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Found 724 results

  1. I just set up a server to mess around with, and after playing for around 30+ hours now, I've noticed a lot of items are missing and don't seem to spawn.. Also the zombies only spawn in the town closest to where I spawn or log into, I've tried playing around with settings and re-installing files and I can't get zombies to keep spawning as I run around the map, and have ran out of ideas. (I'm Playing .63 Experimental version.) After looking over the files I'm not seeing a lot of stuff in the spawn tables? specifically Netting, some Weapons, and spray paint. I'm not sure if maybe they made some sort of mistake or if they meant to leave all of this out.
  2. Character locked in database

    The game is great, yes I do love it, but the annoying BUG I keep getting is character locked in database after I just logged in once today. This is my second time posting regarding my character (and I’m sure others as well) locked in database once again especially after logging in once today!
  3. I shoot when I reload on friends screen

    When me and my friend plays there is often a tendency that when I press Y to reload I fire on my friends screen (very often after we freshly log into a server) I can spam Y and eventually it will click on his screen after 5 or so reload(shots) are fired. This eventually leads to the whole "bullets not registering" thingy. And yesterday when I played I picked up an usg45, I already had an AK and when I switched between them the bullets would often not register either, I once held the usg45 on my friends screen when actually I held the ak on mine. It often did not register bullets also after I had put my usg45 in inventory to fill up mags. I know that you guys are aware of the magazine/bullets not registering, just wanted to help you know where to look into the reasons behind it maybe :0? I tried to be as specific as I can :)!
  4. NEVER use Y to reload your guns. Put your mags or loose ammo in the quick select wheel and use B with the gun in hands to reload without issues. Also you can change fire modes by holding LT while Rapidly and repeatedly pressing RIGHT D PAD. Keep at it. It 100% works its just a little tricky and unpredictable.
  5. Prone eating lol

    Go prone then eat for a good lol. Makes a very relaxing swimming sound.
  6. Lockpicks taste good.

    So, Pretty much I ate a lockpick. All shit jokes aside; Basically the animation for locking/unlocking doors is to take a few bites of the lockpick. Nice, Who needs tac bac?! (No biggy, Just change it at some point.)
  7. Going Prone and ADS (BUG)

    I know devs/players know of the blocked scope bug but its not every weapon that it does it with so heres some more detail on it and hopefully we can all get this sorted. When going prone with the Alice Bergen or other large packs equipped it can block your scope with certain weapons. Not sure why just certain weapons/scopes but its happening. Blocked Sight Picture: AK with PSO-1 / SVD with PSO-1 / USG with ACOG Open Sight Picture: M4A1 with ACOG / Mosin Nagant with PSU / USG with M68 Please comment what weapons with what scope you have attached to it and if you have a blocked sight picture
  8. 'Blocked Scope Bug' Discussion

    I know devs/players know of the blocked scope bug but its not every weapon that it does it with so heres some more detail on it and hopefully we can all get this sorted. When going prone with the Alice Bergen or other large packs equipped it can block your scope with certain weapons. Not sure why just certain weapons/scopes but its happening. Blocked Sight Picture: AK with PSO-1 Open Sight Picture: M4A1 with ACOG Please comment what weapons, what scope you have attached to it and if you have a blocked sight picture when prone.
  9. I Cant See My Water Meter

    So I bought Day Z, on Xbox one witch is in great stable condition by the way keep up the good work guys! But sadly there is one thing I cant see my water meter because the screen is cut off. I tried messing with my settings on the TV and there is only three of them , and none of the work . A lot of my Friends are having the same problem we just die randomly because we cant see when we are thirsty or not. Please add a way to adjust your aspect ratio because its making the game unplayable not all of us have giant TVs. PS please let me know if anyone else is having the same problem
  10. [Bug] Character Locked in Database

    tried to log in and got this message please help
  11. Multiple characters

    Getting real bored of the game kicking me out of servers or leaving a server to come back and find out im a fresh spawn for no reason what so ever. It keeps happening and switching between either character every now and then. Takes me a few hours to get my geared guy back.
  12. Containers and mags

    Noticed after getting a cooking pan and filling it seems to cause serious bug. I log in and I now have 3 cooking pans filled with too much stuff and all 3 have the same thing in them. Log out and log back in the pans are still there but now i have 3 45 pistols but only 1 has a mag. Clips seem to show up out of nowhere. Very odd indeed. Yesterday everything was going fine for the most part. Sometimes zombies walk through the floor and doors only seen this once or twice. More often they take like 8 swings to hit ill assume this is lag but even 2 v 1 is tricky if they just dont die Sometimes weapons wont reload no matter what theyll go through zombies. Alot of items are untargetable in cars and some buildings. There are no sounds besides your own movements door opening running etc that work. It saved me once but the guy ran right past me ive had guys just walk right up to me and start stabbing away no doors opening walking up stairs etc dunno if thats a bug or normal. Most of the bugs or issues are resolved by exiting and hopping in a different server. The game so far is pretty badass so once they smooth it out and add netting it will be perfect
  13. Weapon fire on Reload

    Need to fix this asap. Player does not here the shot. Only others in the vicinity.
  14. World not Loading...

    So, it’s almost like I’m playing in a box, there are 4 distinct lines in the world where the game won’t load anything beyond. The forest will just stop and turn into plains of green forever... please help.
  15. Compass Issue

    So i finally found a compass, but i have no idea how to view it properly, i have a motorcycle helmet on and it obscures the view so i cant see it at all from any angles, even zooming in with RB doesn't work, can anyone tell me how you are supposed to see it? Thanks.
  16. Me and my friends have discovered a new bug that recently has started. When we aim and press Y to reload our guns, the gun reloads on my screen, but they see and hear the gun go off on their screen and audio. So we tested it, and it happens with all 3 of us. We then tested it by spamming Y and they said the gun was rapid firing, even though it was just reloading the gun on my screen. I know it can be heard every where because the Zombies get disturbed if i reload my gun and the "invisible" gun fire bug happens. This really needs to be fixed soon, because for one, it can give away player locations with no attention of firing the gun, and two, it disturbs the Zombies and can cause them to horde you, even though on your screen, you've done nothing, but simply reload your gun. Please fix soon, because this can get a lot of players killed.
  17. Controller bug

    when your controller die and you turn it on again then u need to turn off and on your game to do something -_-
  18. I've been a fan of Days since Arma 2 on PC, it lead my to buy standalone on PC, but as I'm a console player, I stopped playing when updates wernt happening. OK! Things that definitely need changing whether you agree or not, it will boost the fan base on consoles. 1. Make Controls EXACTLY the same as PUBG! - This WILL attract their fan base as they can simply transfer their skill from one to the other. 2.HUNGER AND THURST - At the moment, it's an absolute joke, yeah there are acception that will comment on forums saying how easy they manage to get gear, Well yeah, SOMEONE has to right? As it stands right now, you literally drain after 5 minutes, if you pay with a group as I do, (one friend even asked for refund and got it from Microsoft... but that's another story), if you play in a group, guarantee there is one member who seems to die alot, what's that say? either new comers are going to HATE this game as they aren't use to the game or....... The game needs changing. Either way, you WILL lose fans, either new or current. 3.INVENTORY - This is a mess, again, make the controls the same as PUBG, Yeah I am a PUBG fan boy incase you didn't know, but I was Dayz first. PUBG seemed to have listened and look how successful that is. The inventory is just too complicated, it may be great, but if you're new... again, it's gonn a make you HATE the game. 4. SERVERS - I'm from the UK, the recommended servers are NL (Netherlands), yet they lag like cr*p. US actually work better. Also how?! How are the servers on console the exact same as PC in regards to "Failed to join" blah blah blah cr*p? Surely they should be more stable on Console, everyone is kinda in the same playing field. 5. CRAFTING/COMBINING - I don't have a clue what I'm doing, the "Tutorial" does not help at alllllll. 6.HUD - not a big problem as it's should in my head and I thank Chandler from friends - "Could the text, BE any smaller"? Had to whip out a telescope earlier... 7. IDEAS - Not my ideas and are already part of Days Mode, we need Group Huds, have hard-core servers for those who don't want this feature, but have "Bambi" servers for those who would like to, my friend who got the refund is rather clumsily on games, he's nearly killed me a few times on PUBG not seeing my Name above me, so got knows what he would be like on DayZ, rather glad he got refund, saves me the DayZ stress. But Group His would help alot. YOU LOT HAVE PROBABLY ALREADY READ SIMILAR THINGS HUNDREDS OF TIMES OVER THE YEARS AND THIS TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE COMPANY WHO HAD A GOOD IDEA BUT BAD SERVICE HAVE IGNORED AND PROBABLY WILL AGAIN. But do what your fans F*cking say or I guarantee! you will lose alot more fans, I mean, you already have lost a tonne already. Don't make it any worse. Putting this on CONSOLE is your very last chance, grab it with both hands and right your wrongs.

    When u have an alice backpack un u and u lie down and aim with a PSO-1 Scope attached to your akm then you only see black?
  20. Where do I start ??

    Am I hydrating to spec ? I am not sprinting but the hydration time is far too quick. Imean at least give us Console Bambi's at least the chance of not dying every time I get anywhere off the coast. Is it bugged ??? And the inventory is just a shambles. Wadu hek. I find some Police trousers. Cant even wear them!!! Just carry them around in my hands. And what is micro management as I think that too is bugged ??? Does nuttin'.
  21. micromanage feature?

    Has anyone got the micromanage feature too work for them. because it is hard to play dayz without it because you can not combine items at all. So if you have got it to work please post here how you got it to work.
  22. Numerous bug reports

    A few issues on xbox version. Dont know where i should post this really. Inventory isnt able to scroll sometimes. Removing items and picking back up or re logging corrects it. Magazines come up empty. Even when full, cant reload. Have to empty magazines and reload them via inventory. Reloading weapon by using LB + Y makes a gunshot sound to other players andzombies. Have to combine magazine and gun in the inventory instead. A rubberbanding issue where you cant run. Lying down and standing back up corrects the issue. Lying down and eating tinned sardines makes a splashing audio cue instead of the eating audio. I was on top of a building when i did this. Cannot add 'fuel' or items to fires to keep them burning. Will report anymore issues here unless some shows me the proper thread.
  23. big bug that DayZ developers MUST fix now!

    This bug have to do with guns, its a bug on all type of guns. If u have a gun in your hand and then aim if you then press Y (to relod) then u shoot. You will not see or hear the shot but if you take out your mag then u will se that you are missing a bullet. And that not the only bug with guns. I pickt up M4 with a mag in it. The problem was that I could not take out the mag or shot with the gun -_- not to be mean, but how could they not have noticed this during the closed beta and fixed it before releasing it to everyone? This bug does so I can not use weapons, which makes this game boring, because weapons are a big part of the game. I can not even defend myself now :/ And then I wonder why they give everyone an free hour to play? I would not buy this game with the thought of all the 100's bugs as this game has right now. It would be better if you released a free hour when the game is out of "Game Preview"
  24. The Devs? Is there anyone here?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if the Devs, Moderators, people who "work" on the "game" are still alive? I bought the game as soon as it was released (40 €, it already started badly), and since then I have only managed to "play" 10 minutes. Most of the time, it is impossible to join the servers, "Connection with host has been lost", "You have been kicked from the server", "Connection failed", etc. And the 10 minutes that I could "play", they are inventory bugs, loot nonexistent, etc ... Yet, before the game came out, they told us that people would monitor the servers 24/24 and 7/7. Euuuuh ... This week? No communication from the Devs, about known problems, future fixes. We do not know anything except that we have been charged 40 € from our bank account. Angry player
  25. I can not put wood in to the fireplace

    Me and my friend are trying to cook some meat, but we can not put wood in to the fireplace? Does someone know how to to this???