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Found 27 results

  1. Now, I know I've seen a post here and there touch upon SOME parts of the things I'm about to suggest but, I believe an all-inclusive post on the subject is justified. One thing that has always bothered me about DayZ is all the weapons magically floating on everyone's backs. I love that the Chest Holster and Holster Attachment exist, and I believe it would be great to expand upon that sort of mechanic. It would be nice to see people forced to carry their weapon, or stick it in a bag, if they found it without an existing sling. I would like to see a wide variety of belts, slings, straps, bandoliers, holsters, pouches, packs, strings, cords, etc. to facilitate weapon accessibility. This would require more "clothing" slots but, I think it could prove to add an entirely new element to the game that, while inconvenient at first, would lend greater versatility to our survivors. We would, naturally, need to be able to craft some makeshift items for these purposes, but that's easy enough. Here's a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Hotbar slots could be more realistic - having a holster would give you 1 hotbar slot for a handgun, having a bandolier would give 1 for ammo, etc. Belts - could have holster, sheath, hanger and pouch attachments Waist slot(s) - could allow for placing a handgun in one's waistband or a knife between the belt and the pants Bandoliers - gun belts with holsters and ammo loops... cross-chest bandoliers Weapon slings with ammo loops Buttstock ammo loops and pouches Duffle Bags and Fanny Packs Shopping Carts, Wheelbarrows, Food Carts, Kid Wagons Pack Animals and Mounts with Saddlebags Saddlebags slung over shoulder Shoulder slots (instead of 1 melee slot and 1 long gun slot) for 2 long guns, 2 melee, one of each, one and a duffle or saddlebags Lefty, Righty, Small of Back, Drop-Leg and Ankle Holsters 1-point, 2-point and 3-point Long Gun Slings Shoestrings - very useful for tying a knife sheath or belt holster to your leg... or even making a rudimentary sling Cloth strips - not just absorbent rags or burlap for ghillies, but maybe a cut up TSKO or M85 Jacket for makeshift slings, belts and straps Wire, string, cord, etc. - more than just rope (and the aforementioned shoestrings) Plant Fiber cordage - just spawned?... take your improvised knife and get to making a primitive sling for your crafted spear ...anyway, like I said, just a few ideas to get the ball rolling... what do you guys think?
  2. Little Suggestion of crafts

    Hello developers, everything alright? I'm a player from Brazil and have a little suggestion that I would like to share with you. I was thinking about, why not include at DayZ a quiver to improvised arrows? But, made through craft. Maybe crafted with leather and rope. Thanks for while... Big hug.
  3. Idea: Dayz standalone must incorporate new features and activities besside pvp combat and weapons looting. Things like: Crafting more things (weapons, attachments, clothes, facepaint, traps, bases, armor protections, armor personalization, etc) Just adding some achievements (steam) Some kind of system of reputation for goals and good/bad behavior Some pasive skills or skill tree wich restart if you die (like unturned) (Example: doctors) Cities or buildings repair (posibility to add lights, generators, etc.) Correct the looting economy (make more realistic) Buildings with realistic side and worn (it looks that dayz architects made builings for single mothers: 1 bedroom, short side bedroom environments, a few huge buildings; all in perfect conditions). If you are in a zombie apocalypse: would you make a base in the middle of the forest far away of any resaurces or you probably find a random huge building and set you base in one fo the floors, loking the doors and putting some barricade? -:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:- Why?: Anyone who plays Dayz knows there are 2 games in one: 1) The fateful road to loot, walking and chickens: you enter a server, you walk about 1.5 hours looking for some loot with nothing else to do, you gather some stuff and go to military loot, join with friends or just KAS in some mayor city or try to roleplay waiting some randome guy betray you. 2) Teamplay or just pvp: you have some decent gear or maybe not, but you have your team. It took you like 2 hours to join with them but there you are. Just play for about 15 minutes until a pvp rush in a hot zone and then one or two of your firends die and the game is over, to much work to start all over again, finding some weapon and rejoin. Or, you can win the fight, clear the city and then, kind of tired of no more players went to that city you travel and travel seeking for some action until you die (90% because of your pre existing boredom because you walk like 1 and a half our). I want the game have more than 2 games in one. If you can give players other objetives you can diversify the game and give a much complete game experience and less frustrating. -:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:--:-:- How?: Just with the incorporation of new features more "pasive" and besides the pvp. I know a lot of this ideas are in develop, but i like to know the community thinking about them. Let me hear your thoghts!!! PDT: Sorry about my english, i try to do my best.
  4. Expanded Craftable items

    Seeing the devs even further develope the crafting in ways that the community would never have considered something that would show up in a game i post this as a way for users to show what sort of awesome craftable items and functions could be utilized in DayZ SA. My first idea is the alternative to the improvised pack using only a burlap sack an a single stick (IMAGE 1) this would be required to be carried in the hands. another would be an improvised tent using some raincoats or leather, concept image # 2
  5. I keep seeing models for the "beehives" (not the romantic ones we know from Cartoons, but the ones that look like boxes stacked on top and next to each other.) So, I thought - how about collecting honey and beeswax as a side effect. The honey could be powerfood, similar to the Milkpowder. I guess you wouldn't harvest very much of it and there should be a limited supply over time. To use the beeswax, you would have to heat it over a fire. Then you could combine it with woolen clothing to make waterproof clothes (aka Barbor jackets). This would have 2 positve effects: - every civilian clothing could be waterproofed. - you would spend less time freezing or being cold from rain The beeswax and honey could also have other uses, too. You could craft candles or make torches, waterproof blankets with it and build a makeshift tent. Since the model for the bee cages is already present, all it would need is to add the mechanics and some bee hum sounds. It could also be an idea to craft a beekeepers veil from netting and perhaps a helmet or a hat. Or smoke pearls (crafted from charcoal, matches and plant material) to keep the bees away while you are harvesting. Otherwise getting stung could result in high temperature or an infection/allergic reaction. You never know until you tried ;)! It seems like a comparably simple feature to add. It would free us from either using military gear to be waterproof, or using raincoats in mostly "target-practice" colors. Of course it is a bit of an effort to get the wax and heat it, but it means you can wear what you want and still be waterproof.
  6. CRAFT AND APPLY BUG FIX! At last! *very easy*

  7. Craftable tent

    Maybe it's already suggested or maybe it's in the dev to-do list. Anyway craftable tent would be nice. Canvas (from clothes etc.) + ropes + sticks Small temporary tent that degrades and gets destroyed over time.
  8. Craftable spears!

    Thats the sugestion, craftable spears where you could throw at all your friends face or poke them buts with a good long range melee craftable weapon. Imo it would be nice if it had a GOOD stab animation, differently from the pitchfork that is so bad its not even funny. Its advantage over the almighty axe would be range, you could poke things from a safer distance if your "footwork" is decent + stab animations make it somehow easier to aim, also you could throw them at your opponent's chest for extra lols (hard as hell to hit thou). The downsides could be its durability, since its a craftable thing it could break faster then other melee weapons that you find. Idk what you would need to craft it, of course a long and thick piece of wood, a knife or something to either sharp it or attach to it. Maybe you could use it to catch some fish too. I would totally go medieval with a bow + spear charging in Elektro for glory and honor. What you guys think?
  9. Rabbit pelt + Rope = Little bag

    My idea is that you can craft little bags that you can wear on your hip (belt?). You can wear them while wearing a backpack, they have 2x2 slots maybe and they should be very small. 10 x 10 cm. And a second idea is that you need a sewing kit to craft things like a bag. I hope you like this little idea, and we'll see if it gets implemented ;)
  10. [Suggestion] Crafting clothes from skins

    Exactly what it sounds like... we should be able to use animal skins to makes clothes. I assume this is coming, but just on the off chance it's not, here's the suggestion. I'd love to have a raccoon hat and a cow-pelt trench coat.
  11. Crafting - Grappling Hook

    Hi guyZ, so I think the main reason why grappling hooks should me implemented is because, in the mod, when people with helikopters want to log off, they just land on a roof (eg. the market roof). And there is no way to get that helikopter unless you have a helikopter of your own. People also land on top of roofs and build a base there. A possible crafting recipe can be; rope + 3 or 4 crowbars + hack saw + blow torch I think it can work great with the new throw mechanics they put on experimental. We'd just throw them on the roof and they can then behave like a ladder. We can get up, do whatever and climb back down. After we're done, we can take it back in our inventory. It's optional that it can only attach to roofs with edges or all roofs. Now the range shouldn't be too long for balance. Maybe it can be thrown maximum to 2 story high roofs. One big problem(or challange) with that can be; if you climb on a roof and somebody steals your hook while you're on top. On a side note; when people camp on the roofs, there is no way you can get them if there is only 1 ladder to the roof. A grappling hook can make those situations interesting as well. So yea, tell me watch you think. :)
  12. An "around neck" slot

    So the addition of the binoculars really exited me and when i noticed the binoculars were only taking up one inventory space? (subject to change?) Well i was just a little surprised, my idea tho is change the binoculars to take up 4 spaces, but add either a crafted or looted item like a carry string or well just a rope around your neck which would either be in your Vest spot or another spot completely, so you would be able to have stuff like binoculars around your neck or a water bottle, whatever you can think of. I think that would look really cool. Seems like the response has been fantastic!, people are suggesting adding scarfs and vanity items(various bling). I would also like to point out that if the list of items that could be put around the neck was extensive it might encourage clans and/or friends to carry similar items as to identify each other, also it would allow players to pick their favorite vanity item and over time develop affection for said item (lucky deck of cards, the bullet i got shot with but lived, my favorite fruit) Just random items that i think would make connections between the player and his/her character stronger and intensify roleplay.
  13. Black Powder's Hunting Rifles

    I have idea to add blackpowder weapons, like rifles and carbines from XIX century, like Volunteer, Sharps, Hawken, Gallager, Gibs or Kentucky Rifle. At the time of the apocalypse would rather use perrcusion Hawken than M4, because after half a year since the collapse of civilization ammunition and weapons will be very rare, but making lead bullets and acquiring, creating black powder would be easily obtained, lead bullets xan be crafting from weel wights, and many other thing. Weapons would be shared on a flintlock and percussion caps of which about caps ( caps ) would be difficult however to offer greater efficiency. flint already are , simply add the processing of flint with a hammer and now. then people would be seriously debated whether or not to consume ammo on people whether it is better to leave hardly captured powder and safe for self defense. Other new guns and ammo should be more rare and hard to find. This would be a dilemma between a BP rifle with full of ammo easy to make and find (but easy to spot after shot, laud and slow loading), or Colt M4 with a max 4/5 bullets... Sorry i use a google-translate, because i don't know how to write this, im better know old weapons than writing in en. Edit: How should it works, and how to craft ammo? ----> Weights + kettle + cooker = molten lead in the pot The molten lead in the pot + form = bullet depending on the version of the form and type of weapons (pistol / revolver or rifle) A large firecracker + knife / screwdriver / machete = Gunpowder Black Flint + hammer / pliers = Rocks Little Firecracker + Coke cans = caps The next step is a combination of ammunition or blanks in the example: bullet + powder = set to fire (using like magazine) And depending on the model gun as mandatory equipment (like scope,bipod) have used would be either rocks or percussion caps. If somebody thing this weapon is piece of c**p then should see video when sharpshooters use BP Voluntieer .451cal rifles at very long range (more than 1 mile).
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koIExiXchzA I posted a video on making a map for the standalone, useful for the new players who didnt know there IS a map ingame...not as detailed as the ones on websites, but good for when you have time to look at it. <3 <3 /angry <3 ill be posting more stuff like this and making it along side with "courses" at SolUni, a new player friendly site. check it out if your NEW new, no pressure xD http://soluni.enjin.com/
  15. DayZ - Crafting & Trading

    What do you think about a safe way to trade all the new incoming crafted goods like foods, also ammos, etc, a lot of ppl love the idea of crafting and maybe trading (still dunno how you could pay if atm NO game currency enabled, rotten fruits maybe lol ?), some sort of bots where you can offer item for others items since atm trading is just a paranoia party. Right now i m from bed whit a 4" phone, if some interest sparks in we could elaborate more.
  16. Improvised gloves

    Every time I spawn, the first thing I do is to take off my shirt and tear it to rags...just to have some bandages in case of emergency. But I was thinking, when we are bambis fresh spawned we tend to fight zombies with our bare hands. Crafting a hand wrap with rags (maybe the 2 rags you can get initially from your t-shirt) seems like a logic action considering how many times we need to hit the zombie. Idk what kind of stats do the gloves offer, but this hand wrap should provide (obviously) less protection, acurracy, damage or anything else we get from gloves. This could be nice considering that we will need to decide if we want to sacrifice our beloved bandages to get ourselves some protection and power for our first fights. Or maybe we'd want to keep our bandages in case we start to bleed. That's up to the survivor in question. Let me know what you guys think of this
  17. Poppy Morphine?

    I stumbled across this field by the NE airfield, you've most likely been through it on the way from Berezino. I'm not sure if these are poppies (I think they could be sunflowers) but seeing the large plants made me think about poppies and how obviously you can quite easily extract the latex from them and cook up morphine in real life. Considering the rarity of morphine shots in this game, I think that crafting your own morphine would be a very neat feature to have. Maybe just any kind of knife/bayonet could be used to extract latex and then when the cooking system is introduced you could refine the latex into morphine? Then fill a syringe with your concoction to store/use. Also yet another use for the syringe :p Doesn't sound too complex, would be pretty useful and also expand the crafting possibilities there should eventually be... Any thoughts? (From a quick search I couldn't find this idea but sincere apologies if this has been discussed before!)
  18. hi, I made a short video explaining how to craft a splint and showing a current bug\exploit (that will hopefuly be fixed soon) that allows you to craft as many splints as you wold like (tested in experimental build only) hope i helped you :)
  19. Hello there, To clarify: I know some of what I'm suggesting is already planned, but hey I'm bored so here goes. Along with all the high end items being added to the game, I'd like to see a lot more craftable equipment, out of stuff that can easily be found around houses, barns and dumpyards (make dumpyards and dustbins spawn something!). I like to hope all the high end stuff will be toned down quite a bit, making crafting integral to surviving another day in the wild. I'm not talking only about weapons such as spears, bows etc but also medical and other miscelaneous equipment. The craftable "backpack" is an awesome example of the direction this game is taking, hopefully going to be more important in future. I think this is the exact one they used as reference by the way. Here's a list of items I'd like to see that have a use, not just as junk items. :P Plus some extra stuff. Improvised Blood Transfusion Bottle http://i.imgur.com/2B9EnVt.jpgImprovised stretcher (and military made variant) to carry wounded players around in. Wrapping rigid/plastic clothing items such as rain coats around broken limbs, made better with adding sticks. A better splint than the one atm that is made with rags. Please Rocket mabe it will be possible in future to see such items on the player model? :rolleyes: http://nols.blogs.com/.a/6a00d83451b4f069e2017d3c37299d970c-piImprovised wire saw/garotte, used to cut wood and saw other stuff in 2. Can be used as a garotte when you have snuck up behind someone, and starts an animation. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-6ECtCYHak8I/UVieigEqqDI/AAAAAAAACok/GEDNa6_dAzY/s1600/05%2Bwire%2Btwisted%2Binto%2Bsaw.JPGImprovised gas mask made from an empty plastic bottle, tape and a sterile mask which is already in game. http://cdn.instructables.com/FA9/MQVR/GUS74XON/FA9MQVRGUS74XON.LARGE.jpgEdit: Wetting a cloth with urine and applying to face against infection/airborne deseases.Alternate water purification and collection system. Collecting rain (or not) water (via open bottles left in the rain or corrogated metal sheets that let the water run into buckets on either side) and purifying without purification tablets. http://thesurvivalmom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Picture-11.png (carried on the outside/top of the backpack like Rocket mentioned he wants to do) Can also be done with a bottle and rags which is easier to carry about.Other types of improvised backpacks such as a watertight variant http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3772/10983877226_c28ae79516_c.jpg made from a raincoat and rope/wire. Current one can also be made into a watertight version if wrapped in a raincoat. Also another improvised backpack made from blankets and rope. http://i651.photobucket.com/albums/uu235/brosenbr/Outdoors%20and%20bow%20staves/BabyCelies1stBirthday192.jpgBits of scrap metal (mabe also used to reinforce cars) can be used to hold a pot over an open fire. http://cdnpix.com/show/imgs/20893ce7b9c676aab1a196341d717fe4.jpgImprovised compass, made with the needle from the sewing kit. http://survival.outdoorlife.com/files/photo/1001335546/PA221275.jpgTherefore make everything rarer!! Improvised equipment shuld be the future! :P Also this. Please feel free to post more, and discuss. Regards

    Hi, im a new player to Dayz, and would like to make a few suggestions to help make this game the best it can be. here goes.. SHOOTING ON SIGHT I think shooting on sight is a problem in this game (when everyone is doing it), especially for players that do not like that type of gameplay. Shooting on sight makes the game feel like its just a pvp game with a few zombies in it. One thing that would not promote this gameplay style is having the world NPC enemies pose an actual threat that when you see a player you would want to team up or just leave him be so the monsters can get him instead of you so you can escape. . Another thing is players get bored when thier bags are full of goods, and they don't really need to loot anymore. So right now the only thing to do is player kill or log out since there is nothing to do. THREATENING ENEMIES Zombies dont really pose a threat since you can run away from them. Making your character tire out from running from zombies would be ideal, and would create more strategic gameplay choices. DO you run from zombies in an open field and get tired? Or do you run in a town so the zombie can lose sight of you? Both are dangerous. Killing zombies with an axe should have a chance for the axe to get stuck in the zombies head making you think twice about doing it if there are more than one zombie around. Would you have enough time to pull it out in time before the other zombie gets you? Shooting zombies from a distance should alert other zombies to you through sound, so sometimes would be best to avoid them if your not spotted. I think the game needs a higher quantity and variety of enemies . We need Mutated zombies, Zombie Bears, Zombie Tigers, Zombie Alligators, Zombie Anacondas and Zombie Dogs. Also more dangerous wild life and critters like piranhas, sharks, poisonous snakes , scorpions, Spiders etc. HOME In a realistic situation after looting, players would always have a place to call home, wherever it might be. In dayz, your contantly on the move which question why am i looting? am i looting just to survive to loot some more? Im at a point in the game where my bag is full of goodies, and at this point i would like to head to the mountains to create a home, craft, and loot again when i need more supplies. I would like to be able to find an abandoned shack and board it up, install locks on the doors so that players and zombies cannot enter unless broken into which makes a lot of noise. You can even hand out keys to your friends. INDOORS When creating a world, the biggest part of immersion is atmosphere, especially when indoors. In DayZ being indoors still kind of feels like your still outside. There need to be more detail when it comes to houses. We should be able to open cabinets, drawers, and refrigerators finding random goods, Each house should tell a story visually about what happened. <---- Example Being indoors should have options to lock doors, or even wedge items in front of it to keep creatures out. I would love for the game to have potential situations where your trapped in the house because zombies are surrounding the area trying to get in. FEED OFF THE LAND Exploring desolate areas should be rewarding, and dangerous . Apple Trees, Mushrooms, Pumpkins, Coconuts etc should be some of the things players should find when exploring. The world needs to be more interactive and have a higher level of atmosphere TEAMING UP (Friends list) I think a Teaming UP feature is a necessity to tell friends apart from others, even if done very simple. Maybe a blue dot over friends head, or when hovering the crosshair over friends it shows their name very subtle in blue. The games clothing feature isnt enough, in reality you can tell a friend just by how they move, run, body shape etc., but in a game everyone runs the same and uses the same style clothing. This feature would just be that added realistic awareness of friends.
  21. I have an idea for the crafting system, if it is not planned yet. My idea is to craft a ghillie / camoflage clothing with some materials of nature. (this should be taken as in idea for later development). Requirements: - hedge clippers - threads to create a clothing net (basis) - maybe sheep wool or something to make it stable - different colors (or one color) of grass | leaves | brush samples - (crafting skill or blueprint) - tube of lime or tools (like tailors ^^) | duck tape Edit for Ceallach(general): - Possibility to add brush samples | leaves or grass to every single item (including weapon as well). Edit: Disadvantages: Hamper of mobility ... makes u faster exhausted and disable running at all. Rarity of item: May make some of them rare or handle the rarity with blueprints or something. If u think i forget something, feel free to post it. I am sorry about my english at all. Greetings ReDim42
  22. Crafting

    As far as we haven`t got wiki yet, put crafting recipes here/ T-shirt -> put it on the ground -> RMB -> bandages!!! cmon, i know you know more!
  23. Hello, My team and I would like to present our brand new Dayz Epoch Server: - IP: - Teamspeak server (no password): In addition to the usual features one may find in regular DZE servers, we provide a couple of extra features which are worth the trying: - Players can create custom bases (headquarters) which give players the ability to craft: * More than 30 new types of objects * More than 10 types of NPC units that will protect the base against intruders (players) - Players can manage their headquarters and add/remove authorized players. These will be allowed to craft objects and units around the base, and will be able to enter the base w/o getting shot by NPCs. - More than 100 NPC units roam all over the map, whose 20 are located at the Airfield (Bash) - Persistent Friends Tagging System (the game will remember the friends you made earlier, even after server reboots) - Various DayZ/ARMA2 bug fixes (no more black screen upon connection, no more never-ending coma, no more "I play 3 times the stand up animation after I recover from a coma") Of course, our server also includes the common extra features such as: - Towing and Lifting (R3F) - God-Mode Trader Zones - Working dogs - Faster animations for trading object and chopping wood - Self blood transfusions are possible inside military hospitals located around your base Eventually, you may enjoy that on our server: - There is NO ADMIN ABUSE AT ALL, despite all admins are active - Admins regularly organize Special Server Events (marked on the map): * Take the Fort (e.g. winners can loot an AS50 or M107) * Axe-fighting Arena (e.g. winner wins 1x briefcase) * Players vs. Admins scenarios (with special reward for winners) * Many more... We hope to see you soon on our server! Feel free to leave us feedback to help us to improve your gaming experience. Thank you.
  24. I administrate a dayz server running a custom crafting script. I am looking for another person to help me create the crafting recipe list that would most draw players to the system itself. I want to have something accessible. Something that can alleviate a lot of the "grind" of trying to find a decent weapon or those moments where you just can't find a bandage that you desperately need. It needs to be in depth. my email address is philipcnelson.dayz@gmail.com -Philip
  25. Does anyone know how far the small boat can get on a full tank of fuel? And is it poosible to refuel at sea?