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Found 27 results

  1. Games moving from Alpha to Beta

    Hey beautiful survivors, So is everyone excited for the upcoming update to BETA announced yesterday in the PC status report? I'll link below for anyone unaware. Baty let the community know that ASAP after it's on PC experimental branch it'll come to console too and we can expect such treats as vehicles & base building! But a full list of returning features will be released closer to the PC release date & apparently the list is very large. I personally am super stoked for this, links here's.
  2. Hello world, was hoping to see if any of the devs can put out what the timelines that they have. As far as like content updates and such. Will we see small patches every week or once they are completed. That way the players know what to expect for the future. I’ve enjoyed the fact that there has been two updates in less then two weeks and I really hope the pace stays the same. I’m sure with bigger problems come longer troubleshooting time. Either way. Love what y’all did bringing this to Xbox. Thankyou.
  3. I make no bones about being vocal when it comes to my opinions on reddit. I get a deluge of downvotes the minute I step 1mm out of line. But recently, after some very simple posts or some carefully thought out/worded posts, they haven't had so much as a flicker of response. Even something simple like asking if there'll be any boats in SA, which I posted twice. Not even a sarcastic teenage put-down. So I created a new account and pasted the URL of a previous post from my original account and it says [content deleted]. For all my recent posts. And I swear the content isn't questionable or controversial.
  4. Hi, I'm a 3D Modeler and I want to supply a knowleadgable coder/scripter with content for a future mod of Dayz. I can create everything 2D and 3D-wise necessary for the mod, but right now I'm overwhelmed by the editors available for ARMAII and I'll be having a hard time learning everything by myself. I just want to supply content at this point and learn from the people I'm working with, in order to make my content perfect for their needs. On the long run, I'll probably be able to do more than supply the models and textures, but I need someone to set me up, in order to continue working in a way that makes sense. I want to create an US-American map, preferably Oregon or Arkansas styled, but I'm willing to put that aside and work on your project for the sake of learning. If anyone out there needs models to be made for their mod and knows the coding part/integration of assets/maps, I'm more than willing to deliver. When the time comes for Modding support in DayZ, we can be ready and perhaps get a bit more into depth with our own project (adding new functionality and such). I'd also be happy about just meeting and chatting with other people interested in modding DayZSA, but the goal is to find someone who can instruct me on the how-to, so I'm not wasting time iterating at this early stage of my Dayz modding career ;) If you're interested and confident about making mods for the standalone, send me a PM and we'll see what can be done at the moment. I need info on integrating assets as well as on lightmapping, collisions, sockets, dynamic objects. I'll start reading into those topics for ARMAII, but I know there are people advanced in these topics, who could help me far more by giving a few hints. Here are a couple of (random) images of stuff I made, so you know I'm not wasting your time: Thanks and looking forward to your replies! I posted in the wrong place again :(? Thank you, Boneboys, for being so good at keeping track of my nonsense :)
  5. DayZ Stream Content

    Hey guys, Myself and a couple of friends are a squad who are all going to join together and start streaming on twitch, I'm mainly asking is there any type of content you guys would like to see more of on twitch involving DayZ? e.g: Berezino PVP, North West Exploration, Travelling around the Map, Holding down a town, Hunting Bandits, Being Bandits. You get the idea, All feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Suggested vehicles list.

    Sup there. I've made some researchs (That was easy, I live in the Ukraine), and made my own vehicles list. Enjoy. (Since the Soviet Union stopped existing, nearly all of it's countries became poor, and had no "export contracts", so - no new cars since 1991, and the citizens had to use old Soviet-made cars like Volha or exported cars from countries that were USSR's minions, just like Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia and some other countries from Eastern Europe until some new arrivals of cheap russian cars in mid-2000's. I have included this many models because of Soviet cars having a lot of similar parts and statistics, so, if they all get added (sweet dreams, huh) it wouldn't be too hard to find a part you need. It also makes it easier for developers to add them in game. Warning: I am not a guy who masturbates on Soviet culture, I just want everything to look authentic so the game would give a player better atmosphere of the 3rd world Post-soviet country. The amount of different cars can also make the game. A bit more interesting because it will take a lot of time for players to discover whole mechanic of all of the cars. This is just my opinion of how should the vehicle list look at the beta / final release. Enough talking, anyway. Here's the list. If you're interested in the cars that are listed below - just paste the name into the Google pics browser. Some of the vehicles have the AKA's - in this case, they are specific names that have been given by citizens to the vehicle, and I don't know why, but Russian people usually call objects with their AKA's, so, they can be used by the developers to name the object in-game, instead of buying a 1337kk$ license from some creepy Belarussian car company. I really want developers to see it, so, I'll be really apriciated if you will make a comment or an upvote. Anyway, here we go. Soviet cars: ZAZ-966 aka "Zaporozhets"; GAZ-21 aka "Volha 21"; GAZ-24-10 aka "Volha"; GAZ-3102 aka "Volha 1982"; VAZ-2108; VAZ-21099; VAZ-2101 and 2102 aka "Zhiguli" (Regular and hatchback-versions of VAZ); VAZ-2105 and 2104 aka "Modern Zhiguli" (Regular and hatchback-version); VAZ-2121 off-road aka "Neeva"; UAZ-469B off-road; ZAZ-968 aka "Zaporozhets"; ZAZ-1102 aka "Tavria"; MOSKWITCH-2140; IZH-2125 aka "Kombi"; Soviet trucks, vans and buses: LIAZ-677 bus; IKARUS250 bus aka "Ikarus"; LAZ-695 bus; GAZ-53 bus; PAZ-3205 bus aka "Chico"; RAF-2203 van aka "RAFick"; UAZ-459 van aka "Boohanka"; URAL-4320 truck aka "Ural"; ZIL-130 truck; KAMAZ-5320 truck; KRAZ-255 extra-badass truck of ultimate communistic power (sorry); Cars from Eastern Europe: Zastava Yugo; Zastava 850; Zastava 101 aka "Stoyadin; Volkswagen Golf 2; Volkswagen Beetle 1966 aka "Zhook"; Skoda Rapid aka "Salo"; Peugeot 504; Trucks, buses and vans from Eatern Europe: Skoda-1203 van aka "Submarinkah"; Praga S5T truck; Modern Russian cars: VAZ-21213 off-road; VAZ-2110; GAZ-3110 aka "Modern Volha"; VAZ-2113; Modern Russian buses, trucks and vans: GAZel truck; Service / Emergency vehicles: GAZ-24-10 Police car; VAZ-2101 Police car; VAZ-21213 Police car; Skoda-1203 Police van; UAZ-459 Police van; VAZ-21213 ER car; Skoda-1203 ER van; UAZ-459 ER van; GAZel ER truck; GAZel service truck; Service V3S truck; ZIL-130 firetruck; Bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs: Civilian ATV; Old bicycle; Modern bicycle; Off-road bicycle; Old motorcycle; Muravei; Off-road motorcycle; 3-Wheeled motorcycle \ Sidecar moto; Trailers (Can be conneced to the vehicles that have a special hook, that can be installed): Giant cargo truck trailer; Tiny cargo trailer; Camper / Travel trailer (I know, it's hard to realize, but it can have 10 people inside and be used as a "wheeled tent" and store loot); Air: MI-17 / MI-8 helicopter; AN-2 / Colt plane; MI-6 Cargo helicopter; MI-10 Cargo helicopter; MI-26 aka "Holy f#@%ing shit it's bigger than a goddamn apatosaurus" Cargo helicopter; Special behicles: Presidental Mercedes Benz S-600 long; Land Rover Series II 88 off-road; Camper / Travel truck; Mercenay Chevrole Silverado pick-up truck; Note: There are only one spawn of a special vehicle on the map. It is very hard to find them and parts for them. Why? Just read the list.; And, finally. The thing you all wanted to see: Army vehicles! Woo-hoo! As far as we could see, there were 3 armies in chernarus at the moment when zombie apocalypse have started. Two of them were peace-keeping armies (USMC and UN) and another one - Chernarussian army. Note: Most of the military stuff will spawn at the airbases, aircraft carriers and upcoming islands, because balance. It will be extremely hard to repair military vehicle and keep it working. It will also be hard to find ammo and weapons for vehicles. Anyway, enjoy: USMC ground vehicles: HUMVEE (Normal, Pick-up, and Armed versions); Benz G-Wagon 290 off-road; Oshkosh 1070F HET truck; Oshkosh MTVR truck; Oshkosh LVSR truck; USMC armored vehicles: LAV-25. M2 Bradley. Fuck M1A1. I only included these two because I think that Armored stuff is overpowered. USMC air: C-130 plane; Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter; UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter; Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter; Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King helicopter; UH-1Y Venom aka "Yankee" helicopter; UN ground vehicles: GAZ Tigr; HUMVEE; Land Rover Series II 88 off-road military; URAL-4320 truck; KAMAZ-5320 truck; UN armored vehicles: BRDM-2; BMP-2; M2 Bradley; UN air: MI-17 / MI-8 helicopter; UH-60 helicopter; AgustaWestland AW101 aka "Merlin" helicopter; Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter; AN-2 plane; AN-22 plane; C-130 plane; CDF (Chernarus Defense Forces) ground vehicles: UAZ-469B; URAL-4320 truck; KAMAZ-5320 truck; V3S truck; CDF armored vehicles: BRDM-2; BMP-2; CDF air: AN-2 plane; MI-17 / MI-8 helicopter; Military bikes, motorcycles and ATV's: USMC military ATV; UN ATV; Military stuff notes: 1. It will be quite hard to find any of these babies. Even more - it will take you a long time to repair it. Because military vehicles require special parts that I'm quite sure you won't find in the nearest gas-stations. Oh, yes. They will also need diesel or specific fuel types; 2. The best military vehicles will only spawn at the military camps, airbases, military bases, checkpoints and aircraft carriers; 3. It will be hard to find ammo and weaponry for it, so, it makes it all less DM-orientated; 4. NO tanks or attack choppers, because this will turn the game into a mess. Armed or armored vehicles will be extremely rare and harder to repair then any other vehicles; 5. You might take the weaponry on / off if there is one. You can also use some special parts that you could not use in mod. Such as - external fuel tanks and lights; The vehicles might be paintable and nearly fully customizable; 6. The vehicles will need specific wheels type, so you won't put a motorcycle wheel onto the MTVR; 7. Trucks must have at least 2 different visual variants; 8. Metal Gear? It can't be! That's it. Sorry for all grammatical mistakes and posting it here. I just don't think that it is a right type of suggestion to post it onto special thread. And I wanted people to discuss it. I know, there might be too much.cars, but i have explained myself already. If you have got any questions, suggestions or ideas - feel free to ask me in the comment section below. I hope that you liked this list more than the previous one. I'm still trying to make the list realistic and balanced at the same time. This is the list of vehicles that i think would look good in game, but not a list of vehicles they should ad IMMIDIATELY.
  7. Hey folks, I'm starting up this poll because I've started to upload my own DayZ content to youtube and I want this to let me know just what you guys are looking for. Just to do it as a way to see how I can continue to improve/expand my channel and obviously, provide better content for you folks c:
  8. Guyz big update for this server ---!!!! We just turned to Epoch Panthera Tons of Random spawn vehicles (over 300) Waiting for newplayers Server Turned to Hardcore Epoch PVP loot is little lower then normal epoch guns are hard to find but you know there is tons of military bases in panthera map. Scripts -- I decided to make Vanilla Epoch server i mean not too many stupid scripts only important ones 1. God Mode in trader city 2. Trader City Backpack protection (you must tag as a friend to that people for open your or his backpack) 3. Trader city Player guns and Vehicle guns DISABLED 4. Selfbloodbag ( 15 seconds 5000 blood) 5. Refuel is manuel you must use jerrycans or fuel barrels for refueling) 6. Antihack by Infistar Premium antihack and Battle eye updated antihack 7. Anti dupe protection. Map Informations === Panthera map is not that GIANT map but 4 Airstrip more then 10 military bases, all buildings on map is Enterable you can get in to all buildings on map. Server Things By me === I add 300 random spawn cars (all kinda armed vehicles and aircrafts are in it) you can find vehicle from anywhere of map. Event === Be online more then 5 day (log in and play 5 day) you will get starter supplys from me(i will give when im online in server im always online if something happens) Started supplys === 10 wood wall 5 wood floor 1 combination lock. Waiting for all players who seraching for Hardcore pvp EPOCH server. FOR LOG IN TO THE SERVER !!!! OPEN DAYZCOMMANDER AND GET IN TO INSTALL/UPGRADES DOWNLOAD == EPOCH PANTHERA 750MB) AND REMOVE ALL KINDA LAUNCHING PARAMATERS FROM SETTINGS OF THE DAYZCOMMANDER(J.S.R.S IS ALLOWED YOU CAN KEEP IT) IP ADRESS ===
  9. Dundee in Dayz [5:48]

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p69yN6uaG3A#t=54 Would love thoughts and feedback.
  10. I had an idea for an end-game meta game: Pick your favorite city, wall it off, make it into a town of sorts and wage war upon your fellow survivors or broker peace! "... The people's republic of Electro is fighting heavily against the Svetlojarskian Empire in the ruined fields of MSTA over the great M4 Massacre that happened during peace negotiations between the two warring city-states..." As much as I'd like to hold a castle like Zub or something... I pick Chapaevsk and wish to form an alliance between the two other small suburbs north of cherno. Together, the southern coast will be OURS!!1 *evil laugh* but seriously, what are some game ideas we can use to waste more time in dayz?
  11. Now I understand this is in alpha, and I'm fine with it - there are bound to be problems. Too bad there is so little content available. I say "available" because: - due to everyone spawning in the same, apparently only 3 spots, new toons get KOS'd before even getting a chunk of wood to wing. Back to spawn. - playing along, slowly gathering supplies, server goes broken red link, re-select a new server (because the one I was on apparently doesn't exist anymore), and I am back to one of the 3 starting spawns with nothing again, sometimes not even a flashlight - playing along, none of the hotkeys work, nothing can be selected, no network problem notifications, black screen, back to spawn with no gear - click "Play" or "new server", takes forever to load, I come online as a newbie with no gear, one of the 3 spawns, zombies (multiples) are already attacking me and I go unconscious before I can even move. Back to spawn. - no sounds, no visible zombies, yet I spontaneously start bleeding, regardless where I am (building, road, field, etc) get the black screen of unconsciousness, back to spawn, - spawn in, area has been picked clean because everyone spawns in the same spot, pick any one of the above problems as I go looking for some supplies, rinse repeat. - server pings are livable in the 45 to 90ms range, click them to refresh - no problem, go in, broken red link, pings over 500ms, kicked out, inventory isn't saved, start over in one of the 3 areas I have yet to see anything of the game outside about a 5 minute running range from Electro, Kamy or Berezino. I'm thinking there Is nothing much outside that range, which is why the game glitches to hell and gone when I try going to an unexplored area. ? I'm fine with items spawning with 0% content already, with nothing but cleaning kit and spray can spawns, with visible items that can't be picked up, doors that indicate they can be opened but don't open, multiple zombies that spawn out of thin air in the wide open and zombies in the ground/floor that kill you without making a sound - the game still has bugs. That's cool, I liked the Day Z mod, so I have high hopes for the SA. Imagine if we could spawn ANYWHERE on the island, even the periphery is fine, instead of the same 3 spots in the SE. My machine is a new custom build and has tons of horsepower, so it's not a hardware issue and I run absolutely nothing except either Vent or Mumble at the same time, and sometimes not even them. I can d/l software and media at a steady 1.5 to 3mb/s so I doubt it's a network issue, unless somehow the network connection to any of the servers decides to make the bandwidth go to shit. So, I look forward to when I can see some game content other than the three spawns. ;(
  12. DO NOT USE THE ARGUMENT KoS IS FINE. IT IS FINE. THESE ARE OPTIONS TO INITIATE OTHER FORMS OF PLAY, OTHER THAN KoS. I ENJOY IT BEING IN THE GAME. HOWEVER, IT SHOULD NOT BE THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY THE GAME. People who DO NOT read the OP are either too lazy or too stupid to participate in the conversation. Posts that say, "omg kill on sight is fine, you're a pussy, cry-baby, whiner" or the like are not constructive to the conversation because the topic is not on the removal of kill on sight. In addition, you probably have not done your research as thoroughly on the game and thus you are missing the key point: Rocket himself has said that the inventory degradation is designed to deter kill on sight banditry and he is actively looking for outlets to further deter banditry as it stands in the game currently. If you ignore this fact, then you yourself are an ignoramus and a fool, not I. Oh, here you go, I did your research for you. Fast forward to 12:30 to hear Rocket himself say that he wants to change the way Kill of Sight works by giving players something to think about. INTERESTING: ------------------------------------------------ TL;DR This forum topic is best viewed in it's entirety and should not be judged by the hasty and horribly dumbed down TL;DR summary. In short, my proposal is that Kill on Sight is roughly the only way to play the game and while I'm not lobbying for it's removal (because it is a HUGE part of the game), I want more options to encourage team work for those who want different avenues of play other than a "mil-sim version of Battlefield." Currently, KoS is the ONLY way to play (more-or-less). This would work in conjunction by solving the horrible end game content (or lack thereof). Adding the equivalent of helicopter crash sites (albeit with different twists on them) in the form of random abandoned military bases and different wrecks and the inclusion of a reason to deviate from the standard "gather supplies in the south then head north until dead" gameplay. This would include a military harbor island in the South with the rarest form of military loot and the highest quality base-building materials, complete with a monumental challenge: tons and tons of slightly more difficult zombies (hundreds of zombies, respawning to create illusion of several thousand), a ton of area/buildings to explore and loot, and the ultimate goal being the aircraft carrier docked at the far end of the island. You could attack it in different ways, utilizing as many or as few people as you wanted, and mastering it means you'd be able to create efficient ways of utilizing your creations as you build them (i.e. helicopters and armored cars) to tackle the challenge in different ways or become more efficient. Could create interesting PvP, Cooperative and PvE play. Read entire post for more details as this TL;DR doesn't do it justice. In short, don't judge the ideas based on this alone! ------------------------------------------------- Full Post: This is a snippet from a post that I made on a wonderfully put together Suggestions forum by MR DELICIOUS here: http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/162663-how-to-make-the-map-more-engaging/, but decided that the content I'm posting here could also be served as a both a suggestion and a discussion. This is meant to discuss the possibility of these ideas solving the aforementioned issues. Any other map suggestions should go to the link posted above. {Edited 13:49 1/7/2014 for those who aren't going to read the posts garnered in this forum before replying. Arguments are already inserted for cohesiveness.] A little background: I am a DayZ purist, meaning I'm against the inclusion of anything gimmicky and totally not in line with what Rocket has in mind for the future of this game. I believe that the suggestions I am about to make are not perfect, but would still provide a good skeleton or framework for some interesting ideas in the future development of the game. I do not support acquired in-game skills that give you an edge based on time played or leveling, I don't support NPC's that patrol safe zones and the like, nor interfaces for which to interact with non living entities. DayZ is about players doing what players do, to create stories. The avatar that you create should never know more than what you know in real life. You shoot better because the person behind the keyboard has got actual practice with the firearm, etc. Anyone who wants the framework of this game to go towards something gimmicky, arcade-like or MMO-esk, should stop playing this game. That being said, here we go: The world of DayZ is incredibly static and not a whole lot goes on after you've been geared and travel North. Yes, it's in Alpha, but this was kind of a running problem in the mod, too. These ideas are meant to spark/kickstart the community into doing more than be bland bandits. This will open up new opportunities for bigger betrayals, but also bigger cooperation. Especially with the third idea, which I'm most proud of. Stick around for that one, if nothing else. -Aircraft: I'd like to see the inclusion of mysterious aircraft, on random spawn timers, unaffected by server restarts. These aircraft can fly overhead and drop supplies, crash, or possibly land. The AI controlling these vehicles will instantly despawn if they land (or perhaps just die in the cockpit due to injuries sustained). Crashes and landed aircraft will be home to zombies roaming. This could get people to follow aircraft in the hopes of stealing supplies or even the vehicle itself. This could also make for interesting PvP or friendly player encounters. The origin of these aircraft is unknown, but players can RP that the military is sending supplies, reconing the area for potential incursion or research. -Randomly spawned bases: Now this can be a bit of a problem as bases are more static and immovable. For vehicles, they would either be destroyed by the flames or stolen for people to use, thus creating a convenient way for these objects to disappear from the map after a set amount of time. Bases, however, can be tricky to remove from the map, or even add. It can be immersion breaking if done incorrectly. My current idea is that these bases would spawn in a similar manner to Wasteland (in areas that are unoccupied by survivors and are out of line of sight), the materials can be used for building bases of your own, or be entirely taken over if one wishes. This would be a great way to attract other players for the possibility of loot, building supplies, vehicles and zombie killing. There would be NO NPCs, only zombies.These would be heavily fortified bases. It's defenses could be turned on other survivors. To add a twist as well as functionality: the bases are on self-destruction timers. A survivor has a set amount of time to find a base after it spawns or the self destruct protocol kicks in. It is possible to delay it via a computer terminal or by adding more fuel to the generator, but do you take the risk going in if it could explode at any moment? It makes sense that the military would have such a feature, in case the base was overrun or unguarded after a certain amount of time. The explosion would destroy the base and clear it from the map, cutting back on server resource allocation. Could also be home to zombies that are more durable; body armor and helmets make them more difficult to take down. Think of the riot gear zombie from Walking Dead. -Island Raids: Now before you bash me and say that this is not World of Warcraft and such, hear me out. This has the MOST potential out of anything. Currently there is little reason to head to the islands other than to make bases or camps that are more difficult for other survivors to take over. I for one would like to see them utilized for something really epic and in layman's terms, end game content. In one of the versions of the DayZ mod there was an aircraft carrier outside of Chernogorsk. What if one of islands was home to a giant military base/harbor, much like Pearl Harbor. This base could have an aircraft carrier docked, but eerily abandoned. Why? This was the place they ferried thousands of survivors in the final hours of the outbreak in the hopes to sail somewhere unaffected by the plague. However, things went horribly wrong and obviously some of the infected made it over. A massacre ensued, leaving the entire Island infested by zombies. The real twist here is that currently the objective of the game is to travel North after gathering supplies in the South. After that, the game stagnates and becomes about killing other players so they don't kill you for your gear. This game mechanic would force people to gather supplies for the trek North, build a base, fix a car and then ultimately head back South, brave the gauntlet of new players (Bambies) looking for highly geared players to kill and then go to this military Island. You could acquire a speed boat for this trek, you could eventually get a ferry complete with spots for vehicles, or you could spend time swimming. This island is home to a myriad of zombie types (based on the zombie life cycle), just like Dean Hall has envisioned for his game. In addition to regular zombies of the life cycle, Alpha zombies, a faster and deadlier version of what's on the main land. To enforce the notion that thousands of people were trying to evacuate this area, there will be a pool of as many zombies as they can comfortably spawn in this location. But they will respawn if killed. This will present a highly significant challenge as wave after wave of zombies will throw themselves at you, but really only if you make too much noise. Going it alone is doable, but you must be highly skilled and bring a lot of ammo, but you will probably die 99% of the time. This also presents an opportunity: cooperation! Being so difficult, you would most likely need to find a group of people to take over in order to survive. You could attack at day. Or you could attack at night with night vision! You could take a group of four, equipped with suppressed weapons and stealth your way across the island, looting as you go. You could take a group of 10, going a hybrid of stealth and loud. You could place snipers on the roofs of several buildings, giving cover to the rest of the group. Or you could go with 20-30 people, create a massive assault on the base where you clear the base moving as if you were a wildfire. Friendly fire could ensue. People could be picked off by zombies and you could watch your numbers slowly dwindle until you find yourself alone or scattered, being swarmed. You could finally finish sweeping the entire base (this would be an hours long task, with mid to high end military loot) with your group, finally ending at the air craft carrier at the far end (Ultra high quality military loot and the jackpot of all loot spawns), only to turn on each other. Or you could agree to meet up for another run at a later date, keeping a cooperative spirit that would last. Do you kill on sight now? You could be killing the same guy you raided with earlier. Now he's devoid of gear and won't show up to the next raid. You're shit out of luck, because he was the one with the keys to the Ferry you used to get your armored Humvee to that island. You need to find another group now, Champ. Do you kill Bambies, or do you go to the South to help them survive, nurture them and groom them to become a part of your team to raid this island? This would help enforce communities and even servers where people will tend to logon to most often in the hopes of finding people they played with once. I must also point out that, by design, server hopping would be entirely impossible on this island due to the massive amount of zombies respawning. If you were to spawn anywhere on this island, you would be overrun and mauled within seconds. Zombies would even spawn in buildings. It would probably be best, too, if stashes were implemented before this, as people would want to hoard as much weapons and supplies as they can, just in case they die. Also, if going to do this island raid, you will most likely want to stash everything but medical supplies and magazines for your weapons. Explosives may be necessary. Include an option to pull the pin on the grenade and blow yourself up, just in case you get trapped. Like C.J. from Dawn of the Dead (2004) with his propane tank in the van. Martyrdom at its finest. ------------------------------------------------------- EDITS, REVISIONS & FURTHER CLARIFICATIONS: My idea with the islands is a tricky thing.. It's not meant to be Dead Island on steroids or Left for Dead. It's not supposed to have different "types" of zombies (where there's a bloated zombie that bursts everywhere or a zombie that screams and stuns you), just slightly faster, slightly more agile, slightly more damaging, etc. Something that's based on Dean's idea of the zombie life cycle and his idea for the Alpha zombies. The idea that zombies respawn comes from the fact that this Island is supposed to be rather large (Elektro or Cherno in size, with a docked carrier at the far end). It's not technically feasible, at least to my knowledge, to have a thousand zombie spawn in that one location. Even if the network bubble or server could sustain that many zombies, it's unlikely that a mid-ranged computer could process that many zombies at once. To maintain the illusion that the entire island is infested, zombies would respawn but not necessarily throw themselves at you. They would respond to stimuli gathered around their particular spawn point (preferably out of vision of survivors) and that would affect if they would attack or not. So theoretically, if you were quiet enough with taking down all the zombies that you aggroed, no more would attack you. However, the number of zombies you killed would respawn somewhere on that island in idle mode. But if you go in guns blazing, they will likely keep swarming from their set spawn location due to the amount of noise you make, probably from several hundred meters away. It could be possible for you to "clear" the zombies, as there could be a set number of times each zombie could respawn before they are "dead for good." This way the illusion is kept and it's still "realistic" in that you killed every zombie on that island. Trust me, when I suggest this idea, I mean it in the least possible way for it to be arcade-like. I remember trying to extract one of my friends who was new to the game from Berezino and we were just shooting every zombie because we were cornered. We ended up on a scaffolding before we were finally overrun. But it was fun like that. That's the kind of experience I want for this island, except more intense. Stealth is almost paramount in it. The game, as it is right now, does not simulate a true experience for losing your humanity. I don't want the game to decide whether I'm a bad person, or if I'm going insane or if I feel bad for killing someone. In the past, Dean has used a meager score to judge if you were a bad person or not. The use of skins were utilized to give a player the sense of dwindling personality, and also give other players a visual representation of what a persons intent was. Sure, what I'm suggesting is not a perfect fix, but the game is a psychopath simulator. It's either kill or be killed with no realistic repercussions to yourself. Sure, you can mount an attack on the "Sniper in Cherno" who's griefing the new spawns, but there's no common ground for which to meet someone outside the forums. That's immersion breaking for me. The common ground mechanic that I'm proposing is simply providing new ways to cooperate that require multiple people to tackle. You can choose to ignore them if you wish and just resort to banditry, but you will lose out on some great mechanics that are fresh and fun. The issue with that particular mentality (and Dean needs suggestions on how to balance it), is that currently there is nothing stopping people from killing on sight. The whole idea of item degradation from bullet damage is to make people think before shooting and instead taking alternate routes to attain a person's gear. Either get a clean shot on their head, take them hostage, bind them or team up was supposed to be the outcome of the encounter, as Dean had intended. While it has certainly helped, there's still no real repercussions to killing on sight. People have wanted stupid ideas like your character becoming more insane and shake. That takes the player out of the game and makes things artificial. What Dean wants is something that makes people really think on whether or not they should kill a person or not. He wants the risk vs reward of being friendly or a bandit to be more evenly balanced. KoS is, and always should be, a part of the game. There should just be more thought behind the taking of life. What better way than to give highly geared people a productive outlet to channel their boredom and gear? Banditry is still an option, but it's not the only option this way. KoS, as of right now, is seen as the only option rather than one option of several. You have much more to gain by killing (life, gear and safety of your friends) than letting them live. Yes, you may get a temporary ally, but 99.9% of the time when you turn your back, you'll be dead. Having a higher end goal that requires multiple people to complete could possibly give the player more to ponder before pulling the trigger. I know that when I'm with my two friends, we'll pull the trigger almost every time on anyone we see, simply because it took us 45-60 minutes to meet up and we don't want to wait another 45 to link up with someone if they are shot while trying to be nice. However, if we had a common goal late game, we might think twice and recruit this person to come along to that island, if only for a meat shield. Sometimes we're given a lot of options, but those options are rendered useless because the climate doesn't effectively utilize them. Just trying to think of a way to balance the pros and cons of all strategies and mentalities. Again, the kill on sight mentality is not meant to be removed from the game. No, it's not broken. It's imbalanced. This is not an opinion that I'm expressing, but rather one that Dean Hall himself has addressed as being an issue that he would like to see resolved. So read the posts before saying that I'm trying to bring CareBears into DayZ. In real life, you'd feel bad if you killed someone out of cold blood having had no provocation. After awhile you might not feel so bad, killing people for fun or for no reason. How do you simulate going insane without taking control from the player? Answer: Giving them a lofty goal, unattainable without the aid of others, and killing a person that could help you get there. There's nothing wrong with the little things in place now, but higher risk = higher reward. The ideas in this post are future goals for the game after the implementation of everything Dean wants as a baseline. We can ALWAYS craft our own experiences, but randomly spawned aircraft or bases are exactly like helicopter crash sites. The infested military island is just like the proposed zombie horde, that could be wandering through the NWAF. It just happens to be on an island, where there's no where for the zombies to go. These mechanics have always been or have always been wanted in the game by Dean! They're just given some focus, some variety and some relative life to an otherwise cookie cutter, uninteresting world. Sure, there are signs of zombie outbreaks and desolation, but the military presence there seems as if it never made an effort to do anything to halt the advance of the infected or save the citizens. That's all. ------------------------------------------------ CONCLUSION: So, there's my list. I'll come back to it if I come up with more ideas, but as it stands, these are the most interesting (in my opinion) ideas to keep the game fresh and interesting, especially after you've done all you can in the game as it is right now. Feel free to amend, add to or even use my ideas as a template for further endeavors. I'll follow this post. I hope it gets attention from both the community and the dev team.
  13. Congratulations to the Devs, Bohemia Interactive and Dean Hall, you are going to hit 20 Mio. $ total revenues soon.(Or you even already have since DayZ costs 33 $ in some EU countries.) I'm sure Bohemia Interactive never expected that kind of windfall profits in their projections for ARMA II, (ToH) and ARMA III. So when they hit 700.000 sales in a few days they generated round about 21 Mio. $ revenues in less than a month. It is quite possible that this is not the end and we will see 1 Mio. DayZ sales (30 Mio. $) in the first quarter of 2014. Obviously the decision to use Steam was right, access to more than 65 Mio. potential customers has its merits :) So here comes the question I'm most interested in: Will the financial success lead to a reevaluation of the planned development? For example are they going to hire additional staff? I remember Dean Hall saying they basically had one guy working on the map - he definitely did a great job so far - but imagine what one or two additional head counts may accomplish! I'm also wondering If there are any plans to push up project phases (earlier beta phase e.g.) at certain revenue-milestones? Or plans to add additional content when the amount of revenues exceeds X $ (similar to Kickstarter milestones like in Star Citizen)? I also think they need to keep in mind that most of the dedicated DayZ players are willing to pay for future DLCs, which means they may create new revenue streams with DLCs in the future.
  14. So i had this formidable idea. There is widely mixed opinions on "End Game", "Events", or "quests" or whatsoever. How about implementing all of these in the game, from the very beginning (*edit: of course not necessarily all of them)?! Imagine several objects somehow embedded into the game's landscape, useless or just "ornaments" at first glance but what if i say, in some way you can interact with them?! *Two very particular examples: *Metallic "thing" in the swamp: A player finds somehow hidden in a swamp under some shrubs a metallic something. He points with his cursor at it and it says "metallic something", huhh? What does that mean? He gets completely fascinated by it and the idea to somehow get this thing out of the mud, but somehow he can't move sh*t. So he thinks further, what if i was with more ppl to interact with this thing (idea: tie a rope to it and pull at it), but somehow this doesn't work either. What if i have something with more HP?... Long story short: It turns out, that you can get this thing out with 3! vehicles pulling with ropes. The thing is a super duper special tank* or anything you want to fit as a special reward* you know. Have fun with it! Quintessence (of example): In-advance-implemented "quests", unlockable due to player interaction(can)* provide huge social interaction (you need several guys)(can)* provide "End Game" (you need the proper equipment and amount of it; get anything you want to fit as a special reward* or a fixable super duper specialtank*)NO NPCs neededcan increase long term motivationmore awareness for environement, as everything could be a potential "quest - bringer/giver" another example - the well of fortune (*added from subsequent post) How about a well in the village XYZ. You approach the well and get anykind of hint, that you can possibly interact with it. In the nearby town you'll find leaflets for tourist information. Some cyrillic crazy sh*t's going on on the cover with a picture of that very well. The only thing you can clearly identify is also "104m" on that leaflet. (let us imagine, there is something like Pickup-trucks with a cable whinch attached to it in the game; or maybe it is even brought into game for such special purposes ;)) Now you are curious...after some time you really get that truck and try to go back to that well. Well that works perfectly out. Then....(some magic happens)...and you have the most unbelievable (insert here awesome or maybe even unique stuff) in front of you. WOW! I know there could be some problems like: What about respawning of that loot, should it ever?Will it get a major point of interest, after some time when word has spread, so it is no fun any more (respawning provided)?Will it attract griefers?These are some issues i have to admit, but i think they can be sorted out quite conveniently. *(added from subsequent post) Idea: Experimenting with things/objects etc. to eventually unlock other areas/equipment/content whatsoever. It would be up to the players to create a "quest" out of it. I know this all is very generally speaking, but that's why i made this thread. to share the main idea and get some feedback as well as good ideas/arguments ;) edit: well yeah i am aware there are tanks already in the game - just for illustrating purposes *edited to avoid, "well we have already tanks" answers... *edited because ppl like to speak far too much about tanks...and tank issues... *edited
  15. Hey all, new to the forum, I currently have a Dayz.st server, hoping to mod it with only a small few mods such as AI bandits, extra loot, a few more buildings (not many to save resources), self blood bag, auto refuel, which I've put in myself, still ain't tested it yet though since I have a busy lifestyle, I have a minecraft server which most of my time is going on unfortunately, not just that, I am still in the making of my clans website, also I'm working on for my clan, XBG, we play both Xbox and PC so we differ, we are not biased in the slightest when it comes to gaming. Anyway, any help would be appreciated in installing these mods. Thanks ~Lego P.s, a custom loading screen if possible using this image? Grazi
  16. Youtube

    Hey guys as a community we should learn from each other. So I made this new topic for people to post the youtube channels for entertainment and learning purposes. Here is mine- http://www.youtube.com/user/SwagsterHD just started it a couple days ago will be posting Dayz, Arma 3, 7 days to Die, Loadout, Cube world, TF2, Firefall. postal 2 and Rising Storm. Let me know if you wanna partner up or be in any of the videos pm me or add my skype------------------------ johnsweeney131 . Please Check out everyones channel and let them know what you think.
  17. Hi Guys, at the moment i think about the DayZ Dev Blog (The Interview) and i have a Suggestion. I guess i heard that its planned to extent the Map with new landscapes and stuff so i have a idea for a Area (its not 100% realistic): A big Military Base with a huge underground part! I recently played Metro Last Light and my opinion is that the underground Levels are damn awesome so why not Stuff like this in DayZ? Regards Zyklez PS: Sry for my bad english :)
  18. 1.7.7, what I think.

    There are many good things that has come with this patch that I think everybody can agree on, such as the mi-8 Heli crash, RPK, Makarov SD, stashes, bug fixes and much more. But..there are some negatives. Which I also think some of us can agree with. Infection Infection is far too easy to get, I personally find it ridiculous as I can barely survive due to becoming infected after just a few hits of zombies. I usually become infected within roughly 5-15 Hits of zeds. But the one thing that makes this bad is the rarity of antibiotics. Finding antibiotics is like trying to find a Mt dew. (I know I'm exaggerating a tiny bit their) But honestly, they are rare as F@#k to find and they unbalance the game horribly. People kill other people to get antibiotics, people no longer team due to risk to infection, peoples objectives are to get hold of antibiotics and it ruins the game for some people because it's just way to hard to survive with such high infection rate and such low antibiotics. - this is a growing issue and needs to be fixed as I know there is a high number of players that dislike the infection rate. And for newer players to mid- experienced players (such as myself) it does nothing but makes DayZ unplayable and just generally No Fun :( They need to stabilise by increasing antibiotic spawn rate or lowering infection rate. zombies tackling I personally think this can be a good thing if maintained and kept under control, at the moment their are a number of players including me that believe that the tackling rate is way to high. I get tackled down roughly every 1-4 hits and it gets very annoying and then after being tackled I usually then get pummelled as i'm getting up by zombies which is then followed by infection then eventually...you can guess it. Death. I believe that this should be lowered to a reasonable rate. (you guys can decide what a healthy and reasonable tackling rate should be) If I had to decide, I would rather have the old patch than 1.7.7 because 1.7.7 in my opinion is absolutely Terrible.
  19. I've been reading through some older topics that touch on the subject of achievement systems and end game content. What do you all think about this? Instead of earning trophies or whatever, the achievements you earn could be persistent gear. I'm not talking about earning an AS-50 after killing a hundred zeds, but what about earning a compass after your 100th blood transfusion? I think this would work in several ways as a portion of the end game and also to reward consistent players. It would alleviate some of the grinding after each death. Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!
  20. Well, I bought Arma Combined Operations just to play DayZ , because I liked it very much. I joined a few servers and I played without problems. After I managed to join only one server. When I join other servers I usually get these 2 errors 1) Script scan completed, bad content was found" Well I dont hack so I havent downloaded any ***s (except DaiZy which is DayZ singleplayer) 2) Files missing (Every time I join a server I miss another file) Please help me because I really want to play DayZ and Its my favorite mod Sorry for my very bad english.
  21. Hi there, I'm part of a growing community that follows the Mod, I have to say it's very impressive and enjoyable; I think it's great that it's being turned into a standalone game. Up until now, several if not hundreds of YouTubers have been playing/uploading and PROMOTING this fantastic piece of development. I'd go so far to say the online community has fueled the game immensely since it's been playable. There's an ever growing problem though, not from the game itself but from a company called "The Orchard Music." Who I'm assuming provides the SFX for the mod. They've been filing 3rd Party complaints against YouTubers who have been uploading content, which in itself is understandable considering they probably own the rights to the content, but it doesn't make sense... Where does it make sense to ridicule those that support the game, and help promote the game to an extent where it's possible to compare it to other large games, that have been born from the online world? What I ask is for a slight explanation, or even a solution to this problem. Will we get strikes if we mute the audio on our videos? Are you able to discuss this matter with The Orchard Music, so that this doesn't continue? Like I said before, I understand that if it's their content they're well within their rights to complain. It just doesn't make sense, and I feel it needs to be addressed. If you could respond to this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time, - Rue Welch // YouTuber - http://www.youtube.com/iRue399
  22. New Endgame Content

    What about some kind of endgame mechanics like this: You pile up some corpses from zombies and burn them the smokes calles in hords of new zombies, which are coming in waves. If you survive you gain some extra stuff.
  23. First of all, if you're about to say any of the following this thread isn't for you: -Dayz has enough guns! -Dayz dosent need new outfits, how will I know who people are? OMG! -Dayz needs more civilian guns not military! -Rocket needs to fix bugs first! -I don't like variety, I'm as boring as a carrot! -Rocket needs to fix the hacking problem first! -Alphas aren’t for content herp derp! All of that is irrelevant. None of these additions will effect Dayz in a negative way. And what’s best of all? It's already in Arma II -- Patiently waiting to be added to the loot tables. The majority of you people who hate change are wondering from barn to barn with a Winchester anyway, this is beyond you. This won't take up major efforts to fix other bugs, it could be added by the time Rocket has had 2 cups of coffee. "But hackers will just spawn in X or Y OMG OMG" -- You should not balance your game or your content based on hackers or dupers. They are a problem to solve separately, you don't start band-aiding other portions of your game -- Fix it at the route problem. WEAPONS: Here's a list of weapons from Arma II which could be added to the game. 90% of them use ammunition already available in the game and simply add variety, they fit the theme of a former soviet bloc country and they're not overpowered. There's literally no reason not to add these in the game beyond "I’m as boring as corduroy and don't like variety". I agree the game needs more civilian weapons and melee weapons, but none of those are actually sitting in the Arma 2 files going "hay guy use me, omg what are you doing use me already": Military installations (deer stands, hangers, fire stations, control towers etc): AKS SVD RPK Saiga 12k Makarov SD (Takes makarov and makarov SD ammo) Barracks: AKS-74 PSO PKM PKP RPG-7V (replacing the current rocket launcher) M40A3 Camo Helicopter crash sites: L85A2 Susat GL "Why do you want very similar weapon types added to the game? We already have a LMG, we have an AKM why add an AKS?" Why not -- It's in the game files. This is meant to be an open sandbox world. Cosmetic change is good, not every weapon needs to be literally different in ability. So what you have 2 assault rifles that are exactly the same? Maybe someone likes the look of the AKS better. Who does it hurt to add it? OUTFITS: As much as it's lovely spawning looking like a CIA operative / private contractor who doesn’t even have the basic items of survival -- A little more variety would be nice. Again, all of this is already in the game -- Nothing new is being "made" here. I'm not sure why the current camo outfit was chosen over everything else in the game? It makes little sense. Not only is it in the BA pack (and thus most people don't have it = blurry textures) but it totally dosen't fit the theme... You look like a mercenary extra from the Expendables. If anything you'd be wearing a hotchpotch of military surplus gear available such as ex-German flektarn parkas which are everywhere in the world or Russian mil surplus camo. OR failing that... The clothes off of the soldiers laying all over the floor. But I digress... To the outfits: These could be lootable in residential / military locations. The camo outfits are a total must. The current camo outfit in game is a joke. Most people see the textures as a blur and it has no sleeves! Super sneaky pink arms (Unless you go as a black guy, but these characters are meant to be modelled on ourselves, no?). But how will we tell who is a survivor and who is a zombie? Pro tip, zombies eat people. This is a sand box game which implies freedom and yet everyone looks like a clone... Until they loot one of the other 2 outfits... Then they look like a bush / African mercenary. Come on now. How good would the following statements be? "WOAH, I JUST GOT KIDNAPED BY A PRIEST AND A DOCTOR" "I think I just saw the total boss sniper from 'behind enemy lines...'" "Just got ambushed by a speznaz looking pro team" "some punk rocker just blood bagged me, awesome!" "Some sex offender looking guy in a coat just dragged me for 10 minutes while I was knocked out -- Then gave me a gun?!" "just saw some guy in a suit with aviators and a 1911 walking through cherno playing 'little green bag', reservoir dogs style" Would be nice if clothes had an effect, not all of them and certainly not gimmicky -- But coats / rain jackets stopping your temp dropping (this is in Arma 3 I believe, so no point coding it here) -- for the future though.
  24. Disregard Thread

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew the command to enable custom content on a server? I manage a server and I would like to know the command, so my players can use custom skins (face.jpg). I have checked a lot of resources, but have been unable to find it. I would appreciate your help. Disregard have figured out
  25. Hi everyone, I've been trying to play DayZ for 2 days now and I've grown increasingly frustrated. I've followed all of the steps in downloading Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead, and I've downloaded DayZ too. My main problem is that when I try to join servers, I always disconnect or get a message like this. "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted". Please give me any help you can. I am quite desperate now and it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers