love your creativity and your passion for DayZ on both real and virtual paper. Art pieces like these make me happy and I thank you for them. This one is made by AStupidAnt from Reddit. It took him about 4 hours and he did a really good job. This photo is from a true DayZ fan, ScarecrowCOD. He even has a gas mask! And check the painting on the wood he made. Nice! That is all from me, have great two weeks and see you on the next Stress Test! - Baty / Community Manager Header image by BubsonHD.
  14. Stress Test vol.9

    Hello guys, Stress Test servers are going live! The Test #9 will further focus on possible BattleEye kicks. Don't forget to update DayZ and we recommend to restart Steam if you encounter any issues. How to join the Stress Test and more info here: https://dayz.com/blog/0-63-stress-tests
  15. The Stress Test #1 finally happened yesterday - after years of work, we've finally let some of you play the "new DayZ", the 0.63 update. Of course, this would be the focus topic in today's Status Report, and most likely even for a couple of the upcoming Status Reports, so we have Peter and Eugen reflecting upon yesterday's events, together with Adam teasing a small bit of his work on Chernarus! Let's read. Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Adam Community Spotlight Dev Update/Eugen Dear DayZ players. Some of you had the chance to try the 0.63 Stress Test yesterday. The team is going through the feedback as I write this text, and we will try and push changes over the next couple of Stress Tests. The stability of the build was quite okay, but it still needs to be looked at as we've had 25 server crashes across the 52 servers that were available yesterday. We expected the crashes to be a lot more severe, so we're happy with the first iteration in this case. If you encountered any client crashes, the best thing you can do is to go to our Feedback Tracker and follow our guide on getting the right files and information to us. For those worried that they didn't get in, don't worry, there are more Stress Tests planned and I'll talk about how we want to approach them more today. The biggest issue yesterday was the BattlEye kicks affecting everybody. We are working to figure out why there were timeouts in the communication with BattlEye, however, this is almost impossible to test internally (needs thousands of players), so we will try and make changes to the current system, and stop the gameplay interruption caused by it. On the note of the second most common issue, which is the character lockout in a database. Its an anti-dupe system that makes sure that you're not game the system by saving your character with items that you have dropped on a server. There is still tweaking to be done to this system, and we will go through the logs and cases where it just didn't do what it was supposed to do. Regarding any of the gameplay issues and bugs happening: most of them are known, and we will come up with solutions and test them out in the upcoming Stress Tests that will happen going forward. So how are we going to approach the next few weeks really depends on how quickly we deal with the last stability issues. Whatever the case may be, however, the next big test for us and the DayZ servers is going to be AI (infected and animals). Once we are ready to test the performance with them, you'll be seeing different setups of player items, spawn points etc. to test different parts of the game under high-stress conditions. the first bunch items on the fixing menu are crashes, and the two biggest issues already mentioned: BattlEye timeouts and character lockouts. We will try to get changes in for the next Stress Test to either get more information and/or lower the impact. The client freezes that you might have experienced are next on the list, and we have fixes in our main Internal branch that we want to port over to the Stress Test branch. Looking forward to the next Stress Test already! A BIG thanks to all of you participating and helping us with the Stress Test #1. Don't forget to send us your feedback either through the Forums or the Feedback Tracker and let's get this ball rolling in the right direction. The engine is here, now we want to make the game better! - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer Dev Update/Peter Yesterday, with the first Stress Test available for a limited amount of time, you had a chance to finally try out the recent build of the new DayZ - a build that will evolve into 0.63 Stable (aka DayZ BETA) in its final form over the coming months. We've spent tons of time developing the new DayZ (I personally call it DayZ 2.0 as it’s significantly different) alongside with its predecessor, which was ultimately terminated with the 0.62 version that's now on the Stable branch. It was definitely a long, winding and bumpy road. To be honest, we are still not at its end yet, but I’m glad we were brave enough to take that road! Versions you are able to test out during the series of Stress Tests have plenty of new stuff and a whole lot of changes made on the granular level. It’s clear, and completely understandable that the new take on DayZ's game design and direction with most mechanics, features, and systems can feel "inappropriate" at first, and can create a lot of drama in the community - possibly even divide it. Especially since with some things, we are certainly far from the usual game industry standards. However, DayZ has never strived to be another ordinary game, and that is not going to change. Of course, these are not changes made for the sake of changes themselves. As stated many times before, we are focused on making the DayZ gameplay to feel genuine by adding as much of actual physicality to it as possible. That’s why we've decided to take some unusual design directions, which introduced many new things to the gameplay mix: a dominant hand slot, where all interactions with items now take place. An enhanced usage of quick slots, allowing you to execute combine actions with items in hands. A reactive raising of hands and advanced firearms manipulation. Even loading magazines with bullets, and many other mechanics and features cross the usual/familiar video game boundaries. Only that way we can deliver an authentic, strong, and unmistakable user experience of playing DayZ. I’m very proud and happy to see such positive feedback from you, our players, on the design we have been sitting on for ages. Over the time, it’s very easy to start breaking apart from the reality and to be honest, I was getting pretty nervous before the release of Stress Test, thinking about how it will be accepted. It turned out to be a stunning sanity check. I want to emphasize that a lot of the stuff in Stress Tests is still in a placeholder stage, largely just being unfinished or unbalanced. We are in the process of getting everything together. The great foundation is there, and we can build upon it. The new era of DayZ has finally begun... see you in Chernarus, folks! - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Dev Update/Adam If you manage to venture into the city of Chernogorsk in the upcoming Stress Tests or when 0.63 hits Experimental, please do not panic. As teased on the 0.63 live stream a few weeks back - yes you saw it right - we are re-designing Chernogorsk, yet again. While the current version of Chernogorsk (v2.5) definitely brings the area of Chernogorsk to DayZ standards (in terms of overall visual quality), we felt that it really lacks on the design side of things. Increased size with additional details contributed to some major performance issues, and the current version is also unnecessarily constrained to the old Arma 2 layout (basically no major landscape changes were done). The plan for version 3 is to figure out broader changes to the area to ensure better performance while keeping the town itself still big enough, and the industrial part still making sense and being dominant like in the days of old Chernogorsk. Additional goals of the version 3 are design and performance related improvements to all three tenement cities and also making sure that this re-design is also seamlessly connected to the other parts of the map (in other words, changes do not end at the border houses, but also affect surrounding areas such as Balota, Nadezhdino, Prigorodki, Elektrozavodsk and the iconic Pik Kozlova). Please keep in mind that this is a crazy big task and as of writing this, it is still ongoing. All that you see in and around Chernogorsk is and will be work-in-progress for some time throughout the 0.63 Experimental period. I will not be going into details on what exactly has happened with the area (I will leave that up to you to figure out), but allow me a small teaser. That's not everything though, I also have an update on the watercourses we previewed in January 16th status report. Some great progress has been made on the visual side of things and we are currently applying this latest iteration on brand new locations (valleys going from central Chernarus to South, South East, and East). We are not quite ready to show anything yet (this iteration won't be available in the first releases of 0.63 on Experimental), but it looks and sounds really good! If you are interested to see a flowing water in the upcoming experimental releases, the version we have previewed at the beginning of this year will be available for you to check out on a number of locations on Chernarus already. - Adam Franců / Map Designer Community Spotlight Hey guys! You tried the first version of 0.63 with your own hands yesterday (or at least saw the main menu in some cases, sorry for the crashes! :)). We've had 3120 slots on servers and 4209 of you joined the Stress Test branch altogether - just wow! I am processing the feedback from you guys at the moment and the dev team will be taking a closer look at it. Thank you for that, your feedback is really important to us! I can't promise you how often the Stress Tests will be happening, but it should get better and better every time. Remember, you usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for! :) Btw. I love this gif :D I just want to remind you of one thing. I know that waiting in queues is frustrating for streamers. For the next Stress Test, we will have one server open for Content Creators. Contact me if you think you should be there, but remember - I will scan through your channels and I want to see DayZ on them! :P I want to thank you for the amazing content we are getting from you. You sent me so many awesome things this week. This first video is incredible. It is a live-action story about two survivors who don't trust each other. Just wow, I have no words. When I sent it to the dev-team, they were amazed too. You NEED to check it out! Another video is made by gekofish and he is showing a special power of his Sedan - hyperdrive! Good job! Did I say how I love your artworks? I believe I already did because you've sent me plenty of them. Either way, let's check some of those that I picked. This is an edited screenshot by Matthias and it looks really cool. This one is from SwatTheWolf who is hyped for the BETA. Yeah, we are hyped too! Liquidcactus from our official forum shows off a few of his artworks and they are really nice. Look at this one. My favorite mass murderer Danny Boyy wants to have lightsabers in the game. So he did some Photoshop magic and created this: Guys, did you ever see a better Twitch overlay than the one Joito has? And look, someone is in DayZ mood! AmishGangsta404 is ready for an apocalypse! And one last thing - someone had a birthday and got an amazing cake! Happy Birthday, Reece! Pitstop Head prided himself on how many screenshots he took in-game on Twitter and other players started to show their number of screenshots too. So, how many DayZ screenshots do you have? Send it to us via our official Twitter account, I am really curious. And I promised a riddle last time, so here is the list of winners: Rustycaddy AstrosLegacy Dustimittens Dersu CanisDirus Emu Threat lexx And here is a picture of a location to guess. It is from Adam again, so it is hard as usual. Can you figure it out? Our Twitter is ready for your answers! I will dig into more of your 0.63 content next time because I prepared this Status Report before the Stress Test and I didn't have time to check it all out. And thank you for your feedback again, we really appreciate that! - Baty / Community Manager Header image by Du Byst.
  16. Survivors, we're shutting down Experimental servers in order to prep them for the upcoming Stress Tests. Please switch to the Stable branch servers - and don't panic, we're not launching the Stress Tests just yet!
  17. Hello Survivors, We are sending out a hotfix for containers nesting, which could have affected server performance. Have a nice day!
  18. DayZ dev. team, please remove from .63 (before you release it please): -Third Person Crosshairs, it completely kills the point of taking your time and aiming, and just simply supports running and gunning. Ruins the immersion as well. -Middle Mouse button aiming, other games have done it, and its the most awkward setup for an aiming button. Please change it to either the old system, or something better than the middle mouse. If you agree with me please say something and share this so we can get it to them!
  19. There is something strange running around in the latest dev log. what do you guys think it is? You can see it running at 6:28 behind the zombie the player shoots
  20. I'd like for there to be some sort of tag or icon or something that appears whenever a developer responds to a forum thread - especially if it's a suggestion thread... not that suggestion threads are often answered by devs, but still. What people in the community are saying and thinking of is nice and all, but my main interests lie in what the devs think. Being able to easily see what's attracted the attention of the devs and, more importantly, what they've said in response would be great. It could maybe even be an optional thing on the off-chance a dev didn't want to draw attention to a thread or for whatever reason.
  21. Add this and I'll pay extra

    Pet dogs. With basic functions such as Follow/Stay And proximity alarms for player /zed notifications when with in X radius ? Later options such as (Tracking) the ability to sniff out and find wild life , (Hunting mode) where dog would run off and return with rabbit in its mouth after certain amount of time.as a alternative to rabbit snares. (Pursue) Where in say your at camp and dog detects player in radius , Set dog to track , and he would start moving toward detected player so you could find them . ( Retrieval ) command, where after you kill target animal or player , dog could go and drag it back to you . (Guard) set to stay at camp or while looting town set dog to auto attack all players/zed who enter X radius of area. Commands could be accessed or gained based on how long your dog has been kept alive to prevent over use or exploiting . ie: newly tamed dog has basic functions, after a week or two of being alive it has all commands unlocked . Ride horses . With saddle bags for storage . Saddles and bags could be crafted from leather , and Horses require upkeep for health,hydration and so on. Wildlife collision . ie If hit by a running cow , you take dmg similar to being run over by a car. Aggressive wild life, Such as wild dogs, pigs , charging bulls, Charging pigs and bulls would be very simple, and just require collision damage with no complicated animations for biting like dogs would. Ai would simply be changed from Passive-Avoid as they are now , to aggressive-attack much like zombies are set to do. Adding much needed chance for random risk and hazards to wilderness areas. Server host/owner loot table control. Ie the ability for the owner of a server to set which items will / will not spawn into their server. not to add more , but to remove. Such as, if a PvE server wanted to remove all military weapons and Canned foods from spawning into server. Or a PvP server wanted to remove all Sniper rifles. Edit: I dont know why everything is highlighted in this post. I cant seem to undo it.
  22. Hello guys, I've just decided to play DayZ again as last time I played it was back in the end of October. I installed the game, I've been asked to agree with EULA, then some application called "BattleEye" was installed and here's what the game's greeting me with when I click play button on Steam: I've reinstalled the game several times, used a launch option which was suggested to me on Steam forums, which is "-malloc=ttb4malloc_bi_x64-maxmem=2047" but to no avail :( . Can anyone help? Why am I greeted with such an error? Any help would be much appreciated.
  23. Trading Backpack's in a Flash

    I always use hunting backpacks, they are so, just, I don't know, simple; they hold a decent amount of things, they blend in well, they are a good size, etc. But if my hunting backpack ever became "worn" or "damaged" I'm going to want to get a new one, right? I go to an airstrip, sure enough, I find a pristine backpack (as an example) imagine me switching ALL my stuff from one backpack to the next, and I get shot, that would suck right? here's what I'm thinking: There is your backpack, and the one in the "vicinity" You drag your backpack over the one on the ground, Then an option pops up "swap items" So instead of having to drag all your items from one backpack to the next, you can automatically switch them in mere seconds. This has probably already been suggested, but if it has, or not, this feature should be implemented in DayZ Standalone.
  24. Half of a Slot items?

    Virtually, in DayZ a map would take up one slot, and a can would take one slot, but if you think about it, you could fit WAAY more maps in a backpack, than cans. So I don't know why they shouldn't implement half slots in DayZ, it would make inventory organizing a bit more easy in some situations, and harder in others, which is more realistic. And obviously, a small item (map) wouldn't take up as much room as a bigger item (canned food) I don't know, just maybe something to think about..
  25. Hey, We are a group with a strong idea for a role-playing community, we have people working on several aspects of the project but only one developer with limited/amateur knowledge. Therefore, we are looking for an experienced developer to join our staff team as lead developer of our mod/community. I won't include any information about the project itself or post any examples of our work so far for privacy's sake but if you are interested in this offer, I/we will discuss the project on a whole and show you our progress thus far - if you still want to be apart of this project, the choice is then yours. This individual will become a member of our staff team, and therefore we are looking for someone who can get along with the rest of us, represent himself maturely on our website, be comfortable talking to us on teamspeak and have somewhat of an interest in role-play. Added points will be awarded if you play CS:GO in your spare time! I thought a small example of our work would encourage people to take us more seriously about this project. So here is a quick title I have made as a small example: There is a lot to be said about the role and what kind of work we require, (nothing difficult I imagine), but if you are interested, send me a PM and I can answer any questions you have and tell you about the project in more depth. Thank you, Squidlor.