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Found 18 results

  1. New stuff on Trello

    Since the official dev fart of forum is dead for months, lets start discussion on new stuff from Art dept showed on trello in last few days. I was personaly very plesed to see which cars were selected for future vehicles. Golf mkII was very popular here and there are lot of them still driving (ones that didnt rot). Škoda 120 is also cool, its iconic Chehoslovakian car and also was in mod. I dont like Multicar, Id prefer some kind of pick up truck or van. What will be difference between CR550 and Winchester 70 we already have? But I wellcome any bolt action rifle in future.
  2. Ever since the removal of DMR spawns from the barracks the PvP has steadily become more and more enjoyable experience in the mod. Followed by the awesome attachment system, which was only overshadowed by the abundance of high-end guns people had already stashed. When Europa declared the wipe with incoming 1.8.7 patch and the heavy changes in loot tables, I hoped for the best. There is but one thing that really hinders the experience with STANAG/AK warfare: the abundance of CZ550. Getting sniped is the bane of PvP in DayZ, and sniper rifles in ArmA have been overpowered since OFP. CZ550 is basically a reskin for M24, which is a crashsite-tier sniper rifle. CZ can be found in barns, is in no way rare, and everyone and their mother with the slightest experience is running around with one north of Mogilevka. There is almost no reason to get involved in the rich attachment system feature with STANAG/AK guns when CZ is easier to get and a lot stronger weapon. My suggestion would be to integrate changes to infected camps. We already have different kinds, mostly recognized by either dome or camping tent style of camps. These are often neglected in favor of searching for crashsites, and they are usually even harder to find. Following the ArmA canon, the infected camps could function as NAPA or Chedaki camps as following: NAPA camps would consist of camping tents and the CZ would be moved from farm loot to spawn only in these point of interests. Possible spawns for camo clothing and AKM. NAPA camps would be spawning similarly as infected camps spawn now. Chedaki camps would consist of dome tents and the loot would be a combination of eastern weapons and attachments, for example AK74s with PSOs and GL. CZ could also spawn here, and depends on how fixed the positions and rarity of these camps would be, maybe even SVD/PKM. Chedaki camps should be spawning mostly in the north-eastern part of the map. If the forementioned Chedaki camp seems to be too heavy in guns, maybe add one as a new POI to Devil’s castle? The loot should be heavily generalized on this occasion of course to keep it in check with other military spawns. My idea with the infected camps would make them more interesting for people to look, have some canon related logic in them and along with other suggestions to also have a more interesting solution to CZ550 problem instead of just lowering the spawn rate of the gun. Also, Mosin with hunting scope could (and should) replace CZ as a farm/deer stand loot sniper. Awesome gun with nice model that is way too underused as the rivalling CZ is way too common. My last nitpick suggestion would be to atleast have a chance of double-barreled shotgun to spawn with pellets.
  3. Dean joins this streamer and confirms some things to be coming in the next patch or so. Also vehicles could be as early as 6 months away if not sooner. Just thought I would share! http://www.twitch.tv/sbiggstv/c/3714819
  4. CZ550 vs M24

    Looking at the stats for these two sniper rifles.... They both have the same statistics in terms of range, mag size, damage, zeroing et cetera. Why is the cz550 refered to as the worst sniper rifle?
  5. CZ550

    Anyone have an idea of the guns that will be implemented later on? I know they said they want to move more towards the civilian weapons and stuff like that, I would personally love if they can bring the CZ550 Back, I was a beast of a shot with that Sniper, maybe because that would be the only sniper rifle you could find in DayZero Podagorsk, so I had a lot of practice time with it. :)
  6. buying dmr mags/range finders/cz550

    were giving wath we have and you want
  7. CZ 550

    I'm looking for a CZ 550 with at least 1 mag. If you have one what do you want for it? Post your reply and then ill PM you if im interested.
  8. Ranging with the CZ550

    Hey guys, i have noticed that people are struggling with estimating range to targets with this gun. I managed to develop a pretty accurate ranging method for this guns scope. On the horizontal line of this gun there is vertical lines, I found out that these can actually be used for ranging. You use these lines to measure the length between a players shoulders. Just count the lines from one shoulder to the other and you are able to estimate the range. Here is my result on the shooting range : 200m - 7 lines 300m - 4.5 lines 400m - 4 lines 500m - 3.5 lines 600m - 3 lines 700m - 2.5 lines 800m - 1.5 lines Note that after 500 meters the ranging becomes more and more inaccurate and that is when I got my first misses on the target with the gun as well. Hope this helps.
  9. Selling a CZ550

    Im selling a cz550 with 3 mags ,i will consider all reasonable offers. I will be available to trade on any main hive server in 4 days from today.
  10. Hey, I´m looking for a cz 550, a rangefinder and a ghillie. *Edit. Trading for: Bizonsd (1mag) m4a3 cco ( about 5 to 8 mags) Why i wanna have the cz and don´t use the m24? I don´t know, cz just looks better ;)
  11. I have a simple question

    A simple question that I can't find the answer to anywhere is........ does anyone know where the best place to find CZ 550 ammo? Is it more commonly found in barns, military areas, or residential areas? I'm at Novy Sober (where I found the gun in a barn) and can't find any. Any help would be great.
  12. It is quite sad that I must do this, I have a great sniper in excellent condition with 2 mags of 5 bullets each and one bullet in the current mag. It is the cz550 bolt action deer hunting rifle. I would like trade her for 2 Morphine auto injectors, 1 for my current status, and another for next time so I don't have to go through this again. I've tried crawling everywhere I can, but it is just too tedious, it's either this or suicide by zombies, but I've got too much on me to risk that. I'm close to a place called factory, if you look at it from the shore and go diagnoaly to your right up the hill you should see a barn, with houses to your left, a semi open field, surrounded by trees, and a very long row of telephone poles with no wires I believe. That is where I'm at, somebody please help, you're my only hope, no not obi wan.... But seriously, even if you have 1 morphine auto injector I will give you an enfield instead with 4-5 full mags, and if you have 2, I will give you the cz550 with the mags I mentioned earlier.
  13. Have Bizon SD + ammo, seeking CZ550 + ammo.

    What's this? A survivor trading a rare military grade silenced weapon for simple civilian hunting rifle? Is he mad?! WHY YES! YES I AM! After spending months eating nothing but beans and living in a constant state of paranoia, I am in drastic need of a psycho-evaluation! But in the mean time, I've got a great deal for you today! I am currently in possession of a Bizon SD SMG, along with three 64-bullet mags! Ditch those "dinner bells" you call guns and get yourself a weapon that brings whispering death to those pesky zombies, without attracting ANY unwanted attention! You can have all this for the low-low price of one CZ550 and three magazines! So why wait?! Contact me for a trade today before I regain my sanity and change my mind! Happy trails! TL;DR: Trading a Bizon SD SMG + 3 mags for a CZ550 + 3 mags. Contact me in this thread or via pm to arrange a time and place.
  14. M4A1 or CZ550?

    So weapon comparison charts are all good and nice but in this case I'll need to chose between two completely different rifles with different purposes. I'm a ranged type of guy but want to be prepared for close-quarter combat because that happens the most to me. Though I want to be able to shoot people from afar. What weapon should I choose? And if I shouldn't choose either of those what kind of (common) assault rifle/sniper rifle than? P.S. I need it to be especially good against players but not very loud, I use my handgun for zombies. Regards, Scratch
  15. My DayZ Story

    Hi, this is my new and much better story. It was the first of august, I had died by a gunshot shot straight through my head. As I spawned in after my death, I started scavenging for food right away. Untill the moment I realized, I was close by Electro and there was a whole lot to loot for me. I sneaked around looking for food and supplies and found myself a watch, compass, hunting knife, box of matches, food and a water bottle. I was very happy with my succes just to discover a person right ahead on the streets. I was unarmed and couldn't do anything but hide and hope for the best, I immidiatly lay down behind the counter of the supermarket I had just come across. Carefully, I was watching the survivor running by with a bunch of zombies after him noticing the m16a2 on his back and some kind of handgun. I had luck again, he didn't run into the supermarket. I hid in the back room of the supermarket and logged off, it was time to go to bed. I woke up with a smile, I found my first weapon when I had just spawned in right before my nose! An M1911 with a lot of ammo with it! In my happiness I looked around some more and found Binoculars and some food and drinks. Just when I was about to leave the supermarket I noticed an ALICE pack lying in the corner of the supermarket. "How lucky am I!" I thought to myself.. That's when I heard footsteps right behind me... I turned around, finding myself face to face with another survivor who was apparantly wearing a Ghillie Suit holding a gun at me. I immidiatly said through my microphone: "FRIENDLY! FRIENDLY! PLEASE DON'T SHOOT I MEAN NO HARM!". I couldn't believe it, I was about to lose all that which I was lucky enough to find.. But just when I thought it was all gone, the survivor turned away and ran into the back of the supermarket! With my heart pounding I knew I was lucky again and I shouldn't take advantage of it, so I fled. I ran and ran, loads of zombies on my back and I just didn't know where to go. I saw the hospital, quickly ran in, toke some medical supplies and got right the hell out of there. I saw it was starting to become dark thus it was time for me to get some sleep, I noticed a very peculiar building I hadn't seen before. I didn't know what it was just to see the big red iron doors being the entrance. A fire station! I found a fire station! I couldn't be happier once more.. I found myself a G17 and replaced the M1911 with it for the handy flashlight and the good aiming sights. I walked right up the tower and found some mags for my G17, but there it was. I almost didn't see it, but there it was. An M4A1 right there on the ground. I picked it up with the luck of having 4 mags right with it. All tired, I fell asleep on the top floor of the tower. The next day I woke up and found another pair of G17 mags, a Frag Grenade, a Smoke Grenade a Military Flashlight. I wasn't lucky enough to find an NVG for the dark nights but that didn't really matter. I had ran out of food yesterday and my blood was low because of some damage I took from zombies, so I ran out in the woods and started hunting. As I was walking through the woods I noticed movement so I immidiatly crouched and aimed down sights to see what it was. It was a bunny, a healthy little bunny which couldn't have been running there for no other reason as to be my dinner. Looked like it brought some friends, there was another bunny hopping just a few feet away from it as well! I couldn't let this chance go, so I shot them. There were only 2 bullets used luckily enough, bunnies are weak and fragile. I got myself 2 uncooked meat, which I still needed to cook. 'Till my discovery I had not found a Hatchet yet! All annoyed I looked around.. Nothing... So I started running through the woods. After hours of running I found a barn, with no luck. It was empty.. There were a few empty cans and some bottles but further there was nothing. "All this travelling for nothing" I said to myself. I ran on. Again after an hour or so and having stumbled on a wide open flat grass land I suddenly heared very loud distinctive shots. Sniper bullets! It had to be. I needed to run, while running I heard the bullets passing by just when one hit's me in the shoulder. With my body heavily shaking I ran towards the woods and layed down. I couldn't take it I didn't want to die, in all my panic I accidently shot my weapon after which the sniper fire stopped. I stood up and ran as fast as I could. I stumbled upon a farm, and again I couldn't be more lucky. An CZ550, a Bear Trap and two cows on the grass. I had no ammo for the CZ550 but it didn't matter, I put it in my backpack anyways. I slaughtered the cows and got 16 steaks out of them! I had no room for them though but with my axe I had almost forgot to cook my meat. I chopped some wood and made a fireplace, cooked the meat and ate it. After eating the cooked meat I picked up the other steaks and cooked them too, I partially put them in my backpack. I had accomplished so much now! I had a water bottle which means I have water infinitely as long as I can find a water source, I had enough food for weeks and a fancy bear trap to catch wild with. I had an assault rifle, a sniper rifle and a handgun with lot's of ammo. I had my tent set up and was very happy. Up to now, I haven't died and am still surviving.. The land of Chernarus will always be a challenge... You should be careful, you'll never know when your DayZ will end.. Will a zombie kill you? Or will you be shot by another survivor? Play and find out!
  16. Quick question about zeroing.

    We all know that if your gun is zeroed at 300, the bullet will fly straight to that point and after that, you get bullet drop. If you zero your weapon at 800, it will shoot straight to that point and again after that, you get bullet drop. But if you shoot a gun, zeroed at 800, at a target which is closer than 800 meters, will it shoot straight to it or fly over? Thanks!
  17. TL;DR? is at the bottom. Just now, playing on some server (it doesn't really matter) I was making my way to the Balota Airfield because my friend and I agreed on linking up there for today. Once I arrived, I figured I'd try to loot a bit, and as I came to one of the hangars, I notice about 2 dozen dead zombie bodies, and I hear flies. I know someone mus be near, so after having a tense conversation with 2 survivors with a wall between us, I told them I'd leave them alone and they can continue looting without fearing me. This lead to me finding the stupid Bandit. I went the opposite direction of the hangars and the tower, just to check the industrial portion of the airfield. A zombie found me as I was crawling, so I stood up and sprinted my way to one of the bays. As I rounded the corner, a person comes around the corner, within 20 yards of me with a CZ 550. *I* could EASILY tell what gun HE was holding, but he didn't think twice about shooting at me without checking what gun *I* was holding. This prompted me to pull out my M16A4 M203, kill the zombie that was following me, and then turn and fire a HE M203 round at the bay. Obviously, that was a stupid move to fire at me without thinking. So to follow the events up, I went into the bay and finished him off. I just felt like sharing that story. That was my first player kill ever on DayZ, which is wierd considering I have about 350 zombie kills. (I try to avoid confrontation.) TL;DR?: Found bandit, he was 20 yards away, he used his CZ550 while being that close, I killed him with an HE M203 and boolets.
  18. CZ550 trouble? Maybe?

    Quick question- I have a CZ550 which has a maximum of 5 rounds/magazine. I had two mags, then put both the rifle and the ammo in my pack. Now I only have one mag, and my rifle says I have 16 shots loaded. Is this a change or did something bug out?