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Found 802 results

  1. Hi community, I want to rent a DayZ standalone server with 20-30 slots. Now I came across a provider who has really cheap slot prizes. Does anyone know https://www.msc-gaming.com ? Any reviews on this? Thanks ang
  2. A New Friend

    Making new friends in DayZ is a vital part of survival. ;) https://youtu.be/DqkKIDmgRF0
  3. Behind Enemy Lines

    Being sneaky in DayZ can be quite nerve wrecking sometimes. But always good when you can pull it off.
  4. The incoming base building utilities for DayZ Standalone are going to be one more revolutionary addition to the game. Add to that thought the idea of mods coming soon to compliment the base building and I think it's safe to say "Clan Warfare" will become even more popular than it is now. I really like the diversity of what the devs are offering us. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs0Tk2hGXVk Here is a collection of pictures of some of the items that are coming! https://www.facebook.com/groups/249612142095874/ So now that the news is out there on what we have coming our way, how do you see your Clan or Server using Base Building? For Clan based gameplay I can see Bases having a huge impact on both Clan warfare and storage. I'm in particular interested in some of the heavy doors in the pictures that appear to be suited to house storage under ground. That could add quite a bit of adventure in terms of hyiding the cache undergrtound our in the middle of nowhere, or even in a heavy fortified base with barrels, etc on top of it to hide it. I'm already working on designs for a base similar to the one in the picture above. Or how about a base on the top of Triple Yellow complete with high walls and a Heli pad or two? One ladder up with already in game built-in building and rooms for indoor storage. When Mods allow players to place bases anywhere on the map that they want, they may not be impossible to breach, but they could certainly be made easier to defend. What are your thoughts on all this Base Building in DayZ Standalone? =UN=Irish
  5. AFK Social Experiment... Gone Wrong

    Whilst conducting social experiments in DayZ, things never go to plan. The idea is to go AFK next to or near some survivors that i have just met for 3-5 minutes, basically to see what they would do. Will they rob me or kill me? keep me safe? or will they simply just move on? In this video, things didn't quite go to plan...
  6. A Little Bit of KARMA

    Karma in DayZ. Always satisfying. ;)
  7. Brothers

    Sometimes it can be hard finding anyone in Chernarus, especially Brothers... ;)
  8. I am not sure if the developers have already gone over this question but I am becoming more and more convinced to switch to Linux because of the decisions Microsoft are making with windows 10 and because it is free, so I am just curious if the developers have any plans already or are looking into making DayZ Standalone available on Linux?
  9. With DayZ mods right around the corner, I thought I'd take this down time making an effort to get some ideas you might have in regards to DayZ mini game scenarios. On our server, we not only have open world PVP, we also host Mini Events for both Clans and solo players to participate in with a variety of themes. Most the time the game missions pit all of the clans and solo players against each other or working together if they choose to participate in the event. Some examples of what I mean are: - We have had Prisoner escorts across the map where the objective is to free the prisoner from a Clan escorting him in the open world before he safely reaches a destination far away. - Protect the cargo Barrel's on the ship at Rify that hold high grade weapons, ammo, and magazines from rival Clans that are seeking to take control of the cargo ship and steal your reward. Missions like this start with a 15 minute notice via server wide message so Clans can move to Rify if they choose to particpate, then after 15 minutes the mission lasts an hour. - Hostage situations in a building like Novo or Cherno Tower where the objective is to free the hostage and get him to safety against a hostile Clan (and those other Clans trying to beat you to it). Missions like this also may be the perfect situation to use stats, which on our server are kept every day that we have Missions and the player with top kills receives a reward at the end of the event. - A cult clan group has stolen nuke codes from the military base and plans to launch the nukes from the safety of the base in an effort to wipe out all of the zombies and rival clans on the map. Their goal is to destroy all life outside of their clan and repopulate later. The Mission is for all Clans to attack at the base location (given in server announcement) and seize the Nuke Codes before the bomb goes off - Which means the server resets (We have considered locking the server on this "SUPER MISSION" after players acknowledge participating in the mission, and if there is a Nuke reset all players on the server outside of the group that set off the bomb die. Groups would have two hours to seize the nuke codes before launch. This type of Mission requires all players on the server to participate, whereas others do not hold any requirement. - Having a Clan escort a Scientist that may have discovered a cure to the virus from Tisy to Green Mountain or another location and protect his anti virus in a carry case, etc. If the Scientist is captured he may be taken to a given location and interogated and his cure traded for reward barrels. - One of our newest ideas for Event Nights is a Clan or Solo player Bounty Mission Scenario whereby the server population is notified AFTER they log in who the Bounty group or player is (the target). Little by little the Server messages will give hints and clues as to the discriptions and nearby locations of the Bounty targets. If a Bounty Clan or solo player can stay alive for 1 hour the Bounty is lifted and placed on another player or clan. We may even extend the event where surviving bounty players or clans get to name the next bounty group as a reward for surviving! Or how about when Base Building and mods come into DayZ. Here are some scenarios that could really add to the "missions" that revolve around Bases. Could you imagine some in game scenarios like the following missions to change the pace of "Open World" PVP that DayZ is currently built around: - In game mission to use your base to hold off a "herd" of a few hundred Zombies, or even Zombies and other Clans that are coming to not only test your PVP skills, base building decisions, but also to capture a barrel reward with some of the games best weapons and ammo. If you hold off the herd and attacking clans for a certain time length, the barrel is yours, if not, then whatever clan can breach first and capture the barrel gets the reward. The best weapons are always great bait for PVP Clans to come hunting for you! But maybe your group will not only kill them and take their loot, but you can also win the reward loot! - Or, an in game mission to defend your base where you have captured a high ranking government official who was responsible for the virus destroying the world, and rival clans want to breach your base and capture the hostage. If a clan can captures him and get him to their base and hold him for a certain time limit, they win the event. If you hold him at your base, or recapture him for said time then you win the event. Who knows what type of reward a difficult mission like this has to offer. Maybe a map to the Heli locations in game at a certain time? - or, an in game annoucement regarding a Heli Crash somewhere in gerneral on the map. The mission requires you or your clan to reach a given Heli Crash where a Rival Clan Prisoner has survived a Heli crash while he was being transported from Novo to Prison Island. You have to fight off both zombies and other Clans also trying to capture him and return him to your base in order to interogate him/her and win classified information about a hidden cache of weapons, food, and ammo. At that point, the clan has a time limit to reach the cache destination and carry all you can until the time limit concludes (while other clans are aggressively looking for you on the map). Note: You will have to fight through Zombies to reach him (they may kill him if you take too long) and you will have to fight through Zombies to breach the cache. Keep in mind other clans want to also drink your milkshake! - Or, someone in your clan has brought in a barrel full of meat, lime, and seeds (and some large water storage) that seems to be attracting an unusual amount of Zombies wanting to get to it. They seem fully aware of where it is in your base and are gathering in large numbers trying to breach your base and consume it. If you defend the food successfully, its all yours, or if you defend a portion of it you keep whatever you can defend from the Zombie Army. You better have a well planned Zombie defense! Ok - So as I said, I think the mods in particular will offer some amazing pvp and in game opportunities. These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. I know my server population is planning on being a leader in the mod community and we will hit the ground running when they become available. With a base group of 25ish small to medium clans you can imagine how much fun this could be and what types of DayZ opportunites we can create. We are interested in hearing any "mission; ideas you might have for groups, clans, or solo players. If you have any thoughts on fun pvp based scenarios we'd love to hear your ideas about where on the map you envision the scenarios and what the goals for the activity should be. If you take the time to share them here, we can make an effort to put the idea into action if it sounds like something that could enhance the PVP and player interaction during our DayZ gameplay. We are also interested in specific Clan PVP Tourney's that you may have in mind. Again, share the location and objectives. If your Clan is interested in hosting an event (Taking a hostage, Escorting a player, Prison Break, etc) just contact me on our Server Facebook page with the details and we can set it up. Thanks in advance for taking the time to share any ideas you might have! =Fish=Irish https://www.facebook.com/groups/249612142095874/

    There are many bad people in the land of Chernarus... ;)

    Everyone loves a Pumpkin.... right? ;)

    We are all Children of Chernarus... ;)

    You never know who your going to bump into in DayZ... That is the beauty of it. ;)

    The final episode from my Friendly People mini series, with Baty... ;)

    A sudden turn of events disturb Baty & Dannys' dinner... ;)
  16. Friendly People

    There are many friendly people in Chernarus. We should all look out for each other and be good to one another... ;)
  17. SVEN

    Sven was a very nice man... ;)
  18. JOE JAX

    I met a man called Joe Jax. He was entertaining... ;)

    A tale of when the "good guy" met George... Enjoy ;)
  20. Good Men

    You can never truly trust people you meet in DayZ... ;)