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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, we need more servers for our internal testing, so we decided to switch some Stable servers to our Internal branch. These servers are not available anymore: DayZ SE 4-059 - Hosted by Fragnet.net - Persistence Enabled 60 slots DayZ SE 4-040 - Hosted by Fragnet.net - Persistence Enabled 60 slots DayZ SE 4-043 - Hosted by Fragnet.net - Persistence Enabled 60 slots DayZ SE 4-042 - Hosted by Fragnet.net - Persistence Enabled 60 slots We are sorry if you have any tents or barrels on these servers, but it can help to release a new update earlier :). Have a nice day(z), Survivors!
  2. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Good morning Survivors! We did a little fix today for ghillie wrap color when it is in shade. Don't forget to check the latest Status Report, It is awesome, trust me! https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-8-august-2017 A hug for you: Have a nice day!
  3. English: I stuck at the small camp(032/092) at the west of Green Mountain. There is a small bridge and at the north of the bridge is an little pond and in the pond is and large branch. When i wanted do drink something from the pond, i slipped on the branch an now i stuck on it. I can only look with my mouse up and down but not at the side an i can also only jump and don´t move. I have so much loot because i played so long since the update is there and i don´t want to lose it. I hope someone can help me to solve the problem. Yours sincerely, SgtMarv Deutsch: Ich stecke in dem kleinen Camp(032/092) im Westen von Green Mountain fest. Da gibt es eine kleine Brücke und im Norden dieser Brücke ist ein kleiner Teich und in dem Teich liegt ein großer Ast. Als ich etwas von dem Teich drinken wollte, rutschte ich auf diesen Ast und stecke nun auf/in dem ast fest. Ich kann jetzt mit der Maus nur nach oben und untern schauen jedoch nicht zur Seite, ich kann auch nur auf der Stelle hüpfen und mich nicht auf die Seite oder nach Vorne bzw. Hinten bewegen. Ich habe sehr viel loot weil ich seit dem Update sehr viel gespielt habe und möchte diesen nicht verlieren. Ich hoffe das mir hier jemand helfen kann das problem zu lösen. Mfg SgtMarv
  4. Experimental Branch

    How do you get the experimental branch key :) ? My with 3 other friends would like to partcipitate in the bug fixing and etc :D ! Please help :D ?
  5. since latest patch, i guess i didnt have any character data on the servers, or my character data became corrupted somehow. everytime i try to play/join a stable branch server I CRASH. CRASH TO DESKTOP HARDCORE STYLE. No error message, just "dayz has stopped working" but experimental branch works. and hot damn, it's more stable than stable! i'd rather play stable, as there are more/less laggy servers. but overall, i'm impressed and see no reason to de-patch and play stable. the player attitudes on exp branch is mind blowing. friendlies that are helpful and proper bandits who need my food prestine! (there is little food, less loot and harsher hunger/thirst stats in exp hardcore mode)