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Found 22 results

  1. Airfield Towers.

    - Airfield towers spawn most rare items in game so it seems - so rare and unique that you can't even see anything, except being shot at typical old sniper locations.. Actually no one bother to snipe Airfields, because nothing interesting spawn at the most rare locations in-game Airfield Towers. There're only two towers on the entire map - why no rare loot? It's nothing in there except some boring cans of food under the stair 1st floor in patch 0.57. Admins of Dayz I hope you read this; don't hide your rare scopes in the first hangar just east of firestation in NW Airfield. My point is dev. team - the most unique and dangerous location on the map is the Airfield towers - it should be rare loot inside to risk exploring it on full servers. - Also increase amount of players to 100+ , because the huge map feels empty with only 50/50 with the total amount of buildings you can hide now - I know it has been tested, but for good server health it should increase it in the future. - My brief view: Overall the Dayz alpha progression is amazingly great after Dean Hall resigned - almost no lag to change weapons and use items after patch 0.57 - it feels like playing a new 'survival' game - and remove unecassary fluff like (too many cows) to increase server performance!
  2. Shooting two M4's at once

    A short vid of my friend shooting two M4's at once
  3. Hey guys or girls! I'm a new player to DayZ who lives on the West Coast (PST) and likes to play late at night. Anytime between 6-11:59PM randomly. Just looking for some people to play with now and then, having a good time not taking it too serious if one of us needs to leave. I'm super friendly and will play any role that sounds fun! ;) So add me if you would like to play sometime! mc_lickin Thank you! EDIT: Posted this on the wrong forum... Sorry couldn't figure out how to delete it..
  4. Poll added to get an idea of what people think on this subject. Anyways, long post as short as I can possibly make it right here in this paragraph. Simple facts are as much fun as DayZ can be, the true story of it all is its not exactly what you'd call an attention holding game. At best, the DayZ Mod usually entertains people, for on average, about a month to a month and a half at best and then its pretty much BTDT until the next patch and only if that patch adds something that might make the game somewhat substantially different. So, in the shortest descriptive possible, DayZ has always kinda sucked at being more than a brief fling of a game for most people that have played it. Now, with the short description out of the way lets get a little deeper. DayZ was awesome when it first came out, it was really kind of a novel experience at the time because it combined some elements of role playing games with a main focus feature of FPS/action gaming and it was a pretty nice mix....for a mod at least, it was quite a laudable achievement to come up with such a nice balance of game mechanics and make it actually work well. But even then...it didn't really retain those 1.7 million or so survivors it had play it either, now did it. Lets face it, there are role playing games in Second Life and IMVU made by users of those platforms that have had 2 million unique players over their existence, that doesn't mean that two million people play those games every day, nor does it even mean that Second Life and IMVU have two million players consistently. DayZ as a game simply lacked any retention factor whatsoever. You spawn, you gear up, you die....and you do it again. Its very much a hamster wheel in of which, eventually even the RPG elements of it as far as loot scavenging and basic crafting and survival mechanisms eventually simply lose any shine whatsoever. Eventually even respawning to go kill more people becomes onerous and boring because its kinda something that so many other games do so much better than the Arma platform has ever done it...so once all the features that while combined make DayZ a fairly entertaining experience start to fragment into boring, repetitive actions...the game kind of exposes itself for what it really is, an unfinished thought that had a really good core foundation, but never got much more beyond that. Now a lot of mods of the mod like Origins and 2017 and Epoch and Breaking Point tried to address all this stuff, each in their own respective ways....none of which I would specifically say were effective on their own as being able to take DayZ to that next level and actually finish the thought...and in doing so, establish a heavy retention value for what is otherwise a pretty meaningless and shallow experience after you come out of the other end of it. Now as much as I'm aware that this is "Alpha" and that the "game isn't finished yet".....looking at the base functionality we have so far and extrapolating to a certain degree...even at the best guessed scenario of "completion"...I still don't think the answer to the ultimate question which faces DayZ...which is "What do I do now?", is even something that has a legitimate feature planned for it. And "Alpha" or not, the entire point of the standalone was to create a game...not a mod of a game, and if we don't tackle the ultimate question which undermines the entire DayZ experience and has since the mod was released....well then its still kind of just like the mod is it not? Except a lot more money and time got spent on it. So, in conclusion, what do you think it will take as a feature, to make DayZ a more completed gaming experience for you? If its not one of the poll options..I'd love to hear your ideas....cause I really think this game could use a few.
  5. I just finished playing the new DLC burial at sea the other day, and all I can say is wow. The environment and detail put into the setting is absolutely bonkers. Here's the link to it on bio shocks website. http://www.bioshockinfinite.com/?RET=burial-at-sea-ep1&ag=true Have any of you guys played this? And what do you think about it? Bye.
  6. Fuel Spots

    Hey all, I've started this project due to the fact there are no accurate maps which shows (re)fueltanks except for the basic gasstations. So in the course of 2 weeks I found almost all of them.. yet there are still 2 missing. I figured I wasn't te only one wanting a map like this so.. here it is. So now you never have to be worried about you getting stuck in the middle of nowhere without fuel :lol: How the (re)fueltanks look like: The Map: Link: http://i.imgur.com/ghIz0.jpg HD Download: http://tinyurl.com/83jmkz7 (93mb) Cheers.
  7. Namalsk Ambient Sounds

    Just something I noticed when playing COD: Modern Warfare The ambient noise on the mission "One Shot, One Kill" (where you assassinate Zakhaev) is VERY similar if not identical to the ambient noise on the map Namalsk (the children yelling "help" off in the distance") Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what it sounds like to me.
  8. Dual Wielding (not guns)

    Hi. So imagine this: You have a flashlight and a pistol, but no NVGs. If you use the flashlight, you die because you don't have a gun out. If you use the gun, you die because you don't have a flashlight out. (Notice how those sentences are the exact same length?) You have pistol and a knife. You see a player and need to shoot him (he's a bandit or whatever other reason), but you want to kill the zombie in your way without alerting him. So you wield both weapons. Dual wield = reduced accuracy. Gun + knife = no iron sights; right-click = knife (or maybe MMB = knife?!)
  9. Originally posted in MLP topic, decided to post it here for everyone else.
  10. Hero Clan/Group

    I recently have been getting bored of playing by myself, because as you know you don't encounter other people who don't shoot on sight often, so I find myself alone most of the time so I figured we could start a small group of hero's that survive together. Of course I would arrange a small set of tasks and you can come with a weapon, but it must be lowered and will be confiscated at the checkpoint (you can retrieve it after the trials)!!! (sorry for the tests but several of previous clans like this have been slaughtered by one bandit who slips into their ranks). If you don't have a hero skin that's fine, but if you have a bandit skin (even if someone shot at you!) you have to respawn and reset your skin, as bandits will be shot on sight. We will play chernarus on a private hive. You will be able to retrieve your weapons after you pass the initiation. Thank you all for your cooperation and I hope to see you soon!! :D EDIT: Poll added. We will meet on Chernarus, and I need to know how many people will join. CURRENT ATTENDANCE COUNT IS 19. We will be meeting on the BEANZ+BASTARDZ server, the IP is The meeting spot will be at ZUB CASTLE. IMPORTANT NOTICE: THIS IS A PRIVATE HIVE (don't worry, we will play on public hives in the future) SO HERO SKINS AREN'T REQUIRED. It would still be nice to have one though so we look more unified. UPDATE: We are going to be meeting on March 23 at 3 PST, you can come at 2:30 but not before that as we have to setup. This is the finalized time, I won't be changing it from now on, I have pushed it back far enough.
  11. Hey Guys. Like the title says, DayZ Stucks at Waiting Character to Create. I Obv. can leave normally. But I am not able to join the server. Can you help me, I have beans for you :D
  12. I rented a dayz.st server and wanted to add other ArmA 2 OA weapons. I enabled rmod and edited the crashed heli spawn to spawn the weapons I wanted. I get stuck at loading when I try to launch the server, and the only files available to me are the server.pbo and misson.pbo. I was wondering if it was possible to make your own loot spawn, such as the scar, in the dayz.st server? I went through several tutorials and troubleshoot threads on this and could not find a solution for this specific problem. Any help would be highly appreciated! The only text I edited was the following from the server.pbo spawn_heliCrash = { private["_position","_veh","_num","_config","_itemType","_itemChance","_weights","_index","_iArray"]; waitUntil{!isNil "BIS_fnc_selectRandom"}; if (isDedicated) then { _position = [getMarkerPos "center",0,4000,10,0,2000,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; diag_log("DEBUG: Spawning a crashed helicopter at " + str(_position)); _veh = createVehicle ["UH1Wreck_DZ",_position, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; dayz_serverObjectMonitor set [count dayz_serverObjectMonitor,_veh]; _veh setVariable ["ObjectID",1,true]; dayzFire = [_veh,2,time,false,false]; publicVariable "dayzFire"; if (isServer) then { nul=dayzFire spawn BIS_Effects_Burn; }; _num = round(random 4) + 3; _config = configFile >> "CfgBuildingLoot" >> "HeliCrash"; _ItemType = [["SCAR_H_CQC_CCO", "weapon"], ["SCAR_H_CQC_CCO_SD", "weapon"], ["M4A1_HWS_GL_SD_Camo", "weapon"], ["M8_carbine", "weapon"], ["SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper", "weapon",], ["SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper_SD", "weapon"], ["BAF_L85A2_RIS_SUSAT", "weapon"], ["M40A3", "weapon"], ["Mk_48_DZ", "weapon"], ["M249_DZ weapon", "weapon"], ["SVD_CAMO", "weapon"], ["M32_EP1", "weapon"], ["MedBox0", "object"] , ["NVGoggles", "weapon"], ["AmmoBoxSmall_556", "object"], ["AmmoBoxSmall_762", "object"], ["Soldier1_DZ", "magazine"], ["Skin_Sniper1_DZ", "magazine"] , ["DZ_Backpack_EP1", "object"]]; //diag_log ("DW_DEBUG: _itemType: " + str(_itemType)); _itemChance = [0.05, 0.05, 0.02, 0.05, 0.05, 0.02, 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.05, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 0.5, 0.1, 0.01, 0.1, 0.1, 0.03, 0.03]; //diag_log ("DW_DEBUG: _itemChance: " + str(_itemChance)); //diag_log ("DW_DEBUG: (isnil fnc_buildWeightedArray): " + str(isnil "fnc_buildWeightedArray")); waituntil {!isnil "fnc_buildWeightedArray"}; _weights = []; _weights = [_itemType,_itemChance] call fnc_buildWeightedArray; //diag_log ("DW_DEBUG: _weights: " + str(_weights)); for "_x" from 1 to _num do { //create loot _index = _weights call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; sleep 1; if (count _itemType > _index) then { //diag_log ("DW_DEBUG: " + str(count (_itemType)) + " select " + str(_index)); _iArray = _itemType select _index; _iArray set [2,_position]; _iArray set [3,5]; _iArray call spawn_loot; _nearby = _position nearObjects ["WeaponHolder",20]; { _x setVariable ["permaLoot",true]; } forEach _nearBy; }; }; }; };
  13. Come At Me Bros!!!

    So here is the deal I have the most fun in this game as a medic when I am gearing up and saving patients before I even have a gun... As of now I have every piece of gear I could ever want including NVGs, GPS, CCO-SD, M9-SD, Lots of mags, Ghillie, Cooked meat, water bottles, Antibiotics... Everything I would ever need... Later today I am going to be in an open field north of lektro or Cherno on a server to be announced in this thread. I will stand there with my rifle down and the first person to kill me can have it all. I will not have a sniper covering me, I will not be hacking or otherwise tricking you in any way. The only risk to anyone coming for me, is the risk of getting capped while trying to loot my body. I DO ask that the person who actually kills me, record it or at least screen shot it for me. Same goes for the lucky fool who actually loots my corpse. This will be happening at roughly 4pm pacific daylight time (GMT-8 i think) When I log in and get into position I will post the server and exact grid locale in THIS THREAD. Please post below or give beans if you are interested in taking down one of the most successful medics in the game. Cheers and Happy Hunting! -Scrump
  14. Hello every one, just wondering if there is a fix for this problem going around? I noticed this when i had to log out at some point as i was in a rush, but i had a zombie running after me. But with this new thing i have been seeing on the new patch i think. That when you log out that you're still logged in for another 90 seconds (maybe shorter for other servers). After i logged i heard my guy being hit. So i thought oh Sh*t, i need to log back in, so i did, but the game now only loads as far as "setup Complete, please wait". I just have a black screen now with that text, i can also see all my health and stats etc. When i press "g" to open my inventory there is nothing in there. This has to be a issue/bug, as it looks to me that i am not the only one. I also sat there for 30 mintues thinking this was a connection issue, but i have never had to wait more than 5mins, even when i am downloading. Also another thing is that now i have this issue where i cannot log in, i get another error most times i trying even connecting to a server, which is "you have been kicked from the server" due to not having the correct signiture or somthing? This just does not make any sense to me lol. Someone please enlighten me on what the f**k is going on. Thanks Shady Bliss UPDATE** : i am now stuck in debug world with insane frame rate drops. This was after i decided to wait more then 30mintues to load. LOL HOW THE HELL DO I GET OUT? UPDATE 2** : i have fixed the wrong signiture bug, Firstly i uninstalled all the games, reinstalled everything and it worked again. UPDATE 3** : I now have no debug monitor at the top right of my screen. With all those stats like zombies dead/alive, player name etc...
  15. Just found a Lee Enfield, dead bodies and a map. And it gave me an idea; Go to a high populated server and wait at the bus stop for a bus to stop :D But yeah, which bus stop is the most recommended bus stop? Will be shooting the Lee Enfield to signal my camp which I will set up inside of the bus stop. Yes, that was done with paint.
  16. Looking for some people / Person to team up with as I am very, Very new, I got DayZ today. I don't have a mic, And I have no idea where anything is. I've heard of Cherno and Elektro, No idea where they are though. If you know of a server, Reply to this and we could meet somewhere :) My username is Rombom.
  17. I've been playing DayZ for about three weeks now, and I've pretty much done everything from raiding the NWAF to sitting in Elektro killing everybody I see. One day I decided to give vehicles a try, as they are pretty much mobile storage. I gather up my supplies and toolbox, then quickly find something wrong. Every vehicle spawn location I go to, there is nothing. Server hopping quickly ensues. After about an hour of server hopping for each of 3 vehicle spawn locations I tried, I found one ATV on one of the most low-populated servers I could find. I happily load my gear up and begin driving to the NWAF to stock up on goodies. Satisfied once I reached my target location, I logged off for the day. This is where shit starts to hit the fan. I get back on DayZ and filter through the servers to find the one with my ATV. I find literally nothing. I remember a server in which the same thing happened after I pitched a tent and stored some of the rarest items in the game. I was frustrated. I was so frustrated, I took it upon myself to find a reliable server that had an ATV. I server hop for a good two hours, then finally find one. Again, I head to the NWAF and proceed to accidentally flip my ATV. Deciding to wait for a server restart, I decide to call it quits for the day. The next day, the ATV is gone, and it wasn't in a populated area at all. It was along (as far as I know) one of the least used roads near the NWAF. My only conclusion is that a server restart made it disappear after I did indeed save it, or that some guy just got extremely lucky. 3 ATV's later, and here I am. I have gone through about 5 ATV's putting up with these servers that like to fuck with me. I have lost assault rifles and sniper rifles due to this. At the time of this post I'm sitting in the middle of nowhere because the server that had an ATV next to me seemingly disappeared into thin air. Sorry for the ranty nature of this post, but as of late vehicles have come to annoy me greatly. If you guys have anything to add or want to point out anything I should know, it would be much appreciated.
  18. So I just arrived at the NW Airfield and went up this tower thingy, I saw a player coming and wanted him to notice that im here, so I thought I would throw an empty tin can, but instead I tossed a smoke grenade at him, you can guess what happened after?Waves of Zombies ran at him and he died, I feel so sad now :(
  19. Islands

    Okay, let me tell you a history, i was so happy because i found my first ghillie suit, i've been DAYS searching for it and i started to cry from happiness when i found it. Okay, nothing unusual, right, but then, at 7000 blood(Due to a hacker that teleported everyone to the hell and started shooting, i had luck that i ALT+F4 before he could do anything, then i changed to this server), the infected THE FLASH came to me and i started to bleed, and thats how i discovered that i had NO bandages, and right when i was leaving elektro, getting close to the forest. Then, i get into the supermarket real fast, and another zombie sees me from THE HELL(even running a common zombie wouldn't see me, so we have a EAGLE zombie and a The Flash zombie. So i find a bandage when i was at 1000 health, but i have no time because the eagle eye zombie saw me from the hell and came to punch my face. So i just let him kill me and then run back and get my things. But then i figure out that i spawned in OTMEL, and i don't know where should i swim, because its a friggin island. And last but not least, GUESS WHAT? My game crashed. It just close. And i have no idea about what server i was. Btw if you want to rage at me because ''You are a cry baby, blablabla angry face angry face'' or ''Play in a team, stupid forever alone'' I want to say that i have NO friends that got dayz. So im FORCED to play alone, and since my english is bad, it gets hard to understand americans that use Headsets... Well, i hope you understand the reason that i posted this topic, if not, i got to say that OR remove spawns at islands, OR add something to them, because islands have NOTHING, i say NOTHING, but houses that you are unable to enter.
  20. 1. download this. http://www.dayzmod.c...Build_95389.zip 2. open "ARMA2_OA_Build_95389.exe" 3. let it install. then try again. it worked perfectly for me. it doesn't fix the artifact problem, but at least i can open the game. i use sixlauncher. i don't know if this will work for steam/dayzcommander.
  21. give us back pistols please

    Dear DayZ dev team.... i dought you will read this but i am asking for a pistol for when we spawn because when we want to enter a town to find loot... theres either a person that shoots at us and we cant defend ourselves or zombies that chase us and seems like we cant get away from... i dont know if other people feel this way and i know it is supposed to drive people away from player killing but the fact of the matter is that pvp is going to happen and when we dont have anyway to defend ourselves, were hopeless... i join many servers and the first time i see someone i yewll in chat or in voice coms "freindly and unarmed", but they still shoot/kill me anyways... people will not stop player killing... its just not gonna happen... well i thank you for taking time to read this... please if you do read this, give us our guns back please... thanks from jake
  22. OK i launch dayz from 6 launcher and it brings up the servers but when i log into one it loads for a sec then it closes the window and says "Error bad serial number given at setup" PLz HELP tell me how to fix this asap plz.