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Found 104 results

  1. The Red Company is hiring for its future! A little about our company -: First of all this is neither a bandit clan or a friendly clan (More info below). The company is funded and founded by Rosario (Silver Falcon). If the clan grows big enough we can have our own website and bigger teamspeak but these require more funds. The company is all about DayZ Standalone and Arma 3. As the community grows we surely will add more to the clan! How we operate -: We are responsible for our own actions. If found straight up killing a fresh spawn/An unhostile target while wearing our own clan tag you are to be warned unless you have a good excuse to do so. BUT If presented with a hostile situation open fire is automatically ordered on any target expect other clan members! We have squads which I the founder can assign certain leaders to operate a squad and run operations. The default squad is the Red Alliance [RA] which everyone is first invited to. A leader may create operations with his squad. They can create there own objective if it is legal within the group. We have a military ranking system, the higher the rank the more the privilege. Ranking is not hard if you show you know what you are doing when you roll with the clan example is impressing a higher rank to recommend you. You put your clan tag depending on the squad so for example if you are in the Red Alliance Squad you clan tag is [RA]. I can guarantee most members will be invited in this squad as it is the default of the clan! If you are accepted in the interview it is very important to set this tag on Dayz/Arma3 Teamspeak 3 Server :- (10 Slot server due to limited funds) (Server is situated in EU) Application form -: (Copy this form and use it as a template) Name -: Ign -: Country -: Age -: Some things about yourself -: Maybe a small story about your adventures -: Hours on DayZ -: Do you have a mic? -: Why should the Red Company accept you for interview -: Any skills or talents which can be useful -: Do you consider yourself a dedicated individual -: Final question, Do you hate kiddie bandits and bandits in general -: Are you ready to have the Red Company as your only clan -: Please note -: I have nothing against the proper bandits (Those which interact before killing you). But KOS Is disgusting imagine getting KOSed after 10 hours of non stop playing I know to never get attached to my gear but from a ton of hours to NOTHING.. is a bit sad. This is why I go with the open fire when threatened idea. Work in progress ideas -: - Logo - Teamspeak (Just needs a tiny more work into) - Steam group - Recruiting - Clan DayZ Server (This will happen when a good amount join the community) (Do you have an interesting idea? Please post ahead!) Squads -: Q: What is the purpose of squads? A: The purpose is to have certain players specialized in something so these squads can help each other out. Current squads - Red Alliance [RA] - This is the default squad. When we grow bigger more squads will be available with not necessarily the same roles. Current Red Alliance [RA] members - Silver Falcon (Commander of Army & Founder) - Kable8 (Rifleman / Server manager) - TanTan (General) - Wafflez (Corporal) - Hope (Rifleman) - Nova (Master Sergeant) Accepted? -: Thank you for everything! You will be replied with <Accepted form> if you application is accepted Next all you have to do is go to our teamspeak and wait for an admin/founder! You can do other things while you wait even join other teamspeak servers but make sure you are in the waiting channel so the admin can poke you and interview you thanks :D! Media -: The Red Alliance First Fire Fight Link Here :)! Our own Server!
  2. DayZ Outakes #2 - Funny moments & PVP

  3. Episode 5 of my best moments in DayZ from the past couple of weeks, hope you enjoy :D
  4. Some more of my best moments in DayZ from the past couple of weeks, hope you enjoy the video :D
  5. Server Name: |AES| OVERPOCH TAVIANA |Coins|SectorB|VectorBuilding|SlowZ| Server IP: [NEW] Forums: http://aesservers.boards.net/ We are AES, our great players and staff are what has made us one of the fastest growing communities out there!We always try our best to give the best possible gaming experience to our players. We stand for the gamers, and are built by the gamers. We hope you enjoy your stay and maybe you will even become part of this amazing community! Our Promises To Our Gamers.. 1. To keep our services on the highest standard possible 2. Active and friendly support 3. Your gaming experience to be our top priority 4. A reliable and stable gaming enviornment 5. Fun and fairplay for all members NOTICE: You need Taviana, Overwatch and Epoch Installed. If you need help connecting or anything else feel free to check by this Ts3: --------- If you cant find it click on 'check server' at the bottom left and insert this ip on the website; then restart dayz launcher and search for the server again --------- Search for AES on DayZ Launcher We got Epoch on Taviana to offer, and ofcourse all the scripts you need as well :) King of the hill (TON OF FUN!) Vector Building Door Management Coin and Banking system Plant and Grow Weed! Change View Distance client side! Suicide! GROUP MANAGEMENT! SECTOR B! No PlotPole Walking Dead Advanced Select Spawn NEW VERSION Base Jumping Blood Regen Vehicle Deploy Plot Protection Self BB Tow Lift Vehicle Service Points Suicide script Base Jumping One step building No Overburdend Snap Build Pro Advanced trading out of vehicles/gear Mission system 1 Hero mission and 2 bandit missions usually always on map and much more :)
  6. best player/videos in dayz?

    yo. just asking what you people think who is best player in dayz? personally i think these guys make best videos and video creator rarely dies (he only dies by a hacker or glitch). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCrG96EBohAOJKJpqVQfahN9v1-YoyUV_ ive seen frankie too, but he is too obsessed with stories and uses cheats and mods to create his videos so i dont know. he dont seem like a good player. my friend also has him in steam list and he got vac banned so kind a lost respect for him. been following those guys and i got to say it seems tactical. i think his ex-miliatry or something. i also like devildogg who has nice tactics. but i dont know, i jsut like those guys they mix tactics with fun and it looks just cool or i think right word is different from others.
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to a new server DayZ Epoch! Name: [EU] NGP Epoch[VETERAN] Coins/Banks, Vector Building, WAI, Self-BB, Custom Buildings, SetViewDistance, Service Points, TOW/LIFT, Snap Pro!Ip server: Team Speak 3: tsngp.plWebsite: www.ngpepoch.plSlots: 40Localization: LondonDifficulty: VeteranHosting: GTXGaming.co.uk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkxTfwWbJeg Video promoting the server! What you will find on the server?Service PointsDebug-MonitorSafezones( God mode, anti steal)Logistic TOW/LIFT scriptSnap PRO!New Buildings example Balota, NWA, Kamenka.Self-BloodbagWicked AI 2.1.4 22.04.2015Plot ManagementVector BuildingCoins and BanksAdvanced TradingRemove trade animationsDoor Management(Fixed)New Debug MonitorRepair and refuel for the coinsNew safezones systemMaintain base for the coinsRPG on the missionsMilitary Vehicles at traders! Admins:NaTsu(Owner)Psych0.o(Owner)MeDyk(Admin)ItsMeM(Admin) What can we offer?Fun and atmosphere !A lot of vehicles !Friendly administrations!Events!FPS! Again ip: Team Speak 3:tsngp.pl Website:www.ngpepoch.pl One of the owners NaTsu. The server is under construction and a lot of things can change so feel free to write about their ideas on the server. Regards
  8. Best Antivirus ?

    According to you, what is the best antivirus program ?
  9. IF YOU WANT ANY CHANGES/ADDONS, FEEL FREE TO POST BELOW! Hey guys, we are bringing custom gaming to Europe Overpochs most custom server ever! Admins 18+, mature and helpful! New Players receive 6BC as a beginning present! IP: Just check it out, we have enough features for you to try out all day!!! Hope to see you there! Website: (coming soon) Since some wanted to have a feature list here are some: - Self scripted Sector B - Custom Player Interface! - Action Menu (SelfBB, Suicide and more!) - Deploy Menu (Deploy Bike/Gyro/Motorcycle) - 15+ Color Correction settings - 15+ View distance settings - Weed Traders - Weed Plantations - Exclusive Missions! - 5 Airfields! - Categorized Overwatch Tradercity - Refuel/Repair at Gasstations (Repair = Gold price) - Map updates - Safe zoned Traders - Thousands of Vehicles - Events - Instant Build - Snap Build Pro - No Plot Pole - NO WEIGHT! - New Server (enough base positions) - Active Admins! - Great community! - Custom Overpoch AI Missions - Custom loot spawn - Start loadout - NO lag - NO desync - Armed Littlebirds/BTR's/AS50/Cheytac etc. at special Hero and Bandit base traders - Overwatch Tradercity with organized traders for Weapons, Ammo, Vehicles etc. - Overwatch Weapon Trader at Stary and Klen as well - Huge custom Map (a lot different to original Cherno) AND SO MUCH MORE I CANT EVEN LIST
  10. GER USA UK FIN AND MORE! Server: THE FIRST SERVER FOR THE PLAYERS We have unleashed the new beginning of DayZ Mod gaming, with 50+ add-ons and a combination of choosing your destiny by developing your character you want to have a fight in the apocalypse like never before, Chernarus has been rejoiced with over flooded areas, military and bandit bases, 5 Airfields and new cities it has become the number one place to get a full feeling of what is Possible in this game. Become part of the Military Which is trying to restore Chernarus, or become part of the Bandits who try to push out the Military and overtake the lead in Chernarus. Or team up with your friends and rebel towards bothsides .. OFFICIAL TRAILER !! : Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWE6mv9tffE&feature=youtu.be The choice is yours, and the action will follow! Become part of the Bandits and plan a ambush on the military, use your weaponry for what it is made, sturdy and deadly, but not as modern, so kick ass fast and pull back out! Or become part of the Military, plan your attack at the base and use the advantage of high tech weaponry, use the power of range, and avoid confrontation! Features Server: Tavianna Bridges From Elektro To Cherno From Vybor over Pracovnik (custom city) to Industrial (custom area) 3 Mission Systems Running! 3 Self-made Custom Cities (Elektro sized) King Of The Hill! Big Ass Custom Missions! Snap Pro! Flooded Chernarus! Tavianna oriented Chernarus! Major mission system [bMMS]! Group management! Elevator Script! Door Management! Selfmade Care Package Script!! User Menu (Self BB, Suicide and more!) Custom Debug Monitor! Organized Player Interface! Self BB! Suicide! Flip Vehicle! Harvest Weed ! Smoke Weed! Hints and Tips! Deploy Menu (Bike / Gyro / Motorcycle)! Only Doors are destructible! Buy Care Package! Pack Created Vehicle ! 15 + Colour Corrections! 15 + View Distances! BIG GUNS! ANTI AIR GUN! Sell weed! Weed Plantations (harvest)! Smoke weed! Missions! 100.000 + Custom Map Objects! 5 Airfields! Lumber-Town! Categorized Overwatch Trader City! Refuel / Repair at Gas Stations! Map updates! Safe Zoned Traders! 5000 Vehicles ! Events! Instant Build! Snap Build Pro! No Plot Pole! NO WEIGHT! New server! Active and Friendly Admins! (18+) Great community! Custom Overpoch AI Missions! Custom loot spawn! Start loadout! NO weight! NO desync! How do things work on our Server? (FAQ) Q: What are the Bandit and Hero Bases? A: At each base only the Bandits or Heroes can enter, inside the Base are: - usable shooting ranges (to practice) - a trader adjusted to the side (Hero AS50/Cheytac, Bandit KSVK/M107) Q: How does the Major Mission System work? A: It is the ground structure of a campaign for DayZ, sadly the lack of time has caused it to stay a mission system. Works like this: Clear the checkpoint (marked on the map) after doing so the next one spawns, finish them all and see where the story leads you. (estimated time to compelte: 45min - 2hours) Q: Why isn't the server permanently full? A: Ask god, he punished us I suppose. (jk) Q: My question isn't listed here, where can I get more information? A: Contact us on our Ts3, we have staff which will gladly help you! OUR CUSTOM SERVER MAP: The map contains all important information you need to get started on our server! Marked: - Main Military Loot - Main Industrial Loot - Map custom cities - Map custom waters DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox....ap-FGC.gif?dl=0 Website http://firebladegaming.com/ Many more addons coming! (You may also request any Wished addons via TS, PM or on our website.)
  11. Looking for a great EPOCH server? Try the WalkingDead's latest server! WalkingDead EpochUS Server IP: Port: 2303EU Server IP: Port: 2303Website: WalkingDeadDedicated TeamSpeak IP: Enjoy a long list of added features: Select your players class Bandit, Hero, Terrorist, Policeman, Rocker, Business Man and more. Each has unique gear and weapon.Zombies WALK (WalkingDead) but take lots of damage, head shots take them down quickSnap building PRO (see video below) B) ONE-STEP building (only takes one animation to build a wall instead of three)Use radio to invite players to your "group" if they accept your invite, you can see them on the map, see them on the HUD, text and voice chat on the group channel too! (See group management video below) B) 30 day maintenance.Cinder & Metal Building objects are indestructible.Emerald Interior Designer (video below) B) Want to focus on foot steps & vehicle noises? Turn environmental sounds on/off with scroll wheel.Fold the turret on your Armored SUV.Fold the wings on your Osprey.Chirp/Flash on vehicle lock & unlock.Boost speed with LShift button. Find a fresh spawn vehicle? Want to claim as your own & make a key for it? Yes, you can! You can claim vehicles and make keys for them - no need to just sell it...KEEP IT!Awesome heavy weapons! (see video below) B) Injured ? Need Blood? NO BLOOD BAG? You can sleep in your tent and wake up revived!Too many keys? Use Master Key to make one key open all all your vehicles.Deploy a bike with just a tool box. Upgrade deployed bike to motorcycle. Underground bunker with traders and loot. Trade Gemstones for the rarest weapons.HUGE cave with gold ore veins to mine.Fair and active admins.Take the clothing off dead players AND zombies - New skins!Supply Drops.Animated Heli & AN2 Crashes with rare loot finds.Salvage every part from vehicles.Locked vehicle within 90m of your plot pole are indestructible.Locked vehicles can not be salvaged.Fight Yard.Urals loaded with base building items.Siphon gas from vehicles.Self blood bag.RACE DAY server event every weekend with prize.Dance, Handstand, Box.Suicide.15 Helicopter / Vehicle repair points.15 Helicopter / Vehicle re-arm points.3 Hour restarts, every 4th restart is night.Toggle Debug on/off.Custom cities.Custom bases.Choose your spawn location from an interactive map. Can not spawn within 2.5KM of your dead body to prevent players quickly returning and getting revenge.Choose to spawn on the ground or Halo Spawn.Custom Fortress.God mode traders.Anti-Backpack Theft in trader zone.Speed of vehicle limited in trader (prevents ramming)Anti-Hax, updated weeklyCustom Debug monitor - displays side missions.Stary City service station.Indestructible bases (cinder & metal are indestructible, however, wood can be destroyed)Most churches replaced so they are now accessible.Extra Vehicles (Bell Heli, M113_MEV_EP1, BTR40_TK_GUE_EP1, M113AMBUL_UN_EP1, Merlin Helicopter)New Traders & Changes to trader camps.Hidden Caves.Side Missions (EMS) with loot.Treasure hunt missionsLoad objects into vehicles (put an ATV in your Helicopter cargo area)Tow vehicles with other vehiclesLift vehicles with helicoptersStatic wrecks spawn loot.No Plot Pole needed to build.Plot pole linked to UID, no need to remove and rebuild plot pole after you die. Friends can build on plot pole too.EVAC Chopper (call your helicopter to pick you up).Use Karate movesScream at other players - scares the crap of 'em.Auto Refuel.Bridges to islands of Otmel and Skalisty Islands.JunkyardExtra buildings in Cherno, Balota, KamenkaTrain Wreck.Quarantine area in Cherno.Hidden camps in the woods.Dubrovka DetruiHidden killers ranchDead CastleDevils Castle FortressBlack Lake Military BaseCoastal HeliportPrIgindy CityTikhaya CityTopolka Dam Military Base.
  12. WARNING NEXT GEN ZONE __________________________________________________________________________ BEFORE READING ANY FURTHER BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING __________________________________________________________________________ - The server will only be fitting for those hardcore players, this is not your usual "I quit because I lost my M107" type server. - You will die, lose and lose even more. But if you manage to learn from your mistakes you might just rule the worlds of KKG's Hardcore Chernarus. - NO As50's, Artillery, ACR's, Lapua's, Cheytec's -> THIS IS A REAL APOCALYPSE! - Good luck finding and living through the night. - Good luck finding a working car. (You will need the luck, trust me.) Now are you still ready to kick some zombie ass? Then read on. ___________________________________________________________________________ IP: Hello guys, I am here today to present to you the next stepping stone towards a great DayZ adventure, I just got done with the release of KKG's Hardcore server. This server will be beyond any server so far, it will take DayZ back to the roots of: - Adrenaline - Loss of direction - Zombies that are actually a problem and much, much more of those feelings DayZ just got away from! We hope you enjoy your stay and please leave any feedback since it has been released today (11.03.14; Month,Day,Year). Best regards, Blite
  13. [ASM] Dayz Epoch NAPF (|Missions|Suiccide|Reful|Towing\Heli|self bloodbag|Snap bulding Dayz Epoch NAPF server! [ASM] Server IP - Weve just launched a new Dayz Epoch server,new scripts and updated ! Server IP - Server Features: Auto restarts every 4 hours, No base decay, no weight system, Cheap building materials at wholesaler plus buy ready built walls, floors etc. More features SOON Server Scripts: Self bloodbag, Snap building, Fast building, Refuel/Repair stations, Ikea missions God mode at traders,anti theft. Vehicle god mode at traders, AI MISSIONS(alot of them) Radio communication mod, Tow/Lift, Faster trading, WERE ADDING SCRIPTS EVERY DAY! COME IN AN CHECK US OUT!! Server IP -
  14. [GG] Ghostz Gamerz Server | Website [GG] Ghostz Gamerz is a small to medium sized community of players. The community is currently in the middle of a facelift... new website, new servers, new members, plus lots more exciting announcements coming! The community plays a wide range of games, with the majority of us playing DayZ Standalone & DayZ Overpoch. We have players that live all across the globe so our servers and TeamSpeak server always have people logged in. We're looking for gamers to join our ranks and make Ghostz Gamerz the best out there! Any age or skill level is welcomed! Our Standalone server is almost always full and also has a team of active Admins. We also offer free TeamSpeak for you to find other survivors of talk to your friends. We offer free channels for groups and clans... just speak with an Admin or Mod! Our server has consistently been in the Top 50 for about three months now, once horticulture and tents work we expect to rise even higher in ranks. Once they release Admin Tools our active Admin staff will be able to keep the server clean of those pesky hackers! Server InfoAlways daytime4hr restartsHigh loot spawnQuick loot respawnsHelpful and knowledgeable staff membersServer hosted in the USA by GameServersRulesBe respectful to ALL playersNo trolling / No threats / No racismRacial and religious discussion is not permittedNo douchebaggeryHave fun!​Joining Our Server Just search for "Ghostz Gamerz" in-game! If you have any issues please don't hesitate to join our TeamSpeak Server: ts.ghostzgamerz.com and speak with an Admin or Mod for help!
  15. IP ADDRESS: PORT: 2302 NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY Bloodbag, Auto Refuel, Make Furniture, Tame Dog, Tow, Lift, Halo, Fishing, Ai Missions, Russian Drones, Trade From Vehicle, Salvage, Trader Safe Zones, Capital Lennon, Skullisty Island, Mining/Gems, Indestructable Bases/Locked Vehicles, No Plot Pole or Maintenance, Lots of Skins, Increased Loot Tables, AS50 & M107s, Overwatch weapons/vehicles and more.... Good FPS and so many working scripts!
  16. Best Chernarus Map?

    Can someone give me a link to a map like this one (I use this for panthera) http://dayzdb.com/map/panthera#6.051.030 I want one that can show me where loot spawns and what type of loot it is like in the one shown above. The website shown above has chernarus plus but i think thats only for standalone or is not the same as regular chernarus. If I can use the map in the website shown above please let me know, if not please give me a link to a chernarus map. Thanks!
  17. The Best Places To Loot V1

    Always when I run through a city or something I try to loot it as quickly as possible, I only loot the places that I know spawn good loot. Here are some of them, please help update this thread if you can ^^ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For a fresh player you should always look for these places Storage Place Barn Storage Units (3) By nettles Small house (very good food house) Piano House Big House Little local stores (not supermarket) Little workshop garage Red house Fire Station Police Station & Police Cars Corner Resturang Army Bases & Airports Barracks (small) Barracks (large) APC-tower Hangar Army Tents Castles & Others Altar by nettles Railway Maintenance Shed By nettles Fire station at NE Airport Unknown Place at NE Airfield, close to the airport fire station above, maybe 200m west ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pm me or post in this topic if you have any question or want to help me collect all things, thanks!
  18. CCD Gaming currently have two Overpochins (Epoch, Overwatch and Origins) Servers on the Taviana and Napf maps info is below: Overpochins is a mix of Epoch, Overwatch and Origins so this adds some really nice features to standard Epoch or Overpoch that include Origins hero and bandit houses that you can sleep in, Strongholds for groups and clans and you can combine the Origins bases with Epoch building to make some really nice bases, Epoch/Origins and Overwatch vehicles and some nice AI Zones like in Origins. To play the Overpochins (Overpoch Origins) Servers you need to have Overwatch (0.2.5) and Origins (1.7.9) downloaded (you can use dayz commander to get these) and use the following Launch Parameters: -mod=@DayzOrigins;@DayzOverwatch;@dayz_epoch Just Search for ccd in Dayz Commander or Dayz Launcher We are looking for new players and clans to join us and are offering Groups of 3 or more a base building kit to get started. Dayz Overpochins Taviana:- IP: Add in dayz commander Dayz Overpochins Napf:- IP: Add in dayz commander MODS: Single Gold Coin Currency with Banks Origins and Epoch Base Building/houses Epoch and Overwatch Weapons/Loot Origins,Epoch and Overwatch Vehicles Safe Zones with anti theft at Traders Remote Locking / Starting Vehicles Deploy Bike / Motorbike / Mozzie Dayz Group Management System Zombie Free Bases Active and Mature Admins Plot Pole for Life Take Clothes Base Elevators Select Spawn Self BloodBag AI Missions Chopper Crashes AI Zones Air Drops Tow and Lift Service Stations Hemp Farms No Weight Snap Building Pro 3 Hour Restarts Server TS3 Anti Hack And More http://ccdgaming.enjin.com
  19. [sBW] NEW OVERPOCH SERVER Hello Everybody, We are glad to present you our first server. We server starts on the 17.07.14 and hopefully we will see us on the server. On every Weekend there will be an special event! Server IP: TS3: ts36.nitrado.net:14750 How to join the Server: Its Simple Download Epoch and the 112555 Arma 2 Version Add as launch parameter -mod=@DayzOverwatch (In Dayz Commander under settings and Additional Launch Parameters). Now About the Server Scripts: Custom Trader Cities with Godmode & Anti-Theft Militiarised Map Custom Mission System with Military Loot and Building Loot Supply Drop Missions With the "ActionMenu" you can set your own view distance & deploy bikes,motorcycles mozzies. You can also flip vehicles with it. Evac chopper Build snapping Zed camo Take clothes Vehicle service points Active admins Added AS50,M107,Bell Helicopters,m113 Ambulance Halo spawn 600+ vehicles Custom debug monitor ( Toggle with F2) Ingame Rules Book ( Open with F1) and more!
  20. What exactly is Ghosting?!?

    What exactly is ghosting and how is it done? First off let me get things clear and say I will not be ghosting unless it involves hackers because I have died to hackers twice before and I'm tired of it. So, I've tried doing it once before but it didn't work? I left my server i usually play on and went to a different one and it set me a new spawn rather then keeping me at my old location? So, how exactly do you do it? Do certain servers only work for certain servers? I'm confused?
  21. We at Yorkshire Gamers are a community dedicated to provide a fun and serious game play environment. Making sure all of our players needs are met under any circumstances. We are updating our servers regularly because we actually listen to what you guys want. If you have an idea that will add atmosphere and depth to any of our servers we will endeavor to implement it as soon as possible. We have a rapidly growing community with a really pleasant, mature and active team to help you get started or just to have fun playing games with. This epoch is the first of many dayz mod servers that will be going live soon. Among these we also have a range of ArmA 3 servers including Altis Life and Wasteland, Rust, DayZ Standalone with more servers on the horizon. So come try out our server and jump in our teamspeak. Hopefully you will find a home away from home and if not then your feedback is just as important. Our Server Features: Powerful Dedicated Server - Resulting in no lag High FPS & No Lag infiSTAR & Custom AntiHack - No more script kiddies spoiling the fun Mature Active Admins - Admins that have climbed the ranks of the community, who play games with you and respect you Custom Map & Loot Spawns - A variety of Custom Map additions with more coming soon. Community can add to map additions Last Stand Outpost - Defended by AI Bandit Stronghold - Defended by AI Quarantine Blockade - Defended by AI Survivor City - Defended by AI Zone Alpha - Defended by AI Centre of Disease Control The Walking Dead Prison - Lots of Military Loot The Walking Dead Woodbury Trader City - Capture it to become the next Governor of Woodbury The Walking Dead Hershel's Farm Walking Dead POI - Find points of interest in Walking Dead areas that trigger sound clips from the TV program Dedicated Teamspeak Channels - Means you can team up with other players, no more sitting quietly on your own Donator Package Loadouts & Building Packs - If you donate you get relevant perks in all of Yorkshire Gamers Servers One Off Donator Building Boxes - If you want a head start but don't want to subscribe Evac Chopper - Upgrade your chopper so that it can take off from your base and collect you in those sticky situations Walk Among Them - Gut Zombies and smear them over your body to blend in with the undead and walk among them Coastal Bus Service - An AI bus service that goes up and down the coast picking up Bambis Self Bloodbag Feature - As long as you have a bloodbag you can heal yourself, no risking strangers bloodbagging you Tow & Lift - Already driving a vehicle and see one you want to sell. Just tow it Over 30 Custom AI Missions - Ranging in difficulty, some that force you to work with others and some you can conquer on your own Auto Refuel - Pulling in to any Petrol Station to refuel your vehicle Animated Heli Crash Sites - No more finding boring crash sites. Watch the chopper fly overhead and crash creating a lootable heli crash site Take Clothes Feature - Fancy the guillie suit your victims wearing? No problem take it off his cold dead body Trader Safe Zones - God Mode and No Fire Zones in all traders so people can't pick you off when your buying your antibiotics Salvage Vehicle Parts - Salvage parts you need from damaged vehicles at the side of the road Suicide Feature - Pinned by Zombies? Don't want to be eaten alive? As long as you have a round for a pistol you can bite the bullet AI Survivor Parties - Random Parties spawn on the map with tents, music and lots of beer. Enjoy yourself and socialize with other players Player Journals Feature - Study your victims body to find out if they really were a bandit, how many kills they have had and more Interior Design - Buy Emeralds from Building Traders and Choose from Over 200 Objects to Pimp Your Base Military Quarantine Air Raids - Last Ditch Attempts by the Military to Cleanse the Virus. IIf you hear a Loud Siren in The City you are Looting......RUN! Deploy Bike Feature - Requires a Tool Box Tent Sleep and Health Regeneration Indestructible Cinder No Base Decay Custom Debug Monitor - Some people like it and some don't, our debug can be toggled on and off at any time using the END key Snap Building - For Quick, Easy and Level Base Building Come Join us on: IP: or filter for: Yorkshire Gamers We would love to see you in our servers. Bandit, Hero or just a rouge trying to survive. All are welcome to join in the atmosphere of DayZ that we all love. We hope to see you being chased by a pack of zombies soon as your trying to bandage yourself being sniped by that bandit that just once your frank and beans. Visit us on www.yorkshiregamers.com to keep up to date with Server news, Competitions and Donator Packages. www.facebook.com/YorkshireGamers
  22. 1. Lifting & Towing 2. Autorefuel at any gas station 3. more sunny and clear weather 4. Combat Logger punishment 5. Two repairstations 6. safe Traders 7. coustom buldings 8. GMT+2 9. AN2-BiPlan with M240 and 1200 rounds. 10. taking clothes from dead Player 11. Safezones with anti-theft 12. AI loot Missions 13. Self Bloodbag 14. Snap Building - Extra Vehicles - Extra Loot - Indestructible base building - AI Side missions - Auto Refuel & Rearm - Lift & Tow - God Mode & Anti BP traders - Self Bloodbag - Take Clothes - Anti Hack
  23. Mosin vs M4A1

    Looking for some healthy debate here. Spent most the afternoon browsing the forums on these two topics, and so far I'm coming up with some pros and cons for both weapons, but I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter as well. Mosin Pros Greater accuracySuperior range1 shot kill (verify?)Cons Slow rate of fireSlow reloadM4A1 Pros Fully automaticEasy reloadLess cumbersome (verify?)Greater customizationCons ​Poor accuracy > 200mThis is just a rough list put together after PvPing for the last couple days, and browsing the forums. It seems like it's more up to your play style. The m4a1 is probably the better option for close-quarters, urban environments, while the Mosin is your standard sniper I've also heard a lot of crying about the M4 accuracy, so perhaps that might get buffed in a future patch. The main reason I pose this question, is mainly due to the fact that you can't carry two rifles. In the Arma 2 mod, I would simply carry a sniper in my backpack. That seems much less feasible with the standalone, seeing as how much of your inventory is required for other survival related stuff.
  24. Dayz asa UN Peace Keepers

    Hey guy Dayz ASA is recruiting again. we are a growing Dayz clan with around 15 people who play. we have events where everyone shows up to do stuff such as a battle at NWAF where 28 people showed up. this is a great way to meet new people and have fun. by joining our website you are able to attend events trades and lots of other cool stuff. on our website you will find a lot of active funny and nice guys. we also play with a group called dracarys they have there own server and we can fool around on it. joining the website has no requirements but actually playing with us you need at least 5 hours in game so you know the basics and you must be at least 13. I think if you join us you will have a fun and dandy time. Now we have decided to take a different path this time to try to go as un police and keep the lands of cherno safe from bandits. we will devote our time to help heroes and would love to have a medical team with us. the only requirments are to try to get a un beret or a un helmet a press vest is reccomended see you all in cherno Website http://dayzasa.enjin.com/home if you need help contact polar or one of the officers you can also try to add me on steam: zrockstar1 Ps: you must have ts
  25. Hi, I wondered how to cough server here? And how good a computer you have to have to cough server?