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  1. Website: http://www.uwsgaming.com Teamspeak Address: ts.uwsgaming.com <-- Click to join our Teamspeak Teamspeak Download (free): Click Here Community Info We are a community that has been around since late 2003 dedicated to Battlefield, we have 700+ Active and we support the following games listed below (with active players playing them), So if you enjoy FPS and Survival games like us then your taste is similar to ours and we welcome you to be part of our community ~ We also play the following games: Battlefield 1 Ark: Survival Evolved Star Citizen Rainbow Six | Siege Heroes and Generals SQUAD ArmA 3 Escape From Tarkov PUBG Rising Storm 2 WE ARE NOT gonna require you to go through hell just to join the clan like some places do as if its a real life interview and require you to go through harsh steps or answer 20+ questions and have to show up to play on certain days, this isn't a job it's just a game to enjoy for fun and escape our good/bad daily lives (be it your a hardcore player or a casual one) and play on the days your available and convenient for you (and not for us), Play with us and if you enjoy the people, feel free to sign up as a member. As a reminder Our community stands 14+ years strong against hacking/glitching/item duping
  2. Tired of being shot on sight? Playing DayZ the easy way? Looking for something different? A place to play varying games? The CQF is the place for you! We are the CQF, the DayZ division of the First Cavalry. The First Cavalry play a variety of games, don’t feel like you just have to play DayZ to join! We play Arma, Planetside, CS:GO and many more! We encourage members to delve into varying games and get the most out of the First Cav as they can! In DayZ, one of our primary games, we play as friendly survivors. Using our immense numbers to help those in need in the apocalypse. Whether that is protecting them from the undead, or providing them with supplies, our playstyle does not change, we are always friendly! We run various, organised and interesting operations, with varying objectives to create engrossing and diverse scenarios for our members. Sometimes travelling across the most dangerous parts of the map to spread our message. We use our TeamSpeak 3 server to organize our movements and communications. . If you run into us in game, know we do not kill on sight (KOS)! We are a friendly group and are always up for a conversation or to swap gear. If you're new to DayZ SA and are wanting to learn about the game, CQF is the place to be! We run various training sessions to teach our newer squad mates how to act and react in various tactical situations. These members come from around the world, there is always someone to hang with! The First Cav has a strong leadership team, ensuring the best of times are had whilst playing with us. Whilst providing opportunities for all members to climb our rank system, we also accept ideas and suggestions from all our members, no matter rank and time served. We have a few set requirements at CQF to ensure a good environment for our veterans and new members alike: Age: We like our members to be 17+. However we have a Cadet program which will allow you to prove yourself if you are younger. Have a microphone and TeamSpeak 3. Maturity. Adhering to our rules: www.thefirstcav.com/generalorders. 1CAV/CQF website, thefirstcav.com Enlist for CQF here! - www.thefirstcav.com/enlist TeamSpeak server - ts.thefirstcav.com (we use push to talk) Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you! SGM Avery If anyone has any questions feel free to ask here.
  3. TOUGH - DayZ Standalone

  4. Awesome Clan we are Heroes we help people we only kill people if they fire at us first if you are intrested in joining please add me on skype crazyshot098 or steam crazyshot098 you will love this clan
  5. I was watching some of my old videos the other night and I came to think about all the amazing people I have meet in the world of Chernarus, and tons of amazing friendships along the way. This has to be one of the greatest friendships ive had in DayZ. The fact that we could have never known each other, just by the blink of an bullet. This was the night we met Prin, which happen to end up becoming one of our bestfriends. From this night and every night for a year and half we played in this mad world that we call DAYZ. Every night we had a huge crew, always ranging in numbers. (mister, xboxdwayne, lawdog, pstar, and many others. We call ourselfs the Zambie Crew. We roleplayed, Pvp, reordered skits, held up tons of people up at gunpoint, and had many fights at the nwaf. I just love Dayz. There is no other game that you can get such a interaction where it becomes a factor of literately not knowing if they could become one of your bestfriends. This game shows what a split decision can effect, and not just a way of a game decision, the decision you make in the game actually becomes a part of your real life. If we would have shot her, thats a real life friendship that never was. The heartbeating factor you get when you are in Chernarus is insane. And the amazing thing is i know im not the only person to experience this, many dayz players have met friends that to this day still game with, all from meeting them in the world of Chernaus. To that I say cheers, And i Cant wait for many more friendships to come! The Zambie Crew and I were heading north to Novo to celebrate the purge weekend. On the way we ran into two survivors. We captured both of them. One was a female by the name of ZambiePrincess, the other was a deaf male who spoke no words. He died, she lived. Fast forward to present time the crew and princess are still surviving, picking its way around the wastelands of Chernaurs. This is the story of how we met Princess. 8:18 ending montage *for those that dont know, princess (PRIN) became a big part of the ZambieCrew Family **SPOILER ALERT** also goes to show how crazy KOS can be, you never know who you are going to meet in dayz. Video is from June 2015 @Baty Alquawen
  6. SICK - DayZ Standalone

  7. SAVAGE - DayZ Standalone

  8. =VX9= Gaming Community

    =VX9= Is Recruiting North American and European Based Gaming Community Enjoy Tactics? Teamwork? A place you can call home, and a family of fellow gamers that share the same interests and goals as you? Welcome to =VX9=, an established community long since before Battlefield 1942. We are a group of casual and competitive gamers alike that have roots in the first person genre for over 16 years. 1. Mature 18+ Community --- (We enjoy adult humor, topics, and lots of beer. So by mature, we don't mean we act like a bunch of stuck up guppies. We take care of our own!) 2. Teamwork & Tactic s --- (We work with a chain of command, and employ organized tactics on the battlefield) 3. Communication --- (We fund our own servers, teamspeak, and fully developed website to keep up with the latest in our community) 4. Camaraderie --- (Most importantly, we want everyone to feel like they belong. And we do a damn good job at it) Mission statement: Our mission in =VX9= is simple at its core. We strive to promote a great gaming environment for all that have the honor to be a part of our great community. Through the years we have been able to develop not only a great gaming experience but, also long lasting friendships. As we are more than just the games we play. We are at our center one big family. We believe that our community should be built on more than just games. We are held together by the bonds of friendship and the sense of belonging to one great online family! Through the years we have excelled at many of the games we play. Through team work and dedication we are able to stay competitive. We continue to succeed in all avenues that we take as a community because of the great spirit of our members that make =VX9= what it is. To the point! =VX9= is looking for mature gamers to have fun, hangout, and to help replenish our ranks. We have an Army based ranking system, awards, forums, and plenty of other features. But don't take my word for it, come find out yourself! We require all members to go through a 2 week - 1 month recruitment process. We don't require much, but one thing that we love to see in our members is teamwork. Once you filled in your application, it will take anywhere from 12-24 hours to be accepted as a recruit. Possibly even sooner. You will be given more information at that time. So, Do you have what it takes? Requirements: 18+ English speaking TeamSpeak 3 and working microphone No Vac Bans. Interested in Joining? Register and Apply Here http://vx9.com [vx9.com]
  9. In this video I'm demonstrating one of several ways to unstuck vehicles in DayZ. This works like 90% of the Time!
  10. Final Tale DAYZ cinematic

    DayZ Standalone unscprited role-play movie. Watch the final days leading up to Stone D. Cold's death. Live on Fight the Dead Fear the Living Survival Role Play ..come join the fun Intro: 0:00 Chapter ONE: 0:19 Chapter TWO 9:09 Chapter THREE 12:27 Chapter FOUR 18:28 Chapter FIVE 20:35 Chapter SIX 21:45 Conclusion: 22:33 *this was all unscripted actual gameplay https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comment... check out boof's journal http://fightthedeadfeartheliving.com/ recorded/editor- mitch2GNAR
  11. I recently came back to the game after about a two year hiatus. Been enjoying myself being back in Chernarus and exploring all the new buildings/landscapes. But for the life of me, I can't figure out why my Field of View is so close in 3rd person perspective - I've messed around with the Field of View in the configuration and when I put it all the way down to 43.whatever, it zooms me out further than when I max it out at 75.whatever. I can't figure out why my right click zoom isn't working - I right click and hold, it literally does nothing. And I can't figure out why my hunting scope is automagically going into max zoom and not allowing me to right click for the magnified zoom. It just goes from 0-100 real quick. So, if anyone could shed some light on any of the three issues I'm experiencing, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  12. "Hell In A HandBasket"(AU/US/EU) Hardcore/Regular DayZ HIHB Gaming Private Hive Servers HIHBGaming.net (AU/NZ) - The Real Deal (30 Slots) IP: HIHBGaming.net (AU/NZ) - HardCore For The HardCore (30 Slots) IP: HIHBGaming.net | PVP | COASTAL GEAR TENTS | SECRET STASHES (50 Slots) HIHBGaming.net (USA) - Happy Hunting Grounds - Sub Whitelisted (30 Slots) Subscription based whitelisting HIHBGaming.net (EU) Regular DayZ - The Real Deal (30 Slots) HIHBGaming.net (EU) - HardCore For The HardCore (30 Slots) HIHB Comms ts3.hihbgaming.net https://discord.me/hihbgaming HardCore For The HardCore servers are on their own 1st person Private Hive as well as open to the public. HIHB Website For More Info
  13. | Apply Now | Recruitment Status : Open | | Join Our Teamspeak Now! sotl.teamspeak3.com | | Officer | General | Colonel | Major | Captain | 1st Lieutenant | 2nd Lieutenant | Chief Warrant Officer | Warrant Officer | | Enlisted | Command Sergeant Major | First Sergeant | Master Sergeant | Staff Sergeant | Sergeant | Corporal | Private First Class | Private | - Magestic | Steam Profile - Aryki - Jaeric - Nevermax - Riely Plouffe - cornflakesx (Please Write Corresponding Answers In Red) 1. How Old Are You? (If You're Under 16, Fuck Off Kindly.) [ ] 2. What Is Your Timezone? [ ] 3. Do You Have TeamSpeak? [ ] 4. How Many Hours Do You Have On DayZ? [ ] 5. How Well Do You Follow Instructions? (1-10) [ ] 6. Will You Be Committed To The Clan? [ ] 7. Anything Else You'd Like To Add? [ ] | To Be Used By Soldiers Of The Lost Members Only | ( None, but we are open to alliances, please PM Magestic for further discussion. ) ( None, but all clans are considered Neutral until agreements are made or hostile actions from a clan are made. ) ( None )
  14. Art to work

    Hello, I hope 0.63 come befor the end of january . Or you wait SpaceX FH ^^ ? here a little amusement from France :)
  15. DayZ suggestions.

    To the DayZ development team. Starting this of I currently have 300+ hours on the DayZ standalone game with more than 1000+ hours on the Arma 2 DayZ mod and other mods like Arma 3 Exile ect. The reason I am naming that is because I would like to share my opinion about DayZ and how it can be improved and brought back on its feet. DayZ is an hardcore survival game, but there needs to be a line between fun and being a chore. DayZ is currently not fun unfortunately. The game feels as if it does not know what it wants to be. In the past when DayZ standalone was announced all that the people wanted was the Arma 2 Dayz mod without the bugs and with better graphics... Not with 100 more clothing items. DayZ still has massive potential that can be seen by just looking at the amount of people still playing the Arma 2 DayZ mods. There is still a market for this game it just needs to be looked into. Unfortunately the player base has changed and have grown used to features like base building in mods like Exile and Epoch. Though this is only because it is a late game feature and something to do after acquiring a full gear set. If DayZ can invent a new "late game idea" it could already attract that player base. Now to get to the feedback on how to improve DayZ and how to get the player base back. Firstly we have 3 stages in the game = Early game, Mid game and Late game. But before we jump into those stages DayZ needs to improve on something. Its atmosphere. When I think back I get a certain feeling in my belly when I think about the Arma 2 Dayz mod, and that is what you want to create here as well. I think a huge missed opportunity thus far is sounds and music... by adding these (with additional options to turn them louder, softer or off of course) will immediately make the game more atmospheric. I mean just imagine a horror movie with no music... not scary. So for example adding this or something similar: ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r68uZehZqN8 ) Could greatly improve the overall feeling of the game. I mean just read the comments on that video... that is what made DayZ great THAT is what you want in this game! EARLY GAME: Weapons: Currently the early game basically is just running around on a coastal city picking up clothes and engaging in fist fights and melee weapons. This is unfortunately boring. Human interaction is what makes DayZ a great game but not by forcing it onto people, it is having the option to kill. Thus weapon spawns needs to be increased. If weapon spawns are increased it will immediately improve early game fun and increase the tempo of the game. I am not saying make every house a gun shop but there needs to be a decent amount. It also adds the opportunity for a early game character to kill a fully geared person, already adding a new dimension to your game. Of course I do not mean start spawning M4's and AK's in civilian houses. There needs to be civilian weapons like in the early Arma 2 DayZ mod. With weapons like Lee enfields and Winchester shotguns spawning at civilian buildings. High tear weaponry must still only be acquired at military locations like Balota airfield, North West Airfield etc and then only the top tier loot at heli crash sights. Then another important point, from my experience having a gun and no ammo is something really frustrating so I think having the guns have a 75% chance of spawning in with a fully loaded mag in the gun and a 45% chance of having extra mags spawn with the gun would make the game more enjoyable for players, since the player base have become accustomed to getting guns much earlier and easier that before. Items: This leads me to my next point. The amount of useless items in the game is to high. This needs to be reduced. I know you want to have immersion, but we come back to the point of being fun and being a chore. If I am a fresh spawn I don't want to pick if I want a green or red shirt... I think that having a variety is good but to keep it to a minimum. Spawning: This is a small point but I still feel to bring it up. When you spawn on the coast line it does not feel as if you need to survive. What I mean by this is that there needs to be a sudden hint of danger. In my opinion this can be done by adding new spawn clothes. These clothes are teared and shredded and barely hanging on to the player almost as if the player was ship wrecked. Also I feel that the first impressions are important. Look at a game like ARK for example. When you spawn there, your character clearly shows he is confused, adding to mystery and a certain feeling. If this can somehow be implemented that would be fantastic. Character stats: Having to constantly feed my character like a baby is a chore. Having to eat and drink is a big part in a survival game yes, but its still a game. Having the character have to eat and drink less and having the player focus more on the game and enjoying themselves rather that worrying about feeding their character could greatly improve the game play. Keeping it simple and easy, but still fun is what matters. All that I am saying here is just increase the time it takes to become hungry and thirsty. MID GAME: Now that we already have higher gun spawns and less unwanted items and a atmosphere the game will already be more fun and exciting early game, but this will only last for a couple of hours then the players will want to do something new. They will thus want to start moving inland for higher tier loot and having more things to do. Unfortunately having a running simulator is not fun but you cant have a million vehicles spawn either. Bicycle: This is a good middle ground for not having to run, but not having a vehicle either. The Bicycle can be introduced in a very simple way. By having a box named "BUILD YOUR BICYCLE TODAY!" spawn in industrial loot areas that players can pick up and then build a bicycle that they can use to ride inland (additional things could be added like having to have a toolbox to be able to build a bicycle). The bicycles will despawn after restart so that you do not end up with 99999 bikes. By adding this ,your player base will explore the map a lot more and will help by making the game less boring. Humanity: Adding another element to the game is humanity. Now this system is a difficult one and for a developer team I know this is though, but its very very important as this is one of the things that made the core of the Dayz mod. My suggestion for this is as follow. You start with 0 humanity. When you shoot a player you lose a certain amount for example -500. When you shoot a player in self defense (They shot first) you then do not gain or lose any humanity. To gain humanity a new system needs to be added called "Shaking Hands". This is an option that players can get. When standing close to a other player you can scroll on them and say "shake hands". When both players do this within a certain amount of time you will gain a certain amount of humanity for example +500. You can only shake hands once with an specific player so that friends cant abuse the system. If you then shoot a player that you shook hands with you will lose double the humanity with -1000 for example. The rest of the humanity topic will be discussed in the late game section. LATE GAME: Now this is where DayZ currently has a little bit of a problem. So now the player has kitted up and has all the weapons they need, with a healthy character. They have explored the map and lets say they have killed a few people and they are standing on -1500 humanity now and they even found a vehicle. What do they do now? Hero and Bandit: Now that the Humanity system is in place, heroes and bandits can once again be implemented in the game. Having 5000 or -5000 humanity will either make you a bandit or a hero. But this has to have a meaning. Two new locations need to be added on the map. A Hero and Bandit trader both at different locations. ( I am only calling it traders for the time being ). At this location for example the Bandit one it can be a large building somewhere north in the map. To be able to enter and see what is inside you would have to have -5000 humanity to open the door, if you do not have the required humanity simply nothing would happen. Once inside it can be like a "pub" feeling with an NPC standing behind the counter. The player can then interact with this NPC. Two options will then be displayed. "Ask for bandit clothes" will be the one and "Quests" will be the other. When selecting ask for clothes the NPC will then spawn a certain bandit outfit that can only be obtained by him in a chest which the player can access next to him. The same idea will be at the hero trader just with a different theme and different location. The clothing needs to be iconic and I would suggest using the same clothing models for hero and bandit as it was in the Arma 2 DayZ mod. This will now let players know who is bandits and heroes and give players something to work for. Quests: Another part of the late game. After achieving the hero or bandit status the trader can be asked for quests. These quests will be things like "Kill 50 zombies" and the reward will be a certain gun with 3 mags for example. The Quests also start small with something like for a bandit: "Kill 1 player" then for smaller quests there are also smaller rewards like for that quest it would be an certain bandit head piece. The Quests will be bandit or hero related. for example the hero cant get a quest telling him to kill 5 players. There will then be for example 5 quests for each trader. Not making them to long that the player gets bored. After the 5 quests are complete a sixth one is unlocked called "Travel to Namalsk" (This is now entering later plans for development) Then the Namalsk map is unlocked to be played on. This not only gives a purpose for late game but keeps the cycle going adding the early game then to Namalsk. Of course people will want to keep playing on Chernarus and thus we need an alternate late game from the Namalsk idea. People are use to having base building so having an more realistic version of a base building idea could solve that. BONUS IDEAS: -You only have 60 players max on a map. Do not make Chernarus bigger. You are only making the game play more boring and causing the game to become more of a running simulator than ever before. Player encounters is what makes this game fun. The more encounters the better. -For late development, character customization even if it is basic is important. -Having a functioning map where markers can be put onto so that new players don't get lost so easily. -Having campfires give bonuses like healing faster etc. And that is it! Thank you so much for taking the time in reading this and I truly hope you take this seriously and realize that there is still a huge opportunity for this game! If anybody feels that they disagree or would like to improve please comment below. Kind Regards Alex

    Just uploaded a new DayZ video! My mic is a bit quiet but I didn't record two paths so I couldn't really turn it up! This is the only game play I have for now so I hope you guys enjoy!
  17. Mature Gamers Wanted!

    Hey everyone! We are looking for game enthusiasts from all backgrounds, ages and cultures to join a mature gaming family! Metanix Gaming is a friendly, diverse and sociable community that is formed around a central website and Discord. We currently host two game servers (1 DayZ and 1 7 Days to Die) and this is rapidly expanding, along with our player base, with intentions to bring on board Rust, Garrys Mod, and a little surprise from a developer we're partnering up with! Our existing members are awesome! We cater for everyone, hosting general population lounges to chill out and have a laugh, private competitive lounges for the more concentrated bunch, as well as private "mature" lounges, where older generation gamers can chill out and share a beer together whilst divulging into a game. Our DayZ server is a Friendly Survival RP server, where we encourage friendly game-play and player interaction, and our Rust server we like to keep basic! Running as vanilla, just the way it should be. Metanix Staff are extremely friendly and will always strive to be available to help any player that requires it. The staff team alike is rapidly expanding and we are always looking for new members to join our staffing ranks. As well as this, we are offering partnerships for small-time / start-up Twitch streamers and YouTube video creators. Our 'Content Creator' partner scheme will put the spotlight on your content and help you grow into the public figure you aim to be and achieve Twitch Partner status. Come and check us out for yourself! Hop in the Discord link below, say hello and open yourself up to all the community has to offer, we host weekly competitions that can allow you to win a plethora of prizes. Join us on Discord @ http://discord.me/metanix Check out our site @ http://metanix.net I'm sure you won't be disappointed, come and meet our members, find people to play games with and enjoy your PC experience so much more with us! Feel free to bring your friends, our Discord channels are open for all members to use.

    There are many bad people in the land of Chernarus... ;)
  19. I just released a trailer to my new series called "The Unforgiving World of DayZ" I put a little bit of time into it and hope you guys enjoy it!
  20. Need help in DayZ? Have questions and are unsure who to ask? Bleeding out in game, and you need assistance ASAP? This page will be dedicated to helping new players, or any players in need of assistance. If you are in need of help, or are willing to help please list your name below with what you are willing to do. Your name will then be added to the list below, of those available to help others. List all info you are willing to give: Name, age, region location and what are you available to do for others? Also list if you can assist in other languages please. If you are willing to have your name linked to your Steam account, PM me or add it in as a link yourself. - Willing to help online: you will help answer peoples questions and are willing to talk them through things, but not in game. - Willing to help in-game: you will help players in game, in whatever fashion they may need. You may add things to this like: not for trades, only for healing, etc.. - Standalone or the mod? Both, or any restrictions on what you can offer help on? P.A.T. : *each name listed below is a link. Simply click on the name, and send them a PM! 1. Baty Alquawen - Teleport Manager - Able to teleport players who are stuck in stones or buildings. Just send her a PM. :) 2. sausagekingofchicago - In game: Standalone, public hive US & EU servers if possible. 3. emuthreat - In-game and Online, public or private. Can provide hunting and fishing/crafting assistance, medical assistance, vehicle recovery, and finding lost players. 4. Old Man River - In-game. Always have plenty of food and medical supplies along with vehicle access. Have characters on public (both hives) and some private servers as well. Often centrally located on the map. 5. StayGold - 20 years old - USA - Willing to help Online and In-game. I'll be able to help players navigate throughout Chernarus and to answer questions. English only (direct and/or microphone chat). 6. Irish. - 39 years old - USA - Willing to help out Online or In game: Standalone or the mods (No A3 mods, my Arma 3 game is not working right now due to bugs). 7. Plasma - Can help out with whatever. 8. Valdark - Bobby - 38 years old - Willing to help answer questions online here or on reddit u/Valdark2 ..Also willing to help in game when I'm on which is mostly 10pm-4am CST Monday-Thursday though I'm sometimes available during the day as well. 9. Sqeezorz - Willing to help in game or online: GERMAN LANGUAGE PREFERRED - CEST PM hours - (Also some English - simple and not complex, I can also cover CZ / PL / SLO and some French.) 10. skullduggery86 - Avaiable to help out on Public hives in game and out of game anywhere from 10 A.M. EST to 12 PM EST all week every week. 11. GaryWalnuts - Willing to help with: new players, navigation, lost players, medical, food ,water, making fires, etc.. and usually has a spare raincoat with him. ;) 12. Red_Ensign - 51 years old - Canada - Willing to help in-game with infections and sickness, and some basic equipment. Usually on public 3rd person servers. 13. IMT - Willing to help both in-game and out-game, with pretty much anything. Questions, medical help, acquiring food, hunting, survival, basically anything. 14. WOLFGEIST - Online - Available to answer questions regarding to dayz. 15. atomquark - Online or in-game. Standalone, public, and private US_EU. I can help with just about anything.
  21. DayZ Funny Moments

    DayZ Funny, Epic, Fail, & Weird Moments from 2014 to 2017. Please share which moment or clip was your favorite from this video. - Enjoy & Happy New Year! :D