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Found 42 results

  1. The rx460 graphics card, the driver 18.5.2. On weekends there was a stress test of 0.63 games dayz standalone when turning antialiasing on start rippling the textures of trees and grass (covered with light points). Similar it was before( in 0.60,0.61,0.62), but only with trees, now everything is worse. It is only the complete disabling of antialiasing that helps. On Nvidia cards is not a problem. I understand that the game is under development, but can solve the problem?
  2. Hi, for the first time in years I'm thinking about getting an AMD card again. I found the RX480 does everything I need and wonder if anyone is using the card with Dayz. For one reason it's not as power-hungry as the NVidia ones I can get for the price. Secondly, I don't want to buy a used card and this is in a good price/value relation. If any other cards come to mind that would be a good buy in the upcoming months, please let me know below.
  3. just a short fyi. As an AMD user I was rather curious when i heard about ICP at first and went on to use it on my computer not fully aware of all the implications it would come with. You can basically define a folder-structure where this tool will search for intel compiled code and then offer a fix (and backup) to remove the "code obstacles" which intel deliberately integrated to impede non-intel cpus. Well, in principle, I had no issues until i fired DayZ up again: 0029526: game does not start: "blocked loading of file C:\Windows\SysWOW64\aticfx32.dll" (Intel Compiler Patcher interfers with game) The interesting thing is, it had no trouble with altered files in my steam folder, however, what happens here is that Battleye seems to scan dll files within your windows directories as well resulting in errors as the one above. For example, my SysWOW64 folder had about 18-22 altered files from which I had roughly 8-11 to revert to their original state. The game simply won't start at all. So just in case to you AMD users out there, if you use ICP, use it wisely. Me, I have no idea why i really used it in the first place. So just a quick heads-up Edit: I also mailed BE questioning what it would mean for me as a user and if that issue could potentially produce false-positives on their side; still waiting for an answer here.
  4. Hee guys! My name is Sebastian, If bought the game DayZ Standalone. But the problem i have is that after like 5-10 minutes i get really weird texture bugs! My character loses a part of his shirt behind his arm pits. Also the houses and trees look really bad, and if im in the house its transparant. I could't find any screenshots on the internet unfortunly. Oh and btw, when i have this my fps also drops to 4-5. So i heard that this will fixed when i get 64-bit system? MY SPECS: CPU = AMD FX-6300 Six Core Proccesor GPU = AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Windows 7 32-bit 8GB RAM If you guys have an awnser pleas tell me!
  5. FPS trouble while turning

    I recently changed up my hardware and decided to try and entice the somewhat underperforming DayZ into working decently, again. The problem is, everything runs fine even on all highest setting (1920x1200 with highest setting) EXCEPT..for when I turn to look around. Even indoors this was horrible and causes me to stumble around and miss door openings and generally behave like a drunk. Lowering settings actually do not help much at all. From what I can tell DayZ panics and reads from the drive extensively every time that I look around. In spite of me having plenty of free RAM (system RAM total: 8 GiB) and VRAM (3 GiB). Moving the installation to my SSD helped a bit, but it's still not working well enough to not frustrate the heck out of me while playing. Does anyone have any tips to get this to work? Surely it must be some sort of bug where the game refuses to cache all the textures or something? Some info: Windows 8.1 64 bit, all updates. System is drive error free, virii free, no trojans, spyware, adware etc. Latest WHQL driver from AMD. Tried with two different sound cards (Creative X-fi Gamer and Realtek onboard crap) CPU: Intel i5 760i (2.8GHz but running at 4.09GHz, stable and cool) GPU: AMD Radeon R9-280x, 3 GIB RAM RAM: 8 GIB DDR3 Drive: Corsair F3-series 120GB Sound: Creative X-fi Extreme Gamer. System works great with pretty much every other game I toss at it. ANY help what so ever would be appreciated. It's only fun to roleplay a drunk person THAT long.
  6. Atoc issue with AMD card

    Hi guys, I have a bug since the mod, but it seems to happen only with AMD card. When the ATOC is activated with some AA, the textures looks like super bad, like white dot every where on grass and trees. A small screen to show you how it looks like : http://i.imgur.com/03zzorU.jpg ( you need to zoom to see up the hills and in the trees). Its super disturbing, and when I was playing on the mod I also had this issue with my 5850.. Since I bought a r9 280x and I still have the same problem but its more visible on this card ?!? I really don't understand... I found a "fix" if I can call this a fix... is to put the atoc=0 in the cfg file of dayz. But the game is not very pretty to play, and specially when you have a card that can run it with AA.. I was wondering if, someone has found a solution to get the ATOC enable with some AA without having those ugly texture. Btw, I already tried this : http://i.imgur.com/utZJBWW.png but its getting worse (like SUPER worse).
  7. I currently run on a AMD Athlon II x4 645 3,1GHz processor and a NVIDIA GTX 770 but i only get 10-15 FPS. It's almost impossible to play some times. i know i need a better cpu, but i heard that Dayz mod runs a lot better on Intel cpu's than it does on AMD, but does anyone know if Dayz mod runs well on a AMD FX 6300? what fps do you get and is it working for you?
  8. Hi, i played the dayz mod a long while ago on a hd4650 (lol) had about 8 fps. But, now that i've got a complete new rig, i bought the stand alone version on steam, expecting 60+ fps. Unfortunately, i only have around 30 fps on normal, and even lower when i'm in city's. Personally i would think i should have more fps, since i run every single game i own at 60+ @max. except for battlefield 4, which i run at 56 fps average. Specs: Processor: AMD fx-8350 8-core @ 4ghz mainboard: Fatal1ty gaming GPU: r9 270x (2 in crossfire) Ram: 16gb DDR3. So that's what i have. Everything on normal. Anti anilising off. 0 filter. vsync off. normal resolution for my screen. and still only around 30 fps. When i'm in city's i get around 20 / 25 fps. I know the game isn't completely optimised, but I see people on twitch playing with full fps, no problem. Also, disable crossfire doesn't help, and 2 r9 270x should beat a single nvidia 780gtx. What do i have to do in order to get atleast 50+ fps in city's?
  9. Fix for AMD FX-8350?

    Hey guys, I know it's in its alpha stage, but I can't seem to even play the game at all. Even with very low settings I can barely sustain 30FPS. I've tried the config settings and the 8 core command on Steam's boot options - none of which have worked. Is there any way I can boost performance with AMD processors? I've tried turning everything down with no luck. If there isn't, it'll take ages before I can play the game...
  10. Helo evryone ! So this is the first time i write something on the forum B) So as you can see in the title it's about Fps... I've had fps issues before, But this time it's something i've never seen before :o I have just started to use my laptop again so i can take it over to friends and play. Installed new hdd since the old one died and fresh windows 7 64bit and all original drivers are installed from manufacturer. It's a HP DV6 6c81e0. Specs: 1.9 GHz (2.6GHz Turbo) AMD Quad-Core A8-3530MX APU with Radeon HD 6620G + 7670M Dual Graphics, 8gb ram, 500gb hdd. It might be long but i wan't to give as much details as possible so people don't write something i've already tried. So installed steam and downloaded Arma 2 and OA and the other expansions. Downloaded dayz commander and updated dayz mods and OA beta from there. As always after a fresh start i had to fire up OA to edit my settings and controls. And i thought i would check how this laptop behaves when i'm in the middle of Chernolag, sorry chernogorsk :P Anyways as i expected... Massively low fps. Look at the water and i get a really smooth fps, look at the forest, really smooth fps, look at buildings really Lot fps. I then started running in the town just to be sure, and i noticed that every 5 second i had maybe 1 second or only half a second where the game runs as smooth as when i look at the water or forest. So that felt a bit strange. Opened my catalyst and enabled vsync (since there's crossfire i thought it would help) and set all settings to get the highest performance. Opened the game again and still the same result. Looked at my task manager to see the CPU graph wich was looking ok i guess, didn't max out the 4 cores in cherno. Then i had to help a friend on his pc and asked him if he could open the editor in OA and spawn at the cherno coast. He did and i looked at the screen and saw the usual lag. He has never played the game before so he walked around and shot with the gun a couple of times. And he then said "hey do you know that this gun doesn't hit where you aim" (m16a4 cco) i said no i have never noticed that. He stood up next to the wall and took a couple of shots and yes i could see that the bullet hitted lower than the red dot. And i said try to shoot at something further away, he turned and shot at the firestation ~60 meteres away. And it hitted where he aimed. But at that moment i was like :huh: Wait... What!? "Turn around" i told him and he did... Well the game was running so smooth that i nearly got a good feeling in my pants. And i couldn't believe what i saw, i haven't even seen the game so smooth on my desktop pc. So i asked what he did exactly, where he told me. "well i spawned, walked over to the red house , took a couple of shots, tried to run with shift but it didn't work and it gave me that Windows thing when you press shift 6 times. And then i just opened the game that was miinmized and then i told you about the scope" So what i did, was just to do the same thing as he did. Well that didn't work... Even let the character stand still for 10 minuts and tried moving but still laggy. So i got angry and turned of the laptop. Turned it on today and tried again. As normal startup and also the shift thing and open game again but still the same Lag and then 1 second smooth, lagg 1 second smooth and so on. Didn't make any changes to the laptop after he got it to work. So that's my problem <_< I've thought about heat issue but that wouldn't make any sense since the laptop was started 2 hours before my friend came and i tried to get the game to run for at least half an hour so the laptop was at a normal usage temp. New thermal paste and no dust inside btw. The hdd is new. Could it be ram? If yes, Well then how can it "not work" and then suddenly work and then "not work" again? I've set everything that i could to high performance, Even Switchable graphics option in CCC. Enabled and disabled Hp cool Sense. Bios is updated to the latest i could find on hp's website. There's no option in bios to turn of cool'n'quiet or anything else related to performance or power usage. Tried using VGA and Hdmi. (the laptop has no screen, backlight stopped working so i removed it to make a "Portable Desktop") I've noticed in Cpu-z that my multiplier goes from 19 to 26 every few seconds and bus speed stays at 100 which makes the cpu jump from 1.9 to 2.6ghz But in Amd overdrive the cpu stays at 2.6ghz I have no startup parameters but i've tried them all and when the game worked i had no startup params. And just fyi, to those of you who are going to say "well it's a laptop and they can't run this game, buy a desktop!" Well it ran fine once so that would not be true. Anyways plzzzz help me i get annoyed by all other games and i'm a Fps game fan and especially Dayz (yes i only play in 1st person) so this is the only thing i wan't to play. And i hate playing mineweeper, and i've watched all the videos that exist on youtube! I need dayz :wub: Hope someone can help me :) Screenshot: http://goo.gl/PyKZuf Video: http://youtu.be/oumHTw_k1dc (hard to see but if you pay good attention you can see it on the character that it lags and runs smooth and lags agin and so on)
  11. Dayz System Help

    Hi guys, my name is Tex. I am a light youtuber, by that I mean I do youtube as a hobby. Here are my current specs: Processor: Amd Richland A8-6600k Graphics card: Radeon 7750 HD (INTEGRATED INTO CPU) Motherboard: MS 7721 I was wondering if I could possibly replace my integrated Radeon graphics with a GTX 660, or 690 with my current motherboard. With no bottleneck from the CPU. I run dayz at an average 15-23 fps right now. I would like to know what frames I would expect from a GTX 660, or 690 I would guess atleast 35 if the A8 doesnt bottleneck it.
  12. Hello guys, Im planning to buy a new cpu so Im really confuse at what should buy. Is there any people in here who use 9590? Im just curious about FPS situation. Thank your for advices already..
  13. I posted this info in the "Can I run it.." section also, but felt it was the wrong section for it.. Removed the other post and started this one. Just wanted to get some DayZ players personal experience with similar components as below, and how it's going to effect my gameplay. So, here it goes: I have been playing the DayZ SA since it was publicly released on a AMD Phenom II 965 BE OC'd to 3.9GHz, along with 2x GTX 560 Ti's in SLI (990Mhz/2175Mhz OC). I normally average 40-60 fps in the open/woodland area, and dips down to 15-20'ish in the large cities (Cherno, Elektro, Svet, etc..). I just purchased a FX-8350 which will be here in a few DayZ (see what I did there?) time. Just curious if anyone has a similar setup and what fps you are getting, with the 8350 stock and also with a decent OC. I have a custom watercooling loop (CPU and GPUs), which will give me some good headroom for a nice OC. Hoping for a decent, or even small boost in the minimum framerates. Current Rig: CPU: AMD Phenom II 965 BE @ 3.9 GHz (FX-8350 otw) MB: ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z GPUs: 2x EVGA GTX 560 Ti's in SLI (990/2175) - Latest WHQL driver RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1866MHz SSD: Intel 520 Series 240GB Thanks ahead of time for any input.. :)
  14. expected fps

    i am looking for a bit of advise as to what other players are getting in the area of fps , preferably on systems similar to mine just as a comparison . i have a fx6100 3.3ghz with a gtx 650ti ssc 8gb ram also game installed on a ssd
  15. VAC ban bypass

    Hey guys, im here to help everyone out that has been VAC banned in the past! Hopefully this helps everyone! 1. Close steam or go offline 2. Download my VAC bypass tool at 3. Start the tool 4. Start steam back up 5. Run dayz or whatever game you want! KEEP IN MIND YOU HAVE TO JOIN A SERVER FROM HISTORY OR FAVORITES TAB!!!!!
  16. This lack of crossfire & sli support still bugs me big time. The year is 2014 and the engine wont support it? Many people utilize multiple video cards in their systems nowdays. I got my first CF build 5 years ago and back then it was acceptable that not many games did not utilize them. Also the weak performance of the AMD FX series processors are lame. Game needs alot of cpu power but wont utilize the cores well they are like half used all the time. The main issue is not that this game is alpha. The bigger issues is that this game engine has major problems for AMD hardware. I have read that the Nvidia SLI support is also missing but atleast Intel cpu's are doing better in this game than Amd. I havent managed to find any offical answer when this game is starting to utilize CF or SLI. Or maybe it never does but it would be shame that the game itself is very good but the Engine basis is rotten at the bottom?. Would be nice to get real answers from the game developers to questions like this. Good Day
  17. DayZ. AMD vs INTEL

    So, I've had some problems with FPS in DayZ. Here are some of my findings. I played with my AMD setup first. Then ripped the computer apart and put it back together with some old Intel parts I had laying around. AMD SETUPSSD: SAMSUNG 840 EVO 250GB SSD SATA/600 TLCCPU: AMD FX-8350 8 4.0GHz Black EditionRAM: Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) CL9 1866MHz VENGEANCE PROGFX: [!Crossfire!] Sapphire Radeon R9 290 4GB (Hawaii PRO)PSU: Corsair RM 850W 80+ GoldCPU Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14CSMotherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 INTEL SETUPSSD: SAMSUNG 840 EVO 250GB SSD SATA/600 TLCCPU: INTEL CORE I5 3570K 3.4GHZRAM: Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) CL9 1866MHz VENGEANCE PROGFX: [!Crossfire!] Sapphire Radeon R9 290 4GB (Hawaii PRO)PSU: Corsair RM 850W 80+ GoldCPU Cooler: StockMotherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z77-DS3H Z77 _____________________________________________________ AMD SETUP FPS-----------------------Video setting Custom:57 FPS (Stock clock. 4.0 Ghz with Turbo Boost 4.2 Ghz)61 FPS (Overclocked 4.4 Ghz with no Turbo Boost)63 FPS (Overclocked 4.6 Ghz with no Turbo Boost) Very Low: 60 FPS (Stock clock)Low: 40 FPS (Stock clock)Normal: -- FPS (Black Screen)High: 30 FPS (Stock clock)Very High: 25 FPS (Stock clock) INTEL SETUP FPS------------------------Custom: 68 FPS (Stock clock)Very Low: 94 FPS (Stock clock)Low: 63 FPS (Stock clock)Normal: 50 FPS (Stock clock)High: 35 FPS (Stock clock)Very High: 30 FPS (Stock clock) __________________________________________________ All settings is tested in 2560x1440 resolution.,So "Low" means low settings in DayZ with resolution changed to 2560x1440.Custom are the settings I feel good about. That I would like too use. Basically Low settings with Very High texture quality and some other crap. Both FPS test are made from sitting in the forest looking at the same-ish view. I was not in the exact same position but tried my best too make it fair. Anyway, just wanted too share my resaults if anyone was thinking about buying a AMD CPU for playing DayZ. Oh, and If any of the setups had an unfair advantage it would be the AMD setup. wich the OS was installed on and all the latest chipset drivers and what not installed. Then just replaced motherboard and CPU and still the Intel i5 whooped the AMDs ass with no change in OS or drivers. Conclusion:The Intel i5 made the game fun so much smoother. The FX-8350 would go down to 15-19 FPS in cities. But with the Intel i5 FPS does not drop far that low. It will keep the FPS higher in woods and cities. Overall the gameplay is much more fluid with the Intel i5.
  18. AMD FX-4100 Fixed!! bizarre...

    So, I've been extremely frustrated by my FX-4100 Bulldozer running ARMA 2 and DayZ SA like absolute shit over the past year (GPU usage never went above 70% as a result of cpu bottlenecking), and so when I came across a cheap AMD Athlon X2 3.4Ghz I figured why not throw it in my rig and see what happens... Well... It ran even worse... Which I guess I shouldn't be totally surprised by, it was just the my FX-4100 bulldozer was such shit (13-17 fps in cities) I had to give it a shot... Anyway, I take the Athlon X2 out and put the FX-4100 back in and load up DayZ and voila! I'm suddenly getting 100%+ gpu usage and am bottoming out around 28-30 FPS in cities... I can't even begin to understand how the hell this happened but if anyone can lend any insight I would greatly appreciate it... Playing DayZ now is like playing it for the first time all over again because the cities are actually playable. Just so confused as to how this could've helped... or what was going wrong before I swapped the CPU's Edit: System specs MSI FXA-990gd80 mobo FX-4100 bulldozer @ 3.8Ghz GTX 660 with PrecisionX K-boost enabled 8Gb ram @ 1600 7200 rpm HD Windows 7
  19. So, I've been running DayZ and the mod on an: FX-4100 Bulldozer OC'd to 4.0Ghz and a GTX 660 Frames have been total shit in towns because, as I've come to learn, the AMD Bulldozer line was an utter fucking disaster. I was able to find a cheap Athlon X2 270 that I intend to throw in to my rig and OC to ~3.8Ghz I'm not sure if I'll see an improvement or not, but at the moment I'm betting I will. Anyone have any guesses or recommendations for another processor I should consider trying if the X2 Athlon doesn't give me any increase to FPS? currently getting around 14-17 frames in towns Any bets what my new FPS will be?
  20. Hi so i had a quick search and i found a few people looking for help about AMD/Nvidia display drivers crashing and recovering while playing DayZ, While this isn't the game's fault i thought i would post it here in the hopes i can help others get a "Work around" to this problem. I was having AMD display drivers crash on me every 30 minutes or so while playing DayZ normally during city's or when my GPU was rendering ALOT. I had a quick search around on the internet and everyone say's to uninstall and re-install your graphic drivers, I have tried that with no success i have also done a full fresh system install made sure all my drivers are up to date and i still had this problem and after a good search around i have found a great work around to help prevent this from happening (1 week crash free so far) What cause's the crash=Windows waits for your GPU to render frames if this takes longer then 2 seconds windows restarts your display drivers causing your game to be black screened or you get a BSOD simply changing the TDR from 2 seconds to 60 seconds prevents this I warn you if you are not confident with trying this DO NOT ATTEMPT this work around. Instruction's; Press start, Search for "REG EDIT", Then navigate to, [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ GraphicsDrivers] Create a a REG_DWORD file called TdrDelay and set the value to 60 (Case sensitive) ex. "TdrDelay" =dword:00000060 Then navigate to, [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ GraphicsDrivers\DCI] And create a Value called "Timeout"=dword:00000060 (Sometimes you will see a reg already called "timeout" set between 2-7 you can just change that value. Having created both of these words in the specified paths, you will need to reboot the machine. The time out issue should now be fixed Like i have said above only do this if you are confident you wont mess up any other Reg files. I hope this helps everyone else and if you want to see my source you can find it here
  21. AMD fanboy song!

    This one goes out to all Dem AMD fans! remember. This is NOT to cause flame.
  22. i upgraded my pc a few days and ago and it runs every game i own flawlessly on ultra including BF4, but for some reason when i go to play DayZ my FPS will not go above 15 within a city and sits at about 20 in the wilderness. my specs: GPU: Sapphire radeon r9 280x dual-x oc overclock CPU: i5 2400 3.1 GHz RAM: 8GB @1600 MHz OS: Windows 7 Before i upgraded i was running on a low end GPU with a half the RAM and performed massively better than i do now it just makes no sense to me at all. Previous specs: GPU: Nvidia geforce GTS 450 CPU: i5 2400 3.1 GHz RAM: 4GB @1600MHz OS: Windows 7
  23. CPUs and DayZ.

    :unsure: A: You're in the need of a new processor. The other threads are awful as people suggest the top of the line gear and always go top i5 or top i7s when that isn't always needed. Maybe you have a budget! Maybe you can afford some high end gear, but fear it doesn't works well with DayZ... Here's a good place to ask for help! B) B: You're looking to recommend CPUs. -AMD or Intel is fine -Post any benchmarks for DayZ multiplayer, along with settings. -Don't be a fan boy. People want hard facts that have information with substance, none of that "AMD sucks, the i7 3770k is the only processor you can get" stuff seen everywhere else. **FOR ANYONE NEEDING INFO FOR SETTINGS/HARDWARE, SEE SECOND POST! **FOR THOSE WHO OWN THE CPU THEY RECOMMEND, SEE SECOND POST! **This is for the community! Please rate this with :beans: that way more people are enlightened by a well thought out thread, not some shady guy endorsed by Intel trying to sell you their processors (that just an example, I love Intel and AMD in different ways). Please follow my guidelines for posting to help make this easier for me to compile! Post correctly, or very well, you'll get some :beans: from me... or look like :emptycan: <_<. Thanks for the support! I'm happy with my build! -Happy posting!!!
  24. So I'm building a new LAN party setup and deciding on what kind of video card I should put into the pc's. I'm currently looking at the gtx 780 FTW Edition with ACX cooling and the amd r9 290x. Gtx 780 FTW Edition: http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=03G-P4-3784-KR AMD R9 290x: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161438 So which do I pick for gaming purposes only? Thanks!
  25. Hi guys, I have been having this really wierd problem as of late. Everytime I play dayz, I get this wierd micro stuttering (Frames hang for like .05-2 seconds). I begun having this micro stuttering 1 month ago and it really renders the game unplayable. So, I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this problem. I have tried updating my drivers, tried using RAMDisk, tried to place my router closer to my computer (to speed up internet), and I have reinstalling dayz. *Which version of the game did you purchase? STEAM or RETAIL or MIXED: STEAM *Are you running an Arma 2 OA beta patch? If so what version?: Yes. 103419. *Which method are you using to launch the game? I.E Sixupdater/steam/batch file: DayZ Commander. *What is the Error/Problem you're having? Please provide screenshots if possible: I'm having micro stuttering problems. Even in fields where there's supposed to be really high fps, I get the stuttering. *Your PC specs: CPU: AMD FX-6100 Six processor at 3.30 GHz each. GPU: AMD Radeon 6850 HD. RAM: 8 GB RAM at 1333 MHz. Windows 7 64 bit. So, does anyone have any idea how to fix the micro stutters? I'll pay handsomely (With some beans) to whoever helps me! EDIT: I have also tried modifying the .cfg files (The max render things) to no avail. Forgot to add that to the list. EDIT2: It was one of my startup programs causing the problem. It was either RadeonPro, ZoneAlarm or ATI Catalyst. Hope that this thread helps someone else in the future. Thanks, Mac.