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Found 60 results

  1. CPU issue / PC unstable

    Hey guys Quite a few questions buried in this one, sorry. Been having problems: Recently started getting semi-frequent infinite loops with sound and screen freeze during more gfx intensive games like dayz / eagle dynamics sims. The PC would lock up and be unresponsive to recovery like ALT/CTRL/DEL or alt/tab etc. Hard restart was required. Got a BSOD once or twice, my display even failed while browsing at one point, screen said 'no display' then went to black (green light to orange) and then wouldn't recover. Sound was heard but screen wouldn't display. I originally suspected GFX / mobo / CPU but also wasn't sure about my peripheral Saitek x52pro. Unlplugged from USB and works fine. Did a memory check, no issues. Ran benchmark 3d test, no issues (with reasonably good FPS and no stutter / sound tearing). Ran Core Temp 1.0 and i'm hitting ~45C idle, and ~85C on a relatively high load. Is this normal kind of temps? Anyone with a similar / newer intel card got any feedback? I've checked intel's specifications but they're all around 45-65C passive/active temp. Other posts i've seen outside this site suggest that 75C isn't non-normal. It was originally up at around 105 before I took out the CPU fan, gave it a good blow (it was clogged AF) and then air canistered the mobo and GPU fans/heat sinks. That seemed to have shaved 20 off. I know 105 is up at operating limit, so that was a bad sign. Also, when taking the CPU fan off (because i felt blowing dust all over the mobo / socket would be counterproductive too) do you need to reset the thermal paste, or is this more for applying after-market fans and things? How many times can you take the CPU fan off without needing to reapply thermal paste? PC is around 2 years old, as per signature: GPU GTX 670 2GB CPU intel core4 i3770k @ 3.5GHz RAM 16GB DDR3 Ram corsair dual-channel (2x8GB) Mobo AS Rock Z77 extreme 6 PSU 850W corsair something or other. can post hd/ssd issues too, but i have no issue reading or writing. Like i kinda said, after giving it a blow its gotten better and haven't had a crash yet. Going to check bios settings and see if i can up my fan speeds on the case etc... but yeah, standard kind of stuff? And i don't OC.
  2. So not seen a topic on these forums like this and I hope this would be a good place for it. What kind of rig do you play on ? I play on (NOBODY LAUGH)..... An AMD Phenom II x4 945 8gbs of ram... Gtx650 All on an Asus M5a97 ..... I get around 32 fps on average at 1920x1080 native... I cant raise this or lower it with any settings I change in game... And all of this is at the very least 2 years old... I upgraded from what I had which was crap to a less than polished turd all for being able to play this game... I didnt go by minimum requirements I went by what I could afford and I got all of this for around 400 U.S. if you don't count my monitor but.... I went on ebay and Newegg and shopped in the openbox or refurbished menus they had and decided to go one way with this build and came out pretty cheaply...I did have a spot of luck though my buddy had the gtx650 from a combo he had bought and he didn't need the card so I got it for 100bucks... I say that to say this... I bought all of this to play this one game and at decent to crappy frame rates.... I would like to think that what I have is pretty basic and closely resembles what most players are using if not a little lower than average.... (I dont pretend its top of the line when I know its nowhere close)....But Heres the kicker.... I can get 20-40 fps in this game.....60-75 in FTB Minecraft with settings on high and low shaders... I can play Crysis 3 all on Ultra settings at 60-75 fps.... Arma 3 I get 20-50 depending on the mod and location on map... NOW if I jump to Arma2 Dayz Epoch or Overpoch or ChickenPOch I get 20-40 on high and 40-60 on low settings but this game it makes no difference what my settings are...low medium or high... I have to force Nvidia Control pad to OVer ride dayz settings to medium levels to get what I get.... What about you guys? Whats your Rig and performance like?
  3. CPU strength?

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can help me, I am having trouble running Day Z in any of the Resolutions. my screen. Is 1920x1080 and I have set the dayz.cfg file to this and when I'm in the game it seems my cpu can keep up. The graphics are rely great when I'm not moving, but as soon as I move around it all turns rubbish and my the screen can't keep up with the mouse. I have tried other resolutions but find them grainy or slow aswel..... Can anyone help with this problem. Here is the system I am running Intel Core i5 4460 3.2 ghz 6Mb G.Skill 8GB DDR3 rip jaws WD Blue 1TB 64MB Hard Drive XFX Radeon R9 280 Double Dissipation 3GB Windows 7 Thanks
  4. Frames per second = better?

    Let's keep it simple. The Frames Per Second have appeared to improve since the hotifix. They may still be unstable at times, and the game is yet to be optimised, FPS is still low at times... But it certainly is better, have you guys noticed? I used to get 25-28 in Elektro. We're looking at 35-45 now. It really does make a difference. Does the same apply to you?
  5. i have a ok ish computer and i was needing to know what to upgrade to get better frames in day sa and the mod currently i am getting 20-28 fps outside citys and when in citys it drops to maybe 5-12fps i am running the computer specs : gpu: r9 270x oc edition also have a gtx 650ti boost cpu:amd a10 5800k ram:16gb not sure what kind system:windows 8 Storage:just the normal 1tb storage [not ssd] motherboard:asrock fm2a75m-itx tell me everything anything helps thanks guys
  6. Dayz only using 1 cpu core

    I have been playing dayz and it has come to my attention it only is using one core of my cpu out of 8. I have -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 in my launch options, is there anything i can do so the game can utilize more than one core? amd fx8350 @4.5ghz 780ti oc 16gigs of ram
  7. I currently run on a AMD Athlon II x4 645 3,1GHz processor and a NVIDIA GTX 770 but i only get 10-15 FPS. It's almost impossible to play some times. i know i need a better cpu, but i heard that Dayz mod runs a lot better on Intel cpu's than it does on AMD, but does anyone know if Dayz mod runs well on a AMD FX 6300? what fps do you get and is it working for you?
  8. Computer Build

    So im gonna build a computer and I want it to run Dayz on high to max settings with 40-50 fps. I am also looking to run BFHL and BF4 at ultra settings at ~60. I've done ALOT of research regarding GPUs CPUs and what is best and I've put together this on Pcpartpicker. I was wondering if this would be good or if I could improve in some areas or if its to overkill in others. Also, my budget is $1400-1550 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/YJYkqs
  9. I'm looking to start stream some dayz SA, I already record and upload to dayz and it's going fine, it's just that i never streamed a game before and i don't know how strong my cpu needs to be (I'm concerned with my cpu because it's the weakest in my machine) my pc specs: cpu: i5 4460 3.2 ghz gpu: nvidia gtx770 ram: 16 GB any help would be much appreciated, and i would like to know if i can stream in 1080 p with no lag...
  10. Hi, I need help with upgrading my computer. I am taking a break from my xbox one and playing computer games for awhile. I need help knowing what to upgrade. I have a windows 8 ;). Computer Specs: http://gyazo.com/58f5b84086f1a79288329e1df1166ed9 I want to upgrade parts of my computer piece by piece, so I can save up for each one. I am looking in the price range for each part to be only up to $200. I bought this computer at a local BestBuy and it has actually been quite good for computer gaming. I have been able to play all my games with no lag including(dayz) The only problem is it can't handle Dayz at full resolution I think that's either my graphics card or my monitor. When I bought this computer it was around $140.00 and 8GB ram is good for being included with that. Also when I got it, I was this computer's graphics card uses the computers ram not its built in RAM. I don't know if that's true but I am just looking to add on and make my games faster. :)
  11. Hello everyone, This is my first post to the Dayz forums so bear with me. I recently have invested in a ~ $900 gaming PC and was lookin forward to playing Dayz flawlessly. The specs are as follows: 430w corsair PSU Intel i3 3220 Dual Core (with hyperthreading) Nvidia 660 2GB 8GB DDR3 RAM 500GB 7200RPM HDD In my opinion this system seems perfectly capable of playing Dayz maxed out, since it can play other games like Far Cry 3, Metro Last Light, Battlefield 4, Skyrim, Borderlands 2 and other games like it on High - Ultra setting with no framerates dropping below 45. Dayz on the other hand is a nightmare on this machine, I can usually get about 25-35 fps when in the forest or flying, but in large cities like Cherno, Elektro and Zeleno, I will be lucky to get 20 fps, with it regularly dipping into the unplayable region of under 15 fps. As for my research I have heard over an over again that Arma 2 was not optimized well, funny thing is Arma 2 works just fine on my computer. While playing various missions or messing around in the armory I have never dipped below 60 fps, even when running through the large cities. Does anyone see an Achilles Heel to my build. Me personally, I think it is my CPU, since it is a dual core. Should I spend the cash to upgrade and if so to what. Thanks in advance for the replies.
  12. Я решил написать форум о том какая же самая оптимальная сборка компьютера для dayz(dayz sa). И так вот сама сборка , так же пишите свои сборки в ответах Корпус: Aerocool Mechatron White Материнская плата: ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional (B3) Процессор: Intel Core i7 - 3770K OEM Система охлаждения: Zalman CNPS14X Видеокарта: GeForce GTX770 Gigabyte WindForce 3X PCI-E 4096Mb Оперативная память:16Gb DDR-III 2400MHz Kingston HyperX Beast Жесткие диски: 2Tb SATA-III Western Digital Black (WD2003FZEX) и 240Gb SSD Corsair Force LS Series
  13. Should I upgrade my Radeon HD 7700 or my i3 3220
  14. My spec was/is quite old. Probably 4+ years (aside from the GPU) E7600 @ 3.7ghz 4gb DDR3 @ 1333mhz Win 7 64bit ATI 7770 All held together with duct-tape a a P5G41TM mobo I used to get poor frame rates at times on normal settings so I looked at options for squeezing a tad more out of my PC. I picked up a second hand CPU, a Q9550 2.83ghz off of Ebay. What a breath of fresh air this CPU is. All settings set to high and a massive increase in frame rates, no more CPU lag. Its the difference between day and night. I have given it a mild overclock of 15% and its the best £60 I have spent on this beast in a long, long time. So for those suffering even tho their GPU should be up to snuff find a better (quad core) CPU, you really wont be dissapointed.
  15. Hey inb4 shitstorm because there is already a FPS thread but let me finnish and read the next paragraph :) I know there is a "Your FPS?" thread and I don't want to denounciate this thread but people often provide insufficent information on their system; e.g. they post FPS without any system specs/graphics settings or just provide CPU and GPU, although FPS of course depend on grahics settings and also other system specs like Harddrive(due to heavy script load and processing with the VR engine). Also FPS will change with newer builds*. So I the goal here is simply to make the results more conform. :) To keep this thread nice & clean please no discussions, just results. :) (still open for critic/ideas) Here you can share your experience on the FramesPerSeconds with your system and DayZ SA build. So people can not only see if there system can run DayZ but also what FPS they can expect at the current build* with their system and if they can live with that. (*would be appreaciated if you post new results with newer builds to keep results up2date) I know FPS still can vary on system with same specs due to general system stability and how "clean" you keep your system, still people could see what approximate FPS are possible on certain system specifications. As I get a good amount of contributions here I'm thinking of taking the most used system specs and calculate an average of what FPS people get and post it in the opening post to make it easier for people to check for their system and are not forced to read the whole thread. To make the results conform and easy to compare you should post relevant data like this: Example: CPU (@overclocked?): GPU (@overclocked?): Memory/RAM: HDD/SSD(only post the drive DayZ is running on): Operating System: Monitor Resolution: Graphics Settings: FPS in cities: FPS in wilderness: (Average FPS:) DayZ Build (DayZ Standalone only):
  16. This is a guide to showing info like fps, cpu/gpu/memory usage, temperatures and other stuff you might find useful in-game. Example of final result, running around in elektro, you can customize what it shows: If all you want to do is display fps, you only need to do steps 1-5 and you can skip step 2. Since there is no way to show this info in game you need some third party software. I use afterburner and hwinfo, I think precision X has a similiar functionality as afterburner. 1. Download and install MSI afterburner here: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm 2. Download and install hwinfo here http://www.hwinfo.com/download.php (Only needed if you actually want display info like cpu/ram usage, additional temperatures and other nifty stuff) 3. Open MSI afterburner, click settings 4. Press monitoring tab and under "active monitoring graphs" press whatever you want to display in game(for example framerate(fps) and gpu usage) and scroll down and select "show on screen display" and press OK. Minimize(don't close) afterburner. 5. You can bind a key to toggle the display if you want. Go to "On screen display" tab and bind a suitable key.If you only want to display FPS then you can stop here. 6. Run Hwinfo and press "Run" once you get into the program 7. Your screen should now look something like this, press "Monitoring" then "Sensor status" 8. Press "configure sensors" 9. Select OSD(RTSS) tab select whatever value you want to display in-game, for example CPU usage, core # usage, cpu temperatures etc. Then select "show value in OSD" and "Show label in OSD". 10. If you are going to have several values displayed in-game from HWinfo then you can change the line and column for every value so they don't all end up on the same line, like this 11. Always remember to run afterburner before you run hwinfo because it is afterburner that contains the software that shows your computer info in-game. Having these things activated might be useful if you want to optimize performance and see what is your bottleneck. For example some settings affect your CPU on low settings whereas they are almost entirely run by GPU on high settings and don't impact your CPU at all. This means that if your CPU is bottlenecking but your GPU is not having a setting like this at high instead of low would surprisingly provide aperformance boost. However since it's an alpha this game is very poorly optimized with very low CPU/GPU usage even when your fps is struggling(as seen in screenshot) . Once the game is optimized and finally released these tools might become more useful.
  17. Will DayZ SA use HT on Intel-CPUs (I7/Xeon) in the future? Or is there no chance to implement that because of the engine? - thx :-)
  18. I posted this info in the "Can I run it.." section also, but felt it was the wrong section for it.. Removed the other post and started this one. Just wanted to get some DayZ players personal experience with similar components as below, and how it's going to effect my gameplay. So, here it goes: I have been playing the DayZ SA since it was publicly released on a AMD Phenom II 965 BE OC'd to 3.9GHz, along with 2x GTX 560 Ti's in SLI (990Mhz/2175Mhz OC). I normally average 40-60 fps in the open/woodland area, and dips down to 15-20'ish in the large cities (Cherno, Elektro, Svet, etc..). I just purchased a FX-8350 which will be here in a few DayZ (see what I did there?) time. Just curious if anyone has a similar setup and what fps you are getting, with the 8350 stock and also with a decent OC. I have a custom watercooling loop (CPU and GPUs), which will give me some good headroom for a nice OC. Hoping for a decent, or even small boost in the minimum framerates. Current Rig: CPU: AMD Phenom II 965 BE @ 3.9 GHz (FX-8350 otw) MB: ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z GPUs: 2x EVGA GTX 560 Ti's in SLI (990/2175) - Latest WHQL driver RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1866MHz SSD: Intel 520 Series 240GB Thanks ahead of time for any input.. :)
  19. Multithreading and 64bit

    We're all very much aware that the engine dayZ is based on is rather dated and while it's certainly capable of producing a very pretty game has some issues getting the most out of modern hardware. Obviously, nearly everyone is aware of the current object related performance issues causing poor framerates and Dean has aleady made it clear that the team is working on them, however, in a world where the vast majority of PCs being used for gaming have 4 or more CPU cores and more than 4096mb of addressable memory, I think a it should also be a key concern to improve multithreading and also converting the games code to utilize 64 bit systems. While I'm aware how time consuming both of these issues are to address. Partically the conversion of code from 32 to 64bit for something as complex as a videogame engine however I feel it's extremely important given the amount of ideas and concepts that we've been told are to be implimented including things like every item having physics and increased numbers of zombies, I find it hard to believe that DayZ standalone will be able to provide reliable, smooth gameplay on even high end systems while only fully utilizing one CPU core and 4096Mb of memory, especially when you consider that most modern GPUs themselves have 2048Mb of memory, if not more. I would be very suprised if with all those additional fuctions and concepts if DayZ will ever truely run WELL in 32bit, simply due to lack of usable memory. I would asume improved multithreading on the client side is already on the cards at somepoint in the future, given how CPU bound the engine can It wouldn't make much sense to barely use more than 1 core, give that this would likely limit the potential customer base to those users with heavily overclocked i5/i7 cpus and even then, provide somewhat limited framerates, but I would like to see this addressed sooner rather than later if possible as currently, even brand new CPUs are stock speeds are not providing what I'd consider comfortable framerates.
  20. New build, will this do?

    Hey guys, I'm getting a bit of an upgrade soon. I was wondering if this would do: 4670k cooled by a hyper 212 plus Asrock hd3 z87 mobo 8gb ddr3 1600mhz evga scx gtx 770 (2gb) I'm looking to max dayz standalone with absolutely 0.0 input lag. Frames per second are less important, just as long as I can make it feel like I'm playing counterstrike (with vsync turned off, of course). I know that arma and dayz are very cpu-intensive, maybe that explains why I'm running everything on low while still getting a measily 12 fps in cherno (I'm using an amd phenom II x4 945 @ 3.2 ghz, 6gb of ddr2 and an r6850 atm). I'm playing on 1920x1080, no fancy 21:9 or 4k stuff.. The rest of my specs are basically up to date: I bought an ocz zt 650w modular psu a couple of weeks ago along with a cooler master 430 elite, and I'm running windows from a 120gb intel ssd and dayz from a 1tb 7200rpm samsung sata drive. Regards, Cheeki.
  21. This lack of crossfire & sli support still bugs me big time. The year is 2014 and the engine wont support it? Many people utilize multiple video cards in their systems nowdays. I got my first CF build 5 years ago and back then it was acceptable that not many games did not utilize them. Also the weak performance of the AMD FX series processors are lame. Game needs alot of cpu power but wont utilize the cores well they are like half used all the time. The main issue is not that this game is alpha. The bigger issues is that this game engine has major problems for AMD hardware. I have read that the Nvidia SLI support is also missing but atleast Intel cpu's are doing better in this game than Amd. I havent managed to find any offical answer when this game is starting to utilize CF or SLI. Or maybe it never does but it would be shame that the game itself is very good but the Engine basis is rotten at the bottom?. Would be nice to get real answers from the game developers to questions like this. Good Day
  22. CPU or GPU?

    Hi there, I'll just start by saying i'm new to the forum, but have played Dayz since the early mod days. Moving on to topic though, is my lack of quality and performance in-game due to my CPU or GPU? System Specs: Intel® Core i-3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz 8GB RAM GeForce GT 630 Total: 4GB Dedicated: 2GB Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Operating System 1TB Hard Drive In-game, i have been playing in very low, low and normal video settings, in 1080p reaching atleast 30fps. As for my CPU, its not over-clocked as i've read up it isn't worth it. My Graphics Card is over clocked to run at: GPU Clock(MHz): 910 Memory Clock(MHz): 2000 i'm looking to spend £150-£200. So which one should i upgrade? A few people have told me that my CPU is just borderline fine to run the game but my graphics card struggles to play games on medium quality. If i turn up the video settings it lags and drops fps. if i drop the video settings i run smooth as silk. Its probably going to be my graphics card that needs upgrading to pull more video quality but just need conformation. Thank you in advance and happy Dayz!
  23. I know i have been having a problem running Dayz standalone on my Laptop. I have a Sumsung ATIV Book 8. The laptop with built in Intel 4000 graphics as well as an AMD Radeon HD 8770m. The problem I have had, as well as many others, is that i couldnt get Dayz to run any higher than 8-10 FPS no matter what i did with my graphics settings. I found out how to fix this and most of you could be making the same mistake. Assuming most of you who have switchable graphics know, when you right click with your mouse on your desktop you can enter the Switchable graphics options. If you have recently played or opened Dayz, it will appear in the list of apps. Like me, you probably set this to "HIgh Performance". Well, doing that does nothing, the Radeon GPU will never kick in. What you need to do, is when your in these option, search for an application. From there you will need to find the file "Dayz.exe" it should be found within your Steam>Steam apps>Dayz>Dayz.exe. Select Dayz.exe and change this to "High Performance". This should take care of your graphics cards switching correctly. Unfortunately, even with this fix, i can only run the game at about 25 fps. But i am still adjusting my graphics daily to try and get it to run smoother. But i would say 25fps is much more playable than 8 fps. If this helped any of you guys let me know! I will be updating this with my in-game graphics settings later. If at all possible, share what your graphics settings are for those of you with similar machines to this or those of you who have had switchable graphics problems. Hope this helps!
  24. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?154493-Stencil-shadows-vs-Shadow-Maps Gonna start out by saying that i know very little about this topic. But it's apparently sort of a big deal with Arma3 so i'm going to assume it is with Dayz SA as well as i'v noticed the same kind of shadows in it. Yes i know it's alpha(arma3 isn't though..) And i hope it's already something they're looking into.
  25. I know this forum part is for day standalone but no one is using the dayz mod part any more and im sure people will see this more here then over there sorry. Ok so i have been playing Dayz mod for like 4 months and had no problem with fps and things like that now today i have started the game and im getting 3 fps so i open my task manager and Arma 2 OA is taking all my CPU and i have no clue what i have tryed looking and searching for previous post about this and nothing and again sorry for posting things about day MOD here Click Link For Image:http://s776.photobucket.com/user/liamd321/media/CPU_zpscc9b1c80.jpg.html?filters[user]=138620959&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 ,zDrewiE