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Found 688 results

  1. Ask your questions.

    go ahead and ask me anything you want to know.I will answer the best i can.
  2. I recently came back to the game after about a two year hiatus. Been enjoying myself being back in Chernarus and exploring all the new buildings/landscapes. But for the life of me, I can't figure out why my Field of View is so close in 3rd person perspective - I've messed around with the Field of View in the configuration and when I put it all the way down to 43.whatever, it zooms me out further than when I max it out at 75.whatever. I can't figure out why my right click zoom isn't working - I right click and hold, it literally does nothing. And I can't figure out why my hunting scope is automagically going into max zoom and not allowing me to right click for the magnified zoom. It just goes from 0-100 real quick. So, if anyone could shed some light on any of the three issues I'm experiencing, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  3. Zombies have many issues and each and one of them is or will be worked on. This is no easy task. The problem is that people don't really understand what it means to have zombies functioning. So lets split it into parts: Movement / Pathfinding/ Navigation / Geometry: The Navmesh is working just fine, and is done really well. You can read in detail about that here. The problem that we now face, even though zombies know where they are and what is around them is geometry and full-body animation system. There are still cases where zombies do get through doors/walls because of those two things as well as server performance and desync. Although it does not happen nowhere near as often as it did before. The navmesh also comes at a memory cost so needed optimization of x64 server to provide more memory space. Animation: The clipping and zombies going through doors after navmesh has been implemented is geometry and animation related. We however have only full-body animation available (thus limiting the amount of animations, and their blending). So the animation system is going away from full body animation and adding synchronized animations, blending etc to be available down the road. That will take a long time, but we will get there at some point. AI: This is the behavioral mechanics (how, when and why the object reacts to sounds, items, buildings, blocks, people, other zombies, animals, and how this changes based on all the interactions). To have a working AI you need sensors for reasonable input. Zombie not only needs to know his environment. But status of players, noises etc. This again needs to go into hard code and evolve from there. Sensors: This is the data structure that enables objects to understand the state of world around them (sound,items,players etc.) Every dynamic object in game has to understand its surroundings. To understand what is between him and his target. How to use those objects. If they somehow change his behaviour etc. Currently the sensors are an old module from ARMA where network code was p2p based (as in client to client mostly) and there was no pathfinding to speak of. New Sensors / AI are under development and can be found in the roadmap/devblogs. Damage / hit detection and hitting long distances: Damage system needs to be changed, but again this needs to go from script to hardcoded and evolve from there. This is no small task. Hitting from long distances is caused by desynchronization. This is part of object interaction and rendering. Which is undergoing huge optimizations. Hit detection works okay, but is plagued by desync and server performance. Melee issues are hitbox related. This again is something that has to be changed a lot more engine side. The melee itself is already rewritten, which is why you are seeing so many issues. But as with everything, bugs will get hunted down. Feature will get to represent what we intended when it was designed. Performance/Desync/Network code: Most of the issues with performance, amount of players, amount of zombies etc. Have underlying problems with synchronization and scaling (mostly item synchronization). The code has already started to improve. We have amazing people here taking care of exactly that. That directly ties into AI,sensors (core of the AI), interaction etc. Try to imagine that server is playing that zombie character.. So he is affected by server performance, network code etc. We need to change a lot of server performance and merge the sensors in to start raising zombie numbers and make stealth a viable option. Everything will take time. Server performance is mostly affected by inventory performance (item management) and sensors. They scale really horribly and were not prepared for this amount of interactions. This is however being worked on for better part of the year. Its a BIG change and needs time. You have to understand that this huge block of work and has a timeframe of months. All of the changes have a convergence point down the road. There is a snowball effects to some of it. Zombies aren't broken, they are in development.The issues you`re seeing now all have underlying problems that will be fixed in the future. There is just no ETA on most of the stuff, since it has to go from script to hardcoded events in engine. That goes for AI and all things people keep complaining about. Most of these things are talked about or at least mentioned in the weekly status reports. Many of these modules are outlines on the roadmap
  4. BUG - truck summersault

    0.62 Found the truck after a server restart right where I left it and in the same orientation. As I start the truck it wants to re-position itself as they usually do, probably hitting the shed and flipping over. After that nothing I could do with it, could not see or salvage the truck inventory, couldn't destroy the truck with matches. This is why I usually don't bother with vehicles, they always end up being more of a headache than an aid to gameplay.
  5. Feedback in game

    Hey ! I had the idea to put a feedback in game, it would be simpler to post bugs. The goal is to report a bug / malicious server in a few keys, you could open the feedback in the game with a key. This idea comes from Subnautica, and I think it's really good because people do not take the time to report the bug. A screenshot coming from Subnautica, and their feedback system.
  6. Hey guys this is my own tutorial how to fix walkie talkie bug. I hope i helped someone. Enjoy.
  7. Bug with unconsciousness

    I have a bug to report with the unconsciousness when i go unconscious my friend tries to help me with everything he can feeding, saline, epinephrine, CPR, ETC. on his screen when i hit C i stand up and am able to move and look around but on my screen i'm still unconscious. can someone please fix this
  8. Infinite plain bug???

    So I started a new life on the server I always play on, and got all my items and headed north. About 1 km north there is nothing but infinite fields the eye can see... No matter what server I switch to this plain will not go away and almost the entire map besides that one km from the coast to there is no longer existent... HELP?!?!?
  9. Good Evening Fellow Survivors, For the last few days i have been having a issue with my game crashing every 10-20 minutes.. The only information i have is my error report below. If anyone has any information on this or any thing they think may help fix my issue it would be great help. Thanks..
  10. Report, bug

    'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/Chernarus.description'- help please....
  11. sound issues

    i am having problems with my sound every time i start up my game its fine but when i join the server the sound cuts out after about 7 seconds upon joining the sever also probably a good note the headset im using is the wireless arctis 7 steeleseries
  12. Ghost Zombies

    Interesting Bug. Thought I'd posted this here, but must have forgot!
  13. Dayz .60 Sound Cutting Out

    A friend of mine just recently purchased Dayz Standalone. The first 2 days of playing he didn't have an issue, but then now here recently his audio will randomly cut out during game and will require him to restart to get audio back. Sometimes the audio will cut while still In menu's while other times it will cut out while in a game. Any suggestions? All drivers are up to date.
  14. Absurd BUG

    So I've just came back to DayZ and I'm amazed with the improvements as I can finally take advantage of my Hardware. I can run on MAX settings with a great framerate (60+), even in cities! The thing is me and my friend found a car today and when I'm driving or my friend is driving the car I get insane fps drops (3-15fps). I don't even have to be inside the car. If my friend drives it even with me outside the car (and the car is in my field of view) my game gets completely "REKT" and becomes unplayable. Literally it looks like I'm just scrolling through screenshots on windows photo gallery! My friend has a much worse PC and can drive or be passenger just fine. Before you ask, yes I've tried putting the graphics on minimum, the problem persists. Anyone else experiences this? Is there a fix? PC: CPU: Intel i5 4430 3.00GHz (Turbo 3.20GHz) GPU: Asus Nvidia GTX 960 Turbo 2Gb RAM: HyperX Fury 12Gb 1600MHz MoBo: Some AsRock made by Intel PSU: NOX Urano 1060W 2 HDD 1 SSD
  15. Game minimizing on start up

    Hello, I've recently started having an issue that when launching DayZ the game starts minimized to the task bar, however upon clicking the icon the game maximises for ~1 second and then goes back to being minimized. Regardless of how many times the program is maximised it will just go back to being minimized within a second or so. The only way to resolve this issue seems to be a system restart. This issue only occurs with DayZ- no other steam game. I realise the game is still an Alpha however it's currently unable to be opened and I haven't experienced this issue before. Has anyone else experienced this issue? All of my drivers are up to date and I'll be submitting this to the 'Bugs' section also. Thanks, Sam
  16. So me and my buddies were engaging some guys as they left NW airfield tents today. My group sniper in full ghillie and a scoped winchester was shooting and killed a guy, and then the winchester just literally vanished out of his hands. Quite frustrating and just looking for some insight on what caused it. We were on a full pop 60/60 1st person public server .60 stable, he wasn't double carrying and didn't press G by accident and the rifle couldn't be found on the floor and wouldn't reappear after logging. Is it a possible hacker or just a bug, has anyone else had this? I've had my FN Fal awhile now and it hasn't vanished on me yet. Just seems really suspect that it happened in a gunfight too.
  17. Vehicle Despawn

    Sup guyz, i have a big problem in DayZ. Every Restart my vehicles despawn.... sometimes it still there for one restart but secound restart it despawn. Anyone got the same problem? Hope anyone could help me. iTzBlackout
  18. Dear all, I play on an Asus ROG G750JM, and it has two video cards, an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M. Connected in HDMI there is a secondary monitor, a BENQ which works well (can stand 1080p with any other game). Intel Driver version is, Geforce one is the latest one. the issue is, when running Dayz 0.60 exp, if I run it on my laptop screen, all is fine (normal 1080p). If I run it on my bigger screen, (I bought that for dayz mostly anyway), the screen turns into 1080i, flickering and aching my eyes. The monitor itself can sustain 1080p very well, but with only dayz this happens. Can you help/fix?
  19. I cant adjust my settings

    Pretty straight forward, i cant change my dayz settings(all settings, even assigned keys) . I have tried reinstalling the game (didnt worked), i tried deleting my dayz settings from the documends file(didnt worked). And every time i reinstaled the files they were the same as if the were never deleted. I'd like to know how to delete them once and for all and have the game as if i just bough it. thanks for your time, any advice on how to fix my problem or how to completely reset dayz is welcomed.
  20. Tent/Storage Object Bug (Open)

    I have to problem thats my tents/cartents/militarytents despawn. After around 1 week they are gone. Im sure that nobody destroy/steal these storage objects. Possible that there are to much other tents? 3 Tents i placed 2 days ago still there. Hope that theres anyone who can help me. Thx, iTzBlackout
  21. As the title states, the .60 experimental version doesn't update brightness or gamma when I go into settings and change it, Don't know if this is intended to immerse you on dark / night server but I've never had this problem before so assuming it's a bug. To reproduce simply go into settings and switch gamma/brightness to 100% or turn it down simply and notice no change. My Pc specs are as follows. Processor : Intel (R) Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz RAM : 12.0 GB System type : 64 bit Operating System, x64 based processor OS : Windows 8.1
  22. As you can see from my first link, there is something funky with the view out the windows. This looking north toward the military tents in Starry from the southern most barn. When holding alt and looking to the side while crouched the barn seems to disappear. I was also able to actually see another player running in the tents just a few seconds after this shot was taken. Definitely a useful exploit for the industrious, cheating A-hole. http://i.imgur.com/5wWIEaM.jpg This second link is pointng to one of the newly enterable builodingsd in CHerno, the one with checkerboard floors. The stairs in this building act as very steep hills, can't run or jog up them. http://i.imgur.com/IcFsI25.jpg That's all for now, thanks for the hard work!
  23. 1. Balota ATC glitched (2 Buildings stuck in each other) 2. Died running down stairs and igniting a roadflare 3. Logged off from a server, logged back in an my charakter was naked at the same position i logged out with only my m4 in hands but no attachements at all. The Items were completely gone even after restart and i was able to pick up new clothes
  24. I want to believe, that following texture bugs already known and put in work schedule, but it's quite annoying to die in: 1. Police Station 2. Fire Station 3. Red house, second floor 4. Green house, second floor Try to avoid these places, or move slowly there, try to don't stick to walls. Bugs exists in many branches before, but now it's happened more often, than in previous patches. Yesterday me and my teammate die 2 times on same server. I can't provide any repro steps, i think that bug is quite random. WE have one theory, that bug happened, when you geared with 2 weapon - one in hand, second on back. But it's a just theory, that need to clarify. Hope, that bugs will be fixed, when 0.60 hits stable.
  25. I don't know if this is actually a bug, but when you make "take " on a bag you have in your hands