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    There are many bad people in the land of Chernarus... ;)
  2. Website: http://www.uwsgaming.com Teamspeak Address: ts.uwsgaming.com <--- click to join our Teamspeak Long time clan that began in 2003 and have been playing Battlefield for many years. We are now looking for friendly players to join us for the Standalone. Hop in our TS3 and play with us, no need to join the clan. We are not looking for drama, it's just a game to escape our good/bad daily lives, survive long and prosper! So if you enjoy Battlefield and DayZ then your play style is similar to ours, so check us out! We also play Ark - Division - R6 Siege and Star Citizen (with a Javelin-class Destroyer + Idris-P ready to go!) as a reminder - our clan stands 12+ years strong against hacking/glitching, and also item duping.\ our server is located below, want to hunt us legit? bring a group of friends and try :)
  3. I just released a trailer to my new series called "The Unforgiving World of DayZ" I put a little bit of time into it and hope you guys enjoy it!
  4. Need help in DayZ? Have questions and are unsure who to ask? Bleeding out in game, and you need assistance ASAP? This page will be dedicated to helping new players, or any players in need of assistance. If you are in need of help, or are willing to help please list your name below with what you are willing to do. Your name will then be added to the list below, of those available to help others. List all info you are willing to give: Name, age, region location and what are you available to do for others? Also list if you can assist in other languages please. If you are willing to have your name linked to your Steam account, PM me or add it in as a link yourself. - Willing to help online: you will help answer peoples questions and are willing to talk them through things, but not in game. - Willing to help in-game: you will help players in game, in whatever fashion they may need. You may add things to this like: not for trades, only for healing, etc.. - Standalone or the mod? Both, or any restrictions on what you can offer help on? P.A.T. : *each name listed below is a link. Simply click on the name, and send them a PM! 1. Baty Alquawen - Teleport Manager - Able to teleport players who are stuck in stones or buildings. Just send her a PM. :) 2. sausagekingofchicago - In game: Standalone, public hive US & EU servers if possible. 3. emuthreat - In-game and Online, public or private. Can provide hunting and fishing/crafting assistance, medical assistance, vehicle recovery, and finding lost players. 4. Old Man River - In-game. Always have plenty of food and medical supplies along with vehicle access. Have characters on public (both hives) and some private servers as well. Often centrally located on the map. 5. StayGold - 20 years old - USA - Willing to help Online and In-game. I'll be able to help players navigate throughout Chernarus and to answer questions. English only (direct and/or microphone chat). 6. Irish. - 39 years old - USA - Willing to help out Online or In game: Standalone or the mods (No A3 mods, my Arma 3 game is not working right now due to bugs). 7. Plasma - Can help out with whatever. 8. Valdark - Bobby - 38 years old - Willing to help answer questions online here or on reddit u/Valdark2 ..Also willing to help in game when I'm on which is mostly 10pm-4am CST Monday-Thursday though I'm sometimes available during the day as well. 9. Sqeezorz - Willing to help in game or online: GERMAN LANGUAGE PREFERRED - CEST PM hours - (Also some English - simple and not complex, I can also cover CZ / PL / SLO and some French.) 10. skullduggery86 - Avaiable to help out on Public hives in game and out of game anywhere from 10 A.M. EST to 12 PM EST all week every week. 11. GaryWalnuts - Willing to help with: new players, navigation, lost players, medical, food ,water, making fires, etc.. and usually has a spare raincoat with him. ;) 12. Red_Ensign - 51 years old - Canada - Willing to help in-game with infections and sickness, and some basic equipment. Usually on public 3rd person servers. 13. IMT - Willing to help both in-game and out-game, with pretty much anything. Questions, medical help, acquiring food, hunting, survival, basically anything. 14. WOLFGEIST - Online - Available to answer questions regarding to dayz. 15. atomquark - Online or in-game. Standalone, public, and private US_EU. I can help with just about anything.
  5. DayZ Funny Moments

    DayZ Funny, Epic, Fail, & Weird Moments from 2014 to 2017. Please share which moment or clip was your favorite from this video. - Enjoy & Happy New Year! :D
  6. Lone Wolf Showdown in Elektro

  7. Seen in height

    Hello I would like to take pictures of the height of the DayZ Standalone card in 06.2, how can I do?
  8. Hi, I wanted to make this post to get some help on this. I don't really know what might be causing it. What happens is, I am using speakers (my main monitors speakers). I have a second monitor on the side, and I watch a stream there. Any time I'll want to tab in and out of the game, the moment or as long as the tabbing takes so like 1 second or w/e I won't have sound. It's like it resets my whole sound system every time I decide to tab in or out. Any help on this would be appreciated. I have not tried this with headphones on. I tried to watch a show on VLC instead of a stream later in the day, to see if it would happen again, but instead when I tab in my VLC crashes completely. I don't know if this is because of dayz and what happens with the sound, or if it's cause of VLC itself but I mention it for reference. Thanks in advance.
  9. stuck in rock

    Hello I was playing dayz and in a moment I was in a rock. Does anyone know how to get out? Let me know pleas.
  10. always "'1 file failed to validate"

    Hello I tried to join a dayz server but the game restarted itself. after that I verified game file integrity and I always have the same message "'1 file failed to validate" hope you can help
  11. dayz stops before I joined a server

    Hello There was an update a few days ago and now when I want to join dayz, it stops before I am on a server. I mean the screen with the big tower. At that moment the game close itself and just restart. Does anyone can help me? btw sorry for my bad english. ;0
  12. "Hell In A HandBasket"(AU/US/EU) Hardcore/Regular DayZ HIHB Gaming Private Hive Servers HIHBGaming.net (AU/NZ) - The Real Deal (30 Slots) IP: HIHBGaming.net (AU/NZ) - HardCore For The HardCore (30 Slots) IP: HIHBGaming.net | PVP | COASTAL GEAR TENTS | SECRET STASHES (50 Slots) HIHBGaming.net (USA) - Happy Hunting Grounds - Sub Whitelisted (30 Slots) Subscription based whitelisting HIHBGaming.net (EU) Regular DayZ - The Real Deal (30 Slots) HIHBGaming.net (EU) - HardCore For The HardCore (30 Slots) HIHB Comms ts3.hihbgaming.net https://discord.me/hihbgaming HardCore For The HardCore servers are on their own 1st person Private Hive as well as open to the public. HIHB Website For More Info
  13. DayZ Village #1

  14. | Apply Now | Recruitment Status : Open | | Join Our Teamspeak Now! sotl.teamspeak3.com | | Officer | General | Colonel | Major | Captain | 1st Lieutenant | 2nd Lieutenant | Chief Warrant Officer | Warrant Officer | | Enlisted | Command Sergeant Major | First Sergeant | Master Sergeant | Staff Sergeant | Sergeant | Corporal | Private First Class | Private | - Magestic | Steam Profile - Aryki - Jaeric - Nevermax - Riely Plouffe - cornflakesx (Please Write Corresponding Answers In Red) 1. How Old Are You? (If You're Under 16, Fuck Off Kindly.) [ ] 2. What Is Your Timezone? [ ] 3. Do You Have TeamSpeak? [ ] 4. How Many Hours Do You Have On DayZ? [ ] 5. How Well Do You Follow Instructions? (1-10) [ ] 6. Will You Be Committed To The Clan? [ ] 7. Anything Else You'd Like To Add? [ ] | To Be Used By Soldiers Of The Lost Members Only | ( None, but we are open to alliances, please PM Magestic for further discussion. ) ( None, but all clans are considered Neutral until agreements are made or hostile actions from a clan are made. ) ( None )

    Everyone loves a Pumpkin.... right? ;)
  16. Tired of being shot on sight? Playing DayZ the easy way? Looking for something different? A place to play varying games? The CQF is the place for you! We are the CQF, the DayZ division of the First Cavalry. The First Cavalry play a variety of games, don’t feel like you just have to play DayZ to join! We play Arma, Planetside, CS:GO and many more! We encourage members to delve into varying games and get the most out of the First Cav as they can! In DayZ, one of our primary games, we play as friendly survivors. Using our immense numbers to help those in need in the apocalypse. Whether that is protecting them from the undead, or providing them with supplies, our playstyle does not change, we are always friendly! We run various, organised and interesting operations, with varying objectives to create engrossing and diverse scenarios for our members. Sometimes travelling across the most dangerous parts of the map to spread our message. We use our TeamSpeak 3 server to organize our movements and communications. . If you run into us in game, know we do not kill on sight (KOS)! We are a friendly group and are always up for a conversation or to swap gear. If you're new to DayZ SA and are wanting to learn about the game, CQF is the place to be! We run various training sessions to teach our newer squad mates how to act and react in various tactical situations. These members come from around the world, there is always someone to hang with! The First Cav has a strong leadership team, ensuring the best of times are had whilst playing with us. Whilst providing opportunities for all members to climb our rank system, we also accept ideas and suggestions from all our members, no matter rank and time served. We have a few set requirements at CQF to ensure a good environment for our veterans and new members alike: Age: We like our members to be 17+. However we have a Cadet program which will allow you to prove yourself if you are younger. Have a microphone and TeamSpeak 3. Maturity. Adhering to our rules: www.thefirstcav.com/generalorders. 1CAV/CQF website, thefirstcav.com Enlist for CQF here! - www.thefirstcav.com/enlist TeamSpeak server - ts.thefirstcav.com (we use push to talk) Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you! SGM Avery If anyone has any questions feel free to ask here.

    We are all Children of Chernarus... ;)
  18. Zombies

    I got back to this game after like 1,5 year break. I thought after that long time Bohemia fixed bugs and added more things... well they added some stuff but they added back ZOMBIES as well too! I really don't know WHY you added zombies back if they are more bugged than 3 years ago! I play on servers with 20-30 ping and zombies could hit you while they are running to you from like 2 meters away... also I guess there is like 80% chance for bleeding per one hit WTF?! You can't fight vs zombie like "properly" you getting random hits, they're hitting you without hit animation... xD they can push you like 3 meters while they running , if they crawling they pushing you too... xD One stupid hit can completly destroy your clothes and stuff in pockets... I was looting big airport for last 3 days and I've met nobody, I was pretty suprissed at start but now I understand why players don't loot the big airport, well I found some pristine jackets and after one fight vs zombie everything was ruined... It is just not worth looting good stuff bc zombies are destroying everything! I UNDERSTAND maybe you want zombies to be a real danger but what sense is there putting zombies with like 80% chance for bleeding?, 50% destroying your stuff, if you can't fight them properly bc of bugged moves ?! I swear when I bought this game like 4-5 years ago, zombies were so much better than now... even if you come to a zombie from behind, sometimes your hit is missing... WTF really?! Hit with axe from behind missing bc of bugged moves? How fair is that ? IM NOT saying zombies should be easy to kill and not dangerous but I WANT proper animations. You want this game to be really realistic so tell me how some dead people with rotting body can destroy MILITARY clothes with two-three hits ? O.o And make your body bleeding through military jacket and vest... ? I really don't understand that... until dead people got steel claws :) but I thought zombies from dayz are like zombies from "the walking dead", not "I am Legend". Plus I didn't know zombies in dayz know parkour tho O.o I was so surprised when zombie was chasing me and jump over the fkn fence like David Belle :) well I'm really disappointed in this game at the moment if zombies "work" so much worse than 5 years ago. I spent 277 hours in this game so I'm not newbie who moaning about is too hard, but its bullshit if zombies have super skills and players can't kill them without getting injuries and losing equipment. I wish there was a way to kill zombie from behind, quietly like in "survival instinct" ... Now this game for me is completely unplayable.

    You never know who your going to bump into in DayZ... That is the beauty of it. ;)
  20. Part #1 / Part #2 / Part #3 (With Pictures) Hi again ladies and gents!! This is the fourth part of some ideas / suggestions about Dayz SA that i have compile from my own thoughts and from some other user’s ideas (with some personal twists) If you didn`t see the first. second or third part, I highly recommend you do it I'll be very grateful). English is not my native language, so I truly apology for the grammatical errors that may exist. Post format: IDEA + ILUSTRATION + SHORT SUMMARY (I can amplify more in comments if you need) Each idea tries to be as achievable and reasonable as possible according to the Dayz spirit (Survivalist - post apocalyptic atmosphere), the actual game possibilities and the features and changes mentioned in the status reports and official forums / trello / dev social media. Let’s start!! #26 SPAWN BACKGROUND STORIES ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: The spawns in Dayz are something that definitely have to improve to give them more realism and avoid to the maximum the vocation to commit suicide consistently until appearing in the particular spawn point that we want. Along with the idea (as far as I know, confirmed by the devs) of including passive abilities, it seems to me that this could be complemented by other idea: offering the characters a minimal “spawn story” or “spawn background” that has effect both on: 1) The passive skills you have 2) The spawn place you got (building) 3) The items and clothing you have from the beginning My idea is that when you spawn, you do it with certain characteristics related to the “background/history” of our character (random with each spawn), for example, a doctor, a mechanic, a soldier, a journalist, a farmer, a fireman, an electrician, a truck driver, A hunter, etc. To give a simple example of this, I take the case of a medic at each of these points (1, 2 and 3). If you spawn as a medic, it could mean that: 1) Passive skills: You have a passive ability that can affect (for example) the times you can apply a saline or other items, the ease of crafting certain items, etc. 2) Spawn place: The doctor could spawns in hospital rooms, summer camps, clinics (like Tulga's) and so on with the rest of the professions. 3) Primary items: Instead of starting with a radio (like the devs wants according to the last SR), a flare and a rag, it could appear with 6 rags, a saline and a walking stick. Same thing could happen with the clothes you wear. It could appear with medical pants or a chinstrap. The purpose of this idea is not to create true "classes" within Dayz, but to give more originality to the spawns and look for alternation or something that motivates to "stay with this character" regardless of the spawn place. Clearly they would have to be as balanced as possible and with differences that are not determinant to avoid multiplying suicides until reaching a certain “class”. Remember, this is just the original idea and it can clearly be polished and perfected. #27 ALTERNATIVE HOUSES INTERIORES / BARRICADES ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: This idea is neither new nor original and it is confirmed that they are working on it. Adam Francu himself (Map Designer dev team) confirmed it in the last Q&A video (part 2) and so was also made from the official Trello. But I simply added this suggestion to give a bit of publicity to a reddit user concept that I found very interesting: iKon9. Here is his post The idea of giving more "abandonment status" to the houses and obviously much more alternation to their interiors would add a lot to the gaming experience and that is why I try to keep this idea / suggestion latent. #28 BLOODY HANDS / FACE AFTER KILLING SOMEONE ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: The idea is quite simple and I would add an interesting additional feature for both pvp servers and roleplay servers. Simply, after killing another player, for about 45 minutes, both your face and your hands remain stained with blood. For what? Simply to tell other players that you've killed a survivor / villain. But again ...... for what? This would offer an interesting condiment when confronting with other survivors and would be a necessary element to be able to trust or distrust of another player when you meet them. It would also force us (the killers) to look for gloves, balaclavas or masks to cover our traces of blood, so that when we meet another player we can ask him to "show his hands" or “show his face” to see if he is a bandit or not. Obviously the cleaning supplies would also fulfill their role by offering the possibility of cleaning the wounds, not only to avoid infections (when diseases work correctly) but also to hide the traces of blood. I think that Dayz Standalone definitely lacks a system of identification of "heroes and villains" (Survivors and bandits) as did Dayz mod (with the system of clothing, which I clearly would not want to be repeated in SA because it would lose immersion and realism). And that this type of "rewards and punishments" would be a good start to stimulate in-game roles and interactions, without losing immersion. #29 PICKING UP ITEMS FROM WORLD ANIMATION ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: I think that everyone who follows Dayz news probably knows that the system of picking items from the floor/world will have a change with the possible implementation of an interactive icon in the center of the screen that indicates: 1) Which item is treated and 2) Offers the possibility of Initiate action. All this in order to avoid having to use vicinity to find the small items lying/hidden on the floor and subtract some immersion with this. When I saw this for the first time in the status report I could not help but compare it to the system used by PUGB (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds). Then I start to think that both Dayz inventory and the character control system can take a lot from the one used in PUGB. Its simplicity and the possibility of performing special actions simply by using combinations of keys (throwing items to the floor holding a key, lifting only a number of items and not everything with another key and similar examples) are super interesting things to "copy" if we want to avoid aspects that remain immersed in the game. In this way of "taking virtues of other games" I think it would be interesting that, together with the new animation system, they integrate a “take animation” or "picking up things of the world animation". This would change what is now as simple as that we press an action button and the items just disappears while we stand idle or we can run at full speed and raise the weapon of a dead player without any action simply by double click in vicinity. Clearly I am not asking that every animation of lifting an item, opening a door or a can imply a complexity that makes the game a tedious and slow, but simply that when we pick up things from the world our character performs an action / movement similar that PUGB do. Either crouching a fraction of seconds or stretching the hand if the item is at our height). #30 THE USE OF RADIOS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: In one of the last status report Hicks himself spoke of the need to give a new role to the radios within the game. Being one of the elements capable of generate much more immersion and interaction in Dayz, I could not agree more with the idea of reformulate the way in which these work to fulfill this objective. I will list some of my own suggestions about the radios but, regardless of that, I would like to hear your opinion about how the radios should work in future so that the players can actually give them use and, at the same time, the game does not become a “radio trolling” or loss of seriousness/realism in its use. Some of my thoughts on this are: 1) Radios should be present at spawn (with batteries included) 2) The way they work should be much simpler. You could even assign a special key to use it (similar to what happens with the binoculars in many games, including the Arma series) and change the frequency with the mouse scroll. 3) There should be two types of radios: a) The civilian ones (walkie-talkies, spawn with character) b) The military ones (much more difficult to find/loot and with more power and frequencies). 4) Civilians walkies-talkies: can only be use at a short number of frequencies and with a short-band (people can only be contacted in a proximity of 2 or 3 cities of distance or equivalent in kilometers). 5) Military radios: can use all frequencies and bands, regardless of where you are. You can contact with any other radio throughout the map. 6) There can be "X" special places where one can contact all the frequencies at the same time (only with a military radio). These would be: 1) Green Mountain Tower 2) Altar 3) Tisy Radio Station 4) Ostry. The idea is that there are not many places (maybe only 2) where you can send a message to all frequencies at the same time with the risk that players who hear it know that one is in one of those places. The further north they are the better. 7) Private radio contact system: We definitely have to create a private radio contact system that implies that even if another player (enemy) is close to us, do not listen (like the direct communication) what we are talking on the radio (a kind of private in-game communication system). This could solve the fact that, every time we find another friendly survivor and we both have a radio and want to communicate in game, we can assign a private sub frequency to be able to chat in game without needing to be passing our Steam, Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype or other type of private communication that submerges the game. You can say to me: "that’s why you have direct communication for and it would be kind of unreal that another (near) player does not listen your voice when you speak". This is true, but we must also remember that it is preferable to subtract a minimum of realism in this aspect than to subtract absolutely everything using a program outside the game itself to communicate without anyone can hear us. Perhaps an intermediate solution would be that, when using a private sub frequency, our VOIP gets lower than with direct communication. #31 BALOTA AIRPLANE GRAVEYARD ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: Whenever I pass by the Balot Airfield gives me the feeling that something is missing. It is very small (in structures) and very large (in space) at the same time and I think it is a very unused and too open scenario where it is very simple to know if there is someone camping there while it is very difficult to hide in places that are not a clichè (ATC for example). Considering that the map is not going to get expand of any type and that currently (along with the beta) devs are working on some modifications to some areas of the map, I would simply like to leave a suggestion to make the Balota airfield a much more interesting. Simply turn the airport into an airplane graveyard. This would not go against the lore of the game nor would it affect the loot or the central economy system (im not talking about adding new loot inside this planes). The possibility of adding destroyed airplanes simply for the purpose of greater and better ambience could be replicated (at different levels) in the different airfields around the map. #32 NO CROSSAIR AT ALL ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: This is a rather difficult suggestion to raise because surely everyone has their own vision on the subject, but personally I hate the current Dayz crossair. It seems to me that it is extremely invasive, enormous and annoying the general vision. Of course I have played on hardcore servers where the crossair is usually disable, but this one reappears when you point any of the guns. Trying to think of some kind of alternative crossair, whether from its format, its transparency, its color, the moment it appears or disappears so as not to be invasive ... finally I wondered: it would be impossible to play Dayz without any type indicator or crossair? (Even taking into account the possible incorporation of the system of "highlighting" of items in the world mentioned in suggestion # 29). The answer for me is no. It would not be impossible and I think it would be the best option. Come to this answer after seeing some videos of other games where the good aim depends on the intuition, precision and luck of the player when you shoot in third person and the precision provided by the ironsight when we do in first person. Neither more nor less than in real life. To give you an example, I leave this video of Ghost Recon Wildlands (forgettable game in my opinion) where it is played in extreme difficulty and with the crossair on disable. (From the minute 1:10) This would also generate shooting circumstances much more random, longer and difficult than the current ones where firing from the waist with a Winchester, a Mosin or a Blaze you can make an extremely accurate shot by helping you with the current crossair. #32 KEFFIYEH AND FACEMAKS - HIDE STEAM ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: I take this idea from a concept made by "RWD Mods", a youtuber that usually make great concepts for Dayz and that I highly recommend along with "Game In Theory" (another user). The purpose of this idea Is mostly aesthetic but may have a higher implication in relation to: 1) Body temperature, being the head dress that increases / maintains the temperature higher 2) Along with facemasks, the breathing steam should be hidden when you use one of those, even the noise of the breath could be reduced after a long run. Ok guys, that´s all for this post. As I said before, I have a few more ideas that I want to share but I need your feedback fist. Sorry one more time for my terrible English, tips or corrections will be highly valued!! :::::::: INDEX ::::::::
  21. Part #1 / Part #2 / Part #3 / Part #4 (With Pictures) Hi again ladys and gents! This is the third part of some ideas / suggestions about Dayz SA that i have compile from my own thought and from some other user’s ideas (with some twists). If you didn`t see the first or second part, I highly recommend you do it I'll be very grateful). Links above. First some clarifications: I know we should wait until the beta is release to even consider any of this suggestion that, of course, are not priority right now, but that does not prevent us from discussing about them and how they could be better or if they are viable or not for Dayz SA. English is not my native language, so I truly apology for the grammatical errors that may exist. Post format: IDEA + ILUSTRATION + SHORT SUMMARY (I can amplify more in coments if you need) Each idea tries to be as achievable and reasonable as possible according to the Dayz spirit (Survivalism - post apocalyptic atmosphere) and actual game possibilities. You are not going to find stuff like “Dead players become zombies” or “The zombies should eat player’s heads and become overpower”. All suggestions represent minor changes or minor additions that, in my opinion, can take place within the game. Let’s start (again)! #19 TRAVELING ZOMBIE HORDES ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: If you ever went to Kamenka you probably have seen the large number of cars near the new military base. This was probably due to people trying to escape west when the epidemic (or whatever it was) began. But what happened to all those people? I think it would be a good additive to the game and a great way to get people off the coast add a horde of zombies (big enough) to travel from west to east along the coast raining what is in their path. They do not have to be zombies other than those that exist today (maybe more aggressive or easily hosted), but the amount and the fact that they go together and moving in one direction would have to be enough reason to a) Speed our incursion to the center and north of the map b) Find shelter or weapons to defend us when they arrive. Check this example. The greatest danger of dayz today is one: the other survivors (bandits). Although the zombies have obtained an improvement and today are much more dangerous than before (because they can kill us a couple of blows, because they ruin our team, because they can lock us in a house without being able to leave) I think they still not dangerous enough to be taken into account as a fundamental part of the game. Alternatives like these (with the necessary modifications) and others would be a good way to give a little more "life" to the zombies. #20 SOLUTION FOR GAMMA BOOSTING (RUST EXPERIENCE) ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: This topic has been discussed countless times. This mention is simply to keep it alive because I think is a fundamental “to fix feature” for the experience of a real survival game. We already know that the night in Dayz just does not work as it should. Either because users abuse the gamma options (within the game or in the control panels of their respective video cards or even on their monitors directly) or because the light just don`t render the way it should. So I think the solution to this has to be a change in the technology of the game regarding to the night time. I think the Rust experience (another early access still under development) gives a glimmer of hope on this issue. Simply to bring to the notice of anyone who does not know, Rust create a night system that makes textures extremely dark at this time of day. This generates that, even after raising the gamma in the source that one selects (in-game, monitor, control panel, etc.), the darkness continues in its effects in the visibility of the surroundings. As we see in the reference image above, the darkness of Dayz may not have any effect if we raise the gamma (in the image it is seen as everything around us looks perfectly, as in daylight). On the contrary, in Rust, even after climbing the gamma to the maximum, darkness persists forced the player to use alternative means (real) of lighting (torches, lanterns, bonfires, etc.). Check this example. I honestly do not know the technology involve and I am not a connoisseur of the subject like to demand technically on this. But I do not think Dayz cannot implement something similar if it is proposed. Hope they do. Great post about gamma | by tommekk Other post about Rust gamma fix | by BRiiTASH #21 ABILITY TO DESTROY LIGHTS SPOTS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: It was absolutely necessary to talk about the gamma issue first so that we could then consider these kind of suggestions. I think the rendering of light in dayz has improved a lot, but it's still very poor in some ways. With this I am not referring to the quality of the image or the dynamic lights, but to the distances. In real life, a light from a flare in the dark should be seen hundreds of meters away. In Dayz this does not happen. After this first observation and bearing in mind that the development team has already talked about the possibility of adding generators and electric light, it would be very interesting thing not to forget that the lights have to be able to be destroyed and reconstructed for a greater interaction between players and environment. I do not mean only street lights but also be able to add some types of lanterns or large light sources like light towers, high power spotlights among others things so that the night (once solved the gamma) really Involve the dangers of darkness. Check this example #1 | Minute 14:00 Check this example #2 | Minute 17:00 #22 CROSSED WEAPONS IN BACK ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: This suggestion is not important at all but I think it would sum up the "survivor" trait that Dayz should have. In the same way that the idea of a far more apocalyptic costume (without falling into the futuristic apocalyptic like Mad Max) was planted, the fact that all players do not carry weapons as if they were trained soldiers would also summarize this idea. The image simply represents an example of how the weapons could be carried when in the back we have neither a melee weapon nor a backpack. As I said, this is not only applicable to weapons, the idea of movements, clothing and much less militarized actions I think should be the focus of attention when conceiving the characters in Dayz. This is just an “open gate suggestion”. #23 TORCH / FLASHLIGHT WIELD ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: Anyone who has played in role-play servers or does not really use gamma lighting at night will have seen that running or jogging with a torch or flashlight in your hand looks like an electronic party. The light jumps up and down making vision impossible and turning the action into something ridiculous.I can understand that when you run desperate for a danger behind you with a flashlight in your hand this sudden movement could be real (I remember the film of the project of blair witch for example), but not so when you are just jogging. Then I started to see how other games treated this and finally came to a good example: Skyrim. In it, the movement of the torch while running is not from top to bottom, but from side to side. Then the light always stays ahead of us and the lighting is much more focused and realistic.I think that with the new animations system this surely will be solved, but I seemed opportune to mention it. Check this example. #24 BATTERY LIFETIME INDICATOR ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: I honestly am not a big fan of adding indicators to the Dayz screen. I think it takes a lot of immersion and the cleaner the better. However, not everyone thinks the same. For this the solution is simple: the same key that enables the hot bar at the same time (or with the same logic) enable the status indicators that, according to the images that were allowed to transcend, measure the stamina and other indicators of hunger, thirst, damage, etc. Having said that, I think the battery and power system really needs indicators. Either in the HUD itself or in the image above or in the detail of the items when we inspect them. I just used the flashlight as an example, but this should also be present in: car battery and truck, batteries of walkie talkies, scopes and the rest of the items that work with electric charge. Of course first we need to fix the persistence of the electric power in batteries to make this even possible. Sqeezorz idea about dynamic consume of Items with battery: Agree 100%. Also: With the battery of the car could change the sound of the engine as it is destroyed or could even make it difficult to start the car (You have to try several times to turn it on to start if the battery is damaged or in poor condition). #25 BLOOD TYPE LABEL IN BLOOD BAG AFTER TEST KIT ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: This suggestion is possibly the simplest one and I think it is extremely necessary. Perhaps few of you use blood bags instead of saline bags because the former are much more complex to use. One not only has to create the blood bag, but also to collect that blood of another person, identify its blood type, know the one (blood type) that is inside the blood bag if we find one already crafted and full (unlikely) or, in case you have filled one a long time ago or you have more than one, you have to re-check each blood bag again to see what kind of blood it has inside. A good alternative to this would be the following: once the test kit was used on the full blood bag, in the detail (inspecting) it had to say the type of blood inside. You can now carry multiple blood bags without wandering you are going to kill your friend by apply the wrong blood type. This would greatly expedite its use by reducing the number of test kits we need. You just need one to test and label the blood bag once. Then, you could also finally collect blood bags to carry out a good medical task (for doctors of Dayz). Ok guys, that´s all for this post. As I said before, I have a few more ideas that I want to share but I need your feedback fist. Sorry one more time for my terrible English, tips or corrections will be highly valued !
  22. Part #1 / Part #2 / Part #3 / Part #4 (With Pictures) Hi ladys and gents! It’s been a while since I want to make a post like this. I have read a lot of amazing ideas on this section of the forum (I really follow the suggestion threat) and I personally feed from some of them to expose and “develop” my own. I really hope you can give me some feedback about them to Polish or adapt them. First some clarifications: English is not my native language, so I truly apology for the grammatical errors that may exist. Post format: IDEA + ILUSTRATION + SHORT SUMMARY (I can amplify more in coments) Each idea tries to be as achievable and reasonable as possible according to the Dayz spirit (Survivalism - post apocalyptic atmosphere) and actual game possibilities. Let’s start ! #1 SURVIVOR'S DIARY AND MAP ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: The idea is quite simple. With your initial fresh spawn gear/ki9t you should have a diary. (NOTE: It could be an item like a book or just a function in game by pressing some key like in many other games). There (in the diary) you can write notes, your personal story, people that you meet traveling in chernarus and want to remember their names – or steam names -, feedback o thoughts about this people, notes about the loot, etc. Also, you can add a map by combine the already Chernarus map item with the diary and you craft an editable map where you can draw stuff, marks of bases, loot spawns, enemy base, and so). PROS: I would add a lot to the roleplay servers and to normal pvp servers too because you can get more immersion, you can now know who do you kill or meet. It’s a good way to have a map in game with tags and marks. You can also add a system where the map (in your diary) it’s completes and update by visiting parts of the map. #2 FIREARMS SIMPLE MELEE ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: Just add the possibility to do some basic melee attack with the firearms. This attacks don´t mean to make a lot of damage (same as fists if you wish), but just make zeds step back like when you first shoot them. It would be really useful if we think to face big hordes of zeds in future updates of the game and when you went out of ammo. #3 BIGGER AND DARKER BUILDINGS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: The map of Chernarus is one of the best maps I have ever play in because of the realistic scale and complexity. But the buildings of the mayor cities don´t look the same (probably they are a fiddley copy of reality but for the purpose of the games I think it just doesn’t work quite well). Of course they need some “apocalyptic touch” with some creepers and destruction (it’s in develop as I know). But I talking about dimensions and lightning here. I think we should take the existence buildings and add some more but with a huge and realistic scale. Example: a hotel where you can go room by room with zeds spawning inside, or a huge hospital or laboratory. I want to travel inside buildings and get lost… not just go up a stair, check a room that looks exactly like the other and get out. Or enter a house that the main door leads straightaway to the bedroom (realistic?). ¿Have you seen the double green and double red? ¿What kind of houses are they? Games like Miscreated or Scape from Tarkov have great examples of this time of buildings I’m talking about. LIGHTING: The second part of this idea is about the lighting. Players have abuse the gamma option for too long at night time and only some players (I include myself here) know the great atmosphere that a flashlight in a dark place provides. So, if we can add some of this building ideas that I just talk about and make them very dark (even at daytime you can´t see inside because the windows are blocked), players should turn gamma high and low all the time when they go inside, making this very disturbing. I don’t say they won’t do it, I say it´s more likely some % don’t and just turn the flashlight on when they go inside or just pass by the building. #4 SECRET LORE WITH TIPS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: Of course Dayz already have a Lore (background history of the game) but there are some really big questions that haven`t been answered. I read is some interviews of devs about this and they all agree the lore should remain to the free interpretation of the players. I also agree but putting some tips and false tips in the way could make dayz experience more Enjoyable and give players more objectives in game. The experience of the game “The Forest” or “Metro 2033” (sorry I compare dayz with other games all the time, but is the way I best known to illustrate it) show ass how good this could be to the game, even if you only add small details to game. #5 ZEDS ALREADY CRAWLING ILUSTRATION SUMARY: I know that zeds crawling or walking like 4 feet animals have been in the game before and I love it. Nowadays, when you enter a city and fight with some 3 o 4 zombies, its looks like you are fighting clones: They move the same, they attack the same way and they are all too clumsy. A good way to mitigate that in short term (because I’m sure devs are already thinking in give zeds some random movements in future) is make some zeds spawn directly crawling, as their legs have already been broken. It’s would give more diversity and I think they are scarier to because most of the times you can´t see them in bushes. I limit this idea here because I know they are working on player’s animations, but my other thought about zeds it’s that they can climb tall buildings to access through the windows to the second, third or fourth floor. Just imagine hordes of zeds try to climb the last floor of the Dubky buildings to reach the top where players are camping. #6 REAL POST APOCALYPTIC CLOTHING ILUSTRATION SUMARY: Dayz is a post-apocalyptic world, but besides the absence of people and zombies it doesn’t look like that. Clothing is too “clean”, military outfits are complete and new and there are no “random and mosaic” clothes you can put on your character. I mean, you can put a rider jacket, some gloves and a BDU pants, but we need to feel that our character struggle to survive, and his clothes must be a sign of that. NOTE: We must avoid “futuristic apocalypse clothing”. So… i think dayz should add more random clothes to make each character more personal and recognizable if you really want that immersion of a survival game where you value your life because is unique. Things like ponchos, improvised gloves, tons of new raincoats, a lot of differences gas masks (nato gasmasks, rusian gasmasks, improvised gasmasks), hats, winter clothing, heavy bags, backpacks that don’t look close (just open, with some items at sight), weapon crossing your back like a survival should carry them and not like a perfect soldier, wind glasses like in mad max, etc. All that with the possibility of dye or paint with aerosol some particular clothes. #8 CONTAINERS =/= SIZE AND RIGHT CLICK TO INSPECT CONTENT ILUSTRATION SUMARY: I think the 3 main containers in the game should have a little change. If you think them like a “organization container”, they should have more slots of capacity that they have in size. Otherwise, the only function of them is to protect the item (same protection that a cooking pot or a frying pan can provide, and they are not the same kind of containers). So I prefer a new size / capacity distribution like I show in the image above. CHECK INSIDE: The other idea about this type of containers if that you can check inside them (but NOT use any of the items) by right clicking inspect. Before some updates you were able to do this and its helps a lot. Here is some screen to illustrate my thought: #9 USE DUCT TAPE TO SILENCE A HOSTAGE ILUSTRATION SUMARY: Simple idea. You can use the duct tape to silence a hostage (VOIP and Direct Chat). It should work the same way as the burlap sack (hood). The player can remove it from himself if he is not tied up. In add, if you use the duct tape on a player’s mouth, you can hide your identity in the direct chat like: / Unknown player: “Don`t move man”. #10 THE BOW SHOULD BE A MELEE WEAPON ILUSTRATION SUMARY: I think the bow (for inventory purposes) should be consider a melee weapon. ¿Why? Because I think this would bring more use to this weapon and much players are going to start using it to clean the cities of zeds. Also it can provide fresh spawns a good opportunity to have a load weapon (bow) and carry an unload one until they find the ammo and not be so helpless. Ok guys, that´s all for this post. As I said before, I have a few more ideas that I want to share but I need your feedback fist. Sorry one more time for my terrible English, tips or corrections will be highly valued !! :::::::: INDEX ::::::::
  23. Hardcore in DayZ

    Hello everyone! We (I'm with my friends and,i think,with community) want to ask you about hardcore in DayZ,in particular in .63,beta no matter how. Yes,not in future,concretly in .63 patch will be more hardcore,or will be how it now: you can find m4 and many,many ammo and magazines for every weapon for a hour. This is not realistic,this is are make people not safe them life,because if they die - they can easy find this equipment again. Zombie apocalypse must be hardcore,but no in no way too easy. Make people safe and appreciate them life. This will be really great. I know, i just the one player with opinion,and this is not mean anything...but...though about it. In DayZ people must survive,but not are only play PVP. And at last: Gamma in .63 will be off,or will be not changed? This is really big disbalance. I had play 1500 hours in DayZ and don't want to stop. This game is my favourite.But i don't give a sense of danger more. And this is not because i'm played 1500 hours and know this game. No...this is not it. Do defecite of ammo,magazines,eat - MAKE people survive! Please..add hardcore,not a little bit in 0.63. I just boring of this gameplay,when you just play PVP game,and game no way can't make you to survive...I want to survive in this game,but not JUST play DayZ.
  24. Mature Gamers Wanted!

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