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Found 134 results

  1. Would you like to join a roleplaying family on DayZ well here we are. Supporting with training, goods and weaponry. The best of the best. Trained to be either Soldiers or Rebels combined to one as a fearless family. Once you start you will have an invitation to a discord chat, if you do not have discord I highly recommend you to download it to your phone, tablet or laptop.
  2. SICK - DayZ Standalone

  3. [Gamemode] Player Zombies VS Players

    The Idea: The human players will have to fight player controlled zombies. The human team's objective is to survive for a certain amount of time in order to win the round, while the zombies have to infect the entire human team within that time. Human vs Human is disabled aka friendly fire. (Unless a player is infected, since he can be mercy killed. Could also add a new gamemode where humans are in teams fighting against each other.) Players become zombies on death so it increasingly becomes more and more dangerous for the human team. Zombies got infinite respawns. What it requires: This is just some ideas, I'm sure you guys can add a lot more suggestions to it. Infection chance from being hit by a zombie ( Add an anti-dote syringe item that spawns in small amounts on the map, it should delay the infection. The infection should be treated like a disease so you will cough or show other symptoms of infection. While Infected you can be "mercy killed" by human teammates. You could use the adrenalin syringe and give it a new texture. An infected player will hear their heart beat pump loudly before they fall over and die, resurrecting as a zombie.) Zombies can identify each other by a colored outline from a distance, they can detect the infection basically. Humans that are infected will have a seperate color, in order to let the zombies know that the player is not a priority target when compared to an uninfected human. Human players join the zombie team on death (Disconnecting from a round before it is concluded, should lock you out for 10 minutes to join any new game & increase if the behaviour continues - think ranked match type system so that players don't leave without punishment when they become a zombie.) Feed on corpse ability for zombies. (To regenerate health, kind of like when you hold a knife and can skin a corpse - instead add an eat corpse option that restores health.) Playable zombie. Zombie nightvision (For night time matches, zombies could also just have a default vision that allows to see better during night time.) Hunger/Thirst disabled. Horde behavior: Replace all the f1, f2, f3, ect. gestures like waving for zombies to abilities like an alerted shout, to tell other infected a human is nearby or to group up. (A visual system like a yellow glowy cloud could be great to tell players to group up. It would only be visible for zombies.) A closed off section of the map to restrict players from being able to running too far of in order to keep it action phased. (Maybe one or multiple dedicated maps?) An infected player could have certain perks, like maybe they lose the ability to bleed, can see the zombie outlines and so on as they are in a state between human and zombie. ( Basically give the human team a way to exploit infected players so they don't just outright shoot them.)
  4. SAVAGE - DayZ Standalone

  5. **NEW** UK Server

    Hi All I would like to welcome you all to come and play on our brand new UK 60 man Private Server [U-SUK] Urban-Salt UK. Daytime only. No rules PvP everywhere We are an expanding community of experienced and new players and we want to bring the ultimate DayZ gaming experience to you! - Low ping for UK/EU players - 60 man server - Active admins - Strong sense of community - Bases full of loot, painstakingly located around the map for you to plunder! - PVP and PVE both very much welcomed and encouraged - Dedicated Teamspeak3 server open for all to use or to speak to Admins (UK-voice4.Fragnet.net:9000) Looking forward to seeing you there very soon! Yours Local admin team
  6. I Can't Have Nice Things [0.61]

    Breaking the tradition of most DayZ videos being the creator's moments of badassery and sheer unadulterated skill, or in someone's case, running health scripts or playing entirely staged scenarios to make your E-Peen look nice and girthy; I've thrown together my saltiest, shittiest experiences in 0.61 Experimental Branch so far. After a decent length run with Clarkey that ended in a server-restart shootout that ruined about seven different people's days, my lives in Exp have been hopeful and cruelly shortened, or drawn out, loot-scarce and swiftly ended by an absolute parade of fluttering cunts. Here's a handful of my lives from my four hour play session with Andy on Saturday. While Andy was strolling around the map making friends, I had, from the get-go, a constant stream of wall-to-wall arseholes ending my lives before they even began. Laugh at my misery. And bring chips for the salt. If you enjoy the schadenfreude of watching me get my arse handed to me on a platter, leave a comment! As always, if you enjoyed the content, don't forget to leave a like and a comment, and click subscribe if you want to see more videos like this! There'll be plenty more DayZ 0.60/61 PVP and Funny Moments in DayZ to come, so stick around :D Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

    The continued story of my previous video called "THE JOURNEY"

    The continued story of my previous video called "THE JOURNEY"
  9. Hello guys, I hope you'd like my new montage of intense moments in 0.60.
  10. Steps to reproduce: Took tyre in hands. Chose to eat/eat all from some canned food in inventory. Tyre was put down, action was executed successfully. Tyre remained in vicinity, visible to another person too, but nobody could pick up the tyre again. No actions were proposed on it. No error messages popping up. So the item did not actually disappear completely, but it remained inaccessible for everyone after it was put down.
  11. We use a smoke grenade to flush out an AKM maniac camping the jail house at Zelenogorsk
  12. Pursuit Of Action

  13. DayZ Outakes #2 - Funny moments & PVP

  14. Fun, action and the Silo top fight!!

    Hello enjoy my newest Montage of amazing DayZ moments !
  15. Interaction, not action

    https://youtu.be/fltbpKFC1P8 “Interaction can lead to action, but action will rarely lead to interaction”. This game is so much more than another COD or Battlefield shooter, so that’s why I am doing a series on interactions, where I “attempt” to interact with people with words first, not just bullets. My own sense of self preservation is still there, albeit I am taking chances most people would not. This first episode sees me encounter a stalker at the NWAF tents, infamous for being a very hostile place to encounter other players. Hope you enjoy! Ciao for Now! Connect with Bosco on:- YouTube:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEcB... Twitter:- @BootlegBosco Intro Music:- Suddenly - Otis McDonald www.youtube.com/watch?v=y66Dh5lx4qY Connect with me on:- Twitter:- https://twitter.com/nqgamer Teamspeak:- http://austs1.gameservers.com:9302/ Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/boydy73 Twitch:- http://www.twitch.tv/boydy73 Dayz TV:- http://www.dayztv.com AUSSIE CONVICTS DAYZ AND TEAMSPEAK SERVER INFO:- Aussie Convicts Attack Force:- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aussie... Aussie Convicts Attack Force #1 | AUS/NZ 3rd person Aussie Convicts Attack Force #2 | AUS/NZ 3rd person Teamspeak:- austs1.gameservers.com:9302 This video was created using content of Bohemia Interactive a.s. and content created by Dean Hall Copyright © 2013 Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved. See www.bistudio.com for more information.
  16. Hey guys just made a video, got a lil surprise when i realized I could now shoot through those stairs, you were never able to before, I'm glad the devs are getting the liil things that matter done, on this note how good is shooting through windows these days? is it still a gamble?
  17. Funny moments & snipe action (CZ)(EN)

    Hello guys, this is my newest video - montage of awesome DayZ moments. Ty for support btw you can try auto subtitles)
  18. "Ladder walking bug" CHECK OUT

    Hi guyz, I made some funny compilation of my DayZ 0.58 playing with 3 remixes of nicely bugged player. Enjoy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6c2iMrNgDI