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  1. Website: http://www.uwsgaming.com Teamspeak Address: ts.uwsgaming.com <-- Click to join our Teamspeak Teamspeak Download (free): Click Here DayZ Server Name: =UWS= Active Admins UWSGAMING.COM DayZ Server IP: Community Info We are a community that has been around since late 2003 dedicated to Battlefield, we have 700+ Active and we support the following games listed below (with active players playing them), So if you enjoy FPS and Survival games like us then your taste is similar to ours and we welcome you to be part of our community ~ We also play the following games: Battlefield 1 Ark: Survival Evolved Star Citizen Rainbow Six | Siege Heroes and Generals SQUAD ArmA 3 Escape From Tarkov PUBG Rising Storm 2 WE ARE NOT gonna require you to go through hell just to join the clan like some places do as if its a real life interview and require you to go through harsh steps or answer 20+ questions and have to show up to play on certain days, this isn't a job it's just a game to enjoy for fun and escape our good/bad daily lives (be it your a hardcore player or a casual one) and play on the days your available and convenient for you (and not for us), Play with us and if you enjoy the people, feel free to sign up as a member. As a reminder Our community stands 14+ years strong against hacking/glitching/item duping
  2. The Tormented DayZ Clan [NOW RECRUITING]

    Hi Survivors, We would like to invite you to our clan, THE TORMENTED. Our clan is a social and laid back chill type of organization but we take the game seriously we are always focused and in highpop servers. Our clan has a goal to form a bond between each members to fully trust eachother and be unstoppable in this zombie apocalypse. The clan is currently active and accepting more members experienced ones of course.The raid events are usually hosted all week. Is this organization open to all players?No, We are looking for experienced only. Is there a mandatory ranking system? No, Just 2 leaders and seniority based on how long they been with our clan. - We have a discord server also to keep in check of updates for our server and casual chat and meetings and more. - Do we have Clan Uniforms?No , We are a bunch of savages ready to eliminate the threat and any competition. - Following clan rules is very important. We have three rules. ________________________________ • Treat others how you want to be treated. • Don't eat the homies. • Keep chat to a minimum in gamechat. ________________________________ - We are international based clan so a variety of different players from different countries *If you wish to join the clan, just contact TG SwiiFTy , SavageIsWhite or i GET SWIFTY Feel free to ask question as well P.S. Strictly adults only.
  3. Tired of being shot on sight? Playing DayZ the easy way? Looking for something different? A place to play varying games? The CQF is the place for you! We are the CQF, the DayZ division of the First Cavalry. The First Cavalry play a variety of games, don’t feel like you just have to play DayZ to join! We play Arma, Planetside, CS:GO and many more! We encourage members to delve into varying games and get the most out of the First Cav as they can! In DayZ, one of our primary games, we play as friendly survivors. Using our immense numbers to help those in need in the apocalypse. Whether that is protecting them from the undead, or providing them with supplies, our playstyle does not change, we are always friendly! We run various, organised and interesting operations, with varying objectives to create engrossing and diverse scenarios for our members. Sometimes travelling across the most dangerous parts of the map to spread our message. We use our TeamSpeak 3 server to organize our movements and communications. . If you run into us in game, know we do not kill on sight (KOS)! We are a friendly group and are always up for a conversation or to swap gear. If you're new to DayZ SA and are wanting to learn about the game, CQF is the place to be! We run various training sessions to teach our newer squad mates how to act and react in various tactical situations. These members come from around the world, there is always someone to hang with! The First Cav has a strong leadership team, ensuring the best of times are had whilst playing with us. Whilst providing opportunities for all members to climb our rank system, we also accept ideas and suggestions from all our members, no matter rank and time served. We have a few set requirements at CQF to ensure a good environment for our veterans and new members alike: Age: We like our members to be 17+. However we have a Cadet program which will allow you to prove yourself if you are younger. Have a microphone and TeamSpeak 3. Maturity. Adhering to our rules: www.thefirstcav.com/generalorders. 1CAV/CQF website, thefirstcav.com Enlist for CQF here! - www.thefirstcav.com/enlist TeamSpeak server - ts.thefirstcav.com (we use push to talk) Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you! SGM Avery If anyone has any questions feel free to ask here.
  4. TFD Is Now Recruiting

    The Final Division are actively recruiting more soldiers to join our Ranks! We accept both Hero and Bandit players into the group. We focus on being like the military in games, with a pretty realistic command structure. We try and combines a strong mixture of RP and PVP. We can be found in game wandering the Badlands of Chernarus. If you're interested in joining, Fill out our Application Get In Touch Happy Hunting..
  5. Where to find us, access to over 20 PVP based Clans, or our 1,000 person Discord channel: https://www.facebook.com/groups/249612142095874/ About our Clan: An Introduction to the Friendly IsH Group, known as the =Fish= Clan. The =Fish=Clan is one of 3 Clans that host this Facebook Page and the DayZ FactionZ Server. The =Fish= Clan were formerly known as the Pale Riders, and previous to that the Apocalypse Cowboys. Originally a strictly Hero Group that only engaged Bandits and Killers, we eventually found our place among the survivalist Clans in DayZ. Typically we do not engage solo players or even smaller groups unless we are threatened by their actions. We look at those types of meetings in game as opportunity to play "Friendly IsH' and may even recruit certain players in those situations, or invite them to run the map with us and join our ts group. We do KOS any potential threats and look for opportunities while looting to engage in battle. We tend to roam the NW of the map more so than we do the cities on the coast, but you never quite know for sure where we will be. We always use ts and are usually on every night during peak DayZ hours.. We also have several recruits currently. You may find us in the following Discord, and are welcome to stop by anytime. https://discord.gg/G5jC6TN You will notice us in game usually wearing our gas masks (Fish Masks) and dark clothing. About our Server: WELCOME TO THE =UN= COMMUNITY SERVER =Fish= Clan! DayZ the way the game was meant to be played: First Person (Hardcore mode) Much better players than public servers. RP Encouraged. No Rules. This effort is hosted by the entire =UN= Community. We currently have paid for our next 7 months on our server provider and have a large population every night. We have united to create a First Person PVP server that will welcome all players and play styles, but focus on Clan Warfare, PVP. and base building. The server already has over 20 small groups committed to supporting its efforts, and between that strong starting point and the numbers in experimental we expect to pack the server from day one. We have only one connection to the hive so there is no ghosting during pvp and no server hoppers that ruin the games loot economy by over-saturating the map with too many weapons, ammo, etc. Great group of people for both social play and PvP. Very solid community with Survivalists, Heroes, Bandits, Cannibals, Kosers, Merchants, etc. We have Clans, groups, and solo players. We will host PVP events, as well as in game challenges that will offer scenarios for Clans or individuals to accomplish a task, such as escort the Prisoner across the map, hold down a tower building for a length of time, Hostage situations, Prison Island Jailbreaks, Treasure Hunts (pvp style), protect the Scientist (who may have developed a cure for the virus), etc. Something for everyone that loves PVP based DayZ. Our ts can hold 300 players, and groups wanting to make DayZ FactionZ their home will be offered a ts room on our server. We are not looking for donations, but Clans that are interested may eventually be invited to have an admin on our server and also share in the cost. Currenty each of the 3 founding groups has an Admin, which will allow us to have a Admin present most of the day, everyday! We also feature the largest Trader Base is all of DayZ, the perfect place for RP to flourish. We really do encourage RP despite the fact that 85% of our player base is KOS style. Stop by soon and check out the best server in DayZ - The =UN= Community Server!
  6. | Apply Now | Recruitment Status : Open | | Join Our Teamspeak Now! sotl.teamspeak3.com | | Officer | General | Colonel | Major | Captain | 1st Lieutenant | 2nd Lieutenant | Chief Warrant Officer | Warrant Officer | | Enlisted | Command Sergeant Major | First Sergeant | Master Sergeant | Staff Sergeant | Sergeant | Corporal | Private First Class | Private | - Magestic | Steam Profile - Aryki - Jaeric - Nevermax - Riely Plouffe - cornflakesx (Please Write Corresponding Answers In Red) 1. How Old Are You? (If You're Under 16, Fuck Off Kindly.) [ ] 2. What Is Your Timezone? [ ] 3. Do You Have TeamSpeak? [ ] 4. How Many Hours Do You Have On DayZ? [ ] 5. How Well Do You Follow Instructions? (1-10) [ ] 6. Will You Be Committed To The Clan? [ ] 7. Anything Else You'd Like To Add? [ ] | To Be Used By Soldiers Of The Lost Members Only | ( None, but we are open to alliances, please PM Magestic for further discussion. ) ( None, but all clans are considered Neutral until agreements are made or hostile actions from a clan are made. ) ( None )
  7. My name is Locke, General of the Haven Defense Corps. We're building up our supplies and soon we're going to go on a big mission to build a proper town inside the world of Chernarus - but to do that we need your help! Help us build Haven, and we vow that our Scouts will keep you supplied, our Defenders will keep you safe, our Builders will keep you sheltered, and our Community Council will keep you entertained and happy. Haven has four leaders and four groups that all work together. When you come to Haven, you are free to join whichever group suits you, and you may change your group at almost any time. The Defence Corps The Defenders, or the Red Bands, protect Haven at all costs. They enforce the rule of law and keep everyone within our borders safe. They go out on missions to rescue our trapped comrades. These men and women are the shields that guard Haven. The Builder's Guild The Builders, our Blue Bands, are the true heroes of Haven. They build up the home base, maintain our supply camps, repair and maintain equipment and clothes, tend to the farms, and make lists of all the gear we need our Scouts to get. The Scout Corps For some, the walls are but a cage. These free-spirited folks band together to form the Scouts, or the Green Bands. Our Greens are the hands of the Community. They go out into the world and find all the things we need to continue surviving. Without them, we would all perish. Community Development Council Our Councillors, the Black Bands, are the heart behind Haven. We plan fun events, we co-ordinate recruitment efforts, we manage and control trade inside of Haven, and we manage the food and medical supplies. We plan rationing. We are the medics, merchants, and planners of Haven. Whichever faction calls your name, once you are a member of Haven, you'll be a part of our family. We survive the end times together. To Join Come to our discord server to join us! https://discord.gg/vU6eYdK
  8. Hey guys, my name is Saronite. I've been playing Dayz since it was a mod in arma 2. I've since gotten back into the standalone and i'm looking for new people to play with. I'm an experienced player for the most part. Can play alot on weekends Eastern Standard time. You can add me on steam just search for Saronite, or talk to me in discord https://discord.gg/MTxNbtQ
  9. TheVikings

    Hello Survivors! I have just started a New server wich is called "TheVikings". Due to this i need players on the server aswell as member to this clan. I will pay for the server that is a 30 slot server and i will not be asking for Your Money!. I want mature players, and i also need som admin to Control the server when i am offline. Server info: and are located in Norway. Why would you choose this server to play on? Because this server is not only KOS, but i`m courage you to interact With other Survivors in a way thats safe. Of course Survivors will have theyre own agenda for gameplay and so on, and i will not tell you how to play. My Squad should be sharing my vision on this game tho. Im looking forward to meet some new player on this new server, until then, have a good one! Regards TheViking. PS. There is a New facebook site aswell, like it to suport us! https://www.facebook.com/Thevikings-576116936111705/
  10. Hello DayZ players. My name is Cha0s I am from Lithuania and I am looking to form a DayZ Standalone squad for enjoying the game and playing together. Everyone is welcome as long as they meet these little, tiny requirements: ¤ Must have a mic for communication, ¤ Must be communicative, be friendly, help others. ¤ Must know the basics of the game ¤ Are willing to take the game as just a game, have fun, not to be salty or be an asshole to others. ¤ Must speak and understand english ¤ Understand that not all of the players are pros at this and that some of them want to learn. ¤ Must be online often or very often If you are interested in joining please leave a comment with a link to your steam profile or add me on steam and message or add me here: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013733055/ Or join the steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MC0CC Good luck and have fun, Cha0s
  11. Hello we are The Black List a PC gaming community who are starting to expand through different video games. We are a group of good friends who have been playing PC games for a while. This Community offers several branches of games such as ARMA III, Total War, DayZ, and several others. This post is Targeted towards the DayZ branch. We are looking for a group of people that want to have fun. If interested continue reading RULES - Don't be immature... if you can't handle a joke you should stop reading now. If you can't tolerate mature language this isn't for you. - know what you're doing as much as we mess around atleast have some knowledge of the game. There is a time and place for everything. - racism, prejudice, and any sort of segregation will not be tolerated. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR - at least 15 Years Old. (exceptions can and will be made). - at least 200 hours on the game (exceptions can and will be made). - willing to follow simple rules and respect all. - must have a working mic with TeamSpeak 3. - must have a general understanding of the concepts of DayZ. - must not be a beginner player. - must be comfortable and familiar with DayZ PvP. BASIC BIO This group will mainly consist of Bandit/Survivor play style. Banditry does get old so there will be times we are confrontational. This Group is to be inland based. It is very rare that we will roam the coast. Often will patrol northern cities, scout military bases, and Travel through Hot Spots (PvP Zones). With this group i am hoping to bring together a group of well experienced players. So that we can leave our mark and let us be known through out this community. I am looking for a very strategic and well organized group of guys who can take on groups of the same size if not bigger. I want players who stay calm under fire and wont freak out when in combat. The Black List DayZ Branch runs off two main combat styles CQB and Long Range. I myself can play both ways. Most people have a specialty wether it be CQB or Long Range. In this clan we would like you to use what ever "class" fits you best. If you are a good sniper but like using the AKM then I suggest going with the class you are more effective with. I am not saying its mandatory to use a certain gun. There is no gear protocol. Use what ever you know best. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN JOINING Joining The Black List DayZ Branch you will automatically join as a Trial. Being a Trial you play with the clan using our clan tags. You aren't considered a member yet until you are seen fit for the clan or you have proven your worthy. Being proven worthy is showing loyalty and activity. Inactive and Toxic players will be terminated. The ranking system isn't anything to worry about. Being the lowest rank doesn't make you any lesser than me the leader. The ranking system mainly is to organize how long and how active you are. Contact me if interested either by email @ hwracine@gmail.com or by sending me a PM or Replying down below.
  12. The Art of Warfare (TAW) is looking for new members for our DayZ division. We are a 2800+ member community with over 50+ games played. TAW is a 16 year old multigaming clan with lots of history. Made up of gamers from around the world who have come together with the common vision of honor, integrity and fair play, TAW continues to adapt itself to the ever-changing landscape of gaming. With a solid foundation in its Code of Ethics, TAW has weathered the storms that have seen so many others fall. The Art of Warfare is a home for those tired of compromise. This is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the greater good and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a clan of like-minded gamers, but also find a family. If you want to put your time and energy into another small, fly-by-night "clan" that will be gone in a couple months, then TAW is not for you. However, if you are up to the challenge of taking part in a real online community of dedicated gamers that have bonded together with a common purpose of more organized fun and better gaming, all while kicking everyone else's rear-ends on the field, then this is the place for you. www.TAW.net The Art of Warfare DayZ: 27+ active members US & EU Scheduled weekly events Organized Community Small groups & Squad system Military leadership structure and tactics Teamspeak 3 server & 2 DayZ Gameservers 50+ games/divisions with active members Opportunities to volunteer, and be recognized across the 2800+ strong TAW membership Simple Requirements: Age = 15+ Working Microphone Positive attitude Following our Code of ethics To apply simply go to www.TAW.net and sign up to our DayZ Divison. Or Add me on Steam for more Infomation! http://steamcommunity.com/id/iqfish96/ Thanks for Reading and hoping to roam Chernarus with you soon!
  13. So I'm getting back into the game after a lot of time off and looking for a group to play with. It's getting lonely out here by myself. I'm 23 from Canada.
  14. Hello! A little background info.. The Real WolveZ was formed in Feb 2014, while this game was in its very early stages (60 member Dayz SA clan). Over time with all the bugs etc, it was soon realized by many members that this game needed a lot of work. Many members have continued to play together without official "Clan name". This is the first official attempt in years to start growing the community again. We will be using TS & Discord.. Please feel free to check out the website I quickly put together https://www.therealwolvez.com/ TO JOIN: - You must be 18+ (Adult). - Have a minimum of 500 hours in game. - Know the map. - Be proficient with a particular weapons system. (you can use whatever weapon you want @ any given time) *******************Feel free to reply here or email me @ therealwolvez@gmail.com if your interested & fit the requirements. Please check out the website for more info about us too!
  15. I wanted to post this for any clans or groups out there that have tried to launch a server but who have struggled to build a population there. We have had success teaming up to help populate, finance, and grow a server using Clan partnerships. Here is how it works, and I strongly suggest you try it out if you would like to help admin an active, successful server. =FactionZ= is currently looking for a few more groups to join in on our leadership team for our DayZ First Person Server (only one connection to the hive). We are looking for: - Active players / groups / clans that will help our current solid group of 20 players. We want to get that solid group up over 30 before we relaunch our server - We'd also like groups that would enhance our server gameplay, events, and RP (not required). We would like groups in our leadership to sponsor at least one event per month (it can be PVP or RP based) to help the server attract all types of players! - Any groups with Server Admins will be expected to share a portion of the server costs, which can be negotiated with our leadership group which is led by Irish. - Quality people with a mature approach to gaming that understand the good of the server is the basis for all decision making. Our Core beliefs will always be: PVP Emphasis, First Person ONLY, ONE connection to the hive ONLY. No Rules! If your group would like to have a partnership, message Irish here or stop by our Discord and leave a message there. https://discord.gg/zK9HF
  16. About Us The Green Beret is an international, experienced, serious, and active Dayz clan, started in the December of 2014, devoted to the aid of others and look to those who cannot contend for themselves. To be apart of a larger community and a greater camaraderie with other people is what we strive for. We look for people who will actively play and communicate well and effectively in Teamspeak and on Dayz. We are a hero clan, meaning that we strive to avoid clashes and hope to attain accord with others. However, this does not mean that we will hesitate to attack others in tense situations, or to always approach others in a friendly manner. We never hesitate to engage enemies or wait for responses when not given. At the moment, our clan has an large amount of members, ranging from medium to high experience. We have the ability to manage more than 30 people on a single server - and we want you to help us make that happen and grow even farther. Not only this, we are one of the fastest growing Dayz clan on the Standalone and will continue to expand with the help of such a supportive and active community. Because of our vast amount of players from different timezones, we play at varying times of the day, and are online almost all day besides the late night and early mornings. We compensate by having events and meetings that work well for NA and EU times. We will provide you with a simplified version of military structure and callings to provide maximum support for each player, providing you with training and exercises you need to be successful in the clan with the help of our drill instructors. We are an organized, taking on some measures of a semi-milsim group meaning we play with formality, and a commanding structure, but always have a place for fun and communication. We will have events and operations throughout the week making a full loot runs, pvp, or just general clan improvements and fun. The main game that we play is Dayz Standalone, however, we do also play games such as Arma, Dayz Mod, Rocket League, and more in our freetime. Our applications are simple, and are followed up by an interview. To apply, join our forums and fill out an application: http://thegreenberetclan.proboards.com/ Requirements • Minimum age - 17 • Minimum Hours - 50 Hours of Dayz • Dayz Standalone (Not the Mod) • Has a high quality, isolated microphone, as well as a strong internet connection. It is important that we communicate. • An email for the use of communication • Must speak fluent English (as if it were your primary language). • Active Dayz player and member in the Green Beret. Also is active looking at the forums • Basic knowledge of the Dayz and the Map • Has Teamspeak3 • Mature, and can respect and follow orders; understands that we are an active clan, but we understand people have real lives - life before game. Other Components • Quick and detailed application and recruitment processes • Active Admins from American and GMT Time Zones • Experienced Officers - NCOs must be 17+ and 200+ Hours - COs must be 18+ and 500+ Hours • Actively growing clan and community (40+) • Military Structure with a mixture of USMC and British ranks, platoons, and companies • Option to either be Recruit and rise through the ranks, or a Mercenary and hop on casually Other Information • If interested, we are looking for experienced leaders who can quickly give out commands to others in active situations, be extremely active during the week, and can work well with others. Please contact me directly for more information. If this seems like your style of play, why not come along. We are open for applications at the moment from all around the world - and we hope to see you soon if you do apply! For more information and to apply join our forums. (Please do not post the application here) _________________________________________________ Forums: http://thegreenberetclan.proboards.com/ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thegreenberetclan
  17. UPDATED 12/22/2016 7:17PM JUST THIS FIRST POST IS UPDATED AND THE LATEST POST ARE UP TO DATE Victory Gamerz Is Back To Dayz SA DAYZ STAND ALONE SERVER -=Vg=-Victory Gamerz | 24/7 DAY | XLoot | Friendlys | Quarintine Victory Gamerz has returned to Dayz SA UPDATED TEAMSPEAK SERVER victorygamerz.clants.net Victory Gamerz is seeking new players for Dayz game play and group play for teaming up, we are seeking from ages 15+ that will be a team player. we have a TS3 server victorygamerz.clants.net we also run Day of defeat source server along with two BF4 Servers. Please visit http://www.victorygamerz.com to apply. ABOUT US We are a group dedicated to the enjoyment of on-line gaming the -=Vg=- is an community with maturity and respect as a premium requirement. Juveniles, child like behavior and cheaters have consistently ruined the enjoyment and the spirit of the game, so we decided to form our own gaming community to eliminate as much as possible of these undesirable elements. -=Vg=- does not tolerate cheating in any form or trouble makers who feel that public game servers are their forum to make public spectacles of themselves. The -=Vg=- Council and its Members are extremely vigilant against all forms of cheating and foul play. Therefore, accusations of -=Vg=- members cheating will not be well received. Please be respectful to everyone who plays on our server's. Honor, Respect, Maturity and Teamwork is what it takes to be a member of the -=Vg=-. All members are encouraged to give input into the future and direction in the growth of Victory Gamerz. Victory Gamerz is a online gaming clan and community (not ran by strict clan bs rules) for mature players to have fun and enjoy the entertainment of online gaming with friends and family to come and play with others in online gaming for PC,Xbox,PS3. Since 2009-2010 the gaming industry has fallen off the charts for most active industry in the work we are here to help get this environment going again. From 1999 to 2009 the gaming industry was booming with over 4 billion players now we have half that. Victory Gamerz is about the people not the power hungry admin, over ego maniacs that have strict rules this is a laid back type Clan/community open to all gamers for on line gaming. REQUIREMENTS Required but not enforced to have just to join -=Vg=- * Steam * Ventrilo * Origin * Xfire * Teamspeak WHAT WE OFFER Best Friendly memberships and online gaming through a dedicated server. Player Groups for a number of games. Teamspeak server for you, friends and members to join us and chat while you play. Respect and rewards that come randomly and surprisingly. Teamspeak3 Server victorygamerz.clants.net * We support Consoles * Your a small clan and would like to come to -=Vg=- for more members/ friends to play with at any time. * No age restrictions * Hassle free no long term commitment. * No discrimination's * No commitments (we understand family time and or if you just was some game time a few times a week.) * No enforcing players to a certain way to play your game, you bought it not us or anyone else. * Play at your own pace but as a team at the same time. * Gain permissions to make server and admin decisions. HOW TO APPLY Sign up at www.victorygamerz.com please be sure to read here if you are interested in being a -=Vg=- member Sign up @ http://victorygamerz.com to gain forums access......... View the following Topics. Things you should know before joining -=Vg=- http://victorygamerz.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?38-Things-You-Should-Know How do i join -=Vg=- http://victorygamerz.com/forum/showthread.php?8-How-do-I-join-Vg -=Vg=- Application http://victorygamerz.com/forum/forms.php?do=forms (you must register before applying) We would be glad you have chosen to be a part of our community Our mission and goal is to provide a place where gamers from all over the world, of all calibers, can meet in a friendly and fun atmosphere and gain values such as friendship, and to many of us, family. Victory Gamerz foundation rests on honor, loyalty, and integrity. This is what we build upon. We put heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others, and having a fun and competitive gaming experience for all to enjoy. What follows is the product of many months of on and off discussions, with many members, and many hours of thought and research. This is a true reorganization of Victory Gamerz. This is being done for the following four reasons: 1) To provide Victory Gamerz members with more active "leaders" to help solve and resolve any problems. 2) To create landmarks for our membership to use for advancement with in our family. 3) To create a more just system for entering into this community, but also, advancement with in Victory Gamerz. 4) To provide a atmosphere to Victory Gamerz, not just a few members. All the best, -=Vg=- Council
  18. -=Vg=- Victory Gamerz

    With -=Vg=- you have the option to join the clan of just be friends of the clan and play with us in DayZ, -=Vg=- does not enforce strict rules upon its members, we do not tell members in our DayZ group they have to play medic, sniper, etc etc, YOU PLAY HOW YOU LIKE TO! There is ranks but they are never used to look down on another player of a lower ranks. Our Rank system is purely for the clan and community structure nothing more. We are laid back and do not tolerate ass hats or over ego maniacs period. We are simply here to have fun and enjoy the games we play. Even if your not looking to join a clan we have outsiders that get just as much respect as we do for each other. -=Vg=- and the name Victory Gamerz is simply a name to be known by. (GAMERS all of who is equal and plays games) Check us out at http://www.victorygamerz.com or join our TS3 server, victorygamerz.clants.net awesome group good times, we are like brothers here come join us on Teamspeak and get to know us. REQUIREMENTS * Ages 13 and up (depending on maturity levels) * TeamSpeak 3 * Mic * Steam TS3 Server victorygamerz.clants.net Main Web Site http://victorygamerz.com/ Application http://victorygamerz...ms.php?do=forms Facebook https://www.facebook...ctorygamerzclan
  19. [Squad Recruitment] [Join Now!]

    Hey guys me and my friend are forming a squad if you would like to join you need to meet the following requirements, 500+ Hours Have Teamspeak and a working mic Skilled at PvP You must be 14 and mature.Got it! If you meet the following requirements Please contact either, http://steamcommunity.com/id/Keelan1421/ or http://steamcommunity.com/id/VendettaDayZ/
  20. ExiledSpecialForces | One Team - One Task TL;DR: A small, organised and very experienced group looking for more likewise players @ www.ExiledSpecialForces.uk Exiled Special Forces is a highly organised European group that has been borne in July 2016 by splitting off of a old clan, into this new, organised group. We are a small group with a tight play style that has PvP and Fun as main goals. We generally operate with a disciplined comms system for when we’re in the field, just so we can actually know what's going on. But we also have a good laugh between times, or sometimes even while we have contact. One thing to accept is that from time to time team members die, and you should be prepared to lose all your gear and run halfway across the map to rejoin us. The trait we look for most in a recruit is a good attitude and mentality, that fits ours. You don’t have to be the best player right away, just have the ability to communicate, take orders when needed and be open to learning from the more experienced players and you should be as good as the rest of us in no time. When the current commandos feel that you are up to standard, you will be promoted to full membership and can then earn more badges and rewards furthering your own ability. Games we mainly play: - DayZ (standalone) - Arma 3 (KotH, Exile mod) - Counter-Strike: Global Offencive What do we offer? - An active and organised team, with damn good Squad play - Dedicated TeamSpeak, DayZ SA and Arma 3 Exile server - A modern Website at ExiledSpecialForces.uk - Loads of gaming experience (average hours per game is around 1000-2500) - No drama nor ego-trips Requirements to join: - Be Mature (21+) and respectful to others - Understand basic tactics & callouts - Be active regular - Have common sense - No hacking/cheating - Good attitude & willingness to learn - Correctly enter your Steam profile link (eg: https://steamcommunity.com/profile/...654/) - Understand and speak English (on a decent level) - TeamSpeak (with a decent mic) - EU based (We are sorry but we currently only accept EU based players) - Have fun! To join us, check out our website or simply fill in our Application Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Contact: ESF | VirtualMechanic™ Happy hunting! ESF | VirtualMechanic™
  21. Just got back into playing Dayz looking for people to roll with , if you need any info just ask :)
  22. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WELCOME TO THE BROTHERHOOD !---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Brotherhood Of Deliverance , is a small kindling community with high hopes of progressing it's player base with skilled and mature players. Currently the clan is operated by four members of the community who are Arctic, Zin, Wolf and Drah, with views and opinions that shape the clan and equality. We offer multi-gaming channels and DayZ Mod channels for those who wish to take a break from standalone. We would love it if you would be active on the Teamspeak even if AFK, so it announces to new players that we do have a community that's willing to make the effort. I do not wish to make this post long a boring so i will do a quick summary of how to join us, what we offer and how we operate in DayZ. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT WE OFFER: - Friendly Environment,- Implemented Rank Structure On TS,- Forum's to keep you up to date on operations and on goings.- Trust and Beans. Our Brotherhood is for those who get killed when they're during a situation where no one was aware of your presence and to lose all of your hard earned loot. For those that want to have someone to back them up. The goal is to have fun and be successful. We have each others backs at all times more than anything and disagree with those who object us our survival. We keep each other alive. We love also to hear everyone's views in the clan and then act depending on what we think in a whole in situations. We are all equal as people but that means full respect. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE AIM: Our Goal is to gather a decent amount of players that links together as friends more than just players. The more we know and trust each other, the best the PvP and PvE experience is. We do not aim for massive numbers of players, and prefer quality rather than quantity in combat. Doing this will help create a great place to enjoy playing DayZ and other games in, and we want the best environment for the members but also to maintain Teamwork, Order and notch up everyone's game play for when we may get serious with new patches To accomplish this we benefit of having our own Teamspeak server which has recently been established and our newly founded website too!. WE NEED YOU PLAYERS ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TAGS RELATED TO US: International: We are an international clan with members from all over World, mixed time-zones are welcomed. Operations: This is something new we will be implementing within the clan once we have the squad's allocated. In-Game: The Brotherhood offers the help to its members and allies, gearing them up and keeping them healthy to survive. Members then decided if they want to PvP. All optional. Mature: We enjoy having a laugh now and again when were relaxing. But as soon as contact hits, sensibilty and communication is key to survival. We would like members to be over 16 +. Scrim's: These will be set within several days notice if they're formal. If they're informal then their set there and then with the group. We have infiltrated a few. Democracy: When deciding it's never blamed on the one owner, the council have the say as a whole and have to decide on topics as a whole. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THREE WAYS OF JOINING: 1. Fill out the application and post your information in the comments ! Nickname:Age:Region(Country):Are you willing to be active:Do you have Teamspeak 3 Including a Microphone:Steam name:How long have you been playing DayZ:Are you willing to help your clan in any way, shape or form: 2. Check the website and apply by making a forum post ! http://brotherhoodofdeliverance.com/forums/ 3. After doing either of them two, join the TS to recieve your ranks ! IP = london6.teamspeak.net:25597
  23. Delta Exile Recruiting Post

    The Delta Exile Gaming Community is multi gaming community currently serving PC gamers across various titles. We are a group of semi and hardcore players who have gathered together under a single banner to game together and build lasting friendships! Each of us has a passion for gaming. Our community is a home for any pc gamer that wants to join. We are always looking to expand into other games to build and maintain solid teams which will dominate the gaming world. Interested in joining? Check out the links around the site for more information. We update regularly and are always looking for new members to join the community. Check back daily and come see what we have to offer you. There may just be something here for you too. http://deltaexile.enjin.com/ All new members are required to fill out an application in the Recruitment section of our website, and go through a very quick and easy interview in our personal Teamspeak. Features: - New Clan, Mature Members, Growing Community. - Inviting All Members To Grow With Us And Show Their Leadership Skills. - Strong And Organized Community. - Fun Events. - Upcoming Facebook, Steam, Youtube, And Twitch Pages. - International Community. - [DXG] Member Giveaways! Requests From You: Must Be At Least 18 Years Old. - 15 Years And Up Will Be Granted A Trial Run And Based On Their Gaming Abilities And Maturity Level. - Must Be Mature And Patient. - We Allow Both Competitive And Casual Players To Join And Play. How To Apply: - Join our website http://deltaexile.enjin.com/ And Click Our “Recruitment” Section To Find Our Application. - Quick And Easy Interview In Teamspeak With One Of Our Staff Members. - For Any Further Questions, Feel Free To Add And Message Me For More Information. Below is a list of game channels we currently have in our Teamspeak Server, we are constantly adding more with each new member that joins. -CS:GO -BATTLEFIELD 4 -GTA V -DAYZ [We have our own server!] -DEAD BY DAYLIGHT -INSURGENCY [We have our own server!] -LEFT FOR DEAD 2 - RAINBOW SIX SIEGE -THE DIVISION - MISCREATED -RUST -ROCKET LEAGUE -LEAGUE OF LEGENDS -SPACE ENGINEERS [We have our own server!] (MANY MORE GAMES THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF OUR MAIN GAMES)
  24. [KNG] Koninklijke Nederlandse Game Groepering. (Only for dutch people.) Goedemiddag, Wij zijn een kleine groep (3 man) die samen DayZ Overpochins speelt. (Combinatie van Epoch, Overpoch en Origins.) We zijn nu opzoek naar mensen die met ons mee willen spelen en ook nog een goed humeur hebben! :) Voeg me toe op skype of steam: Skype: GambleTrue Steam: Stijnbak Hopelijk tot snel.
  25. Looking For Team//Clan

    Looking for clan Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Keelan1421/ Hours 1600